Montana VA Director Resigns Over Broken System

John Ginnity

The ongoing broken system at Montana VA led to the retirement announcement of John Ginnity after only 16 months at the helm.

Publicly, Ginnity sited health concerns and family as the primary reasons for his decision to retire. Insiders say the VA director and veteran could no longer handle the unethical demands of the job from upper management.

Senior leadership at Montana VA have been under investigation for some time related to unethical behavior. Ginnity was brought in to fix it but found he could not stomach the taste of the deceptive practices as the location.

According to Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, Ginnity is retiring because “He got frustrated with the system, and he felt that he could not lead the charge of change as he wanted to, and he’s a former vet.”

Zinkin continued, “… I think there is a lot of frustration. From a military commander’s point of view, you’ve got to give more flexibility to the front line, but what we’ve done is just the opposite.”


According to the Fort Harrison website:

[Mr. Ginnity] is an Iraq war veteran with 23 years of military service. For the last 16 years he was assigned to several medical treatment facilities in various hospital administrator positions, culminating as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC.

Mr. Ginnity earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Public/Human Resource Management from State University of New York at Utica/Rome, New York in 1995 and earned his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Psychology at Clarkson University, New York in 1991. Mr. Ginnity is an active member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and is credentialed by the American Academy of Medical Administrators.

I know a lot of us keep saying that VA needs more veterans in places of leadership, but I find it interesting that this veteran was unable to hack the corrosive culture.

Ginnity was able to handle leading soldiers in Iraq for years but was unable to manage corrupt VA leaders within an organization loaded with unethical actors.

So who can veterans turn to for change?


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  1. “WikiLeaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails – Julian Assange “,

    The Guardian, By Mark Tran, Sunday 12 June 2016

    New release likely to fan controversy and provide further ammunition for Republican presidential rival Donald Trump

    What is truly interesting about the new emails is WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive in March of 30,322 emails and email attachments sent to and from Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of state. The 50,547 pages of documents are from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014, and 7,570 of the documents.

    The announcement about the new emails just after Assange’s televised address to the international media forum in Moscow.

    Wonder who is supplying the new emails? I haven’t heard of any new Hillary email releases stateside.

    I guess it must be true that if you keep poking a bear with a stick it does bite. How many emails did the Russian Media say Putin had that he could release?

    Something like 20,000.

    Also interesting in the article Assange points out that Hillary won’t be indicted because the DOJ can use the information as leverage if she wins the election.

    Everyone know the stories about J. Edgar Hoover and his secret files that he used to get whatever he wanted through blackmail.

    1. The full article can be found at:


    12 June 2016
    From Channel 9, WFTV Orlando, Florida local news.

    The FBI HAS confirmed a “Terrorist Attack” in Orlando, Florida!

    The attack began at “The Pulse Nightclub”, at 2:00 am and lasted until 5:00am, 12 June, 2016, authorities say!

    “20 people are dead. 42 were injured. Approximately 30 held hostage!”

    It was “Well planned” and carried out in an execution style format!
    The “shooter” had a “devise” strapped to himself. There were other “devises” found at the scene. “Anti-bomb robots” were brought in to find out IF these devises were active!

    I’m sure, as the day goes on, more information will be given out.

    1. Now the news reporters are saying “it could be a ‘Domestic’ Terrorist attack!”

      This is going to get interesting!

    2. hey Elf,

      I will be checking it looks interesting.

      On another note “‘Culture of corruption and cover-up’ alleged in Madison Social Security office” ,
      By M.D. Kittle / June 10, 2016

      There goes Senator Ron Johnson doing his job again like he did in Tomah.

      Senator Johnson has been working on this for some time now and is being stonewalled by the Social Security administration. They have the same culture of corruption as the VA in Wisconsin.

      Can’t wait to hear what “Mr. I didn’t Get the Memo Feingold”, campaigns response is.

      I am sure it will be something like “Johnson is cheating in this election because he has been doing the Job he was elected to do. By doing his job Senator Johnson is hurting Wisconsin by making Mr. “I didn’t Get the Memo Feingold” look bad. Johnson must be stopped before he destroys all the corrupted federal systems in Wisconsin that Feingold has worked years to put in place. “

      1. @Seymore Klearly

        And of course all the “anti-gun libturds” are coming out in droves. Trying to take away all the weapons of legal owners.
        They want only the criminals and crazy idiots to retain their weapons!

      2. @Seymore Klearly

        On the article of the “Silent Military Coup”, isn’t it sad that Kerry is doing now exactly
        what he fought against when he returned from Vietnam!
        Now being FOR war profiteering, (Iran Deal), vs. being anti-war profiteering during the Vietnam War!

        I’ll bet the “Hienz corporation” has some kind of contractual dealings with all five militaries, the VA and other entities! Some which may be tied to Worldwide business entities of other countries and governments!


        BREAKING FROM CHANNEL 6 Orlando Florida

        The “shooter has “family ties”, (parents), in Afghanistan”.
        He is/was Muslim!
        The FBI is correct on this being a “homegrown TERRORIST ATTACK!”
        It’s also come out he was/is an “American Citizen!”

        I would like to know HOW he got his citizenship? Was he part of Obama’s “refugee program”?
        How long has this asswipe been here?

        There are so many questions the MSM is NOT fucking asking!

      3. That’s interesting. Madison is the heart of Tammy Baldwin’s base, so I wonder how many constituents she ignored there.
        Well, constituents looking for help with SSA rather than the union thugs working there.

    3. There are now “…50 dead and 53 wounded…” in the Orlando Florida “Pulse” bar shooting.

      1. Born in USA from Afghan parents and radicalzed. Muslims hate gay peope and just about anyone that does not think just like the animals they can be when on the dark side. This is SO out of control and I bet our POTUS will only use this to further push his anti-gun agenda but a FREE PASS to all and all future imported terrorists!!
        This is horrific. The POTUS is speaking from WH at 1:30 EST today.

      2. But hey, the borders can stay wide open and unvetted refugees flooding in daily.

        If he’s been on the FBIs radar for some time as has been reported, why was he on their radar?

        The left will scream guns, ignoring the facts he had an AS degree in criminal justice, firearms training and a gun license….and the fact that they would be the first ones screaming if law enforcement took any action against him without iron clad proof.

        I see lots of finger pointing and blame shifting on this to obscure the real facts.

        Including that he was a registered Democrat.

