Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary

John Ullyot Put On Extended Vacation After Failed Coup Of VA Secretary

VA assistant secretary responsible for public relations John Ullyot was reportedly put on extended vacation following his failed coup attempt of Secretary Shulkin.

Sources within the agency speaking on condition of anonymity indicate the extended vacation may be an indication Ullyot is transitioning out of his role at VA. Last month, Ullyot was at the center of a coup attempt that cut off Shulkin from the public to explain his side of an unfavorable IG report.

The public affairs duo of Curt Cashour and Ullyot alleged they followed orders from the White House to isolate Secretary Shulkin from the press following the release of the IG report addressing Shulkin’s misuse of taxpayer dollars for a trip to Europe last summer.

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Apparently, the goal was to stir up as much mud as possible to help ouster the Secretary. Shulkin took the offensive and began responding to press inquiries directly to save face and keep his version of the story in front of the public.

Shulkin’s version?

His authority as Secretary was being subverted by certain key White House placements that were set on ousting the Shulkin in favor of a Koch Bros cutout.

Obviously, the coup failed, at least to this point in time. But, will the coup attempt and mobbing to push Shulkin toward the door make him more sympathetic to whistleblowers who get mobbed when trying to do the right thing?

After Coup Attempt

Shortly after the attempted ouster, Shulkin reportedly received consent from the White House to clean out those subordinates responsible for going against him to subvert his agenda.

That did not stop Ullyot and Cashour from planting more stories in the press to foment dissent. But that this point, if nothing else is clear, it is that further dissent within the agency of this nature – – something that reflects more of a frat brawl than professional discourse – – only harms veterans because it stalls the agency’s reforms while leadership focuses on the infighting.

This was not the first fumble of Ullyot’s career, but it was probably the most publicly embarrassing.

Apparently, Ullyot, a Republican “strategist” (lolz), botched a press release at the University of Virginia a few years ago when he left his name in the Word document submitted by a University official as her own justification in a termination problem there.

It may seem silly, but the careless act burned the client by informing the public she pulled in professional public relations team to help her manage the problem. And, it also let them know she paid a lot of money for help that was disclosed because the team was incapable of pulling off the stunt without accidentally revealing outside involvement.

SEE: Donkeylicious Evidence On Ullyot Fumble At UVA

Here is my thought on Ullyot’s next professional gig.

Maybe, just maybe, Ullyot should take this one as a sign and get out of the “termination” business altogether. He certainly cannot call himself a “strategist” anymore.

This Week Recap

And now this week happened.

The IG issued a new report on the old topic of Washington DC VA Medical Center doing a whole host of mismanagement that put veterans lives at risk but killed no one. IG highlighted how nothing substantive was accomplished to reform the programs at the location for many years.

VA responded with a list of accomplishments the agency has already taken since firing the previous director last April.

Why Did VA Fail At Phoenix But Not Right Now?

Now, where was this level of VA scrutiny WHEN IT MATTERED, like at Phoenix VA and the scandal exposed in 2014 that IG ultimately whitewashed at the request of former deputy secretary Sloan Gibson?

Many, many veterans actually died while waiting for medical care due to a fraudulent scheme where VA officials received bonuses for performance numbers that their subordinates falsified. First exposed by CNN, the scandal was confirmed nationwide.

But, no one was prosecuted for the wait list fraud and veterans deaths. Gibson shut down the Office of Medical Inspector within VA and allowed each location to conduct its own investigation shortly after former general counsel Willie Gunn bungled a litigation hold on agency documentation allowing local staff to shred all incriminating evidence.

The IG report covering that scandal where veterans died resulted in a whitewash at the request of Gibson.

Now, we see IG suddenly renew its vigor against corruption?

No way. Whatever IG is doing reeks of a political motive.

The information is not truly new given IG previously released a report on the same issue of the Washington DC mismanagement almost one year ago but waited to release its final report of the same issues almost one year?

It seems like someone was saving that report for a rainy day.

The point here is that IG will investigate every detail to score political points, but when veterans die, they will stain a gnat to avoid agency embarrassment.

John Ullyot Vacation

With Ullyot’s vacation, depending on its permanence, could bring more press collaboration with smaller outlets than in the past year.

Ullyot’s team could care less about providing sensible comments for smaller media outlets but only focused on mainstream media outlets, which is a curious deviation from what President Trump seems to endorse.

