Dear Government Contractors Who Tap Phones


Benjamin KrauseSome veterans have written in recently about an abnormal amount of surveillance pertaining to their communications with loved ones and family. I agree. It is obnoxious to have your phone click on like an old cassette recorder when traditional records are silent. So, I thought I’d take a moment to provide a quick disclaimer and ask you to stop.

The past couple weeks, some friends have been “touched” by certain people who decided to evaluate my phone communications and those of some friends.

Just last night, two privileged communications were deemed accessible to national security peeps. My big ask here is to please stop wasting taxpayer dollars on people like us. Focus on criminals moving forward.

Here is our response to these unlawful and communist interceptions of comms of known patriots:

Hi mister government contractor tapping our phones. I assume you are working for some friends.

Either way, please know that I do not care nor appreciate the jesture. The real deal is that I am a disabled veteran. I love Jesus. Fuck you for continuing to listen while we communicate with family and friends as you let real criminals run loose.

Aside from this, know that I am a licensed attorney and ordained minister in some religion I no longer remember. Certain communications I have are protected by the Constitution. I know you may not appreciate this reality. It does not matter what you feel or think. Leave us alone.

Do not tap our phones anymore.

Take care,

Benjamin Krause

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  1. my computer fire wall was punched through and turned off. not malware or virus most strange? you know we are fucked when they fear us. and when most government employes sell us to the highest bidder.[ his faith over the years it was authority was to be obeyed-yet what extent [summum ius summa iniuria] a right pushed to its extreme may be an injustice to the point, even, of compromising ones values, ones Patriotism to the endangerment and the security of America itself]. Libanius to priscus ancient rome

  2. i WAS responding last night to this blog when I my PC shut off.
    I used words like isolation,, that part of what us disabled go through are isolation & that’s the way the powers who abuse want. THEN we can’t compare notes. The injured workers I know didn’t know each other until I formed a support group in 1992, especially after there were 7 female suicides in one small facility here in SAC at kaiser.In 1986 because of newly formed predatory management from kaiser’s own doctors & nurses that started a vicious campaign on women & blacks who many started at the age of 18 & now they were turning 40. These women are care givers in the medical field, a special breed of people who’s sole purpose is to care for their patients. AND then we were so abused in so many ways, that I still have nightmares about it. All these women were given were anti-depressants, painkillers, sleeping meds, muscle relaxers, antipyshcotic drugs during the managerial psychological terrorism brought on them by these doctors & nurses., these women walked around like ZOMBIES. NOW WE FIND OUT , that this was the plan to get of them. THIS HAPPENED IN 27 HEALTH CARE FACILITIES & that was just in NO CA., this was AFTER the air force took over Kiaser..W
    Some more facts..THE PATRIOT ACT opened all of the doors to get around FISA, hence, all of our data is rounded up. it’s being amended as stated today in the news. I guess Snowden opened up that door of just how much the NSA has , the capability & without warrants.
    IBM & Diebold created the PC mechanisms to write up insurance policies on those murdered iN Poland. All of their data was what allowed to be able to round them up. Names &addresses. Now we have phones, GPS, all kinds of tracking mechanism. just like a double edged swors
    The CIA hired 1000 Nazi Soldiers who were INTEL OFFICERS, those who created coded language & some got to get SSA benefits.
    It took HITLER 12 Years to indoctrinate the German people.
    Nurses did this to innocents, then came the healthy people. who were murdered by soldiers.
    See a picture emerging.
    Our country has become too militarized and it shows in the streets when people protest against injustice.. Don’t think for one minute that there isn’t a hired mole to start the violence to have an excuse to bring in more police & guards.
    I saw this in 1968 during the vietnam war over & over again. When people speak loudly(no violence) that’s when legislators start to listen.
    For anyone to again blame the viet nam vets for anything is despicable at best & remember, we’re the baby boomers who brought in the largest amount of wealth in this country which has been stolen and now we have the abuse of power people denigrating us too..
    Well, one thing I know for sure, is that the military uses diversionary tactics & that goes for money. Look over there while I steal from here.
    The reason I write on this blog to let you know that there are groups of people who are being marginalized, disenfranchised & we all need to stick together because we are all Americans, we’re all. In the same boat.

    . .

  3. Having worked with phone circuits and networking for over 20 years, I can say much of what OjeffO says is accurate. I still work with that, and given some off the shelf tools that I use such as an accoustic coupler, I would be shocked that anyone trying to tap phones would be so ham-handed in doing so that it would be noticeable by the phone user. The tool I use that uses accoustic coupling is a tool that is used to detect audio or tones on any wire. I don’t even have to connect a buttset, but just hold the probe close to the wire and I can hear the tobe or audio being sent. I am sure OjeffO knows and had used these, as has any Telco tech, or even networking tech. Put a tone on one end and find the right wires on the other. The accoustic coupler requires no physical connection to the line. Now, could anyone else do this? Yes, easy enough, and could be done where the line pedestal is At or where it comes into your house.
    Do government officials track veterans? Absolutely. Years ago when many Gulf War veterans were fighting the VA and DOD over exposures in the war, we had an email list service with lots of veteran subscribers, along with a few VA hacks and DOD types that worked for OSAGWI, the DOD office covering up Gulf War illnesses. Chemical weapons were old news, but whenever I sent an email to the list about Depleted Uranium, such as a new document I received through FOIA posted at a web site I ran back then, it was interesting to see how many DOD or VA IP addresses would show up in the logs accessing my web site, within minutes of my sending the email. I suspect if Ben checked the logs for this site, he too would see a few VA IP addresses showing up. The most interesting part of that DOD Gulf War Illness office tracking our email list was when another veteran sent an email to the entire list rather than a few individual vets as intended. It was a warning about a certain person that worked in that office. Within minutes that person called me at my place of work chewing me out because he felt it was irresponsible of the veteran to send what was sent. That person was fired from that DOD office Within 2 weeks because of some other things he said on the same call.
    Bottom line, I would not at all be surprised if some hack took it upon themselves to listen in on Ben’s call, particularly if made in or to a VA phone. Certainly not someone that familiar with phone circuits though if clicking or other things are heard by those making the call.

