Florida VA

Florida VA Rails Against Hanging President Trump Photo, Removes Image

Florida VA

Veterans upset by a Florida VA facility’s tardy hanging of photos of President Donald Trump and VA Secretary David Shulkin, MD, took action Tuesday.

The facility was the West Palm Beach VA. The Congressman’s name that hung the photos was none other than double amputee and Army veteran Brian Mast (R-Fl).

Rep. Mast noticed the facility still lacked images of its leadership and took matters into his own hands. He found two proper photos of the President and Secretary and ensured they were hung in the proper place within the VA facility.

What followed was captured on Facebook Live and is posted on the Gruntworks Facebook page.

Florida VA Removal Of President Trump Photo

A group of many veterans surrounded the unofficial ceremony that resulted in the images of the President and Secretary being hung properly in the wall in the placeholders left vacant after President Trump was inaugurated. After almost two months, veterans found VA’s lack of prompt placement of official photos concerning.

Right after Rep. Mast left the facility, the images of the President and Secretary were taken down at the order of facility executives.

A VA spokeswoman asserted the photos you see above could not be authenticated and that they must be sent from VA Central Office. So what is the delay? Is that true?

She continued to say the actions of the Congressman and other veterans were “inappropriate.” She also asserted the video of the event published by Gruntworks was obtained illegally.

Apparently, Florida VA facilities can secretly record veterans without their knowledge, but videos taken in plain sight in a lobby is somehow illegal.

It takes some solid brass to insult a sitting Congressman and disabled veteran, and I will be curious to see how long that spokeswoman keeps her job.

Still, the bigger story here is that veterans were fed up by the lack of action and lack of respect for the President and Secretary by staff not taking action to replace President Obama’s photograph. And they took action.

Florida Veterans Speak Out

Combat veteran Beau Brumfield was one of the individuals present. He said not hanging the photographs was disrespectful.

“Proud of the fact that the local vet community got it done. We walked in there, we made it happen. It was non-confrontational. It was nonpolitical. We just wanted to see it happen,” said Veteran Brumfield.

“Two blank holes, it’s been 60 something days now,” said Veteran John Rourke. “The veterans administration has been asked about it a few times, the local VA hospital has and they haven’t had any real reason other than they didn’t have the picture, which is readily available.”

I am personally impressed veterans are taking ownership of their local VA facilities and taking steps to respect the President and Secretary even when local staff executives refuse to do so.

I am even more impressed that one of those veterans is a combat veteran who is elected to public office and willing to take on VA for insulting the present leadership of this country and VA.

How long do you think it will take for West Palm Beach VA to replace the images?

Source: https://cbs12.com/news/local/portraits-of-president-trump-sec-of-va-taken-down-from-local-va-center

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  1. The White House is responsible to provide copies of the President’s official portrait to Executive Agencies so they can be hung. The White House staff still has not provided them. VA made several requests that were ignored. Then, the President was angry that the portraits were not hung. So, VA staff went to the White House website and downloaded the picture, framed, and hung it. This downloaded version being used does not conform to requirements, but it’s there.

    1. Clarification: I was told the President was angry. That was probably a telephone-game-like misinterpretation that was conveyed to me.

  2. The only noteworthy issue that I see here is the question of legally video recording in in Federal Building in a public area. Also, I like to know under just what authority the Congressman invoked to hang to those pictures in the first place. Anyone know ? No opinions or “feeling’s”please . “Just the facts mam”.

  3. Greensborovet
    It’s just common since and Respect. If you do something in private and don’t record it then you are not broadcasting your intentions. To broadcast something that is against a president then yes it can and should Have consciences. Just like our flag. Go to another country and try that and see what happens.
    It’s the ones who broadcasts that wants attention so be it. Use them as examples.
    I don’t, never did and never will like Obama. He was a traitor to the max. Anyone who believes other wise really don’t love God or our Country in my opinion. Obama took money away from Veterans, Elderly, Middle class citizens. He gave it to non working lazy people, illegal and Refugees.

  4. Our President is most likely waiting for whomever to bring down the price. @Cj, I’ve seen bugs and spiders here in the South that are truly indescribable. I carry Chigger X, when it warms up, till it gets cold. Nite

    1. I am but just came back to say good night. Today’s topic was so over-the-top unreal, I mean you cannot make this shit up that the VA does, it just creates itself like a self-replicating growing pile of poo. Even though the topic was very real and even a Disabled Double Amputee Congressman was involved in scolding the VA…and the comic relief it provided was such because you cannot make this shit up.

  5. @Namnibor, I don’t drink very often, and I have never been to VFW’s or any of them. I did think, up till I began dealing with the VA, that they were for Veterans. I have come to believe that most VSO’S are in it for themselves. Sadly. I don’t live near much, but I have people around me and I feel very blessed. The Veterans I know locally, are the private kind. Several have never been to any VA. They only give me a minute…, and rarely do I know what he, or she may be thinking. Thanks to all y’all.

