DAV Veterans Pulse Survey

DAV Veterans Pulse Survey Confirms Suspicions

DAV Veterans Pulse Survey

Benjamin KrauseThe new Disabled American Veterans (DAV) survey, called the Veterans Pulse Survey, confirmed suspicions of veterans that at least half of the veterans surveyed are not satisfied with the health care services they receive from the government. This is contrary to earlier claims by the Department of Veterans Affairs when they tried to gut Veterans Choice.

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The survey also revealed that the majority of those surveyed do not believe disabled veterans are receiving the benefits they were promised.

Strangely, in DAV’s highlights of the survey, the nonprofit does not list VA in a direct manner but instead references the service provider of healthcare to veterans and other things as “government” or “federal government” instead of Department of Veterans Affairs.

Why do you think that is?

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The international research firm GfK evaluated the responses of 1,701 veterans for the Veterans Pulse Survey. DAV states the sample size is representative of the entire veterans population.

Veterans Pulse Survey Highlights

Highlights of the Veterans Pulse Survey focus on six areas:

  1. Veterans Healthcare
  2. Veterans Benefits
  3. Military Service
  4. Post-9/11 Veterans
  5. Transition Support
  6. Women Veterans

Veterans Healthcare

50% of veterans do not feel the government is providing adequate health care quality or volume of services. 87% of those surveyed believe the government should provide a health care system dedicated to the needs of ill, injured and wounded veterans.

Veterans Benefits

44% of veterans do not thing they receive the benefits they were promised. Less than 1 in 5 believe other disabled veterans receive their benefits.

Military Service

While 75% of veterans said they would repeat military service, only half said they would encourage their sons to serve and 33% said they would encourage their daughters to serve.

Post-9/11 Veterans

37% of these veterans said military service negatively affected their health.

Transition Support

Only 38% of veterans said they received the support they needed after exiting the military.

Women Veterans

The majority of women do not believe they get the same respect as male veterans. Only 34% of male veteran agree.

To the point of the photo above, did you notice that the satisfaction levels of quality and quantity of health care is substantially lower than previous claims?

One year ago, VA and organizations liked DAV using to claim most veterans were satisfied with their VA health care. That claim was used to justify moving funds from the Veterans Choice Program to fund other parts of the agency budget.

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VA further claimed the reason most veterans are not opting for Veterans Choice is because they love VA care. Instead, we know now VA was making it hard for veterans to access choice. I find it interesting how the strategy works here. Make a big lie about satisfaction, cut programs geared to increase satisfaction, then ask for more money later after admitting the truth.

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Now that we know the truth, that VA is not providing the services or benefits promised to veterans after 80 years and trillions of dollars in spending, what’s next?

Source: https://www.dav.org/veterans-pulse-survey/

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  1. AMERICA, hate me today, hate me tomorrow for what I did not do for you!!! and I will always love you for the liberty you have given me and I will still defend you from all enemy’s .

  2. In my fathers day and his fathers day they would not call it political correctness, they would call it as it is. TREASON, AGAIN TREASON. I love my generation all they won’t to do is talk it out funny!!! . you’r children are the future, All you say is help me,,YOU LIMP DICKS, from the the very enemy that makes you craw for health care, why don’t you get off you couch and take to the streets????. I guess watching T.V. all you know. FUCK my generation. they are a bunch of pussy with a big P!!! I’am not saying to take to arms but you are not been heard ??? Why not because you are not speaking at all . they are not going to take you’r liberty away so soon, they are going to take you’r and my children and grandchildren liberty away.So sit you fat ass on the couch and watch TV. My Father says I must love you and I do, But I can Hate you for What YOU HAVE BECOME!!!. FAT FUCKING AMERICANS FAT FUCKING AMERICANS.

    1. James you make a point and I been saying for a long time.veterans will only be listen to if they would assemble in Washington and it should be this summer.

      We need someone with media contact to get the message out.

      I believe if thus would he done hundreds of thousands of Veterans and citizens would shoe up to support the veterans.

      Invite everyone police.every one.

      The American people are just as mad as the veterans are with our elected officials.I know they are ready to be heard.

      We need someone with media experience to get the message out.

      Like you say if something is not done soon and the complaints about our situation stop and real action taken we have no one to blame except our selves.

      Now about it Ben and others don’t you feel we have had enough.lets go to Washington this summer.

