Medical Records

Fear Of Violence Justified Denial Of Medical Records

Medical Records

Benjamin KrauseIn DMA meeting transcripts just released to me via FOIA, VA used hyperbole to justify withholding C&P examination medical records from veterans until after VBA makes a benefits decision. The agency excused an unjustified and sexist view of danger to justify denying veterans access to their medical records.

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You may notice that the photos I picked here are shocking and offensive forms of training VA is utilizing to take down veterans the agency paints as crazed psychos. Apparently, VA’s fear of the veterans it serves is not limited to mere health care. Now, we are having our rights to property in the form of access to our medical records violated due to some vaguely described fear of us.

“[W]e do get these reports, and there’s a large percentage, and I don’t mean to sound sexist, but it is concerning, most of our C&P docs, many of our C&P docs are females, and they seem to be the ones that have the evening hours or they’re the ones in the far-flung CBOCs doing the examinations without the cop presence that is necessary for their own safety and security…. They’re the ones on our calls on a weekly basis that are raising these concerns. I’m not feeling all that comfortable. So we’re trying to address that.”

And by “address that” they mean removing access to C&P examinations by creating an additional layer of bureaucratic red tap that will prohibit a veteran from accessing her military sexual trauma examination until after VA issues a decision… likely a denial.

Can anyone say, “HIPAA”?

Last October, I was hot on the trail of VA’s new position to justify denying veterans access to their own medical records based on an irrational fear of disgruntled veterans immediately following an examination. VA initially ignored my request but I sent a second request and received them yesterday.

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Interesting, right? Since when does a person’s fear allow for a depravation of property rights in the form of access to your complete medical records?

Some additional questions came to mind after thinking through the claims here about inadequate security at CBOCs for female examiners. Are these examiners VA employees? Or, are they government contractors hired to examine VA employees? Is this fear due to a lack of training? Why are problems so different today versus 50 years ago that VA is going to extreme lengths to secure medical records of veterans of todays wars? Are veterans today more violent? Or is this just a bunch of BS used to increase secrecy and lack of transparency?

In the meeting minutes I received yesterday, here is what VA said about veterans:

SEE: DMA Meeting Transcript (see page 233-36)

DR. CROSS: I’m a patient at the VA myself, and I use blue button. Finds out that some indication, probably not favorable outcome. That person can still be very–he hasn’t heard from VBA yet. Hasn’t heard about all the rights he has. He hasn’t heard about what he can do about appeals and so forth. So he’s got a partial picture.

Walks past the C&P clinic, and he’s very angry. Goes into the C&P clinic and we have an incident of some kind. Some of our C&P clinics are quite small. Some of our C&P clinics are far from the hospital where they have the VA police. Some of those clinics may only have like three staff in them, a female, whatever, who is not really–doesn’t really have much in the way of a reasonable defense.

We’re very concerned about them and working very hard on that. The first concern I have, the first approach that I want to take is lowering the stress level, and that’s what Danny is doing. Now we have to do some other things as well. We may have to put a code lock on the door, those kind of things that we don’t have right now so that a little bit of protection there.

You want to talk?

MR. DEVINE: The blue button, just so you all know, it’s part of My HealtheVet where the VA gets all the health care, and I can just–I can go into HealtheVet just right from here, and if there’s a relatively quick turnaround time for the C&P exam, I can read the whole thing right there, and that’s what he’s talking about.

Then I can just literally take my tablet and go and have a confrontation with a doc, and we do get these reports, and there’s a large percentage, and I don’t mean to sound sexist, but it is concerning, most of our C&P docs, many of our C&P docs are females, and they seem to be the ones that have the evening hours or they’re the ones in the far-flung CBOCs doing the examinations without the cop presence that is necessary for their own safety and security.

They’re the ones on our calls on a weekly basis that are raising these concerns. I’m not feeling all that comfortable. So we’re trying to address that.

MR. MURRAY: Just to add to the discussion, we are doing a couple of initiatives. One is removing the C&P exam from the blue button, and that is now in testing. The other part of this is veterans have been able go to the release of information and sign a release and get a copy of the C&P exams. We are moving the release of C&P exams over to VBA so that the adjudication can take place and VBA be responsible for the C&P exam so that is a work in progress, and I think we’re moving pretty quickly on that.