    1. @Jo3n: Jo3n, I saw your response on the fire ants in the soil……….yikes……I would rather deal with the slugs n stuff we have up here. You guys have some strange scary critters down in your neck of the woods. Black widows etc. I am one of those guys that isn’t afraid of anything…………except spiders. When I was a kid a cop rolled up on us while we were playing in the grade school parking lot, he jumps out of his car and starts running at us, naturally we all took off running.. I ran through a creek filled with pussy willows that were filled with banana spiders, I had those damn things crawling all over me. I was jumping, swatting, screaming, and losing it big time. The cop runs over to me and started swatting them off me as well. When he saw the look on my face he apologized and sent me on my way. That night I had a dream they were crawling all over the damn house. I have been scared shitless of spiders ever since. Throw a snake at me, no problem, good lil snake. a charging bull, no trouble, I tiny lil spider? I run down the street screaming like a lil girl. One time I was driving around 70-80 mph. This damn spider comes out of nowhere in front of my face on a web…what does this idiot do? I blew at it, and what did that do? it made the damn thing swing back at me. I almost wrapped that damn work van around a telephone pole……………just thinking about those damn things make my skin crawl. Why the hell would anything need 8 damn legs and 8 damn eyeballs? gees Louise.

      1. *Fire Ants* ~~~~SHUDDER~~~~

        Texas had many interesting surprises, but having been sent to an Army Camp by the USAF for heavy weapon training, I found myself being covered and bit frantically after jumping into this low area for cover in a training exercise. My brain still can remember how awfully painful that was and the blistering bites seemed to take forever to heal and they seemed to hurt thereafter in a nerve agent kind of way.

        Fire Ants are evil. To rid the Earth of ISIS all they need do is drop two things en mass over all areas in the middle east deserts: 1) Salvos of cat shit and, 2) Trillions of Fire Ants. Call it “FIRE CRAP”. (completely organic certified by cats and fire ants)
        The ocean they run and jump to get away from the dual menace will take care of the evil ISIS and the sharks will get fed. The circle of life complete.

      2. @namnibor: I like your idea how to take care of isis. Goodnight namnibor and God Bless. Sleep well.

  6. Sometimes, that’s as good as it gets. One of the problems many Veterans have, is they are bored. Many have no one in their lives. I know several Veterans where ALL they have for, “out of their head” thinking, is what they get when at the VA. There should be, and in some there are, a good place for Veterans just to hang out. That’s what I thought the VFW’s, American Legion, and places like that were for. @Namnibor, this began with me trying to say I agree. Sorry for the rant.

    1. I will be quite honest in the Vets that I have personally known that went to the various VSO Lodges to just “hang-out” usually did so around happy hour. The only form of fraternity offered to Vets unfortunately is cheap drinks, which actually further pulls some people deeper down the rabbit hole of isolation and depression. Not a drinker here, so since I really did not have that interest in that form of camaraderie, as I have no patience for drunks, hence have none as friends or associates in life.

      This may-well be a great thing having those lodges, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s also serving the purpose of keeping Veterans indoctrinated and for anything the VSO’s do…for the cheap drinks. You ALL KNOW the various Branches of the Military used kegs of beer to celebrate not only various alerts and inspections, but also to the ridiculousness of the Base Cmdr.’s daughter not pregnant for another year, even though the base Cmdr.’s daughter is only 14, she tends to get around in the barracks….you ALL KNOW the crap I am talking about…give the Squadron many truckloads of kegs of beer and ALL will be well.

      That’s fine if you really like beer. Not a carbonation fan here, never have. The VSO’s do not currently offer a viable commodity or product that I feel is worth a lifetime membership when I see them as bedfellows with the VA and trying to prevent Veteran’s from getting “a Square Deal”.

      The piggies have lots of suds in their mud wallow called lodges….while they ignore the stacks of paperwork on desks.

      Yes, Veterans could use a common place for all to just hang-out in the way Obama had oodles and oodles of Million$$$$ go to inner city disenfranchised youth centers to be built…where in my city at least, the thugs were using the grants to buy X-Box shoot-em up robbery carjacking video game systems so the thugs would get shooting practice during the shield of daylight and then go out and perform actual misdeeds. Some were even busted for supplying alcohol. I bet there’s a lot of new community centers in Chicago over last 8 years because the statistics show they are getting plenty of target practice.

      We Vets need no target practice, just a place to connect without the oppressiveness of the VA or their ilk.

      Rant Out.

      1. @Jo3n,@namnibor: I think I have only been in a VFW one time in my life. It was in Woodstock IL. just off the square where they filmed Groundhog days. It was about an hour before lunch, the entire work crew was there, we sat for about 15 minutes and didn’t see a single soul. no people, no bartender………no one. It was kinda eerie. Never been back to one. I can say tho, since 9/11, with all the new veterans, that same VFW’s parking lot is full to capacity now days. I dunno, I think I would feel strange going in one now. Besides, I don’t drink. And I sure don’t like crowds.

  7. This topic should be a joke, not an issue. @Windguy, that was good. @Cj, finally found video on YouTube. The only issue is that it’s an issue at all. I agree with, “Veterans Art”, and have seen the value and positive results from Veterans who have benefited from art. While at VA in Menlo Park, Ca., some Veterans formed a band. Called it, “Prozac and the Trazatones”. Couldn’t get through a complete set without someone nodding off, but it was very therapeutic.

    1. @Jo3n- My band might be called “The Nonhuman Test Subjects”, as but one idea. Back-up singers would be “The Hungry, Hungry Hippos Quartet” (there would only be -2-, but sizable girth to fill a quartet, in VA Nurse Uniforms). Prior to each set, 100’s of in-flight emergency breathing masks will fall-down from the rafters with calming vapors so the crowd has a great time and every set sounds fine, even if the band ceased playing and were sitting in pool of own drool on stage. It would possibly be a good thing. 🙂

    2. @Jo3n: In my comment about useless art. That was not meant as an insult to art or people that like art. It was more geared toward the government forcing agencies to purchase art from liberals, who for the most part are useless human mutants, living a great life off of the rest of us. I think people engaging in any art form is a fantastic thing. I just wish the government would force agencies to purchase veterans art at the same cost.
      The name of that band? Now that was an art all it’s own. Loved it.

