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SECURITY ALERT – National AFGE Union Snoops On ‘VA is Lying’

AFGE VA is Lying

Benjamin KrauseOn October 1, 2015, lobbyist Mike Rosenblatt sent out an email to national union members of the National American Federation of Federal Employees (AFGE) headquarters requesting that members start snooping on the ‘VA is Lying’ group.

The founder of ‘VA is Lying’, Ron Nesler, asked me to reach out to Rosenblatt after we received an email leaked from his Gmail account. The email came from AFGE’s “Security Alert” inbox. Since his initial email, I have sent National AFGE lobbyist Rosenblatt numerous communications to help him and the national AFGE office not waste time chasing red dragons.

Do you think those clowns will give me a call? Nope.

But, I would appreciate a call from National AFGE in case some of the clowns at National misunderstand what the campaign is all about. Perhaps they miss the point and need some straightening out. Still, that may be too simple since Nesler has nothing to hide.

@afgenational - You guys just picked a fight with the wrong crew...#VAisLying Click to Tweet

The reality is that National AFGE is completely disconnected with the needs of many local VA employees and especially its whistleblowers. Many front-line VA employees are good, solid, honorable employees helping veterans across the nation like Brandon Coleman or Lisa Nee. These folks who were local AFGE members, became whistleblowers when VA leadership refuse to do the right thing. National AFGE failed to step in to help in any meaningful way.

My understanding from numerous sources is that National AFGE, like VA executives similar to the criminal Diana Rubens, are more concerned with status quo than helping veterans. I personally guarantee both National AFGE and VA executives that we will ensure they have no job once the scandals are exposed to the fullest extent possible.

Most recently, my friends and I exposed a confirmed scandal at Edward Hines Jr VA Hospital where the Office of the Medical Inspector (OMI) confirmed wrongdoing and criminal behavior of VA doctors. Despite the confirmation, VA OIG refused to investigation and ignored the findings. And national AFGE

Apparently, to VA OIG and national AFGE, veterans lives do not matter as much as other lives.

Personally, I am done playing nice with these clowns. Join me in our quest to light a fire and bring some semblance of justice to DC. I have some friends who are local AFGE employees, and they hate what the national platform is doing to hurt veterans across the country. There is no accountability.

What are you willing to do? The easiest thing is to research the full backgrounds of all VA executives to help the light shine on their careers at all points. Then, let me know what you dig up on Rosenblatt…

Mike Rosenblatt AFGE Lobbyist



I received this forward three weeks ago and was hoping to reach out following the voice message I left at that time. Would you like to set up a time to discuss the signs? 

I am Mr. Ronald Nesler’s attorney. Mr. Nesler is the veteran behind the VA is Lying campaign. I thought it might be best if you went straight to the source rather than asking your members to covertly investigate for AFGE.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please call 612-888-9567.

Thank you,



Begin forwarded message:

From: S e c u r i t y A L E R T <[email protected]>

Date: October 1, 2015 at 8:21:51 AM CDT

Subject: Survey for the field 

Subject: Seeking Information about “VA is Lying, Veterans are Dying” Signs

Recently, an outside group began purchasing billboards featuring the headline “VA is Lying, Veterans are Dying.” According to NVAC members, the signs have popped up in several locations.

-Please send to Mike Rosenblatt at [email protected] information regarding any of these signs in your local area. Please let him know the town where the sign is located. If it is safe and easy to do so, a picture of the sign would also be ideal.

Please reach out to Mike with any questions at 202-639-4103. Thanks for your help with this!


Mike Rosenblatt

Lobbyist/Grassroots Mobilization Coordinator

American Federation of Government Employees, National VA Council

Office: (202) 639-4103

Cell: (202) 740-1935

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  2. As a person who has 7 Military Family Members-5 of which either died or suffer from a service connected illness, I’d like to see some solidarity by the VA employees being forced to improve.
    It’s not to late for us having it shaken around through higher officials to implement accountability!
    Senator Gus Michael Bilirakis keeps track of data on how our Veterans are affected with plans in process that promotes healing for Veterans and support systems to avoid stressful atmospheres.
    I’m speaking from experience and struggle through my husband’s death that slipped through the cracks, and other family members who are dealing with difficulty. I’m active in achieving truthful communications and available healthcare of both kinds for stronger Veterans and families not a strife that’s been created from past mishaps.

