VA Secretary Bob McDonald

Fox News Embarrasses VA Secretary Bob McDonald

VA Secretary Bob McDonald

Benjamin KrauseFox News reporters took VA Secretary Bob McDonald up on his offer for Americans to call him directly that resulted in an embarrassing outcome showing how disconnected he is from his operation.

When the reporters called, his voice mail was too full to accept voice messaged. Why would Bob not think to double-check that prior to issuing a challenge to Fox News of all outlets? That seems like a silly mistake.

This story does have the vibe of a “gotcha” moment where perhaps Fox glommed onto a momentary glitch in the system. For that reason I intend to run some tests on the number today and will report back what I find but want to explain why I even bothered posting this today.

Would any of you mind calling 513-509-8454 to let me know the current status of Secretary Bob or his staff actually answering this number? I know some folks last year and earlier this year received some direct support. But now that the old guard of Allison Hickey and Carolyn Clancy have left the help of their respective VA administrations, I suspect the responsiveness is no the same.

For those that do not know, the Secretary has a huge staff of ghostwriters and ghost callers that stands in for him when veterans try to contact him. Yes, if you received an email or call from “Bob,” it was probably a VA staffer working in his client relations department. The fact that he bragged up his ability to respond using his online contact information is comical given what happened in the video even given its gotcha nature.

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Normally, I would not write about this kind of thing since it is silly and not terribly useful for any reason, but the video did strike me as funny and worth the repeat. Naysayers need to suck it up.

In case you cannot see the video, during an earlier interview with Fox, Secretary McDonald challenged Fox about his lack of availability. He said veterans can easily reach him on his publicly available number anyone can find on the internet. When Fox called on speakerphone, the call went right to the dump file because Secretary McDonald’s voice message was full.

“The mailbox belonging to Bob McDonald is full and cannot accept messages at this time. Please try again later.”

I have personally had some less than successful attempts at reaching VA staff… at least by phone.

My wife tried to contact CHAMPUS to set up an account after we got married this summer. Can you guess what happened? The call went straight to a busy signal. VA’s own national hotline operators admit that the calls to CHAMPUS sometimes go nowhere. They advised her to spend her days trying to call back to get the account set up whenever the government contractor picked up the phone.

Before I became an attorney, I used to call the national hotline until I realized the 45 minute wait time could still result in your call getting cut off. I then learned that calling was futile but written words have meaning so long as you can prove VA received the letter.

Clearly the phone system needs some work but the idea of more immediate access is a good one. Veterans tend to prefer phone communication over written communication even through it diminishes their ability to document the nature of the communication. And I applaud the steps taken to at least increase access for veterans who seek verbal communication.

Anyway, when Fox posted this video of the Secretary promising availability followed up with a full inbox, I just had to repost the story. Why is it that VA continually fails to follow through with its promises even as simple as picking up the phone in this day and age of automated systems?

Nonetheless, if you have had a positive or negative experience using Secretary Bob’s number, please post your story below. Again, I think it is great that VA is finally embracing its twenty-year goal of increasing customer service that actually started under Hillary Clinton. I sure hope it does not take another twenty years to make that goal a reality.


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  1. I sure wish ,He could follow up & Fix the V.A. ‘Like he’ Promised. I have been waiting a ‘very long time’ NOW. For a Faverable Response,Back. I have Diabetes II , Prostate Cancer & Nuropothy. Still waiting.!!

    1. Hello Dustin
      I understand your frustration. However if we as veterans continue to wait for the Department of Veterans Affairs to fix itself we will never find favor. How long has this Department been unfavorable to our needs and slow to respond to our circumstances. I continue to ask my fellow veterans brothers to become unified and let us demand change in a peaceful demonstration of our first amendment right to speak and to speak as one unified voice, that’s a show of strength and force that cannot be denied. I am apart of a organization that is advocating for veterans like you and myself. It’s called Family Discovery also partners of The Cultural Leadership Development Institute. We are trying to unite Veterans for the solve purpose that our needs be met and that we receive what we are entitled to by The Department Of Veterans Affairs on Status. Myself and Dr Gary Jackson are advocate for veterans. We need more veterans to join our endeavor to serve our Brave Heroes the American Veteran. I have posted on this subject many times the need for us to join forces and be heard loud and clear. We will no longer accept the V.A. neglect nor irresponsibility to answer our indication concerning our need. We will demand it with unity and with a loud voice. Please Veterans let us stand in solidarity for one another and DEMAND TO BE Served. WE SERVED AMERICA, NOW AMERICA IS OBLIGATED TO SERVE US. Please connect with me at [email protected] and let us change the process of how we will be served.

      Fred Ricco Young Jr.

      1. I too am part of a vet advocacy group twenty 22 many. We work to serve our local vets that the VA does not.
        I think all in order for a larger voice we need to become better at uniting these organizations at the local level, then working in partnerships for a unified voice.
        Personally, I am utilizing VA healthcare, documenting inadequacies I as a healthcare provider and patient observe. I am speaking with advocates and managers about these inadequacies. I am forming a letter with my findings and sending to local congress, govenor, and adminstrators of the local VA’s involved.

      2. Greeting Veterans
        I have a message of hope in the form of divine intervention for change. I am advocating and coordinating an opportunity for veterans to join me. We must hold the Department Of Veteran Affairs responsible for their neglect and deceit. We are entitled to better service, respect and benefit compensation. We can accomplish our goals by unity. The VA doesn’t show us the respect we deserve. I am asking all veteran brothers to join me, to unify forming a coalition. We can produce positive results for a better outcome and solution to our needs and demand for entitlements that we have earned. I assure you all that their is a power that is leading us, a power that cannot be denied. My friends and brothers God is the answer to our circumstances. Let us be lead by a greater power than that which opposes us. If you can believe and trust that our voice will be heard. I ask you to write me at [email protected]. I am working on your behalf, I will working diligently through a greater resource than any man can provide. So my fellow veterans and brothers let me hear from you all that we may share each other struggle and dissatisfaction with this organization that should be honoring us not denying us. However this government is exploiting us and deceiving us by taking our money and our benefits to satisfy their own greed and selfish ambition. Remember we are strong just as in battle we depended on each other let us now depend on each other. Lean on each other and trust in the hands of the One Almighty author of Justice. Our forefather spoke of Him as In God we Trust. Let us stand in the same trust that enabled this country to be great. We have been used to help initiate that greatness and America owe us. We are in the land of the brave. We have kept America free.Let us organize and coordinate a veteran force that can get results and allow us the respect and entitlement we deserve.

        Fred Ricco Young Jr / [email protected]

      3. Hello Fellow veterans this is a story worth hearing concerning this phrase, ” Thank You For Your Service”. Let us stand as one and also pursue to see results and demand that our service be acknowledge not only in phrases but in deed, compensation and change. Join me at [email protected] and let us be One and be heard loud and Clear. Thank you fellow veterans and brothers.

        Fred Ricco Young Jr.

        Despite Chris Gardner’s incredible life story, made popular by actor Will Smith in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness,” the Chicago entrepreneur is most proud of his service in the Navy.

        But he doesn’t want to hear, “Thank you for your service.” He wants to us all to back up our words with deeds.

        “I think one of the first things that everyone in the country can do is to accept that the words, ‘Thank you for your service,’ will never be enough,” Gardner said. “I think all of us can look around our communities and say, ‘What can I do?’ Not, ‘well the government should do this, the city should do that, or this organization should do that.’

        “There’s one thing we should all agree on and that is simple… You should not be a hero in Afghanistan and homeless in America.”

        Now the owner and CEO of Chicago brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co LLC, Gardner recently attended a homeless stand down for women Veterans at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago, where he presented a donation to the VA Voluntary Service at the hospital. He also committed to attending other VA homeless stand downs throughout the country in the future.

      4. Hello Dustin
        I applaud your endeavor to reach out to the many veterans that are being under served and disrespected. This can only be accomplished if we work together and form our own committee. I have been trying to get veterans to seem me their information so we can began to gather signatures and prepare to present to Washington DC our demands and our concern. This demands will address issues as housing, employment, education, better medical health services, better mental health services and faster responses to claims for compensation benefits. This can only be done if we will stop complaining and get up, stand up for our right to adequate Care and demand that the money that is allocated to our care actually tricker down to us instead of being redirected to the pockets of the corrupted administration and the people overseeing the $200 million dollars that was fixed in a budget for us. Yet no one that I know has received a dime. This is unacceptable and if we stand together as One strong force we can march peacefully to the steps of the White House and let our concerns for reform be heard LOUD and CLEAR. We demand our rights. Ask your self why is a sport player paid 50 times as the brave warriors and protectors of this great land we call America. Something is wrong with this pictures. We need to form coalitions and strategies to start by getting other veterans to at least sign up with us and let our list of names start a process and then work from that point to start. You will be surprise at what power signatures have.