  4. One thing you all have here are vets that don’t know each other but yet have many of the same problems. Isolation is one way for those “in charge” to abuse their powers. so no one will figure it all out. None of you really know each other but yet suffer the same..
    Hitler took 12 years to indoctrinate the German people.
    The first to go were the disabled, sick, mentally ill, gays & the aged, no matter the age.
    The people of who were offed were people who had NEW life insurance policies created by DiebolD & IBM.
    Insurance policies contained all personal info, like name & address.
    The CIA hired 1000 exNazi INTEL officers who created coded language. just after the war with Germany was over in 1945..

    I started the injured worker advocacy in 1992, with mostly women & blacks & over 40 & union members. & disabled at work.
    We had 7 suicides in 2 year from a very small facility in kaiser. They were women.
    These women started working at kaiser when they were in the latter teens or early 20’s, now hitting the age of forty..
    I didn’t know most of them until they came to me with work related issues of of health & safety & predatory managers of both nurses & doctors.. They suffered isolation, PTSD, paranoia, unattended illnesses & INJURIES. w & it cam form one employer THEN.
    The VA employs people who are supposed to care about their patients, all of you.
    That’s what I thought about when I worked for kaiser.
    Our unions did nothing, nobody did anything and still d not. Why? Because some us found out you can’t fight the government and in this case, the air force.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that this is about money/greed/evil. That there are those, even in the military who will make a buck no matter what.


    1. That is pretty much any Veteran!There would not have to be any analizing if VA and Congress kept there promises to us,but just the other Day the new VA Director said the problems at VA are caused by us Vietnam Veterans and we are a strain on the VA Budget,if I remember right when I was asshole deep in rice paddy mud fighting their war no one said we were a strain.We are only a strain because we were sprayed with AO and told it was safe and now we know they lied,imagine that a Government that lied to us,what next,fly Monkeys?? Semper Fi

  5. The nice thing about the phone tapping by Big Brother and the other Listeners, is that it is very easy to turn it back on them. Do some simple internet surfing, if you want to listen to them while they listen to you. Sometimes it’s actually worth listening to them talk about you. I mean when they are sure there is no way you could ever be doing that. Yes, there’s an app for that. And, easier still, the average digital phone can do it too. If you have ever inadvertently or accidentally pushed the wrong button or two on your phone then heard a conversation of someone else’s, and even tried to talk to them, but they can’t hear you, that is kind of how it works. Surf and find out how.

  6. AND what if one calls you from a cell on your land line? Then what? There aren’t many who use a landline anymore. but I do plus a cell.
    Thank you. for your important info..
    Phone companies try real hard NOT to give your old landline phone #, as I found out when changing phone company services but I persisted & got to keep my original #.. which had been in the family since the 40’s. Thank God something worked right.
    I will certainly let other folks know about landline phone services vs cell phones.
    Again, thank you, this is important for everyone to know…

    1. Yes Ma’am you are welcome. Cell to landline…can be monitored. Remember though, only the portion between the actual cell phone and tower you are connected to is WIRELESS, just like a radio station. After that it is wired by fiber or copper to where you are calling. If it’s another cell phone you’re calling, once it leaves THAT tower, its wireless to that other cell phone.

  7. I’ll let my vet brother & others vets know what they already know. & who ever has the IT control HAS the control over all IT AND who has the biggest control? It is government/dod/kaiser but they contract this out to all kinds, even acting as employees. I mean all kinds.. When it comes to money, those who think it theirs & isn’t, there’s the old saying, anything goes & it does. and it has.
    AND if anyone would know about RECON, it would be the vets. wouldn’t it?
    I’m so sorry to hear anyone dropping away because of the ugly & brutal truth being told. It’s quite the burden to know what’s going on & can’t get help, medical care, training, or disability for civilian or vets and that this is well heeled coordinated plan to save the government money, whether it’s the SSA, employers, & even the DOD, which is an employer too
    Because too many for far too long have suffered needlessly. & I know phone people too & even people who owned a phone company. One young man, Mathew Bumpus died because he was told his leukemia was a precondition( he was exposed to depleted Uranium) prior to him being IRAQ opening up depleted uramium 50 gallon drums. One exposure & wow, what a direct harm that is.. He went to school with my daughter and I met him when he worked for the Comcast & phone company.His parents had to fight to get the MANY hundreds of thousands of dollars they paid to get him medical care back from the DOD/VA!. His wife & parents had a website trying to draw attention to how he was neglected by the DOD/VA..HAD THE VA treated him sooner maybe just maybe he’d still be alive.
    IF you think the government doesn’t listen to you calls, then look under the Wachetel v US.Government (spelling) case, with only 1 military guard watching a cannistor full of plutonium in Denver Co. Where as there should have been at least six guards. Talk about the government employing security contractors “securing” enough plutonium to wipe out the whole city, should a terrorist get their hands on the stuff. Once ONE CAPTAIN whistleblew ON THAT, he was under immediate full surveillance. When reading the transcripts of these calls, you’d have to take off a couple of days or more & you might even read some of what you’ve said here & there about what is happening to you.. The government allowed the case as long as it wasn’t in the media.,This too came out of our research on Wachetel who were security for kaiser here in NO.CA. It was in 2000-2001 when we found out who the real kaiser was & found out all about the real “health care” for private, public, civilian & military vets and where the money reals goes & for what…
    I am so sorry to have even have to share this stuff.but as one gets older, it becomes a patriot moral responsibility to expose the ugly truths to put a stop to it all or at least try.
    I want it better for my grandkids as well as for everybody else & their kids. That as Americans this what we were promised & deserve, that we’re supposed to be the best, that other countries & people look to us as the best of everything..