    1. Patricia,
      That seems to be a good thing. But what is your Senator actually doing to bring “accountability and transparency” to the broken VA? Is he actually doing something, or is he just giving you “lip service”?
      Sorry, but so far Congress and the Senate have fallen way short on promises….
      Hell, they can’t even get VA in upper management to come to the “Veterans Committee” to answer questions over possible illegal “travel and moving expenses”!
      I guess VA “killing veterans” isn’t a very high priority with Congress and the Senate.

      Oh, btw, VA might want to rethink it’s strategy. Did you know we got “boots on ground” in Syria and Iraq AGAIN. That little tidbit has been hitting the news media quite hard recently. Obama lied again!!!

  3. AFGE is just another union whose goal is probably to do the least for the most dollars. In the healthcare field, this philosophy can cause irreparable harm or even death. To cleanse the VA from liars, AFGE must also be investigated instead of AFGE investigating the “VA is Lying” veterans group.

    1. THE AFGE 2 seiu unions contracts run va deathcare from satanic hell vets you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SCREWED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was a VA employee for about as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee, and I have never been removed from their email roster. I got this email earlier this month and immediately posted it to my FB page. Of course, having been on both sides of this issue. however briefly, I thought my opinion might count for something — at least among my circle of friends.

    So, sorry AFGE — gotta come down on the side of “Lying” folks. If this offends you at the personal level, so be it. The only question I have is how anyone can look at him/herself in the mirror and state the VA has not been lying. If you can pull this trick off without a twinge of guilt or remorse, then you are either a sociopath or delusional.

  5. AFGE sucks. Unions are dying. They are a mere 20 percent of what they were 20 years ago. They care about union dues and that’s it. Of course they check out these websites just as the VA does. veterans aren’t scared anymore. We are fed up. Who gives a crap about the unions. They will die out by the next generation. The young vets are smart and tech savy. They can fight back in social media, and the VA and the unions hate it. The unions have no place in the hospital system. McDonald is in bed with them also. At least that dipshit Hickey is gone. She should be in jail with Rubens, graves and others.

  6. e they have or will get a list of donors for our causes and try to make life hard for some veterans? i could be wrong but after reading the letter from rosenblatt, they will play dirty. just like many bad employees at c&p depts, vba, varo, vso’s(some), vha dir’s, vaosi, etc, have done and still do to veterans across the country. should we also assume they will increase these practices?: red flagging veterans, stopping their meds, appts canceled, losing claims paperwork more, untrue derogatory statements in vets med records, and whatever other dirty tricks they have in their black bags.

    and i suspect the VA/union will get sneakier(sic) and worse. i’m no alarmist, just a realist. i doubt that is the only type communication such as rosenblatt’s going on at VA via private conversations and passing notes so they doesn’t become public. could be rosenblatt put it out there just to inflame the vet community and then twist the veteran community reaction into some false negative narrative about veterans? anything is possible with such a corrupt organization. he did use “aol” and not some secure channel…just thinking a bit so we don’t get screwed more than we are.

    we see VA is getting worse around the country with their game playing, we see Congress not able to hold anyone accountable much less even get people to show up for hearings, we see the va unions with more power than the gov it seems – and they have their own thug army, and some candidate acting like the veterans are blowing this all out of proportion (how many thousands of times have we heard that! )… it boggles the mind of the average citizen & veteran out here on average street, that is, the course this organization is really taking. not the window dressing course for the public to see, but what goes on in the va top offices and cellar offices.

    even with legal counsel on the veterans side it won’t stop the dirty tricks. we’ve seen this for years, and now with the internet it may seem this all started recently…nope, been going on for years. veterans are better informed now, thankfully.

    so yeah @Ben, [ >>Join me in our quest to light a fire and bring some semblance of justice to DC. ], i’ll certainly join you in that quest.

