Michael Moore Speaks Out On Iraq War Profiteers, CNN Covers It Up

Moore Says Purse Strings Rule US

I was about as shocked as everyone else to see the media blitz on Iraq War profiteers this week.

I was even more surprised to see Michael Moore speak the straight truth about the Republicans and the Democrats being bought and paid for by Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex.

I was not surprised when I realized CNN omitted the clip from its website of Moore speaking truth in favor of his more liked anti-2nd Amendment positions. Interesting.

Whenever Moore talking against the Constitutional rights of Americans, Morgan was all about it. Whenever Moore spoke against war profiteers, Morgan shut his yap and CNN failed to post the video clips.

A friend luckily sent me a link from Conspiracy Theory’s Facebook page, which contained the clip.

I’m not talking about Michael Moore, whom I do occasionally enjoy – but not every time. I’m not talking about Tammy Duckworth who laid it down for MSNBC today and literally called the Bush-ites “liars.”

Later in the day, my dad called to tell me that MSNBC interviewed Congresswoman and disabled veteran Tammy Duckworth. Duckworth eventually touched on the same topic as Michael Moore – we need to do something about the fact that we have politicians who lied to us and got us into these wars.

I talked about this yesterday on the blog, and it appears that everyone is on the same page. Well, let’s hope that, at the conclusion of that page, that some of the words included, “and then those mother fuckers hung for their sins against God and Country.”

The whole day turned surreal after that point, which led me to a few beers and a bottle of wine while watching a favorite public of mine speak truth.

I’m talking about Ike. That’s right. President Eisenhower’s last speech while president of the united states rings as true today as it did back then. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that he may have even seemed out in left field 60 years ago when he told the country to beware of the Technocratic Dictatorship or the Military Industrial Complex.

Back then, in the land of Beaver Cleaver, I can imagine such a statement would have seemed strange.

I made a point to find his entire speech. It lasts 15 minutes and is the most amazing 15 minutes of commentary on where the country will go that I have ever seen. His “final thoughts” are amazingly insightful and telling of what happened.

It reminds me of Paul Harvey’s “If I was the Devil” about the fall of the United States back in 1965. Harvey’s words came true. In the same way, Ike’s warning was not heeded and now, we live in a kind of new, technocratic democracy protected by a rabid military industrial complex looking for new wars at all corners of the earth.

Though, growing up in the shadow of what it was Ike built, his words seem all too real. Rather than a warning they seem more like self-fulfilling prophesy. Perhaps by uttering the words, Ike was gaining access to Heaven after lifetime of killing.

Either way, his speech to the American pupil is forever memorialized in my mine. With the advent of YouTube, it can now be memorialized in the mind of anyone caring to witness its genius.

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  1. CFSgate = GWSgate = AIDSgate

    An Allied NATO Gov’t cover-up so catastrophic that it’s really 3-in-1.

    Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) =
    Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) =
    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome*(AIDS)

    * None of which are caused by HIV.

    My case goes up through the White House, NIH, CDC, WHO, to the United Nations. I recently testified on a federal-level in Washington, DC, and have been published 12 times on 4 continents.


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