Independent News Media Purge

As we all know, Trump regularly blasts the media but tended to support independent news media publications like DrudgeReport or Info Wars. It is noteworthy these two media sources led the way in exposing massive social media purges last month of conservative and some liberal publications.

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Ben Swann On Purge

It’s been my experience that independent news sources are often more timely with more information than we get from highly homogenized articles we get from USA Today or Washington Post on the same subjects.

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So it baffles me how Trump’s VA team would only give substantive press access to large media outlets while blowing off press requests from smaller publications like mine.

Back To Work, Shulkie

That aside, let’s hope Shulkin can now take care of the last member of the duo, Cashour, and get back to the rest of his work reforming the agency that is completely a mess after decades of limited accountability.

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  1. If I recall, didn’t some Dept. or Office call for increase Security at VA facilities just a little while ago. I’ll bet you that there’s been many complaints sent into the overseers of VA Security, or employees been shooting complaints to the Directors about hostile Veterans.

    —> And if the above is so, do you think that it has any correlation with the way or lack thereof pertaining to the poor services provided to us Vets? This includes the Claim side along with the Med side of the VA. Shulkin called it right back a bit ago when he said that the VA has been adversarial to Veterans (see post below) . . .


    — Don’t you folks think it’s about time to find a way to put additional pressure on the VA, to put the VA back into the hands of Veterans? Not literally speaking, but I mean for better serving us? Or, maybe we should ask assistance from the US Militia to gather together and take over about 10% of the VA Medical facilities? This would surely tie up a lot of resources. But then again, I’m not sure of what would happen next by the VA’s actions. But I do know one thing, I get frigging tired of this, and if I were in better health, you can bet that I’d be doing more.

    —> And, how much more vehicles and increase in fire power will VA Federal Police gear up on? This is exactly what municipalities are doing all over the Country nowadays.

    —> Just think as the Politicians now keep chipping away at the 2nd Amendment and slimming it down to maybe owning a pellet gun that only takes a wittle bird out, how do you the People are going to respond? Revolution? What?

    Just a few thoughts that have been going through my mind. Because you she bet, that the Police are concerned about copy katters and the pick up in frequency of such incidents that happened in Cali.

  2. Gunman, three hostages found dead at Yountville veterans facility, ending standoff
    By Joseph Serna and Victoria Kim
    Los Angles Times
    Mar 09, 2018


    1. Based on a statement “State Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa, said the gunman was a member of the Pathway Home, a program for war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Dodd said all the hostages were employees who worked with the suspect in the program, including Executive Director Christine Loeber.”

      One of the victims is Christine Loeber, MSW LCSW ⋅ Executive Director of The Pathway Home Organization.

  3. More on the California shooting.

    The non-profit organization The Path Way Home dot org is the target of the shooter who is currently holding 3 Path Way Home employees that were selected by the shooter during a weekly staff meeting that also involved a going away party for one of the staff members.

    At present the Path Way Home Organization’s website is referring all questions to an email address that leads to the crisis management team of Kamer consulting group. Which specializes in crisis management and reporting.

    The Propublica Nonprofit explorer website list Path Way Home IRS form 990s for the years 2013 until 2015. They do own property valued at $2 million and take in about $1.5 Million annually. Almost all of the money they take in is paid out in salaries.

    Also they do have a gaming licensed and make money off of Golf tournaments & Winery dinners held locally.


    It certainly seems that the shooter is likely a employee the organization who feels cheated out of his cut.

    1. Based on the Income and Value the property, they most likely don’t pay their employees that well neither.

      1. In researching the organization it would seem to have a solid program that would be helpful to Veterans. But there is the dark side of VA research.

        Although the Propublica Nonprofit explorer website list IRS forms 990s for the years of 2013, 2014 and 2015. The organization has been in existence since 2008 and only converted to be a nonprofit in 2013. But in 2015 they reached a deal with the VA and is now partnering their program with San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC) as a research organization.

        I have little doubt that a number of the Veterans who are going through the program have been sentenced in a Veterans court to treatment at the facility.

        Currently the San Francisco VA Medical Center’s Veterans Justice Outreach Program is connected to the San Francisco justice system. It is where instead of spending time in jail, Veterans are diverted and sentences are either delayed or replaced with treatment for a period (usually 12-18 months) during which medical and mental health treatment is provided by the San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC).

