Peter the PTSD Awareness Penguin

Facebook Deletes Viral Veterans PTSD Awareness Page With 246k Followers

Facebook recently deleted one viral and extremely popular nonpartisan veterans PTSD awareness page called Peter the PTSD Awareness Penguin.

The group, founded in 2012, enjoyed over 246,000 followers with massive viral power that used humor to help veterans cope with PTSD. But after the new year, the page was suddenly deleted from Facebook, destroying the content and contacts between thousands of veterans working with each other to create a community based on common understanding and humor.

Want to see the offending meme or image? Facebook apparently deleted them because of the Penguin mascot after six years:

Offending meme resulting in deletion.

So move over Paul Walker memes (these will get you banned these days), the image of Peter will also get you banned, at least one.

Founders started a new page with the same name dubbed Peter the PTSD Awareness Penguin v2 and must now start from scratch to rebuild what took six years to accomplish.

Two days ago, I needed some humorous meme action and looked for the page with no luck. I could not look it up and a search on Facebook did not reveal anything. Some of my own readers were aware of what happened and linked me to the new page.


Meet Peter The PTSD Awareness Penguin

Here is some background about what is happening on social media with some groups and why this page’s deletion matters to me.

I personally liked the page and frequented it regularly. It was awesome. It was funny. And yes, sometimes the page would add one of my Bad VA Art memes making the topic viral.


So, the power and benefit conveyed to veterans was the community the page created. The threat to any establishment entity was its ability to take any veteran-centric topic and make it viral.

For some brief background, the page’s moderators, a group of veterans with PTSD, used funny memes to keep veterans entertained. That is at least how it started. Over the years, the moderators developed a community willing to talk with others who needed someone with whom they could share their experiences and struggles.

And, like I said, some topics they posted might go viral.

I asked one of the founders how they settled on the awesome penguin mascot, “Peter itself was born of my love of alliteration and animal mascots. It worked out kind of perfect as Penguins, besides being adorable and afforded the admiration of many, are also one of nature’s most resilient creatures.”

For the non-poets reading this, by alliteration he is reference Peter-Ptsd-Penguin. The “P” sound repeated is easy to remember and used in poetry, songwriting, etc. It is a pretty clever idea that should be on T-shirts and coffee mugs (hint, hint guys, get that image copyrighted).

I won’t name the founders because they are generally private, but they do have a clever platform to help veterans and without a budget created a viral sensation.

For some perspective, VA pays its propaganda (i.e. public relations) vendors tens of millions to do the same. Take a look at the very expensive Make The Connection program VA runs through the very for-profit marketing firm JR Reingold.

The Post-Trump Apocalypse

Enter the post-Donald Trump apocalypse where Facebook and other social media websites were caught allowing troll farms to promulgate “fake news” to sway sentiment during the election.

The politicians and the public demanded those companies crack down on fake accounts, and a crackdown followed.

Over the past two months, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter stepped up their policing of accounts. For example, YouTube just got caught “mistakenly” deleting a bunch of channels linked to traditionally Conservative viewpoints using speech police from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

One channel was the Miltary Arms Channel that teaches viewers how to safely use firearms and instructs the public about such weapons. Quick work by that group’s founder was able to save the page after it was suspended.

Facebook meanwhile deleted a few pages of its own including a group helping to reduce harm from drugs.

As for Peter the PTSD Awareness Penguin, he somehow got caught up in the mix and Facebook deleted the viral Facebook page after 6 years.

In one push of a button, some dork in Silicone Valley (or bot) flushed the relationship between 246,000 people down the toilet.

Group founders filed an appeal following deletion, but their appeal resulted in the admins involved in the appeal being suspended from Facebook for 30 days.

Since deletion, page founders started up a new page simply named Peter the PTSD Awareness Penguin v2 with 1,373 followers.

Once you have a look at the memes on the page, you should check back in here to let us know whether you think Facebook was justified in deleting the page and the 6 years of hard work put in by veterans with PTSD.

Be sure to give a shout out to those guys. And maybe even throw a comment at the Facebook moderators to see if anything sticks.

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  1. Veterans such as me know how to contact Benjamin Krause should asked him to be on this website. …Semper Fi ?

  2. Sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don’t
    some suggestions from VA regarding anxiety
    1. Suck on thumb, couldn’t follow doctors instructions.
    2. breath into paper bag, mixed results, kept running out of paper bags, then every thing went to plastic.
    3. masturbate to relieve anxiety, I don’t know about anyone else, but when your having an anxiety attack, this really isn’t an option for me.

