Was VA Naughty Or Nice?

VA Naughty

Benjamin KrauseTough question. I know many VA employees who work hard and love the veterans they held. I also know of a few sociopathic types who enjoy terrorizing veterans. And yet there are still other VA employees who are merely apathetic and are there to get a paycheck.

So what is your take on VA this year? Are they naughty or nice?

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  1. We need to hold the VSOs accountable for taking our membership dues and charitable contributions and not ensuring that the VA is functioning on behalf of veterans.

  2. I would have to rate my overall experience as naughty. I have mentioned this in this blog many times about how I have been diagnosed, treated, awarded a service-connected disability and recently awarded an increase in this disability and not that I moved to another state, this state will not (yes, completely refuses) to look at my VA treatment from my other VA of 10 yrs. as a result, I have had to endure 3 months of no type of relief I was receiving and a I am having to start completely over to get back where I was. This may take another 4 months. I have been in contact wit everyone from Robert McDonald on down only to get nothing. I keep e-mailing everyone I have contacted on a weekly basis so I can have a record that no one wants to do anything. This system is broken and will never be fixed. On the good part for them, I recently went to the ER and after the second trip, they finally realized I was not lying, found that my gall ladder was infected and had a huge stone in it. I had to have the gall bladder removed and my stay in the VA hospital was a good one. the employees seemed to care and continuously asked my how I was and if I needed anything. I would have to give them the thumbs up on that one. My Christmas wish is now to have that type of experience and treatment from this VA from now on. I know, it is only a wish and only a wish.
    The latest thing I have heard, and I do not have the source to show where it is coming from; however, I have heard that our govt.(sorry, I can’t capitalize the “g” in govt. as I feel they don’t deserve it) wants to change the VA HealthCare System to follow along the lines of the “Obama Care”. This new VA HealthCare System would look something like this:
    Only Active Duty military would be eligible for the free healthcare. No dependents. Anyone whom has left the military (discharged, retired, medical ETC…) would have to pay a monthly premium just as the Obama care is now. If you have a service connected disability, treatment for that would be covered and the rest would go toward your “insurance” that you pay a monthly premium on. There is more to this but I don’t want to put things I have not heard. I also want to repeat, THIS IS SOMETHING I HAVE HEARD THAT IS BEING CONSIDERED AND IS TRYING TO BE KEPT LOW KEY BECAUSE OF THE HUGE BACKLASH.
    Why do this? Money, plain and simple. Our Govt. figured out that if we (us vets) pay (for having HealthCare that was promised to us) then we are more likely to not go as often to the Dr. and that saves the govt. money. we would not cost the govt. the amount of money they are spending on us and they would be getting something in return (our premiums). I will look into this further and try to find a source to put in here If anyone else know or has heard of this and has any source, please put it in so we can see what the govt. is trying to screw us with now. If you think this can’t happen, look back at some of the other things you said can’t happen that is now a reality. If you want to trust this govt. then good luck with that.

  3. I have met some real caring VA health care workers and also one’s who could care less and see us as a burden but I am convinced that the trouble in the VA comes from the administrators who get those big fat bonuses and till they are held accountable by being criminally charged for violations of law and against veterans, nothing will change. Has anyone ever wonder how bad it is for those VA employee’s who do want to help us but are pressured to the point of fear by the administrators who only care for there bonuses so they threaten to fire anyone who come’s forward and tells on them. If I were to rate them the admin of the VA they would not even be at 0 but I don’t think our service organizations are any better. They have been here for a long time representing us and defending our rights we earned so how did the VA get so bad, I still can get a real answer to that from them. If the VA is suppose to take care of the veterans then why do we need all these organizations to help veterans. Its sad so many veterans died waiting on health care but what about the thousands that died waiting on there claims or appeals which by the way is greater than the medical waits but non the less both are disgraceful because the VA admin are more concerned about there bonuses than us. Its time we veterans ban together and say in one loud voice enough.

  4. The DVA, since its inception has treated veterans as pariah, so it is not whether they’ve been naughty or nice. The organization has for nearly a century acted criminally, from medical negligence to administrative malfeasance, all resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of vets, and all for the most part without accountability.

