Ice Cream

‘Tone Deaf’ Veterans Affairs To Serve Up Ice Cream For Employee Recognition

Ice Cream

Wednesday, Under Secretary for Benefits Thomas Murphy will serve up ice cream to his employees after returning from an all-week VA trip to sunny San Diego.

The event supposedly deserving of ice cream is the annual Public Service Recognition Week, and it comes on the heels of massive revelations from VA OIG about the wait list scandal including a number of veterans who died while stuck in the fraud scheme to boost performance numbers while wrongly denying veterans access to timely health care.

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Now, this treat is from the Benefits side of VA, but that side of the agency is also not without its problems. Those range from a claims backlog to an appeals backlog to shredder-gate to Diana Rubens-gate and more. The Benefits side of the house is rife with agency fraud where the agency wrongly denies veterans the benefits they deserve while allegedly steering government contracts to political cronies.


The move has been described by some insiders as being “tone deaf” to public sentiment and the sentiment of employees who see the serving of ice cream as being disingenuous. One of those insiders sent me the top photo of the invite for my readers to enjoy.

Is Ice Cream The Right Thing?

While there is no question morale is still waning from within the agency, those inside the agency wonder if VA could come up with something more substantive than ice cream.

Or, maybe ice cream is exactly the fleeting treat agency chiefs believe their employees deserve?

I am really curious about how my readers feel on this one, both veterans and VA employees, to see what you think VA should really do for its employees.

Should they get nothing?

Should they get ice cream?

Should they get more than ice cream?

How do you really show recognition of an employee, and do these regular celebrations in the federal government for merely showing up to work resemble similar treatment civilian employees get in Corporate America?

Corporate America Recognition Day?

I asked my wife that question.

She works on the corporate side of a major US-based bank and could not remember one time she had a generic “recognition” day for merely showing up to work at the bank.

We all know President Donald Trump gave them an accountability office while canceling ‘bring your kid to work day’ two weeks ago. The agency reportedly shut down while forcing all employees to watch President Trump sign an executive order creating a new accountability office using livestream.

Meanwhile, after a grueling trip to sunny San Diego for a week with regional office heads from around the country, Under Secretary Tom Murphy will serve up some ice cream.

Will he actually be the one doing the serving? (I would love a photo of that if any employees happen to snap a photo of it on Wednesday.)

Is the ice cream a metaphor of what is to come? Is it an allusion to notorious ice cream eater Warren Buffett? What is to say?

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For me, this ‘ice cream recognition day’ reminds me of a joke I heard in the military while working on the flight line. This is sometimes what I think it’s like working in VA.

Three Men In Hell

Three men went to hell.

The devil said to them “You have come to hell, and you must now choose whether to spend eternity in room 1, 2 or 3”

He then opened the doors to the three rooms.

Room 1 was filled with men standing on their heads, on a hard wooden floor.

Room 2 was filled with men standing on the heads, on a cement floor.

Finally, room 3 had just a few men, standing in sh!t up to their knees and drinking coffee.

The men thought for a while, and decided to go with room 3, as it was less crowded and they could drink coffee.

They entered the door to room 3 and just as it was closing behind them, the devil said “OK men, coffee break’s over. Back on your heads.”

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  1. Ben, there is nothing that I can find on line about this “Conference” in San Diego, Do you have any particulars as to when the conference happened , where the corrupt officials were staying,, and who organized the ‘conference and who approved the expenditure of the money and did it include activities paid for by the VA and HOW MUCH IT COST, so I can raise some holy hell with the Sec of Veterans; Affairs. Somehow the VA has gotten the wrong idea that the money belongs to “the government” to be spent according to bureauc rats whims and that is not the way it works or going to work………….Serving ice cream to people who serve shit to veterans doesn’t cut it. If this is an awards type of deal where you get awarded for doing things, getting work accomplished for the work you do, THEN FIRST YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK……….!!!!

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  3. The ice cream is a joke–I’m
    A veteran and a health care provider–every dept is run differently. In my clinic we have no time to use the bathroom–no 15 min breaks–see as many people as we can–have high ratings from patients, created a new service in our office to program cochlear implants (what I did in the private sector) which has reduced costs of travel and improved access for patients. I’ve fixed issues that the private clinic couldn’t. I don’t need ice cream, I’ll probably never get a gs pay grade increase or monetary bonus like the higher ups. That’s what to serve” means. Actually doesn’t feel that different from when I was an E-1 even though I now have a job that cost $80,000 in student loans–and no the GI bill didn’t cover but 10% of it. My position isn’t one that can get student loan forgiveness. I didn’t join military thinking of health care or the benefits I was going to receive. Please know that Disparaging care givers is no way to get better health care–it’s like blaming soldiers for decisions made by their commander. Why do you think there’s such high turnover? Care givers get blamed by patients and served ice cream from above to make it better? The only thing I need is for each vet to thank their GOOD care givers in writing or in person. I’m an audiologist and this site has posted about the privatization of these services. In our area the private auds and ENT’s don’t want to see choice patients because of the poor reimbursement. I was in private practice for 10 years–insurance and Obamacare was killing the medical field. Many of my colleagues came to VA because they wanted to provide care without worrying about running a business. The VA is not 100% bad- let your reps know about the services u do want to keep. You don’t want a CVS “hearing aid salesman” trying to program your implants or hearing aids.

    1. You said two things, the veterans say your doing a good job and you say veterans complain about their providers.?

      Do not know now long you have been on this site, but if you take the time to read these posts. You will see where many of us, have stated there are good employees.