  8. I always have quite a difficult time taking anyone seriously that keeps repeating, “TRUST ME ON THIS”. That goes for you as well, OjeffO.

    Since post 9/11, Pres. George W. Bush Admn. made it incredibly EASY to tap ANY phone…WITHOUT a Court Order.

    Your repeated posts of trying to assure Veterans they are “just hearing technical things” and using the words, “Trust me on this”, only reinforces what we already know.

    1. Believe what you want man…..I was fired from a job I loved because of PTSD…the medicine and symptoms made me a fucking monster to be around. I am 80% with 100%TDIU. Just like @Oldjarhead says…Paranoid? Yep, I’m paranoid as hell. Hate people in general and definitely do not trust anyone, even my family members. I live my life, isolated in my house, venturing out ONLY when absolutely necessary (groceries, Dr. Apts.) I used those words to simply try and keep people from undue stress from worrying about being “singled out”. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me. When I hear conversation about “the telephone system” I get excited because….Phones are what I know and enjoyed working on. I provided detailed reasons WHY people hear pops, clicks, others dialing and other noises from my 15 years experience of fixing those issues. In my mind, at least, I’m still a phone man. I would trade this fucking illness to be able to go back to doing that job because I loved it and was good at it. Aside from my military duties, this was the only thing I was ever good at doing. So you know where I come from…I am paranoid, trust ZERO humans, always back track if I have to drive somewhere to see if I’m being followed. But I have cable TV and internet, a wireless phone and a hard wired LANDLINE in MY house (a perk from being “medically retired” by Ma Bell), where I live ALONE. I have no worries about being “monitored”. It’s certified and documented….I’m crazy. In the end of my employment….all of my coworkers thought the exact same thing. “That mother f**kers crazy” Yep, unfortunately I am. Just please take a step back and look at the picture in it’s entirety when you think about the VA doing mass phone tapping. THEY CAN’T EVEN WIPE THEIR OWN ASS!! But, believe what you will. Ben has my email address because it’s required to post on here. Have him check me out. He has resources I’m sure. I am 70% PTSD, 20% each arm nerve damage from elbows down and 10% CAD and about 6 other 0% ratings. I am 80% schedular and was given 100% TDIU because of being fired and not being able to keep a job with my history of being “confrontational” to others. Go ahead, have him check me out!! Ben if you read this, please DO PLEASE check me out, contact me Ben, I’ll provide proof so you can let your followers KNOW the truth. You’ll find I’m just another Disabled Vet that had to fight to get their due benefits. I was lucky, all of my shit was well documented in my records (decorations that allowed presumptive evidence for PTSD, personal flight logs of combat missions flown, jobs and medical exams in the military along with a couple of VA doctors that actually gave a shit and gave me fair C&P exams along the way) My TDIU had to be appealed and they were taking their time for a DRO review. I emailed Allison Hickey as Ben suggested on here. I figured “Hey, it can’t hurt” and low and behold, I got a call within 48 hours from the DRO saying my TDIU was approved. Like I said I was lucky, very lucky and I’m thankful and humbled and almost embarrassed for getting through the system and a fair outcome when I know there are thousands more that are in the fight of their lives with the VA. I am thankful for the comp., medicine and medical care. I am thankful and humbled. I don’t bow down to anyone, especially the VA but in my case, the system worked as it should for ME. I only wish it worked for every other deserving Veteran. SO Namnibor….I’ll be waiting for you to get a hold of Ben and I’ll be waiting for Ben to contact me or check his resources out. I’ve got nothing to hide. All I have is information, which is power when used right. When used wrong, hysteria happens.

      1. All well and good and sorry to hear of what you deal with day to day. I was just expressing that ALOT has changed since 9/11 as far as NSA and other agency’s ability to do wire taps WITH NO COURT ORDER or anything…and that is for ALL phone types.
        There was just recently a 20/20 or 60 Minutes episode that focused on JUST how tasked the NSA is on listening to “average American’s phone calls”, and they were even asked how they could logistically even perform such a large task and all that was referenced was “The Patriot Act” and other post-9/11 Constitutional Rights and Freedoms that went immediately down the porcelain bowl.
        I am just saying that perhaps you were never privy to the NSA and DOD side of things as far as use of said “Patriot Act”.
        Facebook is another mass tracking device, nothing more, nothing less, under the guise of “Social Media”. I never liked the idea when it first came out as I value my privacy so to this day do not use it.