    I have for nearly seven years suggested that the DVA be torn down. Almost all the legislation concerning it is written so it can be administratively interpreted anyway the DVA wants. It is even subject to the opinions of lower level administrators and legal staff so there can and is no continuity or standardization.

    The department fails to obey almost every law and practice for the management of healthcare and administration. Bonuses are given in the face of utter and complete failures of leadership.

    Administrators are overpaid, as are physicians. Managers are promoted for incompetence, There are no ramifications for employees’ misdeeds because of union interference. Thousands of buildings are in the GSA inventory sitting unused. Contract personnel give lucrative contracts to friends and relatives.

    It is obvious that the service organizations are “in cahoots” with the DVA. They would not be needed if the DVA was operated in an effective manner. Billions could be saved through a “health care card” so veterans could seek the doctors and treatments they desire, without government control or meddling.

    I could go on and on, as could many vets and veterans advocates (i.e. lawyers). But the bottom line is that the DVA needs to be torn down.

  5. The Nehmer Court Order { The Nehmer Training Guide 2010 (211A); The Nehmer Training Guide February 2011 Revised } and Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumptions ( by law clerk Nichols October 2010 ) are already laid down and laid out to speed up Veterans claims; for example, The Nehmer Court Order states: VA compensates class counsel for all of it’s work on Nehmer claims. Write to:
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Compensation & Pension Service
    Attn: Nehmer Working Group (211A)
    810 Vermont Ave NW
    Washington D.C. 20420
    Please read both documents first. Also, Navy Veterans, read DVA January 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211): Information on Vietnam Naval Operations; And, June 2010 C & P Bulletin Policy (211): ADDITIONAL Information on Vietnam Naval Operations. The history of The USS NEWPORT NEWS CA-148 includes operations in the Vinh Binh Province in The Mekong DELTA December 1968 (see Jan.2010 C& P Bulletin Policfy(211) for operations in rivers and DELTAS). The June 2010 C&P Bulletin Policy (211) ships list, lists the USS Newport News CA-148 for operations: Cua Viet River 1969. July 2013, The USS NEWPORT NEWS made the DVA’s ships list. However, December 2013, The Buffalo DVA still denied compensation including medical compensation until I sent the Buffalo DVA and The Nehmer Working Group (211A), the above information. Now, The Buffalo DVA examiner retro(ed) the diagnosis of my ischemic heart disease to as early as 2000;The Buffalo DVA refused payment within 21 days as required by The Nehmer Court Order: by sending my claim to the Board of Veterans Appeals; yet, it was Buffalo DVA’s examiner that made the diagnosis entered into the Buffalo DVA’s June 2014 Decision. Hence, of Buffalo DVA’s review, my retro claim is valid without a formal claim ever being filed (see Nehmer Training Guide (211A) and/or February 2011 Revised). The Buffalo DVA to includeThe Nehmer Working Group (211A) is in contempt of The Nehmer Court Order and Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumptions.

  6. Naughty is not the word, trolling would be the word to describe multiple levels of malfeasance. The so called good employees are just as guilty for not speaking up to protect their jobs. Most importantly, the corruption is backed by other agencies get tipped if there is a problem brewing. Eric Snowden was the ignition into the works of the government, exposing executive corruption tailored by OGC to smokescreen any complaints with legal maneuvers.Reform starts with a legal panel outside of the government that oversees any legal matters in government with control numbers assigned to them so that the heads of all agencies including the President have to sign off on for receipt and acknowledgement. More work is needed.

  7. The way they treat me most of time has been Naughty but like you say there is a lot of great ones that do help our fellow Veterans. One reason they don’t like me is because I’ve fought them all the way to the old Court of Veterans Appeals and won, plus I got retroactive back pay. Now I’ve been 100% P & T since about 1990. Keep fighting for your rights sooner or later you will win. God Bless.

  8. Feel about the same. I have seen some providers that really seem to care, and honestly some that just enjoyed f***ing with me. I don’t know. The whole system is still wildly broken, though. I just had my last straw with VA healthcare–we were dropped by our mental health care provider, and that was the only part of our care we could access to that point.

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