‘Racist’ Appeals Judges At Veterans Affairs Investigated

Veterans Affairs

Benjamin KrauseVA OIG investigated two judges and three attorneys working at the Department of Veterans Affairs Board of Veterans Appeals and found documentation of racist and sexist views.

VA now claims to be conducting a review as to whether the racist and sexist judges allowed their bias to influence the adjudication of veterans’ appeals using a comparative statistical analysis of decisions. The agency claims, “At this time, we have no indication that any Veterans’ appeal was unjustly influenced by their conduct.”


During a VA OIG, the internal watchdog discovered “a pattern of inappropriate emails that were racist and sexist in tone.”

Do you wonder what else they found? Think we are getting the whole story?

The agency came out with the scandal in a press release on Tuesday, which seems unusually proactive for an agency known to hide from the truth.

In that VA press release, Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson announced planned actions the agency was taking against employees accused of misconduct. Gibson said:

“These actions are reprehensible and completely counter to our values. It undermines the trust the American people place in the VA to serve our Veterans and has no place in this Department. We will not tolerate it. Taking action as quickly as we did was simply the right thing to do.”

The announcement explained that VA OIG discovered that certain high-level employees at the Board were making racist and sexist communications using government email.

In response to VA’s proposed disciplinary actions, one attorney retired and the other resigned. Proposed actions against the judges have been referred to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). The MSPB has come under fire over the past month following reversal of actions taken against senior executives within VA. So that this point, no one knows exactly how the MSPB will respond.

These judges should be ashamed of themselves. Judges hold a great deal of authority over each human life they come in contact with through their position. For veterans harmed in military service, this authority holds particular weight.

How much do you want to bet VA will conclude the racist or sexist views did not influence the decisionmaking of those judges? I would say the odds VA will find anything of use would be about Zero percent.

Do you disagree?

Let’s hope VA does the right thing and gets to the bottom of the racism and sexism perpetuated by these judges. If any veterans were harmed, they should get an immediate grant of whatever benefits they sought. Period.

Source: https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/includes/viewPDF.cfm?id=2756

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  1. If they don’t publish their names, how can vets even consider to look back and claim the decision on their case was biased?


  3. “”MALUM IN SE”” I’M A 60-YR OLD VIETNAM ERA VET(AFRO-AMERICAN). In 1974 I was stationed at FORT ORD,CA. WHILE THERE I WITNESSED TWO(2) SOLIDERS FIGHTING EACH OTHER And SUBSEQUENTLY “CUT” ONE GUYS THROAT!! He fell into my arms bleeding all over me clinging onto life I was scared to death!! But I did all I could to save him.. HERE COMES THE “”COURT MARSHALL”” AND BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO TESTIFY I WAS PLACED ON A “””MOTIVATION DETACHMENT””WHERE UPON ONE EARLY MORNING IN OCTOBER 1974, THE “”M.P.’S”” CAME AND TOOK SEVERAL SOLIDERS Up INTO The MOUNTAINS IN A TRUCK. Upon arrival there was a “life-size poster of an officer had his foot/leg into a “”Afro-American SOLIDER’s rear(but)””. This was a “camp for corporeal punishment”.. I was called the “”N”” word several times and beaten!!! PLUS hospitalized. For 42-yrs I’ve been fighting to have the BVA/V.A . tell the truth!!! It’s called “”MALUM IN SE”” WRONG BECAUSE IT’S WRONG!!! RACIST!! IN 1985 THE BVA STATED..””WE BELIEVE THAT THE VETERAN WAS INJURED IN THE MANNER AS DESCRIBED””!!! RACIAL BEATINGS WERE ILLEGAL THEN AS THEY ARE TODAY!! IN 1974 THERE WAS “NO PTSD” EVALUATIONS NOR MRI’S like today. Over the years I’ve been denied nine(9) times… each time the BVA CLAIMS “”no residual medical documents””. I’ve had other vet’s submit “AFFIDAVIT” stating that they were there and witnessed my beating!! Still the BVA DENIED MY CLAIMS. I’VE HAD SEVERAL DOCTOR’S OVER THE YEARS TELL THE BVA THAT MY INJURIES AND CONTINUED BACK/NECK PROBLEMS RESONATE FROM MY ASSAULTIVE BEATING.. STILL THE BVA DENIED MY CLAIMS. THEN IN 1985 THE V.A. HOSPITAL DOCTOR GIVES ME AN INTENTIONAL MEDICAL MISDIAGNOSIS WITH MY BACK INJURY.. NEVERTHELESS GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY AND THE V.A. ACKNOWLEDGED THE “MISTAKE”AND ISSUED ME A $$500.00 award for the misdiagnosed DOCTOR’S report and finding. YET still denied my claim for compensation. I’ve been trying to find an attorney for yrs and nobody cares or wants to help me!! If any lawyer would like to take my case please respond @ [email protected]/586-362-0269.. I have nothing to “lie” about this truly happened 42-yrs ago. What’s so surprising to me over the many years…”””Nobody wants to talk or tell the truth about just how “”racist”” the military service was in the 60’s & 70’s… trust me I was a kid back then but I remember those “”D.I.’S”” USING THE “”N””WORD EVERY DAY!!! SO LET’S JUST TELL THE TRUTH!!! I’M NOT THE ONLY VET THAT KNOWS THIS TRUTH. MR. BENJAMIN, YOU KNOW THAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOUR HELP NOW FOR AWHILE..ALL THESE GREAT JURISDOCTORATES AROUND BUT NOT FOR ALL VET’S.. MALUM IN SE… STAY THE FIGHT…ALL VET’S.. WHITE,BLACK,RED,MEXICAN,NATIVE AMERICAN,ETC.ETC. VET YOU DIE!!

