Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For VA Accountability


Benjamin KrauseIris Cooper, a former top VA procurement officer, improperly steered millions to government contractors prior to leaving the agency to avoid accountability. She left just before the OIG investigation ended for a senior slot at the Treasury Department.

What was the penalty for her unethical and illegal behavior?

Copper evaded sanctions from OIG by leaving the agency prior to the conclusion of the investigation into her roll where she improperly steered American tax dollars to a friend owned company called Tridec Technologies. This comes on the heals of another procurement scandal where Susan Taylor routed contractors to the politically connected firm called FedBid. Taylor went on to be employed in the Department of Energy.

Did Iris Cooper get fired?

No, she was allowed to resign without blemish. Cooper is now working for Treasury Department. The former head of Acquisition Operations for VA is now a Senior Procurement Executive for the US Department of Treasury. The results of the VA investigation will not likely impact her new job.

Only Concerned Veterans for America came out strong against Cooper and her ability to evade accountability while receiving a seeming promotion at Treasury. “This says to VA employees that there is a way out and around an investigation. You can simply move from one federal agency to another,” said Dan Caldwell, legislative director for the Concerned Veterans of America.

I agree with Caldwell on this. VA is inept at holding its executives accountable for wrongdoing. This does give America the impression that it believes its own VA executives are apparently above the law no matter how illicit the scandal.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. You know BEN, if you stand back and just be an observer, say nothing about your skills or vast knowledge, just as I see one get fired from a job, but then we reward the behavior and give them another or retirement? Gee, I think this all should be a “news viral topic.” I guess I shall not use logic or reasoning her, I will use the “common sense” of a parent and say if you do wrong you do not get rewarded for it. Instead what you need to remember, if you did it, then own it. I guess I didn’t need much to get three uber responsible adults. They understand that “yes we have to follow the rules, if we don’t then we have to own our mistakes. Parenting is not exact science, children are not delivered with SOP’S or how to raise each child with different personalities. But, this VA Business and all I have experienced to date, gee what a bunch of screw ups, I can do better and I know it for a fact. You see as you grow older, what is a great fear when younger, heck as a mom, a loss of a child, but as a Veteran, it should be the mishandling and documentation, I think I could actually own a VA Hospital. You see, my biggest problem I do really know a whole lot. I will use this analology, because I think it will state how one should manage this whole outfit with its scandalous ways. If you have a brain dead patient, and it is going to be a donor a loving act a family has chosen, you have to keep the body running on a “HOMEOSTATSIS MONITORING IT AND CANNOT LEAVE ( reason a team of two) YOU ARE MONITORING EVERYTHING AT ONCE AND MAKING SURE THE DOPAMINE KEEPS THE BODY IN A FUNCTIONAL MANNER TILL THE TRANSPLANT TEAMS ARE IN PLACE.” So essentially there is no accountability or review committees saying WTF?
    It really bothered me to know that she isn’t kicked to the curb. I don’t care if she transferred, fire here no retirement and kick it to the curb. This is a really big Cancer, especially when people work really hard and we pay these fools, trust me, fools who are nothing more than the criminal mind that always finds a way to slip in the steps of another high paycheck. It is wrong. Sorry. As I stated, this doesn’t require anything more than COMMON SENSE, if you do it, you own it. If you play a game and think you should be entitled, hell no, fire them and kick the trash to the curb. ARGH!

  2. F___ing Up, Moving Up! Some people they can run the Government Business like “Daddy’s” business and get away with this! What a World!

  3. Create a top ten most UNWANTED list, starting with Sharon Helman and Eric Shinseki. Any company that hires them will be boycotted by us Veterans and our families. Make them pariahs in the business community. When they get out of government and into the real working world, the only job they will be able to get will be cleaning out horse stables.

  4. All they need to do is sanitised your c files then tell you there is nothing in your files to connect a service connection claim then tell you to prove that something happened in service.

    1. Gee, or your medical records are lost? Then get told you cannot file a claim from an exit physical? Guess what? Damn Straight I Can!

  5. Accountability and Disabled Veterans Benefits. Has any one looked into the Millions of Dollars that are skimmed off of your benefits, if you just happen to meet the criteria for, what the Department of Veterans Affairs term Incompetent.?

    You only need a diagnosis, to qualify.

    Then a letter is sent to you, telling you, a Fiduciary. is necessary to handle your benefits.
    If you have a family member or trusted friend willing to take on this roll, they can step up, FOR FREE and be accountable
    to the government reporting system.

    If you do not have anyone that will take on this roll. or as in my case, Believe this is Financial Exploitation. unjustified,
    Intrusive, and not necessary. You WILL be given a Fiduciary.
    and your benefits, that have been directly deposited for years, will be directed to your appointed fiduciary.

    You have a right to the appeal process, and as all of us Veterans know this takes years.

    In my case this did not make sense. My benefit is only 308.00
    My fiduciary told my VSO he will be sending me a check for 300.00. These are the funds they stated, needed to be managed by the fiduciary. Now I can manage my funds???


    The Fiduciary collects 4% of your benefit every month.
    Appears to be a small amount, but if you multiply that amount by the thousands of us, now under this program. Even 8.00
    a month, will turn into millions very fast, when all veterans, put into this program are considered.

    Contractors getting funds, illegally should be investigated and held accountable.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs, contracts only with their
    chosen fiduciary’s. Skimming, our benefits , right off the top.

    In the Army I was trained, and worked a Finance Specialist.

    Shame on the Department of Veterans Affairs,

    Dennis Desmond


  6. As long as we have this Obama Administration in control there is no hope for justice. Heads should roll, the corrupt fired, and jailed. Heads should roll starting with Obama and continue to roll down hill until we get rid of the problems. Lets take care of our veterans. They sacrificed for us, we owe them!

    1. ROBBY this issue been going on for decades .. i can personally vouch on a system that has failed me since since 2000.. no blame game needed .. just resolution

  7. This is just one more example of corruption that goes on in the VA system. Executives and Officers taking advantage of their positions to steal. Often at the expense of sick and disabled veterans. Then there are those examiners creating their own blog and web site to try and figure out methods or manipulations in order to screw disabled veterans out of their rightfully earned benefits and compensation. Robert ( Fix the VA ) McDonald said he was going to change the culture of the VA. Has he? I don’t see where he has!

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