        Fred Ricco Young Jr / Veterans Equality & Treatment Sign = VETS

  2. Number called. Straight to voicemail…that wasnt full lol. Course I suspect not to get a callback, just like all the calls the clinics never make when you leave a message. Or the call center that says leave a message we will hold your place in line. You guessed it, that ones broke to. When i brought it to the customer service rep (I use the term loosely) I was informed they are aware. When asked if they were aware if it was going to be fixed. She had no answer other than its been like that a long time.

    1. Some one seem to erase my comments that call for unity not division among my fellow brave veterans friends. I have written at least three commentates concerning mobilizing and uniting so that the more The Department of Veterans Affairs see that we are a mighty force to be reckon with. The quicker we will get results that will be favorable and sufficient to our needs I am a veteran and I also have a source that is willing to stand with us concerning our entitlements and our needs. The Cultural Leadership Workforce Development Institute is waiting to assist us. We need the leadership that the CLWDI can provide on our behalf. We must be united. Stop arguing among yourselves and join me and The CLWDI. We will except nothing but change and are argument is with Bob McDonald and The Department Of Veterans Affairs not each other. That’s what they the Veterans Affairs want to keep us unfocused on their criminal acts and greed. They are stealing all the funds that are been allocated to us for our benefit. The wounded Warriors program is being exploited and abuse due to the greed and the incompetent of those in charge. They are members of Bob McDonald reckless team of crooks. We must stand strong against their injustice towards the men and women who have placed their lives in danger and some losing their lives only to return home to a corrupt system who use us and then dispose of us without a conscious. Please organize with me and The CLWDI and let our Voice be heard from the steps of the White House and Congress. Imagine what a million Veterans March would look like and the Message it would send. Reach out to me at [email protected] and let us change our own destiny and receive Justice.

      Fred Ricco Young Jr- Acting Coordinator Of Operations and programs – CLWDI

      1. Then Mr Benjamin I must ask you to forgive me then. I wish only to speak as a vehicle for the rights of my fellow veteran brothers. So that our messages maybe received by Bob McDonald and his incompetent and untrained staff. I advocate on behalf of veterans care and needs. So if I spoke unjust to you I apologize. However I refused to be silences until we veterans receive every dime and entitlement we deserve. America owes us and we plane on making changes to The department Of Veterans Affairs and all that is owe to US. We shall become One united Force and One to be Reckon with.

        Fred Ricco Young Jr – CLWDI / [email protected]

  3. I love it when I see veterans working together this is awesome keep up the good work BEN you’ve been a lifesaver for veterans we still got a big fight in front of us there are power in numbers so let’s take the fight to them who drew first blood

    1. I believe Today is a great day for men like myself who have chosen to serve and place our selves between danger and the boarders of the United States. I thank all the veterans and their families. However it is so sad that America has turned their back on the heroes who have kept them safe from so many of their enemies. The United States have fell to meet the necessary needs of our brave heroes by denying us of so many things like adequate healthcare, housing, travel pay, education and employment opportunities. On any day in the United States you will find men and women who have served this country walking the street without a place to lay their head or a mere meals to fill their bellies. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. We have giving our all. However to the Republicans and the Democratic Party and the Department of Veterans Affairs not enough has been done to satisfy the need of our brave heroes. We are being taken advantage of and denied the essentials of human needs. This is a disgrace. Please help me to raise this issue and to change how our brave soldiers are neglected by the government and it’s policies that wouldn’t allow us to rejoice and celebrated. Some of us carry deep scares and wounds that go unseen and unnoticed. However most of us would answer the call again and again. We need a lot of care and consideration. We are the brave, the walking wounded and we deserve more from America. Please this week consider notice us we hurt but we are in need so I ask you Facebook family speak to your politicians and tell them about your fathers, brothers, mother and sisters. We have gracefully served America, now America need to serve us. Please Veterans let us join forces by standing together and demand that our needs be met because we are entitled to better service and care. We have served the United States of America with all we have including blood, tears and lives. I believe as many veterans do we deserve more and better. I am speaking for millions of veterans. Unless we are paid attention to and our needs are met, the next time we are called to serve what if we refuse? Take note Bob McDonald pay attention you have been serve a fair…… do not ignore US!
      [email protected]

      Fred Ricco Young Jr / United States Marine Corp / United States Navy.

    2. Let us veteran demonstrate by calling in our request against Radical by yelling out Anti- Radical. Enough is enough you feed our enemies before you feed our brave warriors. Why are we tolerating this crap. I say let us go to the White House and demand that we be be served by the department of Veterans Affairs. I am a disabled Veteran. I am about to lose my home no one in the Department of Veteran Affairs want to help me. However you are giving our enemies an apartment furnish with food, bed color 50 inch flat screen Tv’s. I fought for this country and I get nothing but Lie after Lie. We must hold someone responsible. From now on before we go to war let us sign a mega contract like the Football and Baseball players. They don’t die, nor bleed and they get paid for life. We lose our lives, our mental health, our limps and our family. What do we get LIE after LIE. Tell Bob McDonal STOP THE MADNESS NOW. We demand a better compensation package give us a BONUS, A HOME, FOOD IN MY FRIDGE and exempt us from discrimination by the system that has failed all of the BRAVE AMERICAN HEROES. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
      [email protected]

      Fred Ricco Young Jr

      1. I am still made complex to the corruption that exist within the Department Of Veterans Affairs. Let me remind my fellow veterans. We are soldiers and heroes we know how to fight the enemy. Let us ask our selves is The Department Of Veteran Affairs a friend or Foe? I insist that we began to engaged in a force that will illustrate that we understand their deceptive and unethical practices. Why are we who are a strong force of a few million strong allowing ourselves to be denied the necessities that we are entitle to. My fellow veteran stand we me and let us form a coalition and demand that Washington and the Administration invoke reform. You tell me we have money to save refugees and place them in homes that are furnished with all the needs that we are denied, we should show up at the white house in force, a peaceful force with a very loud message. We will no longer tolerate this lack of effort to be given more than those who would do us harm. Stand with me fellow brave veteran brothers. We can turn this lack of compensation and compassion that is a product of a broken system called, ” the Department Of Veteran Affairs. Lets mobilize and send a strong Vocal message. We refuse to be denied our right to compensation, housing, healthcare, travel pay, social services and education. My brothers stand with me, We are strong if we become One unit, One force we know how to fight we have fought many of Wars. Let us be reminded we can win, we can be Victorious. We must mobilize just as we strategist in foreign lands. We much do the same to accomplice our entitlements to be given more than refugees and enemies. The Department Of Veteran Affairs is a disgrace. Bob McDonald has fell the great men and women who have been deployed to foreign lands away from families and love ones, only to return those of us who survived to a system that discriminate against those who have kelp them safe and out of harms way. We demand to be heard and to be compensated for our loss, our sanity, our blood and our lives. Please stand with me and let us use the same tactics that we defeated our enemies with to defeat the Department Of Veteran Affairs attempt to deny Us our rights to the many Entitlements that we the Brave, the heroes of this great country deserve. Let us work together. Let us mobilize and strategist to overcome this deplorable treatment we don’t deserve. Please Veterans Stand with your brother and let US send a message Loud and Clear to Washington DC. We will no longer tolerate second class citizenship. Please contact me I am ready are You. Let stand together and defeat this unethical practice. Sign on by E-mailing me at [email protected]. We can make change happen if we stand as One.

        Fred Ricco Young Jr.

      2. I believe this has to be done and done during the summer when the older veterans can attend!

        Before this is done we need someone to write down what veterans are looking for our government to do!

        They will ask that question!