      3. OK
        Let’s analyze this.
        This just out on Channel 9 news, WFTV, Orlando, Florida. And ABC affiliate local news station!

        ABC has talked with the parents. They say “…[he] saw two gay men kissing this weekend…” down in Miami.
        They said “…it was the FIRST TIME he ever witnessed something like that!”
        And, “…It made him…” mad!

        Their “reasoning” is so fucking ludicrous, it astounds me! The boy’s been living here, in America, for 30 fucking years.

        And this is the FIRST TIME, in 30 years, he ever saw two men kissing! Give me a fucking break!

        They, ABC, also say, that ISIS or no other radical group has said anything about him.
        ISIS and other radical groups have put his picture all over the internet this morning. They’ve been praising the little asswipe.

        Off course, what else can one expect from the MSM! Especially just BEFORE our “COWARDLY POTUS” is going to speak!

        It’s going to get much worse before it gets better folks!

      4. Hey Elf,

        I had heard the news reports on that also. About him seeing two men kissing. But what the shooters father had said was that his son was upset when he saw the two men kissing in a public bathroom in front of his three year old son. The shooter had repeated to his father that they did it in front of his son.

        Personally I myself would find that very repulsive and unacceptable to have two gay people making out in a public bathroom when there is a three year old child present. I certainly do not condone the shooters actions but you can bet that I would have said something then and there in that restroom.

        I would also have found it equally repulsive and unacceptable if it were a man and a woman making out in a public restroom in front of a three year child.

    4. Anyone else seem to find it incredibly *quick* for the POTUS and FBI to already effectively *minimized* and entirely in denial that this massacre had *nothing* to do with terrorism…he *just happened* to make *that call*…WTF?!
      Anyone? Last I heard…we are AT WAR!!! WTF?

      Get this: They are trying to say this “homegrown terrorist” was actually influenced by *Christianity*….WTF? Something is up, and not liking it one bit…

  3. This is one the ‘webpage’ –
    “Film For Action”
    “The Silent Military Coup that Took Over Washington”

    by John Pilger / “”

    It’s well worth googling and reading. There’s even mentioning of (idiot) John Kerry!

    There’s also many other articles. Take the time to see how our country still believes “War = Profit”

    1. Correction:
      The first sentence should read.
      “This is on the ‘webpage’ –

    2. Hey Elf,

      Good article. It does make a person think.

      Image for a moment how many lives would have been saved if Obama had kept his pre-election promises to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. How many Veterans today would be able to put it behind them and go on with their lives.

      We went into Afghanistan to get Osama bin laden and al-Qaeda. But the whole time we have been there he was holed up in one of our Friend-enemy countries Pakistan and the people who supposedly high jacked the jets used on September 11th, all came from another of our Friend-enemy counties Saudi Arabia.

      The war in Iraq was to stop Saddam Hussein WMDs programs but turns out the UN inspection teams were right and there were no WMD programs.

      Now we are in Syria supposedly to stop a cruel dictator while we are ripping up that country and we are only there to stop a pipeline from being built because two of our Friend-enemy countries not only want to stop the pipeline from being built. They also want to use the country to build there own pipeline to Turkey.

      Body counts:


      As of May 29, 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Defense casualty website, there were 4,425 total deaths (including both killed in action and non-hostile) and 32,223 wounded in action (WIA) as a result of Operation Iraqi Freedom.[51] As a part of Operation New Dawn, which was initiated on September 1, 2010, there were 66 total deaths (including KIA and non-hostile) and 301 WIA.


      As of October 1, 2015, there have been 2,326 U.S. military deaths in the War in Afghanistan. 1,856 of these deaths have been the result of hostile action. 20,083 American service members have also been wounded in action during the war.[1] In addition, there were 1,173 U.S. civilian contractor fatalities.


      Not Known

      Of course our occupation in Afghanistan and the money supplied to rebuild their agricultural capabilities has certainly provided our big pharma companies with plenty of Opium to fuel the opiate prescription drug crisis here in the states.

      Also one of our other Friend-enemies Turkey has certainly helped them self to all the oil they can steal from both Syria and Iraq. I wonder which oil company is behind that.

      1. I have to correct you on WMDs in Iraq SK. The UN found plenty after the end of the first Gulf War. I won’t recount all of the chemical weapons found, but their biological program which was just as extensive was not found or admitted to by Iraq until 1996. It was only admitted to when Hussein Kamel defected.
        Eventually the inspections were falling apart because Clinton was too busy boinking the help, and Albright thought the US was too pushy.
        Some of the final reports issued by UNSCOM were in 1998. There were still tons of chemicals used in chemical weapon production and tons of material used in biological weapon production that they could prove came into Iraq, but they could not find.
        Any UN activity in Iraq collapsed shortly later.
        It didn’t help that the oil for food program became a massive bribery program.

        I have a book produced by the UN detailing the entire inspection program. It is almost 900 pages long. It is shocking to read what was found in Iraq, or not found.

    3. Also Elf,

      You know that post about Montague the former director of the Cleveland VA Medical Center that was just sentenced yesterday. I don’t know if you caught my add on about how the only reason he was caught was because of the Cuyahoga County corruption investigation done by the FBI. The investigation started back in 2008 and there are still people being prosecuted.

      Cuyahoga County is basically the City of Cleveland Ohio and it’s nearby suburbs. The Republican National Convention is going to be held there July 18–21, 2016.

      A partial list of some of the more then 120 people who were arrested and convicted as a result of the Cuyahoga County corruption investigation includes politicians, Judges, officers of the law, attorneys and a host of other school officials and county employees.

      Here is a partial list from the Wikipedia page for the investigation–

      In July 2008, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents began raiding the offices of Cuyahoga County Commissioners and those of a wide range of cities, towns, and villages across Cuyahoga County. The investigation revealed extensive bribery and corruption across the area, affecting hundreds of millions of dollars in county contracts and business. The investigation led to the arrest of county commissioner Jimmy Dimora; county auditor Frank Russo; MetroHealth vice president John J. Carroll; former Strongsville councilman Patrick Coyne; former Ohio District Courts of Appeals judge Anthony O. Calabrese III; former Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge Bridget McCafferty; Cuyahoga County Sheriff Gerald McFaul; former Cleveland City Council member Sabra Pierce Scott; Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge Steven Terry; and a wide range of attorneys, building inspectors, consultants, contractors, school district employees, and mid and low level county workers.