    1. The AFGE Master Agreement with the VA is on the web. I wish I had the time to read through it and see how many little perks are in there, or how many provisions the union is blatantly ignoring.
      I wonder how many VA employees who are dues paying members are aware of what provisions are ignored to their own detriment.
      Does Mikey really want his dues paying sheep to find out what the union is NOT doing for their members and have it publicized?

  7. What disgraceful hacks. So Mikey is more concerned over some possible embarrassment to his members from a sign than he is his own members being protected from retaliation?
    Perhaps Mikey can survey his members and ask them what they think of paying dues to his union for years, only for his union to look the other way when federal law is violated when whistleblowers are retaliated against.

    1. Oh…but it’s SUCH a BIG SCAREY SIGN!! It’s offensive to them in same way a mirror is to an escaped criminal.
      Too bad we cannot cycle pictures of the VA Offenders on an electronic billboard…an idea to step-up the game. But then we would have to worry about projectiles damaging that expensive electronic billboard. Bad idea…sorry.

    2. According to a Channel 5 news report out in Phoenix,(3-4 days ago), “the lawsuits are piling up” against the VA there. If you google the article i gave below, there are a number of other articles to vlick onto…

  8. I’ve said it before, and i will say it again, The reason you don’t see any of these VA employees fired is because of the Union, and a lot of the time, these same unions will lobby the Congress to ask for more money for “veterans and our military” when in actuality they want to raise wages for these people who work there, and in turn sweeten their pot,and damn the veterans !

    1. @Donald,
      Yes, lobbyists do that. They also “buy politicians”!
      That’s why our government is in such bad shape. The ones who are “bought and paid for”, are beholden to the lobbyists 100%!
      That’s one of the reasons our government has been getting away with so much sh!t for so long!

      1. Make any lobbying effort other than providing information illegal…that means no campaign fund donations in exchange for vote ( bribery ), no promise of jobs or speaking fees after leaving congress in exchange for votes (also bribery ) No trips, no free hotel rooms, not even paying for lunch…no exchange of anything of any monetary value for votes or consideration (such as help getting federal or military contracts )…penalties would be Federal Penitentiary and fines 5 times the dollar value of what was received…

    2. Donald,

      You said “The reason you don’t see any of these VA employees fired is because of the Union”. That is not entirely true.

      If you go to the AFGE website and go through their press releases they fully support bills that allow VA managers to fire VA rank and file employees. But at the same time they fight against any legislation that allows any VA managers from being fired being fired.

      They also support legislation that provides a maximum of two weeks off with pay for VA rank and file employees who have been temporarily removed from their position. As long as that legislation doesn’t limit the maximum a VA manager can be off with pay.

      So basically the AFGE is all for legislation that allow VA managers to go after whistle blowers including firing rank and file VA employees. But not for any legislation that would allow VA managers to be fired without due process.

    1. namnibor,
      Maybe the “He/She” (Troll) will dress as Hitlery, er Hillary, for Halloween. I hear that’s going to be big this year. You know, trick or treat as a known liar and ‘killer of veterans facts’!

      TROLL ALERT, TROLL ALERT, WILL ROBINSON, TROLL ALERT as “Robby the Robot” would yell.

      1. “Pantsuits” are so yesterday!

        However, there’s much confusion over the “God Syndrome Mad Dr. Outfit” and the “Ben Carson Crazy Old Troll Outfit”…plus, too many cacti were killed to make his goatee for all those costumes! LMAO!

        The people running for President currently says an awful lot about our US of A.

  9. I think You are stupid and you are fucking annoying. Take me off this god damn email you fucking idiot.

      1. However, you can use as much of a popular “proctor & gamble detergent” and still never totally ‘delete’ a stain on society. VA Trolls tend to be too simplistic and would need to hire a VA contractor for a few hundred million to show them how to click the delete button.
        Darwinism at it’s finest.

    1. @Stephen,
      If you don’t want to be here. Quit coming on! This site is vet-centric not VA-centric!
      That goes for all the f@@king trolls out there.

    2. Stephen,

      If you are talking about receiving email notifications from this site you can simply go to the bottom of the email and click on the unsubscribe link provided. You will then be removed from the list of people who want to receive the notifications.