  3. Fuck Facebook, sounds like a congress of baboons, running the operation. Funny how they chose “congress” to describe a bunch of baboons, or is it “ironic”

  4. VA Secretary David Shulkin’s job at risk after scandals, and more are coming

    by Pete Kasperowicz
    Washington Examiner
    Mar 8, 2018

    “Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has survived a few major scandals this year, but some believe he’s highly likely to be pushed out of his job soon, as additional watchdog reports will soon be released that will force him to explain more waste, abuse, and bungling at the troubled department.

    “I think there’s an 80 percent chance he won’t be around in another month or two,” said one informed source close to the situation.

    Shulkin, an appointee of former President Barack Obama’s, by most accounts had a steady and even glowing 2017 under President Trump. But in February, an inspector general report did severe damage to his reputation by describing how his chief of staff lied in order to have taxpayers pay for his wife to accompany him on a nine-day trip to Europe, most of which was used as vacation time.

    That was followed by more reports of medical mishaps around the country. In Miami, officials reportedly botched HIV tests for at least eight veterans, and a report surfaced that there are problems with rats and roaches.

    And on Wednesday, the IG found that VA leadership did nothing to fix up the VA medical center in Washington, D.C., which was plagued by unsterile surgical equipment that caused “avoidable hospitalizations.”

    Shulkin scrambled to react to that newest report, which the VA said revealed “failures on a number of levels.” He promised unscheduled site visits around the country, staffing reviews, and the pending retirement of two senior officials.

    But even as he struggles to weather those storms, more storms are coming. At least two new reports are expected to be released this year, and some believe the new wave of bad headlines they’ll create for the VA could seal Shulkin’s fate.

    The first is an IG report that is widely expected to say Shulkin has been inappropriately using his staff to run personal errands for him. That report, described first by the Daily Beast, is expected to be released in the coming days, according to sources.

    Sometime later this year, another report is expected to describe problems the VA had, and the money it wasted, trying to move to an electronic health records system.

    These pending scandals facing the VA have the potential to erode Shulkin’s support even further in two key constituencies that are already “disappointed” in how Shulkin has acted so far: veterans service organizations, and the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees.”

    Full article at: “”


    According to, Shulkin has been the first or second most likely Cabinet official to be fired since the travel scandal broke in February, and was the leading candidate as of Wednesday.

    At: “”

  5. faceccrook another left wing anti American intrusive tool. I would not use this media if
    you paid me. I give Facebook a couple of more years before going the way of MySpace.
    Facebook worth trillions why? Amazon or YouTube I can see. something else will
    come along then suckerberg’s wealth will dwindle to a few bags of peanuts.

  6. Sadly, I don’t think we’ve yet made it to the Post Trump Apocalypse Era – the Pud-Pounder in Chief is still there. But I get Ben’s point. Ever since Premier Cheetoh’s election, everyone has gone into pucker-mode. Facebook assigned a purple-haired be-tatted and studded transgender 19 year old to the task of cleaning subversive sites and stumbled across Penguin, due to keyword searches containing a few derogatory comments about liberals, gays, and transgenders. Maybe even some praised the Supreme Philandering Leader. Nobody said social media is free press. Sure as hell ain’t free when a little Harvardian sleezebag rips off some other Harvardian B’School Rangers and becomes an instant multi-billionaire. Hell – mind control of the masses ain’t cheap.

    That said, fuck Facebook. I tried it about ten years ago, and lasted three weeks. I closed down my “membership”. Not my cuppa. Just a few months ago, I’m all of a sudden a Facebook member again. I have yet to sign in, and junk keeps coming at me. Now that’s some intrusive shit right there. Perhaps the Penguin boys should keep this new Penguin site and auto link to an external web site. Maybe Ben can help them out with that in is free time….. sorry dude.

  7. I think I will start a rival to Facebook that DOES accept all positions (but not in the style of apetube). More like Facebook but from a different human perspective. I will call it Assopus. Everyone could have their own Assopus account but not to confuse with Facebook instead of calling them “posts” I will call them “dumps”. Anyone can make a dump on Assopus so long as they conform to my own high standards – and believe me I am pretty high.

    You could not friend send a request on Assopus and we would not have “groups”. We would call them “holes”, but you could request inclusion into another asser’s “hole group” if you like their dumps.. Instead of “likes” you could give “wipes”.

    We would even let agencies like VA dump on their own their own Assopus account(s) upon which their PR folks could make dumps on a daily basis about what they were doing and whom they were doing it to.

    This could be big. Ben, could you moderate until we can hire a staff? You could form a committee to keep assers in line?