  8. I’m surprised I haven’t read yet that only official photos should be hung, obtained through official channels.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with the photos shown in this post, but I bet VA executives and spokeshacks already have their excuses pre-printed.

    Anyone else find it ironic the VA rigidly wants to follow the rules in this instance while blatantly doing the opposite or breaking the law most of the time?

    How many bureaucrats at that VA committed fraud in reporting wait times so they could get a bonus?

    And to suggest a combat veteran congressman is breaking the law in hanging this picture or videoing the act is somehow illegal is ridiculous.

    Go on Facebook to this hospitals page and see how many pictures are posted. Are all those illegal? Look at the pictures of any other VA Facebook page. Are those illegal?

    In some respects, I find this controversy petty given the many more significant problems the VA has. On the other hand, VA flunkies at that hospital created a bigger mess by taking the pictures down. If they left them alone, there wouldn’t have been much attention. Now because some butthurt bureaucrat took them down, they look stupid, childish and indifferent to every veteran walking in those doors.

    These clowns will yank pictures off the wall in a heartbeat while ignoring the Veterans in agony in their ER.

    Those dumbasses deserve every bit of the negative attention they are getting.

    1. @91Veteran- One Exception: Had those Veterans and Veteran Congressman rather been concerned that the VA did not have enough posters plastered warning Vets about travel pay fraud and took it upon themselves to plaster-up 40 more they made with crayons and markers, the VA would probably not have one issue with it.

      I think the larger issue is the management at that VA is very scared of close scrutiny, and probably a salvo of fraud and deception going on while the VA thought they were shooing away any attention being brought to themselves, but in the end, did just the opposite…because Veterans are starting to wake-up…my theory anyway.
      Also, I have no doubt that the “official authenticated photos” were still in their mailing tubes in the Director’s Office…again, my theory.

      1. Good ppint on the travel fraud posters Nam. The VA likely rotates those damn things out weekly replacing them with new ones.

  9. OMGGGG! You guys are on a roll today LMAOOOOOO@Windguy. Well played sir.

    I will check back in later, this is one tough crowd lol.

  10. off topic you need to watch this video on utube ……….. tImpeachara ®………these people really do need QUACKS its snowflake medicine LOL its worth a good laugh for sure

    1. @OLDMARINE; Are you sure of that spelling OLDMARINE? I can’t find anything with that search.

      1. i screwed up on the first link its the ……impeachara…..on youtube……..i am tired and it shows….

      2. @OLDMARINE: LOL, Thank you for the video on impeachara, way too funny. I have seen the video you mentioned on that fine dirt trap for cleaning rifle barrels, wink, wink. very good. I would love a dirt trap for my AR10. First I would need to move the hell out of Illinois.

      3. I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio lived in Fla. for a while then i headed for the hills best move i ever made.we don’t even get cell phone reception here

  11. Anyone remember watching the original ‘Scooby-Doo’ cartoons where in the creepy old insane asylum castle all the framed pictures had eyes that could slide back so the voyeur human villain can watch his prey’s progress?
    Another classic example was a Truman Capote novel made into a movie called “Murder by Death” and the moose on the wall had the villain peeping through the stuffed moose head mounted on wall. “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_by_Death”

    Like the above examples, maybe the VA’s “authenticated portrait photos” have to have the IT Dept get that sliding eye mechanism working before placing arbitrarily on the wall? It could happen. 🙂

    “Scooby Snack”?!? 🙂

    1. Yeah, I’m suggesting the DBC might just be watching Vets through those eyes on walls at the VA.

  12. Off topic:

    Does anyone know what the backlog in administrative processing is?

    My claim/appeal was moved to administrative processing from the BVA on 3/6/2017. Probably in response to my offering to settle an SF-95 malpractice case for $3,750,000.00 via the VA disability compensation route for 80% from 7/20/1974 to 10/1/1985 and then 100% TDIU from 10/1/1985 in my request for reconsideration that was mailed on 2/25, due on 3/8.

    After 25 years on a 1992 claim and appeal something finally happening. Apparently broken loose from a “sensitivity 7” Officer’s control finally. What ever the hell an assignment of “sensitivity 7” is?

      1. I didn’t calculate it out or I might not have made the offer. essentially I’m offering to settle for 1 million plus 200 thousand attorney’s fees. Plus 100% for the rest of my life and spousal benefits.

        May be giving the VA more of a bargain than I would have if I had calculated it out. I didn’t expect a move to accept. And I still don’t have a letter, just eBenefits showing the move to consideration.

    1. @Lem: Lem, I hope that is great news for you. You been at this a very long time, and I hope you get what your after. It would be a win for so many veterans, and should be a very proud moment in your life. I wish you the best.

      1. Thanks cj. Straight to the paper and a copy to Benjamin if It comes out right so others will know. The new evidence on cerebral malaria is only 4 months old. Leaves 32 months of veteran’s with organic brain syndromes to get their SF-95 claims in.

        Anyone in that boat with a history of a TBI particularly right or left frontal or middle left side can contact me at “[email protected]” for info to ask their SF-95 be joined to my case for a decision.


  14. And Now For Something Entirely Different.

    The AMA has Weighed In On Obrumpa-Care

    The AMA weighs in on Obrumpacare

    The Allergists were in favor of scratching it; but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves.

    The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it; but the Neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of nerve.

