Kimberly Graves Demotion Reversed

Kimberly Graves

Benjamin KrauseEvidence was presented today to the Merit Systems Protection Board about two smeared VA executives caught in a scheme that resulted in reversal of Kimberly Graves’ demotion.

During yesterday’s hearings, top brass at the Department of Veterans Affairs rolled out the red carpet to defend the same executives they previously demoted. A decision has not been reached in the Diana Rubens case but VA’s demotion of Kimberly Graves was reversed.

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Top brass described Rubens as being one of VA’s finest employees and questioned the allegations against her that were confirmed by VA OIG. The agency trumpeted out Acting Undersecretary for Benefits Danny Pummil to vouch for Rubens. He described her as being:

  • The perfect choice to fix the troubled Philadelphia Regional Office
  • That she was conflicted over her move to Phili (that she orchestrated)
  • Rubens felt she was letting the agency down by moving (since when do feelings matter when ripping off the federal government)
  • She apparently felt really bad about taking $274,000 in incentives

Sloan Gibson told the judge that he did not believe Rubens was guilty of an ethical violation. He instead claimed:

  • By orchestrating her move and then taking $274k she made an “error in judgment”
  • That if he though Rubens intentionally manipulated the system she would have been fired

Rubens’ lawyer said the decision to demote Rubens was based on a flawed report from VA OIG and mounting pressure from Congress. Debra Roth, Rubens’ attorney, accused Gibson of panding to Congress when he demoted Rubens.

Apparently she was not watching the numerous news stories where Gibson basically tells Congress to kiss his @ss.


In the nearly identical case, Kim Graves had her disciplinary action reversed. So, she will get her additional $5k per month back and likely be relocated back to St. Paul Regional Office in Minnesota.

How is that for a kick in the teeth for those seeking greater accountability? Even when VA dishes out a demotion, that demotion cannot stick.

I would love to see the decision to reverse the demotion. I’ll put my money on VA screwing up the demotion by violating obvious due process rights to warrant a reversal.

But when it comes to getting your disability benefits, why does VA seem to rig the deck the other way? That is obviously a rhetorical question.


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  1. I now feel that the VA can not ever be repaired. The only thing I see is one of two things,to let all the vets to move on to private health care system where they would be treated better. Dismantling the entire VA cancerous machine and turn the benefits and pension funds over to a neutral third party to distribute the B & P according to the law governing these things, It is obvious that the Senate or Congress is going to do anything.

    1. Your right.that’s what needs to be done. Since our elected officials are failings to ensure veterans are cared for and not have to live in fear of the disruptive committee and employees who use it as a tool to harm veterans.

      No one is amune to this’s just a matter of time before each and every veteran will be dealt with by the disruptive committee.

      Its a weapon to control veterans and they never have to provide proof of the disruptive behavior.

      Just say it is so and therefore it is so. You can ask for the proof they used and they will tell the veterans.there is no evidence.but it’s been collobrated.

      When you ask them by will not get an answer. Even when you tell them the employee who reported the disruptive behavior was only doing so as a retaliate action against a former employee.

      When the very people who are intrusted to care for the veterans are the worst offenders and will terminate a veteran or make the veterans life threatening them with arrest.federal charges and jail and banishment from all VA care.

      Veterans are in real danger and they have no one to defend them.the patient rep is supposed to help veterans instead they cover up for the employee.

      To them when a veteran complains they become the enemy and are treated as such.

      How many veterans have committed suicide.just because they were targeted by a disgruntled employee.

      Many.many employees need to be fired or put in jail.instead they are rewarded for their misdeeds.

      Dirty shame hu !

  2. A very simple four letter acronym “UFGE”. This is the government employee union. Go look on their site. Right now they emphasize “Watching our brothers back.”

    Their brothers are not the brothers of mankind, as in the brotherhood of man. Their brothers are union brothers. Affiliated with AFL/CIO. There is not anything wrong or anything right about a union IMO. It’s just a brotherhood.

    However, how can we ever know which “brothers” served on/for the judges, the advocates, the government lawyers, the doctors, the secretaries for all those people (union secretaries networked and working as brothers can cripple), and the whole 250,000 or so “brothers” working in their little ponds in the government watching each others back.