        The program listed for The Pathway Home Organization is also a 12 month or more program.

      2. I’d like to see if anyone involved in research through the mighty VA was told or expected to do what a group of us here were told. To sign special contracts ( other than the usual pain med contract) to get pain meds we would have to agree with the VA basically taking over our entire lives, making us drive hundreds more miles per week for care, never to use civilian care at all, and to allow the VA to ‘force’ us willingly (make sense?) to take anti-depressants, etc., even if we reported having horrible side effects. Regardless of damages done or drug the VA wanted to tell us to try per contract. Must include gag orders with them too since no-one seem to have ever heard of such a thing and the VA won’t release info about it. Yet all this ‘research’ pain, suffering, and vets losing their minds, committing suicide-now out of the news/minds, like school kiddies with weapons, goes on. Who are they trying to kid or brain-wash? Enough ‘research’ has been done in many areas, yet they refuse to allow the things that work for each individual. Gotta keep that collective punishment and chaos going.

        On some interviews this Dr has stated head dope, or forced head dope is a huge issue. Had a utube of it but is now gone. He has another good discussion on the pay site Caravan to Midnight. This is his radio program.

      3. Sources for the information provided:
        1. Propublica Nonprofit Explorer Listing for The Pathway Organization as a Research Tax-Exempt Organizations.
        At: “”

        2. VA Press Release 2013 San Francisco VA Health Care System
        Titled “First Veterans Justice Court Opens in San Francisco”
        At: “”

        3. Press Release 2015 posted on The Pathway Home website titled:
        “The Pathway Home Announces Partnership Negotiations with Veterans Home of California‐Yountville & San Francisco Veterans Affairs Healthcare System

        National Oversight Program Committee Includes Thought‐Leaders in Veterans Affairs and Mental Health”
        At: “”


        Essentially Veterans who have no experience with the criminal justice system are being offered Veterans court and end up being sentenced to being used as guinea pigs in mind control experiments for a period of 12 to 18 months.

      4. T,

        Regarding your comment on VA research. I full agree with you.

        Remember the Marine Veteran who died at the VAMC Tomah WI. His name was Jason Simcakoski. He was basically given a death sentence by a judge who sentenced him in a minor criminal matter.

        In his sentencing he was ordered by the Judge to “Take all medication as prescribed and inform agent of any changes to those medications. Disclose Opiate addition to all doctors he is seeing. Complete any other treatment deemed necessary by agent. If Defendant is revoked, he will be credited 33 days credit.”

        That Sentence made him a mandatory lab rat for the Candyman in Candyland. Also known as the former Doctor. David Houlihan at VAMC Tomah WI.

        He did not have a choice but was forced to take all meds the Candyman wanted to try on him. Else he would have gone to prison for 48 months.

  4. Seymore,
    One of the articles online said the shooter “…had been released a few weeks ago…”!
    Could this be another push to call vets TERRORISTS?
    Could it be also another push to disarm ALL veterans?

    Lastly, there’s a few individuals out there NOW clambering for more gun control measures!

    Just now on Fox News, Orlando FL, channel 35,
    “The NRA is suing the State if Florida…” because Gov. Scott’s signed, two hours ago, a law raising the age to 21 to purchase a weapon!

    The NRA, due to the liberal push to ban weapons, has stated “membership is booming!”

    Google this Title:
    “Watch: The Video Gun Controllers Are Terrified Of!”

    It’s 7:31 minutes long.
    Mr. Freitas is telling the truth about the Dems and Gun Confiscation!

  5. From “Fox News”
    Channel 35 Orlando FL
    Remember that twerp who raised the prices of meds by hundreds of dollars per pill/dosage! Then laughed at our congressional representatives!
    Well, he ain’t laughing now.
    He’s set to go to prison real soon.

  6. 03/09/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    It is not about You and Me: it is about the poor kid [18-24] laying in the Hospital Bed wondering if his life is over, or the poor girl [20s] who has been so abused, she cannot think about living another day.

    All the US Senators know this, they have heard it a million times how girls were raped and boys were blown into pieces. The US Senators had tried to put all this to bed by kicking the can down the road since Vietnam, and then when Senator Tom Daschle in 1987 {in the hearings} helped by re-establishing the controls in 1988 []– PUBLIC LAW 100-527—OCT. 25, 1988.