      It do or die time. It has to start somewhere.if you agree and need any assistance with getting it off the ground.you only have to say yes.

      And hundreds of people would help you.us. the aclu and others would join if it went public.

      Its the American way.people would still be in chain’s if they didn’t act.

      Now’s are chance to make a real difference and insure the constitution and civil liberties are adheared to by everyone.

    2. You know James, you paint with a pretty broad brush when you smear every veteran here, and do so ignorantly because you don’t have a damn clue about what any of us may have done to help veterans. I won’t go into the details of the many years I have spent doing so, the thousands of dollars I have spent out of my own pocket flying around the country, the time I spent lobbying Congress, the time I spent fighting various agencies for information or the time I spent away from my young family doing all this. It would just be a wasted effort to detail that because according to you, I am just a fat ass sitting on the couch.

      1. How did you yet that impression. I have not attacked anyone. Explain what I said to make you feel this way.

        I only want veterans to get what they deserve. If I said something about you personally what did I say about you personally.

        Explain what your talking about.I don’t want to hurt anyone.

        Why don’t you tell me how to do what you did to help.so I can learn how to do it myself or help you fight the battle.

        I’m not here to fight.if you explain what I did then I can learn from my mistakes.

      2. Sorry James, I should have clearly stated in my reply that I was responding to James Hall. I did not see your comment until after I made mine.

      3. That really got my brain going.I know my Tbi.makes my brain think all the time and I forget thinks and when I see things like this.

        I think that I may gave said something and just don’t remember. I have to be very careful as my brain runs non stop always thinking about something.so sometimes I have problems with did it happen or was I just thinking about it.

        This happens even in my sleep and I wake up in sweats and the medication I take oftens makes me forget what I was dreaming.

        I’m the kind of person who hates to harm anyone.I don’t like to see people hurting.

        If I do say something stupid and hurts someone.I’m man enough to apologize.

        Thanks for clearing that up!

  3. What do I think of this poll? I find it interesting It didn’t have many more responses, which suggests it was not widely advertised.
    Did anyone hear of this poll prior to Ben writing about it?
    What do I think about VSO’s?
    Well, it was quite an experience seeing how some “veterans” organizations treated Korean and Vietnam war veterans, then watching those same organizations scrambling for those same vets to become members when their WWII membership was dying off.
    I started out with a VFW VSO who was more interested in getting me to join than filling out my claim paperwork properly. When I told him I was a lifetime member, he lost interest in everything other than simply mailing in the VA form he had me fill out. My claim went nowhere. I next went to the American Legion who had a guy in an office at the OKC VA. Although he was an Air Force veteran of the Gulf War, he couldn’t have cared less about anything other than getting a job at the nearby air base. I couldn’t even get him to produce paperwork to fill out. The Legion had a National Commander in the mid 90s who was very public with his disgust of the VA and how Gulf War vets were treated, but no other organization would back him up, and he didn’t have much support inside the Legion. I next tried Paralyzed Veterans of America, but he was so swamped because he actually cared, veterans knew it and everyone tried going to him.
    I eventually ended up back with the VFW, and when I went to a hearing before the rating officer, the VSO never said a word and acted like he knew nothing about my claim. I then ended up with the DAV in Madison, and he was very helpful in knowing what had to be done for paperwork, but wasn’t much of an advocate.
    My service connection came after testifying before Congress, with the 2 top VA officials on The hearing room who I called out by name. After several years, several VSOs and 3 denials, my claim was ruled service connected within a week, and within a month of me testifying.
    The hands down worst experience I ever saw from any of them was a DAV representative at a meeting at the Pentagon in 1997 when the DOD was releasing a RAND report trying to show how safe depleted uranium rounds were. That DAV representative told me directly they would not help Gulf War Veterans with any issue involving DU exposures and health effects because it would be taking money away from helping other vets. He said those affected were too small of a number to worry about which showed how ignorant he was. I can still picture what the guy looked like. Disgusting little pissant.
    The best organization Gulf War Veterans had for support was, and likely still is, the Vietnam Veterans of America. I don’t know if they have any VSOs.

    1. Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) does have VSO’s – although not many. To find one go to VVA (dot) org and look under benefits and type in the state where you live. I ended up firing the DAV on my appeal after they accepted my POA and then told me there was no local Service Officer as he was promoted and they didn’t know when they would have a new one.