    Was the judge UFGE? can’t know. How about the government lawyers on each side? can’t know. How about the Release of Information Officer for each facility? can’t know. How about the VHA police? can’t know.

    The fact that she would get her job back was decided before the first press release was made by a fellow UFGE member that she was to be investigated. It is not happenstance or just a comedy of errors. It’s a brotherhood.

    1. AFGE is composed of non-management. Meaning any employee GS-13 or above are non-bargaining unit employees. Judges and government lawyers also are AFGE.

  3. Dear Mr. Krause:

    Is that a new fad to get out of paying the price and suffer the consequences for committing a crime that the ordinary citizen could get out going of paying the price by claiming ” an error in judgement”? what a quagmire this country is in when an individual holding a position with a prestigious title or money, is able to evade the long arm of justice.

    What is our Country for which we were ready to sacrifice all including our lives to defend, this is truly unbelievable: But again, as I have repeatedly have said, our only hope lies
    with GOD, we must never lose faith, He is our only hope, we must maintain and determination we exhibited in combat and during our tour in the armed forces, it never fails, beleive me it worked for me and it will work for all of us I am not the exception.

    Yours for GOD and Country

    Frank P. Calderon

    1. @Frank P. Calderon
      Even during America’s fight for Independence, men of God fought side by side with Patriots.

    2. Your right God is great and he saved my life many times.

      He also gave us a voice to spread his word and he can only do so much.we as his children must speak out against evil.

      God gave us the tools to voice our concerns.if we veterans don’t gather and let our elected officials know that we matter in a big way.

      We have to let the bully know we won’t take it and fight back.bullies run away every when someone bigger than them challenge them.

      As a one would be able to destroy all of us.

  4. I have a theory but could be wrong: It would be typical ostentatious Donald Trump to actually be planning to show-up at the debate AND show a check he wrote for say a Million to Wounded Warriors.
    I am probably wrong but wanted my theory documented somewhere just in case.

    Veterans and the VA were brought-up in the first, no chance in hell candidate debate, by Carly. Now to try to stomach another few hours of exposure to such large velocities of hot air.

    1. @namnibor
      Here’s something I just learned, and fact checked a few minites ago, and which few people are unaware of.
      The “co-owner of Fox News is Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia!”
      He, and his sister, Know Megyn Kelly personally!

      Now y’all know the “WHY” behind behind Fox News!

      1. Yeah, they try to make it out like Roger Ailes, whom has around a reported net-worth of $25 Million…is FOX NEWS….however, $25 Million is nothing but what the Saudis earn ON their wealth from the desert sand’s depths; oil. Dirt poor desert clans prior to that ‘Black Gold’…kind of a Beverly Hillbillies of the Middle East, literally.
        FOX NEW’s Media Spin has effectively made people believe Roger Ailes is the media mogul that IS FOX NEWS…NOT!!! He’s just the disgusting fat pig that effectively launders some of the oil tar…errr…$$$$$.

        Last night’s debate, Jeb Bush talked about that which he had no clue about. Jeb Bush said HE WOULD SEND OUT “VETERAN CHOICE CARDS SO VETS CAN GO WHERE THEY WANT…ummmmm, Mr. Bush….you are about a year and half BEHIND our plight with The Choice Program….but NO ONE CALLED JEB BUSH ON IT…and I think if Trump had been there even HE would have known this CHOICE has just become the endless cash cookie jar to rob under guise of offering A CHOICE….and one would think any of the FOX NEWS MODERATORS would have known Bush did not know what he was talking about, embarrassing Vets whom know well-better.
        No ONE corrected him. Bush was acting as if this was HIS IDEA. Glorious BasTURDS, all of them…including Megyn Kelly with her crocodile smiles and snide-assed attitude.
        I tossed a few dirty undergarments at the TV and her moderating when that took place, just for my personal satisfaction….LOL!

        Trump reportedly raised for 22 different Veteran Groups that will split the $6 MILLION RAISED, with $1 MILLION FROM HIS OWN POCKET.

        “Our vets are being mistreated. Illegal immigrants are treated better in many cases than our vets and it’s not going to happen any more. It’s not going to happen any more.” –Donald Trump, 4 hours ago.

        This link will take you to the pdf list of the 22 Veteran Org’s that will split the $6 Million and yes, some VSO’s are in this list…maybe Trump needs educated on the limp d!ck ways of some of these groups?