    The US Senators all should be slammed against the wall for their past behaviors and actions toward the Veterans coming of the Battle Field, and letting QTCM pull their stunt off, and then handed it over to Lockheed as their IT “network” plugs away.

    Very Good—the Article—-Many Points of issues, and thanks for bringing it back to Phoenix.

    Keep your eye on the prize [Phoenix].


    Don Karg
    PS: If Sharon Helman pays back the Beyonce that means she can come back to work? So why did the VA Secretary think he can pay back the Whimbilton tickets [£1,620.00] and stay at his job?

    1. Don,
      In my opinion, Shyster Shulkin should have been “criminally charged” with the RICO ACT!
      He used at least 65 to 70% of the $122K+ taxpayers monies for that “European Vacation”! Which tells me he owes at least $100K+ back to the IRS.
      I do believe that is a big time felony!

  7. Seymore,
    I received this just now from;
    “The Western Journal” dated Mar 9, 2018 at 1:10 pm.
    “Active Shooter And Hostage Situation Reported At Nation’s Largest Veterans Home”

    The “comments section” is ablaze on the situation out there in California.
    Basically, it’s a recap of the many reports you’ve mentioned!
    I gotta agree on one aspect, Seems a person in “body armour and a weapon” isn’t taking something by VA sitting down!
    I do believe we’ve had a commenter on here saying something like; (paraphrasing)
    “Expect something like this in the future!”
    Well, it looks like someone’s definitely pissed off at the VA!

    1. Seymore,
      Maybe the shooter is pissed off because the VA killed/murdered a family member or loved one??????

      I hope it’s NOT a “false flag” to help gut the Second Amendment. I wouldn’t put anything past those elected and appointed officials out there in Californication!

      Lastly, I wonder if the “shooter” is on any “psychotropic drugs” with “side effects of suicidal and homicidal ideations!” You know, like a majority of the mass shooters, since Columbine, Apr 20, 1999, have been reported to be on! Source: “The Josh Bernstein Show”!

      It’s also being reported by very reputable sources, going to school now (since the mid 90’s) is safer!

      1. *
        “YOUNTVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A gunman slipped into an employee going-away party at the largest veterans home in the United States and took at least three people hostage Friday, leading to a lockdown of the sprawling grounds in California, authorities and family members said.”

        “Larry Kamer told The Associated Press that his wife, Devereaux Smith, was at the party and told him by phone that the gunman had entered the room quietly, letting some people leave while taking others hostage.

        Smith, a fundraiser for the nonprofit Pathway Home, was still inside the facility’s dining hall and was not allowed to leave, he said. The Pathway Home, a privately run program on the veteran home’s grounds, treats veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with post-traumatic stress disorder.

        The Napa Valley Register reported that the man was wearing body armor and reportedly armed with an automatic weapon.”

        That is from:

        Gunman takes hostages at party at largest US veterans home

        By ELLEN KNICKMEYER and JANIE HAR Associated Press
        Mar 9, 2018 Updated 4 min ago



        Looking more and more like it is an employee responsible. Didn’t get invited to the party and no cake for him.

      2. Fox news covering the press briefing right now. They know the person who is responsible and they are not sure of whether or not he is a Veteran.

        per C.M. Childs California State Patrol.

        Yep per re Buddie it sure sounds like it is another employee gone all VA dysfunctional.

  8. Breaking

    California veteran’s home on lockdown after reports of active shooter

    Napa Veteran’s Home under lockdown Friday for possible active shooter

    By Ken Haddad
    7minutes ago

    “YOUNTVILLE, CA. – Napa County Fire captain Chase Beckman says a gunman has taken hostages at a veterans home in California.

    The home is under lockdown after reports of shots fired, according to a spokesperson at the veteran’s home, NBC Bay Area reports.

    The Napa Valley Register reported that a man with an automatic weapon was reported at the Napa Veteran’s Home.

    The Associated Press reports an armed man has taken three hostages.

    At least one school in the area was placed on lockdown.

    CalVet: “Law enforcement is at the Yountville Veteran’s Home right now following reports of gunfire. The safety of our residents, workers and the community is our top priority. We have activated our emergency response protocol and are cooperating with law enforcement.”

    The state Veterans Affairs department says it is the largest veterans’ home in the United States, with about 1,000 residents. ”

    Full article at: “”


    Sounds like someone didn’t get their bonus and they are pissed.