    Meanwhile, Obstetricians felt certain everyone was laboring under a misconception; while the Ophthalmologists considered the ideas shortsighted.

    Pathologists yelled, “Over my dead body!”; while the Pediatricians said, “Oh, grow up!”

    The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness; while the Radiologists could see right through it.

    Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing and the Internists claimed it would indeed be a bitter pill to swallow.

    The Plastic Surgeons opined that this proposal would “put a whole new face on the matter.”

    The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward; but the Urologists were pissed off at the whole idea.

    Anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas, and those lofty Cardiologists didn’t have the heart to say no.

    In the end, the Proctologists won out; leaving the entire decision up to the assholes in Washington!

    1. And the VA nurse practitioner said, pffft. This isn’t so hard. I can do all of that.

      1. @91Veteran: Your on a roll today, it’s good to see your having a good day. I think this topic was a good distraction from the very serious topics of the near past. It looks like every one commenting was having fun, with the exception of Frank, who was no using his time on the VA computer very wisely.

      2. Cj, it DID feel good to just be a smartass and pointing out the lunacy of the VAs actions.

      3. @91Veteran- You mistook that “pffft” for the VA nurse practitioner’s ass and was a blast from her intestinal past…or…she really was just talking out her ass.

  15. Another reason? Sort of? We had a town hall from our VA Hosp (Roseburg, OR) (I know, Dennis) who was discussing the delayed opening of our brand spanking new, still minimally staffed CBOC. It seems the likely high bid contractor screwed up and some major wiring issues have to be remediated. Being a gubmint contract – I’m sure that’ll be cost plus too. But I again digress. We were also informed that there will be no artwork for the new clinic. What crap they can salvage from the old building will be moved, but the walls will still be pretty barren. Local VVA chapter guy suggested a “local artists and photographers” rotating display, and the boss said he thought it was a great idea. as long as the art was respectful. He also said he got a directive from above that said no art was to be procured for facilities due to budget issues. He also said he hadn’t seen that in writing. So who knows.

    As much as I personally dislike Trump , along with his predecessors, and opponent, and the rest of the slimy mofos in DC, the tradition of hanging the Commander in Chief (only his image damnit) and that of the Sec, whether by the VA or its patients should be readily allowed. So, ya, the dicks in FL were merely being partisan dicks.

    I’m befuddled. I personally believe the two party system is beyond a joke. Look at what’s happened in the last forty years, and it’s pretty clear, Congress works for the money – not the people. What’s confusing is that regardless of which party we may love or love to hate, there always seems to be more dicks than pussies. Even the pussies are dicks. Maybe planet earth would be better off if we stopped breeding humans. Neuter everyone. Then we’d run out of dicks and pussies and assholes. Then again, shit – we’d need Trans-neuter bathrooms. Fuck – can’t win for losing

    1. I agree, windguy. Time to get rid of the Party system and go independent. Probably take something like caucuses without campaigning and several levels to find the candidates that wanna do instead of the wanna bees.

    2. If the VA Mental Health and Medical Health end of things were thinking straight and trying to do two things at same time, they could do the following, at ALL VA Facilities:

      1) Use the creativity available in the very Veterans the VA supposedly serves.

      2) Art Therapy as well as Music Therapy help with PTSD/Anxiety/Depression, as well as other chronic health issues by allowing yourself to *just let go* and it’s way more effective than big pharma options, in my humble experience and in-use.

      3) Use Veteran only made artwork in all VA facilities and not from some scheme of a fat cat VSO getting a contract to a cousin that does art and funneled through the piggies…only Veteran made artwork.

      4) Let the ugliness and beauty of a Veterans mind and our experiences and ugliness of war but also the beauty and precious commodity called Freedom without any censorship by the VA or AFGE…they don’t like it, leave.

      5) Art and Music Therapy should be utilized on such a widespread way to help Vets dealing with mental anguishes that even auctions could be done of Veteran Artwork to assist Vets only…again, not the VSO’s or VA or AFGE having any say so or hands in it other than VA Mental Health or Private or even Veterans on their own.

      6) This is all of course asking too much of the VA, but just wanted to mention there’s no reason the VA could not do this on a larger scale to help also with Veteran Suicide. Instead, the VA chooses in some facilities now to put in place color-changing walls. I have never seen one of these but I can only imagine the VA having various shades of Agent Orange colored barrel walls changing to various shades of angry red colors…only the best.

      7) Creativity keeps me relatively sane. Relatively. 🙂

      1. Great idea and I will tell you why… Our rural hospital displays local artist work though out the lobby and down the public hallways, some even on easels and all with a tiny (yes, need readers to see) notes with artist info & price. It really brightens up the place (even though some is so not my style) and helps local artists at the same time.
        Being rural, I can imagine it is somewhat like a VA hospital/facility in it houses most of our Doctors offices, with the lab & x-ray departments right there, because it is the only game around.
        I would take that Idea even further in having booths at Fairs or where ever to sell Veteran Art. I imagine people would be all over it, even if it were only somewhat good, the chance to help our Veterans right there on the spot, priceless! Even a tent sale once or twice a year outside on VA property if allowed would be a beautiful thing 🙂

  16. Here’s something I’ve been asking lately;
    “When will the DOJ convene a Grand Jury to hopefully indict all the reprobates in Washington DC over the multiple criminal activities they have been responsible for?”

    I’ve been asking this for some time now on Utube videos.
    My Reason is simple.