    1. Hello James, Ronald, Kevin and fellow brave veterans. As I read these replies by my fellow brothers I can’t help but noticed that there is division among us. This is exactly what the Department Of Veteran Affairs and it’s administration love to see. It takes the focus off of our attempt to change there inadequate practices and deplorably services. We must stand as one and be united not separated. Let us lay down our differences and focus on our demands. We are strong standing together and a force to be reckon with. We have a voice and the capability to be heard loud and clear by voicing our disgust and the unacceptable tactics use by the Department Of Veterans Affairs to silence us. We refuse to be silent. However if we stand as one, a million or more strong we can change the corruption and deceit that is apart of a broken over due reform of this system. They have forgotten that we are the safety net that has allowed America to be safe and free, Yes my brother you are right we must mobilize know that we can allow the older brave veterans to stand with us as we walk peacefully to the White House and demand change and allow us to ask the right questions. So let us be not separated but be united that we may bring to the forefront our message, ” We Refuse To Be Denied our Entitlements”. Each of us deserve land, home and adequate healthcare. So I ask you all brothers put down your in differences and sit and write the questions and demands that you need answers to.Then this summer let us line up in front of the white house and demand our rights. Remember we are equipped with mobilizing and using strategist techniques to be Victorious.So let us not grumble at each other but compromise so that we may speak as ONE. We have many leaders within our ranks let us gather together and form a force that can not be denied our request. Please send me a response via E-Mail: [email protected]

      My Brothers contain your frustration and let us utilize it to speak with strength to the oppressive practices of The Department Of Veteran Affairs.

      Fred Ricco Young Jr

      1. Yes.a walk on Washington is the only way for them to understand that we demand change or nothing is going to change.

        People can but they have to exercise their right to assemble and this summer is the time.look what happened after the video was released on the kid that was murdered and the people protested.people were fired or forced to resign.

        Veterans must do the same thing or we only have ourselves to blame for doing nothing.

      2. Veterans and the problems with the VA are well known by the public. Now is the time for change. Now is the time to get to washington and demand it. They need to reform or in my opinion abolish the VA system all together. Allow our heroes to be cared for by the exceptional doctors we have in our communities. The ones that dont overprescibe dangerous medications and actually follow thier patients.

      3. Greeting Veterans
        I have a message of hope in the form of divine intervention for change. I am advocating and coordinating an opportunity for veterans to join me. We must hold the Department Of Veteran Affairs responsible for their neglect and deceit. We are entitled to better service, respect and benefit compensation. We can accomplish our goals by unity. The VA doesn’t show us the respect we deserve. I am asking all veteran brothers to join me, to unify forming a coalition. We can produce positive results for a better outcome and solution to our needs and demand for entitlements that we have earned. I assure you all that their is a power that is leading us, a power that cannot be denied. My friends and brothers God is the answer to our circumstances. Let us be lead by a greater power than that which opposes us. If you can believe and trust that our voice will be heard. I ask you to write me at [email protected]. I am working on your behalf, I will working diligently through a greater resource than any man can provide. So my fellow veterans and brothers let me hear from you all that we may share each other struggle and dissatisfaction with this organization that should be honoring us not denying us. However this government is exploiting us and deceiving us by taking our money and our benefits to satisfy their own greed and selfish ambition. Remember we are strong just as in battle we depended on each other let us now depend on each other. Lean on each other and trust in the hands of the One Almighty author of Justice. Our forefather spoke of Him as In God we Trust. Let us stand in the same trust that enabled this country to be great. We have been used to help initiate that greatness and America owe us. We are in the land of the brave. We have kept America free.Let us organize and coordinate a veteran force that can get results and allow us the respect and entitlement we deserve.

        Fred Ricco Young Jr / [email protected]

      4. Hello James
        I am so glad to hear that you understand that numbers mean power and is an absolute leverage to reform. I am asking you to partner up with me in my effort to get veterans to unite so that change can become a reality. We can become strong as one voice instead of working as individuals. I pray my veteran brother will join forces with us and establish a coalition that will speak for it self. A loud voice is what we need. When we speak as one the Department of Veterans Affairs and other politicians whether Republican or Democratic, they will have to listen. We will no longer ask but DEMAND and as ONE we can because America will be behind us. Contact me at [email protected] and let us began A front line strategic plan they will remind them that we are soldiers trained to keep each other safe. Our model is, ” Leave No Veteran Behind” we have each other Back. Join with me and let us be Victorious just as we did in battle against all of our enemies. We can WIN and We Will.

  4. To all,
    It’s quite late. I have gone through a lot of information Daniel Gray has given me on the “Current VA (monies allocation) Bill”. Which WAS passed.
    There’s many “interesting facts” in it. There’s also many “stipulations”!
    I’ve had to do much research tonight.
    I’m still researching other information which must be used in conjunction and in tandem with the monetary allocations.
    Since it is so late. And my eyes are stinging. (One of my “combat related disabilities”). Therefore, I will put my findings on tomorrows blog, if y’all don’t mind!
    But, I will say this.

    The “Bill” did allocate lots of money to ALL of the VA “committees”. But, these committees must still follow certain sections of “Title 38”! In certain cases, they may not have! Therefore, they (VA) CAN BE sued for a number of egregious acts against veterans and their unwillingness to provide timely healthcare privileges to the veteran by using that “Disruptive Committee”!

    There’s also many stipulations in this “Bill” the Secretary, or the person he appoints, must adhere to with Congress and with all Congressional Committees. So far, I believe, he is in violation of certain rules Congress set down to receive these monetary allocations! Tomorrow I will give the “sections” VA may be in violation of!

    Good night to all….

    1. To All,
      Here it is in black and white.
      Not my rules! What VA must do!
      1.) This comes from;
      “Title II, Department of Veterans Administration”

      Yes, the VA was allocated a great deal of money.
      Yes, all committees were funded.
      Yes, all VA’S are to comply with certain “stipulations”- among which the VA was to reply within “…30 days of receipt of allocations…” to report to the “Congressional Veterans Committee” concerning wait times (better or worse), if healthcare providers are better or worse in providing timely care and if the VAMC’s are properly staffed (if not why)!
      The Secretary was also given until Feb. 1, 2016 to comply with other stipulations.
      For example; under “Title II, section 218, NO director may prohibit veterans from healthcare “…within their respective Networks.”

      Which leads me to (CFR) “Title 38, Chapter 1, Part 17, in particular “17.106” which clearly states “…VA may restrict time, place and/or manner of care…” only VA’s are still required, by this “title”, and law, to give veterans healthcare! I paraphrased the last part.

      Here’s additional information; according to the VA-OIG, VA’s “…does not have a comprehensive definition of what constitutes disruptive behavior.”

      There it is folks. Check it out.
      Like I once said, being on that Disruptive List could be a ‘badge of honor’. If all one did was to stand tall for their rights! That’s the key here, if y’all were demanding proper healthcare from qualified professionals and it ended you on this list. All I can say is, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!

      1. @James,
        Here’s the sites to google; you will have to close up all spaces to get it to work…you will (or might) also find additional “stipulations” I didn’t include on my two previous comments. Trust me, it worth getting this info for your own protection……

        https: www . congress . gov/bill/ 114th – congress/ house – bill/ 2029

        This is the “complete bill” that was just passed this year allocating BILLIONS of monies to the militarys and VA. You have to scroll down pretty far to get to “Title II” concerning the VA.

        https: // www . law . cornell . edu/cfr/text/38/

        On this one, at the end you can change the number to 17.016 also. This way you can read both rules. Another way which might work is type in, “CFR Title 38 chapter 1 part 17- note to 17.106”

        https:// www . washingtonexaminer. com/ exposed – how – veterans – affairs – flags – disruptive – vets /article/2250163

        https: // michellemalkin. com / 2014/06/25/ exposed-how-va-red-flags-disruptive – vets/

        James, I used a lot of info from all of these sites. Yet there’s also much I didn’t use. Let me know what you think. Did I do a good job?

      2. Veterans like me depend on other veterans, to obtain information they don’t know how to get!

        Your not only helping me, your helping hundreds, I know I’m not the only one this effects!


      3. @Crazyelf and James–
        Great work. Been reading stuff posted. Feeling kind of gross today…health stuff, so just reading various forums, working on a book I am writing.
        The Billion$ the VA gets nebulously underhanded is simpl amazing and how things are buried in what I call, “VA SPEAK”, because too much of it in one consumption can have profound effects, even going through a lot of toilet paper. Sorry…for the political correct…”Bathroom Tissue”…LOL

        Thanks for doing this digging man. We DO need to stick together. Kind of like that movie, “It”, Stephen King, they had to keep together to fight “It”, well, the VA is that same clown with pointy teeth and lots of balloons…everything floats down here…..