        I posted in response to your many posts because a common tactic of easing people into believing something else is by repeating said things over and over. Nazi Germany did it and did it quite successfully before all the real atrocious crimes they mass committed. Our own gov’t. uses same tactics often. Look what was done by the Pres. George W. Bush Administration(Dick Cheney and friends) in order to get us involved in an Unjust War with Iraq.
        No intent to insult you. With me it simply stands that I have actually less trust when I hear repeated, “Trust me in this”. It does not make the fact that certain things HAVE and DO happen, regardless of what your training may have taught you.

      2. Thanks for the reply, I VOLUNTEERED though for every thing I ever did in the military. Brought this upon myself and I have no regrets. Just so you know, I just emailed Ben directly and offered up my DD-214, DD-215, NGB-22 and VA comp and benefits letters as proof. All he has to do is ask, I will black out my SSN and send to him. I know what you are saying in regard to the Nazi’s and shit. I tend to repeat myself at times…the medicine. Just trying to help is all, not hurt or cause undue stress. Like I said, I am VERY VERY VERY humbled and thankful….The process worked for me with one small hiccup along the way and that was removed within 2 days. So I thank every Vet, I pray for all and I wish everyone had the same experience I had getting thru the system. OjeffO- a humbled and grateful American.

  9. I thank Ben for his frank comments.

    And I thank OjeffO for.. if nothing else, a very good education on phone systems and some hard facts.

    Just because i’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they really aren’t out to get me.

    The only way i sleep at night with all of this discussion, is the basic fact, the numbers are in our favor, it’s like buying a lottery ticket, it’s just so damn slim that a single veteran is being noticed or targeted.


    You are indeed a target. Which “some” are.

    Not that I’m paranoid, but I do know and accept “most” aren’t targeted or even noticed.

  10. The clicks, pops and hums you hear are caused by a bad cable pair. Phone cables are mostly old and get wet, shorted and grounded or just plain wear out from insulation breakdown from being so old. Clicking is usually a cable pair usually caused by a short or a bad piece of equipment. A hum that sounds like a “roar” in the back ground is a grounded cable pair…period. Static is caused by a “high resistance open” which is somewhere, your cable pair is partially broken open. it’s connected enough to allow the 48vdc and ground side to pass and have continuity but, it’s broken open enough to cause crackling or static. If you hear others on your phone, thats called “crossed battery” somewhere along the line, your cable pair is touching someone elses. This is 99 out 100 times caused by water in a cable or a wet splice. Cable pairs are spliced into connections 25 pairs at a time. Look up next time you drive….see a black bag or connector in the middle of a phone cable somewhere? Or look down as you drive, see the big green metal (or plastic) phone company boxes? Those are splice points. The ones in the air, very susceptible to water intrusion and birds making nests inside. the boxes in the ground, in the south at least, susceptible to water, ant piles and rodents. A bad connection on a cell call is common place. Caused by several reasons. A bad carrier channel and you just happened to hit that channel when you made your call. Not enough capacity available for the calls being attempted at any given time. Please people….don’t fret. The VA can’t even wipe it’s own ass. They certainly can’t “hack” into a phone companies hard connection points to listen to what you’re saying. Easy way to aleve your suspicions….DO away with your nternet based phone (magic Jack, cable TV phone, FIOS, Uverse) keep your internet thru cable TV or phone company BUT…..get a hard wired landline. Trust me on this. Hard wired landlines are not easily hacked due to the shit involved in actually accessing them.

  11. Wow….This has become a subject that has taken its own set of tracks. If all of us Disabled Vets think that the VA has the time, resources or even the BRAINS to know how to tap into Vet’s lines who are trying to get benefits, we are barking up the wrong tree. Yawl can call me names or whatever. I am no “government plant” to dispel rumors. Like I said in my earlier post. I am 80% and 100%TDIU. PTSD and other shit. I was also a GREAT phone man. And I know HOW the phone system works. Phone calls are NOT converted into the internet unless you use Magic Jack or some other piece of shit phone system like that as your telephone. Wireless and landlines only work one way PERIOD. I don’t worry in the least about anything I use being monitored. Now if you use certain words in your email or online conversations, I am pretty sure a flag will go up somewhere and it’ll be looked at. The VA can’t even send my medicine to the right address at times and sends me 3-4 paper notices over and over for the same appointment and also calls 3-4 times to verify said appointment. I’m laughing here because they can’t even get that right and to think they have secretly “bugged or tapped” some guys phone somewhere just because he’s filed a claim or has an appeal pending leaves me speechless. This is my last post I promise. I wish everyone good health and good luck in their fight with the VA. Ben, I’m sure they check your website. You’ve provided great information that helped me along the way But by mentioning wiretapping it was left to assume it also happens to Disabled Veterans in general… a disservice I think. It only inflamed suspicions. Trust me when I say I KNOW how the “telephone system” works…..a wiretap or some shit like that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Please clarify this to your readers. We all have a right to be suspicious of government but….I just think that hinting around the VA is monitoring peoples calls is off base. Sorry, just the opinion of one VERY GOOD ex-telephone man.

    1. Yes, it did take on its own tracks. I wrote the article to address the issue publicly since many veterans are concerned, generally speaking, that our privacy is being eroded.

      As the headline states, we know government contractors do track and record certain phone calls per verified stories / documents coming from Edward Snowden and friends. It is at least worth noting he worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, and that same contractor is the preferred contractor for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. I believe Allison Hickey’s father was employed by Booz after he retired from the Military.