    The DOJ is the top Judicial agency of law enforcement. They have a responsibility to issue warrants when the Grand Jury says to indict a criminal.
    Up until now, especially during the Obamination Administration, there were no Grand Jury indictments. subject: “Fast and Furious” & “Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server” etc..
    Congressional Committees are now investigating these possible criminal activities.
    According to Rep. Chaffetz, the VA is also being investigated. What will happen is anyone’s guess!
    Let’s hope President Trump’s New executive order, mandating all government agencies submit audits, within 180 days or risk a shut down, showing how they’re spending taxpayers monies will shed the light of corruption on all of the VA’s nationwide!

  17. In breaking news, a federal district judge in Hawaii just issued a nationwide block of the new Executive order.

    Disturbingly, the judge ruled that the order – pausing the refugee program and admittance of foreign nationals from 6 terrorist hotbeds until thorough vetting can be put in place – targeted Muslims and violated the Establishment Clause.

    The court has created a constitutional crisis where none exists. It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the First Amendment. It ignores the separation of powers. And it puts our national security at risk.

    The court’s order will invariably be appealed, and we will be ready to file crucial amicus briefs once again in federal appeals court.

    The fact remains, the Executive order is a lawful exercise of the President’s constitutional and statutory authority to keep America safe from terrorism. We are now working around the clock, preparing new briefs. This case will go to the Supreme Court. By Jay Sekulow.

    I hope this judge is one that has been………. “YOUR FIRED” by President Trump Fucking liberals. Okay I mean it this time. Gone.

  18. Hey folks,
    We got “Frank” on here, telling us he works there. First, he’s blasting us. Then he blasted his administration. So, this is what we would expect from VHA’s employees!

    Well Frank, Try answering this;

    “Were those true pictures of President Trump and Sec. of VA Dr. Shulkin?”

    *”IF”* your answer is “YES”! And it better be “YES”!
    Then, what the fuck is the problem?

    These disabled veterans, and the “Combat Disabled American Veteran”, who just so happened to be a fuckin Congressman, just saved the VA, and American taxpayers, some monies!!!!

    Do we have to wait to show pride and honor towards our president by hanging his picture?
    Do we have to wait for VHA to spend taxpayers monies to get these pictures hung?
    These veterans took it upon themselves to do the VA’s responsibility. Before they spent taxpayers monies!

    Don’t come on here and talk bullshit to veterans, Frank! It won’t fly!

    1. Oh, and by the way, Frank. Are you using VHA’s computer, while at work, responding to Ben’s blog and commenters – who mostly ARE combat disabled veterans!

  19. I am a combat vet and I work at this VA. Cooler heads should prevail on this issue if somebody would show proof and answer the question of how long did it take for other presidents picture to get put up. I would like to assume that it’s a process of getting an official picture which maybe, they haven’t received yet. If that’s the case, then all this outrage seems pretty silly. If that’s not the case and Obama picture were put up very shortly after his inauguration, then this outrage is justified. However, I will assume the best in people even though I know the sentiment of those in charge here and I wouldn’t put anything past them.

    1. @Frank– Larger question in all due respect: Did YOU raise YOUR voice about the missing photos? How about raising of your voice about the corruption at the VA YOU work at that you allude to ALREADY knowing how corrupt they are at that particular VAMC? Have you gone VA Whistleblower and if not, why? This is a systemic problem with the VA and hope your allegiance is still to fellow Veterans and not just your own job security.

      Rant Out.

    2. (Larger question in all due respect: Did YOU raise YOUR voice about the missing photos? How about raising of your voice about the corruption at the VA YOU work at that you allude to ALREADY knowing how corrupt they are at that particular VAMC? Have you gone VA Whistleblower and if not, why? This is a systemic problem with the VA and hope your allegiance is still to fellow Veterans and not just your own job security.)
      All is quiet on Frank’s Front. lol JOB security reasons.

    3. Frank, I don’t disagree, but I think if it truly is a case of the pictures being slow to be sent, the spokeshack could have been a bit more diplomatic at explaining the issue to the press.

      And to veterans.

  20. “Bottled Union Slime Treasonous Egotistical Dicks”, aka: “BUSTED”. (only available currently in VA authenticated suppositories) Also known as innuendo’s

    1. Those suppositories would naturally be the shape/form-factor of the tip of a steel-toed boot.

  21. @namnibor: Isn’t it funny how all government institutions are forced to purchase libtarded art? Don’t you wish veterans could have such a sweet deal as having a useless profession, and forcing the taxpayers to support it? Let’s bottle union slime, and market it as anti President Trump spray. The snowflakes would buy in bulk not realizing it was actually deicer, and we could give proper monthly checks to disabled veterans.

    1. “Bottled Union Slime” can also be used to strip woodwork or infect your entire family with some new disease the VA is sure to develop a cure for eventually, but Veterans should instead push for “Bottled Union Slime Treasonous Egotistical Dicks”, aka: “BUSTED”. (only available currently in VA authenticated suppositories)

    2. “cj”, why not fill the spray bottles with the (stinking) chemical used to “bait beavers”! Trust me, cj, that shit stinks!
      I’m sure Dennis has first hand knowledge of it. Being he’s up in Oregon now!!!!

      Oh, namnibor,
      concerning that “FAT (VA) FUCK” in the back of the picture.
      In my opinion, he had ample opportunity to either “get his lard ass out of the way!” Or, “Say something!”
      Since he didn’t, oh fuckin’ well! He’s now in the picture for eternity!
      It’s nice to show how well these reprobates are willing to eat so much to get FAT! Then they have the audacity to state veterans are fat, when most are 20 to 30+ years their senior! We earned the right to be a little overweight, as far as I’m concerned.