      I wonder if the people of Cuyahoga County are sick of corruption in their community?

      Definitely no better place to hold the convention since Trump is running as a anti-corruption candidate. I wonder how they knew to hold the convention there?

      1. @Seymore Klearly

        There was another person convicted and sentenced last year or in late 2014. If I remember right, he was an architect or something. He was involved, business wise, with that asswipe, Cleveland and Dayton, VA director. Can’t remember his name off hand.
        Maybe that’s how the FBI zeroed in on all the other corrupt asswipes.

        I had no idea it ran that deep though!

        Well, Cleveland always was a corrupt to the core city. I’ll wager if the FBI had dug deeper, they would find lots more corrupt people in Ohio.

        I was raised in Hamilton, Ohio. Affectionately “nick-named” – “Little Chicago!” Trust me! It didn’t get that name because of all the good church going people!
        (Al Capone came there in the 20’s & 30’s, (Hamilton), when the heads of the many “families” met in Cincinnati! And has continued on since.True story Seymore!)

        And, of course, you remember the Cincinnati Mayor, “PAY BY CHECK JERRY SPRINGER!”

        There are many such stories of corruption in Ohio. Just as there are in all 50 states.

        Lastly, there’s an article out by WND, (?), claiming there could be a “blood bath” in Cleveland during the convention. Reason, Because the city isn’t doing “due diligence” separating the “pro-Trump Supporters” from the “anti-Trump Demonstrators”!

      2. @Seymore Klearly

        The article on the (possible) Cleveland “blood bath” is from “Livery Headlines”, I believe!

      3. Sorry about my spelling. Fingers not working this A.M.!
        It’s in the
        “Liberty Headlines”

  4. Get a court order and tap into VA phone calls from upper management and order all e-mails !

    Or. Shut the whole system down. Put them in jail or unemployment line.

    What rubins and others have done and the VA committee excepting their plea of the fifth. !

    Don’t know if anyone noticed at the beganing of their hearing on capitol hill. !

    The second in command under Miller. Reminded those employees to remember they could plea the 5th !

    It maybe standard rules. They were not on trial. It was s committee and. So why were they afforded this right !

  5. Hey Elf,

    Just found a new VAIG report you might find interesting. You will have to be careful though the Whitewash still isn’t dry and it’s dripping all over the sheets of the report.

    You remember Diana Rubens the person that got away with stealing a few $100,000 on her move from Washington D.C. to take over as the director of the Philadelphia regional office for the VBA. Well her Significant other that moved with her and kept her job by filing a hardship request to have her job changed to a 100% Telework from home assignment.

    Well reading between the whitewash, Diana Rubens significant other’s in her now 100% Telework from home position is currently averaging more than 27% of that day commuting from home to work. No doubt she is also receiving Mileage and meals while on the road also. I am sure the Miles and meals add up to what at least and extra $200 a day.

    To find the report google “Veterans Benefits Administration Administrative Investigation Alleged Preferential Treatment and Potential Misuse of Travel Funds”

    The report was just published June 1, 2016. Like I said the whitewash is still pretty fresh and hasn’t seen any real daylight to dry it off. Oh, and of course according to the report there is no wrongdoing here.


    1. Sorry the line “Diana Rubens significant other’s in her now 100% Telework from home position is currently averaging more than 27% of that day commuting from home to work.”

      Should read:

      “Diana Rubens significant other in her now 100% Telework from home position is currently averaging more than 27% of every work day commuting from home to work.

      That is according to reimbursement logs used by the VAIG in their report clearing her of any wrong doing.

      Also worth noting is that she did not file for or receive moving expenses with her move from Washington To Philly.
      But hidden in the VAIGs Diana Rubens did receive moving expenses for her significant other by claiming her as a dependent.

      1. I will have to look at this report, because there is something here that stinks to high Hell. I can understand her not getting moving expenses if she voluntarily chose the move, but how can she then claiming moving expenses for her squeeze? How can she claim commuting expenses for a job she chose to take? How is she commuting to a job that has a 100 % telework agreement?

        All of this spells out that this is costing the government more money and has always been prohibited.

      2. Pleading the fifth and. Will insure all VA employees will never be fired. !

        These two must have dirt on higher management. !

        People like these two are the cause of our VA. To go down hill !

        It’s a disgrace. A big sting is called for. They want to be deceptive. Do should we. !

        Veterans see being harmed by these two. Prime example of family hand friends covering for each other.

        Sicking. !

    2. Just to be clear, is that 27% of her day commuting to her telework job?
      If I were an investigative journalist, I would FOIA her telework agreement that her supervisor signed, find what justification they came up with for such a BS scheme, and her travel vouchers.

      I would like to know which manager above her approved a plan that would allow her move, allow her to telework after she moved, allow her to claim travel pay to commute to a job that she chose to take, and approved a plan that costs the government more money.

      That is likely the reason no wrong doing was found. Someone in senior management signed off on the deal approving it.

      There is nothing here that shows it is being done for the good of the agency.

      …while veterans continually get ripped off for their own legitimate travel pay.

      I have been thinking lately I need to either found a veterans educational group, or become aligned with one so I can do these FOIAs, provide the documents as educational material to veterans and avoid their BS charges for complying with FOIA.
      Congress certainly won’t do oversight.

      1. @91Veteran & Seymore Klearly

        Do y’all think Rubins could be the one signing off for her ‘significant other’? Or has someone else signing off who “owes favors” to both of them?
        Definitely something doesn’t sound right!!!!

        P.S. I’m trying my best to be polite over this. There’s specific words most ‘southern boys’ would use to describe those two sk~~ks!

      2. 91Veteran,

        To read the VAIG report it is located at: “”

        It is very informative on how a large percentage of the VBA staff are all 100% work from home staff.

        As far as the report it self they hide the fact that it is connected to Diana Rubens but the foot note on page 1 links it to her and a prior report which is “Report Number 15-02997-526,
        September 28, 2015”

        Then a foot note on page 3 show just how deceptive they are being with the report. In the body of the report they state “Relocation expenses were neither offered nor paid by VA for the purpose of voluntary relocation to Philadelphia, PA.[2]”

        The foot note 2 on page 3 reads ” Relocation expenses were not paid specific to ##### voluntary relocation but were included in the relocation expenses, as a dependent, detailed in the above cited report.