  4. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I see as the only solution to our problems with the V.A. to get them out of the M.S.P.B.V,the Merit System Protection Board.

    We are having infinite problems with the V.A. with no end in sight, these so-called employees are abusing heir position and the kind nature of the ones protecting them.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  5. Do I think the VA will find anything? No. If they did, they would have to reopen any claim these fools touched. The VA doesn’t like doing hard work.
    Do I think they were biased in their ruling? That would depend on what was emailed. Some people perceive racism or sexism where none exists. Others are offended by even the slightest hint of either.
    I do believe you are correct for the remedy. Any benefit sought should be immediately granted. The veteran likely waited a long time to get to this point, and would have to wait even longer for the VA to fumble to another ruling.

    1. VERY WELL SAID, Brother!
      This “political correctness” is tearing our country apart. Just think, if the neighbors in San Bernardino HAD called law enforcement, instead of worrying about “racial profiling”, those “Murdered by Radicalized Muslim Terrorists”, (yea, I said what Obama refuses to state!) MIGHT still be alive!
      There’s more examples I could give. Only, like I’ve said before, y’all get the point!

      1. Here’s a brand new article concerning Hillary. From “The Daily Caller News Foundation”
        by Richard Pollock
        3/3/2016 @ 4:16 pm
        “‘Potential Criminal Charges’ Could Be On The Way To Hillary, Aides”

        Seems someone, read the article, “high up” with Hillary’s “server” (he helped set up her personal server), has been “granted immunity” from prosecution by the FBI.
        Now, I don’t know about y’all, but when law enforcement offers immunity, what usually happens next!

        Do I think she’ll be indicted? Possibly! With so many coming out in opposition of her, she just might be indicted!

        Do I think she’ll start implicating others in all the corruption going on in Washington? If she’s indicted, HELL YES!

        Do I think she’ll skip the country? That’s another HELL YES!

  6. No room for racism in America today, much less the VA. They should be setting example for today’s young Veterans but like many area’s they have failed to be leaders. I had claims being decided at exact time, and have asked that all be approved on grounds that they failed to assist, or adjudicate properly. I feel comments verses action should be handled separate, Comments demotion, action just fired. Veterans are the most enter graded part of our society, we need much higher standards to lead as we always have. Moving forward towards totally complete society full of all people around the world that are legal citizens. They will know when they come here that they will be treated as an equal humans, most of all in matters of law.

  7. I have to admit myself that I’m ready to hire an attorney on my claim. My problem is that I’m not sure quite how to contact Ben. I sent a email to him on this site over a month ago and have never heard back from him. I also found his website for his law practice and filled out the on-line questionnaire two weeks ago and haven’t heard back.

    I just finished my De Novo review and I only have 60 days before my next step. I’d like to hire Ben but I just can’t get through. Anyone have any other good Veterans Law Attorney’s to recommend?