        Good work, Elf. Watch for Trolls. Trojan Horse Trolls as well, if you get my drift?!
        Oh…Obama better wake the f*uck UP!! He **STILL* refuses to address these terrorists as “Radical Islamic Terrorists”…and as you all know, Obama has stated he is not changing his plans to bring hundreds of thousands of “Syrian Refugees”…another Trojan Horse, and Michigan is not going to allow refugees there until further notice.
        Too late…there’s already 60,000 Somali Political Refugees that are also Islamic in my Metro area…France is not screing around, and time for Saudia Arabia and other new “Axis Powers” to gear-up because this is looking very much like Biblical Prophecy type events gathering storms…as Elf has been saying…SOMETHING REALLY BIG is going to have to happen.

        Politics and Military Industrial Complex directly affects the VA/DoD and by proxy, Veterans…shit gets allocated for something for Vets and ends up in the growing black hole in Colorado.

        They still cannot abuse vets arbitrarily and essentially blacklist them with these Storm Trooper Meathead Disruptive Committees. Constitution trumps it.

      4. Agree, civil and constitutional rights trumps everything! If it’s being claimed and constitutional their breaking the law! By denighing ones rights to defend themselves against Tierney!

        Lets see what the master has to say?

        Probably something nice!

    2. Never said the VA couldnt be sued, all I said is the committee was passed into law legally the way it should be, by the Constitution and article 1 section 1

      1. First to Daniel.
        All VA’s, IF they chose, and continue, to deny veterans healthcare, in accordance with not only “Title II” “Veterans Administration” & “CFR Title 38 Chapter 1, Part 17, subparagraphs 17.106 & 17.107, they will be in violation of Federal Law!
        As I wrote, you ARE CORRECT, the Congress, Senate and POTUS DID sign this into law correctly. No one is doubting you any longer.
        The other side of the coin is, many VA hospital and clinic directors and lower employees, which are like “little corporals”, are not adhering to the laws, rules and regulations set down.
        That’s the problem. That’s what has to change! Don’t you agree?

        Now to the “Muslim Immigration” situation. It has come out today one of the ‘masterminds’ of the Paris attack was born in Europe and helped in that HORRENDOUS atrocity. American (former military strategists) leaders have come out and stated, “ISIS rebels are already here. It’s just a matter of time WHEN they attack!” In my opinion, ALL our elected and appointed officials have their proverbial heads up where the sun ain’t shinning. Also, if their so dead set of bringing them here. Let the Muslims move in or next door to them. That way if the immigrants do something bad, our elected and appointed officials will be the first to feel their wrath.

        Here’s what I believe. Many, millions of Americans, want to keep their heads buried. That’s fine. Let them. When the time comes, and it surely will, they will be crying for help. That’s when we, the ones who are prepared, tell them to pick up a weapon and defend yourselves. If they don’t, send their useless happy asses on down the road. I really hate being so heartless. But they have allowed it to happen. They were people not willing to take control of their own lives.

      2. I agree. All I was saying is to be very careful about claiming something is illegal and unconstitutional. Sometimes you are right, but sometimes; like this case, the answer is that it is very legal and constitutional.

        Sort of reminds me of a saying that I heard Jeff Goldblume state in the first Jurassic Park movie “Just because you can do something, does not mean you should.”

  5. something interesting I found:

    H.R. 3368 (113th): Veterans Day Off Act
    This bill was introduced on October 29, 2013, in a previous session of Congress, but was not enacted.

    This shows that congress had a bill that would require employers to provide veterans with Veterans Day off and nothing was done to enact it. Shows what congress thinks about us.

    add the “w”

    1. This just in:
      “The Daytona Beach NEWS JOURNAL”
      Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015
      by Mark Harper
      (mark.harper@news-jrnl . com)

      “Orange City Veterans Administration”
      “Patients: VA clinic is not properly staffed”

      This received “front page status” (pg. A-1 & pg. A-12). It’s quite a lengthy article.

      It’s also the same clinic I attend. It’s also the same clinic which only has “ONE physician”! It’s also the same clinic where my PCP claims he doesn’t have to be certified or registered with the State of Florida. It’s also the same clinic where eight (8) people received bonuses in 2014! It’s also the same clinic where they have had MANY healthcare professionals transfer from, or just quit, because they get tired of the bullcrap!

      This article has a great many falsehoods in it.
      Ex; the VA spokesman said this VAMC and the one in Daytona Beach was going to be “expanded”! False, on the one in Daytona. It’s been sold to Halifax Hospital.
      According to this article quess how much $$$ a physician will make per year? If you guessed “$99,000 to $195,000 annually”, you’d be correct.
      Now, how many physicians make that kind of bread out there in civilian healthcare? Especially, when they come outta the bottom of the garbage can!!

      Please, do me a favor and do two things for me! Read the article. Then contact the author (Mark Harper) to let him just what y’all think about this crap. Let him know exactly what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

  6. To all,
    Here’s some recent news articles that are must reads;

    1.) “The News Journal”
    “More than 640 VA employees in Delaware paid bonuses”
    It’s a great read. Especially the last two paragraphs concerning the total cost paid out!

    2.) “Veterans: NORCAL VA provides poor care, has long waits”
    by Tom Miller
    thmiller@hearst . com
    Nov. 13, 2015
    KCRA-TV Sacramento, Calif.
    article + video (3:23 minutes long)

    3.) “Minnesota VA officials received thousands in bonuses despite misconduct probes”
    Nov. 13, 2015
    by Adam Uran
    y’all may have read something about this. Yet, it’s a great read.

    4.) “Whistleblower: VA worker dressed up like me for Halloween”
    by Pete Kasperowicz (@PETEKDCNEWS)
    11/13/15 9:01 AM

    If y’all noticed these articles came out two days after “Veterans Day”.
    All this was because we all know VA has been; mistreating veterans, misdiagnosing veterans, threatening veterans, allowing healthcare professionals who are not qualified or certified to treat or adjudicate claims of veterans, allowing VA employees to receive bonuses while being investigated, allowing VA employees to receive bonuses while on suspension, etc., etc., etc.! And let us not forget, veterans are DYING due to these previously mentioned ‘conditions’!

    Lastly, most of the “incumbents” running for POTUS have stated “illegal aliens are receiving MORE than our veterans!”
    ! THIS IS TRUE !
    What hasn’t come out yet on mainstream media, is that thousands of (alleged) Syrian refugees (many are men between the ages of 18 to 35) are NOW on our soil. This is being broadcasted by many reputable online news sources.
    We can’t even support the people coming in across our “Nonexistent Southern Borders”! What makes our government believe we can support these refugees?
    With what just occurred in Paris. Should we trust them? Will there be adequate background checks done?
    The President of France has basically “Enforced Martial Law” on his citizens. When the NAZIS left France in 1944, and the “Allied Forces Liberated” them. It would be the first time France’s current history that a Martial Law would be lifted.
    The President of France has stated to his people to “Be Vigilant!”
    Folks, I feel we, Americans all, are now in a fight for our lives. I say to y’all ;;;;
    Because, ISIS has, in my opinion, declared war on the world! They, in a decree just released yesterday, are going to target Rome, London and Washington D.C.

    1. Agree!! Heard it on the news that we have brought in 10,000 Syrian refugees to New Orleans and 70% of refugees are young men!! Are we truly crazy??? We need to let the crazies in Congress know that this MUST change! Hundred of thousands are proposed by Obama!!! Did no one ever hear about the Trojan Horse?? It is a war on the world, but when will the world wake up?

      1. @Wade,
        That ain’t the only place these people are coming in at,
        Check out the following cities ; Washington D.C., New York City, Charleston S.C., Wichita, Kansas, Mobile, Al., Baton Rouge, La., San Diego, Calif., Tucson, Az., Jacksonville and Kississimee, Fl., etc., etc., etc..
        These cities have been receiving these individuals since 2009!
        If the U.

      2. France is the proof of that, are these guys crazy! They will give them room and board and a meeting place!

        To many young men, that spells trouble! It’s not if its going to happen, but when!

        They need to capture some of these terrorists and make them spill the beans!

        Dead ones can’t talk!

        Better not allow more in, place them next to all our elected officials and let them see what they are doing!

        They won’t let many veterans have arm’s their to dangerous, they have just sealed the fate of many Americans!

        They will only do something when it affects them personally!

      3. I read articles last night where Obama is accelerating the screening of “refugees” so they can bring them in faster. The State Derp. is adding additional screening locations like at Erbil, Iraq and other places. I don’t recall when that decision was made, if it was before or after the attack in Paris. In addition to that stupidity, he is thinking of closing Gitmo using Executive Action. Meanwhile, our worthless Congress sits on their hands and watches.

      4. Yes it seems our elected officials are out to lunch!

        You hear very few, speaking about anything period!

        Many have said politicians only run to run and once their in! Nothing!