      We also see where many VA employees have become canibles and will turn on the good one’s.

      Retalation. So I thank you for helping veterans, WHAT or how do we get rid of the bad one’s.

      If you have not see anything go wrong, come out of your office more. Can all these veterans, the media and some of elected officials wrong.

      Sorry, but where there is smoke there is usely a fire. Keep up the good work, believe it or not Most veterans appreciate employees that ❤ !

      Have a good day !

      1. LOL James, great minds think alike, we posted almost the same sentiment at about the very same time. Now if we could only organize a march……

      2. A million man March is needed and I want Ben to be our voice at the event. Need to get Rubio to speak.

        He is one who iniated the push for reform to hold bad VA employees accountable.

      3. @James Galleos: James, I am with you 100%, I have thought about this a very long time, I think the problem veterans like us have, with organizing a march of this magnitude, is that the veterans pissed off enough to want this march are too disabled, and the veterans that are not disabled are too busy working and trying to survive, to get involved in a march. I was really considering reaching out to those entities that put together the worldwide womans march, and see if they would be interested in helping us put something like this together. I imagine every single one of those woman, either lost a loved one, has a friend who has lost a loved one, or has lost a neighbor, in the military. I am frustrated with the entire VA mess. I am not trained in civil disobedience, Something needs to give, we can’t keep spending money on everything under the sun, and keep taking away, or denying to veterans. Veterans on complete disability, that is when they finally get it after a very long battle, live in poverty. Meanwhile, the damn assholes at the VA make more than any veteran has ever made, active duty or otherwise. It is a travesty of justice, that nobody seems to give a shit about.

      4. That sounds like a good idea, yes maybe they can Help. !

        If you get a response get a contact so veterans can Help each other. So many other people found a way to get the word out.

        Get their contact’s who helped them. Yes many are unable to make it due to health problems.

        All other veterans can take SOME sort of leave for a couple days. Once the word gets out, I believe many other citizens would show up.

        We could read the names of all the veterans who died waiting for care and all those who took their own lives for lack of treatment or mistreatment.

      5. Absolutely a Million “person” march, (this coming from a FORMER male chauvinist pig who when, on the day he was commissioned as a 2/LT. USMC, greeted a female Marine Major with no salute and a : ”How ya doin, Babe!”). (My apologies my fellow female officers). ( I UNDERWENT A REVELATION OF SPIRIT THE VERY SECOND MY DAUGHTER WAS BORN)

        They obviously did not get the message when they funded the bureaucrats vacation by the sea for VA boobecrats and an ice cream festival overlooking the ocean. SEMPER FI, GOOD BYE boobecrats

    2. @JoAnn: JoAnn, thank you for the outstanding care you have provided veterans. The VA needs more people like you. There are too many bad apples throughout the VA system, you obviously are not one of them. The audiology dept. at my VA is filled with some of the most caring and professional audiologist anywhere. I think most of the specialty clinics do a fine job. The problem veterans are having is with their PCP, and quack shrinks, along with management, and union workers who man the desks. It is a shame good caregivers such as yourself get caught up in the turmoil caused by those who consider themselves union employees first and the hell with veterans. For an eye opener, keep an eye on Bens blog. The stories you read are true. The conditions at the VAMC are also real. And of course, there are extremely fine caregivers such as yourself. I personally thank you again. We veterans do not, want audiology or optometry being moved off site to some corner store, on this we can all agree. Hope you have a great night. Please keep reading the blog to stay informed as to how veterans feel they are being taken care of. Some are so frustrated they use the blog to blow off steam. Some are truly in need of help that the VA is not providing,. Some have been put on disruptive behavior lists out of spite, and not because of anything they did. Some of these people were at one time your fellow veteran co workers who were targeted for speaking up. Don’t turn a blind eye to wrongdoings, and always watch your back. A rose for you JoAnn @}—-‘–,—- have a great night.

    3. JoAnn, there are good care givers at the VA and I have commented on mine when it warrants, but those few good experiences are outweighed by the far more bad experiences veterans have at the VA, often with VA employees that are not care givers.

      I have had much better care from the Ortho doc on my last appointment which is an improvement, but the pain and swelling was again ignored like it has been for 3 years. No big deal because it’s been often ignored by the VA for over 25 years.

      I had outstanding service from the audiologist when I got hearing aids. Since then, other clinic staff has caused the clinic to go down hill badly. I needed supplies which are mailed, and kept getting the wrong supplies. I called the clinic several times and left voice mails, but never got a return call. I simply wanted to verify information, but the clinic refused to answer the phone letting all calls go to voice mail, then refusing to return calls.

      After a different appointment one day, I went to the audiology clinic and asked why they refused to return calls, and was told they set aside 1 hour every week to return phone calls, which was BS…they just didn’t call.

      I have had a problem with one where the audio has changed, so I went to the clinic since they offer walk in service. The guy handling the appointment was upset I was there, like I was interrupting his day. I told him what the one hearing aid was doing. He cleaned them, gave them back and said he was done. He fixed nothing since the audio or operating mode is still wrong, and nothing changes it, so I live with it.

      These are just a couple of minor bad experiences I have had with the VA, with hundreds of others that are much worse dating back many years.

      I can count the good experiences on one hand.

      There are good providers at the VA, but there are far too many other bad ones that cause grief for the good ones.

