Obama Veterans Policy

Were Veterans Better Off Under Obama Administration?

With the President soon to leave the White House, it seems prudent to ask whether veterans benefited under the Obama Administration.

If “yes”, how much? If “not”, why not?

Four years ago, at the Democratic Platform Committee, I delivered the above address.

I really wanted to help veterans and hoped President Obama and the White House were listening. My message was to push more grassroots level activism with local emphasis.

At the time, I believed President Obama would resolve the disability backlog, fix deficiencies in suicide policies and PTSD treatments, all while preventing employee accountability scandals like the wait time fraud that started at Phoenix VA.

A Little Backstory

While in law school, I worked with Veterans For Common Sense. The nonprofit’s focus was to improve VA processing of health care and benefits adjudications for veterans suffering from PTSD leading to suicide.

We stumped on Capitol Hill, and thanks to my bud Patrick Bellon, I had a chance to address Obama’s DNC about how to help veterans.

Since that time, I developed the most popular veteran-centric reform focused news source online. I also exposed the biggest disability compensation scandal (TBI scandal) this century.

Now, after four years since my DNC presentation, and before Trump takes office, it seemed prudent to take come time to reflect on what happened and to see how things worked out.

Obama Administration On Veterans

Did veterans see an increase or decrease in help from VA during the course of President Obama’s presidency? Did he follow through with his promises to help us?

Oops! We could not locate your form.

In case you are wondering, here are the particulars about my presentation about veterans to the DNC. Do you think Obama or DNC was listening?

My DNC Platform Committee Presentation




Former Governor Ted Strickland, Ohio


Fmr. U.S. Rep. Tony Coelho, Washington, DC

Tino Cuellar, California

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts

DNC Secretary Alice Germond, West Virginia, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member

Donna Harris-Aikens, Virginia, NEA Policy Advisor

Colin Kahl, Washington, DC, Policy Advisor

Nancy Keenan, Virginia, President, NARAL

Heather Kendall Miller, Alaska

Thea Lee, Washington, DC, AFL-CIO Policy Director

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, California

Susan Ness, Maryland

Mayor Michael Nutter, Pennsylvania, City of Philadelphia

Carlos Odic, Florida, Youth Representative

Governor Deval Patrick, Massachusetts, 2008 Platform Committee Chair, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member

Fmr. U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, Florida

Tom Wheeler, Washington, DC, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Member

Christen Young, Illinois, Policy Advisor



July 28, 2012
Veterans For Common Sense
by Benjamin Krause

Thank you for inviting Veterans For Common Sense to speak about veterans and the veteran vote.

Veterans win when politicians understand the promise of a square deal has become a mere premise of one. What used to work doesn’t anymore, and soldiers are getting ambushed after discharge by a VA benefits system posing as allies.

It is as if we are asking, “Will you pretend with us that we will keep our promise to you?”

President Obama and Secretary Shinseki have begun the essential work of rebooting the VA system. Veterans are grateful for it and have asked me to ask you to continue the effort and to develop new thinking to solve the persistent problems of:

  1. Veteran suicide
  2. Veteran unemployment and homelessness
  3. Veteran college dropout rates
  4. Poor and demoralizing delivery of veteran benefits
  5. Under-utilization of veteran training and expertise in the American workplace

Every unemployed, homeless, or underserved veteran is a lost opportunity and a lost investment for this country.

American taxpayers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars per veteran to train them in the most advanced technologies the world has ever seen, yet we relinquish that investment by letting them join the ranks of the jobless, the homeless, and the underserved.

By failing to solve these five lingering problems, it is as if we are asking, “May we use you, then drop you?”

It does not make economic sense. It does not make moral sense. It does not make future sense. It is a societal sin.

Americans admire their veterans. They greet uniformed soldiers in public places and thank them for their service. They put videos of their homecomings on YouTube and the national news. They want to believe veterans will receive what they need to live a bright after-service life. They are shocked, and feel helpless, when they find out the truth.

Every day, in VA offices around the country, veterans are denied benefits due them. Their disability claims get buried for years in the backlog of 900,000 claims. Veterans commit suicide while waiting for VA healthcare. Stigmas from the Vietnam era still keep new vets from jobs.

President Obama and Secretary Shinseki are among the political leaders who are out to change what’s true for veterans today. They have invested billions in upgrades to technology and policies. Still, recent choices are being made about sequestration that will threaten the progress that has been made.

This situation is complex, and fresh thinking is needed. New solutions about the Department of Veteran Affairs will be required to win the veteran’s vote in the upcoming election. Veterans and their families make up more than 25% of total voters. They will not tolerate further failure to deliver on the promise to fix the VA system.

Veterans want:

  1. New solutions that fit today’s realities.
  2. New leaders within the bureaucracy of the VA who will implement the existing and future policy changes.
  3. Improvements in how they receive and complete their educations. 88% of veterans drop out of college after the first year. Only 3% graduate.
  4. A grassroots voice in fixing the VA.
  5. Opportunities for veteran-owned businesses to compete for VA contracts. Veterans want you to know that nearly 10% of businesses are owned by veterans, generate over $1 trillion, and employ almost 6 million Americans.

We have an army of veteran-owned businesses ready to fix the VA and create jobs for vets. But, nearly 2/3 of the recent 7,200 veteran- owned businesses applying are being denied Veteran Owned Business status with the VA. This was caused by attempted fixes President Obama implemented in 2010.

Veterans win when politicians understand the real needs of all veterans, both those needing help and those delivering it as leaders of society.

One Minnesota veteran spent four years working on multi-million dollar avionics systems. After service, he had a decision to make: go to work or go to school. He chose school. This choice launched him into a draining battle for benefits. While the VA tried to stop him, he worked hard in college, received an Economics degree from Northwestern University, and will soon receive a law degree from the University of Minnesota. After ten years and an advanced legal education, this veteran finally won his disability benefits. I am that Minnesota Veteran.

  • How many veterans never have that chance?
  • How many veterans die before they get their benefits?
  • How many veterans simply give up?

I can tell you how many because I talk to thousands of them regularly on my blogs, vet guides, and presentations.

We, at Veterans For Common Sense, devote ourselves to helping other veterans secure their benefits and rights.

The struggle is real, the repair is colossal, and the solutions are possible. Every day I receive emails from veterans who have been denied benefits and were able to use my experience, and the experiences of others, to battle their way to what is theirs. A grass roots solution is the only way to fix the VA.

Veterans For Common Sense will not give up the fight until every veteran receives their square deal, that is, the care and opportunities they were promised.

Our nation, and our veterans, will thrive when we:

  1. Leverage the skills veterans have learned in the military to help solve what ails all Americans: a withering economy, chronic drug problems, urban blight, and social ills.
  2. Welcome veterans into our businesses, schools and organizations as the highly trained leaders they are.
  3. Train colleges and universities to acquire and retain veterans as students.
  4. Shift our country’s view of veterans to that of a resource rather than a problem.
  5. Create a VA that stops the blocks and walks the talk.

Veterans win when politicians understand it is time to make the premise the promise once again — when we ask the question, “May we help you?” and mean it.

We, at Veterans For Common Sense, are ready to be a part of the new solutions.

Thank you.

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  1. To All, I believe we all know, its the message, not the messenger. It it applies, use it. If it doesn’t, lose it. Lem, I thoroughly enjoy the humor that pops up from heavy rhetoric. I answered no. After reading Ben, I became aghast at the VA. My VSO had become more than useless. Am I worried about Trump? Here’s where I need Dennis and his poop launcher. These are uncharted waters……I’m positive we will know soon. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I also enjoy humor as long it is not at the expense of a fellow veteran from someone using bullying and name calling techniques. If you have something to say laughable about the subject or how it has been administered have a go at it. Just don’t use partisan bullying and name calling techniques ridiculing another veteran’s post. And leave the partisan crap that has nothing to do with anything but trolling a political agenda out of it.

    2. I also found the VSOs were more than useless. They sabotaged my claims. They didn’t follow 38 CFR nor did they provide me with the related information.

      What is laughable but not funny is the way the adjudicators quote but misuse 38 CFR. We really need to read the sections they quote in a decision or SOF. They are often misapplied.

  2. My appeal was resolved in 2016 BVA, which was sooner than I anticipated. Although it was remanded for tbi and ptsd glad of that. 18 months ago I was excepted into the HUD Vash program so grateful for the stability forget my son and I who is my carer. He graduates with BSW this spring and is applying for the one year masters program. I am grateful.

    1. Congrats Eileen. The BVA just sent me a letter that they are putting me up on the docket because of my age. But it took 6 months to do that which means there is a 6 month backlog in requests to advance on the docket because of age or health.

  3. @namnibor, what kind of art do you do? I oil paint, acrylics, and watercolors. I haven’t done much lately have ra in hands my hands do not work as good. Doctor keeps pushing me to keep working them so they don’t get locked up. Hurts like hell.

    1. @Ex va , @Namnibor – Do you specialize in painting portraits from pictures? I’d like to know for future reference.

    2. No, mainly Abstract Expressionism and the occasional sunset or Winterscape. Oils, watercolor, and mixed-media, but I have only focused on my music stuff last 7 years and just about to start setting-up a small work area to stretch watercolor paper. There’s something particularly relaxing about watercolors over others for me. Could be the lack of chemical smell and the inherent fluidity of watercolors…it’s a Zen-like state that the visual arts and audio arts give me that do way more than any pharmaceutical from Big Pharma.
      So, no portraits from me as that’s not my forte. It’s basically Art for Art’s sake on my part, but I have in the past had many shared group shows and solo coffee shop showings of my artwork and I indeed sold everything I decided to frame and hang…but I really do not have the energy to do such things these days and reason it’s simply art for art’s sake for me, as it also is with my musical endeavors…it’s for my health and anything extra is just that.

  4. Obama has granted commutations to 1,385 federal inmates as president, more than the total number given by the past 12 presidents combined.

    Isn’t that around the same number of VA employees McDonald told Congress he had fired?

    Coincidence or full circle?

    1. That is a lot of commutations. But I think most of them were sentences that were to harsh to begin with.

      Wonder when he is signing Hillary’s & Bill’s pardon, or at least admit that he has already done it.