    1. If you can’t find anyone and if the disability us for ptsd. You or anyone else can call Kenneth carpenter attorney out of Topeka Kansas.

      Just make sure you ask him to try and get all back pay. The VA has tricked many veterans.by denying their claims over and over.

      Until the veterans see no light at the end of the tunnel.so they let their claims lapse.

      Keep your claim active.even if it takes the rest of your life.

      Be prepared the VA will say anything to get the veterans to give up. When they know Good and well they have everything they need to approve the claim.

      They will tell the veterans.we need more proof. Over and over !

      Dirty shame.they are lieing to veterans everyday and veterans can’t fight it on their own and it’s hard to find lawyer’s to fight for them.

      Good luck and never give up.they are scamming thousands of Veterans and their families. Just because they known they will get away bonuses !

      Sad but true.

  8. RE: “How much do you want to bet VA will conclude the racist or sexist views did not influence the decisionmaking of those judges? I would say the odds VA will find anything of use would be about Zero percent.” DUH I’de bet every thing I have (which admittedly isn’t much ) that exactly 0, ziltch, Nada will come of this…If I could find a bookie to take the bet…LOL

  9. You guys and gals should hire Ben to do your claims. Fighting VA by yourselves is a fool’s errand. I did it for 20 years and finally got a law dog. I’m attempting what many, including Bart Stichman at NVLSP, say is the impossible now and asking for EAJA fees for my Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus. I filed yesterday for a panel decision to go around Judge “deny” Davis. We may have to go to the Fed. Circus before it’s all over but that’s what this is all about-Win or Die. You can sit around and complain or you can fight them. I’ve been to the BVA 4 times and the CAVC three. It works eventually because I’m 290% disabled by VA. VR&E has even been forced to grant me a computer and a greenhouse under the 38 USC 3120 ILP program. Go big or go home. VA doesn’t even notice you until you complain for a decade or two. And to think my DAV officer in 1989 said ” Let’s wait about five years to put in for an increase to 10% on your tinnitus. We don’t want VA to think you’re greedy.”

    1. That lazy, corrupt, anti veteran DAV officer is legion. If they didn’t help VA to destroy so many lives, it would be funny.

      And I FULLY agree about getting an attorney. I am a pretty bright guy,. but I would never have kicked VA’s lying ass like I have, if I hadn’t hired Ben Krause to represent me. My advice is to lawyer up against the rats at the VA, they will eat you alive if you are without a lawyer. .

      1. Not true if you are skilled in the law, like my self. You JUST have to known how to fight the case and how to use the 38 C.F.R. CODE AND THE 38 US CODE.

    2. @asknod
      Google this website;

      “DAVREFORM dot org”

      You’ll be angered and amazed at what they’ve gotten away with!

  10. Just like whenever the VA claims that it lost or can’t find crucial evidence to prove cases (and especially when they claim the evidence was consumed in that big fire at the warehouse back in ’83 or something), there should be a rule/law that kicks in and automatically grants everything that those veterans are seeking. Actually, “presumption of credibility” should do just that in most cases, but the VA has gotten away for so long with completely ignoring that prime directive that no one but appellate attorneys are even aware that it exists… travesty…

    1. Roger.your right the fire in 1973. Was the perfect excuse to deny veterans of their disability!

      With out that disability.veterans were and are being treated for their disabilities.because the VA says You must be service connected to receive treatment.

      I also agree any veteran.who the VA denied their disability due to the ?.should be authorized all back pay.from their discharge date or from when they first applied.

      They told me this over and over and over. This tactic ways heavily on them and they Do exactly what the VA wanted them to do !

      Give up or let their claims lapse !

      They.get their strengh back and reopen their case. Then the VA starts again.using the same excuse.

      Even when the veterans succeed and it’s found out that the veterans records where never destroyed in the fire.the veterans do not get What they should have !

      The VA uses the excuse.you did not keep fighting and let you claim lapse.

      Knowing they had lied to the veterans in the first place and knowing the veterans records where in their hands all along !

      Yes veterans should be compensated and with interest.for pain and suffering and neglict.

      How many veterans committed suicide.because they were lied too and were denied treatment?

      I’ll bet thousands !

  11. I received this in my email this morning!

    Do y’all remember Sharon Helman? Here’s the latest from “Military dot com” by Bryant Jordan!