      Perhaps if the good providers demanded the bad ones be dealt with effectively, you would feel better about working there, and veterans wouldn’t have such negative responses.

      Perhaps if veterans providers who are licensed providers were regulated by states with good oversight like states do with hair stylists then there would be accountability for the bad ones. Bad ones that at times resulting in the death of veterans.

      And JoAnn, no veteran goes to the VA because they joined the military thinking they would get health care or benefits.

      1. Jo Ann,

        there is no doubt that there are many really caring and well trained people who administer care at the VA, but THEY ARE WELL O0VERSHADOWED BY THE BOOBS IN THE BOOBACRACY. TRUST ME THEY FORM AN IMPRENETABLE WALL OF INCOMPETENCE AND ARROGANCE, AND THYE MUST BE REPLACED AT ALL COSTS.

  4. @Ex va: Ex, I am going to call it a night. Pain in da butt trying to chat on a tablet. God Bless and goodnight. Catch up with you tomorrow night.

    1. @-.-. .—, you have a goodnight and God bless you and yours. Hope your appointment goes well for you tomorrow. Take care.

  5. @Ex VA: Appointment is at 12:45, not too far early. Typing on a tablet, sorry my reply is delayed.

    1. What the fuck? I didn’t type “far” whoever invented autocorrect, should invent one more thing, and die.

      1. @-.-. .—, ROFL!!! I didn’t even noticed till you said something. That damn autocorrect comes up with stuff doesn’t make any sense.

    2. @-.-. .—, i don’t think i could handle the ice. Lol. I have a tens machine. If the meds don’t help i will use that. Majority of boxes were empty just going thru a closet in my spare room has too much junk in it that is broken i never fixed. So, i started throwing it away.

      1. @Ex va: I hear you, use it or lose it. Space is always needed. The longer you live in the same place. The more stuff grows in closets lol. Sure, it starts with a pencil, next thing you know, you have a tree growing out of your spare room.

      2. @-.-. .—, i can’t handle the clutter of it sometimes and forget what the hell is in there. I don’t know how it becomes that way, you are right the longer you live in the same space the more the stuff grows. The ticks are out i give dog meds for flea and ticks and heartworm, that stuff is expensive. I found one on the indoor dog. It was just crawling on her. I hate those blood suckers. Reminds me of some of the va employees. But they are more like vampires.

      3. @Ex va: LOL, you are so right, blood sucking VA employees. Heck yeah, those dog meds cost, but you have no choice. Damn ticks are getting worse every year.

      4. @-.-. .—, i blame the deer for spreading the ticks and disease. We have deers coming up in the yard and i know they bring the ticks. Keep the grass down i have a riding mower, still have ticks. The water is finally going down. Today the ground wasn’t so wet.

    1. @-.-. .—, geesh, i hate to hear that these attacks are every night now. Good you got your planting done. Good you have a pulmonary appointment tomorrow. I hope it is something simple. Maybe take medications later or earlier. I did somethings today now my back is paying for it.

      1. @-.-. .—, did you start any new medications? Did you decrease any of your meds?

      2. @Ex VA: What did you do to your back? Only thing that has changed is I no longer take Clonazepam, I have finished the tapering schedule , least a week ago. I was getting these attacks before I started tapering, just not as often.

      3. @-.-. .—, moving some boxes around.. i cleaned up a little and my daughter did the vacuuming and dusting stuff. Threw out some stuff too. I did some walking too. Beautiful day just a lot of wind. Hate to hear about the attacks. I get anxiety attacks. I hate those.

      4. @Ex VA: Yes a nice day, if I remember right, it is 10 to 20 degrees warmer by you on average. Started cool today then warmed up nicely. It’s good you got out for a walk. Not good you tweaked your back. Ice seems to work in the short run.

      1. @Ex VA: Hey, Ex. Doing okay, got a jump on planting. Still waiting to hear about renting land. Damn attacks are happening every night now. Have a pulmonary appointment tomorrow.

  6. Ben:
    Do you know who arranged this ice cream fiasco, and what it cost to put on?
    How in the hell can they have employee appreciation week, when the VA is so corrupt and incompetent?
    TAKEM DOWN, TAKEM DOWN, TAKEM DOWN……………………………………….

    1. @Robert Carlyle Berrett – – – We got’m covered and surrounded sir. Just give us the orders, and will take’m out one by one. -.-. .— has a bead on the ones on the perimeter. The other members of his team will move 10 seconds after the first round is heard. All that I want to know is; dead or alive sir, dead or alive.


  8. The Veterans Affairs is so corrupt and so incompetent and the boobecrats are soo arrogant it is beyond the pale, beyond the imagination, the VA cannot be fixed, it m ust be torn down and vets go to private doctors and compensation exams and adjudication by private HONEST lawyers, I gots lots of true stories.
    Those who let vets die are guilty of Negligent Homicide, and need to be prosecuted, after being drawn and quartered.
    Capt., USMCR, reTIRED, Juris Doctor, (lawyer)

  9. Comey never had a chance. I already despise sessions. Have you seen his face next to granny Clampett? He’s a very petty and ignorant human being. He has no ethics, no values, no compassion. Perfect for the job.


      Comey obstructed justice, I warned Jim long time ago that he needed to go right up the middle, he is (was) a cop, not a prosecutor; Only a prosecutor can decide whether to prosecute. McCabe long ago crossed the line, he should have been fired long ago and perhaps prosecuted.
      Do you know that you do not have to have intent to commit espionage? Negligence will do it, Pal.
      Rod Rosenstein is the most respected (by Democrats too), person in the justice department, HE MADE THE DECISION BASED UPON COMEY’S MALFEASANCE/MISFEASANCE.