So if you can read between the lines, VA believes the redefining the process somehow allows them to deny immediate access to medical records. The implication is far reaching in that it may prevent attorneys from also reviewing copies of medical records prior to a decision being rendered. This could ultimately lead to appeals delays by prohibiting attorneys from seeking examinations to support a veteran’s claim.

What else do you see in those meeting minutes that seem peculiar? My next FOIA will be for records of complaints discussed in these minutes to see what the actual numbers are.

Source: ACDC DMA October 20, 2014 Transcript

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  1. With the VA not being held accountable at all, not even by the Congressional Committee that’s supposed to that Sloan Gibson attended today @ 10:30, I think it’s quite clear that the problems are **beyond systemic** when our lawmakers even allow the VA to continue operating as they do.
    In a way, I see this as no different than when all the HUGE BANKS flew in on all their private jets to D.C. back in 2008 when our Country’s economy was tanking, ALL with their hands out for more $$$…the very people that engineered the financial collapse. The VA is akin to those same bankers. Absolutely no remorse and smiling all the way to the bank…never mind stepping over and around the dead or homeless Veterans on way to said bank.
    This is disgusting and I hope Ben Krause can dig a bit deeper into what’s actually going on.
    If ANY private business or we as individuals maintained our finances the way the VA does not, we would be in jail. Fact!
    Today’s meeting was not encouraging one bit~!

  2. Instinctively, I think there is something looming that could be the reason Congress approved the VA to reallocate those funds. That reason could be that there are some global threats in which these VA facilities would be needed in case of a major assault here in America. These theatrical clowns like Corinne Brown gave it away with that stupid look and walk she has when they went on recess. There is some clear evidence that something is brewing and that the government has successfully blocked these VA scandals to essentially a good portion of the American people. There is one thing these criminals cannot take away from any veteran is that core tool that never leaves you and that is “Attention to Detail” Something is fishy here.

    1. Corpsmanup, I agree completely. Something IS brewing.
      Let’s see, it was in the news the U.S. “…is sending heavy equipment to 6 eastern countries…” to combat Russia’s occupational conquest in the Ukraine. China has sided with Russia. More sanctions against Russia by the U.S. and other European Countries. Isis, it has been reported, has a ‘foot hold’ east of El Paso, Texas. Where the “Group” has “taken over a ranch”. Texas Rangers, local law enforcement, FBI etc, are “keeping a close eye on that area”.
      Have I forgotten anything???? Oh, wait.
      Today, on Sean Hannitys’ Show. Farakon (sic) and other ‘black’ leaders, which may or may not be in South Carolina, are calling to have a “race war” against “descendants of Slave Owners” and other whites. Not my words, their words. Sean Hannity played the (voice) recording.
      There have been three (black) churches burned. Arson is the reason. This just released on World News on channel 9@ 6:30.
      It seems more people are concerned over the issue of the Confederate Flag than over what is occurring in the the world or the United States of America……
      Can you think of anything which I may have left out?

      1. Don’t believe everything you hear from people whom only speak badly about all most everything and everything. Some don’t want peace, they want to make things worse. There is good and bad in everyone. If that were true don’t you think the law would be all over it. Just saying can’t believe everything your told. Take it with a grain of salt. We veterans need to stay focused on our plight. What has he done for the veterans.

      2. James, please read my “factual statements” which was a response to Corpsmanup.
        The info I gave was given through reputable reports. They are NOT made up. More people here in the U. S. care more about stupid s#!t than they do about what’s happening anywhere else. Think about it. They care about Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians more than the government ripping off their taxes.
        I believe something could be brewing. What I don’t know?! I only know we veterans have gotten the short end of the stick. The VA continues to operate the same way it always has. ABSOLUTELY NO DAMN CHANGE AT ALL.
        I want to know what’s happening. I’m tired of being left in the dark, like that proverbial mushroom!!!!
        Knowledge is power. Think about it, ok James…

      3. All I am saying is there are people out there that just want to divide American’s with their stories about race. We are all Americans and if someone does something wrong then it’s jail time.

      4. @crazyelf, You are right, I was referring a lot to what Snowden disclosed about the use of data collection and the digital footprint you leave. The VA will epically fail, as did Hurricane Katrina and FEMA in a mass casualty situation. These icidents like you said are real and systematically blocking these incidents in the media is why the population is not informed. It is strategically done. Your best approach is out on the street protesting like in Baltimore, but when you organize an event like that you get ostercized by the government owned media to label you as either a gang, terrorist or troublemakers. I went on an operation in WACO Texas United States of America and they were calling our citizens refugees during this storm. Totally disgraceful. On the VA, these buildings were mapped in placed to meet strategic needs in case of war within America. This is why you see these actors in the Senate and Congress do nothing , but make it look as though they are mad, just to keep their jobs, because strategically those buildings or grounds need to be there in case of a National emergency planning.