    “Ex-Phoenix VA Official Pleads Guilty to Taking Gifts, Gets Probation”

    It’s a real eye opener to what we can, and probably will, expect from the court systems on all VA employees and upper management personnel being caught screwing (killing) veterans and taxpayers!

    1. I too got the email. So she pleads guilty of accepting tens of thousands of dollars of gifts by an ex-VA employee, now a consultant who does business with the VA. What does she get? Probation. Wow. That is some message being sent to all the other crooked VA employees out there.

      Why not give out a maximum sentence? What about the ex-VA employee, isn’t there a law regarding bribery or attempted bribery? Oh, I forgot these were gifts not graft. Foolish me.

  12. A little off topic.

    To All.
    If y’all think the corruption is isolated within VA. Think again! I received this by email this morning. And was conflicted over IF I should share it.
    It’s 48:55 minutes long. And deals with “mental health issues, 2nd Amendment Rights, U.N. Troops practicing in Texas for “civil war” within our country, a “military coup”, the Trump Mystery etc., etc.!”
    I would suggest listening to it.
    It was first broadcasted on “The Kate Dalley Show”,
    2 Mar. 2016. A “Fox News Radio Host Broadcasting on 1450 AM, KNUS, St. George, Utah”
    The main quest was Dave Hodges of “The Common Sense Show”
    The title of the interview is;

    “Fox News Radio Interviews Dave Hodges On Scalia Murder, the Trump Mystery and More”


    Here’s a few more noteworthy articles.

    “Obama Set to Settle Score Against Oregon Constitutional Sheriff Outspoken on Second Amendment”

    (Utube Video)

    Do y’all see what’s happening to our Constitution? We’re losing our “Rights” a little at a time!


    “Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I Will Deputize Everyone and Arrest All Federal Agents!” (Video)

    For those who are unaware; BLM stands for the “Bureau of Land Management!” Which has been (illegally) confiscating lands belonging to ranchers west of the Mississippi River. The main “reason” for this is “Natural Resources!” The top resource wanted is Uranium!


    I put this one on before. I think it needs to be put on again!
    “Judicial Watch Press Room”
    “Judicial Watch: Homeland Security Records Reveal Officials Ordered Terrorists Watch List Scrubbed”

    As I mentioned before. The two “jihadists” who murdered the many innocent people in San Bernardino WERE on that list!
    So were approximately 1000 more.
    How many innocent lives could have been spared because of this issue? How many future innocents need to be murdered?


    I will leave it up to y’all to respond on ALL the corruption which is happening nationwide!

    1. Thank you Elf. That is the main point of my ‘rants.’ Corruption is corruption and all of it, especially in Indiana, is symbiotic and totally protects and supports it’s own in all their affairs. IN and out of the VA, courts, civil disagreements, elected officials, unions, fraternal groups, town meetings (I can’t attend anymore too dangerous), etc., and then we have to fight off the college crowds and many other anti-Americans and anti-veterans people who really hate us for one reason or another. Top to bottom complete corruption and self-protecting/servicing. Hell we are on watch list and seen as possible terrorist just for being veterans and out-spoken about any form of corruption or attacks on us or our property, oh and our young children from government “task forces” out to forcibly assimilate or destroy us. That is why I lost all faith or trust in the VA and now will never allow them to touch me or put me under for any surgery, not today or ever.

      Outside corruption and filth penetrates the VA system, and governments, and the corrupt insiders are still connected to the outside community, communitarian systems, and to hell with us individuals and the Constitution. Heck, it seems I have had to stand up to this crap all my life, especially since locally not many others seem to care about us vets or the world around them but sports and Hollywood crap. That is why my area and state is so censored and any disagreements with the system or establishment is quickly squelched and silenced. We can’t even ask for veterans to group up on a local forum called Topix here for Terre Haute, Indiana. The mods and editors are all city councilmen and our news paper’s employees and tech workers.

      It’s funny because anytime anyone dares complain or want to discuss serious issues or expose the corruption or question local liars many of them automatically think of me and then the various forms of attack begin. Which I don’t care and am used to it from living in a lefty activist college town filled with militants and activist, haters of freedom and individual rights. I have more enemies inside and out of the VA and elsewhere than I have made friends or found others willing to drop the fear to go for coffee to simply discuss issues and concerns. Not here.