    1. Where do I log-in for my very own Assopus Account or is that always logging-out, with and without peanuts? 😀

      1. That just earned you a corn chunk for disrespect. Three of those and you get banned namnibor…. You can appeal if you wish back to me and I will fairly decide if I was right and you were wrong. It is Assopus policy to be fair this way cornchunk. Your appeals can go no higher than I am and are final mostly.

      2. (I learned a lot by reading PRF letters so I understand how to word things fairly VA style)

      3. @Dennis- I see the kernel of truth to Assopus three kernel banishment rules but since under the rock/paper/scissors rules, paper always trumps rock and since Assopus Corn ‘Chunks’ are considered ‘rocks’ by the by the Corn Chunk Union, toilet paper again trumps Assopus Corn Chunks, making a clean swipe of the rules by yet another union. (^legalese of Corn Chunk Union found in book of dingleberry’s next available page for wiping in the shack and no corncobs allowed^)

    2. I read this. Laughed until my head hurt. What would be the mascot and motto?

    3. Assopus?! lol. Got me instantly thinking about the old post cards from the seventies with the “Mugwump” bird sitting on the fence. Not being able to make it’s mind up what to do. So it just sits there and shits, doing nothing, but sitting on the fence unable to make it’s mind up or get involved with anything. Mug on one side, wump on the other. Fence sitters….. ie Mugwumps. VA and other trashy people/Congress critters/others… all Mugwumps of the worse kind. Deserving of their own “holes.”

      Closest thing I could find to it with a quick search. But I could imagine some VA ass chunking to go along with this cartoon too. Bird probably just took a dump on a vet and trying to air dry it’s lying ass or wait for a wipe.


  8. First off, Facebook was wrong to delete this, but Trump had nothing to do with this. Facebook just went batshit crazy and started deleting stuff left and right all because of some BS myth that the Russians were putting up fake news. All they had was claims from lefty loons about this and no actual proof of anything. So facebook went nuts. And yet I still see peoples posts who use foul language every other word, threaten the lives of people who disagree with them and their posts are still up. I had one bunch of losers threaten to shoot people with shotguns in the face, and when it was reported to facebook, they did nothing and even claimed that this did not violate their Terms of Service. So you cant blame Trump for the nutcases that run facebook.

    On the other hand I am glad that I was given the name of the new page as I have been diagnosed with PTSD since 1993 and its gratifying to be able to go talk to people who are in the same boat and know whats going on. You can talk to a doctor and family, but thats all. Its better to speak with people who actually have this as they know what you are going through. The worst thing is when people know you have this as they look at you like you are going to snap and go all Freddy Kruger on them any second. Or they look at you with pitiful puppy dog eyes. Neither of which helps rebuild your confidence.

  9. To all;
    Google this from “”;

    “Shulkin Fires Back at Damning VA IG Report Citing ‘Failed Leadership'”

    You’ll laugh at his bullshit!

    1. ther is “to much to do to be distracted with the political infighting”…….really? I think that we have all just been insulted.

  10. Fuck Mark the Jew.

    Fuck censorshipbook.

    As technology advances and companies shake out the riff raff I tend to notice that our free speech rights are being consolidated and condensed in the hands of one of three companies. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. We are forced to refrain from saying what we really want to say all in the hopes of appeasing the mighty and merciless ToS. This chills free speech and outright eliminates it once a moderator doesn’t like your comment or your post or your video or your tweet.

    If I get so pissed off at Mark the Jew that I want to threaten his life. That should be my choice. I of course will have to deal with the repercussions but those repercussions should not involve the arbitrary deletion of my point of view. Not even Judges get to do that.

    Mark Zuckerberg aka Mark the Jew. I hope one of us crazy bastards gets through to you lets see you censor 9mm or .45cal you fuck.

    1. although I should reiterate Judges do get to do censorship in a limited fashion it’s called a gag order.

    2. I fail to realize/see where any person’s religious background is relevant to censorship or otherwise in the context of facebook or Veteran PTSD Penguin’s deletion…

      1. Nam, actually it has everything to do with activism, their agendas, censoring, banning of books, what and can not be bought on Ebay, what subjects or issues may or may not be discussed or questioned in academia or so-called bible colleges. Who are all the ones we are never to dare question or why we can’t discuss obvious lies in history books or some school curriculum? Who do ALL our representatives stand and openly support over America, and call them our allies? As we pay trillions in tribute to them? Oh but never mention them or their involvement in our voting or politics. Lets keep the focus on old mean Russia instead for the distraction or Korea maybe or Iraq. Let’s spit on sailors over the USS Liberty cause our ally attacked them but that’s okay, poor Israel. Let’s not teach that in schools but discuss the USS Cole but keep the rest a big secret until the complacent or uncaring get the hint to some serious research in life to see how badly we have all been socially engineered.