        This country is in jeopardy of collapse, and the American people better wake up and demand out politicians quit servings special interests and get back to doing what’s right for the country.

        Not just the few!

      5. @James,
        Hitlery, Berney Sanders and others have already come out and said to confiscate all weapons from Americans and make it a felony to posess one.
        They can’t have mine….PERIOD.

      6. @crazyelf, @James, @91Veteran How can Obama screen these refugees?? As I heard Rubio on Fox with George S. this morning, “Who do you call in Syria to vet them??” And talk of closing Gitmo? Maybe we should send them home with AK47’s so they can attack us again- or try trading for another loser like Bergdahl! You’re right, politicians run to run and then to play the game that everyone else is wrong or incompetent and they can fix it all, so be stupid and vote them in again. We need to put more pressure on Congress- who only have a 15% approval rating!

      7. To all;
        My main question is:
        Why aren’t all these young men, between the ages of 18 to 35, staying in their respective countries and fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups?
        They look fit. At least better than most Americans right now, lol. They wouldn’t be able to tell me they are struggling or starving. That shit wouldn’t fly with me, or possibly anyone else.
        So what the hell is this crap all about?
        As far as Gitmo is concerned, I also heard he was going to use his “Royal Pen” on closing it down!
        God, I pray America wakes up and stops his lunacy.
        But, this just might lead America to that HORRENDOUS ACT I’ve been talking about for months now. Y’all know, to bring Americans out of “Never Never Sleep Land”!

      8. Two stories of interest on Fox 35 tonight @ 6:00 pm est.

        Refugees were brought to the Orlando area today. They received a furnished apartment right down to food in the fridge.

        This one I hope catches on. Michigan has stopped any refugee influx until further notice. Or, Until this gets straightened out over in France.

    2. All these people have to do is become an American citizen, have kids,elect them into office! Declare martial law! Take away the guns and kill as many Americans as they can, until the American’s give in!

      They talk about deporting 11million south Americans back and then have them come back legally!

      Do you know that 11 million young men could do to Isis!

      They call them Mexicans, not mexicants! Many Hispanics are in the military and are very dedicated and would defend this country to the last man!

      Know terrorists or groups that chant death to American, should not be given nothing. But a ticket back home!

      I heard it here, A trojan horse and we supplied the horse, go figure!

  7. :

    Dear Mr. Krause:

    The embarrassment endured by Mr. McDonald says volumes; when one is acting
    with the truth one does not become embarrassed nor finds it necessary to hide his/her views, at least I do not do such things, I am proud
    and feel honored to share my to contribute my views with all for the good of society and other especially our veterans..

    1. Baghdad Bob is a full blown narcissist who took the job only so his Wiki would not end with fired from P&G but that he saved the VA when no other mortal man could.

      Since then he has been shown to be not only a PR clown who said “call me” but can’t even muster a group to sit and take messages, lies about his non-exisitant accomplishments from Special forces to I fixed the claims backlog.

      I am betting Baghdad need a the least a stiff drink…or a dozen or so but maybe even a Valium or two at Bethesda Naval Hospital. No VA docs for him.

      Men like Baghdad Bob just can’t accept failure. It will not end well. A complete mental meltdown is in Bob future.

      1. @Robin,
        I was in complete agreement on Ol Bagdad Bobbie going somewhere for that “stiff drink” or two or ten or twenty.
        I would have hoped he’d gone to “Pershing Hall Hotel” in Paris. You know, that multi-million dollar hotel- “owned and operated by VA”!
        But then I thought, hmmmm, if he had shown up there and was there on friday, he’d probably come back sporting a bunch of “military medals” he didn’t deserve. Like the “CIB” for one!

      2. Never lied about “accomplishments” with Special Forces. I saw that clip- he was trying to vet and connect with a probable homeless vet in the middle of the night.

      3. @Wade,
        Sorry to correct you over this. But YES McDonald did “Mispoke” over “claims of being Special Forces”! These two “words”,
        ‘I Mispoke’
        was first used by him when he apologized on National Television “after that incident”! Even the Sgt Major of the group said, [they] wouldn’t hold it against him!”

        Since then McDonald has continually and consistently LIED to veterans, taxpayers and voters over a multitude of B/S he’s tried to pull off.
        As far as I’m concerned, he’s a compulsive liar and thief. He has no professional ability to be running an organization wrot with criminal activities. He should be tried along with Graves and all the rest of the VA ingrates…..

      4. Yes he did apologize and for that I forgive give him, sometimes we all say something and it came out wrong!

        After all were only human!

        That does not excuse him for not keeping the public and veterans exactly what’s going on!

        He needs to explain to the American people, that’s it’s impossible to return every phone call from the number he gave out! Silly on his part!

        That still does not excuse him from having his staff answer the phone and listen to what veterans are upset about and going through!

        He himself could never help one veteran at a time by himself!

        His staff should be keeping a log of every veteran calling in or sent letters, and him and his staff call or right every veteran that contacted his office!

        And not mail out the same response to each veteran, that isn’t worth the paper it printed on!

        They have to be proactive and listen, listen, not just shake their heads. As if their paying attention! I think the person speaking does not like it when someone does that!

  8. 11/14/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Just like many, I shook his hand [Bob McDonald’s] and, unlike many, handed him my first 3,000 pages [4 books] of investigation [for free] on 08/08/14 in the Basement of the Phoenix VA.

    Sent Bob a letter–to follow up on the Job Offer I agreed too that he was throwing out at the time, after reading interim medical director Glen Grippen’s description of his own HR Department in the Arizona Republic Newspaper {opinion page} dated 11/09/2015, calling the HR Department “toxic,”—-I am sure that is one of the reasons I have not heard from Bob.

    Something that was missed by Carl Icahn’s Gannett’s USA Today/The Arizona Republic:

    On November 10, 2015 Dr. Lillis M. Lloyd will talk about identifying, treating, and managing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) over at the Mesa Community College here in Arizona.

    Gordon Brown stated that the PTSD patients are getting 5 to 25 different drugs—Tomah, Wisconsin patient who died had 13 drugs in him.—Jason Simcakoski [ August 2014], information from the fall issue Arizona Veterans Magazine, page 38.

    Why did The 17 Arizona Republic’s investigative reporters miss this special event and where was Dennis Wagner? Where was the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism kids? Where was the Phoenix Business Journalist who was asking for information? Where were the TV Stations or Radio Stations? I heard everyone was there from my sources.


    Don Karg

  9. YES, I HAVE TRIED TO CONTACT McDONALD BEFORE. NOTHING.!! THE V.A. IN “PHOENIX ” AN DISGRACE TO ALL VIET=NAM VETERANS. THEY WILL DO NOTHING.? I STARTED FILING A LONG TIME AGO.! But They can give them=Selves ‘Raises” & Still do Nothing to Help us. VietNam Veterans., HAVE APPEALED TIME & TIME AGAIN.? I SERVED ‘SHIPBOARD IN THE GULF. 1967 to Dec 1971. We picked up their Refuge;s & Tranported them to the Philipinies.. We also Made our own water (drawn from the Gulf Water’s) & Plane Guarded our Carrier’s. I have had Diabetes II since 1982. Now : Prostate Cancer. I have has Microwave Treatment on my Bladder.. Still had Cancer,!!. Then on to Radiation(TOMO) Therapy (43) treatmentments. My Cancer is in Remission,? For now.!! I am now (75). Still waiting,? S.C.P.O , US NAVY RETIRED. Nov 1958 to Jul 1979.. I have had both Knees replaced. Have a Hearing loss. !! Thanks You for Listening.

    1. It’s good to hear the treatment is working! The VA took care of my dad and he also was able to get better!

      It’s good to hear some good news! Keep faith!