      Sessions sent the head of the KKK to prison. You are a fool, get the facts, learn the law…………………………….

  10. 2606 perished in the trade center attack. We have now surpassed that in veterans, since POTUS took oriface. How many more need to die, for the AFGE?
    Fantastic job so far, gold star for a job well done. Don’t forget the ice cream.

    Only thing I hated more than a liberal, is a fuckin liar!!!

      1. @James Gallegos: Yes a veteran. This is cj. Not hiding, just changed the look of my handle. Either way it is still cj.

  11. President Trump wants to send 1000’s of troops, back to Afghanistan. I say, go fuck yourself.

    Until you fix the damn VA, you get no more able bodied Americans​ to sacrifice, break, destroy, or fuck over, in any way shape or form. Get rid of the AFGE/SES, or the military.

    No longer do you get to screw over one group, for the benefit of the other. Send your own damn kids, at least they will get healthcare when they get back.. Lying asshole.

  12. “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream”– (the chorus sings from the VA Psych Unit Padded Rooms as the ice cream is being served by the dips or the dips are being served???)

    *one more time*

    “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream”… 🙂

    1. @Namnibor – – – I ran out early of my meds, do you some extra to hold me over until I’m able to get mine? I’ll pay you back with a couple extra.

      This was posted by someone else. It is not me, so don’t believe everything that you read.

  13. Breaking News: Pres. Trump has just fired FBI Director Comey.

    “[FBI Director James Comey has been fired, according to the White House.


    “Today, President Donald J. Trump informed FBI Director James Comey that he has been terminated and removed from office,” the White House statement reads.

    “President Trump acted based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” the statement said.

    1. Even Fox Fake News Shepherd Smith came out today that he has been a closet butt muncher all this time…and all this time I just thought he was a Disney Autobot, so it all makes sense now, sorta….we really need a squadron or two of those poop canons…but at this point will they even bother them? They seem to love poop. 🙂

  14. How about a new take on the old joke?

    A VA manager dies and goes to Hell. He is ushered into Satan’s office for an orientation and a get to know you chat.

    Satan asks the guy, “Do you like to really screw over vets?” VA man, realizing he was in Hell for a reason, decided to be honest – “Gosh I sure got used to it.” Satan says, “Then you are gonna LOVE Monday mornings! That is when I put somebody in charge of their appeals for mercy, and YOU are the man!”

    Satan then asks, “Do you like to play around with surgery on vets? Are you good at REALLY botching a surgery?” The man almost bursts with pride! “Yes!” he proudly exclaims, seeing now that Hell just might have a nice spot for him. “Great!”, says Satan, “We need somebody to man the first aid station on Tuesdays! You are gonna LOVE Tuesdays!

    Then Satan asks his final question, “Say, do you enjoy being gang raped by all the vets that you ever screwed over for days on end?” The VA man, stunned, exclaims “No!!!” Satan responds, “Then you are really gonna HATE the rest of the week!”

  15. I will serve them all up some very special ‘soft serve’ that I like to call, “Berry Blast From My Intestinal Past”. However, I am not nearly as agile as I once was so I am not guaranteeing my aim to be precise enough for a cone, but the top end of any bucket will do. Next!

  16. @SeymourKlearly, You supposed to knock me down. I thoroughly believe that we need the VA. I think when they are finished with the healthcare, we Veterans who don’t make a lot of money, will only have the VA. We got to fix it. I’m not seeing THEM trying to FIX it. I’m lost as to what, “drain the swamp” means. All I see is transferring money from needed programs to the rich. Agree with you, dash dot, and sorry about the politics.

  17. Side note #1.)
    Does y’all remember those two veterans, one male – one female, who tied up their dog and shot it? All while they were videotaping it, giggling and acting like the asswipes they really are!
    On “The Doctor of Common Sense”, “E.T. Williams”, website today, it’s being reported the female (allegedly) committed suicide!
    I’m not sure how true this is.
    Yet, my heart isn’t breaking for either one of them!

    Side note #2)
    “Disgraced former Representative Corrine Brown” is having a bad day. Seems the jury is still “deliberating”, since yesterday, on the multiple charges she’s facing.
    She’s facing up to 300+ years in prison for Fraud and tax evasion.
    The “Fraud charges” stem from her using monies from a “For Profit Organization” for her own “personal use”.
    The organization, (which was supposed to help kids with schooling), was thought to be a nonprofit, yet never had the proper paperwork ok’ed by the IRS!

  18. @Jo3n: DC doesn’t give a rats ass about veterans, or the middle class on down.
    They do give a shit about unions, and fellow rich fucks, who keep them in power. We are just a nuisance, that they have no respect for. I can assure you, if there were no veterans left, there would still be a VA. Think about that for a while.

  19. POTUS doesn’t seem concerned about Veterans suicides. He doesn’t know anything about our end of the stick. He has no one around him that does. 20-22suicides, 12 a month die in Los Angeles, how many more a month that never get reported? He’s a corporation, and corporations have no heart. I just can’t see him giving a damn. Look how blatantly he and his family do what they do. I get that for many, the ACA was more a distraction. For many it wasn’t. When I saw them Senators laughing, knowing they were destroying people’s lives, we’ll, that pretty much says it all. All of THEM are laughing… while Veterans are dying that could have been saved. Makes me sick.

