Fathers Day, and Veteran Things Next Week

First of all, happy Fathers Day! The St. Paul Saints aren’t playing in town, so we will probably check out some event somewhere in town.

VA published a great post today on VAntage Point. It’s called “Dear Dad, Thank You.”


Veterans, Time for an Introduction to Minnesota

The Twin Cities, and greater Minnesota, is a very pro-veteran community. I met with a few legislators during the last session. They said both sides of the aisle, Democrat and Republican, are trying to create an even more veteran friendly state.

This means tax incentives for veterans. For example, area veterans are pushing for the state to not tax veteran retirement pensions. Other laws create tax incentives for private companies to hire veterans.

Minnesota has a population of 390,000 veterans and disabled veterans. Of that number, 60,000 are disabled and receiving either disability compensation or pension benefits.


Veterans Benefits Next Week

We will have a look at more data from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of their data is posted online which allows us to have a look at each VA Regional Office in the United States. From this, we can tell which VA Regional Office is doing bad and which is doing well.


More FOIA News

We continue to help the Vietnam veteran who is advocating for his daughter. The VA continues to block FOIA efforts and will not answer one reasonable question. We’ll get back to you on this.


VA Looks to Hire More Mental Health Clinicians

We are following this one closely. I am Assistant Director with Veterans for Common Sense. We sue the VA when it screws up. Most recently, we filed suit over VA’s treatment of veterans with PTSD.

VA is looking to hire more clinicians, which is great news. VCS is examining the hiring process to ensure that the VA not only hires more veterans, but that the overall number of clinicians is enough to meet the demand.



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