  10. So what do I think? I think we need to back off on the rhetoric and stop calling each “Liars” and “Stupid”…Scrapping among ourselves does no-one any good except the VA…

    1. @Don Avant and Shannon,
      For many months now, I’ve posted comments on here, and elsewhere, explaining what VA’s in my areas (Central Florida) are doing to myself and other veterans. How they don’t treat veterans/patients with what they need.
      We hear where veterans are dying of cancer out in many VA hospitals or clinics where they were “misdiagnosed” by healthcare professionals who were NEVER qualified to give a diagnosis. Now there are multiple lawsuits pending. I read of one just this morning taking place in Seattle, Wash.
      Or, how only a few VAMC’s are only now putting in “sections devoted to female veterans”.
      Or, how about veterans who are trying to get help with PTSD, TBI’s and other “combat related” ailments, only to be “turned away”! As was the case which was well documented outside “Atlanta, Ga.” earlier this year. I’m sure this is a lot more widespread than is being let out.
      How about the “wait list” that has grown longer, and more egregious, since it was bought out in that “scandal” last year. Even now McDonald is telling lies to VSO’s, Veterans and the American public how there are no significant wait times. It’s pure unadulterated B/S!
      There’s more, lots more!
      But here’s the problem I’m having and seeing. It’s very hard to keep “politics” out of this formula, because our politicians don’t want to do their jobs. The President AND both parties have contributed to this fiasco. We can see that because of this NEW SCANDAL (just now coming out) concerning the $142 million which was given out last year in bonuses. Remember when Shinseki said no more bonuses? Well, it wasn’t written up that way by our elected officials. This is, in my opinion, why Graves and others “conspired to receive monies illegally” from moving themselves around! Again, politics comes into play!!!

      So, like I’ve said, it’s very hard to keeping politics out of this, when it’s ALL the politicians bringing it into play!!!

    2. Right on! Think that is wisdom talking. Often too much attack and not enough respect and discussion to work together.

      1. @Wade,
        It only takes one “VA Troll”, to come on a site, to cause problems between other individuals.
        This is why we have to stand together.

      1. @Daniel Grey,
        Your ‘comment’ where “Obama has signed into law” the “bill” allocating VA’s spending monies. It just may have something in it concerning the “disruptive committee”! Yet, that does NOT mean it’s correct or ‘above the Law’!
        This “POTUS” we have now doesn’t even read the bills he signs. Let alone understand them. How many times now has he been told by the Supreme Court he has usurped his authority? So far I’ve lost count. If, as you state, that “clause” was in this “bill”, it does in fact violate the 1st, 5th and 10th Amendments of our Constitution against the citizens (veterans) of the United States.

      2. Thought this was a place for Vets to vent and get help…Not a political soapbox…I respect that we all have strong feeling politically, but the VA problem is long standing since it’s inception and not the fault of either party but BOTH…

      3. Thanks for your comments hopefully one day they will protect veterans not mentally abuse them!

        It takes a toll on one, when you know the true and no one seems to want to hear the truth!

        I guess it’s easier to vilify someone than to seek the truth! But the truth somehow always seems to prevail in the end!

        It’s really not that hard to correct a wrong if you really stand for justice for all!

        Maybe just maybe, I’ll live long enough to see the change and those who think they are above the law or think they are the law!

        Will be enlighten, that is not the case. I still haven’t seen where two wrongs make it right!

        And a lie, is a lie, no matter how many times you tell it! Must be pretty bad when you’re only enjoyment is to see someone else hurting!

        The Lord won’t play that game!

      4. You missed the simple part where I stated that Congress PASSED the law. That means if Obama was not complicit then he could have used a veto. Or someone could have brought this to the courts to get it changed. As of today, nobody has done anything. So since it was passed legally and constitutionally, and it was signed into law legally and constitutionally it is the law.

        Now if you believe that it is wrong, then get yourself or a group of other self believing Vets to go with you and file a class action in a court and see if you can get it overturned.

        But to just complain about it here does nothing to help anyone

      5. @James-

        Stand firm and do not let the disruptive powers that exist mess-up your groove. You are continuing to fight the good fight and part of addressing any perceived enemy is accepting they will go to very *low* means and methods, even publically attack people’s experiences on forums like these.
        If the “Disruptive Committee Problem” could easily be solved one on one, then we would not be even talking about it would we?

        Dark forces usually always play in an underhanded way and public discrediting attempts are certainly not beyond the VA’s track record. We have seen it before.

        As we Vets step-up our game, we can only expect that the opposing forces (the VA and those acting for them) will also step-up their game. We can stay ahead of them and not let them divide nor discredit us.


      6. They don’t seem to understand the will of veterans, especially when the veterans Are only telling the truth!

        Thanks God bless

      7. @Daniel Gray,
        Could you put the “website” on here where all of us could look up and read the “Bill” you referenced concerning the allocations of monies to VA!
        I’m curious as to the ‘section’, you’re referring to on “funding the disruptive committee”?! I’d also like to know what else is funded!
        For example; is there wording giving out bonuses this year. Which we will possibly not hear about until late next year? Is there additional funding over and above on the “Pershing Hall Hotel” in Paris (to keep it a 5 star rating) or the “Black Hole out in Aurora Col., Orlando (Lake Nona) Fl., and other over-budget projects?

        I’m not able so far to find it on any .gov website!

      8. https: //www. congress. gov/ bill/ 114th- congress /house-bill/ 2029

        Remove the spaces. I tried to post the whole link and it went into a moderation mode meaning that the mods had to see it before they approved it

  11. my experience with the new VA hq crew:

    i had luck with Allison Hickey, in that she/someone answered an email quickly and her staff followed through to local VA and local VA responded pronto and that issue was taken care of.

    i did email McDonald, but never heard back. that email was regarding an on going claim.

    can’t say either, Hickey or McDonald, followed through with VBA & claim issue. that area, VA claims that is, is like no-mans-land, where few tread. for the most part of my experience, veterans are left with the only option of hiring an attorney to do the talking and claims processing thing in the VBA claims no-mans-land. even with that, its typical to get shot down no matter the evidence favoring the veteran and claims still take years.

    so why call McDonald? on second thought, i’ll ask my legal rep to call him if he wants. he can verbalize to Bob what i have a difficult time doing via speech.

  12. B. McD – such a silly man. Silly like Pee Wee Herman silly. “Yup, just call my number kids! Hea hea hea hea hea. Call the funhouse number and talk to me, B-Wee” What ever happened to this “patient – customer service line he talked about a year ago he said he was going to set up for veterans to call to get things “straightened -out”? That would take all of a week or two to have set up, but he never, ever did. I guess that takes time, right silly man?
    Speaking of silly, I tried using the Trump veterans line that baboon set up a while back. Now, nobody answers the phone at all. You get a recording telling you to “send documentation” to his 5th Ave. Trump building address. No suite number or c/o name. Just send whatever to the fucking building already. At first, when he first opened it, the line was answered by a human at least ( an idiot human) but now days no human answers. I would like to know, for example, just what he intends to do with this this “private” documentation I am expected to send to this fucking building. Who and how is this handled by? Morons? Trumpons? I would like to know the extent of the documentation he expects to receive from any given veteran. Does he want my medical private paperwork, that I don’t share with anyone, for example?

    I remember when he first opened the line , right after he ripped into McCain (there another silly one for you). At leat a human answered the phone the first week or so (although they sounded stoned out of their mind). Now NO.

    What silly men they all are. I don’t want to write anymore, or all I’ll be writing is every curse word I ever heard in the Navy.

    1. Trump Organization
      725 5th Ave
      NY, NY 10022


      His office invited me to bring my husband’s evidence in. They cannot guarantee that we can go up tothe campaign floor because of securty but since my husbands Special Forces bonafides are now on the internet they said to bring picture ID and they might let us for an interview.

      Trump does care.
      Baghdad Bob MCDonald still hasn’t called back.

      I am thinking of putting a daily count up like Ted Kopel did for the hostages in Iran

      It is day 189 and still no sign of Baghdad Bob McDonald and his cell phone

      1. Maybe McDonald *lost* his phone on the beach when he was “visiting” Hawaii under the supposed guise “To end homelessness in Hawaii”…of which, nobody has hear exactly WHAT he did in Hawaii and never mind the Homeless Veterans in the other 49 States, right?!

        No, that Hawaii trip was no more than a vacation on tax payer’s dime, otherwise one would think the VA would have flaunted whatever he did in Hawaii, right?

        The VA really underestimate the intelligence of we Veterans, don’t they?!

  13. I tried to call this once a couple of months ago and got this same message. I also have used the email address twice with no response. I think the real scandal is the fact that you can get cut off calling the VA’s main number (800-827-1000).

    I did find the last paragraph, about Hillary Clinton, curious. I was under the impression that we have not yet HAD a Hillary administration.

    1. Same here, no response with emails to anyone VA including him! I also get cut off of the VA main number and don’t get me even started about the farce of a Voc Rehab system we have here. No, No, No to more Kilary as well! Oops, spelled her name correctly!

      1. Seems like their trying to hide, they don’t want to be contacted directly because they know technology would catch them in their lies!

        They will be sure they select their words very carefully or have someone there recording you!

        The va will place any veteran they claim may become disruptive if they hear a tone of voice or you seem upset!