      No real media here, too much fear and anti-American sentiments, too much corruption full circle, too much “Professional Courtesy,” cultural Marxism, self-serving unions, leftist activist college kids/haters, etc. not allowed to form groups, no veteran networking, no real freedom of speech nor property rights and with corrupt law enforcement… it’s lost. Corruption and insider information and deceit pays well and the perks must be fantastic. Nothing is as it’s reported or bragged about here, nothing.

      Can’t even advertise for a non 501 C 3 church or home church to attend. Nothing. If it’s not about the establishment or expectations from the corrupt or lefties it is simply not allowed. Kinda like living in N. Korea, Gaza Strip, or Red China or the old Soviet Union. Yeah, it’s that bad.

      1. @T,
        Down here in Florida, Mr. Trump is going to, not sure when, have his “Rally” at U.C.F., University of Central Florida.
        Yesterday, a young lady of Indian (country) decent. Said they, (whoever “they” are), were going to “protest his rally!” Claiming “racism, Islamophobia…” and other negitive ism’s!
        For y’all who are unaware, UCF is very “liberal” and an ideological (boardering on pathological) extremist university!
        Their professors teach Marxist Ideologies. When, or if, anyone were to question a student on U.S. history, politics or Constitutional Rights, the odds of them getting it correct is really slim at best!
        It seems to me their curriculum is made up to defeat America and our “Constitutional Republic” as it WAS MEANT TO BE IN 1776!
        Our “fearless leaders” of today are also, in my opinion, trying to destroy our country from within!

        Maybe, this is the reasons behind our government agencies doing more to sequester our “Rights!” Basically, sending America back over two hundred years when Great Britain Ruled us with an “Iron Fist”!?

        Our history of how we became free from tyranny is no longer being taught in our middle and high schools! The reasons behind our separation is becoming lost to the pages of history. Which are not being taught!
        The “Stamp Act”, “Quartering Act”, etc., etc., is unknown to these generations of “GIVE ME!”
        Maybe Obama was correct; “Americans ARE STUPID!

        Maybe those born after the Vietnam War and the First Gulf War are stupid!? It sure looks that way.

        I see more and more people, on social medias, speaking out against the tyrannies of today. There is one “communication device” today we didn’t have 20 to 25 years ago. These “smart phones, laptops and sophisticated communication devices” are our life force to defeat any corrupt agency around.
        “WORD” is getting out.
        Even our once enemy, Russia, is showing the corruption in the U.S.! We can’t give up! Even if we’re “Bottled Up” like those Patriots at “Valley Forge” or “The Alamo”, we were Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen or Airwomen and Coast Guard once! We took an oath. That oath is still relavant today.

      2. Exactly the way it us here with ISU, IU, Indianapolis’ colleges and medical schools, local Catholic colleges like St. Mary’s of the Woods to Rose Hulman or Rose Poly Tech. All are supposed to be top ranked and perfect. A sign coming into town reads “College Progress.” Actually it’s one huge corrupt Marxist wreck and the only veterans who get on TV bragging about it are the ones in some clique. Few dare to “rock the Marxist boat.” That is also why I walked away from my bible colleges for a ordination and walked away from any colleges I tried. Some like ISU I was the wrong color and a veteran so automatically I was dismissed as an old ‘non traditional student’ that may not comply with modern curriculum and student union activities and activism. I didn’t last long since I refuse to be a door-mat for any others and expected to be taught by our youth how stupid we elders are and had to be re-trained by the youth of today. Let alone stand up in some class and denounce my oaths and my White heritage as being evil, Satanic, oppressive and ruined it all for all others in the world. And that I should “sacrifice” all I have for the minorities and oppressed to prove my leftist worth to them. BS.

        It’s beyond “pathological here.” Local officials, city council to media will get online or TV and say they’d protect my rights to free speech and representation then turn around and shut us up at meetings, censor us at every step in and out of the media and news and at meetings. Giving them all total voice and opinions in everything. They aren’t beyond using their law enforcement types against us either, been there done that too, and had to buy the hat and shirt.

        It’s all college ruled. Or as I have been told “there is no use fighting it.” But I have in many ways and that includes the college elite and the state’s billionaire freaks that get by with murder. So I am also accustomed to losing my arse but at least they know of ONE man that never bowed to them, taken bribes, or kissed their corrupt evil butts. As one judge told me in chambers as he rolled his Masonic ring on his finger… “You’re just a piss-ant on the elephants ass – you will lose in this court room.” I did. And lost more after that dealing with the local cliques and mafia types.