      1. Also Stephen,

        I hear that the VA is promoting and testing a new drug called Phuck-it-all, also know as Tramadol, you may want to consider it to help you with your anger issues.

      2. Tramadol also works as an excellent ‘buckshot’ if so inclined. No more anger issues ever. Certainly works much better than a pain reliever….more of an “out of your own misery reliever”!!!

      3. Don’t even need to use it as buckshot. Just mix in a script of Chantix with tramadol and you have a suicidal veteran guaranteed.

        If he doesn’t kill himself the tramadol will.

        VA gets a claim for PTSD they just put the Vet on Tramadol. Not only will the Veteran destroy his own life but because of the effects of Tramadol either the Veteran will suicide or the side effects will kill him.

  10. “From: S e c u r i t y A L E R T ” Ha Ha Ha Ha. That’s real security type of email…..@aol. Aol, the cutting edge email of choice for all those involved with high-level security threats. Every body who is any one in top notch security functions uses “aol” for all their strategic communication needs, of course. I thought ‘aol’ was long dead, actually.
    These gas bubbles don’t know anything about VA is Lying signs? They are in a complete fog about this movement when it’s been on the internet for some tine now? Quickly….we here at afgenvac have to stick our asses into this roundup urgently…using “aol”

      1. AOL is probably considered ‘cutting edge’ for VA Employees. Remember, many Millions, hundreds of millions have been wasted in attempting to bring the VA computer systems up to par with rest of world…just so the VA Employee can play Minecraft and ignore veterans.

  11. “Even the darkest day or night can’t hide the truth!” anonymous.

    Here’s a very sad story coming out by the “Phoenix Business Journal”!
    “Health Care Inc.”

    “Army veteran ‘dying of cancer’ files $50 M lawsuit against Phoenix VA”
    Oct. 26, 2015
    by Angela Gonzalez
    Senior Reporter
    Phoenix Business Journal

    He’s “44 years old”.
    For 18 years he served his country faithfully.
    He could have been saved two (2) years ago IF VA had done right.
    This is what his country did for him!

    Those incompetent VA physicians, nurses and other healthcare individuals at Phoenix VA Urology Clinic should be tried, found guilty, sentenced and put “UNDER THE F@@KING JAIL!

    1. Nah….at least place them buried shoulder-deep below a series of outhouses so Veterans leaving the Phoenix VAMC’s Gastro and Urology clinic can relieve themselves on these Veteran Killers. Will not be considered unusual punishment because after all, VA employees are quite accustomed to having terminal cases $hit coming out their mouths.

      No FBI or DOJ involved….yet again…BUT…Obama has the FBI and DOJ involved with the school kid that refused to obey a school cop that flipped her desk on her ass….but apparently Veteran’s lives do not matter to our president???!!

      1. namnibor, if I’m not mistaken, Arizona was the ‘stomping ground’ of such “Native American Tribes”, such as the Apache, Navajo, tohono (their reservation is in the South Tucson Mtns.) and others.
        I also remember these “peoples” had “ways of making people sorry” for their misdeeds!

        Just saying! lmao

      2. James,
        Yea, up by Phoenix is a city named “Globe”. I understand the “Apache Nation” IS up there.
        Just adding to my other comment lol.

      3. The VA probably built that Phoenix VAMC right on top of an Indian Burial Ground.
        Here’s what probably transpired:
        1) VA demanded and received 100’s of millions to “relocate Indian Burial Ground” before they could begin.
        2) “Relocation Ca$h” could not be “found after receiving it”.
        3) VA went ahead and built right upon the Indian Burial Ground (telling the Tribunal they actually relocated graves), leaving the “Indian School Rd” thinking it may prevent “Poltergeist 4”.
        4) Phoenix VA employees are now possessed by those angry Native Americans whom had their resting place disturbed by profound ignorance.
        5) Philly VAMC/RO contacted for an employee-sanctioned and mandatory attendance exorcism.
        6) Waiting for all the relocation pay to go through for said exorcism….but Diane Rubens and girlfriend got ALL that relocation ca$h.
        7) VA will now blame the Urology Clinic problems on the Poltergeists.
        8) Rep. Miller and rest of Congress buys it.