      Advice to anyone filing a claim: Interview a VSO just like you would if you were hiring that person to save your life. Questions to ask include, how long have you been a VSO, how many days per week do you work ( a lot are part time). What is their claim success rate? Do they know folks at the Regional Office, etc.. Be frank with him/her and ask exactly how they believe your case should be developed for greatest possibility of success.

  4. So can you help me with failure to treat and failure to diagnose Gulf War Illness for 20 years for me and all vets! I’m 100% disabled now in 2015 after taking early retirement in 1998 because I was so inexplicably sick. Can we make it so it’s not in the VA favor to lie anymore for 2 or more decades.

    1. We would not have had to wait over 20 years if the VA and DOD were not using medical research programs for us as a jobs program.
      It’s a disgrace that they spent $200 million on that, and could not produce any treatment other than claiming it was caused by stress.
      Funding for medical research involving VA or DOD doctors or facilities require a cut off. Either produce effective treatments after 5 years or 2 funded research projects, or you are barred from using federal funds to continue research for 10 years.
      You do that for any era vet and you wouldn’t see millions wasted on BS research.

  5. @namnibor
    From what I’ve learned in the past is the DAV is pushing hard. And I do mean hard over wanting government intervention to stop civilian attorneys from being used by veterans as legal council. When it comes to filing claims. Or for any other legal matter.

    It was stated to me by a great (former) service officer that this way all VSO’s could regulate all aspects of the who, what, why, when, where and how a veteran would be treated and how they would receive their disabilities and compensations.
    Basically controlling all aspects of the Veterans life.

    We all know, if it weren’t for veterans, the VA would not exist. Therefore, without veterans ALL VSO’s would not exist! All this is, is a way to control (by Government, VA and VSO’s) the money! Isn’t this what our country is based on?

    Look at the current “Budget” amount getting ready to be passed. It’s the largest budget expenditure ever in the history of America!
    Over $1 TRILLION dollars and counting. I heard on the radio today, over $400 BILLION is going into “Space Explorations”! So that leaves $600 BILLION for the remainder of “whatever”!
    Our National debt will be at $20+ TRILLION.
    Oh, and let’s not forget, there will probably be other agencies coming back to the $$$ trough within a few months asking for more $$$$.

    1. All a VSO can do is expedite your first rate rejection, for the most part; and VERY FEW can even do that.

  6. I think the DAV uses “Federal government” in place of VAHS because in their “logic” they want to make a separation , albeit verbally, that it is the Federal goverment’s idea of healthcare (whether they serve veterans or anyone else) without outright saying Veteran’s Affairs Healthcare Systems. Afterall, the VA is their bread and butter. I personally believe these organizations shoud call a spade a spade, not a jellybean, a volkswagon, or any other word. It’s just not clever.
    As a veitnam vet who did 2 tours there – in a war about absolutely nothing – win or lose (and we were destined to lose from the get go) – I wouldn’t serve again with what I know now. Sorry. Not for this ungratefull bunch of packrats who are “citizens” and not for this insult of a “Veternas Affairs Dept”. and the government who insists it exists.

  7. Who would have thought that going to the VA would be more dangerous then going into battle. The gov should issue a medal and combat pay for every patient of the non-Va-health care system and any veteran seeking VA compensation.

  8. I am a female, 50% Service Connected Disabled Veteran. I have been receiving my medical care through the James Howard Clinic in Brick as well as the East Orange, NJ Medical Center. Recently, the woman’s health department at the Brick clinic was disbanded after the wonderful doctor retired. I was promised that I would be able to use the Veterans Choice program to see a local doctor because the Medical Center was too far away. Boy … can this program get any more ridiculous? After waiting on hold for about an hour just to speak to someone, I was told that there are no women’s health doctors in my vicinity and the representative was borderline nasty to me. In addition, the phone system at the James Howard clinic is a disgrace. Unless you have an exact telephone number that matches an exact person, it is virtually impossible to reach a live person at Brick. I have complained on numerous occasions, to not only the higher ups at the VA, but also to my congressman. Nothing has been done. The answer that I get is to use the internet (Myhealthvet) to make my appointments. I hate to say this but Veterans are going to die waiting for the care that they are promised.

    1. Yes.seems no one cares about the plight of Veterans.Management is out of touch and congress is to busy doing nothing.

      I also contacted my senator and they have people other than themselves running the affairs of the office.this employee was a retired officer.