    1. Basically we were once primary assets on the balance sheet for the country and now we have been depreciated to the point of being unwanted liabilities to be written off.

    2. September 1 2017, marshal law in effect concerning immigrants???

      CNN September 1, Law enforcement will begain a round up of migrants. Any law enforcement that does not corporate can have misterminer charges placed on them.

      Elected officials will be removed from office.

      Who is next !

      People entering the United State’s illegally should be deported. That should include illegals from all countries. Visa over stay from all over the ? should be rounded up and deported.

      Since they want to pick and choose who goes. Growning season or end of it should be interesting.

      Food rotting in the fields, food prices will probably rise.

      They are desprate in my local community trying to find prison guard’s. Private prisons will be full.

      What do you folks think about this situation.

  20. If it were me, I would put on a marijuanna social event. Not just the dank swag either – the really good shit. Every employee, in gratitude for their ability to breath while on the job would qualify (like now) for participation in the event. Buds would be served well trimmed and hash oil preheated.

    Marijuanna often changes attitudes in the short run. For the length of time they are getting rewarded for a job well done, the agency might experience a shift in service towards a more positive and healing approach to vets, but do not worry. They will return to normal when the effects wear off. Ice cream on he other hand makes people stingy and not want to share of care and unlike marijuanna the effects accumulate over time instead of fading away. Rumor has it that ice cream is stored in fat cells.

    As far as food at the event…. if you get them the best Oregon grown hash oil then all you really need for a profound experience is huge jar of peanut butter and a bottle of root beer for each person. Forks will be provided to dip out of the community peanut butter jar. Root beer will be consumed straight from the bottle with no regard for backwash. Trust me, they will love the feast. Frankly they will love just about everything if the hash is good enough. Just imagine how a REALLY mellowed and vibed out VA worker would be different! The altering efffects of the mind might momentarily render them helpful, but AFGE could stand by in case that got out of hand too far.

    I am betting POTUS would even join in? POT for the US (POTUS) could do with a dab or two, right? He is under stress after all.

    P.S. POTUS, can you please have them lift my DBC flag? Thanks in advance. Gotta log now, my hash oil is getting cold. Remember! Finish your joints – there are children in India that go without!

  21. “OIG Report: More Than 100 Veterans Died While Waiting for Care at Los Angeles VA”, by Natalie Johnson, Washington Free Beacon, May 6th, 2017

    “VA employees failed to follow proper procedure”

    “More than 100 veterans died while waiting for care at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Los Angeles, Calif., over a nine-month span ending in August 2015, according to a new government report.

    The VA Office of Inspector General found in a recent healthcare inspection that 225 veterans at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System facility died with open or pending consults between Oct. 1, 2015 and Aug. 9, 2015. Nearly half—117—of those patients died while experiencing delays in receiving care.

    The inspector general reported that 43 percent of the 371 consults scheduled for patients who ended up dying were not timely because of a failure by VA employees to follow proper procedure. The report was unable to substantiate claims that patients died as a result of the delayed consults.”


    Ice Cream Social, really!!!

    Should be a pink slip party at the VA with DOJ follow ups.

    Instead they get a ice cream social with plenty of white wash.

    1. Truck load of White Wash.

      From the IGs report:

      “For the period October 1, 2014 through August 9, 2015, we identified 225 deceased patients who had 371 open or pending consults at the time of their deaths or had discontinued consults after their deaths.

      Of the 225 patients, we found 117 patients with 158 consults experienced delays in obtaining requested consults. We substantiated that 43 percent (158/371) of consults were not timely because providers and scheduling staff did not consistently follow consult policy or procedures.

      We did not substantiate the allegation that patients experienced serious or severe impact with long-term consequences or organ dysfunctions or that patients died as a result of delayed consults.

      However, we identified two patients who experienced intermediate impact (Patient 1) or minor impact (Patient 2).

      We found that providers entered incorrect inpatient/outpatient setting and/or urgency for 14 percent (52/371) of the reviewed consults. Providers entered incorrect consult service settings for 9 percent (34/371) of consults and incorrect consult urgency for 5 percent (18/371) of consults.

      While not an allegation, we observed deficiencies in consult management practices which contributed to the delays.

      Of the 158 delayed consults identified, we noted that facility staff did not:
      (a) timely act on clinical consult requests,
      (b) close completed consults or discontinue duplicate requests or consults no longer indicated, or
      (c) monitor the electronic wait list for Homemaker/Home Health Aide services. Additionally, scheduling staff encountered challenges scheduling appointments due to patient unavailability or patients not attending scheduled appointments for various reasons.

      We determined that had the facility implemented consistent and timely review of open and pending consults, facility consult data would have reflected a more accurate number of delayed consults that had potential clinical impact.”

      Full report at: “”

      I am sure we can make an educated guess as to how many of the Veterans had other insurance the facility could bill.

      To bad the report doesn’t include the number of Veterans who died waiting for their applications for health care had been processed. Again VA policy no insurance to bill you just have to die on your own.

      1. Makes a Veteran wonder how much the VA raked in by billing third party insurance for the Hep-C drug. We know that they made Billions through third party billing by charging Medicaid and Medicare. All through the back door process of third party billing for the Hep-C drug. But how much did they make billing private insurance companies?

        VHC the Disneyland of Health Care.

      2. @Seymore – – – Per your post, May 9, 2017 at 10:21am. Is the following statement exactly from the IG Report? . . .