      2. Let me add: What I thought was a LOST OPPORTUNITY for Veterans last night was when Google was involved in the debate and selecting “A Veteran From Missouri”…whom turned it into a Fergusson Black Lives Matter issue…NOTHING ABOUT VETERAN’s PLIGHT…all about cameras and cops…a TOTALLY LOST OPPORTUNITY for Vets. You see that? Pissed? yep!

      3. I’ve read some news articles on that. The Prince actually owns a minority share in the parent company of Fox.
        When Trump tweeted out a picture of him and Kelly, it was found the picture was actually photoshopped.
        What’s funny is that the Prince actually tweeted back Trump saying he had bailed out Trump twice, and was wondering if he needed a 3rd.

      4. So our country is run by rice people all over the world and control our government officials too.

        Sad state of affairs when your elected officials are bought and paid for.

        It’s just a matter of time before Americans will be called something else (sheep)

        How long before they start gasing people or just being shot there on the spot.

  5. Confirmed: The ‘Sonic Booms’ heard and felt in New Jersey and N.Y. today were indeed what every USAF Flyboy or Flywoman or Flyperson, would have told you; it’s simply the sonic booms of F-35’s being tested in the Blue Yonder. 🙂

  6. Misjudgment.jails are full of people who made misjudgmens.

    They had to pay and these two get rewarded. Bunch of B.S. to me. Go to any clinic or VA hospital and make a misjudgment see what you get.

    Veterans get punished for doing nothing wrong by the disruptive committee and employees treat themselves to our ? and then laugh at the veterans.bunch of dumb asses.we control all those veterans.

    Don’t worry veterans will do nothing about it.they have no voice.and no ? to fight us.

    We have all the money we need to make sure veterans can’t fight back.

    If it weren’t for the veterans bothering us by asking for stupid disability.we need the money more than those stupid veterans.

    How else are we going to take care of our lovers.

    VA employee mentality and you know it’s true. They all should be put in jail. The faithful employees have a nice role model and if they didn’t know before.they know’s ok to harm other employees and veterans.

    Our elected officials should be put in front of a firing squad for letting VA employees to do as they please and not helping veterans.

    1. I want immediate reversal actions taking to put veterans back to the status they had prior to being injured or killed by the VA. I want the immediate exoneration for all veterans that demanded the care they deserve and had their name added to the disruptive behavior list.

      I demand ALL veterans get the same day in court these poor excuses for human beings got.

      VA cover up. No wonder the IG doesn’t respond to complaints.

      Makes me sick.

    2. @James
      Now we all know the “NEW DEFINITION” of “Error in Judgment”!
      Just like the new definitions of;
      1.) “accountability!”
      2.) “misspoke!”

      Later we’ll hear new definitions for such words as;
      1.) “graft!”
      2.) “theft by VA employees!”
      3.) “murder”
      4.) “overdose by drug cocktail!”
      5.) “beating up a 70+ year old veteran where he dies!”
      6.) “cooking the books!”
      7.) “wait time!”
      8.) “medical malpractice!”

      Can y’all think of other things Gibson will change the definitions of?
      The list will get longer as time goes marching on, I’m sure!

  7. To all. Please help me. I’m wanting any and all info concerning the VSO – “I.A.V.A.”.
    What does this organization really do for the Veterans Community?

    1. @Crazyelf-

      I have not known much about them until in 2014 they were calling for a “Marshall Plan For Veterans”, and all the same talk about helping VA Sec. McDonald clean-up the “bad apples” at the VA…calling for that unobtainium called ‘accountability at the VA’.

      1. Congress could pass 39 such “Acts” and they are only good for outhouse trips if the VA will not follow it’s own rules and regulations, right?!

        At this point I see VSO as equal to $$$$$$$$$$$$. War Profiteering AND Tax Exemption, a gift that festers boiling greedy types….would love to be wrong about -1- VSO. “Concerned Veterans for America” seem to be rife with problems as well.

        No more pennies for piggy’s. I rather bring some hot food and warm clean socks to some Homeless Vets myself and KNOW they are being helped, rather than give and pray.

