Badass Of The Week Award – Anthony Hardie

Badass of the Week Anthony Hardie

The VA was caught putting anti-veteran policies ahead of the needs of veterans this week. Anthony Hardie was part of a House Committee panel the put the screws to the VA.

This week, Hardie’s testimony to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs won him the Badass of the Week Award. Hardie served on the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Initiative for the VA.

Hardie testified about how the Gulf War cover-up perpetrated by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Over the past couple years, VA has been required by law to research Gulf War Syndrome. Instead of spending money on Gulf War centric research, the VA has misspent the funds.

When research did not support informal policies of the VA, the VA forced it to be hidden from public scrutiny.


Anthony Hardie’s highlights from the hearing:


Anthony Hardie’s Biography:

Mr. Hardie is a member of the RACGWI, the VA Gulf War Steering Committee, and the Integration Panel of the Peer Reviewed Gulf War Illness Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP).  Following his military service, he was elected by his peers as an officer of the National Gulf War Resource Center, where he helped lead efforts resulting in the enactment of the Persian Gulf War Veterans Act of 1998.  He medically retired in 2009 due to worsening GWI-related health issues; his last position was Executive Assistant for Legislative, Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs and included work supporting the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs (NASDVA).  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a U.S. Army veteran whose seven years of active duty military service included the 1991 Gulf War and Somalia.



Written testimony of Anthony Hardie’s to Congress:

Testimony – Hardie, Anthony – Gulf War – Mar. 13, 2013 by Anthony Hardie

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  2. This is only one of the issues the VA is covering up. Many may have heard of the misuse of the property that was granted by a family in Los Angeles, to the VA for sole use by the VA for care and support of disabled veterans as well as homeless veterans. The VA has leased the property to private entities against the purpose for which the property was granted. The VA installed fences to keep the veterans from using the exact property that was to be used ONLY for them. Why would the VA do this? Because it is more interested in doing whatever it wants, not what is needed to help the veterans. There is currently a court order prohibiting the land from being used for other than veteran related purposes, but the organization that acquired the land is dead set on building an amphitheater to put on plays. Why hasn’t the VA ordered that the company stop its building, because the head of the org keeps filling the VA reps pockets with money that goes to programs that do not help the ones the property was gifted for. This is just another example of how the government/administration, now in power is convinced they are above the law and can do whatever they want.

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