        ‘For the period October 1, 2014 through August 9, 2015, we identified 225 deceased patients who had 371 open or pending consults at the time of their deaths or had discontinued consults after their deaths.’

        This part of the sentence doesn’t make sense, “or discontinued consults after their deaths.” This has no impact on the Veterans lives in the first place, they’ve basically expired due to VA staff not following proper procedures or in a timely manner.

        Plus, since the Veterans passed away, then how could they go to the consults in the first place? Was it their ghosts? Words mean something. The problem is that they [IG Report Writers] don’t know what they wrote. Most people when reading this part, would most likely overlook this.

        If medical procedures weren’t followed by VA Staff because providers and scheduling staff did not consistently follow consult policy or procedures, then you’d think that this would be some form of malpractice? But yet, I don’t recall anything in the MSM [Main Stream Media] that reported this, unless I missed it.

        Then the IG Report states, “While not an allegation, we observed deficiencies in consult management practices which contributed to the delays.” . . . How about rephrasing this statement to include; “and to the deaths of [the number Veterans] Veterans.”

        The IG Report emphasized more on waiting time and procedural issues and not the loss of Veterans lives. Bullshit, Rat Bastards. – – – “When do we revolt?” We should remove all Veterans from VA facilities, and then place them into healthy and secure treatment centers, and then radio in a “Broken Arrow Request,” to have Russia drop their MOAB’s on the now empty buildings, while only VA employees are manning the VA Medical Centers. – – – Nutter

  22. President Trump, why are you so slow in acting in addressing the reformation and reorganization of the VA? You made promises multiple times pertaining to helping Veterans and dealing with the VA, but there has been no movement in this direction. So why should we continues to support you? And you may respond that it takes time to make changes in the VA. Then I respond in reminding you, that the lives of many Veterans are in jeopardy, and research indicates that between 20-22 Veterans commit suicide each and every day. Do you want the blood of Veterans to stain your hands? POTUS, its time, we’ve been waiting, Veterans lives are at risk, taxpayers are getting ripped off, and can we talk about the VA issue over a cone of ice cream? Please respond before the ice cream melts. Than you for your compassionate concern. – – – Nutter

    1. @ANutterVet: Agree, I notice you referred to him as “President Trump” Unlike the New York Times story today. It starts with “President Barack Obama, warned Donald J. Trump”

      The Snowflake Sentinel, warned the NY Slime, “former President” Barack “Hussein” Obumbler, is no longer the Cocksucker in Chief.

  23. The va needs major reform in so many areas. From logistics, clinics, scheduling, billing, vba, vha, and many more areas where the va medical centers, clinics, veterans benefits administration has failed the Veterans and continue to fail the Veterans. It is hard to comprehend any employee appreciation event when the system has failed so many Veterans by delaying benefits, denying benefits, negligence and loss of life. That is failure whether they admit to it or not it is still failure. I know they somehow say they work on it and fix it but then it starts somewhere else in the va system. That is not a success story.

    I think the majority of Veterans have extended consideration to the point that all common sense disappears on dealing with this va agency. I am with others is that there is nothing more to give. Native Americans talk about takers who take without asking and some could not understand the concept of owning the land because it was free to use for survival. That is what I believe that the Veterans are on one level of understanding and the va is on a completely different level of understanding. The va just continues to take without asking or just giving consideration to a Veteran. Just to treat a Veteran with humanity is too much to ask of the va and i know some would say a few bad apples don’t ruin the bushel, but it is not that way, it is a few good apples does not make a good bushel.

    So, i think when we read these articles we are dumbfounded and cannot understand the concept of rewarding failure on any level of the agency within the va. This is probably the norm that they have been doing for years but has come under scrutiny because of the va’s failures. I think the Veterans may be winning the battle because more and more light is being showed on their activities and the ridiculousness of some of it.

  24. Ice-cream………..get your ice-cream…………..step on up. One scoop or two? Kool-Aid or poo? Ice cream cannons? Who’s manning the damn cannons? Dammit! that fat fuck with the little cox, got ice-cream on a stick. Wait a minute…………that’s not a stick, that’s Willy the one eyed wonder worm. Orderly? where has that damn stick been? Ice-cream……..get your ice-cream.

  25. Public Appreciation Week; Where’s the public? Oh, taxpayers. Does the VA really believe the taxpayers appreciate it? Wait a minute…. Somehow, we have to come up with a plan to straighten out the VA. Bottom line, is we need it, and they know it. Damn Meshkin….

  26. I just can’t stop wondering what the ice cream day is covering up. I also believe most of them have their own ice cream………stored…., most likely in the basement, or the morgue.

  27. I will gladly pay for them to “drink the Grape Kool-Aid” if they happen to be lactose intolerant or just want something to drink with their ice cream.

      1. @Namnibor – – – I did my dissertation on the peripheral olfactory [organ that detects vaporous aromatic chemical compounds involved in the sense of smell]. During the presentation of the research findings, for variances in the intensities of different low and heavy notes, the doctorial reviewers had access to over 150 essential oils of natural flavorings to sample by sniffing. With that being said, “What type of flavor would you like for the Kool-Aid?”

  28. Actions like having a Big Ice Cream day is only going to puff the VA employee’s heads up even more than what they currently are. Question; “How many scoops are each employee allowed to have during the Ice Cream Day?”

  29. I don’t know which is funnier…the top Agent Orange denier serving ice cream knowing how big the backlog is, which is essentially telling veterans that our coffee break is over, and to get back on our heads.