      Guess he acts for the senator and does not bother telling the senator what’s going on and just runs the show.so veterans never hear directly from the senator.

      Why have a senator.if they have other people doing his job.

      1. After running in to this problem in the past, I have sent letters directly to a Senator at their office in Washington marked “eyes only”. After doing so, you can bet their local office became very helpful.
        That was years ago. This current bunch may not give a damn even if they saw the letter.

    1. Ralph, you are sooooo right. The service organizations don’t need a survey to know how vets feel. That is, unless they live under a rock. They hear vets complaining everyday. However, it is like any bureaucracy, the perpetuation of their power and the organization is more important to those they supposedly serve.

  9. I would not encourage my daughter to join, I would like to see Veterans get diagnosed with conditions if they have one, and more accurate diagnoses. When Veterans just have symptoms to file with VBA, it makes it much easier for them to deny. If there is a diagnoses that is correct it will help clean up backlogged mess. Or do they like it the other way?I would like to see conditions that will only get worse handled better, Such as Cancer, They need to jump on it and help extend the life of a Veteran, and not wait months to get them treatment, Just one area that needs improvement. Get more people working claims, so Veterans are not subject to huge financial losses and economic credit beatings before they finally get help for what is causing there health issue’s. They get home and get foreign people calling them and saying they are behind on bills etc… Getting deprogrammed from a highly organized force to a low functioning job in civilian life is very hard, Maybe there should be a transition employment situation created for veterans that will give them the time they need to go from service to civilian? Like Veterans claims?Or would that make too much sense!

    1. Be very careful TCoffey there’s talk about females registering for the draft, you may not have any say…….

      1. To where. The problem is the VA.if they would just do their jobs and help veterans.instead of making the veterans as the enemy things would be a lot different and there is going to be someone’s child needing help.

        I understand what your saying.my Son was so athletic before he enlisted and now he can’t do much anymore.before he starts hurting and it does hurt to see them hurting and you can’t do anything about it.

        Management is the main problem with the VA.their God’s you know or they think they are and veterans are nothing more that a burden to them.

  10. 12/16/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Mayor Stanton received his letter today at 10:10 AM [Faxed]—Re: Veterans on 16h Avenue and Hatcher—Closure of the Alpha Camp on Thursday—Big Mistake!!!

    Time will tell.


    Don Karg

  11. DAV is a special interest of the VA. Symbiotic relationship. I’m surprised they even released these results but not surprised they didn’t mention the VA.

    1. Ryan,
      You hit the nail on the head. I have watched what little “help” the DAV VSO has given to my TBI injured child. It’s been almost 8 years of nothing.
      I truly do believe they are just another long arm of the Veteran’s Admin.

      1. My litmus test these days for the value of any VSO is whether or not they advocate for veterans having the choice to exit the va system and go where they want for care like any other citizen with insurance. The traditional VSO’s like DAV, the VFW, and the American Legion don’t support true choice which makes them part of the problem. Way too tied to the VA. You hear those 3 VSO’s spend most of their time advocating for the growth of the VA and giving blank taxpayer checks. Is it any wonder those same VSO’s are largely irrelevant to the post 9/11 generation? They’re out of touch.

      2. @Ryan

        You nailed that!!! Although I would go as far as also saying that these same VSO’s are irrelevant to Veterans of The Gulf War to 9/11 and present. Many people kind of start things with 9/11 but I think many people often quickly forget that it was the first half of 90’s that gave us Gulf War Illness and other nastiness…and it’s quickly become this generation’s Agent Orange because the VA and DoD have gone way out of their way to create Plausible Denial that it even exists.
        After Gulf War there were MANY “Peacekeeper Missions” (code for military ops without declaration of war) between The Gulf War of early 90’s to 9/11, so it’s almost like we have been in constant Wars not just the last 14 years, but more like a SOLID 20+.

        The VSO’s we are talking about have done not much to help Veterans that have serious health issues from 90’s Gulf War Illnesses not to forget all the countless spent uranium from specialized rounds as well as those rounds from A-10 Fighter Jets…very toxic stuff….then we have the collection of *whatever* Saddam Hussein let loose in the area, and then the toxicities of MANY burning oil wells in region in that frame of time.
        These VSO’s have stood with the VA in Plausible Denial AND they are hellbent in not giving Veterans choice in medical care.
        God forbid anyone competent from the Civilian Medical Field should give REAL INSIGHT on a Vet’s true medical conditions!!!