        I want to piss all the easily offended off. All the ‘victims’ of some truth being told. Poor babies. A to Z all need vetted and vetted good for certain positions and jobs. Psych and booze testing too. After the years of everything I have gone through, seen others go through, I want to know anything I can about the people I deal with, politicians, MDs, VA staff, our controllers and tyrants in high places, etc. Others should demand the same, transparency, truth, history, connections.

        I wanna know if they are members of that oh-so innocent group called Skull and Boners or Freemasons. I wanna know what secret Greek society that protects and supports their own is cutting on me for surgery or whatever. I want to know what their dual citizenship is with. You cannot serve two masters ya know. I want to know why simple questions can be so offensive or off limits in a “free” country. I want to know why they may be “Mugwumps.” Religious affiliations…Voodoo, Satan worship… human sacrifices, gnaw on foreskins, Wiccan. Which one of the many Christian denominations they bow to and serve and demand. Got fifty wives? Pedophile? Why we are circumcisesd at birth to appease certain religious groups or as a sign for things we cannot discuss. But we can discuss female mutilations, correct? Research it.

        I wanna know many things. Why we are supposed to be open books all the elite, entertainers, etc., are treated differently. Why one group seems to be above the rest or claim to be akin to a God level. Why is it so illegal and dangerous to even ask for term limits in local, state or federal government. Talk about people getting bat-shit crazy and out to get you just for asking questions. I wanna know why MLK’s FBI record was sealed for many years. I wanna know why only White people can be racist making us third class citizens with no groups or voices out there to help, especially with VA treatment, visa staff, and their haters. Guess I wanna know too much.

        What is PC-ness all about and why is it so important we follow the herd or else suffer mob rule and retaliations for daring to question some phony tradition of man, brain-washing, social engineering, or generations old fairy tales or official narratives, news, stats, or explanations of some event or conflict we are supposed to swallow without question.


        Why isn’t MSM doing reports about this and what is now happening in “Murika?”

        Why are we having to deal with activism to “identity politics” at the VA and flourishes in civilian care too. I have plenty of proof and lists of numbers and people, and hospital administration workers who supported and protected this kind of activism and perpetuating the grand VA threats and their union’s crap.

        Why are they deleting pages on FB concerning veterans or posts between some vets? Even innocent ones? For distractions, the harm they can do across the board, and with full knowing some folks out there may bring some sunshine into their lives, depend on such things that may otherwise seem trivial to others or to civilians. To “disrupt” anything and everything they possibly can. But the activist and college kiddies using psych warfare, activist tactics, Cloward & Piven, Bill Ayers (sp?), Saul Alinsky, Marx, Stalin, Kalergi, “Rules for Radicals,” Eugene V. Debbs’ leftist societies – unions- AFL-CIO, or the communist manifesto know exactly what they are doing. There are Marxist out there claiming they have already defeated America just like their families did in the Soviet Union with Bolshevik tactics. Hell, if able go attend a out of town MoveOn dot org meeting, or a NAACP banquet when the cameras are off. Get deep in union affairs. Try to be tolerant or get along with some Marx-Feminist, NOW women, or countless other man hating groups out there. Then wonder why our health care systems can become so full of haters, possible murderers, uncaring, abusive, and evil activist. Do some foot work and in the right places it will make you ill about some things you may discover or hear. Hell, bartend or do jobs around Salons and hairdressers.

        Ever try to expose some corrupt person who may be high society and Jewish, or some other mafia Semite clique? Syrians or Lebanese maybe? I have and you will not find justice doing it. You will suffer the consequences and everybody else will stand by and let it all happen…legally or illegally, in court, out of court, in public, privately, doesn’t matter. Plenty of incidents to report but I digress. You don’t want them knowing your info or any weakness. Stop.

        Cath-o-licks too. It doesn’t matter about the labels/professions/mafia etc, just the pigeon holes they belong in.There isn’t a group/clique/club/politician, whatever, out there that likes their toes getting stepped on or being exposed, or discussed/questioned. Especially if they are evil, liars, propagandist, cheats, tyrants, censors, anti-American, etc. We all know some will kill you off, no problem. Like the Clintons have done for years.