  3. Well folks. It’s done! It’s on the “Stars & Stripes” website. It was posted about two hours ago. The title; “House panel supports closing VA’s 2.6 billion funding gap.”
    Looks like we get screwed AGAIN.
    There was no A$$ chewing, no yelling, no nothing….
    Did y’all really expect any other outcome?

    1. According to the article, the money will come out of other health care $$$$ and of course the “Choice Program”.
      I only read about two thirds of the article. By that time, I knew we were all screwed.
      If anyone wants to read the whole thing, be my quest. It should only p!$$ ya off. Like it did me.

    2. On Wednesday, the day before the hearing with Sloan Gibson testifying, I talked with a House Veterans Affairs staff person. I explained the entire situation with the money drying up for dental care for those rated 100% and that they had no idea when this funding would be restored. I also told her that we could not use the Choice Card for dental because the VA, in violation of the law passed on the Choice Program, had taken it upon itself to determine that this money could not be used for dental and the VA Fact Sheet said we should continue to use fee basis funds, especially if, like me, you are more than 100 miles from the nearest dental facility. Screwed by a classic “Catch 22.” This person assured me that the Committee would bring up the issue about the dental funds and, of course, nothing was said and Mr. Gibson was not asked a single question about this issue. Once, again, the House Committee says a lot of things about what’s wrong and, then, does absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Now, they are going to take the $2.6 billion from the Choice Program funds, but we will still, apparently, not have any money for dental. I called the Portland dental clinic and learned that I could not be seen for more than 60 days. Then, I would have to return for an exam about two root canals, which could not be scheduled until September. The root canals would, then, not be scheduled for another 6-9 months. So, I guess that I, and those in a similar position, are just plain fucked because, in the end, Congress just doesn’t care.

  4. Dear Sir:
    I am sick and tired of how we veterans are been treated by the V.A. and all this conglomerate of organizations, I as servicemen and women were and are willing to fight and pay the ultimate price to safeguard our Constitutional freedoms for 365,000.000 + Americans, not only a handful, so they can take advantage to sell the rest of us for thirty pieces of silver and use the freedoms we earned for all,
    to oppress the rest of us,which is what I see happening.

    We have to do something about this now before it gets to late which it may be now

    Yours for God and Country
    an angry veteran
    Frank P Calderon

    1. careful you write angry veteran they will see you in that take down picture….

  5. I just had a friend who spent time as an admin. staff in a VA-state health care facility tell me that they never understood why vets (and their caregivers/family like me) were so “angry” – and now KNOWS! The VA is beyond any conception of slow – and they are inaccurate – and they truly don’t seem to care.

    The reasons why we are angry are all related to the VA. I will go to my grave battling them all the way.

    BTW – we are asking via HI Dist. Ct. injunction for VA to have to send out notice on Beneficiary Travel reimbursement because just getting a weird EFT for $50.44 or $51.27 doesn’t tell me if its for the colonoscopy visit in July 2014 I am still waiting for, the psych visit in Jan or the eye doctor in April! Duh!

    Plus we are fighting for waiver of BT deductible because all our “income” is 100% s-c COMPENSATION – our gross income for taxes are under $2000.

    Anyone else with Beneficiary Travel reimbursement problems?

  6. I agree with ‘Namnibor’ below, who says “the VA creates aggravation” on purpose. Be warned, they can be very creative. If you have a pending claim that is ‘Ready for Decision’, and is waiting for approval based on the VA’s own doctors telling you they have approved your condition for it, be EXTRA cautious. This is the time others at the VA will get involved and find a way to set you up as dangerous.

    Their objective is to put you in prison where you lose your right to benefits. The biggest threats to them are veterans who are cooperative AND have a pending claim ready for approval. This is when they come in with a vengeance, often in very subtle ways.

    A good analogy is a group of corrupt cops who are dealing drugs, committing every sort of felony to cover their tracks, doing whatever it takes to discredit or silence anyone who might get them busted. This is when they start using informants and plain-clothes undercover officers that you would never suspect.