        What qualified Rubens significant other to be considered a dependent by Rubens is her significant other’s statement:

        “The VBMS PMO Director told us that she met in 2008 when she began working at VA and that they became friends through their work in VBMS PMO. ##### also told us that she and the VBMS PMO Director were friends and that their friendship included carpooling, mutual home visits, and pet care.”

        Guess that certainly qualifies her as a dependent according to the VA for relocation allowance any way.

        Also worth noting is the new redaction policy the VAIG is applying to there reports under the new IG.

      3. So basically, if you know the right people, they will approve using tax dollars to move your latest hookup.

        What the hell difference is there between this and paying for your neighbor to move with you?

        This still tells me the IG is claiming no wrong doing to protect the higher manager who signed off on this theft.

        Can you provide detail on how the redaction policy is different?

        On another note, I just got the Congressional response in the mail, but no sign of the FOIA response from the VA yet.

      4. Elf,

        That was Hicky signing off on the move a job transfer.

        The full report that they cite in the foot note on page one is located at:


        You notice how they quietly tried to slip this report out and did such a heavy hand on the redaction.

        I think the New IG is going to be total hide the facts type of whitewasher.

      5. 91Veteran,

        You asked “Can you provide detail on how the redaction policy is different?”

        If you look at the IG’s recent report that came out June 1st, 2016 published after Michael J Missal became the IG. All of the names are redacted even though those names are well known and already out in the public domain.


        The prior report that is out in the public domain contains all of the important names and the positions they were working in at the time of the investigation for both this recent report and the prior report written before the new IG took office. See:


        Additionally this new report is written not only in a manner made to be deceptive, such as trying to mislead by stating things like:

        “Relocation expenses were neither offered nor paid by VA for the purpose of ##### voluntary relocation to Philadelphia, PA.[2]”

        Then disclosing in the fine print foot note:

        [2] Relocation expenses were not paid specific to ##### voluntary relocation but were included in the relocation expenses, as a dependent, detailed in the above cited report.

        Yet again the foot note is also incorrect and misleading because the expenses as a dependent are not detailed in the above cited report. Which is the second report that I have listed above.

        As for any claim of confidentiality that might justify the heavy redaction there is none since the information is already in the public domain. The heavy redaction make it seem clear that it is trying to hide it’s connection to Diana Rubens.

        If they have nothing to hide why the redaction to hide everything?

  6. Never did trust people who talk so much, they never seem to get anything done. So just let that golden gray hound roll your soul away. Or if you like little jack horner sat in corner eating his COME ON YOU KNOW THE REST.

  7. The VA takes one more small step towards accountability, of course the FBI forced them to in this case, before the Commission on Care report comes out.

    From Cleveland 19 news

    “Former Cleveland VA director sentenced to nearly 5 years for role in county corruption scandal”

    Friday, June 10th 2016, 6:41 pm CDT
    Friday, June 10th 2016, 6:41 pm CDT
    Posted by Cleveland 19 Digital Team


    The former director of the Cleveland and Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center, William D. Montague, was sentenced to 57 months in prison for working as a consultant for and taking money and other things of value from a design firm bidding on VA jobs and sharing confidential information about construction projects while still employed by the VA, law enforcement officials said.

    Montague, 63, of Brecksville, previously pleaded guilty to 64 counts, including Hobbs Act conspiracy, conspiracy to commit honest services mail fraud, violating the Hobbs Act, money laundering, multiple counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, disclosing public contract information, and other charges.

    Our Scott Taylor broke this story back in 2013 and was the first reporter on the scene as the FBI raided William Montague’s home in Brecksville.

    A five year sentence and plead guilty to 64 counts. Not Good Enough!!!

    Montague served as director of the Cleveland VA Medical Center from 1995 until February 3, 2010. On March 11, 2011, Montague began working as director of the Dayton VA Medical Center, a position he held through December 17, 2011, according to court documents.

    Court documents detail interactions between Montague and a company identified as Business 75, an integrated design firm with offices throughout the United States, including New York, Illinois, Virginia, Missouri, and California. The company performed work for the VA directly and through its participation in joint ventures and other teaming agreements.

    Montague, Business 75, and employees of the company conspired to defraud the VA of its right to the honest and faithful service of Montague through bribery and kickbacks and to defraud the VA and other potential VA contractors by means of false and fraudulent pretenses beginning in 2010, according to court documents.

    Montague secretly used his position as Dayton VA Medical Center director to enrich himself and his designees (including House of Montague, a financial services company Montague operated) by soliciting and accepting gifts, payments, and other things of value from Business 75 in exchange for favorable official actions. He also solicited money and a consulting contract from Business 75 in exchange for information related to VA contracts and projects, which would benefit Business 75, Business 75’s principal and their designees, according to court documents.

    This was done to give Business 75 an advantage in obtaining VA contracts and projects. Montague gave false and misleading information to VA employees about his reasons for requesting VA documents and information, according to court documents.

    1. His original indictment was a result of a part of the Cuyahoga County corruption investigation done by the FBI. Otherwise he never would have faced charges. The VA only became involved after the FBI had started the investigation.

    2. @Seymore Klearly
      Want ti make a bet Obama will “pardon” him just before he leaves office!
      Just like ol’ Billie Boy did for all those criminals he pardoned before he left office. One was drug dealer “brother” of ol’ Billie Boy!

      “The Clinton’s little ‘Rich’ friends”
      This was a “friend” of the Clinton’s. Who was “on the run” in Europe! Having multiple warrents for multiple crimes!

      There’s so damn much corruption connected to the Clinton’s. It’s hard to understand why they weren’t charged decades ago!

      I agree with your theory as to what might happen IF Hillary wins in November. I believe Putin might divulge some of those emails before the election. Possibly in September or maybe October.
      October 31, Halloween, would be a fitting day for her to be properly endicted!

      Did you hear where the Japanese politicians have said they “don’t want Obama to return!” Their reason was expected. (paraphrasing) -They feel Obama has inflamed the citizenry!
      How many countries don’t want him back now – 18, 19, 20????
      You would think he would “get the idea NO ONE LIKES HIM!” Is he that stupid?

      1. This guy won’t get a pardon he was working directly with organized crime.

        A little bit on who he was working with from wikipedia about the investigation he got caught up in.