    2. The IAVA is the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. They have been a vets organization for several years now forming just after the latest war in Iraq started. In their early efforts, they seemed overly left-wing politically, then seemed to focus on vets in a non partisan manner for awhile, but then the left wing issues come back out here and there. They have done good work on some legislative issues, but I think they could get even more accomplished if that left wing bias did not come out so much.
      Not sure if this helps much.

      1. @91Veteran
        Basically they go from “liberal” to “conservative” at the drop of the hat, right?
        Did you see the news article about them yesterday and the day before?
        Seems they’ve become more like the DAV and other no good VSO’s in their “Spending Habits”!
        At least, that’s what I got out of the news article!

      2. @91Veteran
        Sorry wrong group on that comment. I meant to ask you if you saw the news article on the “Wounded Warrior Organization”?

      3. I haven’t read any news reports on the WWP recently. Reports of them being fast and loose with money they raise and support they provide have been around for a few years now. I have read several on them in the past, and more importantly have read about them ignoring veterans specifically requesting help, and how they have attacked veterans who question their practices. I get the sense from what I read now that this latest report may be a round-about way of attacking Trump who has donated to the WWP.

  8. You got that right they know exactly where the graves are buried the whole bunch of them are filling their pockets one real close tight knit family time for me to double up on my medication F–K THIS SHIT…

  9. Inauspiciously, after targeting employees (and whistleblowers), management used Regional Counsel attorneys to further their targeting – often lying to these attorneys. Employees are forced after having been targeted to engage attorney’s at a minimum cost of $15,000 to defend themselves in Court. Most just w all away. These multiple exposures at the Philly Regional Office have brought positive changes but not without whistleblowers having jeopardized (and lost their careers) in order to do the right thing and expose management corruption. Diana Rubens was NOT brought into Philly RO to clean it up. She wanted to skate into retirement with less responsibility but with the same salary.

    In December, 2014, a Veteran-employee committed suicide after working at the Philly RO and being harshly bullied by a supervising co-worker. Rubens engaged the individuals who had a vested interest in protecting the status quo to investigate the suicide. Of course, they found nothing. So much for cleaning-up.

    1. That’s very sad.who did the investigation or was one ever completed.

      So has this effected the rest of the employees.what’s it like working there. Are employees afraid of speaking up.

      Who was told about the bullying any witnesses.

      Sorry your have to work in a hostile work environment. Are you afraid of management.

      1. Employees are less and less concerned about whistleblowing. It took the bravery of a few whistleblowers to pave the wherein during one of the myriad of investigations approximately 100 employees came forward. The investigators were appalled. The nepotism and cronyism has been rampant in the Philly Regional Office for decades and the arrogance and targeting was monunental. The problem is that all the family members wait in the wings for greater promotions. Tge building should be closed down.

      2. Good for you guys. How do you think you and the others would feel if the government closed down all VA facilities and let employees reapply for jobs and get unemployment.until you are rehired or not.

        All management are let go with no chance of rehire. I should say middle and higher management.

        Hiring be done on the outside and VA has no say So.

      3. All Federal Government employees have property rights to their jobs under the law. In other words, the Courts have ruled that since the skills learned in government service are not necessarily transferable to the private sector, jobs are more secure. The Philly Regional Office (as opposed to a VA hospital), should be closed as an example to the rest of the “system.” It is filled with nepotism and cronyism. At the very least, the VA needs to bring outside management in before promoting from within the building. There’s also massive nepotism and cronyism within the whole VA system. Just because your husband is the Undersecretary (Michael Wolcoff) as was the case with Kim Graves doesn’t mean Graves is the most qualified to run 18 regional offices.

  10. Diana Rubens and Kim Graves are not AFGE bargaining unit employees.

    There’s an article in Philly.Com that Diana Rubens has declared herself a “scapegoat.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. She, as Kim Graves (who’s former husband was a VA Undersecretary), are products of a management system built on nepotism and cronyism. She has much culpability for many years of targeting employees’ and dismissing their rights as meaningless.

    Please don’t confuse management shenanigans versus employees who may or may not be members of the Union.

    1. for how many years have they had to set this whole mess up.

      I think most know this as fact.that’s why our elected officials need to dismantle the VA.starting with top officials and go downward.

      Employees would be able to apply for the new positions.none to higher management positions.

      Strict regulations where management can not hire anyone related to them or their friends or friends of their employees.

      If there is any conflict with the hiring an outside source should do the hiring and take it out of the VA hands All together.