      My PCP, a foreign born reprobate, is really FAT from the waist down. I guess that’s from her sitting on her rump most of the day, and not exercising!
      Of course, so far she’s NOT said anything about my small pot belly.

      1. @Crazy elf: I can see that “skunk musk, scented deicer ” also known as snowflake remover. We keep on developing this, and we just might have a hit on our hands.

        I saw on the news a guy put out a book on amazon called “Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” it is a best seller on amazon. it is a blank book. Number 1 seller. The Dem’s tried to counter it with the same, complete flop.

        That’s it for me, time for med’s. Then shortly after no brain function……………Not that I have any now.
        You guys have a great day.

  22. Today’s article also is a classic template you can utilize for many other things the VA should do but they will not until the disinfecting qualities of sunlight are shown upon them.

    Take TBI as but one of many examples, where the VA used unqualified hacks for exams and improperly denied still waiting Veterans. Congress then has to create a band aid mandate every fracking time in an attempt to light a fire under their lackadaisical asses.

    Take Veteran Suicide Prevention. How many decades and the VA still cannot or will not do right thing?

    Take the VA refusing to acknowledge private medical Dr.’s and past bad or great experiences with any given medication.

    The VA and AFGE indeed personifies the PIGS in that classic work of literature, “Animal Farm”.

    I wonder how the VA would react if EVERY VETERAN at EVERY VA appointment not allow the VA Dr. hack to speak until the Veteran AUTHENTICATES the VALIDITY OF THEIR MEDICAL DEGREE AND COMPETENCE?!!! 🙂

    1. Oh, that would be fun.

      Excuse me. I can’t continue with this appointment until I verify your training. Please provide a copy of your transcripts, CV, and evidence of practical training before we can continue.

      Yes, I see your diploma. It looks much like the one the mail order companies use in their advertisements in the back of magazines.

  23. The bottom line here is that too much policy is in the hands of bureaucrats who feel that they are unaccountable to anyone and in too many cases they are not accountable. It’s an insane way to operate any organization.

  24. A couple of things here.
    This is about how VA uses “state law” vs. “federal law”, (Or “1st Amendment Rights), when it suits their agenda!

    Especially when it “…gets in the way of recording something, someone or anything on VA properties!” And, especially when it shows VA employees being STUPID!
    To make my case;
    In Florida, we have the “two party consent rule”! Meaning, everyone must be in agreement to be recorded!
    For example, when anyone calls, you MUST immediately inform the caller they are being recorded. *IF* they continue talking, oh, well, it’s a legal document! Basically,They have that choice to either hang up, or continue to talk!
    Remember how VHA tried to get those pictures off the internet of the veteran laying on the floor, in pain, up north recently? They couldn’t! Because, that infringed on the families Constitutional Rights!
    There’s going to be more to this issue. I’ll guarantee y’all, that Congressman ain’t through with that VHA – YET!

    I’m NOT sure, but, it’s “Not be in the best interest of VA employees to ‘piss off a sitting Congressman!” Especially one who was duly elected by constituents of that district. And, is a “combat disabled veteran!”
    Of course, when Obama was elected, almost every VA employee couldn’t wait to “fuck over a vet!”

    As I said yesterday, the wife did send the article off to President Trump, his son Eric and to Ben! I also believe she put it on Twitter and other sites as well!

    Lastly, as I also said yesterday, this has to do with how much taxpayers monies will be used for “ART” by VA’s nationwide. Remember how they’ve fucked the taxpayers for decades. It was only brought to the attention of the taxpayers last year!
    This VHA in West Palm Beach, is a prime example of “wasted taxpayers dollars”!
    The veterans of that district did VA and taxpayers a favor. Yet, the VHA there, didn’t want that to happen!
    In my opinion, the management of that VHA should be mandated to bring that Congressman and the veterans who “hung the portraits of President Trump and Sec. of VA Shulkin” back – and on National TV – apologize for their FUCK-UP!

    1. @Crazy elf- “[In my opinion, the management of that VHA should be mandated to bring that Congressman and the veterans who “hung the portraits of President Trump and Sec. of VA Shulkin” back – and on National TV – apologize for their FUCK-UP!]”

      Great point. However, does any Veteran, Spouse, or Surviving Spouse *ever* recall the VA saying those words of, “We ARE SORRY”? I have not, not once, no matter the scandal.

      One thing is correct though, the VA is indeed in SORRY ASS SHAPE and this event in FL shows the VA’s obstinate and tenacious attitude in not doing the right thing FOR Veterans. Rat Bastards!

      I hope this emboldens Veterans all across the USA to TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR VA and OUR VA.

      1. You can bet if that spokesnitwit has zero problem publicly denigrating a congressman and disabled veteran in the media, they would have zero problem with lying to his staff inquiring on behalf of his veteran constituents.

    2. You know, veterans should be gathering pictures of their VA Directors. Edit them to say, “Official Portrait, VA Director McFlunky”, and “VA is Lying”.
      Print a few out at home before your next appointment, then visit every bathroom in the facility and tape them to the inside door of every stall.

      How many would still be on those doors after 6 months?

      Imagine how many pictures of those official portraits could be taken by vets and posted online.