      1. I really like this headline I just found.

        “Silence From Networks as Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down”

        Guess the fake news orgs don’t want to cover any real news.

    2. @namnibor, coincidence… i mean full circle. LOL!! That is a strange event. That many pardons, seems like you would get writers cramps.

      1. By now, Obama must have an App that he just taps on the prison mugshots and drag & drop the commutation onto the Dept. of Corrections.

        Obama is also releasing yet more Gitmo terrorists. Just wait, he’s bound to have a whammy last act….wait for it…

        Imagine if he had put as much energy into draining the VA swamp? All this last minute legacy crap just goes to show Obama could care less about the VA and Veterans.

      2. He commutes the sentence for Manning, the source for wikileaks, yet we are supposed to be outraged over Russian hacking.
        He pardoned that FLN terrorist that even Clinton wouldn’t pardon. He was responsible for 130 domestic terror bombings in the US. That’s like pardoning Santiago in 20 years, even though he now claims he shot up that airport for ISIS.
        Pardoning Manning happened simply because he changed his name in my opinion.

        Snowden should do the same.

      3. Yes, make it easier and user friendly. I wonder what the app is called? Catch and release? I saw a few federal employees cummute down sentences. Unreal, these people are guilty. They don’t want to put much energy into prosecuting crime in federal agencies. Va is definitely the worse at crime. Did you they are number 1 in workplace violence. They beat department of corrections.

      4. If you are a Veteran, just try suing the VA, but USA Tax Payers just paid-out a huge lawsuit helped along by non other than Obama:

        The Secret Service agreed Tuesday to pay $24 million to settle a two-decade-old case in which more than 100 black agents have alleged that the agency fostered a racist culture and routinely promoted white agents over more qualified African Americans, according to documents filed in court and interviews with representatives of both sides.

        As part of the deal, which is the result of a last-minute push in the waning days of the Obama administration, the agency admits to no wrongdoing or institutional bias.

        But the payments to the agents — including lump sums as high as $300,000 each to the original eight plaintiffs — are intended to remedy the sting of the discrimination the agents claim they suffered and the job opportunities they lost, according to interviews with representatives from both sides.

      5. So white veterans are the only ones entitled to fairness? I don’t get the drift or relation of this post to the subject. namnibor

      6. No, mainly Abstract Expressionism and the occasional sunset or Winterscape. Oils, watercolor, and mixed-media, but I have only focused on my music stuff last 7 years and just about to start setting-up a small work area to stretch watercolor paper. There’s something particularly relaxing about watercolors over others for me. Could be the lack of chemical smell and the inherent fluidity of watercolors…it’s a Zen-like state that the visual arts and audio arts give me that do way more than any pharmaceutical from Big Pharma.
        So, no portraits from me as that’s not my forte. It’s basically Art for Art’s sake on my part, but I have in the past had many shared group shows and solo coffee shop showings of my artwork and I indeed sold everything I decided to frame and hang…but I really do not have the energy to do such things these days and reason it’s simply art for art’s sake for me, as it also is with my musical endeavors…it’s for my health and anything extra is just that.

      7. Isn’t the definition of “trolling” picking fights and posting off topic on personal views and things that bolster personal views.

        So by my responding to your pot calling the kettle black I admit to trolling against trolling. I hate having to read junk off topic and reading name calling, bullying etc when trying to follow a subject of non partisan public interest or public need.

      8. @Lem- I am officially done with your incessant desire to be a HUGE dick. Go police the internet elsewhere entitled snowflake.

      9. trolling trolls is more fun. Plus the fight keeps you occupied so you are not trolling somewhere else benefiting public needed communication.

      10. @Lem- You just gave away you are an extreme control freak. I do not trust you one bit. Smelled troll a while back and it has become incessantly so that you think you have to play internet policeman…and by your statement you just made above, you self-actualized that you are indeed an agitation-geared TROLL.
        Simply ignoring you and any post by you in future as if you did not exist…do the same with mine as I will continue to be…myself. I dare say you missed your calling to be a VA Patient Advocate…swamp gas all the same.
        Just read by my posts, ignore me…and stop being a butthurt snowflake. I am not going anywhere nor changing my personality to appease your politically correct abscess that has deteriorated this once great Nation.

        TWO MORE DAYS….

      11. Trolling is trolling. I rose to your bait and now you to mine. I don’t trust you because of your trolling and I don’t expect you to trust an independent. Just want to keep you here so your trolling isn’t disrupting some needed communication. Don’t expect you to change your rigid diatribe, namnibor

  5. Hey Elf,

    Project Veritas just released a second hidden camera video on the planned protest in Washington. Dumb ass snowflakes.

    “Part II: NEW Investigation Uncovers Plot to Chain the Trains & Shut Down DC During Inauguration”


  6. I forgot. Here’s a video from;
    “The Connors Report” (TCR)
    “ATTENTION PROTESTERS – Surprise You Have Just Walked Into The Trump Trap”
    Jan. 17, 2017 (5:31 minutes long)

    If your unaware, thousands of bikers are descending upon Washington DC.
    Their plans are to “Build a Wall of Steel and Rubber” between the protesters and Trump. Like the “Patriot Guard” does against protesters at military funerals.

    1. Hey Elf,

      Did you happen to catch this press conference. It is one I would also like to share with the snowflakes.


      1. Post card from Chiraq. Obama’s hometown he sure looked out for people there while he was in office.


  7. Earlier I posted a video saying President Elect Trump was expanding the White House Press Corp. to include “Bloggers & Alt (Right) Media”!
    Tonight I’ve seen another video from “The Next News Network” where Gary Franci stated the station “…is being ‘credentialled’ for the White House!”
    I believe we’re in for some truth by reporters. Also, “The Next News Network” just became the top news organization. They have surpassed all of the main stream medias in reporting facts.
    Good news all around.
    Now, if only Ben could be allowed to go to the press conference……..

  8. Lets get down to genetics here about President Obama. Genetically speaking, there are two components; genotype expressions and phenotype expressions. Genotype expressions deal with the genetic code that is expressed to make up different genes in the DNA. The phenotype deals with the outward expression of what that particular gene expresses; such as skin, hair, and eye color, body shape, 5 or 6 toes, or other outward body features. Genotype = genes, Phenotype = what the genes physically express.

    Now getting back to President Obama. He is black and white. Although his genes expressed the phenotypical skin color of black. In reality, President Obama is a much white as he is black. A sort of half breed. So Obama is the first 1/2 black, 1/2 white President. He is not the first 100% black President, only in appearance. Scientifically speaking, I didn’t mean to burst your bubble. But its the truth.

    I mean no disrespect when I state this. But it is the truth. With that said, I’m going to feed my service dog some thin crust pizza with extra EVOO. Then I’m going to hopefully vape myself to sleep. Seedless Hawaiian kind. Na, only joking. May be not.

    Some of the above information is not for entertainment purposes, and some of the information is for entertainment purposes. What for it . . . , here it comes.

    1. @ANutterVet,
      Did you know Obama, as was Hillary, a Saul Alinski protege? Did you know his education, from his youngest age until college, was a ‘extreme-liberal left wing’ indoctrination? Did you know he lived in countries that practiced the Islamic faith? Did you know his attendance, in Chicago, at an (alleged) Christian Church was in fact “anti America”?
      There’s much more that can be found on his background. All one has to do is look.
      He did not show me anything. When he ran in 2008 or 2012!
      When I see videos of him and his wife, I want to speak up. Especially when they have brought America to its knees in just eight (long ass) years.

      1. @Crazy elf – Obama, the great orator. How many Americans are susceptible at being mesmerized by such bullshit. Another Bill Clinton but in different skin. Dumbing down American to its knees. But hey, we need them to make our lives. We can’t do things on our own, and think as well. Didn’t you know that Crazy elf. They want us at their beckon call. I’m frigging pissed. I’m so mad I’m going to go to the store and buy an Oprah Magazine. The hell with these people. I’ll have a love is love liberal to teach me to become a mogul billionaire. It WORKS!!!!! Weight Watchers pitch by Ophery. Sorry for the rant.

        The above statement is for entertainment purposes only. But if you use any techniques and become accepted by the super rich, you are obligated to find a Veteran family and make them debt free, buy them a new vehicle that suit their needs, and purchase them the best healthcare services for them and their family for the rest of their lives. You are obligated to uplift Veterans and bless them to the max. That is the least you can do.

  9. To all posters. Please reread your posts and decide if you would rather pick a fight by offering divisive comments and calling others trolls, espousing political views or fix the VA now that there is a possibility to see some progress because of the focus on the VA by the President Elect 3 days from being President.

    Look at facts without changing them to suit a political view and it will be possible. Continue to politicize it and it will be a failure. Go independent for a while and see what it feels like to say that is right or that is wrong no matter which political party is for it.

    Shulkin was the replacement for the Undersecretary for Health after the Phoenix and Cheyenne VA bonus fraud crisis. I am suspicious but I won’t count him out. Trump sees something in him over Miller or he wouldn’t have made that choice. Trust the guy you voted for or the guy that first appointed him to a position in the VA. Either way you are a winner if he is as good as the President Elect thinks he is and a loser if he isn’t.

    1. Lem you are a snowflake,

      Miller would not take the job.

      You want all of us to change to meet your standards. Not going to happen.

      Good Bye Lem

      1. Stubbornness requires the donkey to have a kick in the ass and sometimes a blanket party for the idiot human.

  10. Obama bashing is fun. I get it. HOWEVER, when you made that presentation we did not know that one of the political parties was preparing to cross the line to TREASON, and that their obstructionism of EVERYTHING that the LAWFULLY ELECTED PRESIDENT did wasn’t merely overt racism, but that their leadership was prepared to DESTROY America if they themselves could not be the overlords of their serfs.
    17 of our Intelligence agencies along with that President brought the Russian infiltration of our election system to these same leaders WHO ACTIVELY COVER IT UP.
    The reason Obama was able to do NOTHING for most of us was simply that these gerrymandered and voter suppressed into lifetime office bastards had decided they would rather give our country to RUSSIA than allow a Black Man to be the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT granted the Rights and Privileges as such. And now they HAVE given us to Russia rather than have to give up their STOLEN Power to a WOMAN.