    1. That would not preclude someone collecting dirt ON the Union, would it? Does this fall under the “we were just following orders” type of excuses that history has shown to be utter failures?
      Union Members or not…collusion is a given. Follow the $$$.

  11. I would seek to implicate union involvement in the whole mess. They say birds of a feather flock together, no doubt.

    1. That’s why the VA needs to be dismantled and a new and fair union contract needs to be completed.

      There has to be some group made to defend employees whom management wants to get rid of.

      The union really needs to be dismantled or they need to protect the right people and not let management run them.

      With everything that’s happening and our elected officials doing nothing.I put the blame on them.

      Parents are held accountable for their children and can be put in jail in some instances and our elected officials were elected to make sure citizens are taken care of.

      I guess money ? is worth more than veterans lives.

  12. Imagine that, the pasty face cocaine eyed one gets off. The husky butch one may have a harder time getting any sympathy.

    I see a lot of hiring activity in LA regional chapter 31 office: many veterans are getting entry level jobs and they are adding some higher supervisor level jobs from outside to get the best qualified people. LA chapter 31 office seems to be doing a great job from what I’ve witnessed.

    If anyone from Atlanta, GA could report on their VA chapter 31 office, that would be appreciated 🙂

    1. Keep us informed.this is interesting. Are they part time or full time.

      Is their any catches are they all janitor positions.

  13. Graves didn’t have the authority as an Eastern Area Manager to authorize her own transfer and thats why her demotion was reversed. Diana Rubens orchestrated Graves’ transfer and her own. There is email evidence against Rubens so it is very possible her demotion will be reversed.

    The problem with VA management is that they have no professional standards. For example, if a manager costs taxpayers $500,000 regarding a whistleblower retaliation case then that decision-maker should be terminated.

    There’s simply no accountability.

  14. As veterans, we are all DOOMED! Gentleman, the handwriting is definitely on the wall!! May God have mercy on every one of us.

    1. If veterans don’t protest in Washington and around the nation as one voice are right and we have no one to blame except ourselves.

      The 4th of July independence day indeed perfect time or veterans day or memorial day.

      Pick one announce it through the media.through talk show people.

      Something has to be done soon and by veterans.

      1. Have Benjamin Krause get on as a Veteran Advocate Guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and while being interviewed right then and there ANNOUNCE a VETERAN MASS MARCH ON D.C.!! Then do social media.
        I am thinking veterans would be discredited, harmed or worse in such a march on Washington, D.C., and look how that’s turning out for them out in Washington State currently?
        I DO NOT TRUST THE va. It would be just like the VA to use that opportunity to call-up one of their pharmaceutical partners and ask them to try out some new ‘agent’ on a bunch of Vets…yeah, my trust level is at least 10 farts away from the VA. (1 Fart=Distance X 10)

      2. Maybe Americans need to see and hear from us and if anything go wrong maybe the public will act positively.

        That would be great for Ben or anyone who can talk and not faulter.with my tbi I get confused and my mind sometimes goes faster than my mouth and I lose track of my train of thought.

        I’m an easy target on some days

      3. I hear you, except one of my own ‘easy targets’ is on complete opposite end of your TBI…and I pretty much need o be near a bathroom most of time and be very strategic when I do venture out to shop. Makes me an easy target in any given port-a-potty in Washington, D.C. with my presence at any such march…hell, they could just toss a match and I’d be gone 🙂

      4. There would be many veterans that would be unable to attend.but there are many that can go and speak up for those who are unable to.

        That’s what veterans do. I think veterans would be there if the word got out.

        Some people say the government would do something to the veterans.if they attend a rally.

        Well most people have phones with cameras.what do you think the world and the American citizens do if our government.did anytime stupid to us veterans in public.

        There would be a revolt and the world would condem our elected officials and any politician.who ordered such a betrail would be arrested by the masses.

  15. What a goddamned disaster. Being sick makes me grumpy, and reading this pisses me off extremely. Since Gibson and other VA officials have made these kinds of comments before the MPSB, I fully expect to see lawsuits by Rubens and Graves for having their reputations smeared and/or discrimination. What the hell kind of upper management will demote those 2, then sing their praises to defend them?
    Meanwhile whistle blowers are crucified by whatever means necessary, and NO veteran would get away with “error in judgement” excuses if they committed fraud with travel pay.
    All while Miller and Isakson show how incompetent they are in conducting oversight. If Gibson told Miller to kiss his ass before, this move shows there is nobody at VA that gives a damn about what Congress thinks.