        In July 2008, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents began raiding the offices of Cuyahoga County Commissioners and those of a wide range of cities, towns, and villages across Cuyahoga County. The investigation revealed extensive bribery and corruption across the area, affecting hundreds of millions of dollars in county contracts and business. The investigation led to the arrest of county commissioner Jimmy Dimora; county auditor Frank Russo; MetroHealth vice president John J. Carroll; former Strongsville councilman Patrick Coyne; former Ohio District Courts of Appeals judge Anthony O. Calabrese III; former Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge Bridget McCafferty; Cuyahoga County Sheriff Gerald McFaul; former Cleveland City Council member Sabra Pierce Scott; Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge Steven Terry; and a wide range of attorneys, building inspectors, consultants, contractors, school district employees, and mid and low level county workers.

        They all were caught because of wire-taps on Jimmy Dimora’s phone and after they got indicted they all started flipping on each other and more crime that covers the whole county. When the Feds had everyone flipping on Montague with wire taps to and paperwork the VA had to work with the FBI against Montague.

        Other wise the VA would have let it go as just another day of doing business the VA way.

      2. Elf,

        If you read my last post then you know what I mean about he was working directly with Organized Crime. The whole county government was brought up on charges and most of them went to prison.

        If you google Cuyahoga County you will see that it is basically the city of Cleveland Ohio.

        Also since Montague only got less than 5 years while pleading for 64 count he plead guilty to you know that he did some signing. With the VA being as corrupt as it is I am sure the FBI would have a hard time pursuing more VA employees.

        But they know about the crimes and may be tapping some phones right now.

  8. Seymore Clearly, there is a guy named Robert Tosh Plumee that was a CIA pilot now making a movie about the Clintons. If he lives and he knows it. 30 men never came home from Iran Contra but you never hear about them. A POW group took a sworn statement from my husband very recently. Putin has 20,000 hillary emails he is threatening to release he has warned will bring America to it’s knees and he hates the Clintons. Intel types are threatening to do the same. One Anonymous member I know was approached on helping. He ain’t a momma basement boy.

    Put all of the above together. It will not be pretty.

    1. @Robin Mitchell

      I believe the emails Putin has won’t bring all of America to it’s knees.
      I believe it will only bring the Clinton’s, Obamy and the rest of the corrupt politicians in Washington, and around the world, to their knees!

      No matter whether they are elected or appointed officials! No matter if they are state or federal. They need to be brought to their knees!

      I believe it will also bring the corporations, big pharmaceutical’s, and other type entities to their knees!

      I look at it this way. Hillary has aleady said she would spill the dirt on all of Washington – IF she’s indicted.

      What do I say about that?
      I say, good! Indict the bitch!
      Maybe this will “cleanse and flush” all those asswipes out of America.

      No matter which way this goes. The average American Citizen WINS our country back!

    2. Robin,

      I do know what you mean.

      When you look at how the U.S. has positioned us around the globe it certainly spells trouble.

      Currently we are maintaining two carrier groups in the Mediterranean and after a request by Turkeys president Erdogan we have deployed two guided missile destroyer in the Black Sea. Also we have deployed the M1A2 Abrams tank to the nation of Georgia within several miles of the Russian border. The 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment including the U.S. Abrams Main Battle Tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles are now stationed in Poland as of this month. The shit in the Baltic Sea with the guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) that just happened a little over a month ago. The failed smear campaign against Putin with the Panama Papers.

      All our build up along the Russian border and actions against Russia have happened since they enter Syria and started going against our middle east Friend-enemies there. who are try to stop the Iran, Iraq and Syrian Pipeline from being built.

      In my part of the country we have a saying “you don’t poke a bear with a stick unless you want to get bit”.

      As you stated Putin has the 20,000 emails of Hillarys and as the corruption of our government has become so profound and all of our Friend-enemies in the Middle East now looking to Russia for arms and no doubt telling all. I am sure he knows and has a lot more information that he can release.

      With Brexit coming and next year a new administration here when we are at our weakest you know the shit is going to hit the fan.


      1. Robin,

        There is also the Fact that if Hillary say were to go the distance, which I doubt, Putin then through blackmail would have a little puppet as the President of the United States. Of course there are all the other string pullers of Hillary she were to make it.

        With Hillary now 70 years old and all of the medications she has been on that we know about she would make a pretty good puppet. After all with the way her appearance indicates that her health is declining ratter rapidly and her clear inability to talk to the press in a cohesive manner.

      2. How do we know she hasn’t already been blackmailed?

        I would be interested in knowing the dates when her server went online, and when she pushed through the sale of uranium interests to that Russian company.

        Given she used her server during her Senate campaign, I’m sure there was plenty of juicy stuff on their by the time she left State.

      3. 91Veteran,

        With the Clintons being crocket as they are of course they have been blackmailed in the past and most certainly will be blackmailed in the future. In regards to that sale of uranium interests to that Russian company I think you might be right.

        I guess that is why they have left a trail of bodies in their wake to prevent that from happening.

        That server also held all of the foundations emails and email accounts for former President Clinton that he wanted to keep secret. Wonder why no one has file a FOIA to obtain any of his emails from the server since it has been confirmed that he was involved with some state department business?

      4. That is a good point. Everybody has been focused on just Hilarys 30000 emails she decided were State Department work related, and the 32000 Hillary emails she deleted claiming they were personal yoga routines. Nobody has said yet how many thousands of emails were there from her Senate campaign and term, how many thousands were on there from Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin who also has accounts for who knows how many years, or the thousands of emails from Bill related to Foundation business. Or the thousands of emails from any other flunky who had an account on there.

        Now imagine Putin has every single email. If each account had roughly the same as Hillary..,62000, thats 248000 emails from Hillary, Bill, Cheryl and Huma alone.

        Like the friggin motherlode for any foreign spy. Or hacker like Guccifer who said he hacked her server. If Guccifer has them and has them stored in the cloud like he claims, he could sell them to the highest bidder. Or sing like a bird since he’s in FBI custody.

        Its no wonder there have been reports of the FBI also focusing on public corruption as well as mishandling classified info in their investigation.

  9. Since. This employee was sent to fix things ! All of those that were in charge and the problem. Knew he was coming. !

    You. Know they all met before his arrival or in smaller group’s. Probably a drinking meeting and made a plan. To stick together and make his job. A living hell. !

    Block and tackle tactic. !

    People. Must remember that VA management has had year’s to stack the deck. With friend’s And family member’s !