        Do many years of volunteer work. Get down in the gutters with folks or try to deal with the lofty United Way censors and jerks. Or deal with the greed and controls of others from missions, phony Christians, to so-called government help. Ask the charities why the best food or thick cut of chops, steaks, fresh food, best food stuffs goes to the priests or Nun’s secret palaces and monasteries. OH OH, now that is some toe stomping… how dare you you heathen to question our traditions and take!!!! Repent, now go die asshole we hate you now.

        Same thing with the Freemason clan. Same thing with corrupt unions who are out to protect their own regardless of the cost, even if it be union workers lives. It’s about the money and control and now today globalism and Cultural Marxism/evils. Not about America, Made in America, safety, real sustainability, or the Constitution or our freedoms. Same thing with the ‘fraternal orders,” high society country clubbers, professional groups, the many ‘special interest groups,’ Greek college societies, secret clubs/cliques, groups. Who are all those out there brain-washing the kiddies about “tolerance” while being the ones most INtolerant, evil, malevolent, and worse censors to be found? The mob rulers and their ilk and politicians and media who support it all. Who and what is all out there allowing us to suffer to ignoring us. Knowing we can’t do a thing about them or their networks. Then we aren’t supposed to bring up certain things or mention certain groups or people behind the curtains of evil and wrong doing? Ingrained socially engineered knee-jerk reactions to some things or words need to be ceased and research done before the emotional deployments. Rant off.

  11. Like duh. Zuckerberg didn’t become what he is because of hard work and/or brilliance….IMO.

    IMO, his Facebook thing supports what government wants (control of information/communication and data mining/selling or sharing our information)…hence, him getting rich.

    The guy is sell-out piece of trash. I can say the same for Google…Yet, they wanna get on their high horse about how they think the world should be (i.e. one salary/wage for everyone)

  12. I do facebook very little,don’t trust it,,not that u can trust any internet now a days,,But,,,as many know,,I am a advocate for NOT,, denying access to effective physical pain relief for all,and if that means giving an ADUlT,,the right to access to-what-ever MEDICINE lessen that physical pain from any medical condition that is painful ,for that Adult..Of course w/their doctor,,so be it,,,many are not ,”for” the right to access any or opiate MEDICINE to lessen that physical pain..I feel I have NO RIGHT, to decide for another human being,how much FORCED physical pain,,they are forcible to endure by someone who knows absolutely nothing about said person medical issue,,,My point is ,,others disagree,,but we BOTH HAVE THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS,,THE 1ST AMENDENT ,, the very freedom our man/women have defended or died for,,and NO-ONE in America has the right to censor that freedom,,to censor the truth,,,and I would defend that freedom till death,,if need be,,,,I know the federal government is censoring comments,websites,etc that disagree w/ my advocacy. We have had phones tapped for our advocacy,emails sent to other advocates disappear….Thier watchen,,,that’s for sure,,I have friend who have been dumped by doctor’s in FEAR of our government,,who’s web site they get their natural medicine kratom,,the entire site was up 1 day,,,,,gone the next…Their watchen us,,and its wrong.I believe it is exactly like Ed Snowden said,,,,they are sooo busy watchen,taken out the innocent,,that they are missing the real criminals,,,ie,,last school shooting prime example..
    ”Their watched us advocates, and if they watch us,,they’ll watch anyone else ,who threaten their nice cushy job on OUR DIME!!!..SADLY,,, this is NOT the America our war vets defended any more,,,jmo,,our government has become tooo corrupt,,tooo abuse w/the ,”just power,” derived from the governed,,,it has allowed lobbyist ,money back into the governments decisions,and jmo,,as soon as lobbying became legal again,,our government went to hell in a hand basket..Get the money out again,,get the lobbyist out again,,make it illegal to pay monies to any government employee,,we get MOST of ,”our” government back,,,jmo,.,maryw

  13. I also do not do Facebook and because of my own health, physical, mental, and extenuating fucked family situation, and last but hardly least, as much as I know the value of likes of FB, I do not yet trust my own barriers/filters, meaning I likely would meet my death by the VA’s DBC and a SWAT Team and DHS friendly check on my “wellness”…to make sure I am “well-done-in”.

    I should mention I also loathe Facebook’s privacy policies as well so let me give a shout-out to Zuckerberg and silicon valley nerds that deleted the Veteran PTSD Penguin…FUCK YOU…(you too, VA).

    Meanwhile right NOW on CBS This Morning program, they are talking about the Washington D.C. VAMC still having failed inspections from their cuddly-wuddly director that saw fit to keep unsterile medical supplies and even missing entirely millions $ of medical equipment…VA Sec. Shulkin is on news admitting…”This is a failure”…
    Dr. Shulkin: WHERE WERE YOU LAST YEAR OR YEARS BEFORE WHEN THIS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE and still is? Is this a major CYA (Covering Your Ass) to save your already tenuous job position?