    1. Snowflakes having a meltdown…it would almost be sad if it were not so fun to watch their snow globes burst.

      Gurgle? (wasn’t “Klapper” the name of guy who invented the toilet or was it Crapper?) 🙂

    2. @J.Klapper, the question was “Were Veterans better off under the Obama administration”. It had nothing to do with bashing anyone…Executive branch is one third of power of our government. There is a lot of blame to go around such as Congress and the Judicial Branch that failed when in a class action lawsuit they said they lacked jurisdiction to tell another agency what to do. They reformed I.R.S. and other agencies when they were getting out of control abusing people. This is similiar to what is going on in the va system now. There needs to be reform.

    3. J. Snowflake Klapper,

      Are you talking about the same Obama that has been quietly help build up the Forth Reich over in Europe with American tax dollars?

      The same Obama that had 17 political appointees from intelligence agency sign on to that BS about Russian hacking so no one would look at the crimes that have been committed by Hillary & Bill?


      “E.U. Plans Big Increase in Military Spending”, By James Kanter Nov. 30, 2016


      BRUSSELS — European Union officials announced plans for a big increase in military spending on Wednesday, pledging to take greater responsibility for their security at a time when the United States appears to be taking a step back in its role in the world.

      The bloc’s top officials proposed spending 5.5 billion euros, or $5.8 billion, a year to help governments acquire hardware, including helicopters and drones, and to develop military technology.

      Wary of concerns about consolidation of power in Brussels as member governments are under pressure from populist forces, officials stressed that the plan was in no way a step toward creating a European Union army.


      The European Union Military Committee (EUMC)

      The European Union Military Committee (EUMC) is the highest military body set up within the Council (COUNCIL DECISION of 22 January 2001) setting up the Military Committee of the European Union.


      The European Union and the United States Sign Military Logistical Assistance Agreement
      Thursday, December 8th, 2016

      The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini and the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry signed an EU-U.S. Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) today.



      Military of the European Union

      Six EU states host nuclear weapons: France and the United Kingdom each have their own nuclear programmes, while Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands host US nuclear weapons as part of NATO’s nuclear sharing policy. Combined, the EU possesses 525 warheads, and hosts between 90 and 130 US warheads. The EU has the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, after the United States and Russia.


      Also that same Obama that had his secretary of State sign an agreement setting up the Fourth Reich on December 8th, 2016?

      Go melt somewhere else snowflake.

      1. I guess Klapper is disappointed that Hillary wasn’t able to sign control of our country over to the Fourth Reich of Germany.

        Although between golf games Obama certainly was trying.

      2. Can’t resist demeaning others can you Seymore. It is in your DNA. You want a fight I’ll give to you over demeaning any veteran. They did just as much as you did or probably more.

    4. Really? Check out the news. Obama just wrote another check using the taxpayers checkbook giving another $500 million to some unaccountable Green Climate fund for climate adaptation for developing countries…whatever happy horseshit that is.
      I’m sure lots of leftist agitators will line up to get their hands on that…which is the second $500M he’s taken and pissed away on that fund.

      He could have done something to help vets but chose not to.

      Rather than come on here smearing everyone who might disagree with your savior, Preezy Peace Prize, you need to read up a little on how many Executive Orders and other unconstitutional acts he took during his two terms because he didn’t have the skills to get his “policies” the right way.

      1. No doubt going strait to a bank account in Saipan. Where former Secretary of Veterans Affairs General Eric Shinseki is a member of the board. Also lets not forget that loophole where not only is money laundering still legal in Saipan but also slavery is still legal. And the money will still be on American Soil.

      2. Never been to Saipan have you Seymore. Spent my honeymoon there and made several trips during my 10 years on Guam. Why lie about stuff like this?

  11. Well, if we go to D.C. Or Florida, we will need t-shirts made up, baseball caps and banners. Get out old uniform jackets wash and press. I am really hoping for the bloggers to get access to the new PE. That would be great. So sick of the fakers, i would like to see real changes. I hope to be able to send my documentation of the workings inside of va outpatient specialized clinics into hands that would be willing to investigate and prosecute some criminals. So sick of the standard b.s. If any of that could change for the better, it would be beneficial to many who use the system. It is a long shot i know.

    I would love to see bus loads of Veterans united in issues and willing to stand and be heard.

    1. @Ex va – I hear ya Brother. Talking about the bullshit hoops that the VA puts Veterans through, it’s hard enough that a Veteran deals with debilitating pain, family members are under pressure because they want their love ones to get better, but the VA wants to add to the Veterans stress which has been scientifically proven to increase or attenuate pain. Wow, such compassion. Oh, excuse me I’m sorry for using my brain to that produces thoughts against the workings of the VA. Please forgive me. I don’t want to my medical jacket to be marked, tagged, and flagged as a Veteran with realistic thought patterns.

      And, since I first realized that I was going through these strange and detrimental thought patterns, I called Mental Health over a month ago. I’m still waiting for the MH Social Worker to call me back. I also called the crisis line and they put me on hold. Then I kicked it up a notch and called my Congressmen’s office. They connected to a live person located in India. I couldn’t understand a dam thing the call taker was saying. When I mentioned curry, all he said was yes.

      And those mistakes on my medical records and DD-214, that’s all my fault as well. I should have told them what to put in my medical records and discharge paper. I should have known what a Military Separation Code is and what each code means.

      I know, it all my fault. Being patient is a virtue when dealing with the backward behavior of the VA. Snowflake cubed to the power of infinity.

      1. @ANutterVet, i believe they want Veterans to be discouraged seeking treatment. They cause undue stress. I have seen it too many times. The anxiety and stress, moving the clinics all over because the conversion of special funded monies into the same dysfunctional system. A new PTSD clinic remodeled, less than a year moved to a different location off station.

        The suicide prevention team is a failure. You cannot treat Veterans in crisis on an outpatient basis. If they attempted suicide, they send them home. If the Veteran was a civilian they would put them in a crisis center in (Illinois). Because he is a Veteran they send them to the va and then they talk to them and send them home with scripts.

        None of it is your fault concerning the lack of care you have been receiving. You are the unfortunate example what i know a lot suffer in the system. Is there anyway you could get on an insurance plan?

        I am on Medicare now because of being disabled. It has helped me with all my medical bills. I couldn’t handle going to the va medical center it was an all day event. Just horrible to get any help. My body couldn’t handle standing and waiting. Its hard to admit you need help i know.

  12. @Crazy elf – I’m sure that the Federal Government Agencies are completely aware of Ben. Not only because he testified especially for the DNC, but these people scour the online news media resources to hunt down those who don’t agree with their modalities pertaining to Veteran healthcare and other issues that makes them look bad. As far as I’m concerned, Bed should get an official request from PE Trump. I do believe that Ben is probably the leading Veteran Advocate, Veteran, and Attorney that is online. Its pretty obvious. I agree @Crazy elf, “Send Ben.”

    For a little humor or may be reality; We need to pitch in and purchase bumper stickers and buttons that say, “Send Ben, so Veterans can Win.”

  13. Hey, Seymore,
    Is there any way you can get this to Ben?
    I received it from;
    “MLordandGod.com” about an hour ago.
    “Huge: Trump To Include Bloggers & Alt Media in Press Briefs – Moves Press Room Out of WH”

    Posted 17 Jan 2017. (5:37 minutes long)

    If he can’t make it, maybe he can send someone. Would be interesting if someone could ask Trump questions about the VA, then report on it back to Ben.
    What do you think?

    1. Also Elf,

      You asked “What do you think?”

      Personally I feel that for far to long these supposed reporters that are stationed at the White House have been nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Government. With their daily press briefings and all of them only reporting what is sanctioned by the White House. All the news agencies reporting the same exact thing like it has been written by the Government.

      There is no actual reporting going on. When they show the press briefings it seems very clear that the reporters chosen are only asking preapproved questions during the briefings.

      When a real reporter ask a real question that is the end of their job at the White house.

      For Example “‘Not going to put RT on same level with rest of you’: John Kirby loses temper during briefing”


      1. I think this is great. REAL reporting from the frontlines of USA and straight from Veterans, NOT just the VA’s Public Affairs and Rosemary Williams and Snowflake friends.
        Excellent timing with Benjamin working on his podcast and such and feeling like we are causing some momentum in awareness of how dire things are at the VA.

        Those in the WH Press Room looked like children that just had their lollypops yanked out of their hands from the evil dentist. LOL!

      2. @Seymore Klearly – The left downplays RT as a legitimate news source because they are afraid of the amount of Americans watching their programming. And, the left has less influence on controlling the news content on RT. Remember when Obama stated at a news conference to encourage Americans not watch RT? News flash; there are many Americans that watch RT. Why? ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and others have loss credibility and accountability [there’s that word accountability again; connected to who?- the VA], due to what?- Fake News!

      3. That’s exactly why the media are steaming mad about any changes to the WH press briefing.

        Its not so much control over what gets reported, but control over how something might be reported, if at all.

        Expanding how many appear in the briefing room threatens their power, and makes it much harder for them to spin what might be said.

        The press is all for freedom of the press when certain people are only reporting certain things.

        Trump calling out CNN got many of them wetting their panties. What they didn’t count on was audio showing what a rude, sniveling little punk Acosta was acting.

  14. And, for an extra fee you can purchase the Troll Plus XL-950. I posted a link for your review: “https://www.isciencetimes.com/articles/5786/20130802/largest-caliber-rifle-ssk-950-jdj-rounds.htm”

  15. Troll Traps! Get your troll traps here: Simple instructions for trapping a troll in its tracks is acquiring a few bear traps and then take any USA paper currency and rub the bills onto the shiny metal surface, being sure to cover all with the sweet smell of USA $$$. Set and forget. Sham Wow Troll Traps!

    If you call now to finally resolve that pesky troll problem, yes that’s right, we will send you a second Troll Trap, just pay additional processing and postage.