        I will add the caveat that I am not naïve and realize there ARE some good Veteran Service Officers just as there are sprinkled amongst the shitty staff and doctors at the VAMC’s, there’s some competent ones, but they are far outnumbered by the Incompetents Running Asylum. (IRA for those just loving anagrams)

      3. You are correct gulf war veterans are being harmed by the VA not treating those conditions and sending these people over and over to the middle east.

        No wonder they are having problems.all Americans should be required to serve at least two years active duty.

        We can not be sending these soldiers into combat and not treat them with dignity and respect when they come home.

        To many VA employees have no clue.how much stress these deployments effect the soilder and will distroy them when they come home.label them mentally ill and if they should have flash backs in front of the employee.they are labled disruptive and the VA police will gang up on the veteran and feed him so full of medicine.

        The veteran starts to drull and then put into a padded room and then reported to the disruptive committee for futher punishment and threats of being banded from all future care.

        Employees are so out of touch with the reality of Veterans needs.

      4. They are hurting a lot of Veterans with tbi.I’m one. It took me forty years just to find out I had a tbi after being shot in the head while in the military.

        They denighed my tbi claim.even after their own VA doctor wrote it in my records.

        Keep fighting for your child.it’s not easy living with a tbi.I will keep fighting this injustice until someone listens.

  12. DAV rep I had helping me with the employee who reported me as being disruptive.

    Did such a good job.not defending me the employee who is the manager hired the DAV rep and I know the rep told her new boss.everything I had told her.

    She the rep probably gave her new boss all the evidence she copied from my complaints.

    So now I have a new enemy to do what the boss tells the rep what to do.to get back at me.

    Since this is a very small town.the rep.could be a family member or an old friend.

      1. Norbert maybe I can explain it, the paid DAV VSO who was representing James was given a better job at the VA after she screwed him big time. That’s pretty simple don’t you think??

        It sounds to me like you’ve been drinking the DAV water to long………..Wake up, DAV has become a corrupt group of veterans who care more of themselves then the disabled veterans they’re paid to help………….

      2. @Norbert.
        If your really interested in finding out more about the Disabled (UN)American Veterans, or DAV, go to this website;

        DAVReform . org

        After you’ve read “about” them and what they stand for, then read the “comments”!
        I believe you’ll get a better “picture” of what that “alleged” veterans’ group is all about. What they have done, not only to veterans, but their own members!

      3. I’m a former employee and after the VA found my lost(hidden) records and I became100 percent disabled and had to take a medical retirement.

        I had a fellow employee who had it in for me.reported to the VA disruptive committee that I would come into the clinic and become disruptive.this never happened.

        This employee was able to get the disruptive committee to punish me and only used hearsay as evidence.

        I went to the dav and the DAV.sent the inquiry right back to the employee who accused me of the disruptive behavior to answer.

        She lyed the first time and lyed again and the DAV rep was rewarded by that employee.by hiring her.

        Its a long story.if you need more information.go to the disruptive committee part of this site.

        Just saying the DAV.helped the employee and not me the veteran.

        This employee did not have to provide any proof that I had ever been disruptive ever.

  13. What do I think about “polls”? Here’s an interesting set of polls.
    Their out of Iowa.
    The first was a “paid poll”. It showed Cruz ahead of Trump by, I believe, 10 points. The second was a Ruters poll. It showed Trump ahead by 10+ points.
    I believe something smells to high Heaven.

    Here’s something I found recently. Rubio voted NO to the raise for veterans. Even after he “claims” to support veterans! Liar!

    As far as the DAV goes, I wouldn’t trust them to take out the garbage on time. Let alone do a poll.
    But, since they did, how accurate was it? Why did it now, after VA is asking for $421 million, just come out?
    Did the DAV lose out?
    We, in the Veterans Communities, already have a very poor opinion of VA, DAV and other VSO’s. So, any poll, is irrelevant, in my opinion.

    On a side note:
    Who do y’all think won the 2008 “popular vote” for President? If you answered “Mickey Mouse”, y’all would be correct!

    1. @crazyelf-

      Yeah, when I saw those dramatically different sent of ‘Polls’ that were an obvious attempt at making it appear the frontrunner has lost steam from a huge verbal fart, it just shows how ‘accurate’ any given Poll can be. I am not so much a heavy heady math person but in college I took 2 heavy Statistics and Logic courses to meet my requirements and learned right there my assumptions about ‘Polls’ was always correct.
      They are the product of whomever creates it…so are how the results are utilized. The very grammar and presumed educational levels as well as life experiences are taken into serious consideration when drafting any ‘Poll’, and this is absolutely no different.