      As far as I know, VA lacks the systems knowledge and talent to do something like that especially as it relates to individual disability comp claims, etc. Does that mean a government contractor like Booz is not doing it for VA, DoD, IRS, etc? It certainly could happen given what is happening with NSA. But this question was not the purpose of the article per se.

      We do know NSA (via government contractors) is sucking up all calls to their databases across the country, and I for one do not like that. I did not serve in the military to help build up a system that destroys the same Constitution I swore to protect.

      1. When we found out that the military docs were being used to do medical’legal evaluations in comp disability claims, it raised serious questions. These same docs were also using audio/visual while “evaluating” and after reviewing hundreds,of these reports were rendered to be false while they charged exhorbitant fees to alter, omit & just out right lie on them all.
        17 QME REPORTS on just one person, from the 1st report to the last, the injuries & illnesses were gone. That’s not counting the ones that go ignored. Kaiser employs military docs & nurses too, to also harass employees & then write them up in language that was not corporate but in military language. THE same medical care is denied to patients and we employees were patients too
        What is being done to us is being done to vets. That’s a horrible thing to happen to vets. civilians, whether public, private or state or federal…
        Just a little off note. I watched a movie last night called
        What would Jesus DO?. One thing I say, is I feel your pain & With God nothing is impossible as stated in the movie. So I TOO continue to pray for all of us, every night & sometimes during the day. Taking the time to inform the truth is to help change for the betterment of humankind & it starts with ourselves (sharing info with care & holding all accountable) and I know that the constitution is for all of us & certainly not to be trashed or why or what our vets fought for..
        Yes, there are those who decide that they get to live on top of the world while denigrating others to deny what belongs to them & that is just plain wrong. Whatever did happen to life liberty & happiness for all?
        God bless us all,

  12. Thanks that it was explained about land lines & cells, all bets are off. Almost everyone I know has a cell & calls on the land line. What about when your land line is connected to your PC?. It’s under one package now. TV. too. and the targeted individuals are real. It is called, TI’s..I’ve gotten so many complaints from injured workers who only try to get redress to their complaints, including me. Trying to get redress wasn’t a crime as far as I knew. IT IS well known now that ma bell, google, yahoo, microsoft & others that they’re providing the ways & means. How does the NSA keep up with all of the info coming in??? Unless they’ve got their eye on you for a benefit claim!. Our SACRAMENTO sheriff’s are being fought by the ACLU because they’re intercepting cell calls from towers while in plain surveillance vans. I’ve seen too many of those. AGAIN, if I’ve done something wrong, then do something legal, not illegal for 23 years. I’ve got nothing to hide, just helping IW’s & legally helping trying to get justice.
    BTW, there are vets who filed as injured workers & they’re getting double trouble. One military brass was caught in the wrongdoing to the vet/IW. At least one got caught.
    BTW, injured or ill workers are followed on facebook too. THE INTERNET is a tracking mechanism as are phones& some TV’s are chipped digitally. That’s known already.
    I have to say, that it makes me really sad to know that 1984 by Orwell, is now active in the U.S.I read the book back in the 60’s & it sounded like sci/fi. Saw the movie too.I could’ve never believed it would all come true with injured or ill being tracked or targeted or profiled as criminals. NEVER!

    1. If you use a internet based phone system, Magic Jack or cable or FIOS or UVerse, that call STILL has to TRAVEL through the MAJOR phone companies fiber optic transport cables. It HAS to hit a switch in a central office. I worked for the original Ma Bell. Our central offices had all the other cable TV and smaller service providers fiber cables in them. If you use someone other than Verizon, AT&T or Sprint or another MAJOR provider….your calls are routed through their Central Offices, PERIOD. Smaller providers do not have the $$ to spend placing fiber nation or world wide, they lease “dark fiber” which is unused excess capacity from the MAJOR providers to get their calls from point A to point B. Even the MAJORS lease from the other MAJORS where they don’t have facilities in place. My advise….ditch your Magic Jack, ditch your cable or any other internet based phone. Keep your Cable or phone company internet and TV service but GET A HARD WIRED LANDLINE FOR YOUR IMPORTANT PHONE CALLS. I don’t care what others say. Monitoring a LANDLINE is hard to do. No if’s ands or buts about it. The Major’s are fighting to do away with landlines for cost savings but the FCC won’t let them. So use a LANDLINE.