    The first 500 callers will get for no extra charge, the name “Nathaniel” engraved on your troll trap. Call now, do not wait! Sham Wow Troll Traps!!

    1. @Namnibor , @Seymore Klearly , @Crazy elf – You folks crack me up. A little humor is better than VA meds.

      1. Oh my, I don’t want to start a tiff. @91Veteran and @Ex va your appreciated as well. Just razzing you. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings because they will turn me into the Democratic Discriminating and Disruptive Behavioral Police.

      2. ANutterVet, I don’t get excited if I am left off.
        You all would have to put up with me anyway.


      3. To add some extra *punch* to your Troll Trap, simply place a Hillary image, any image of her in the very center of the Troll Trap or even a discarded Hillary email, and it’s like catnip to a buttburt snowflake. 🙂

    2. @namnibor, i need to buy! Buy! Buy!! Need the troll trap. You could be talking to one and you may not even know it! You know something isn’t quite right and then bam! Some trolls are obvious, others are just confusing! It makes me think its a kid sometimes, other times they act like a va employee wanting to continue to try to abuse a Veteran during work hours. Some are just laughable, but can be a little irritating.

    3. You are a lot of help towards gaining a united front on getting the VA reformed with posts like this one namnibor.

      1. @Lem- You know, it’s good to just *lighten-up* from time to time. Humor adds a bit to camaraderie when so many of us are shy of being burnt-out from false hopes…so Lem, try to laugh at yourself, at life…those endorphins do wonders and are just as powerful as a Xanax Blow Dart at times.

        Try it…just lighten-up a bit.

      2. Calling others names is not laughable to the recipient. Only for the laugher who is trying to demean someone. Good, show some humor, but not schoolyard bully humor.

        How did you like my humor? we instead call each other by our mean divisive tags as in extreme right for extreme left and vise versa? If we are going to be divisive then let us ratchet it up. Snowflake? Is it really funny? to who?

      3. Lem, be careful now, you may find yourself caught in a troll trap. I’m smelling cabbage from your drive melt-off from your snowflake. Lighten-up and get over your self-righteousness, it’s becoming nauseating.

      4. Yes, naminbor I am nauseated by the divisiveness of some of the posts. Politicizing the cause of veterans. Bullying some veterans off the board. You’ll never see the change you want divided so let us get it together and quit nauseating the board with divisive comments.

  16. @Nathaniel, I truly am sorry that you have become so angry, and apparently limited with what to do with your life. @Ben, what you have done with your life is remarkable. @Dennis, hearing you giving up on Trump, I’m hoping is a bit premature. I said I’m hoping. Been going back in history lately. Can’t seem to find a good time for Veterans. Sure, a parade here and there, but, never has there been a Ben K. Advocate for Veterans. Ben, you’re one of a kind. Thank you.

  17. The majority has spoken [you liberals don’t get this confused with the past Presidential Election, the poll is not based on the Electoral College], Obama’s policies did not make Veterans to be better off. 8 out of 10 Veterans say so according to the poll. The last I heard, 80% is greater portion than 20%.

  18. Ben, on your initial question of whether veterans benefited under Obama’s policies, I can only say yes, if those veterans were funeral directors.

    I’m curious what VA those 24% who said yes go to, what they go there for, and for how long they have been going.

    On your 5 problems that are listed, can you Ben honestly say that any of those problems were fixed? Became less of a problem under Obama? Or were given anything other than lip service?

    Like in many parts of society and in many government agencies, I believe many things got much worse under Obama simply because there was an attitude of being owed something for nothing, an attitude in people who believed a half-assed job not even completed was acceptable, if they even bothered to attempt doing the job.

    It seriously was a selfish free-for-all with no accountability for 8 years.

    I am so thankful that era is coming to an end.

    1. Pretty sure that most of the 24 votes came from the snowflake, or snowflakes that just started hitting the comment section. Likely it was just one using different names.

      Shortly before about 3:10 there were only 4 yes votes then the snowflake storm and now it is reading the 24 votes that is like 20 yes votes in 20 minutes.

      1. Do you have to demean your fellow veterans by calling them “snowflakes”. How about you call us bleeding heart liberals and we call you greedy conservatives? Can we ratchet it up a bit more for the sake of disunity and then we can certainly play into the hands of the 1% for a little longer. Continued division helps us get nowhere for veterans.

      2. Lem

        When some one comes to troll just because their candidate lost an election.

        Not to add to a conversation but just to insult and troll. I think snowflake is a nice name rather than some others I can think of.

        Given it appears that none of them are actually Veterans.

      3. My candidate won! And I see a lot more promise than I saw in the Clinton years for veterans. And veterans are my sole call to arms. I don’t like the divisive way you are posting. “Snowflakes”, funny to whom? And your now posted remark assuming I am not an independent who voted for Trump. You are too quick to judge. Get the name calling out of it and let us unify veterans for veteran causes. To hell with the politics of it. Look for what is right and accent it. What is wrong and condemn it. If you are good at humor in doing it use it. But not divisively.

      4. Lem,

        I am not going to change for you. When 3 post from a troll, or trolls, appear out of no where to talk trash the president elect. With multiple similarities in their posts. Not talking about what benefits came under Obama. Only how bad Trump is. With one small exception on the statement on women.

        It is clear it is one person trolling using multiple names or several trolling together. I personally take it as an insult that they come here and try it.

        Right now Lem you are really looking more and more like your here to only troll. I am done with you Lem.

        Oh and Lem Hillary didn’t win.

      5. Save your powder. Don’t go off on everyone to pick a fight. Trump doesn’t have everything right and neither did Obama. The ACA was a sell out to the Insurance companies. The sooner we get the money changers out of the mix the better. And I see the signal in Shukin’s nomination that we may go in that direction. But HMO style of “socialized medicine” or the VA’s care under some directors isn’t the answer either.

        That doesn’t means something can’t be worked out that will get costs down and bring us up from 37th place in the world to back in the top 3.

        God, even Cuba has better health care than the U S with a socialized system. But the care givers care. They haven’t been counselled since the eight grade to go into medicine for the money and then got angry at the world because they don’t have the con attitude that can get Beverly Hills Patients to make them millionaires.

  19. I love watching snowflakes melt.

    It reminds me of springtime when every thing is all fresh and new.

  20. Despite all the promises Trump made during his campaign, I think he doesn’t want to use political capital to secure the funding and resources needed to improve the VA, as evidenced by his pick for the VA Sec which will be status quo. I voted yes because under the Obama administration there were dramatic improvements to women’s care, both in terms of treatment and a dedicated women’s facility. Everyone keeps slamming the Obama administration, but at least the DNC listened to Ben. Maybe I’m missing something, but has the RNC or anyone from that party reached out to listen to vets – other than sending reality star Omarosa to meet with vets? Seriously, what an insult.

    1. Hi Snowflake,

      Hillary lost Ha Ha.

      Oh and the sled Hammer is about to come down. Truly going to enjoy watching.

    2. I don’t like Trumps selection for SecVA either since he was present in an upper management position during several scandals under Obama’s term. My only option now is to hold Trump to his promises at reforming the VA.

      As for female veterans, it stands to reason it improved regardless of whether Obama cared or not, simply because there are so many more female veterans now.

      The VA could not continue ignoring you as they had.

  21. @Nathaniel, what is your problem? You only have two options in life? You sure limit yourself. You are such a walking contradiction, you do not sound creditable. You lack education and sophistication. You need to finish eighth grade, go back to school and maybe some kind of charm school too. Attacking someone who knows what they are talking about does not make you knowledgeable.

  22. I can see it now when Trump gets sworn in that nothing is going to get changed at the VA. Trump has been waffling on every one of his campaign promises including the promises he’s made to us veterans. Nobody wanted the damn VA Sec. job except Shulkin, a non veteran. What does that tell us?! It says we’re going to have to put up with the same old crap and a person sitting up at the top who could care less about being empathetic towards veterans. WE’RE SCREWED!

    1. You look like you are melting around the edges.

      Hillary lost snowflake

      I am truly looking forward to seeing her arrested.

  23. [Comment deleted by admin for profanity-laden defamatory statements, which are violations of terms of use policy]

    1. nathaniel or do you prefer Snowflake?

      Hillary lost and there is nothing you can do about it.

      The Forth Reich isn’t going to happen period.

    2. @Nathaniel – You ignoramus! Go to grammar school. Your so intelligent you can’t find the cap key on your dam keyboard. Write your posts in lower case. I could only imagine what your social media posts look like. You most likely work for the VA or someone who is dearly close to you. Get your head out of your ass, before you met a Veteran who will shove it even further. Watch your step, you never know who you’re talking too. Vert.

    3. @Nathaniel – You stated in your post, “VETERANS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE TREATED LIKE SHIT . . .”

      You little fucker. Unless you change you dam sticking thinking, you better hope you don’t cross my path. Your labeled as a threat to Veterans lives. This gives Veterans with PTSD a high priority right to protect themselves from you, even before you act. I recently purchased this, go ahead check it out snowflake.

      “Say hello to my little friend,” “https://www.isciencetimes.com/articles/5786/20130802/largest-caliber-rifle-ssk-950-jdj-rounds.htm”

      1. @Nathaniel – I forgot to mention that my posts are for entertainment purposes only. Even though, it’s best not to don’t knock on my door. And, this is not a threat, it’s a Code Zebra warning.

  24. Thank you, Ben, for continuing the VCS legacy of bringing VA accountability. Missing the energy of Gordon Paul Erspamer, whose father died of VA radiation and succumbed himself to brain cancer in 2014, we all must keep up our efforts: great, as yours are, and small – like remembering Gordy.

    Keep educating all of us! For example, it was not the Obama administration that brought suicide prevention to the fore – it was the VCS arguments made by our esteemed veterans’ lawyers. No one else keeps edifying everyone as directly and informatively as you do!

  25. @Benjamin Krause, JD – I watched your testimony. Thank you for all that you do for Veterans. I noticed that there weren’t a lot of people sitting behind you when you gave the presentation. Living body count should have been higher. Goes to show you how the Veteran issue is not a top priority with the American public. So much for us putting our lives on the line for their dam freedom.