        The VA trash told us that the VA and all medical schools, boards, colleges controlled all of Indiana. They must. So far I can’t find a local primary and the surgeries to correct what the VA did has turned worse too, or left incomplete so they can make more money or gaming. So I don’t know. Complete incompetence full circle, game playing, retribution, beats me. Too much trash and incompetence to deal with or try to filter out what is going on or not. Especially with all that “Professional Courtesy” crap we have locally. I’d try to move but too broke and rooted and doesn’t seem to be much greener on the other sides in America anymore.

        Major point in the rant being; This is why the VA, the state, the locals, Humana clinics, etc. do NOT want us veterans being able to have group bitch sessions or physical meetings so info and gripes can be discussed. No, we are never supposed to complain. Here we are just allowed or expected to repeat how “Excellent” and Glorious everything is from the town, elected officials, the cliques, colleges, medical services, the courts, the VA is. Hell, our town’s water is supposed to be the best in the world! NOT. Nothing here but death, greed, corruption, Marx culturialism and not much to do about oath keeping, the country, decency, truth or real news let alone having free speech and ability to question the rulers or corporations/unions.

        Nothing too far right of the left or too moderate is allowed here. Nothing and thanks to one party rule and the colleges. It’s not their agenda to be American or to allow for common sense or those things called freedom for some of us.

        Hope you all out there fair well than many here are. Things have got to change one way or the other… if it’s not already too late. I think we see that the VA system isn’t exactly fair and decent for all being a “socialist styled” attempt to help us all and treat us effectively and with respect.

        My G-son is in the Guard. He nor his class mates I have talked to have NEVER read the Constitution in high school. They all know about the leftist agendas and speak activist trash but not much about history, oath keeping, to having respect for their elders and such. Sad days.

    2. Corruption, how about the San Bernardino shooting and the THREE MILITARY LOOKING WHITE GUYS that was NEVER investigated? How about the fact that shots fired at the SUV came from all around the vehicle, not just from behind were law enforcement claim they were? How about Sandy Hook, the school, was closed in 2008…and on and on.

      Yes, only a little corruption in our government.

  13. We will never get the “whole story” about much these days.

    I have always been ‘raked over hot coals’ online or real life whenever I mention race issues or the negative attitudes Vietnam Era vets and many WW2 vets have received. While we are at it throw in some “hate” against men in general because feminist groups complained about men getting more attention than we “Non-Hispanic White Men.” Yes it’s on the forms we fill out today.

    Local physically meeting discussion groups in huge part were all ceased due to “not being diverse enough, no women interested in groups with men.” So it all went the way of telecommunication and tight censoring and moderation.

    In Indiana there would be NO jumping ship or shame. On all levels anywhere corruption, special interest groups, new fad groups, the deep seated corrupt officials to politicians and media has been, and always will be held in place and well protected. I have seen it for many years and full circle everywhere and over anything when dealing with some justice, truth, and decency. So it would be “Zero Percent” for my vote in more than one way or over more than one issue, VA or not. We also know who is expected to shut up and sit in the corner and never to be heard or have a voice in today’s culture…in or out of the VA. I know, been there done that, got the shirt, and the attacks for many years and over many things.

    All over Indiana and the VA, those like me can be offended and by ordinances and laws must tolerate everything out there. However if there is the slightest hint of us offending some VA contractor, union member, or etc., or some “Professional” it will NOT be tolerated.

    The VA will not or ever ‘get to the bottom” of anything even to scratch their own corrupt butts. Throw in some activist judges or other oath keepers that think other things are more important than their oath or of decency, it’s all a broken system top to bottom, in and out thoroughly.

    That would be like the cacophony of threats and voices about the ability to record visits at the VA or elsewhere in Indiana to protect ourselves, for one issue. Another easy one would be finding out the facts and truth about veterans disability payments being exempt from bankruptcy which we are told it is, but apparently NOT in Indiana. We rarely get the truth and legally up-held facts on much here. Or, like being told to go get civilian care it will be paid for then getting stuck with the bills when they change their minds or want to hassle people they don’t like.