    Seems the PTSD Penguin was doing WAY MORE than anything the VA has been doing in a positive way for Veterans…but I’m guessing the fat cat and pouting VA contractors at ‘Nepotism R’ Us’, want in on making another useless App for the VA for oodles of $$$$. (wait for it)

    See, someone at the VA saw something positive that was helping Vets but the AFGE piggys did not have their snouts in the trough so cannot have that…*delete*.
    RAND Corp. has confirmed in massive testing that pressing the delete key has the same sexual satisfaction scores and pressing the big red nuclear option button does.

    Fuck off FB, VA, and D.C. VAMC director of filth!

    Rant Out.

    1. American Legion spokeswoman was just on TV kissing the VA and Shulkin’s ass….”In spite of the perceived deficiencies and safety concerns the VA is doing an excellent job….”

      REALLY, American Legion assholes?

      “Veteran Patients that underwent surgery had to undergo PROLONGED anesthesia …PROLONGED…because once into surgery, THEN they determined they not only did not have the required medical supplies to finish the job, but what WAS THERE was rusty and unsterile/dirty, unchecked….”

      WTF, American Legion? HAVE YOU NO PRIDE, PIGGIES?!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! (thanks for prompting me to evacuate my stomach contents and my intestinal contents this morning AL…now, where do I send my donation and what you have coming in dues?)

      1. namnibor,
        In my opinion, until EVERY member of EVERY VSO sends in their membership card, tells new possible members NOT to join, nothing will change.
        The members of one AL chapter here in Central Florida are definitely pissed at their national chapter! I got that directly from the commander (or whatever he’s called!)!!!!

  14. Rise and Shine Veterans who reads who can afford share your thoughts in Washington Post Newspaper belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare don’t erase my belief ? and Spread the word. Semper Fi ?.

  15. Sorry don’t do Facebook.


    Shulkin’s Cerner bomb going off at the Military.


    ‘We took a broken system and just broke it completely’
    Trump touted a project to make veterans’ health care seamless but some doctors say it’s a disaster.

    03/08/2018 05:05 AM EST

    “President Donald Trump last year hailed a multibillion-dollar initiative to create a seamless digital health system for active duty military and the VA that he said would deliver “faster, better, and far better quality care.”

    But the military’s $4.3 billion Cerner medical record system has utterly failed to achieve those goals at the first hospitals that went online. Instead, technical glitches and poor training have caused dangerous errors and reduced the number of patients who can be treated, according to interviews with more than 25 military and VA health IT specialists and doctors, including six who work at the four Pacific Northwest military medical facilities that rolled out the software over the last year.

    Four physicians at Naval Station Bremerton, in the Puget Sound, one of the first hospitals to go online, described an atmosphere so stressful that some clinicians quit because they were terrified they would hurt, or even kill patients. Prescription requests came out wrong at the pharmacy. Physician referrals failed to go through to specialists. Physicians were unsure how to do basic things such as request lab reports.

    Doctors complained it could take 10 minutes to get into the system, which then frequently kicked them out. The military’s ponderous cybersecurity system was largely to blame, but doctors were frustrated contractors hadn’t figured out a way to work around the problems, as they had with the previous electronic record system.

    “We took a broken system and just broke it completely,” said one doctor, who like most of those interviewed requested anonymity because they lacked military authorization to speak about the project.

    Patient Safety Reports — required whenever a life- or limb-threatening medical error is discovered — were “being filed almost every day,” in the first few months, said another physician at Bremerton. One report dealt with a patient admitted with a critical heart ailment who later died after getting the wrong treatment, partly because of tests that were sent to another military hospital and lost. The role of Cerner’s software in the death is unclear since it is often difficult to pinpoint the specific cause of errors in complex medical systems.

    Full Article at: “”


    Really isn’t that just what Veterans need. A new cause of death on death certificates. Cause of Death “Computer Error”.

    1. More from the Policico article;

      “I can’t log vital signs or charts’

      Efficiency promises notwithstanding, the new system has resulted in significant slowdowns so far, said physicians at the two hospitals that went live with MHS Genesis in September and October, respectively.

      At Bremerton, the system is so cumbersome and confusing that doctors who saw 18 to 20 patients a day now see 12 or 14, they said. When Navy Secretary Richard Spencer came to visit in November, it took staff five minutes to get into the Cerner program. Cerner and military officials declined to comment on the reported incident.