        I think with everything going on, no veteran is safe from employees who know they have hurt veterans in the past, because the past is catching up to them!

        They are adversarial against veterans and seem to view veterans as a threat overall!

        You don’t have to do anything wrong! But you could be therefore you are not to be trusted, you can see it in their body language!

        You don’t have to be a mind reader, body language is loud and clear!

        Why else do they not want to speak with a veteran? What are they afraid of?

        Answer! Getting caught doing something wrong and now know they have a very good chance of being let go!

        Can you imagine what the employees are being told by management!

        I bet you they are telling the employees to be very wary of all veterans and their jobs depend on it!

        Their making the veterans the villains and have probably told employees you better not speak out if you see something wrong!

        So veterans get labeled as a threat and management threatens the employees with disciplinary action if they speak out!

        Veterans here have come up with some good solutions, like have the VA committee go to each VA and hold a town hall meeting with veterans only!

        No employees that are veterans, no VA employees period! Have reporters attend!

        VA employees would be given a chance to speak with the committee at another time!

        Management made very aware that a gag order is in effect and if any employee or veteran is retaliated against!

        Those people will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

        The disruptive committee needs to be suspended and any veteran could have their case reviewed were merited!

        This committee is illegal and is not a court of law, therefore is violating veterans civil and constitutional rights!

      2. Ok I was with you….right up till you dived off the deep end head first.

        First off you need to read the latest VA funding bill that Obama signed into law. It gives the VA the right to hold these “disruptive committee’s” as a way to try and solve the problem before the police are brought into the mix. It is a way to make sure that a Vet has their issues addressed and the reason for their actions.

        As such they ARE legal, they ARE Constitutional and they do NOT violate your rights in any way. I dont know where you came up with that idea but it is completely incorrect. And by adding this statement or claim into your post, you lost any credibility or points that you might have had if you had left it out in the first place.

      3. When someone makes an allegation that someone did something wrong and falsely acusses someone and a government body holds hearing, punishing people and do not have to ensure evidence is furnished to verify the accusations and threatens that person with arrest, federal charges and banished from all VA care!

        And can do so without proof, how is that helping the veterans! Are you kidding, every citizen deserves a fair and impartial. Hearing, trial by their peers!

        Your saying that since I’m a veteran and go to a VA hospital, I loose any my civil and constitutional rights!

        What are you a Nazi or just don’t know any better! I may have been shot in the head and suffer from a tbi does not take away any of my rights! Or any other veterans rights!

        Who else have you tried to hurt today at work!

      4. No I am not saying that, stop placing words in my mouth. What I am saying is that in the VA funding bill, these committees were legally passed into being and done so constitutionally as is required under Article 1 Section 1 of the US Constitution, and they do not violate anyone’s civil rights.

        Can they be abused? yes, ALL laws can be abused. But what you are saying is that just because some abuse the system, that we should get rid of the whole system. That is not going to happen.

        What should be done is to correct the system in your area so that it does not and is not abused. This system works very well in other parts of the country and should not be taken down or stopped because some people in your area dont know how to actually use this.

      5. If you had followed James comments here for a length of time, he has tried to address the abuse of Veterans using this committee for some time…as have other veterans caught up in it.
        Why should a veteran being abused be the one who has to change that law, particularly when the process is so unjust, a veteran may not even be given access to evidence the VA claims it shows they are abusive? I have read enough comments here and elsewhere to know there are too many instances where veterans are being clearly retalated against by the VA using this committee. If it were a property written law, regulation or policy, it would have a clear process for a veteran to see the evidence, appeal the decision and face their accuser. Absent that process, it is nothing more than a kangaroo court that vindictive employees can use against veterans that cause that veteran very serious problems in obtaining proper health care. RedTurtle has posted comments here about being flagged by that committee, along with news articles, which include barring him from facilities show VA management clearly retaliated against him using that committee for years There are other comments here or at other sites that show this committee is clearly used to retaliate, and it appears to be often against veterans who the VA thinks the veteran may not be able to fight back.
        Most veterans, in addition to other reasons for serving, at least had a small reason to serve believing they were upholding the Constitution. Having a veterans right to due process, to see evidence used against them for punishment, etc., is so far away from what we served for that whoever proposed such a sloppy law should be ashamed and barred from any activity involving government.
        There is no part of this process I have read yet that upholds the VAs Patient Bill of Rights that says a veteran has a right to proper health care, to be treated with dignity.

      6. You have that wrong my friend! It was a disgruntled VA employee, who made the false allegations!

        She started it, the committee did not request proof, nor did they have any period!

        Get your story right!

      7. As I said, it makes no difference who started it. If you have the proof then you need to stop it. And unless you do then it is going to continue. I have made plenty of suggestions on how to get this stopped. please avail yourself of one and again I will try and help you all I can, but in the end the only one that can win this battle is you.

      8. What ever.! Like talking to a wall! I will do as I please, you or nobody else will ever tell me what to do!

        What makes you so holy! It took me fourty years for the VA to find my military records and cost me $25,000 to hire an attorney, just to find out, the VA had my records all along!

        If I could wait fourty years to prove something that was unjustly and proved my point and showed that I was not lieing then and I will take what ever time, I want even if it’s another fourty years!

        Nothing you say will every stop me from using my 1st amendment rights! Or any of my other rights!

      9. Ok, I just tried to help you and I gave you names addresses and telephone numbers to contact, and this is how you reply?

        Its no wonder why nobody wants to deal with you.

      10. Sorry, but after having people, not listening or admitted they were wrong and all the runaround I have gotten sometimes gets my goat!

        It gets very frustrating, trying to get someone to actually listen!

        I will take your advice and contact these people! I wrote to John McCain one time and his reply, contact your representative in your area, I only work for the people of Arizona!

        Will see if I get the same response from them!

        You have to remember living with ptsd and a traumatic brain injury and being attacked by the VA is not easy to live with!

      11. Dude, you are talking to a person who has been living with PTSD since 1985! And with CRPS (a very severe neurological disease that causes the effected parts to hurt so bad that you almost wish you could cut them off to get away from the pain, and some have actually killed themselves to do just that) I am at level 3 and there is no level 4. All they can do is give me enough opiates to dull the pain so I can make it from morning to night without screaming my lungs out. Due to the atrophying of the disease (one of the many nasty side effects) I have already lost over 70% of my left leg and over 60% of my right and I walk with 5 braces when I can even walk (one around my waist for my spine, two on each leg for my knees and ankles) and a cane. Heck I am lucky if my 2004 car has 70,000 miles on it as I dont drive that much because of the pain. And I went for over 4 YEARS without seeing a doctor, all because my VA doctor moved and they let me slip through the cracks!

        So I know where you are coming from as I have been on the same boat. But my friend you MUST be careful as if you keep smarting off to the people who are trying to help you, they are going to start to dry up and then you will be all alone. And NO Vet should have to go through that.

      12. Sorry about all your conditions and hope they get better!

        As for friends all I need is my wife and kids! They are my glue and why I’m doing what I’m doing!

        I don’t want my grandchildren to think their grandfather did something wrong when he didn’t!

        Teachings them the difference between right and wrong and to never give up when you know your right!

        It’s the American way!

      13. Does anyone find it odd that they have funding for “disruptive committees” yet prescriptions can’t be automatically refilled like say BP medicine or diabetic supplies? What constitutes a disruption? That isn’t clearly defined either. It’s too ambiguous in my opinion. (No, I’ve never been deemed disruptive 🙂

      14. I find it odd that a VA can supposedly implement a process where a single employee can submit a complaint, then an entire committee can review that complaint and substatiate it so quickly without ever talking to the accused. How many man hours and other resources are wasted because an employee is Butthurt? It would be interesting to FOIA statistics on how many veterans are flagged at every VA, and how many complaints are found to be baseless.

      15. I think that’s a very good idea, then and only then would the American people see for themselves how many veterans are being hurt by the disruptive committee!

        I would think that the veterans committee would fall out of their chairs knowing how many veterans are being affected and it’s not to benefit the veterans! As some would believe!

        This needs to be addressed and veterans must have a right to bring counsel with them!

        Someone with a brain injury needs counsel, to ensure their rights are being adhered too!

        Sometimes we with Brain injuries, have a hard time when multiple people are speaking at the same time!

        Our brains race trying to understand how to express themselves when they don’t have time to digest what’s been said and not given enough time to reply!

        Remember were disabled and a tbi can be very hard to understand! Those of us who have a tbi can be tricked by someone who is deviant!

        But we’re not stupid! Just need people not to twist their words, in an effort to confuse us!