  13. The same exact things things are done to civilians who file for disability claims.IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU HAVE AN ANALOG PHONE, BECAUSE EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SWITCHED TO DIGITAL.VIA THE INTERNET.
    Computers are hacked as well as phone tapping. Anyone who calls me gets on the list to be listened to. Occasionally when I’ve had it up to ‘HERE” WITH ALL OF THE PHONE TAPPING & COMPUTER HACKING, I write an email to myself cussing out the little slime balls or the or thugs and ream them or they may hear a few unsavory things come out of my mouth on the phone & then my call is lost. Must have been something I said, as I try to kid about this, sometimes. but it’s rather irritating to those who call me.
    Since I worked for kaiser which is a federal contractor since 1992, I’ve had to call the fbi several times. The last time, they pretty much told me they”re not going to do anything. Well with the FBI now deputizing corporations(contractors & military too) they took a drink of the koolaide to protect corporations rather than citizens. with profiling anyone who files for benefits as a criminal. One man has been followed & tapped by police & some in his church since he started traveling across the U.S.. HE’S been denied most of benefits by his employer and the SSA. He has actual proof that he and many other employees were exposed to silica. causing methsomelioma, like being exposed to asbestos and this is part of the problem, that injured employees face, when they can show employer malfeseance. One of his male relatives via the military in Fort BRAGG is helping this along. Injured workers are followed but some do take pictures & get license plate #’s. But the police don’t take our complaints seriously & none are filed. The police all the way to the top, to the FBI are doing this. I could go on & on about how injured workers are followed, tapped, computer & other digital hacking, but it boils down to whats happening to the loss of our rights. Even trying to get to legislators to file our CIVIL complaints or to file with the right corrective agencies have proved to be impossible, thus far. Once we as injured or ill file claims , we’re considered a criminal, it’s automatic in the insurance world, which includes ALL benefits for civilian or military,. , that anyone who files for any benefits is a fraud, malingerer. That’s sets the tone to profile us & then there’s the mental claims that assure no one is credible. So no matter who or where we go to..We’re criminals with a mental illness,.. to everyone we go to for help has the indoctrination of us being liars, mentally ill & frauds or threats to those who have the most to hide.
    For 23 years, this has happened to myself as well as my family, in some instances putting my daughter in real danger.. The insurance thugs like to wait until they’re old enough to drive & mess with their brakes. IT’s a common practice by any All I and many others wanted was to be provided with the promises of benefits owed to us under the federal & state laws. To try & be productive once again but instead treated like a criminal and a broke one at that.
    I apologize for taking up so much space but to let you all know that these are insurance illegal & criminal acts against the citizens of this country that are paid for by employers including the DOD.
    First we’re injured through no fault of our own(the employer has no problem setting us up to get harmed)., then we’re deemed a fraud for filing for those benefits & treated like a criminal forever. You as injured or ill, ask or accept one red cent & your a target forever..
    I say one thing, that if I’ve done something wrong, then 23 years is a long time to be proven guilty of something. RIGHT? Maybe it’s the data we have to prove all the wrong doings & there’s plenty of that.
    FBI Comey already stated on 60 minuted that activist’s are on their lists, well so are whistleblowers who blow the whistle on corporations that cannot provide a safe & healthy workplace for their own employees or a health & safe hospital or clinic for patients and put journalists on that list too.
    Times have really changed with all of the technology to follow, listen, stalk, steal & further harm..
    Our rights as citizens are lost. Especially when one cannot make a legit complaint about being phone tapped. or followed into the post office or the police or military following you around. AS injured or ill, it’s like being on a hit list, sorry to say.
    Are these the freedoms that you all fought for?

    1. Irene, everything you say is 100% true. Everyone is so busy with their apps, websurfing, and texting they have no idea what the government and giant corporations is doing to us all. The VA is the second larges government agency, second only to the Pentagon. I think it is ironic to have the huge veterans cemetery right next to the Pentagon. The defense contractors and every government agency in the country, and many private corporations are walking the halls of the Pentagon right now, where they are invited into meetings every day of the week, for the purpose of figuring out how to take every penny away from disabled vets they can, and in fact every disabled civilian they can, and give it to themselves.

  14. Ben
    Thank you for bringing this muck out in the open for other Veterans to contribute. This tapping of phone lines is old news to me. Every phone call I make has unusual delays by other party. Seems, they are getting advice by another party who is also on the line.
    Right now, my phone is CLONED. Phone company is complicit. Especially, my medical care by PRIVACY medical providers that would bear some effect on my disability claims with VA

  15. I’m terribly confused as to what angle you are coming from with this article BEN…? This is kinda random. Is uncle sugar surveilling VETS due to them suspecting that we are potential domestic terrorists? Are they seeking VA Comp. Fraud? Or are we VETS just subject to this because we are Americans; living East Germany Circa ’74’?