    1. ANutterVet,

      At the time he was speaking at a meeting of the DNC platform committee which was not open to the public.

      It was great to see that he was given a chance to speak before the committee and he did do an excellent job.

      1. @Seymore Klearly – Per your statement, “It was great to see that he was given a chance to speak before the committee and he did do an excellent job.” I’m very thankful as well, and I know that Ben is hyper-committed and does a hell of a job.

        My issue is that the meeting was not open to the public. Therefore, a tactic of suppressing the VA’s problems. Typical political mumbo jumbo. These people are cunning and slick. I trust my service dog more than them. He surely has my six.

        I’m not trying to be sarcastic. It plays on your mind after hearing story after story how our Brothers and Sisters are being screwed over by the people that are supposed to protect us during our time of need. Brother, I know that you know what I’m saying.

    2. Thanks guys. Seymore is correct. It was not an open to the public kind of event. I cannot remember if members of the general public were even allowed in.

      I was there at invitation with VCS and another guy was there with IAVA. Otherwise, the other presenters were not veteran-centric for the most part.

  26. @Namnibor – I read your post from late last night. For your inflammation the compound found in pineapple is called papain. Papain is in the meat tenderizer called Accent. This enzyme can be expensive to purchase, so try Googling this phrase, “bulk powdered papain small batches or small minimum order.”

    I did directed research on this compound when obtaining my biology degree. During my research, I actually cultivated daughter cells from a piece of papaya [mother cells] in a petri dish. I was also able to isolate the papain crystal and magnified it 350,000x’s. A very symmetrical structure. Good luck on finding bulk powder. Hope my info helps.

  27. I voted NO, because nothing was done to help veterans. Gave VA employees the right to punish veterans at will, continue to deny claims. Hide records Ect. Let VA employees to blow off the VA committee and not answer or plead the 5th.

    I wrote Obama about the illegal Disruptive committee and received a letter thanking me for my service and then asked for donation ! I use that letter to clean my medicine, each time I do I think of him and how I felt he or his staff cared more about the Donation, than veterans concerns.

    The Paper works real well, thanks Obama.

    1. Hey Jim G. I was once in a military vehicle accident. I was taken to a civilian ER, and transported by ambulance to a US Army hospital. I was treated by a doctor telling me that the loss of feeling in my legs would return when the swelling in my spine went down. No X-rays were taken during the initial days in the hospital. It was determined that i would need an undetermined amount of time to recover. I was put on a US Air force Nightingale Flight back home on a stretcher to another US Army hospital. When my family came to visit i was in a wheel chair. It was later determined that it was doubtful that the resulting fractured spine happened in this accident. I knew better and lived with it.

      1. Many of us are in the same boat and documented that many Soldiers that were exposed to a blast or any head trauma, were sent right back to work. In my case I did not remember being taken to any treatment center.

        Took me 40 years to find out that I had a TBI and that I was taken to a German hospital and then to a Military hospital.

        Right after being shot the Army transferred me to Munich and gave me an apartment, with a bed, sheets and blanket. I was by myself and their were 5 other’s that worked at a tank farm. We would not see each other very often. Each had to spend 24 hours a week just to answer a phone.

        Separate rations and I did not get paid for over 2 months, told paperwork mess up. I had to go to the American Red cross, to get some money to eat. I also had to knock on doors, of other service members from different companies. I had to get food, so if they would let me in, I would wait for them to leave the room and I took some food. When your Hungry you will do anything.

        in 1972 terrorist’s attacked the Olympic games. They bugged us out and sent me to another facility with 4 other guys. I was never offered any follow up of any kind.

        Me, not knowing I had a TBI. So after years of thinking about what happened, I could only come up with one conclusion, The Army was sending me to these small facilities TO HIDE ME. I guess they were afraid I would say something to someone about me being shot and they did not want that to get out.

        They transferred me to Fort Carson about 6 months before I was discharged and was having a really hard time and did not want to do anything, go to work. I requested to see someone because I felt something was wrong. The psychologist, placed into my records, Child like behavior and diagnosis was Neurosis ?

        The VA told me they did not even know what Neurosis diagnosis was. Legal Definition is for Neurosis is another word for PTSD !

        The VA hid my Military records for 40 years, lying stating they were destroyed in the Saint Louis fire in May 1973, When I was discharged in October 1973. I was demoted from Spec 4, to PFC because of my actions or the Militaries inaction.

        Finding out 40 years later that the VA had lied, about my Military records. Since they hid my records, which I assume is against the Law and Failure to Assist, which is Law, they broke it too.

        When I went to the VA about my headaches, they did some scans and the record states that the scans showed abnormalities and stated this veteran needs to have follow up scans. This was not told to me and six years later I requested a copy of my VA records and that’s when I seen it and brought it up to a doctor at another facility and scans were done every 6 months and now yearly.

        These scans prove that I have a TBI, But as we can see from all the reports the VA on purpose denied hundreds of veterans claims and I bet a majority of claims the Rater fail to assist, by not obtaining the VA medical records or did so knowing they were doing the wrong thing and did not care period.

        I have requested for help through a veterans Attorney, No reply to my request as of yet.

  28. While Obama was in office I have seen some of the greatest positive changes at the VA. But and that is a big But, the positive changes were all a result of sunlight being shined on the problems at the VA. Not due to any of Obama’s policy changes, that have increased the level of corruption and reduced accountability at all levels of the VA to practically nothing.

    Personally I credit some very Great and Honorable Men for the historic changes at the VA. Their use of multimedia as a tool to force change is epic and has certainly become a game changer for Veterans.

    Ben Krause is at the top of that list closely followed by Ron Nesler, AJ Lagoe and Luke Rosiak. Additionally a number of commenters here on this Blog are also right up there. Crazy Elf, Namnibor, 91Veteran, Red Turtle, Jo3n and a host of newer commenters and some that have not commented recently.

    To let every one know who is watching our comments and the impact they have had in the past. Several time late night I sent Ben Material relating to his Blog post which he added as an update to that post. Shortly after the updates Ben sent me emails that he had been contacted by the people related to the additional material.

    One of those people was McDonald himself and the other a Rep from a very corrupt VA contractor with connections to organized crime. What we say here is having an impact. To everyone keep up the great work.


    1. Thanks Seymore, I’ll try to keep finding as many articles as I can. The more people are informed, the better our fight will continue…….

      Hey, have you seen these new articles out today?

      From; “The Horn News”
      “Hillary MELTDOWN Spins Out-of-Control”
      17 Jan. 2017
      It’s about the Global Initiative of the Foundation. Seems like she’s going to be laying off more people before the 15th.
      Plus, the Foundation isn’t receiving hardly any monies. Sure sounds like they’re “pay to play” scam is about to go under. The count now is almost up to 90+ employees.
      I wonder *IF* any of them will be pissed off enough to ‘turn states evidence’ against Hillary, Bill, Chelsie and her husband, for the “Pay to Play” bull crap the Clinton’s said never happened? Would be interesting, don’t you think?!?!?


      From: “The Next News Network”
      “This Man Just Leaked Plans to Kill Trump’s Inauguration”

      17 Jan. 2017. (4:35 minutes long)

      ‘Project Veritas’ has infiltrated the butthurt liberal crybaby punk-assed Protesters lair.
      What they’re doing *IS* a violation of federal law. Punishable up to 10 years in prison! Remember the punishment for “yelling “-FIRE-” in a movie theater”? This, in essence, is the same.
      There’s a ‘link’ at the bottom of the video to see what they’re planning.


      1. P.S.
        I received this from:
        “MLordandGod” about ten minutes ago.
        “RED ALERT: “Strange Weapons Caches” found in D.C. Days Before Inauguration”
        Posted on Jan. 16, 2017
        (4:28 minutes long)
        It could be from the Armory theft a few months ago. Not that much info coming out. I guess *they* don’t want to frighten the citizens who are there and not protesting President Elect Trump and Vice-President Elect Pence!

      2. Great articles Elf,

        I am hearing that the Clintons are in for some real life drama very quickly. Sleg Hammer Down Time!!

        Also Elf

        Here is a link to the Project Veritas release. They have only released part one so far.

        “Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration”

        Also several Vids from Project VERITAS’s hidden camera undercover investigation at the VA.

        Vid #1
        “Hidden Camera: VA Director says VA Turning Veterans into Drug Addicts”

        Vid #2
        “VA Still “Dysfunctional” with “Unaccountability at Every Level” Say Insiders Caught on Hidden Cam”

        This one includes Brigadier General Allison Hickey shortly before retired.

        I had posted links to these late last night early mourning and this is what Ex va and ANutterVet had to say after seeing them:

        “Ex va January 17, 2017 at 1:47 am

        @Seymore Klearly, they talk and say those things and admit as being like an everyday normal business routine. Where is the humanity? Or their morality of ethics as health care providers. If they are admitting it is wrong why do they do it? They are soulless and empty. I would say good videos, but it makes me furious. Their behavior is criminal and negligent. The system is so sick.”

        “ANutterVet January 17, 2017 at 2:52 am

        @Seymore klearly , @Ex va – I saved these videos. They should be charged, convicted, and locked up.”

      3. Elf,

        More on the Guns found January 4th.

        “Gun found in violin case near Canal Road in Northwest Washington”

        Also as the Main stream media continues with their fake news about the protests remember it is fake news.

        While there will be small gatherings of snowflakes here and there. It will only turn out like one of Hillary’s appearances where they have to use all kinds of tricks to try and make it look like people even showed up.

        The protests hype is nothing but fake news.

        As for the Democrats that are skipping the event. They are just a bunch of posers that are about to lose there golden goose.

    2. I agree i know Veterans whose status improved with finally receiving their earned benefits during the time frame of Obama’s administration. I have also know Veterans hurt during this administration.

      I just did not see corruption addressed by prosecuting authorities when i contacted officials, they did little to nothing. A Veteran writes complaints, letters, phone calls, e-mails to these people in positions of authority, you get nothing. They go hide in holes and wait till it blows over. How can it? They allow this corruption to continue. Sick. The average Veteran would not allow his brother or sister to be treated this way.