        Halloween in my neighborhood tonight, so in spirit of same!

        (sad thing is the above scenario is believable with all things VA)

  12. 10/29/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    There is a Q&A on November 2nd at the Carl Hayden VA Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

    If local be there!

    The news in Phoenix is not getting better and has taking a turn for the worst as the World watched.

    With Expert Management from one of the World’s most famous “multinational consumer goods company” [Proctor and Gamble] and all the smart high paid doctors running all around the result was an addition of fuel to the flames of the “Five Alarm Five.”

    Who wants the Veterans dead?

    Since this is Wartime, any act that hinders the effort of America [We the People] is an act of Treason. No wonder by the Unions are hunting people down and the VA has their Goon Squads out [Like in Sacramento, CA], and the VA employees and officials refuse to meet with Congress.

    Mr. Krause you might want to look into the great divide over at Gannett/TEGNA as Carl Icahn’s empire is being sorted through.


    Don Karg

    1. Any news people going to be there? If not let them know and record it, if you can!

      Let us all know what their saying? Thanks

      1. James,
        I emailed Angela Gonzalez tonight. She’s the Phoenix Business Journal Senior Reporter who did the story about the Army Soldier suing the VA for $50 M.
        I hope she will cover it!?

  13. I know there are employees that know the employee who accused me of disruptive behavior did so just to retaliate against me!

    The problem is there is no venue for the veterans to defend themselves and I was not going to name these employees who would tell the truth!

    These employees are good employees and until, someone in real power gives me a chance to clear my good name!

    I won’t put them in jeopardy, of the employee attacking those employees!

    If and when someone Listen to what I’m saying is fact, and promise to protect these employees, I will not put them in jeopardy!

    1. The truth is considered disruptive behavior by the VA and misused for their own benefit and protection.

      1. Really sucks, when someone can accuse someone of anything and the accusation is good enough for a management to in force with only hearsay!

        They need to be released since they don’t know how to manage!

  14. To All AFGE Union Members: Doesn’t it bother you that some of your Union Leaders, Lobbyists and Representatives are pulling a Hillary on you regarding their email accounts?

    An example is Mike Rosenblatt email. Although he does have an official email account at he is using an AOL and Gmail accounts to hide some of what he is doing.

    Also a Google search using the term “[email protected]” show it is a common practice for some of people at AFGE.

    How can you support a Union like that?

  15. Ron FB page desk commandos of the va has pictures of two Stephens sent to my cabin in Brown county. I was told I couldn’t post field agent pics on the net but screw them

    1. Robin,
      got the e-mail. Thanks I am sending messages to everyone on it, whether they can help or not. As least they will look at it.
      You have a cabin in Brown County! I love that area. I go down to story, then on down to Houston, over to Maumee and the Hickory Ridge Tower. It really helps to settle me down after a week of fighting the Indy VAMC. I may lose some rounds but I will not give up on them.

  16. This doesn’t come at any surprise to me at all. I figured that middle to upper VA management and AFGE are sharing the same bed on this! Anyone disagree?

  17. In his email to members Rosenblatt requested pictures of the sign, “if its safe”, let’s all flood his email with a picture of the sign as requested………

  18. The National Unions would be better served by clearing out the Deadwood and Dysfunctional local Presidents. Many (not all) have become a complacent and intractable obstacle to a real partnership with local VA’s. When National Union leadership solicit a “witch hunt” on VA staff, without fail, good managers, who only want to hold people accountable (remember that word?), and make it easier for all good employees to work in an environment free form bullies and malfeasant employees, are the losers. Those bad Union Presidents and VP’s can defame anyone they want, for any reason, with impunity. We all know of VA Union Presidents that only care about themselves and their positions. Perhaps the National Union should clean its own house before trying to clean someone else’s.

  19. Looking at the positive side, the union is aware of the signs and their impact on the public. Members will know they can contact Ben and Ron. We should reach out to union members and let them know we’re not the enemy we’re on their side. Ask them to contact this and Ron’s site and give them the ammunition they need to win this fight. If your a union member and read these comments do the right thing, contact Ben you’ll be glad you did………..