  16. Guys, I am 80% with 100% TDIU. I worked for Ma Bell for 15 years before they fired me (medically retired) over some PTSD issues and medication issues. We both agreed to that because if they would have straight up fired me, well….The ramifications for firing a documented disabled person would have been expensive for them. I worked on Cell tower equipment. The backbone that transported the calls from one place to another is what I installed and maintained. I also worked on hard wired T-1 up to OC-48 equipment over copper lines and fiber optic lines. This is important so I will type in all caps…THE ONLY WIRELESS PORTION OF YOUR WIRELESS PHONE CALL OCCURS BETWEEN YOUR PHONE AND THE NEAREST TOWER, ALL OTHER PORTIONS ARE CARRIED OVER COPPER OR FIBER OPTIC CABLES OUT TO THE OTHER PERSONS NEAREST TOWER TO THEIR WIRELESS PHONE. I know how the central (main) offices work. And I know how calls are routed from one place to another. Cell calls…..YES, intercepted easily, between phones and towers. Land lines…..VERY different story, even with a digital switch as opposed to an old analog switch. I have had the job, in 15 years, of installing a “wire tap” for law enforcement monitoring criminal activity. Both times it was serious shit. Ma Bell takes (or took) it serious as well. The law enforcement guy would show up with signed warrant and papers from Ma Bell in hand. The Central office boss, the cop and me were the only ones aware. The “tap” for a landline has to be physically attached in the central office or in what we call a cross box in the field and was provided by the cop, not Ma Bell. Central office was best place because not many people filtering through to ask “what the fuck is this thing?” Now…..I have no doubts that cell calls are monitored very easily. If you have a landline, relax, it is VERY difficult to tap it by ANY source other than a regular old phone man. I could clip on to any cable pair and listen unnoticed, if I wanted to, to any call with my “butt set” Thats the phone you see telephone men using in the field at cross boxes. We were forbidden from doing that and would be fired on the spot if caught. We’d use the “buttset” to troubleshoot and confirm numbers and 911 data during installation and repair and to call into dispatch if needed. That’s all. Placing a device in a crossbox would be spotted by another phone man within a day and ripped out PERIOD. And an unfamiliar “phone man” would also be spotted the same day and dealt with. SO, your landlines are safe, unless you have given serious reason to have it tapped. Like I said, tapping a landline is VERY hard and too many people have to be involved so, it’s only done when needed and Ma Bell has the warrant in hand. Now, if someone has installed something at your house, that’s a different story. You can open the box on your house (you are allowed to, ever since the AT&T monopoly was broken up in the mid 80’s) and give it a look see. If something looks out of place, call your phone Co. and report it and have a tech come out. Tell them “your box is open and you want a tech out to close it and make sure things are okay”. 99 out of 100 phone guys will tell you “hey, someone placed a recorder in your box” should they see one. TRUST me on that one. I’m sure that most are done that way, at the customer premise, easiest place to do it without a warrant. But as far as like you see on TV on shows like NCIS with them typing a few commands and accessing a LANDLINE, it doesn’t work that way. Cell phones are WAY different. It’s just a radio signal, a very fancy radio signal but a radio signal none the less. It must hop from node to node over copper or fiber and then meet at a central office where it is connected to a fiber optic transport over to where you are calling and then broken back out to a radio signal to rejoin a node and then to the closest tower. In it’s “radio” form, easily intercepted. In it’s transport mode (over fiber) not easily intercepted. Landlines are different. Now, with all that being said. If you are calling a cell number from a landline (or the other way around) all bets are off. Keep that in mind. Calling landline to landline is safe. If the government has some slick way to tap a fiber cable of a MAJOR phone company, without a phone company employee noticing their equipment, that would be hard. I knew what was supposed to be where and what was not. And even more disturbing is if Ma Bell has allowed ACCESS by the government of her switching equipment, well then that would be undetectable by phone men. And THAT is the troubling question…..Has Ma Bell done this?

  17. So I am not the only one !
    No surprise !
    Our government under Obama has no boundaries and definitely will not bother to follow our Constitution !!

  18. Here’s what I get (tapping, echo, dialing as if someone is dialing my phone in my ear, clicking noise, many dropped calls and disconnects).

    Just because my telephone was tapped in the past confirmed by the telephone company, when they had to disclose such. I know all the sounds and familiar clicks…..
    My thoughts are: spend the money on the widows of veterans whose husband’s fought and died for this country. Spent 30 years in service to this country, was in Vietnam, Korea, exposed to chemicals now deceased and their widows get nothing.

    Yes, widows now have nothing from their husbands, after being married for 40 and 50 plus years. Because husband died with claims pending. Claims that were said to be expedited, but never were.

    So take the money from the contractors and give it to widows who are trying to live off $1200 a month or less when their husbands fought and died with claims pending. Claims that just might show the service connected illness needed to provide benefits and money to these widows.

    Why tap veterans’ phonelines?
    I have also been followed and always tell my family what to do if I am found dead. I write about “everything” send copies to many different people and I have people who will ask questions if anything happens to me.

    This is not paranoid behavior, it is what happens when you question people who have been allowed to get away with abuse of authority and abuse of power.

    Sad but true. Because I know, this only confirms the truth.

    Thanks Ben.

    1. Ma’am no disrespect meant. How many times did you call your phone company to have a tech check for a phone tap? If more than once, that tech is timed and tracked for his work production. Repeated dispatches are given a bad daily production mark to the tech that came before (or checked in the central office before) and he has to answer for those. Nowadays, bad production numbers mean disciplinary actions by his company up to termination. A tech will tell you ANYTHING, to keep you from calling back within 30 days or in my old companies case 8 days. If you hear others talking or dialing and are using a landline, you have what’s called “crossed battery” on your line. Demand it be repaired, that is a legitimate issue and you are paying for a “clean” phone line. Hearing that does NOT mean you are tapped. Even if you are using a wireless phone and hear that, it happens. Equipment breaks down, has issues and sometimes is only discovered when reported. Report it, be specific, your location when it happened, the time it happened, where you were calling to and from and phone numbers involved. That helps TREMENDOUSLY in the wireless world. Landline is simple….Hearing dialing, talking in the background, crossed battery PERIOD. Somewhere along the line your line is barely touching another line. Easy to find but, unfortunately sometimes where it’s crossed is hard to access and some phone men are LAZY and will just let it go or put you on another bad cable pair, just not as bad as the one you were on before and eventually the same trouble will reappear. A good phone man (Like I used to be) would take the hard road and get to where it was broken and fix it. Be persistent. But remember, when pressed about a wiretap, a phone man will tell you ANYTHING just to appease you and then go back to his yard that afternoon and tell his coworkers “hey if you get a call to 123 whatever road, the lady thinks she’s tapped” and they WILL think you are crazy and avoid you at all costs so that THEY don’t get what is called a “repeat” (a redispatch within 8 or 30 days). I’m sad to tell you this but it will happen because phone men KNOW just how hard it is to tap a line.