    1. From another article on the subject

      “The Napa Valley Register reported that a man wearing body armor and armed with an automatic weapon entered the home.”

      1. reported there were preliminary reports that upwards of 30 shots were fired. Police have not confirmed the report.


      2. Tweeted “A large number of ambulances have arrived at Yountville Veterans home. Driver not specific as to why.”

        At: “”


        Also worth noting Cameras at the main gate of the facility show a never ending line of Law enforcement verticals from all over arriving at the home. There are well over 100 Law enforcement Vehicles there now and the number is increasing by the minute.

      3. Given the time involved at this point they now should know who the shooter is. Given the VA is not out front stating it is a Veteran it is more likely a employee that went all VA dysfunctional.

  9. what about the report VAMC in DC had to borrow surgical tools from a real hospital while Veterans were kept anesthetised unnessicarily and they spent 188,000 for three beds they could have bought for 21,000. I don’t use VAMC’s for reasons like this, they can murder you and get away with it. Like in Pineville LA VAMC. Thanks America, What? Thank me for my service! Keep your platitudes.

  10. As all eyes are on the Shulkin Saga the next major boondoggle is being ushered in the back door at the Veterans Administration.

    The DOD Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM) update show that the Cerner software is non functioning in most of the applications promised functions. The only true test to-date has been involved with testing compatibility, which turns out to be a total failure.

    As the top brass at the DOD, VA and the white house continue to push proceeding with the software boondoggle that will be costing American Tax Payers more than $100 billion. Not only is this guaranteed to fail boondoggle going to rob the VA and DOD of the resources to provide any meaningful upgrades to the current systems. It will be damaging existing files at the VA to make them unusable.

    Current DOD report on the trails of the Cerner software at:


    Backup of the report can be found at the following link if the other link no longer functions


    1. Several related articles

      Defense officials acknowledge early problems in EHR rollout, but no plans to delay it
      By Jared Serbu
      Federal New Radio

      “Defense health officials said on Thursday that they’re using a previously-planned pause in the deployment of the military’s new electronic health record to address early deficiencies that have cropped up in the system’s performance and the training delivered to its users. But they have no specific plans to further delay the $4.3 billion system’s worldwide implementation.

      The latest update on MHS Genesis came during a conference call with reporters, arranged just hours after the publication of an article in Politico that was highly critical of the EHR’s preliminary rollout in the Pacific Northwest. The news outlet, citing interviews with six clinicians at the initial deployment sites, described severe problems involving inadequate training and technical issues, including a login process for clinicians that reportedly can take between 5 and 10 minutes.

      The Pentagon’s office of developmental test and evaluation reported similar findings in an annual report summarizing its assessments of DoD programs.

      “Users at all sites rated the system poorly for usability,” DOT&E found, adding that Genesis also suffers from cybersecurity vulnerabilities that render it “not survivable in a contested cyberspace environment.””

      Full Article at: “”


      ‘We took a broken system and just broke it completely’

      Trump touted a project to make veterans’ health care seamless, but some doctors say it’s a disaster.

      03/08/2018 05:05 AM EST

      “President Donald Trump last year hailed a multibillion-dollar initiative to create a seamless digital health system for active duty military and the VA that he said would deliver “faster, better, and far better quality care.”

      But the military’s $4.3 billion Cerner medical record system has utterly failed to achieve those goals at the first hospitals that went online. Instead, technical glitches and poor training have caused dangerous errors and reduced the number of patients who can be treated, according to interviews with more than 25 military and Veterans Affairs health IT specialists and doctors, including six who work at the four Pacific Northwest military medical facilities that rolled out the software over the past year.

      Four physicians at Naval Station Bremerton, in the Puget Sound, one of the first hospitals to go online, described an atmosphere so stressful that some clinicians quit because they were terrified they would hurt patients, or even kill them. Prescription requests came out wrong at the pharmacy. Physician referrals failed to go through to specialists. Physicians were unsure how to do basic things such as request lab reports.

      Doctors complained it could take 10 minutes to get into the system, which then frequently kicked them out. The military’s ponderous cybersecurity system was largely to blame, but doctors were frustrated contractors hadn’t figured out a way to work around the problems, as they had with the previous electronic record system.

      “We took a broken system and just broke it completely,” said one doctor, who like most of those interviewed requested anonymity because they lacked military authorization to speak about the project.