      I do see a little change and in history if it teaches us anything, nothing stays the same forever. In life it is full of changes. It could get worse, i don’t believe so, i think they are getting exposed on some of their crimes and some have had to pay a price. It is not enough yet. Too much crime out there that has not been addressed.

      1. Lets see if anyone will use the Holman RULE or blow it off. Can we hold our elected officials accountable if the evidence proves wrongdoing and they do nothing about it. I have been told by a senators office, that they can not do anything to VA employees or make the VA to change anything.

    3. Yes, Seymore, for most the big “but” outweighs the positive by a large amount. And yes, nothing was done from the Revolutionary War to 2008 on subtle residuals of TBI. And I’m assuming Benjamin at least had something to do with shining the light on the problem. My 6 years of failure in DC weigh heavily on me. It means a lot of veterans lost hope and committed suicide between 1988 writing letters to the Central Office when I started and then court filings in1993 (look up Bray v Brown at 9th and a copy at the CAVA under Bray v Derwinski). The media as the Donald says wouldn’t print because their advertisers negated the light and put it in a dark hole.

    4. I’ve seen the changes as well.

      I’ve commented about providers listed at VA hospital web sites, and it’s all changed now. If you go to a VA web site now and look under their list of providers, they have similar information now, but the VA steers you towards some docinfo dot org site that looks like some 12 year old blogger put together.

      The VA listing for many has not been updated since 2014 according to screenshots I took back then.

      What is telling is that the docinfo dot org site touts itself as a place to look up Physician licenses, and if they have ever been disciplined.

      There are 3 that have settled malpractice claims proven by other state licensing databases, one in 2006, one settled 2 claims in 2002 and 2006, and the third settled a malpractice claim in 2015.

      Neither of the 3 show any actions against them at the docinfo dot org site.

      I looked up a 4th for the hell of it, and although he settled 2 malpractice claims in Utah, the docinfo dot org site shows no actions against him.

      The docinfo dot org site is put together by a non-profit in Texas called the Federation of State Medical Boards, claiming to represent 70 different medical boards in the US.

      They have listed on their site prominently, “FSMB and state medical boards working together to protect the public through licensure and regulation.”

      The 4 I checked above all work for the VA in Grand Junction. Given the number working here who have settled malpractice claims, it seems the VA here is a dumping ground for them.

      Their Wikipedia entry is interesting reading, if for no other reason than to see how the VA violates veterans 10th Amendment rights by claiming federal immunity.

      Seymore, you are excellent at digging up information. It would be interesting to find out who is behind the FSMB.

  29. Great video Ben. Thank You for standing up for us.
    Since this was done before Democrats, I noticed only one had a question for you. That, in itself, is very telling. They don’t want to discuss the details, problems or misuse of taxpayers monies. All they care about is, in my opinion, how they will get their hands on more taxpayers $$$$$$$$!!!
    They, mostly Democrats, only care about their “legacy”! As is seen, most recently, by Obama’s actions in front of Congress AND the United Nations!
    His, and others in Congress, on both sides of the Aisle, have caused great hardship for Americans. Especially for veterans.
    These past 8 years have been a “cluster fuck”. The ACA, (Affordable Care Act), is being dismantled as we on here post comments. It’s about time for our elected and appointed officials to do their damn jobs. Case in point, Obama didn’t read it. Then, he decided he didn’t like some of what was in it, so he broke the law, and added or deleted, sections. Rep. Trey Gowdy and Rep. Chaffetz were VERY specific over this issue.

    As far as the VA, (VBA and VHA), it needs a complete restructuring from top to bottom. It’s about time to see mismanagement go the way of the
    ‘do-do bird’!

    It’s also time to see quality Physicians and other healthcare professionals hired. Not these ones from “Third World Countries”!
    I believe it was ‘Seymore’ who put a ‘link’ on here, not to long ago, explaining this issue. Where (alleged) healthcare professionals, being hired by VHA, were using “fake documents” from other countries. Just so they could come here and “practice medicine”!
    This is, in itself, a violation of law!

    Now, onto the “veterans suicide rate”. It is still an out of control abhorrent systemic problem within the VA. They have not, and in my opinion, WILL NOT address this issue. Hell, they haven’t even tried to fix it!
    Veterans Homelessness is still, and only, a “hot topic” among veterans. Why hasn’t/didn’t Obama, Shinseki or now McDipshit fixed it? Why? Because they were too busy playing golf. Or some such ridiculous EXCUSE!

    Like some of the commenters said in yesterday’s blog. Maybe it IS time to “March on Washington or Mar-A-Lago” come spring time!!!!!!!

  30. I voted yes with a lot of reservations. It has gotten significantly better for me because of the TBI change. Benjamin, if you wrote the article that finally brought attention in 2008 (Bush Administration) on TBIs my sincere thanks. I spent a lot of time in DC and was placated with a meeting in the Central Office with a Dr. Lehmann. The result was a study of cerebral malaria that ended up being a sales pitch for Tegretol — no compensation for the veterans — possibly some treatment that helped minimally. While relieving some symptoms wasn’t able to address the accelerated burn out that an injured brain experiences. TBIs waited another 10 years to have their condition addressed. BY THE WAY I NEVER HAD MALARIA. I just see in them the same symptoms as I had with my TBI. And my TBI world is the one improvement that made me vote yes on your survey.

    The 1998 Hearing by the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee turned everything negative. That is the point al things took a negative turn for veterans especially those in danger of suicide from PTSD and organic brain syndromes. Dr. Boos’s testimony was the most damaging. It is in the foot notes of one of the articles I sent you, Benjamin.

    1. @Lem- I hope you realize the *only reason* the TBI issue was addressed in last year or so is *only* because the VA got caught *red-handed* using UNQUALIFIED M.D.’s, and often not even an M.D. at all. Obama had *nothing at ALL* to be thanked for in this. Had it not been caught be Benjamin and Veterans, Obama and McDonald would have carried-on stupidly as if all is continually getting better at the VA, as they still believe this false dialogue THEY have created.
      You do NOT have Obama to *thank* at ALL. If you truly believe that, you may want to review recent history on this blog in last year and half.
      Also, it seems you are only happy if YOU get what you want, never mind all the other Veterans getting screwed. Entitlement has quite the blinders these days. Damn!

      1. During the Obama Administration, I received an additional 40% compensation bringing me from 50% to 70% and 100% UE pending before the BVA. I received the correct treatment for temporal lobe seizures by a Neurologist after having been seen only by a Nurse Practitioner during the Bush Administration, misdiagnosed “sharp wave” with a previous “spiking wave” during the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton Administrations. A noticeable improvement in the Cheyenne VA that I use and admission to the Choice program. So for me, personally, the Obama Administration has been an improvement as well as most of the Veterans using Cheyenne VA. Yes, there are more PAs and NPs seeing patients, even in civilian practice. I was denied an appointment with a Neurosurgeon on a referral by the Hot Springs VA to the Scottsbluff Western Regional Medical Center in 2013 by a NP who rewrote the Colorado teaching radiologist’s MRI findings on her view of my MRI. She was subsequently fired on my notification to the Regional Medical Center that she had done this after having to forward my complaint to the Credentialing entities in Nebraska and Colorado. I was seen by a private practice neurosurgeon subsequently and the Fort Mead Black Hills, SD facility who got my diagnosis wrong also. Finally, after having an attempted change from antidepressants to seizure/depression medication (Lamotrigine) by a Denver VA private contractor and developing Steven’s Johnson’s syndrome the neurologist at Cheyenne changed my medication to the seizure medication Keppra.

        As a consequence I’m much better mentally through the day but over a long hall (working on my VA BVA adjudication) I’ve found that I still burn out starting after 3 months of 8 hour days and collapsing within 8 months. So that part hasn’t changed. But at least I can get through the day without an enervation.

        So you see, from my stand point the VA has improved during the Obama Administration.

      2. And I believe the Benjamin Krause TBI effort was started in 2007-8 during the Bush administration. I worked on the same thing without Ben’s resources from 1995 to 2001 when the Bush Administration forced me out of DC.

        Thanks Benjamin, for finally getting TBIs on the front burner. But it had to be continued from the Bush Administration to what it is now in the Obama Administration. And that is not to say it is complete. Much still needs to be done and addressed as far as subtle organic brain syndromes.

      3. @Lem-
        #1- I never have liked nor drank anything carbonated, not even beer.
        #2- Has absolutely nothing in my case to do with CO2. My particular complex health issues and the complex, very expensive three drug cocktails I need to take daily to remain on planet earth, are causing such side-effects and disease itself is one of the many varied symptoms patients such as I experience.
        #3- Had I continued to utilize the VA I would in-fact have been dead about 7 years ago because the VA would not recognize the very well-respected ID Dr.’s phenotype/genotype showing my exact mutation strain and resistance to two entire classes of meds…the VA wanted instead ignore that renown research Dr.’s packet and wanted to place me on drugs from mid-90’s that were actually killing people faster than the disease itself…still on the VA’s freaking Drug Formulary. At that time there was only -1- brand new three drug cocktail that was proven effective on my particular strain but since it was not on the VA’s Formulary then and the VA HACK I saw did not want to be bothered to do paperwork and get approval, (that drug is now on the VA’s Formulary but rather see a real Haitian Witch Dr. and not a VA one)

        #4- I was one of the very unlucky recipients of infections from untested/tainted blood products…in-service and it came to finally bite me about 10 years ago and I have been through highway to hell and back and then some and I have learned that I know more about my illnesses and treatment than my PCP, but I have full faith in my Medicare paid for non-VA Infectious Disease Dr.
        #5- The VA in their unsanitary ways also gave me 3 different incredibly chronic cases of MRSA and also C-DIFF.
        #6- Three of my Veteran best friends were killed by VA’s direct negligence in just the last 7 years and two others by suicide.
        #7- So you can see where from my point of view, under Obama’s and McDonald’s VA, how they failed me and all in my periphery and even if things were rosy for ME *personally* and I could use the VA without fear, I still would not cease advocating for my brothers and sisters-in-arms and their survivors, and Veteran Suicide and Homelessness is actually made a thing of the VA’s dirty past…I will not cease.
        #8- My Gastro Spec. has tested me already for CO2 several times when also testing me for various other things…my CO2 is fine. No smoking and no bubbles.
        #9- Nice to know all is peachy for you and your healthcare at the VA. That’s an exception to the norm.