    The good old boy system. If You want to fight me. Your going to have to fight all of us. !

    You know this is true. ! And they know it’s true !

    If someone does not like you. They will have their friend’s And family member’s go after you. !

    If they have to lie. No problem !

    This is the normal procedure in VA facilities in smaller communities !

    The VA in Fort Lyon. Co. Had to close their doors. Because the VA had to pay out so much money to employees who were harmed by management and false allegations against them !

    It was cheaper to close the facility and open an outpatient clinic.

    Problem is that when they closed it they went and hired all the employees who caused the problems at the old facility !

    Hence. You did not fix the problem. You just moved it. !

    Again. Our officials need to find out how many manager’s have family member’s working in other management positions at the same facility or management at other facilities !

    Don’t be surprised if that number is very high. !

    Another. Thing that could be done is to pull an undercover sting. !

    Implant. Undercover employees I’m meds up training slots for 1 year. These need to be in management positions !

    Not stop there. Have undercover veteran with hidden cameras go in and record everything. !

    IF. S judge can authorize s phone tap. This should also be legal. !

    Sting the poop out of them. !

    Let’s are if this employee who retired. Will be hired as a contractor.?

    I hope not. ! Even if be did blow the whistle. You will have employees fabricate evidence against him !

    All they have to do us say it’s been collobrated. ! Where’s the evidence ! Evidence. Well we have no direct written evidence !

    But we have people to collobrate it. !

    That’s all that needs to be said. !

    The truth means nothing to misdeeders. !

  10. The VA will never change and why? there are those in D.C. that are receiving kickbacks from friends who have contracts with the VA as well as those in D.C. that have businesses and contracts themselves so their interest is to protect the VA. we the veterans have to stand together and demand better treatment and till that happens nothing will change. The DAV and American legion have been here since 1918 defending our rights and protecting our benefits, so I ask if , that is the case, then how did the VA get so bad? Remember the VA is there for us, not us for the VA and furthermore when some says they work for the VA well maybe so but wrong, YOU WORK FOR THE VETERANS, NO VETERANS,NO JOB OR VA! IT AMAZES ME HOW THE VA SAY’S THEY DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE BACK THE MONEY OFFICIALS STEAL BY LYING BUT THEY CAN TAKE YOUR THE VETERANS FORM YOUR DISABILITY PAYMENT IF YOU OWE THEM ! WHY IS THAT? I hope it changes but I doubt it will ever do so! I don’t believe all those in the VA are bad just the few at the top who control it by fear for their greedy selves and those they protect who control them! there come’s a time when one has to ask when is enough, enough?

  11. Everyone says put more vets in charge . Folks , it doesnt matter how many vets you hire . Some of them are the worst ones . Its a culture problem and it is too large to change . Until you get AFGE out of there and give veterans full choice , it will not change .

  12. The second Gulf War, my son, who was at that time looking for a direction for his life, was considering a career in the Marines. Iv’e never told him what to do with his life, I’ve always encouraged him. But I FORBID him from going into the military. I’ve made mistakes in “MY” life but I consider my time in the Navy as my biggest mistake. I’m paying for that mistake to this day because I,m a victim of the current Veterans Administration. Too bad. The USMC would have had a VALIANT WARRIOR and a damn good man. My son has turned out pretty good regardless

    1. @Ralph D Carmona Sr.

      I’m sure I speak for everyone here, when I say, Thank You for being so honest with your son!
      If more parents were brutally honest to their children, as you were! We’d have less to worry about!

      I bet your son is a better man for it.
      Lastly, “Welcome Home, Brother!”

  13. Dear Mr. Krause:

    After reading the perusing over Mr. John Ginnity’s report of his decision to resign his post I conclude that he, another person deserving the Congressional MedaL is he for the courage displayed in this issue; he has the courage other criminals of the VA. lack courage to do what truly is a move that shows that principle supercedes dodging responsibility and the “leaders in government ” to not be politically correct by shielding criminals who have gone so far now as to kill veterans by shredding medical records thereby causing the death to thousands of veterans.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P.Calderon

  14. My son has a friend in Montana, both are Iraq veterans held over in that country during the ‘stop-lose”. The friend says the VA is horrible, if it wasn’t for his dog he would have chosen the grave like 2 others of their friends already have.

    1. THE VA DEARHCARE IS A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS FROM HELLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. There is no single man, not even the President, that can stop the American Federation of Government Employees from doing what they have crafted into an art form over decade of avuse and over the dead bodies of veterans; invulnerability. Never before i American history has a single labor union been given the purse strings to the treasury and legal immunity from any possible law enforcement. The AFGE, affiliate of AFK/CIO chews up and spits out ANYONE from Bob, to Barrack, to the suffering vet, who gets in the way of,their sweet setup. This is beyond union – it is,organized corruption a quarter million strong, and each and EVERY position of authority within is filled inmhand select manner by AFGE employees for the benefit of the brotherhood.

    This man did not fail. The AFGE simply won a creampuff round. He was easy to get rid of.


  16. Elf & Namnibor

    You have both said a lot of great things about the people in Montana. I have heard pretty much the same thing about them but unlike you two I have never been there.

    I do hope they have a strong backbone because there is a shit storm heading their way. Elliott Management Corporation one of the companies that bought and paid for Senator Daines seat in the Senate. Elliott is known as a the leading Vulture Fund company of American Hedge funds.

    Their method of operation is to come in and buy up distressed business loans of companies that are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy for pennies on the dollar take over all company assets, leases and anything of value owned by the companies and hold them hostage until the company pay not only the original loan but nearly double the original loan value.

    To any oil and gas operations or any support operation in the state of Montana look up at the Vulture sitting on your new Senators Shoulder because Elliott Management is there to pick you clean to the bone.

    1. I should add that Elliott Management gets away with it because they buy all the right people.

      They also are a Global corporation on the global level they have bought up countries debt and come in and confiscated Naval Vessels and even raided humanitarian aid accounts with no concern about the consequences and the affect they have on the people living in those countries.

      There is a real shit storm brewing in Montana.

    2. @Seymore Klearly

      The BLM, Bureau of Land Management, is trying to steal land up there.
      What your not hearing is, it ain’t working out to good for the THIEVES or for the Clinton Foundation!
      If the “Montanians” can say “Fuck You” to the Clinton’s. Well, “SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN!”