    The more the VA owes you, the bigger the risk they are to them, and the more they will do to you to keep from every having to pay. Recently, my service rep and his boss told me and my wife they would help us get retroactive compensation going back several decades, after we got FOIA records that had been hidden since the 1970’s. In response, the VA set up both of these excellent vets reps, got them both removed from their jobs!

    At the same time, VA police worked with all sorts of other VA staff, and with informants and undercover officers, in a very complicated plot to have me arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. But, they screwed up when their intended victim, a VA director, saw what was happening and stopped it, along with my Congressman, and my service reps who lost their careers defending me from this VA scam.

    The VA is a glorified organized crime syndicate that is worse than any drug cartel or mafia organization, because the FBI and US Dept. of Justice has no desire to hold them accountable for their corruption. They literally steal billions of dollars and cover their tracks with deliberate fiascos like unfinished hospital projects, and moving hundreds of millions dollars around from one budget area to another at will.

    The problem for all vets is, the VA has turned their “dangerous” vet flagging program into a money manipulating industry that they apply at every level of their daily business operations. They don’t care if they owe you $1 million in retro compensation, or if they have to spend $5 on a bandage. If they can get you shipped off to prison, shot by the police including their own who are more than willing to play along, or driven into homelessness and complete powerlessness, the VA will do so.

    Consider what the Bible has to say about organizations like the VA. First, “The Word of God is powerful and True, and stronger than any two-edged sword.”

    “Woe to them, they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished… They dine next to you without fear, serving only themselves. They are raging waves of the sea, foaming up in their own shame; wandering stars for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.” (Jude 1:11 – 13)

    “Their evil plots will boomerang back on their own heads.” “They will fall into the pit that they have dug for their victims.” “Then the evil sheriff was hanged on the gallows that he had wrongfully built to hang Mordecai on.” “And God blessed Mordecai.”

  7. BTW, those who are mentally ill still have physical medical problems, so THEREFORE nether or none of the medical problems are taken care of by the VA? It sure looks as tough the VA doesn’t know how to take care of vets other than consider them hostile and fill them full of meds…HMMM. that’s what they do to us civilians. It’s so much cheaper that way.

  8. I wonder if this is why I seem to be having problems getting my medical records from Bremmerton Wa. Naval Hosp. And so far can’t get anyone to admit if they are attempting to accomplish the task set before them,or they already have and decided,that should I get them,I might become a Postal candidate.

    1. If these are inpatient records, they are not located at the hospital. There is an inpatient records form–National Archives Form 13042–for ordering these records. Dates can be approximate if within a 30-day window. The mailing address is: National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, 1 Archives Drive
      St. Louis, MO 63138-1002. I have used this form to recover records for my clients as far back as Vietnam. If they do not have them, then the hospital failed to send them and, I suppose, they might still have them, but this is doubtful.

  9. The medical community is the same both on and to civilians and military vets It’s a new game in town. The private hospitals may take care of a vet a little bit better now to get the federal money but that so called care will end once all medical care is privatized like everything else, all the while we’re paying 3 times as much. That’s what is wanted and that is what the privatized medical community will get.
    It’s all about the almighty dollar and what is done is to get every last red cent. of tax payer money.
    The vets need to hold their legislators accountable because it is the legislators who make and enact all of the rules and who it deems to whom our tax payer money to whom it will be pay out. Congress is in charge of who will get paid or not. Congress has all of the purse strings

  10. “Until after VA issues a decision, likely a denial”. Where did that come from? Do you know how many vets are granted service connection for PTSD due to sexual assault? Proving a stressor in such cases can be harder than in “combat” related PTSD claims especially if the assault was not reported until after military separation. The examiner is there to determine if the vet satisfies the diagnostic criteria for PTSD or other psych condition, nothing else. Even if the examiner diagnoses PTSD the claim may still be denied if the stressor is not verified.

    In any event, the examiner plays no part in writing the Rating Board Decision. I realize the veteran wants to know what the examiner wrote. I do too. However, if you think processing is slow, imagine how many complaints would interrupt the adjudication process if C&P exam reports were routinely provided to vets. Vets almost always find psych evaluations objectionable for things that have zero to do with the decision that follows. The time for vets to get a copy IS after he or she is notified of the decision. It IS a time consuming process now. Lets not make it even slower.

    I had more than a handful of vet clients who threatened or assaulted VA medical personnel. Improve security, but you don’t need to use that as an excuse to refuse to send out C&P exam reports until after a decision.