      4. And your drug cocktails that keep you alive damage your liver and cause the interference with the pulmonary system in eliminating CO2. Anyway it is a choice of length of life or leg cramps. Look up your meds side effects. And I’m not talking about “02” levels but CO2 levels. Your finger test is showing the proper galvanic skin response. I get it. And your doctors know better than I. they see all of your lab studies and do the best they can for you.

        You were affected by the 1998 House VA Committee Hearing. Sorry, the Clinton era VA stacked the cards against you following the precedence set in the Reagan Era to reduce entitlements. and you are probably right. They’d rather you die and quit being a drag on the entitlements. From Reagan, every administration right through the present and mostly in the House Ways and Means to get their campaign funds from lobbyists.

        MLS from Gulf War?

      5. I am one of those. Private sector doctors that are qualified, and liscenced to diagnose and treat TBI’s, diagnosed me with the same, the V.A.’s own TBI examiner agreed. Then I get a call for a C+P exam for depression related to my service connected TBI, from a shrink. Next thing I get a letter service connection for TBI denied. Reason for denial: Personality disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and no proof of LOC? I was flown to the hospital or where ever it was they flew me to, and I don’t remember a fucking thing. I remember a flash, and then being in hospital…….I think. The denial letter says I was taken to the hospital to remove a 2inch piece of metal from my eye? Really? How many people have been flown in by helicopter for medical care to have a fucking sliver removed from an eye? Plus, all the reasons they used to deny my TBI claim are actual symtoms of a TBI……………explain that fucking detail you unqualified piece of shit phyc.

      6. You are going to need scat scans, MRI’s, with and with out contrast. You need to keep a log of how many head aces your having each week month. Any symptoms need to be reported to you care giver. Ask to be seen by a Neurologist.

        Yes, the VA is still at it. I was shot in the head and even after their own doctor confirmed this, they refuse to change their records showing I was shot, Military records prove it, but no they said I was hit in the head with a tear gas canister.

        MRI’S, Cat scans with and with out contrast prove I had an old TBI, even their own Neurologists stated I have a TBI and they still Denied it.

        So the VA has someone RUBBER stamping these claims. I can see Management advising employees, OK you have to deny so many claims, in order to qualify for your yearly Bonus. Employee, BUT some of these guys have all the needed proof to approve their claim.

        Management, DO You want the Bonus or not.

        I am waiting for Trump to take office and send in my claim again, with a copy going to Trump and to my Congressman, with a cover letter, asking have yours “not punished me enough”.

        40 years

      7. Sorry for the way that looks………..I didn’t mean to say I was a qualified doctor. I meant I was one of those denied a service connedted TBI, by V.A doctors that are unqualified to make such a decision.

      8. My TBI was denied and the VA did not look at my VA medical records, if they would have they would have found what I found. VA Neurologist’s, reviewed my MRI’S, CAT Scans and stated in the records, the Tests show and old TBI.

        Veteran was shot in the head, VARO BVA ! Yet they denied it ! That to me is Failure to assist. it’s been 45 years and the VA is still not treating me or will not even admit I have a TBI.

        They are not doing their job for veterans. They could care less if I get migraines’ often. When I wear my Army Cap, I can only wear it for a short time and my head starts hurting. VA so what, don’t wear one.

      9. When did you first apply? Did you use a VSO as an agent? Were you offered an appeal and did you appeal? There are time elements as in SOL (“shit out of luck” or statue of limitations) There are circumstances you can reopen a claim such as 38 CFR 3.105 or 3.154 that do not have an SOL. Sounds like you might have a 3.105 Claim under 4.42 because of the incompleteness of your first VA examination. An open issue is whether a veteran should be held accountable for not opening an “injury claim” on discharge for a TBI. Wish we could get Benjamin to litigate the issue in a class action because often brain injuries cause a false sense of wellness. Problems are obvious to others but denied by the injured brain because of a “reality check” deficiency caused by injury to the left frontal lobe or the right mid parietal lobe of the brain.

        If you like you can email me at “[email protected]” (take out the quotes) and I’ll take a look. If I think its worth my attorney’s time I’ll send a referral to her.

      10. No vso. I had an attorney and found out after he won my case for ptsd You that I had a TBI. So I’m not after money ? I’m a100 now. But that’s besides the point. If I have a Traumatic brain injury But. It should read as service connected and the VA offer what ever treatment they can.

        Do u think this would change things with that lawyer. I am wanting to hire someone to file a Clear and unmistakable error.

        The lawyer did not ask for all my back pay from when I first applied. In fact the VBA laughed out loud and. Stating ya you would have gotten you disability back pay. BUT u let it lapse.

        Denial letter after denial letter all the way up to when I hired the attorney. They lied about My military record’s being distroyed in a fire. When the fire was before I was discharged.

        To me that’s a Clear and unmistakable error !

        Do you still think he might help. With this TBI. The VA would eat me alive. In other words.I know I can’t do this alone.

        They walked all over me since 1972. My brain races and I’m easly distracted and forget a lot of things.

      11. I don’t know, James. My attorney tells me CUE is very difficult. There is also an avenue of “a still active claim that is still open”. Lots of problems that have been instigated by adjudicators and VA claims intake personnel that say “you have to file a new claim”. And my question is about “how can a damaged brain be held to the account of normal follow through especially with misleading statements from VA personnel?”

        Send me your email address and I’ll send a referral to her. Can’t guarantee she’ll respond or find she can be helpful. remove the quotation marks. “[email protected]” Have to use them or the reply won’t post.

        Anyone else that wants a referral send me a brief like James’s and I’ll send a referral along. I don’t want to break our privacy arrangement by posting her email address. I’ll forward your email and leave it up to her and her case load whether to contact you or not.

      12. Same here 40+ years, I do indeed have the MRI’s and Ct, both showing TBI. You think they care? No, Military records spotted with headaches, and ringing in the ears. Explosion was documented. They claim the ringing in the ears, and headaches were most likely due to ear infections, althogh no medical report ever showing ear infections ever exsited. Then they state no proof of LOC? That is not a requirementy of TBI. Then they stated drug and alcohol abuse. Entry into the military blood and urine samples, no sighn of either. 40+ years of blood and urine samples from the V.A. also no proof of either. Now waiting on VBA. Submitted an FOIA in June to the V.A. exactly as Ben sugested. Received a letter of acknowledment just yesterday that they received it? WTF? And can you guess witch V.A. did the C+P? Yet that’s right, no other than Edward Hines………………….Go………………F&&&&&in………..Figure!!!!!!

      13. I’m not a qualified doctor. I was a hospital corpsman for 13 years and spent approximately 3 years studying at the NIH Library in DC trying to understand my own TBI. Why I was in denial of deficiencies others claimed I had?

        Accidentally I picked up a May 1995 Discover Magazine in a dentists office in 1996. It has an article on Anosognosia – the extreme delusions. Mine are as if imbibing on a few drinks as in buzzed driving but not yet recognizing I’m drunk. Not falling down drunk or severely staggering drunk. More as if a functional but not fully functional alcoholic while being a non drinker

        If your employment history shows problems this may apply to you..

        Shreeve, James; (May 1995) THE BRAIN THAT MISPLACED ITS
        BODY; “Discover Magazine;

        AFFAIRS; July 16, 1998;

        The 1998 House VA Hearing that remains a problem for many: 11. JOHN BOOSS, MD; DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS NATIONAL
        AFFAIRS; July 16, 1998;

      14. Let me also say, about my qualifications, that I entered the Navy on a nuclear power program enlistment with a 98 AFQT, a 63 GCT and 67 ARI. I was tested as having a 146 IQ in the 9th grade which is consistent with the above. Following the 9th grade testing I was kicked in the head by a horse and was unconscious for 4 hours in a delayed unconsciousness prior to entering the service.

        In 1969, while in the Navy and on authorized liberty I had an MVA with a delayed unconsciousness of 56 hours that began my problems.

        In 1985 a C&P psychiatric examiner noted some subtle reflex and nerve sensation aberrations. He ordered Neurobehavioral testing which showed my verbal IQ had dropped to 126 and my visual spatial to 98. The test shoed that “denial doesn’t serve this man and at best causes him considerable psychic energy. (previously diagnosed as PTSD)

        That is the reason that I question anyone having intractable PTSD symptoms about possible organic residuals. Organic residuals are the reason for intractability of PTSD. Others who experience the same thing get over it because they have fully functioning brains and that is the reason the VA tries to deny a continuing claim for PTSD.

        Even if you have a post service residual organic brain problem, including alcoholism or drug abuse residuals, that doesn’t hold against the “aggravated by service” intractable PTSD but you need a reason for intractable PTSD. And consider the organic residuals may be claimed as secondary to PTSD self medicating or injury.

    2. @Lem– Here, it took only a few seconds performing a search on this blog to show whom you have to be thankful for the TBI scandal:

      Dated March 4, 2016: VA Ignored ‘Important’ TBI Exam Policy

      Dated August 19, 2016: Veteran Sues VA Over Faulty TBI Disability Diagnosis


      That should be enough breadcrumbs to lead you to whom you should be truly thankful for…

      1. And I also have a pending tort suit about TBI temporal lobe seizures not being diagnosed and treated and compensated between 1974 and 2015. What does that have to do with anything other than showing the suit would not be possible if it weren’t for a correct diagnosis in 2015 during the Obama Administration.

        As I said that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do at the VA. Just some progress has been made in the last couple of years on the medical side, just not enough in the intractable situation.

      2. Nam, Lem just cannot see that perhaps those thousands of veterans given TBI exams by unqualified hacks might not have happened so far into OBAMAS SECOND TERM, if Obama actually demanded accountability from the VA much earlier…like maybe in his FIRST TERM.

        Instead, he chose to ignore the VA. I firmly believe Obama believed we veterans deserved to live with whatever medical fate we suffered simply because we served in the evil military.