    If that nitwit wanted to truly show what public service recognition is, perhaps he could get his department to improve the claims numbers, approved and backlog for those who know what the ultimate public service and sacrifice is.

    I’m sure many veterans struggling to make ends meet while waiting for their claim to be approved, trying to feed their family normal food with ice cream as a luxury would appreciate it.

    Any VSO’s here to bitch about the VA not having enough funding? VA Doctors whining about being overworked? VA employees bitching of another slack day possibly being canceled?


  30. “Should they get more than ice cream?”

    The words “pink slips” does come to mind.

    1. With “little cox” we are talking “pink slips and a red dress” the new hungry hungry hippo dance, features exchange students from the monastery. Those poor alter boys!!!!! RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! Pizza Pizza.

    2. All VA employees should get a free fortune cookie with their free Ice Cream. The fortune cookie would have two fortune’s, 1) you are a Great Veteran Advocate and can stay, or 2) you are a worthless self centered former employee who needs a new job. Veterans Should be the deciding factor on all VA Employee evaluations and personnel actions. If the VA employee was treated the very same way as they treat veterans then we would have a different VA. Want a promotion submit application to Veteran Evaluation Board, Want a Yearly Bonus wait for your yearly evaluation from the Veteran Evaluation Board, Need a personnel action for your job wait for your determination from the Veteran Evaluation Board. Reduction in Force coming get your retention status from the Veteran Evaluation Board. If every VA employee were treated exactly the way they treat veterans and have every controlling action in heir careers controlled by the very veteran they serve we would have a different VA. Murphey’s Selection was just another example of the Swap expanding verses the swamp draining!

  31. So, where is this event? If it is in DC I’ll be glad to crash it.

  32. Off Topic – Now let us all take a deep breath, cut and past the link, and have a good laugh. The last clip is excellent.


  33. Judging from the photos I have seen of VA management, My God, I hope they serve up diabetic ice cream! I noticed of course that it was not a light salad brunch affair. Should it be?

    This is typical of the disconnect VA has with the rest of America, right? America sees a VA chock full or morbid obesity and the right thing to do would be to put them on a treadmill for a few hours a day.

    The VA on the other hand sees a leaner and meaner future, so of course they decide to feed the herd ice cream? Perfect, and right on track!

  34. Gloss over everything with an Ice cream day. Kind of like when I get those VA E-mails that look like everything at the VA is working super-great, especially like the one with the PTSD Vet in an article, that basically said the VA said they may be close to curing PTSD. I immediately went to the comments and what a shitstorm of negative comments there were. Ice cream day…….pffffft

    1. you keep giving them negative comments and after awhile they quit sending the articles to you… no bad publicity please LOL

  35. they still do not get it. who bought the ice cream and how much. Are the veterans going to be told to come or are they going to be greedy and make them watch.

    Clean up the VA before any parties, then we can all celebrate !

  36. @Hannah R., it’s called Veterans Day, they don’t observe it. The VSO’S, and others, Churches do a bunch. Let them eat crap. The same crap they serve Veterans.

  37. Great Joke Ben!!!!

    In my day, same joke. Army picked room 1 – Navy chose 2. You can guess where we Marines went. So, life has not changed much since the seventies.

    Regarding the VA (Both sides: VBA and VHA) being “tone deaf”. They neither give a hoot about what the American Public at Large thinks (Most of them are clueless by their own choice) or Veterans they are supposed to be serving.

    This is NOT an irredeemable situation. It CAN be fixed. Here is how:


    1. Expedite implementing the HOLMAN RULE.

    2. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    3. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    4. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    5. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    6. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly for the care they provide veterans.

    7. Completely ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Gonna practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    Not as difficult to do as one would think. POTUS Reagan (Last GREAT Republican POTUS) did it with PATCO in the eighties – – – POTUS Trump can do it today with the AFGE.

  38. I have to stop reading these post’s. They are becoming disturbing at this point. So may people know about the wrongs of the VA yet nothing is being done. I have written so many letters senators as well as congressmen and all I get in return are form letters.

    1. I to have gone to my senators offices here in Florida and not even the common courtesy to tell me and other vets who went with me to tell us “to go to hell.” I’ll take the position that “their silence is consent.” My Congressman Rep. DeSantis has been a stand up Representative as with a few other Reps in the House and requested a GAO investigation into the use of Agent Orange and other herbicides on Guam. We have to keep fighting pure and simple or the government wins.

      1. Good for you for getting that GAO ball rolling Brian. Having been involved in one before, I suggest you keep tabs on it. Once it is complete, be ready to refute anything wrong line by line.

        It’s not to say the GAO will lie about it, but whoever they are investigating will have no qualms about feeding the GAO investigators a line of BS.

        If at all possible, it helps to contact the GAO to offer whatever documentation you might have if it is hard proof of what happened on Guam.

      2. Thank you 91! I gave everything to my Representative. Just type in Agent Orange on Guam and your computer will go crazy. We have even been interviewed by the press down here in Florida. If they (the DOD) should lie the GAO can nail their asses to the wall. The DOD has acknowledged receipt of the letter of investigation. There is a Major General USAF and a Rear Admiral that are probably wondering what went wrong and why us Guam vets aren’t accepting their BS! I’ve been told that some of us may be subpoenaed to testify before Congress. I will be there if called! I promise all of you I will be there. Semper Fi!

    2. touchavet…all i get is we need more info. all they have to do is read what i sent them, same old B.S.

