Episode 161 | VA Medical Malpractice, The Scott Hoffman Story

VA Med Mal Scott Hoffman

TONIGHT AT 6PM CST we wit down with the family of Scott Hoffman. In 1981 Scott joined the Navy and served 4 years. At the age of 22 he cut his finger and a tendon and needed stitched up, so he went to the VA for a simple fix.

The VA put him under to conduct this procedure and the anesthesiologist made a grave mistake and permanently handicapped Scott for life. In 1984 Scott was awarded 4.3 million dollars for the Medical error and Negligence in which he netted 3.1 million dollars.

This money has paid for the around the clock care for Scott for 40 years, however he has essentially outlived his settlement and has been left with zero income.

Today, we explain the egregiousness of this story and what we can all do to help this family.

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  1. VHA multiple layers of people fucking other people over from front line douchebag all the way to the top. Liars and circus performers, jokers, theatre performers, and bullshit artists.

  2. I can’t believe he only got 4 million from that. Any less of an incident like that and you’d get nothing. And of course if you died you’d get nothing. Nowadays constant talk of budget cuts while these yoyo’s on the bottom cut everyone up with stupidity and schemes. By God these people lie out the ass.

  3. They wanna do euthanasia for problem soldiers.. but can’t yet. Instead, ECT and crippling antipsychotic drugs, also state hospitalization is an under discussed subject. They’ll try to put you there for misbehavior.. not just people who can’t take care of themselves. They might send you there if they don’t like you. Lie on your ass!!!

  4. Problem with VA is two fold:
    1) As far as hiring is concerned, they are the Burger King of the federal government. They’ll hire anyone with a pulse.. and who is likely to show up but clowns and political soldiers with an agenda. When that agenda goes your way it’s a good thing. When it doesn’t, you walk away disappointed with trauma that your countrymen are such animals.
    2) They don’t fund the VA wholeheartedly and adequately which leads to a culture and practice of denial of care. On top of that, the doctors make less than a private doctor. They’re overworked and underpaid, management unpredictable (sometimes stand up for the veteran while other times stand up for bad employee), and some vets are a pain in the azz. This can lead to employees covertly euthanizing you, lying on you, and using you as a tool in some pissing contest with another employee somewhere else in the system. Big mess!!!

  5. Hey Ben, could you please send out the website for Scott Hofman they are trying to raise funds for. I was not able to locate the website. Thank you.