      1. I’m thinking the black sharpie marker I always keep on-hand for such opportunities of creative expression would be in good order on McFlunky Portraits in bathroom stalls. However, I also have a feeling quite a few copies would be needed, probably an entire ream, because you just know Vets are going to wipe their asses with them and just maybe put them back up, then you have perfect adhesive qualities of poo for the fresh official portrait to stick to. 🙂

  25. “[It takes some solid brass to insult a sitting Congressman and disabled veteran, and I will be curious to see how long that spokeswoman keeps her job.]”

    That VA Spokeswoman will no doubt be promoted by the VA to the head of the Interior Decorating Committee, (IDC), easily confused with the VA’s own major mantra of “I Don’t Care”.

    Remember, the VA CARES and their level of indifference shows no measurable limits.

    1. Notice in today’s Ben’s “VA Bad Art” standing in the background with a camera to face is one of the VA’s examples of “Excellence In Healthcare”? Notice the Congressman and Veterans are in relative good shape considering everything but the one VA employee caught in camera’s lens is one of the Hungry, Hungry Hippos that hypocritically tell Vets they need to lose weight? He even looks like a Patient Advocate but they only come out of their offices on Groundhog’s Day and each Leap Year, so I obviously am mistaken.

      I wonder if he was the person sending video to VA Central Office, warning them of the evil Veterans and Congressman doing what the VA should have done 60 days ago?

      Duly note that the very next day, after Pres. Obama was elected POTUS first term, the very next day Pres. G.W. Bush’s photo came DOWN and was IMMEDIATELY replaced with Pres. Obama’s.

      I am proposing that this VAMC in Florida and their management were doing their butthurt snowflake thing in not recognizing Pres. Trump and VA Sec. Shulkin…nothing whatsoever to do with awaiting “official photos” and it kind of makes me wonder just how the VA even authenticates that the photos central office sends them are “authentic”?
      Was this FL VAMC waiting to print the photos on VA toilet paper?

      We Vets are up against a very stubborn collective of VA Asses on the VA’s “Animal Farm”. You all should re-read “Animal Farm” and just replace the pigs with the VA…done.

      1. Any good reporter would have asked that VA spokeshack how many times fake pictures have been sent to their facilities, hung by ignorant union thugs, only to have the first veteran notice weeks later the picture is fake and alert VA officials.

        Had it happened so often all precautions must be taken?

        Are the authentic pictures delivered by a Brinks armored truck pulled by an old sway-back mare?

        Is that why it takes 60 days to deliver a picture from DC to Florida?

        Is the Choice program involved in scheduling this nitwittery?

        Anyone want to suggest maybe using email to send an official picture and have it printed locally?

      2. @91Veteran- “[Anyone want to suggest maybe using email to send an official picture and have it printed locally?]”

        That will not do at all because the VA prints those photos on recycled paper made from shredded Veteran Claim Files. Now the entire authentication thing makes sense. 🙂

  26. Regardless if you like him or not he is STILL the President unless the Congress and Supreme Court tell us something else.

    1. Hopefully they will find him guilty of Treason in a trial and execute him. Fitting end for a Cowad Draft Dodger!

  27. So by her logic, if I snuck up behind her at a VA facility and planted my boot up her hind end then she would not be able to correctly deduce that split leather was up her ass because it could not be authenticated. She may well be within logic and reason to assert that the boot was not authorized in thatblocation, and might even demand its removal, but if I want to take a video of the event it is my First Ammendment right to do so – because individuals are NOT bound or obligated by The Privacy Act or HIPPA, and there is NO provision in the law prohibiting the documentation of activities in a public facility. This is why when a Register Guard photographer named Paul Carter could confidently post his byline on the photos he took of me while I was on the VA ward as a duty of his job.

    It would only be a federal offense if the woman herself as a federal employee video taped the ass kicking while I was on VA property because I am the “patient” and I enjoy those protections of privacy, not her. Even the injuries I suffered whilst federal agents adjusted my attitude would be off limits for her to video tape, but not for the cheering crowd of vets also in the room applauding and throwing ticker tape if they chose to document the celebration.

  28. All hail to the great King Obama. One of the reasons I have hated to go to the VA for the past 8 years, is because of how fucking giddy all these damn union assholes were, and remain to day…..over that usless piece of shit known as OBAMA. His picture should be replaced as fast as GW. Bush’s was replace. PERIOD. If the administrator at this, or any other VA facility doesn’t get this up to par, then President Trup should drop them like a 2 foot putt. YOUR FIRED. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!! Let them dance the hungry hungry hippo dance at their new place of employment………..McDononalds. There will be plenty of yob openings once the wall is built.

      1. No problem, i can’t read

        I noticed that there were 2 blank holes where the pictures belong 2 weeks ago at the lansing mi cboc. I thought damn they are slow putting the new ones up.

    1. Did you see that crazy video of Snoop Dogg shooting a clown image of Trump? What is Snoop doing with a
      silencer? His nephew Bow Wow says that he will make Melonia his sex slave if Donald talks about his uncle again
      of his failing music career. If they don’t apologize their stay in this country might be limited. PEOPLE YOU DON’T

      1. your right i had a friend mine back in the 1980’s he was drunk and was talking on a pay phone trashing the then president at the time he didn’t even get to hang up the phone yet and he got swarmed by one of those three letter agencies charged for threating the president putt his ass in jail for a year they have been taping phone conversations…… for a long time….. his first name was carlos, i’m sure you can still search for the news clip it was in fort Lauderdale FLA

      2. @Genius H Kennard: Some states it is legal to own a silencer, it’s awful expensive but you can do it. I agree, any threat of violence to a sitting or former President should be intantly met with the full force of the law. I couldn’t stand Obama, or Clinton, or Bush, but I would NEVER make a threat against a president past or present, or their families. I was brought up thinking that to do such a thing meant instant jail, do not pass go, not get out of jail free card.