      1. You are right, everything is a run around. You look at their site. Do you need help with a government agency we can help. HOW ? they will not call you, they will not answer the e-mail, except to say thank you for your concerns. Follow us on Facebook and while your at it please Donate $5, $10

        You watch them on the news and some flat out tell the citizens they don’t answer to them. and could care less what they think.

  39. I’ll take my Dow Chemical Orange, Blue, White and Silvex sprinkles on a “Soft Serve” with a freshly cut coconut from Guam where I got exposed for two years to the “Rainbow Herbicides” while I was in the Corps. Seriously though we are making some progress about the use of AO on Guam…. HR 809 (the Foster Act) plus we have the GAO conducting a investigation into the DOD. The Guam Legislature passed a resolution that supports us Guam veterans that were exposed.

  40. VA called after reading this site, they will send me some powdered water to mix with water, a package of “Instant Ice Cream” in a few days, I all had to do was ask!! Oh yeah they told me to mix it in a walk-in freezer!

  41. I have some “soft serve” gulf war illness, IBS brand I would love to donate to the cause. That fat fuck, “Lil” Cox from AFGE can have the first dish since I’m sure his waddle ass will be at the head of the line.

    1. I haven’t heard anything about Little Cox in a while. Maybe Murphy or some other upper management flunky will deliver ice cream to Little Cox personally.

      …with extra cherries.

      1. Ice cream and cherries on a lilttle cox…………….interesting.
        I’m betting the delivery will be in the rear, under the rainbow flag, mums the word, grunt, grunt, oink, oink.
        Someone should call little cox, and ask if ice cream day, is the newest ‘holiday” listed in the union contract. Grunt, grunt, oink, oink, snort, snort.

      2. come mucha merdia pwendejo va dc hq !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Don’t think that Cox is into Cherries. Given cherries are a fruit and he looks like he avoids all fruits in his diet.

        But I am sure when he wakes up from one of his whooping ass dreams he chows down a bowl of dingle berries. Matter of fact maybe all the attendees should have a choice of crunchy or fudge like dingle berries for their toppings.

  42. I laughed when they suggested I go to their weight loss program.
    I told paki “doctor” that it looked like the VA needs to send 98% of staff to weight loss program.
    And further, it doesn’t look good for the VA weight loss program.
    Maybe if I went there, instead of being 15 pounds over, I’d end up looking like the staff.

    This ice cream social for employees who doing a great job for their bosses.

    When is customer appreciation day for the vets? It’s a stunt, this ice cream crap. And a sideways slap in the face of the vets. They can’t afford to process claims or appeals, yet they give rewards? Yes, again, just shows that this situation is exactly like they like.

  43. Since I won’t be able to attend this monumental event, my question is- Will they mail me my ice cream? I live here in New Mexico and it’s started to get hot again so a bowl of delicious VA Ice Cream would be great! Any advice? Maybe they will send it in a box filled with ‘dry ice’?

    1. Drone delivery is way too advanced for the VA, but for the time being, the VA will have a KC refueling plane filled to each wing full of ice cream and the VA and USAF will spray VA ice cream over your coordinates with the help of the Monsanto Chemical Co. and BVA Agent Orange Denier Murphy…be aware that you will not be able to grow anything where this stuff lands for a generation.

      1. Nam, this is the VA we are talking about. If they delivered ice cream to Gary via drone, it would be frozen hard and dropped right through the roof of his house.

        Or show up 7 months from now with some serious scientific growth going on.

      2. 91Veteran, You’re right about my roof, I now have a new ‘skylight’. Remind me never to ask for VA Ice Cream again.

      3. namnibor, Since you posted I’ve been plastered with orange ice cream that killed my dog, drowned my horse, wiped out my tomatoes, poisoned my well, and dropped me a Bill to pay. Maybe I’ll get a Vet Discount?

  44. 1.) The only time I received anything because I showed up for work all the time – was a freaking completely “paycheck!”
    Oh, wait, does getting a “smiley face” on my report card, for being there all the time, in first grade count?
    2.) A good swift kick in the pants would do nice on all these reprobates! Maybe someone will put some non-tasting & non-smelling kind of “Ex-Lax” in everyone’s ice cream!
    They deserve more!

  45. Nice joke, Benjamin. So in other words, you are saying the VA is not only “tone Deaf”, but they also have shit in their ears? LOL!!!

    As far as the ice cream- Since it’s BVA Agent Orange Denier Murphy, may I correctly assume that “Monsanto Orange Cream Swirl” will be the ice cream variety offered or would that only be the case if Veterans were openly invited from the community and THAT “ice cream” would be in a separate entrance and conference room?

    In any case, just what any engorged purple team at the VA needs; ice cream. Commemorating jobs evilly well-done in the meat grinder. Maybe they will all get listeria or something from their feeding frenzy. 🙂

    1. @Namnibor – – – Serve em old Blue Bell ice cream. Woo hoo, got to goo, move out of the way. Here you go Nam, can you add on to this complimentary closure at the end?

      ~~~A Down and Back End Watery Sounding Gurgle To Those Moink Sounding Baboonic Humping Vet-Boner-ing Rat Bastards [there’s been a rise in Veterans having tissue teared anal fissures, due to the VA Formulary lacking in the supply of slippery slide jelly]~~~ – – – Nutter

      1. I meant that I’m tired of being misled and screwed over by these no heart people. I didn’t want anyone to take my statement out of context or proportion.

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