  20. This explains the two cars parked across the street from my front door. I already knew that one was the VA OFFICE OF SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS, and now it is clear that the other one is part of the AFGE spy team. Welcome to the new America.

    1. Call child protective services, tell them that there are two cars in front of your house, trying to entice children to talk to them with bags of candy.

      Then video tape it for me.

    2. Maybe veterans should surround your bill block with signs veterans lives matter leave nesler along!

      Like they did with a police department after they got threats!

      Keep up the good work! Inspiration!

    3. Ron, that proves VA and the Union are scared over what’s being done, the billboards, to bring the truth out.
      Only one BIG problem, they would have to send out how many “union staff officials” and “VA-OSI people” to “intimidate” how many veterans, taxpayers and VA employees? I don’t think their staffs large enough, lol.
      If VA and the Union aren’t aware of the amount of Americans which are upset at VA, they sure have a large awakening coming!
      In my opinion, because of Hillary’s ignorant accusations last friday, more people are seeing the truth now.
      I heard lots of people this morning, while at breakfast, say how disgusted they were on how VA somehow always gets their way on funding. Yet, VA never explains where the money is going?

      Keep up the GREAT WORK RON, it’s working.

      1. Here’s an idea…If you overhear conversation like this, tell them how to get to these websites…Maybe have a few simple business cards made up and hand it to them…saying “Don’t mean to but in but if you want to know more”…and let them make up their own minds…

    4. Hey pictures. Post them on your FB page and email them to McDonald asking him why the VA budget is being wasted on veterans.
      I don’t know what your disability rating may be, or what health problems you may have, but I wouldn’t put it past them to get pictures of you doing something, then claim you are defrauding the VA by faking a disability.

  21. Thanks for the phone number. I called it, Got a friendly recording. Ask the man to call me. Should hear from him shortly I guess. He loves his Veterans.

    Will let you know how it goes.


    Nick Savage

  22. I would like to hear about Mr Pummill’s Central America and panama time in the Army. In detail since it really really interests me. Especially since the net has been sanitized of the dates.

    1. Robin,
      You never know, your hubby, or someone he knows, may hold the truth behind Ol Pummill’s past (mis)deeds in Panama or South America!
      Let’s hope the truth comes out!

  23. Great job as usual, This is proof that people with integrity are truly standing together. We are everywhere, We will prevail. Go GO GO, VA is LYING

  24. Well, I never had much respect for “lobbyists”! It’s widely known they “buy” politicians.
    For this idiot to ask VA employees to “spy” on this issue is reprehensible to say the least. I would bet this “order” may have come down from somewhere else. Could it be, many in upper management are “concerned” over losing their jobs? Like that director at Danville?
    It also seems many more employees are coming forward to donate to the “VA is Lying fund”. Maybe they will start coming forward and filing grievances against VA upper management?! At least I hope so! If they “band together” they would then become a formidable foe against VA, VHA and VBA!
    I’ve said this before, I’m saying it again, if say 60% to 80% of all good VA employees were to “strike” for one week or more. Beginning on the same day, a “coordinated attack” so to speak. Those in upper management would be powerless to do anything against them. Their union would have to defend them. That’s their job. That’s why they get dues from the employees!
    I also believe McDonald would then take notice over what’s really happening at various VA’s across this country.
    As far as any veterans having emergencies, there would be a “skeleton crew” to send the vet to the nearest hospital. And the VA will be mandated to pay the bill…

    As far as that “lobbyist” contacting Ben, I would have to say a resounding, “NO”!

  25. Seems the “source of the strong offensive VA odor” is showing weaknesses and cracks in their demeanor by demonstrating they are notably bothered by the “VA IS LYING, VETERANS ARE DYING” Billboard Signs.





    (if you have trouble understanding this analogy, look-up military history…will require
    something called reading for content)


    TO: AFGE VA EMPLOYEES- you are supposed to be there FOR Veterans, NOT just

    1. THE AFGE ! SEIU UNION GARBAGE RUN VA DEATHCARE FROM UNION HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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