    Here the mere words of racism or sexism from the wrong sides in Indiana would create a socialist/VA upheaval/unhealthy, so nothing will change in Indiana. I have honestly lost all hopes of anything being righted, made whole, or agreed on, or fixed to appease everyone. The friction between veterans, their wars and conflicts, and more is just beyond me and I don’t understand it. Especially when one group is willing to throw others under the bus. Much like the WASP’s (women flyers) not being allowed burial (ashes) in Arlington Cemetery.

    Living in modern civilized America. Ain’t it great. (sic)

  14. Actually, I could see the VA doing the polar opposite and by that I mean the VA overturning *ANY* BVA Case *ANY* of these Judges ruled on OR *ANY* of these attorneys worked on in which that specifically was in a Veteran’s favor.
    What I mean is the VA is more likely to pick and choose past cases in which the VA will benefit by placing those Claims *back* into the BVA Cesspool.
    Hope I am wrong.
    However, remember, Sloan Gibson’s new rant is “redefining” the VA Appeals Process. I cannot help but think this “racism announcement BY the VA” is nothing but the VA’s Sloan Gibson laying the dirty groundwork for his case of revamping VA Appeals…and we ALL know this will be to the VA’s benefit, not likely to the Veteran.

    Isn’t it interesting that all it takes for corrupted employees to jump ship and suddenly announce they are “resigning” or “retiring early” is to shake the “proposed disciplinary stick” at them? (even if the stick is made of Balsa Wood)

    1. @namnibor & @Robin

      Brother, I couldn’t have answered it better. I can see VA reversing veterans claims that have already been adjudicated.
      And YES, there sure has been some VA employees jumping ship when the “accusatory finger” is waved at them. I wonder why that is?
      I wonder how many have jumped ship that we don’t know about. Because of the Presidential Race being fought?
      Being a little facetious here this A.M.!

      Robin Mitchell,
      Don’t you remember the OIG being “kicked out” of many VAMC’s and VARO’s last year?
      Evidently they have no balls. Or, they aren’t aware of their “power!” Or, someone is “telling them what to do!” Or, they just don’t give a rats ass about veterans healthcare! Or, these “sat on reports” are getting the attention of lots of “investigating journalists”, and Gibson is fearing a “retribution” is about to take place on his butt!

      As far as the Veterans Committee having (another) “meeting” on drug use by veterans and/or the prescribing of opioids by VA physicians – How many meetings are they going to have, BEFORE they actually DO SOMETHING?!

  15. The House Veterans Affairs Committee sub-committee Investigations and oversight has the ability to investigate the Executive branch.

    Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (O&I)
    Welcome to the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, which has oversight and investigative jurisdiction over veterans’ matters generally and such other matters as may be referred to the Subcommittee by the Chairman of the full Committee. The Subcommittee provides oversight on programs and operations of the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as those of other federal agencies that pertain to veterans. In carrying out its responsibilities, the Subcommittee conducts hearings, site visits, and investigations nationwide. The Subcommittee’s legislative jurisdiction is over such bills or resolutions as may be referred to it by the Chairman of the full Committee.

    On another note. Ironic to yesterday’s doctor death pill story: tomorrow the House Veterans Affairs Committee is having a hearing of VA opiods use and abuse.

  16. The VA judges are so racist they went out of there way to violate my civil rights which they forgot there’s no statute of limitations on. I won my case for a 100% benefits in 1982 for PTSD. They have made me appeal for over ten years and illegally vacated my case in federal court without my permission,knowledge or presence. They never even bothered to answer my form 9 filed on March 6,2014. I also filed complaints with OIG which as you can see is helpless by federal law the FBI is supposed to start investigating my case because it’s totally all civil rights violations at this point in time.

    1. Edward, same here it took from 1982 until 2011 for my case and even after the Judge ruled a CUE, I was only given 10%. The Winston Salem Regional Office even denied the 10% until I reminded the person it was CUE. So I never received any more for that condition and still have other issues that are secondary to that condition and finally for those two was awarded 100% but still the retroactive pay was not what it should have been.

      In addition, my husband, I truly believe has also been targeted as he is a Vietnam Veteran and 83 years old.

      But “News Flash” the contractors have those issues too. They are rude and nasty and very, very arrogant even when coming into Veterans’ homes.

      Then blame the Veterans.

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