      “I’m sitting in front of someone and the [patient is] launching into their problems and I can’t even open a screen to write them down,” said one physician. “I can’t log vital signs or charts. I can’t write orders in. I have patients I’ve seen for 12 years but their data has not migrated over. So I have to log into the old system. Each time it takes five or 10 minutes to log on. I’m data mining, trying to build a record, address the current problem, find the pitfalls.”

      At times clinicians could not obtain a patient’s latest laboratory results in the system. “You’re adjusting medications based on what you think is there,” the physician said.

      Some staff members have started taking anti-depressants to deal with stress and grief, another doctor said. “The people I work with come to work every day wanting to do a good job and it doesn’t feel good not to.”

      1. Seymore,
        “Staff members are taking anti-depressants to deal with stress and grief, another doctor said.” That’s all disabled veterans need. A medical professional hopped up on drugs, which could have multiple “negative side effects”, NOT conducive to helping veterans!
        Oh, and then when the computer screws up, kills the veteran, WHAT would be written on the death certificate! This is beyond comprehension!
        The USS VA Titanic is below the water line. And Shyster Shulkin and everyone else in VA, is 100% culpable in its demise!
        Just another way to MURDER veterans!

        This out from: “”
        dated: 7 Mar 2018
        by: Richard Sisk
        “Shulkin Fires Back at Damning VA IG Report Citing ‘Failed Leadership'”

        There’s three (3) related articles!
        From the author: quote: “At a Disabled American Veterans conference last week, Shulkin said he is out to get those at the VA who want him fired!”
        In essence, Shulkin is wanting to fire those who are telling the truth about him! Instead of firing those who aren’t complying with the laws!

        The “comments section” IS very telling on what veterans want – close the VA down!

      2. Nah, they skipped the antidepressants and they are taking crack, meth, and heroin at the VA to deal with we oh-so-scary Veterans.

        RAND Corp. also reports that crack is a gateway drug to meth & heroin and there’s lots of crack at the VA. Miles of asscrack when collectively measured. Your tax dollars hardly at work…

        I suggest that we Veterans should be able to utilize reptile tranquilizer blow-darts on our visits at the VA in order to get past the funny hatters guarding the troughs…

      3. Seymour: I had a visit with my new PCP last week – first one in two and a half years. She seemed like a decent doctor. She did her best to hide her frustration with missing information in my “files”. I had to go out of the Roseburg system to see specialists in Portland – only a seven hour drive. She knew nothing of the meds I receive from Portland. Nothing of the cardiologist I had to see in Portland a couple years ago.

        Just for the sake of being prepared, I went to MyHealth E Vet and downloaded last years labs, radiology reports, and specialists reports. I had printed certain pages to highlight, and bring with. She freaked out. She didn’t have any of my stuff.

        She said, “Had you been a less engaged patient, I would have prescribed something dangerous”, I was about to urge you to get the shingles vaccine, but down here we only have the live virus which is completely contra-indicated to the immuno-suppressant you are taking…”

        Great IT management. I can get reports and path, and imaging, and specialists, on My VA system – but the doctor … can’t unless they painstakingly look for it outside their “home” system.

        Let’s spend a few more billion.

        Elf: Shulkin seems to have adopted a Trump tactic, playing the victim, and whining about people out to get him. Pretty clever actually. Disgusting. But one way to stay endeared to Trump – paranoid empathy.

      4. Just because the military can’t implement the new record system doesn’t mean that the VA can’t. Right???

        Given the VA is such a model of effeminacy at implanting new software, Not.


        DOD ran into some tangles with new medical records system. VA hopes it can do better

        By Tom Philpott
        Military Update
        March 08, 2018 09:52 AM
        Updated 36 minutes ago

        “Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, returned from a recent visit to Fairchild Air Force Base alarmed that the Department of Veterans Affairs might have made a bad decision last June to replace its legacy electronic health record system, VistA, with the same commercial off-the-shelf system that the military is adopting, starting with Northwest bases.

        “I came back blowing the bugle,” said Roe, a physician, who saw staff at Fairchild’s hospital frustrated at the MHS Genesis system in ways that recalled for Roe his experience years earlier shifting paper to electronic medical records.

        In this case, however, Fairchild physicians were frustrated that only minimal patient data had transferred from the Defense Department’s legacy system, ALHTA, into the Cerner Millennium architecture used in MHS Genesis.

        Full Article at: “”


        Don’t worry Roe is going to go with the new record system. He has to. The Shulkin and Bowman already have all the back channel charitable foundations set up to redistribute the money that will be syphoned off. Who cares if the system is never truly meant to work?