        That was shown by his proposal early in his FIRST TERM that would have required we pay for our own medical care for service connected injuries.

        That attitude from Obama bled down through the ranks, right on down to the street thugs who recently beat the hell out of a soldier in NY for simply wearing his uniform.

      3. You can blame me for that.

        It was a recommendation in the Accountable Care Organization presented to David Cutler, Obama’s original point man on Universal Health Care. We were all ready short of physicians without adding to the demand. I recommended first seeing military style. See the doc first and let him take care of what he can before you see the Doctor.

        That isn’t what happened. Instead your right to see a Doctor on demand was taken away. PAs and NPs doing examinations they were not qualified to do, etc. I personally believe it was sabotage instigated to make the ACA fail including the sell out to the fee based insurance companies by Tom Daschle. Plenty of resistance to ACOs and sabotage of the controls necessary to make it work like military medicine.

      4. Obama care was never intended to work. It was designed to fail so Single Payer could be forced in.

        They just didn’t plan on Obama care collapsing so fast.

        Spending hundreds of millions on a non working web site will do that.

      5. 91, I agree the ACA was designed to fail. But it was a cooperative effort. The insurance companies and the single payer point system fanatics both want it to fail. And who doesn’t blame the Insurance companies for blocking single payer because it cuts them out.

        An ACO system can be designed that doesn’t cut the Insurance Companies out. All that is needed is to make them compete more broadly.

    3. Not banging on you Lem, but seeing improvement for you personally while great, did not help the many thousands of veterans suffering from TBI getting examinations from unqualified hacks…also uncovered by Ben.

      Think back to what made your meeting at VACO possible.

      Now think how lucky those thousands of other TBI vets would have been if they had gotten a meeting as well.

      I am happy you are seeing improvement, but keep in mind those thousands of others who were not so fortunate.

      The media, and worthless VSOs just love pointing at individuals with good experiences like yours, while ignoring the thousands of others with horrible experiences.

      Particularly the dead ones.

      1. The meeting was worthless. It took another 13 years and another writing a News article to get anything done. It was a fake meeting to get me out of town. I didn’t leave until they forced me out.

        That point out how intractable the VA Central Office is. And I believe it is military industrial complex company lobbyists protecting their share of the budget and promulgating the reduction of entitlements (greater skimming by the 1% off labor) since President Johnson went overboard with the “Great Society” addition to entitlements.

        Imagine forcing the poor to go to the ER at $1200 plus per pop for tax payers to pay to benefit big medical providers instead of to a clinic with insurance.

  31. I voted ‘No’ because Obama and his DOJ refused to prosecute VA fraudsters caught red-handed in the cookie jar. NOT that “Change I can believe in”. I voted for Obama the *first time* and I did not vote at all for first time the second time around because I couldn’t stand anyone running and after Obama got into office first time one of the very first things he did was send troops into Afghanistan, something he said he would NOT do….Obama’s failed international policies has created this huge divide and the USA has lost a measurable amount of respect in the world. Am betting Pres. Elect Trump turns this around and praying he has the fortitude to do the same with the VA.
    I cannot forgive Obama for refusing to follow the LAW and use the powers he and the DOJ had at their disposal to flush the VA Swamp…they chose NOT to. Rat Bastards, the entire lot.

    1. I chose no, and for the same reason.

      No accountability. At any level of that sewer called the VA.

  32. I voted “no” and hate to be pessimistic, that is how i truly feel. I feel majority of Veterans are not receiving good treatment at many levels within the veteran affairs system.

    From compensation and pension exams to primary clinics, mental health clinics, emergency room visits, to just answering the damn telephone. Veterans are mistreated, abused, neglected, lied to, denied access to health care and their rights to benefits repeatedly. How many are really served in the system?
    I know of a medical center whose data estimated 35% of Veterans actually received needed care?????? It is heartbreaking to see them in lines without limbs or in wheel chairs, that is if they are lucky to receive a wheel chair. I saw a young man in an outpatient clinic with no prosthetics missing a foot and a hand and embarrassed by his condition. How is that serving our future Veterans? Studies show that the earliest use of prosthetics the quicker they begin to heal and acceptance of the loss. What does this say to our recently discharged men and women who are now disabled and sent to a broken system???

    1. See the news this morning about why consumers aren’t getting good health care or are mis-diagnosed? “America News This Morning.” Channel 8 WAWV here. The report said it was because doctors “dealing with rudeness from patients.” Now it goes from excuses of burn out to the pity parties for wealthy doctors getting their professional God-like egos bruised? I guess we are supposed to be happy slaves after waiting up to or more than six damn hours in a doctors office just for a script for pain meds or be seen?

      The crap just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Just like the rest of the excusing or not allowed to question authority, lies, conflicts of care, or other medial Mal-prractices and wrongs. Just like the VA and their junk flowing out into civilian life for all to enjoy…it’s the vets or patients fault for it all not the other side at all. They are perfect.

      1. The failure of taking accurate histories of the condition is the primary reason for misdiagnosis. In 35 years of VA medial visits there are only two accurate histories in my record, both written by the same physician. A third is more recent and close but not close enough to get it right. Close enough to start the right treatment on new objective tests provided by advancement in medical tests.

    2. What does it say to that veteran needing prosthetics but can’t get them?

      It says VA leadership priorities are completely screwed up and have forgotten what their primary mission is when a million dollar rock for art is a higher priority than a veteran getting a prosthetic leg.

      It says they are absolutely uncaring about whether that veteran has a prosthetic hand or arm when they choose to hire 127 interior designers instead.

      It tells those veterans who can’t find a wheel chair that union thuggery and moving corrupt managers is better for the agency than that veteran needing the wheel chair.

      1. Do any of you think now that the Holman RULE has been implemented to take action against employees that for what ever reason will be used to fire those employees. “New VA Secretary”

        Do you think that our Senators or Congress will use this new Rule to assist Veterans in getting the VA to fire employee’s that have harmed veterans. What option do we have if they don’t ! If we have one of the two in our district that would not do anything to force the VA to do the right thing.

        What options do we have as veterans to insure that we are heard.

      2. I suspect it will be used for GS positions. I don’t think it applies to appointed positions such as the Secretary. The President is the only one who can ask for a resignation as the appointed positions serve at the pleasure of the President.

        I’m hopeful it will allow members of congress to get rid of directors or send them back to positions they had handled in the past for failing institutions. Up to the Director to ask for action against individual employees.

      3. The way I read the authority to fire rests with the congressman for his district. Of course the VA Secretary could ask the congressman to use his tool in cases where the union wins and shouldn’t. Like the rehiring of the Phoenix Director.

      4. Doug lamborn our congressman just posted on his site. That he is prepared to use the holman rule to go after bad employees.

        I will be sending him all the information I have gathered for the last 10 year’s and it’s proves everything I have been saying about how a VA employee falsely accused me of disruptive behavior.

        How the VA lied to Bennett’s office at least twice and how the VA disruptive committee punished me without any evidence and only hearsay was used.

        How they told Bennett’s office that they never coded my official medical record’s for disruptive behavior. Nor did they Red Flag my official medical record’s.

        IT proves that the Denver Chief of Staff and the director let the very employee who made the allegations to answer any and all communications from the senator’s office and the DAV.

        This employee went so far as to hire the DAV rep. I guess for a job well done or is a cousin.

        It shows how the VA. First stated that they were advised by a nurse that I made a comment about the rater. That did my claim.

        I had no idea who the rater was and only stated to another patient when asked why I was in the hospital and I told him ” you know I had to wait 40 year’s to get this treatment and I wish that the rater. Would have been shot like I was and then they would know what I been through.

        Like the statement walk a mile in my shoes and then they would know.

        Then it was changed from me wanting to shoot the rater. To I wanted to shoot VA staff at the Denver VAMC.

        And then changed from the Denver VA to I wanted to shoot staff at my local clinic.

        There is a lot more but I won’t bother you with the rest. I think you get the picture.

        I had contact with the employee who reported me. When I worked for the VA and she only did this as a retaliatory act to get back at me for something I said about her.

        I even have doctor’s notes where he state’s. He felt that I was being attacked by VA employees.

      5. Maybe a rule that a veteran could pick up a body cam as he comes in the door from security and wear it on for the full visit. Then get a copy of its recording on his own thumb drive as he drops the thumb drive back off for another veteran’s use. We need something to correct the lies and miss recordings of history to verify a pre-conclusion of the care giver all the way from the intake clerk to the physician.

      6. I forgot Doug Lamborn will only listen to veterans in his area. So if we have a congressman or senator who likes the VA and thinks their doing a bang up job. Veterans will still not get resolution to their problems.

        I though this was the United States and not the Dived States. Where are elected officials were to help all American’s not just a few. What can we do if we write to a senator or congressman in our district and they fail to respond. Is that the End for those Veterans to get justice.

  33. Great presentation Ben. Seems the majority there didn’t have the moral capacity, concern, or life experience to say much in return. Did they? Yet a group of us were told at the Indianapolis VA New Chronic Pain Clinic to vote Democrat if we wanted better care? When both party sides especially Democrats are the ones doing all of the propaganda media news and censoring of us on a local and national level, on social sites?

    All Obummer did was not much, but excite all the activist out there and to aid in making sure many of us had no avenue for change or be heard, just attacked in various ways. Plus using crap like ‘Political Correctness and all the labeled “hate” crap to further the global agenda and again to see us silenced, put on a list, or face retribution by the fascist. At least he allowed all the various Communist, the corrupt, and veteran haters to show themselves like the entertainment industry and Hollywood has. His “change” and ‘transformation of America” sucks.

    Too bad that you didn’t have the book I just read by Elaina George MD “Big Medicine” to throw on their high dollar elite desks. Like they’d care since their lives and perks are far above the rest of us. Top to bottom as long as our rulers, and lords have theirs by laws, demands, and whine, they don’t care about the serfs or vets. They all sure do seem to love collective punishment for all but them, love nepotism, while thinking they deserve those honorary mentions and medals of freedom (Biden & Hollywood), or Noble Peace Prize medals that don’t mean much any more in today’s social climate.

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