    1. Do you work in claims, if so can you explain how the va told me my records were lost in the saint Louis fire, them knowing that was impossible as i was discharged after the fire and only after I hired a lawyer they all of a sudden showed up. Those many years of denial cost me dearly and caused me to find other ways of treatment, unable to tell people What happened to me and not have the proof to prove what I have been saying was the truth all along. Ptsd is hard enough to live with and then after fourty years find out I was also suffering from a traumatic brain injury and not knowing it, can you imagine what’s that’s like. Questioning yourself why is it so hard to remember what has been done and having to write down things, so you don’t forget. Where did they find my records, why did they hide them in the first place, why was I not payed all the back pay from when I first applied for my benefits. Did the va hide that too.

      1. I can’t tell you why they couldn’t locate your records the first time. I doubt they were being hidden from you. If, at the same time, you had a VA claim pending, the VA would have requested them and they would not have been in their regular location. Sometimes when they remove records for one purpose or the other–VA, Board of Corrections, Disharge Review Board–they get “lost” because no one put them back. I’ve had this happen in a number of my cases. Sometimes, NPRC will tell you in a letter that the VA has them and to get them from the VA. I can fully relate to what you’re talking about when it comes to the TBI issue. I was, literally, blown up in Vietnam, where I served for 18 months as an EOD specialist. Some 40 years later, my new doctor at my clinic said to me in our first meeting, “Oh, I see that you got blown up. Did you suffer a head injury?” Of course, I said, yes. He sent me up to Portland for neuro-psych testing and they found evidence, after all of these years, that I had cognition issues after all that time. The question of your retroactive pay is an interesting one and I would not be able to try and help with that without seeing the rationale the VA used not to rate you back to the original claim. If you would like to communicate off this site, you can email me at [email protected]. I have been a service officer for Vietnam Veterans of America since 1978 and United Spinal Association since 2005.

      2. Ok, I would be glad to do that maybe just maybe you may be the right person to help me as you know what it’s like to have a tbi and ptsd, not an easy life is it. I’m just glad you made it home and able to do something positive with your life. I also worked for the va and was sad I had to leave after my ptsd and tbi effected my ability to perform my duties, it would have not been fair to my fellow veterans to continue and not be 100 percent effective.

  11. Another thing. I’ve watched VA employees call the VA police on veterans several times. I’ve watched them do that to veterans over any little altercation no matter how minor it was. The VA police have been their “goon squad” many times. I’m sure that’s still going on too.

  12. Oranizations are fighting to allow women into combat units and special op’s units. Saying that women are just as effective as men in combat. Yet, VA and who ever else is concern about the safety of the female doctors and staff members at the C&P Clinics. Saying they can not adequately defend themselves. In the event that disgruntle male vet is able to see his exam results right after the C&P exam. And that he will become very belligerent and hostile towards the female doctors and female staff members. Even to the point where they will fear for their safety and lives.

    If you ask me this is a sexist and a slap in the face. To all the organizations and women fighting for equal equality with men.

    Just a thought.

    1. Doug, if you get a chance, look up VA Directive 2010-053 it lists dynamic and static risk factors. It shows that females are 10x more likely for violence than males, so this hogwash of a excuse the VA is using is to pretextually deprived veterans their gun rights. There is a bigger scheme with this flagging system. The VA has a MOU with DOJ that if a veteran can be adjudicated as incompetent or unable to manage his own affairs, you would not legally be able to retain a firearm. Most of these actions are to put a constraint on veterans who have been highly trained in different fields of operations i.e MARSOC , ANGLICO, SCOUT Marine Recon 0321 DEVGRU- 5326 designees. Just pure shameful. The will never be able to contain the ones who have skills without weapontry.

  13. The examiners are paranoid because they know the lies they put down on paper about veterans. They lied on me several times during these C&P exams and I KNOW they’ve done it to more veterans. A veteran is just going to have to put down on paper word for word everything that is stated by him and the examiner. The only way you can do that is by using a recording device or something. All you do is go ahead and record it. Then write every word down on paper when you get back home. Nobody has to be told about any recording now, do they?

  14. Yes the va can hold back records and they must get an ok from the psy doctors, as some documents may have information that is written about a veteran that makes the veteran look like they are crazy or the report may say something that is so outrageous that it would piss off the veteran, by that physician over stepping their boundary , by writing false information about the veteran and the veterans know it’s false information. I have stressed that every veteran needs to get a complete copy of their records, if for nothing else, to store it as evidence, employees whom have access to your records can go into your chart and write what ever they want or change or delete information and if you don’t have the original copy to dispute the changes, your sol.