    1. @91Veteran-

      Pretty scary that I was also thinking exact same thing about a forthcoming discrimination suit from Graves and Rubens for “smearing their so-called reputation”, and will go as far as a throw some Sexual Preference Discrimination in there as well because….you KNOW it’s on its way…wait for it.

      This ONLY serves to embolden ALL other thugs, thieves, and abusers at all levels at the VA. It says LOUD AND CLEAR that “we have your backs…not Veterans”…LOUD AND CLEAR.

      How does the Congressional Veterans Oversight Committees allow themselves to be fingered AND mooned by the VA while the VA laughs?

      This is truly insane that this is really happening/playing out as it is. Reinstated, collect and keep your ill-gained $200,000. AND your full salary and continue screwing-over Tax-Payers AND Veterans!! WTF OVER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Is this really happening or am I too, too sick and more than a tad delirious? This simply does not compute with my brain.

      1. I should fairly add that this also emboldens an already hostile work AND healthcare provider environment, and I really feel bad for those good VA employees at all levels as well as good members of higher ranks of VSO’s…BUT…when people that are otherwise ‘good employees’ say nothing and do so out of ‘needing the job’, are also not doing Veterans and tax Payers any favors in this mess.

        Is it just me or do any of you others here think at this point the VAOIG as well as Congressional Committees are completely useless and limp to the point that a backhoe full of Viagra could not get a rise of true accountability?

        How about the elimination of the VAOIG as it exists and replace this with Veterans that truly represent our and tax payer’s best needs and interests?

        It is so clear (to me anyway) these are nothing but horse and pony shows…with no lines on the tracks.

      2. Could you imagine being an employee under either of these two, witnessing illegal behavior from them and knowing not a damn thing will happen because Gibson will protect them?

  16. As many now have said, “Did y’all expect any other outcome?”, paraphrasing of course. The outcome WAS what we expected!

    In my opinion, something is brewing within the higher ups with VA! I do believe their expecting a shake up! So, they are digging in to accomplish what needs to be done to keep the corruption and graft flowing!
    For some reason I believe we might see something on the lines of “missing monies” in the near future!
    Remember, Old Bagdad Bobbie McDonald just got how much of taxpayers monies? Where’s it going Bobbie? Who’s pockets are getting filled? How much of the taxpayers monies did all this cost to clear this person of any wrongdoings? And, we still haven’t heard about the second one YET!
    After she’s cleared, what will the total be then?

    Sorry bout the rant this A.M.! Only this should be a wakeup call to every veteran and civilian taxpayer out there! I just wish our news medias would report the real freaking news. Instead of our government agencies controlling “WHAT” we are to see!
    I’ll bet every “Patriot of Our Countrys Independence” is laughing at us! Their asking us, “Are you sheep?” Or, “Are you patriots?”
    That’s the question every American needs to ask themselves!

    1. I am holding my breath that Trump indeed boycotts tonight’s Repuke Debate and holds his “Fundraiser For Veterans”…and…IF Donald Trump does just that, I think we should DEMAND to know just HOW that $$$ is going to help Vets and hopefully towards Veteran Homelessness and NOT giving $$$$ raised to some VSO Group. We shall see, because I am pretty disgusted with ALL Political Parties of any kind at this point.

      Does anyone think that the VA has let now Graves and soon, Rubens, skate free and be reinstated so the VA could establish their “New Precedent of Accountability” on their books of demented regulations, in order to base all future potential “punishments” on these barely slaps on wrists? I do.
      This is the polar opposite of what the universe calls “accountability”…this is “Covering Ass 101″….nevermind the Vets, it’s obviously ALL about VA Employees.

      Like crazyelf said, am thinking the exact same thing that the VA is doing this to shore-up their defenses for possibly more scrutiny in future POTUS and American Tax Payers getting ‘Fed-Up”!!!

      1. @namnibor
        Brother, it sure is scary how you and I think so damn much alike!

        I also would want Trump to show where all the monies generated tonight goes. I also don’t want a penny going to any VSO!