      1. @Seymore Klearly

        Have you noticed no one but Mr. Trump is going there to speak!
        That says volumes!

  17. What this tells me is that he was sent in to be the fall guy if anything happened.
    He wasn’t sent in to fix anything. If he was, he would have been sent in with the authority he needed to make changes, I believe he saw the changes needed, but could get no support from his higher management at the Regional, VISN, and levels above them.
    Without knowing more details, to walk away from a job like that suggests frustration, but good character, morals and ethics, something that is sorely lacking throughout the VA.

    If we had a useful House and Senate VA committees, they would be contacting him and investigating what is so bad in the leadership there to cause this guy to resign. That we don’t suggests the only way we will ever know is if this guy forced their hands and blows the whistle.

  18. Just on National News: A HUGE TRI-CARE INSURANCE SCAM/SCANDAL, talked about those “ordered drug tests that ‘Seymore or Robin’ on blog alluded to”, at $150. each, most never ever performed, YET HUNDREDS of MILLION$ was *somehow* being diverted, and the insurance provider, whomever that is, will be ordered to pay that back. No other details as yet. “SOLDIER’S HEALTHCARE INSURANCE TARGETED AND EXPOSED”….google that.

    Reason I posted this is the time is REALLY RIPE as in an ‘open window’ for this Montana VA Director to just let the floodgate open with EXACTLY WHY he has made a rather drastic career choice and retire, lay down arms, more than likely screwing any chance of Aerospace Contractors, known to love to gobble-up USAF folk…add to all the other unwinding of McDuck’s Disneyfication of The VA…we ARE making dents in the VA Ship Of Fools…we are.

    BUT…When good people, Veterans or not, either continue to work as VA Employees and endure the VA while saying nothing about fraud/abuse/neglect, OR just walks away and lets someone else clean-up the mess, I am done, I am retiring…I really only think this USAF Ex-VA Director will do nothing, IF the VA ‘got to him’ or even is making his life a living hell with surveillance, et al…I sure hope he uses his unique perspective to help us all collectively shine light on all the maggots in the VA Ship of Fools.

    Rant Out.

    1. He could then write a best seller book on how he assisted in “Blowing Black Holes In The VA Ship Of Fools”…nice title. 🙂
      I sure hope Ben,Ron and others associated with VA Whistleblowers need to let this Montana ex VA Director know his available options…unless his “Retirement” was “conditional” on ‘mum’s the word’…?

      1. @namnibor
        Last night on world news there was a lengthy article on this issue.
        It had something to do with the DOD, plus TriCare, also.

        They said they “…stopped one fraud, and now they (?) are researching the beginning of another one!”

        The “Fraud, Waste and Abuse” continues, unabated!

    2. Same here nam. In a sane world, whatever insurance company pulled that scam would be prosecuted and permanently barred from dealing in insurance, particularly government contracts.

      Along with whoever in government that was colluding that was getting kickbacks.

  19. @namnibor & Seymore Klearly:

    As is said in many “Murder Mystery Novels”,

    “And The Plot Thickens!”

    I see this USAF Veteran Commander, having his name smeared until he “…fades away into the sunset!” I believe “Slimeball Shulkin”, (and others), will do everything, and anything, he can to discredit Ginnity into submission!

    On the other hand, Shulkin, and other asswipes, just might piss Ginnity off so bad he will turn full blown whistleblower!
    If Ginnity has a lot of “dirt” on a bunch of VA, and other government lowlifes, he could “Raise a few taxpayers eyebrows” in Montana!
    I’ve met people from there! They stand up and many don’t take crap from anyone, especially from individuals who “defame” those who try to help others!
    I’d say “the shit will hit the fan” sooner than later up there!

  20. If no one joins the military, there will be no need for this incompetent group of misfits, AKA the Veterans Administration. Younger veterans do not realize the Department of Defense will poop them out if they are injured and cannot report for duty. IF the VA is their only source of support the veteran would have been better off seeking training, education, and employment with the private sector. The primary purpose of a veteran is to keep the war machine humming. Federal taxes transfer wasted dollars to Defense Contractors and in return bribes/campaign contributions to Congressional parasites.

  21. Is this now ex-VA Director and Veteran going to turn full-blown VA Whistleblower with his rather unique knowledge of the VA cesspool or turn tail and never look back? Is he precluded from turning VA Whistleblower because of position held? Will the VA throw mountains of dirt atop him to discredit him just in-case he spills what he knows?

    Giving-up is ONE thing, using that knowledge to further help fellow Veterans in HARM’s WAY of the VA should be his top priority. Will he testify before Congress on his unique perspective and experience with an adversarial VA?

    More questions than answers here. With him being a fellow USAF Veteran, I have higher expectations of him…are my expectations misplaced? Does he realize he STILL can affect change and maybe even more effectively by his stepping-down/resigning/retiring or does VA Retirement not allow Whistleblowers??


    1. @namnibor

      Brother, I’ve always tried to live by a certain philosophy. That is; “Give those, who want to harm your “good name”, enough rope. And they will always “hang themselves!”

      This could be what Mr. Ginnity is doing. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him. Because, he stated he would “…still help!”

      I take that to mean, he hasn’t “…given up!”

      Like I said, many in Montana are “REAL REDNECKS!” or, if one wants, “REAL (OUTLAW) COWMEN!”
      I’ve not only met people from there. I’ve been through that state more than a couple times, (last year was the last time).
      The smaller towns populations still treat outsiders with lots of respect. Only don’t ever attempt to fuck over them!

      1. I lived in the Black Hills, South Dakota in the last few years as my last Stateside before getting out and then lived as a civilian for several years thereafter out there and had a few fellow artist friends that were from Montana, and I explored that area and Wyoming as well, so I now-well that good old take no nonsense mentality and all good people with good values.

        I hope we hear much more from this Mr. Ginnity and he and Ben can collaborate with other VA Whistleblowers.

        I think we may see more people jumping the VA Ship Of Fools as they see January, 2017 approaching 🙂 🙂

  22. I had read about what was happening with Mr. Ginnity’s resigning yesterday also noted a very well-coordinated campaign in the press meant to discredit him. The campaign against Mr. Ginnity is sponsored by David Shulkin the undersecretary for health at the VA. Also the new Senator for Montana and former 13 year employee of Proctor and Gamble Steve Daines.