  15. I would like to ask, Does anyone on here know why McDonald is not showing up for the meeting today at 10:30?
    I also wonder, Does anyone here believe he could have received calls from his alumni graduates of West Point admonishing him for breaking the rules at that prestigious university?
    For some reason, I believe there must be some, or even many, who believe he broke the oaths he took. And were not going to let him slide!
    Just a feeling folks.

    1. Probably the classic, “Let’s throw Sloan Gibson under the bus because we KNOW Obama Admn. will NOT fire him”!
      I will also goe as far as I think the Obama Admn. has been “grooming” Sloan Gibson to take over if and when McDonald ‘leaves or is forced to step-down”…I do not like Sloan Gibson one bit. If you ever see him talking to reporters, it’s like he has this evil twin personality and can be quite dismissive and arrogant…perfect VA crop!

      I am hoping that Rep. Miller and others in Congress today give Sloan a good A$$ chewing then demand Sec. McDonald to come in next week, along with Under Sec. Hickey and others…because this just shy of $3 BILLION deficit when the year’s just half over is unacceptable and warrants a huge AUDIT!

      You watch, the VA will try to blatantly LIE and blame the deficit ON VETS…they will say something stupendous as in “the choice card program is costing us WAY too much $$”, or something along that falsity…never taking responsibility for their gross mismanagement of tax payer $$$.

      The fact is that the VA has wanted that Choice Card $$$ allocation for their own bidding from the onset…and I would NOT be surprised if they have not already spent it on what they wanted to rather than it’s intended purpose because the VA STILL has not “fixed” the “As a crow flies rules”…my brother in another State confirmed that and has to drive 60 miles one way for his appointments that are usually rescheduled by VA without ever telling him when he gets there…has happened to him many times and when he has called to confirm his appointment, just in case, has been outright lied to on the phone.

      When will this madness stop? Now, even though according to the VA OIG, they found no wrong doing with Opioids being over prescribed, I just also read on Stars and Stripes that the VA intends to put in place STRICT pain medicine policy, which is going to be a lot of “cold turkey Vets” and many vets left in chronic pain…it’s interesting that even though the VA OIG “found no evidence of over prescribing”, the VA is making sweeping changes, not to the Veteran’s favor, anyway, regarding pain meds.

      Is this a form of admitting guilt but not being actually held accountable for their killing of Veterans?

      1. I’ve seen Gibson on the news. He has “Sharks Eyes”, you know- DEAD! No remorse, no anything, just DEAD!
        I don’t believe Gibson will ever admit to any wrongdoing. He’s a lap dog for the current administration.
        As far as the VA and pain meds, watch out for multiple law suits from veterans. Did you see the “hidden camera video” on ‘you tube’? Where a higher up stated the “VA is turning veterans into drug addicts!” In my opinion, this might be the catalyst which starts that proverbial snowball down the hill. Which will destroy the administration portion of the VA.
        That’s my opinion…..

      2. I think Sloan Gibson is a robot…you are correct, there’s something kinda “Stepford Wives” about him…LOL It’s not even one of those pissed off rapper photos you always see…no, it’s stone cold, and the only slight grimace of an attempt at smiling is when he runs over a snake with his lawnmover…LOL

      3. “The fact is that the VA has wanted that Choice Card $$$ allocation for their own bidding from the onset.”

        Amen, brother! I’ve said the exact same thing SSSOOO many times on this message board. The fact is that the VA took a play from Rahm Emanuel’s playbook and did not let a good crisis go to waste. When all the attention was focused on the VA’s mismanagement and corruption last year, the agency managed to get additional funding while circumventing the mandate for reform.

        This is an agency that will fight tooth-and-nail to avoid a 10% rating bump for a veteran while wasting more than half a billion bucks on a Colorado construction fiasco. On top of that, they can’t even balance their own checkbook.

  16. I guess we are all “RAMBO”. Those movies, and others like it, paints all of us as crazy killers.
    Here’s a bit of movie trivia. After the scene where Rambo is trapped in the cave, and the ‘top cop’ (who started all the crap in the first place) comes back to his office and sits down, you will, or should, notice the “military medals” on the table behind him and to his right.
    One of those medals is the “Bronze Star”. Yep, the “Top Cop” in “Rambo” was a recipient of the “Bronze Star”.
    I wonder if he would have been “flagged”? As I said, he was the one who started all the s#!t.
    As far as me being flagged. I think it’s a badge of honor, in a way. It means I won’t put up with the VA’s B/S. Never have, Never will.