      3. Some states it is legal to own a silencer, and the others are A 200.00 tax stamp and you can own or make your own

      4. @OLDMARINE: All true. Did you know in the UK, it is considered rude to not use a silencer? People do have their onw ranges in the basement, and neighbors like peace and quite. Of course here in the USA they automatically think if you want a silencer you must be up to no good.


      6. punch this in on the utube search……… Silencer / Suppressor build and testing .223 / 22 Cal. ………he makes the best one i have seen yet

      7. and its not ill legal to have the parts as long as there are no holes drilled in it…I want to make one for my M1A and AK47

      8. What’s the problem? He was just exercising his 1st and 2nd rights. You know. Like those other people that made all the jokes and shot pics of Obama out on the shooting ranges. It’s up the secret service to investigate. As for the pics not being put up, dam. I thought is was funny. Just my 2 cents.

    2. I think this is little more than bureaucrats moving slowly to get Trumps picture up.

      I recall news articles about how happy some federal slugs were at how fast they replaced Bush’s picture with Obama. It shows how childish they were by simply being comforted by their cult leaders picture being up.

      Likely the same idiots who wear T-shirts with Che or Fidel on the weekends.

      Proudly displaying their ignorance.

      Childish flunkies quick to put up someone they agree with, and slow to act when it’s someone they don’t like.

      The same thing happened years ago when Dulles airport in DC was renamed Reagan National by an act of congress.

      The DC subway system refused for months to put up new signs for directions to Reagan National.

      Like little kids closing their eyes. If they can’t see it, it can’t be real.

      1. @91Veteran: Most likely, considering they still don’t think he is a “real” legitimate President yet. Once the shock wears off, and reality sets in the pictures will be sent. I agree, there are many more issues more important than this one, it sure is a fun distraction tho. Some of the funniest comments to date are on this page. It is good we can take things with a grain of salt. The humor is amazing,

      2. My opinion, This is retaliation by that Facility to make a statement against Trump. For stating he is going to clean the swamp at the VA. The VA first Act has passed and just waiting for Trump to sign it.

        They know that many of them have broken the law and do not deserve to be in positions they are in and need to be removed. They see the writing on the wall and are lashing out. Its the VA way.

        Some VA employee’s still thinks they are in charge and it is their Facilities, Not the Veterans. I was so happy to see the Holman Rule pass and I can not wait for it to be the Law.

        This, is going to be the First time that VA employee’s can and will be fired. Those committing or committed a Felony can be terminated right out by the Secretary with clear evidence of the wrong doing !

        Thousands of Veterans have been reported to the disruptive committee and punished. There is something called “Libel” and “Libel” is considered a class 6 felony.

        I had a Manager and former coworker, accuse me of Disruptive behavior, stating I would come into the clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive. How many months no one can tell me.

        When I requested any and all Evidence they used, I was told they had no evidence, but it was collaborated, when asked by whom, they refused to say. Why because they know that they can not provide anyone who Collaborated it.

        Senator’s Bennett’s office stated they can do nothing ? His Aid told me that the Holman Rule was not Law, well now it is going to be, what excuse will they use next. I told them, the Senator’s office was to work for the people not the Government.

        Oh well, I don’t need them, I was wrongly accused and the VA in Denver did not ask or require any written evidence, which is required per their own admission on the regulation. I have been fighting this since 2004 and have acquired real evidence to prove my case since then, showing where the VA Director in Denver even stated to the Senator’s office ” Do to the Disruptive reporting of Mr. Gallegos, the VA “never” coded his official medical record icd-9, Nor did we ever Red Flag his official Medical records.

        I claim that the VA let one of their Employee’s and Manager Falsely accuse me of Disruptive Behavior and slander my name, to get people to Hate me, in the VA and my Local community. By stating that I wanted to Kill employee’s at my local CBOC and the VA contacting the OIG and the FBI and calling my local police department, stating such.

        This Manager even hired a DAV rep, that was handling my case against her. This DAV person had all the evidence I had and I strongly Believe that see gave it to her New boss.

        This employee’s should be found guilty for Libel and Terminated and anyone else that assisted in the Cover up, From any of her flunkies to the Chief of Staff and the Directors and the Doctor who Falsely entered into my records stating that I was stabbed while I was in the Military and I was not. I was stabbed in 1978 and the VA saved my life.

        I suggest that all of you who have been harmed by a VA employee and have evidence, file against those employee’s and send it to the Secretaries office for action. Veterans deserve must better and those employee’s that have harmed you, should not be working at the VA period.

        You now have a voice, Yourself ! so speak out to someone who can do something about it now. All employee’s being considered for removal must be reported to congress and if not fired it must be explained why not.

    3. You are a MORON, at least POS Trump could have done was Smile, when you walked in before Obama was smiling as if to say Welcome, The look on Coward Draft Dodger Trumps face is, F$@KYou Idiots, I avoided the draft with a FAKE medical Condition, and you are all a bunch of Leeches sucking the Government Tit!

      1. Who is sucking on the government tit moron? Oh that’s right it’s Jim the moron.
        I receive Jack shit from the VA, you uninformed political union hack. You on the other hand make a living off the monies slated for disabled veterans. So how does that feel, you unethical, union hack, Traitor Obama loving asswipe?

        Now get back to work, your supposed to be serving veterans, not mouthing off on blogs that expose your corrupt ass.

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