      Patient Safety Reports — required whenever a life- or limb-threatening medical error is discovered — were “being filed almost every day” in the first few months, said another physician at Bremerton. One report dealt with a patient admitted with a critical heart ailment who later died after getting the wrong treatment, partly because of tests that were sent to another military hospital and lost. The role of Cerner’s software in the death is unclear since it is often difficult to pinpoint the specific cause of errors in complex medical systems.

      Full Article at: “”


      So well the Washington Soap Opera is stirring up the excrement in the swamp and Shulkin is hiding in his fortress of Unaccountability with armed guards and lock downs in place. Our Taxpayer’s wallets are being mined to provide the funding for one of the biggest boondoggles in the history of the VA.

    2. It’s just another episode of As the Cesspool Churns. PR firms allow them to give us tid-bits of info, drama continues, not much real benefiting those at the bottom of the pyramid schemes of life, or pecking order.

      I still wonder what happened to those billions of missing dollars, and more at the Pentagon and in the Mid-East. Or about the amounts in those secret black budget accounts we aren’t privy to. I bet Cerner and others is loving those big pay checks and perks too. Who cares if anything functions at all or can be made seamless in this cracked culture of corruption.

      ‘Trump Administration First Shot Across Big Tech Giants’ Bow: Warns Them of Censorship
      Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale warns them to stop censorship’…


      That was a nice video with Swann too. Countless videos and sites have been closed, many just today I noticed. They are wiping them out. Now let’s see who is going to win this Draconian commie tyrants game of censoring and propaganda to stifle reality and keep the pawns tricked into following the enemies of a free republic. There is no recovering or changing anything in my globalist sanctuary state, fully occupied with state sanctioned corruption with much bragging of strong ties to DC.

      Hope your feeling better Ben.

  11. First, as a qualifier, I do have a TBI, next, I can’t figure out what the hell your trying to say in your article Ben. Are you standing by Shithead Shill-kin? Are you LOLz at those trying to take Shithead Shill-kin down? Do you want everyone investigated?

    Why all the BS about Ullyot and Cashour, if these two are trying to take Shill-kin out?
    Honestly I wish POTUS would just fire the entire lot,

    Off topic:
    I also think that the WH Veterans Hotline has been in operation long enough, for them to gather the necessary data to start firing all of the incompetent VAMC, and VISN directors, along with anyone on these illegal DBC’s, as to not discriminate, let’s fire all these useless asswipes, on all the VBA’s, and enact new legislature that states “A decision on appeal must be made within 90 days, or the benefit of the doubt goes to the Veteran”, that should be efficient enough to rid any backlog.

  12. So it looks like the Shulkin and jivin continues.

    I would like to know, is Uidiot gone? Or not showing up for work but still collecting a paycheck?

    Strategist? Whatever. His strategy appears hasty at best without attention to detail. Perhaps Trump or Kelly decided to avoid the headache, throw Shulkin a lifeline and toss out Uidiot. Perhaps it includes a clear warning shot at Shulkin that he might be next. Perhaps Shulkin will be next.

    Why is the IG so interested now when they couldn’t care less when veterans were dying?

    A couple possibilities:

    1. The IG wants Shulkin gone and saw an opportunity.
    2. The IG realizes they now have to do their jobs by the law given there is someone new in the WH who wants to correct the bullshit that went on for 8 years, and they have an Office of Special Counsel watching their every move.

    I still believe #2 is more likely…and the IG may think #1 is an added benefit.

    I have said it before. Obama fired 4 IGs within the first few months of his administration, and viciously smeared one of them to get him to shut up and go away. That was a clear warning to all other IGs to sit on their hands for the remainder of Obama’s terms in office.

    Why did the IG wait a year? Perhaps they released their initial report as a trial balloon to see if there was any interest. No interest? They would whitewash it as usual. Interest from Congress or the media? Do a thorough, detailed investigation to cover their own ass. Either way, I think the VA IG has figured out the OSC has no problem slapping them hard for doing sloppy work.

    As for media coverage from smaller or independent sources versus larger, entrenched media hacks, I strongly prefer the smaller sources. The problem with smaller sources is they are usually overwhelmed, and if in an official reporting position such as at a newspaper, they are dependent on the larger media allowing the independent news to be transmitted over their news wires giving the smaller outlets wider coverage. They don’t often do this for certain stories because it makes the larger outlets look stupid.
    I prefer the smaller outlets because the reporting is better and contains more detail. They follow the model many news agencies used to follow.