        More on those back channel charitable foundations that have been set up for money laundering latter.

  16. Facebook is just another free to play game to me. A lot of games online now are free to play and youtube and facebook are just a different kind. You get to use their computers to enjoy yourself inside an established framework, and score is kept under the column of “friends” and “likes”. It feels good to score a like and who doesn’t want the cap limit of 5000 “friends”?

    That is a computer game pure and simple. The politicians played the game very well and unbalanced the whole thing so the game designers have restructered the program so the game plays the way they want it to. Game designers program around the way the meta-game plays out over time. The make changrs constantly to find the balance that brings the best revenue stream.

    I cannot get invested in emotion over free social media changing the rules about anything in the context of it all being a big social game because it is a charitable offering to begin with. Facebook after all allows you to become whatever person or persona you want to be or portray. I deleted my account because I made a few facebook “friends” and looked at their pages. I made some comments. I score a like! Still though when I looked at a few “friends” pages it was really like a never ending slide show at a family reunion. After about the fourth or fifth selfie showing just how overjoyed and happy everyone is at the moment it gets stale. True there are moments like the video with the guy peeing on an cattle electric fence that can be inspiring but once you see it the first time who needs to see that again? It CLEARLY is an uncomfortable sensation and it empties the bladder rapid fire all over a person as they are stunned by the effect.

    I grew up well before Al Gore invented the internet. The first service I could get after the Marine Corps was Compuserve and that was ALL pay as you go internet. You had to subsrcibe to connect your 300 baud modem up to it. Now it is more like the old sci fi movies with a huge screen on every corner blaring propoganda except we improved on the concept – we put those screens into every childs hands now and most adults too and made them addictive.

    We just changed the word addictive to immersive.

  17. Left my censored comment. Had to leave out the word “damned.” I don’t recall joining that group but checked in to read their humor and posts. Got too much going on, suffer CRS (can’t remember sh*t) from it all, notes and recordings all over the place, plus Murphy’s Law stuff. Oh and those damned Gremlins hanging out around here.

    It’s sad that every day, every hour actually, brings new negativity and corruption. It’s never ending and I think most of it is from those who wish to destroy the country… and us. All the divisions, subversive actions are obvious.

    You probably know of this:

    The commies, easily offended, SJWs, and ilk will not stop with their demands to tear crosses down from veteran’s cemeteries or monuments. Won’t stop the censoring. They won’t stop with their demands to destroy our history or tearing down civil war monuments to revolutionary war memorials and statues. Many veterans, and groups, and guards people agree with this stuff just like the fun they had with the “knock out game.” And much more could be noted. It’s across the board insanity, ignorance, or intentional destruction of all things American.

    Locally not much to be done about any of it.
    They love the ethnic cleansing of certain people in SA. The PC college crowds want that and more to be seen here, sadly. And must be one major reason our media is totally silent on some crimes here and why our VSOs refuse to get involved with stopping identity politics or stopping the vast amounts of corruption at the VA or in DC. If we complain about the wrong people dealing with politics, the VA, incompetence, etc, the first thing that normally happens is the labeling.. racist, misogynist, anti this or that, or wanting to instigate something or get some poor VA staff or worker, or others fired from their job, and have their families starve. While missing the major issues and complaints. By intentions I might add. Then we are up against the herd of activist and the corrupt on every level there is. Especially in a scum sucking totally corrupt multi-college town like mine. With total state agency and medical boards support.

    If the Trumpster is going to do something drastic, all encompassing and real, he better do it now regarding the censoring, PC-ness, propaganda/traitors/filth in academia, etc. That includes some civil rights, human rights, Constitutional rights for us trying to stand up to all this lying malevolent trash. And reigning in these social networking companies playing treason, traitors and Draconian tyrants. Who is he going to serve? The deep state, the shadow government, or us? That is the question.

    I also noticed during Christmas time ol’ Trumpster didn’t mention bringing a Christian cross back into the White House either. Banned by a earlier president. He did promise an end to PC-ness and bowing to other fascist groups. The Menorah got the National Lawn again and the scenes in the White House was the same and a Christmas tree that is supposed to represent Christians. I guess we aren’t supposed to notice some things, let many others slide by, be door-mats for all others, and allow the traitors and activist to run rampant over us, and let us die without health care we need or want. Since that system seems to be one big happy family for retribution and “tolerance” issues too. VA or not. No escaping the far left nor their many activist and high level comrades.

    Rant off. Hope you are feeling better Ben.

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