    1. The difference with this flagging law is that if you go to the VA as a patient, this flagging laws may apply, in which they never follow those rules anyway. You have 30 days to appeal that decision to the Network Director in charge of the facility in the VISN. The issue here is that the VA is setting themselves up for false imprisonment, especially if you do not have a medical provider. Your C&p examiner is not your provider. Filing a discrimination complaint with DOJ is the most likely route, but that agency is a complete failure in upholding its’ statuatory decree of oath.

      1. Right on! Obama’s DOJ is more likely to get involved with protecting thugs with guns and their cries of discrimination rather than EVER helping Veterans.
        The DOJ and new Attorney General talks about atrocities such as “Social Issues” but WHERE is the OUTRAGE of the VA killing Veterans?!!!

        Please help me comprehend this madness?~!

  17. This is classic “Adversarial VA In Action”…they actually CREATE these environments that are designed to aggravate, I am certain of it. It’s engineered confrontational dynamics…sounds just like the VA’s Psych Dept. brewing-up their State Of The Art 75 year old way of dealing with people…I hear the name “NURSE RATCHET” ringing in my ears here from , “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”…the VA creates an adverse environment out of unjustified FEAR…what are they really hiding? Why are they trying to portray we Veterans as out of control monsters ready to attack at any time like a rabid dog?
    I think we know the situation is actually completely the reverse, and when the VA refuses to even tell any Veteran what has been written in their file and whether it’s even accurate, well, am pretty confident they VA is on wrong side of the HIPPA Law…right?

    Ben, please make today’s meeting with Congressional Veteran’s Committee with VA’s Sloan Gibson public for us to view, if possible. Happens today at 10:30 a.m. and am very interested in what degree of ass chewing and what “Sloan Gibson, The Cleaner”, has to say and why Sec. McDonald was not present for this important meeting re: almost $3 BILLION in the RED of VA Budget.

    Will pop popcorn for this one.

    1. I was told by many attorneys, “No one will help anyone who has had a ‘HIPPA’ violation committed against them in a court of law!”
      It has been stated, “It’s just a slap on the wrist at best. And a waste of the courts time!”
      Hows that for “Justice fo All”!!!

  18. You know my thoughts BEN. In fact after emailing you I got a call within ten minutes. They can color me crazy all they want, gee, like I am paranoid or am I use to Spooks like Intel and Counter-Intel? Oh what I have is way too good to be TRUE!
    Here is crazy, my records from the VA? NO ONE IN THE MILITARY CHARTS ILLEGALLY. NOR IN THE CIVILIAN SECTOR, SO WHY IS THE VA’S PROFESSIONALS NOT, ALLOWED TO? This one truly is a good one for the record! This is called “EVASIVE CHARTING,” NEVER
    ( when you’re ready, let me know, a freebie for you, and as I stated, call me PBFH!) :-O !

  19. Seems like a good way for contractors to get more money. Whatever the VA does, it will benefit the VA, not veterans. There are so many ways to deny veterans it really makes no sense at all.

    Just had a home health care agency send someone into our home. This person was rude and nasty. When I called to the agency to report him, the administrator told me she had just spoken to him about the same issues. Another family had complained. I told her not to send him back to our home. But that puts veterans in their homes at risk of retaliation. She did say she was getting rid of him. So now I worry he will come back to our house. This fellow was really nasty, cold and rude.

    So, to get this right, it is ok for contractors to come into veterans’ homes and do what the VA says veterans who are angry do.

    Wow! I am sick of being disrespected in our home.

    1. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend you set-up one of those well-disguised “Baby Cams” that are even hidden in stuffed bears, clocks, etc., and it’s an inexpensive mini-DVR and have it on for each and every visit the VA makes for your “care” and humiliation and then you have it, evidence, whether admissible in court or not, the Main Stream News does not care and that’s what we need, to show tax-payers things are not all candy land at the VA. You can also just set-up a digital camera that also records video and hide it well. Be creative. When playing “Whack A Mole”, you need to be creative.
      Social Media is a very powerful tool when used smartly and strategically. You Tube has huge viewership.

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