    The larger outlets follow the Kardashian model. What bullshit can we report that will make a quick splash before moving on to the Oprah story.

    A good example of the smaller reporting with much better detail was Mark Bowdens reporting on Somalia which turned into the Blackhawk Down book and movie.

    Hope you’re feeling better Ben.

  13. Two articles out from:
    “VA Health Data to Transfer Easier than DOD’s to New EHR System!”

    by: Tom Philpott

    Seems Shulkin is the only one that believes this!

    “Embattled Shulkin Ousts 3 VA Regional Directors in Major Overhaul!”

    dated: 8 Mar 2018
    by: Richard Sisk
    Reading this, it seems two were allowed to retire and one is being transferred to a location yet to be discussed!
    Does this sound like the SOP of the VA? Answer is a resounding “YES!”

    1. They don’t even have to use new bolts for the deckchairs but they always keep them oiled-up for easier relocation to another slot on the goodshit lollypot.

      1. Hey, namnibor,
        I wonder if the (liberal) VA upper managements are using butter, or some other kind of “slippery goo”, to help those deckchairs on the “goodshit lollypop” achieve maximum rotation?!?!

      1. ‘Oust’ is also a very effective industrial grade deodorizer, or in the VA’s case, a smogscreen.

    2. Elf,

      On the article by Tom Philpott, titled “VA Health Data to Transfer Easier than DOD’s to New EHR System!”.

      You are right about only Shulkin believes it to be true but one thing is for sure it is still going into the budget in two weeks even though everyone knows it is a boondoggle.

      Another point is that even if the VA were to get it up and running how is that going to help interoperability since the DOD cannot get it up and running?

      It is just another total waste of time and resources to prevent any meaningful change.

  14. Sounds as if we’re living part two of “Nazi Germany, 1930’s purge of anyone NOT part of Himmler’s Third Reich!”
    You know, like when that butch female on CNN said, quote: “We will tell you what to think!” Unquote!
    Remember that little bit of news journalism!
    Of course, it’s been historical fact. One of the first things an opposing force does is: “Take over the communication sector” of their “enemy”! Does “Operation Mockingbird” ring a bell!
    In November 1963, President Kennedy made a nationwide speech on how he would “dismantle the FBI & CIA upon his return from Dallas,Tx!” – 7 to 10 days later – “Camelot was destroyed!”

  15. This may sound extreme but it could work. It would take two formations of B-52 bombers flown over the Capitol at high noon. The first wave will dump a precision guided swath of tar upon clusters of federal officials and leadership. Non federal civilian tar dousings from the first wave should be minimal with computer guided hot tar laser target smart globs. The second wave of bombers will dispense a non precision cloud of chicken feathers blanketting the Wahington D.C. area in a foot of feathers. Anywhere a tar target goes they would just keep getting fluffier.

    Then we hand out whacking sticks to the Americans on any sort of federal waiting list and promise them they go one step further up the waiting list for each whack they score on a big chicken. The plan is so crazy it just might work. It would be great PTSD therapy for some of those vets who participatd too, and our vets deserve the very best therapy we can provide, right? Veterans should get a five point preference when deciding who gets a whacking stick.

    It could be a great first step in curbing corruption through active participation of The People.

    1. “[…That aside, let’s hope Shulkin can now take care of the last member of the duo, Cashour, and get back to the rest of his work reforming the agency that is completely a mess after decades of limited accountability….]”

      It would be very typical VA operating procedures if they leave half of the sickness (Cashour) in-place, just like the VA misses major medical issues or ignores them completely so it guarantees dependence and repeated business and *practice* by the VA Hacks.
      If Graves and Helman’s poo was thick enough to stick to the hull of the V.A. Titanic and remain in-place, am thinking Cashour’s magical ringknocker powers will give him the very same thixotropic qualities to make him a centerpiece on the poop deck or a round porcelain chamber pot on that poop deck…

    2. Instead of a whacking stick, a flamethrower or a whacking stick on fire would be so much more fun to listen to that popping sound when animal fat meets tar and flame while future recruits can roast their marshmallows to the ambient sounds of an engorged AFGE member roasting like chestnuts…

      (no pyro here at all)

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