    Here are several of the articles in the press meant to discredit Mr. Ginnity and some additional information on Senator Daines.

    “ State Veterans Affairs director quits”
    Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2016 4:45 pm
    By KATHERYN HOUGHTON/Daily Inter Lake

    “U.S. Sen. Steve Daines’ office released a letter Wednesday from Veterans Affairs Undersecretary for Health David Shulkin that said the agency is investigating allegations of senior leadership misconduct at Fort Harrison. The letter does not say that Ginnity was a subject of the investigation.”

    “Montana VA director resigns, department undergoing misconduct investigation”

    Posted: Jun 08, 2016 5:49 PM CST Updated: Jun 08, 2016 10:12 PM CST
    Updated: Jun 08, 2016 10:12 PM CST

    “This comes on the heels of other documents provided by Senator Steve Daines, outlining misconduct at the Montana VA.

    Letters sent by Senator Daines in March and April state issues including doctors not being compensated for their care of veterans, and “poor access to care, retaliation against employees, and even extended vacation time taken by leadership,”.

    In the letters, Senator Daines says “it is clear to me that Montana veterans and VA employees are losing trust in the system ,” and “I write today to encourage you to hold those you find at fault fully accountable, as soon as possible”.

    The Under Secretary of Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin responded to Senator Daines in late May. In his response, he stated the allegations are under investigation and additional witness interviews are required.”

    Update added to the second article above

    “Updated: Jun 08, 2016 10:12 PM CST”
    “Communications director Garcia said he was surprised to see the comments made by the congressional delegation, Senator Daines’ in particular.

    “This particular office of review investigation or inquiry was started based on allegations back in 2013, before Mr. Ginnity became the director. So to cite that investigation as, or to infer that it somehow had something to do with Mr. Ginnity’s resignation I think is inappropriate and inaccurate,” said Garcia.”


    Regarding Senator Steve Daines history which includes 13 years with Procter & Gamble 7 years managing operations in the United States, 6 years opening factories in Hong Kong & China to expand Procter & Gamble’s Asian business.

    Assumed office US House of Representatives representing Montana January 3, 2013

    Steve Daines announced his candidacy for Montana Senator on November 6, 2013

    Max Baucus resigned from the Senate to accept a post as U.S. ambassador to China February 2014

    Montana’s Lt. Governor was appointed to complete the term and did run for the office in 2014 but withdrew from the race 50 days prior to the election. The Democratic party then ran an unknown against Daines.

    Steve Daines assumed office as the US Senator from Montana on January 3, 2015

    Open secrets dot org show his top 5 contributors to his senate campaign

    Proctor & Gamble
    Koch Industries
    Goldman Sachs
    Elliott Management
    Amway/Alticor Inc.

    Open secrets dot org regarding his leadership Pac
    Name: Big Sky Opportunity Pac
    Total receipts 2009 – 2016: $9,907,883
    Total spent 2009 – 2016: $9,048,365

    Top 5 Contributors to his leadership Pac, 2009 – 2016

    Procter & Gamble
    Koch Industries
    Elliott Management
    Yellowstone Bank
    Langlas & Assoc

    With Secretary Robert McDonald’s shared history with the Senator at Proctor & Gambles, the appointment of Max Baucus as ambassador to China, the democate contentdor droping out of the race for the senate 50s before the election which paved the way for Senator Daines Meteoric rise you can see how high the corruption at the VA and our current political system reaches.

    1. @Seymore Klearly

      With all the info you’ve provided, it says, at least the way I read it is,
      From the top, McDuck, on down to the State Level, there seems to be a push to discredit as many people as they can. BEFORE it explodes in their faces!
      Like I’ve said. Montana is still one of those “Wild and Wooley States!”
      Citizens up there don’t take too damn kindly to being screwed over! It’s not “IF” they react, it’s “When” they react, that we will see action!

      1. Hey Elf,

        Think Higher than McDonald. It was the President’s who appointment of Max Baucus as ambassador to China that opened up the senate seat. It was then Democate Lt. Governor John Walsh who stepped in to keep the senate seat warm for 7 months before dropping out of the race 50 days prior to the election.

        The reason he gave for dropping out was over allegations that he plagiarized a U.S. Army War College research paper in his Masters thesis.

        After Walsh dropped out and they picked a noname to run against him the election didn’t matter. It was a lock for Poctor & Gamble’s, the Koch Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Elliott Management to win the election with their boy Daines. Obama was in on it.

        Also if you go to the second article listed by googling “Montana VA director resigns, department undergoing misconduct investigation”. It links to the letters between Daines and Shulkin showing that they have been working this since early March to remove Mr. Ginnity.

        The letters are bullshit because they both knew the investigation was for actions that occurred several years ago back in 2013 before Mr. Ginnity had even started working at that VAMC and years before he was appointed director.

      2. Elf,

        You can look at this way since history is domed to repeat itself without corrective action. You already know who is going to win the presidential election. Just like Walsh, Hillary Clinton will be the democratic candidate until late August or early September when the Department of Justice will file charges against Hillary. She will drop out of the race and be replace by a noname candidate and Trump will win.

        Of course on his way out the door Obama will pardon Clinton.

        I know what your thinking, but what about the Dem vs Rep thing. The sad reality of the election is: it is all just a show put on for the masses to make them think there is hope. Both the Dems and Reps are all on the same team.

    2. Good work SK. Yes Ginnity is being smeared by VA, and likely Daines as well.
      Lets hope it pisses off Ginnity enough to blow the whistle.
      Problem is, if Daines is smearing him, Ginnity may not get much help from Congress.

      1. 91Veteran,

        It is definitely a smear job by both David Shulkin the VA Undersecretary of Health and Senator Steve Daines.

        Google “Montana VA director resigns, department undergoing misconduct investigation”.

        The article has links to the letters between Daines and Shulkin showing that they have been working this since early March to remove Mr. Ginnity. The letters were very conveniently provided by Senators Danies office.

        But remember the actions that are being investigated occurred in 2013 and Mr. Ginnity first began working there in June 30th 2013 as the associate director.

      2. @Seymore Klearly

        See how info is getting out to slam Ginnity!?! How the info is, in reality, against the VA undersecretary Shulkin and that asswipe Senator!?
        See how the info actually slams the VA and those in Washington!?
        Like I’ve said, it ain’t “IF” it’s “WHEN”!!!!!!!
        “Troubled Times are a coming!”

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