      Today’s article about this DAV Poll comes VERY suspiciously **on the heals** of the VA asking for $$ for Choice.
      Do they need to do something before the end of year to further justify their 501c status so they can never pay taxes on membership dues OR is this the VA bringing them out like marionettes to Troll Public Opinion that they really ‘care’…but will not mention word ‘VA Hospital’ directly…how are we supposed to seriously take this, well, seriously?
      It would be akin to taking a Poll that represents ALL Pilots in the USA but never mentioning the words ‘Plane’, ‘Air’, Take-Off’, ‘Landing’, ‘Radio’, but asking them things about spelunking down in Mammoth Cave, KY.

      Does this make sense or am I too hypercritical?

  14. I am not so much a fan of Polling. In my life’s experience, almost every kind of ‘litmus test poll’ is tainted by the way the very questions are presented/verbiage used or not used, and almost always such a Poll comes with an underhanded agenda.

    I am more prone to asking WHY does not DAV and all the other many VSO’s actually help Veterans fight the adversarial VA and clean up corruption? Why, you ask, did the DAV not list/mention the VA/VHA/VBA/VAOIG directly rather than “referencing”?

    Because the DAV must feel like they should justify their position as lamprey to the VA. These VSO’s are way too close bedfellows with the VA so OF COURSE they do not want to mention the HOLY VA, their ca$h cow, d anything to disturb the unique codependence they enjoy with the VA.
    WHY are they not outraged in the spineless VA OIG and the recent purposeful fumbles of the VA to actually hold people at VA/VHA accountable?????

    The first thing I learned back in 2007-8 when learning all I could for filing both my VA Service Connection Disability Claim on hadit dot com that was repeated by the most seasoned Veterans and Advocates over there was…do NOT trust nor USE any VSO to file one’s Claim, do it entirely yourself if you have the documentation, because time and time again it has been proven that these VSO’s have contributed to the very “wait lists and Claim Backlogs”, with a few examples that were mirrored by many other veterans over there in their own Claims where the DAV or any of the VSO anagrams simply make for another set of hands on your documents to sit in a stack to be found a year or two or three later sitting in same stack on their desks or conveniently “losing” important documents…I learned over there to do it myself and *anything* that is sent to the VARO you send with Registered/Certified Mail…and by that time I had gone through all my savings and was effectively poor and shy of homeless….BUT…I went without some food here and there JUST to afford sending my docs and such the way hadit dot com highly suggested rather than using any VSO.
    I chose not to be yet another statistic proving why VSO’s are bedfellows with the VA, thus, not having the Veteran’s “best interest”. I won my claims with VA and Soc Sec Disability Insurance after 3 years…and I spent a considerable amount of that time in and out of being admitted to hospital.

    Sorry so long but with above said, it’s pretty clear that I for one do not trust ANY of these VSO’s and it’s only become even more emboldened seeing years and years of scandals and especially the last 5 years, even when the evidence is stupidly overwhelming BUT where are all those VSO’s helping Veterans clean-up the VA and pushing for REAL accountability? Polls? Are they simply justifying their very existence by showing a “VA Friendly Poll”???? Polls, Smolls, and Trolls.
    ***insert handful of crickets chirping here***

    1. Sadly, I must agree on this. Its hard to be independent with that money that is coming to you comes from the person you are trying to make sure is doing their job? Kind of hard to fire you boss right?

      We really need to stop diverting our attention to other things and getting them fixed so we don;t have to fix them anymore. That would be nice.

  15. 12/16/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    There is nothing to be trusted at the VA—until Management is removed.

    Phoenix is now Freezing and Mayor Stanton {Clinton Supporter} is planning to knock down the Alpha Camp Site at 16th Avenue and Hatcher in Phoenix–over some citations the city officials indirectly applied to the Landlord of the property.

    Almost as bad as— Allied Signal/Honeywell doing their little game of firing everyone before the Holidays, it is an Arizona tradition!

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Don Karg

      1. Whoever reads get in touch your DAV COMMANDER tell him asked for donations to put your Local Newspaper about how improve Veterans Healthcare. …SEMPER Fi Happy Holidays.

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