Mastering Your First VR&E Appointment: Expert Tips from Attorney Benjamin Krause

Communicating with Veterans Affairs (VA) call centers, such as the Veterans Crisis Line or the White House VA Hotline, can be a critical step for veterans seeking assistance. However, as highlighted by veteran rights attorney Benjamin Krause, it’s essential to navigate these interactions carefully to avoid legal pitfalls. This article explores the advice shared by Krause, drawing from a real-life case that underscores the importance of lawful communication.

Navigating the first Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) appointment can be a pivotal moment for veterans seeking benefits. In his insightful video, “How To Ace Your First VR&E Meeting (Don’t Blow It!)”, Benjamin Krause, a VA accredited attorney, shares essential strategies for veterans to prepare and succeed in this crucial meeting. This article, inspired by Krause’s expertise, aims to provide veterans with practical, relatable, and factual information, encouraging them to seek the professional guidance of Benjamin Krause Law for their VR&E claims.

The Importance of the First VR&E Appointment

Benjamin Krause emphasizes that the outcome of most VR&E claims hinges on the first appointment with the Vocational Rehabilitation Counsel (VRC). A well-prepared approach can set the stage for approval, while common mistakes might lead to denials that are hard to overturn.

Strategies for Success

Understand the Stakes: Recognize the significance of the first VR&E meeting in shaping your claim’s trajectory.

Prepare Effectively: Gather all necessary documents and articulate your career goals clearly.

Avoid Common Pitfalls: Understand what not to do during the meeting, such as being unprepared or having unrealistic expectations.


Your first VR&E appointment is more than a formality; it’s a crucial step in your journey to achieving your career and educational goals. With the guidance and expertise of Benjamin Krause Law, veterans can navigate this process with confidence and clarity.

About Benjamin Krause Law:

Benjamin Krause Law specializes in assisting veterans with VR&E claims, ensuring they receive the benefits and support they deserve. Our commitment to providing quality legal assistance makes us a trusted ally for veterans.


What should I bring to my first VR&E appointment?

Bring all relevant documents, including your medical records, service history, and any educational or career goals documentation.

How can I effectively communicate my goals to the VRC?

Be clear and concise about your career objectives. Outline how the VR&E program can help you achieve these goals.

What are common mistakes to avoid in the first VR&E meeting?

Avoid being unprepared, having unrealistic expectations, or failing to clearly articulate your career and educational goals.

Why should I consider legal assistance for my VR&E claim?

Legal assistance can help navigate the complexities of VR&E claims, ensuring your case is presented effectively and increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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