  19. Ben thank you ,I could not have said it any better ,I have long thought this illeagal taping of all our communication ,not just our phones but even our computers , when the VA wants your E-mail adress for my Healty Vet .i have a brother -in Law that worked 20 years for one of the 3 letter agencies ,some of the technologies they posses should scare the hell out of us .,Even this new web site that they want 12 billion for probably have a reverse program that can look at everything and everyone you are friends with.I absolutely. Know the powers that be are definetly watching your site & I could care less because most of the time Vets just tell it like it really is .I have seen some that have made what might be thought of as possible threats those powers ,& I read somewhere that even threating these people can land you in federal prison.Ben Thank you so very much for all you do for us and this site I have met some great Veterans ,some that really need someone to correspond because depressed & it is our job to look out for our fellow veterans one & all .

  20. Care to expound a bit more on this Ben?
    I do not even have a so-called ‘Smart Phone’ as I have no real use for fabricated ‘social media’ and yes, I still have a landline phone in my humble apartment. Now, with absolutely NO EVIDENCE to support my thoughts in last few years but I have been in conversations with my own mother whom lives in a different State, and on MANY occasions, have heard what definitely sounded like someone using as Ben so rightly mentioned, as if an old cassette recorder or perhaps just crappy digital recorder and have had to ask my mother if she heard ‘that’, and she never hears it.

    My now-deceased since end of July of 2014, best friend, and fellow Veteran whom I unfortunately found his body in a ‘wellness check I made with his landlord after him not answering phone for two weeks and actually found his decomposing body’, actually we used to HEAR those sounds at same time, as if someone was messing about with very unprofessional means in “observing the conversation”, but we used to sort of laugh it off by speaking to the silent “entity that may be listening”, by stating to whomever may be listening, “These are NOT the Droids you are looking for. Nothing to see here, move on.” (a little flashback reference to original ‘Star Wars’ movie) Then we would joke about how we would eventually hear the last “muffled CLICK”, and each of those now gone friends as well as myself would hear this on both ends. Is it just a coincidence that each of these four now-deceased Veterans as well as myself, have been ONLY ones to hear this in background of conversations? Actually, we laughed at ourselves for perhaps being a bit ‘paranoid’, nothing else.

    Matter-in-fact, I have had FOUR Veteran best friends pass away over the last 6 years, so am not exactly a ‘social creature’ anyway with the health issues I live with combined with a healthy overdose of social anxiety/PTSD, my ‘social circle’ certainly has not grown because I am at home 99% of the time as I have exhausted my extended trust for fellow humans these days. I actually had just “sort of” attributed these strange clicks to “older phone lines”, but now makes me think a bit deeper about this.

    About 4 months before my VA Svc. Connected Disability Claim was approved and about a month before that final C&P Exam, I actually had to file a formal police report WITH a full description of vehicle, person, and license plate number because I was actually FOLLOWED by a very obvious man while traversing roads/streets on my way to shop at Target. Even in the Target store, this creep was so obvious that when I was at the checkout I asked cashier if I could talk to someone from their store security.
    Coincidentally, there happened to be a police cruiser parked in far end of Target parking lot so I drove over to him with my description and details and he suggested I call my district’s police to make a formal report and to relay I talked to him, and his info. The officer from my district came to my apartment and took report but NOTHING ever came from it and never had a follow-up call or anything about that event. Very strange seeing how I had definitive description and vehicle make/color, and exact license plate number. Not one peep or follow-up on it.

    Get this…within a few weeks of that freaky event I was given notice of my final C&P Exam and I kid you not when I say the person whom talked to me/asking questions at my VAMC looked very much like that same person more or less stalking me at the Target aforementioned. I of course never brought it up in that C&P, but thought to share my own “VA Twilight Zone experience” because I certainly did not “imagine it” but also never really talked about this until now…a form of therapy, if you will. It was almost as if they were trying to “poke the sick animal in cage with a sharp stick and see what happens”…I have not had paranoid nor delusional episode even once in my life. However, I am fairly certain that had the VA written all over it. It was also only two months at best after that event and my C&P that I received the tan envelope from VA with my 100% Svc. Connected P&T approved, doc’s, and the back pay check. Coincidence? I think not the more I have thought about it.

    I thought the same as Ben at that time in that I wished they would expend their resources on real criminals instead of my inconsequential life.
    So in closing this morning, I have no doubt that the VA listens to some phone conversations, and even more, as in my really clumsy/unprofessional stalker VA Psych. dude experience. Sorry so long, but thought to open up about some of my own experiences. My home landline is an incredibly unlisted and private number to the point where I do not show-up on anyone’s caller ID.

    Funny how the VA does not want we Veterans to be recording our medical visits at the VA but the VA wholeheartedly embrace tapping into our own phones, even following a Veteran as what happened to me…my own personal “X-File”. Now to this day, I simply never answer the phone if I do not recognize the # on caller ID.

    Ben, care to expound upon these strange occurrences? Surely there’s much more to your experiences or you would not have made this a topic at all. Hang-in there and do let them intimidate you. Keep your tenacity and sanity.

    1. You found your friend dead in his home, decomposing, through a Wellness Check.
      I was told by some day, some Veterans ( usually activists-type, are targeted for death, by government contractors, usually have beards. This is nothing to scoff at but search Organized Gangstalking, Targeted Individuals.

    2. ditto!

      i’ve had VA types recon me and a few xVA org employee’s recon me. took me awhile to realize it and then it was all so obvious.

      the phone thing, i hear the same things others have mentioned. have no idea who/what is doing it but it certainly happens.

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