        Wouldn’t it be something IF his “TEAM” were to get housing for a majority, if not all, homeless veterans!?
        And, after all is said and done, he shows everyone he spent 100% of it on the Veterans!!!

      2. Wounded warriors is where the money will go. This money is for a selected group of Veterans. Those veterans of the middle east.

        All other veterans with disabilities are not included and cannot use wonded warrior’s.I called and asked.

        Why does it seem that veterans from different wars seem to feel other veterans don’t matter.

        I’ve heard it over and over. If veterans keep thinking this way nothing will help correct the VA and the VA knows this.

        One day one of the veterans will be pushed to no return and is going to hurt someone and the VA will blame all veterans.

        The VA is untouchable and litterly get away with murder. When employees can hit patients and they die and the employee is put back on the job.

        Veterans are not safe and our elected officials are letting them get away with it.why are they not yelling out.enough is enough.

      3. Yeah. This actually is the first chance for Mr. Trump to have his spoken words be held “accountable”…we shall see. However this is the very first time I can ever recall ANY political candidate or other outsider that’s spoken so openly about Veteran’s being treated better in this USA. He now needs to put the $$$ where his mouth goes and I will be a believer. I am optimistically skeptical, at best at this point….we shall see.

      4. I don’t see this as anything more than Rubens and/or Graves lawyers making it clear to Gibson that either he does whatever it takes to reverse this mess, or he will truly regret the dirt they would expose on him.
        Ask yourself, why would Gibson do such things knowing full well Congress might wake up and demand an explanation? Gibson obviously doesn’t fear looking incompetent or what Congress might say. Gibson truly fears having his own corruption exposed.
        As for Trumps little veteran dog and pony show, and now Huckabee and others jumping on board, I feel like some flashy token to be brought out for a little political gain, to be forgotten immediately after the cameras are off. The VSOs are gathering around like panting dogs hoping for a couple scraps to be thrown their way. If they wanted to prove veterans are more than just stage props, they would have been speaking out much more than they have throughout the campaign.

      5. @91veteran

        Well, that even further confounds the whole “resignation of Gen. Hickey”, which is YET to be explained exactly how she fits into this ‘bull dog’ menagerie???!!!! 🙂

        Yes, the Vets used as political stage props is so right-on. The NFL has been caught doing the same with the added f!st f*uck of charging the USA/VA/Military to be paraded around under guise of ‘patriotism’…real intentions are to keep that energy up and people buying concessions, nothing less. Stage props, while Americans take for granted their freedoms while Corporate asses enslave us all…sorry. This article/results have really messed-up my already messed-up gut issues.

  17. Just proves veterans do not matter and employees can and do anything they wish.

    When veterans are accused of disruptive behavior.Veterans have no outlet to fight the VA.

    They are accusing veterans of disruptive behavior every day and any employee can claim disruptive behavior against veterans.

    The VA mentality is employee oriented.all top level management are milking the system to insure they keep the most corrupt employees they can to ensure they can control all lower grade employees.

    Like these ladies told their employees.go ahead and have a good laugh.they knew their bosses would not do nothing to them.

    However much money have their bosses scammed from the coffee for their travel and moving expenses.

    Now those ladies owe their bosses a favior and will do whatever they say.that encludes going after veterans who complain about not getting their disability.

    How many fake accounts are there where they deny veterans their disability and actually give the veteran a disability.but devert those payments to a secret account and the veterans keep getting deniel letters.

    They tell veterans who have been shot.they were not shot.they need more evidence.their records were destroyed in a fire etc.

    Just to find out they had all the evidence they needed all along and finding out the veterans records were not destroyed in the fire.

    Hire a lawyer and magically the burnt records are found and those records proved the veteran was shot and the veteran goes from nsc to 100 percent.but they only pay the veterans from the day they hired the lawyer. my opinion those monies had been syphoned someone’s else account or accounts.

    I have in writing where a regional office employee threatened me and told me.I better not tell people that I was shot in the head.that I would be arrested.

  18. Graves must have some serious knowledge of where the ‘graves are buried’ and I fully expect same to occur with Rubens. WTF?!

    Is this Sloan Gibson’s redefining of what ‘accountability means’?!!

    Now, how the f### am I supposed to sleep after reading this? The inmates are really running the asylum. Literally.

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