        I still know right from wrong and when the VA let an employee use hearsay and didn’t require that employee to provide proof and then sit in on the committee, is just plain wrong!

      16. Agreed! I don’t have a TBI but I’m a veteran with a daughter who does. If I passed judgement on her, “I hate you” one minute to “I love you” the next and all the emotions in between, she’d be considered disruptive yet she has a TBI and cannot control her emotions yet. It takes time, work, practice and perhaps she will be able to one day have the control that she doesn’t have now. No one chooses to be injured or sick (well, maybe some do but not very many). Bless you!

      17. You are welcome! I just returned home from watching a high school football game! Watching these kids give it their all, was worth every minute I spent in the army and to watch the flag wave!

        Makes it all worthwhile!

        Have a very nice day!

      18. @Daniel Gray-

        So, which VA do you work at? If not, why are you so misinformed about how Veteran’s Rights are being violated by VA’s Disruption Committee?

        YOU lost *any* credibility with defending the VA’s Disruption Committee, which is akin to Storm Troopers from Nazi Germany Era. It’s NOT constitutional when a Vet is automatically considered GUILTY by VA’s Disruption Committee, with no valid chance of defending oneself.

        Call a spade a spade. Your insensitivity to James in his TRUE experiences and a *day after Veteran’s Day”, which is often a really TOUGH TIME for many Veterans, makes me call into question your intentions and maybe some sensitivity training by you would go a long ways.

      19. Who ever this person is must feel pretty guilty about something he’s done at the VA!

        I think I brought out the true face of this guy! You can tell he would go to the end of the earth to disgrace another veteran!

        No morals, no compassion, no nothing! Just an empty shell of a man! That hates the fact that veterans are just as smart as him or smarter!

        He’s a yes man and I bet threats veterans like carp where he works and probably a devoted disruptive committee member, that does not like it when the truth is told!

        This person has been attacking me personally, so he may know my case and maybe trying to provoke me!

        Good luck!

      20. Have not attacked you in any way so I have no idea where you even got that idea from.

        YOU on the other hand dare to make implications on another Vet and try and place words in peoples mouths and then have the audacity to get upset when you are questioned?

        Sorry are not buying your “woe is me” tone. IF it is as you say then you need to try and get it fixed. On the other hand if it is not as you say then you need to look at th reasons for the cause and effect.

        No more no less. And see not one attack as you falsely claimed.

      21. My case is pure and simple retation done by a employee who could not take it, that another employee remarked about how she was running a committee and not using that committee to it’s intended purpose!

        Their ego was hurt, when the director placed me into that position as the new chairman!

        As far as doing something about it, I have tried and higher management just makes excuse after excuse not to provide the evidence they used to railroad me!

        Can’t you get that through your head! Retaliation is the motive and management just can’t admit when their wrong and instead of correcting the situation!

        They keep covering the truth up, just so they don’t look bad!

        I will keep trying to do something about it until something positive happens and veterans are free of bad employees falsely accusing them of something they never did in the first place!

        Don’t you know right from wrong and how falsely accusing someone of disruptive behavior and not one shread of evidence presented!

        And the one being accused does not have any recourse to prove they have been falsely accused!

        You must have seen the news on how Americans are fed up with the lying and retaliatory act’s committed by employees against employees for trying to do the right thing!

        Some people have blinders on and can’t or refuse to see what’s actually going on around them!

        Or they just don’t give a shit and are the problem! Wake up and smell the coffee, you may become a better employee if you would take off the blinders!

        Have a very good day and try to act like you care! And don’t take it out on another veteran!

      22. If that is the case and you can document it, then you should have no problem in getting it stopped and the employee causing this to be disciplined or removed from the VA for cause.

        but for you to paint the whole program with the same brush as what happened to you is completely unfair and illogical. Even though I was having problems with the Pharmacist practicing medicine without a license on a federal reservation, which IS a federal felony, I did not accuse EVERY VA pharmacy or Pharmacist of doing this now did I.

        My point is that you should not have done this or implied it to start with. Nothing more or less. And no attacks on you were ever made by me as anyone can clearly see by just reading my posts. YOU were the one that made that false claim and then tried to use the “he is picking on me” defense.

        You owe me and everyone in this thread a major apology for doing that as it does not help you in the slightest and it does not help your case

      23. And neither do you! If I did need to apologize, i’m man enough to apologize, do you accept it!

        I doubt it, but you are funny! I’m having a very good laugh!

        Keep up the good work!

      24. Never said I worked at any VA, I said I was a PATIENT at same. You really should learn to read before replying.

        And so I lost credibility in your eyes, big hairy deal. That means about as much to me as a fart in a high wind.

        And I was not “insensitive” to anyone. I was stating fact. If you cant accept that then its no skin off my nose. Send me a postcard from whatever reality you are in.

      25. I am stating fact, if you cannot or refuse to accept it, then thats your problem.

        And I will remember the remark about Thanksgiving while I am eating at my familys thanksgiving gathering in about 3 hours from now. I am sure all 158 of them will get a great belly laugh at your expense when I tell them about your post.

      26. Who is laughing? It must be you as you are the one that brought it up. You can check with my VSO Mike Williams and ask him if I laugh at any Vet. He will tell you that I have helped almost as many Vets as he has, and he get paid to do this, I do it for free. Why? because ANYONE who puts on a uniform and does a tour deserves respect.

        But if you wish to see more or add more to this then there really is, then I am truly sorry but that is YOUR problem not mine.

      27. Your earlier response to James, ” I am sure all 158 of them will get a great belly laugh at your expense when I tell them about your post.”

        You said you were laughing, but you are too pissed off with the world to keep track of your own comments.

      28. And I guess you didnt read the whole story where He was chiding me about not going to a thanksgiving dinner and that was my reply to him.

        You really SHOULD read the whole post instead of butting in and then looking silly when you find you spoke out of turn.

      29. I did read the whole story, including where you first responded to James that he was diving off the deep end head first. Then you complain he made personal attacks and how he started the whole mess. You said you haven’t attacked anyone, but you insinuate James is crazy by saying he dove off the deep end. You then say your family, all 158 of them will get a great belly laugh over James’ comments. When quoted, you complain of me butting in. Take your own advice, read your own comments.

      30. I agree, there is no due process when it comes to being labeled “disruptive”. There isn’t even a clear definition of what constitutes a disruptive behavior. Bizarre. Even the schools have a “code of conduct” that spells out disruptive behavior…hmmm.

      31. @Mr. Grey. After reading some of your ‘comments’, I just felt compelled to respond.
        As a “Combat Veteran of Vietnam” (all of 1968-69) U.S. Army 1966-69 & the U.S. Navy (1975-82), (Operation Fluid Drive” Jun. 1976) and being put in “Harms Way” again. Plus, a Student of American history at two “Highly accredited Universities”, I can assure you, McDonald HAS usurped his Authority and Duties numerous times by authorizing VA employees to conduct illegal activities.

        ie; these “Disruptive Committees” do indeed violate Constitutional Rights guaranteed to citizens of the U.S. in the 1st, 5th and 10th Amendments.
        Your argument over his “right” under the 1st amendment (only) to enact felonious rules is questionable. Please explain in more detail on how you’ve come to that conclusion.

        Secondly; McDonald has, at least twice, usurped his authority by allowing: Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, etc., to illegally adjudicate specific claims. This was and has been verified now numerous times by upper management VA officials!
        It’s also come to light where McDonald has allowed healthcare professionals who are not certified or registered within their respective states to practice medicine. A complete violation of law in many, if not all, States. It’s also, a violation of ethics in many states. Some states actually say this is a ” first and/or second degree felony”!

        Thirdly, McDonald has again overstepped his bounds, many times now, by giving out false information to veterans, taxpayers and voters, U.S. Citizens all. Nationwide McDonald spoke in front of “cameras” stating false claims as to what VA healthcare professionals have done FOR veterans. He’s even defended some VA’s nationwide. This, in my opinion, is an egregious act on his part! Maybe not criminal, but definitely against the peoples of these United States….

        A few Questions to you sir, “How do you defend a known compulsive liar?” “How can you defend a person who makes up rules as he goes?” Knowing he’s violating Veterans Administration rules and regs? Title 38, for one, was in place before he took office. And yet he allows employees to violate them, Why?
        There are more threats against veterans I could mention. Only I believe, for now, this will suffice.

        BTW, thank you for your service!

      32. First off, welcome home brother.

        And second off, we have to abide by the rules as if we dont, then what makes us any better then they are? Just because they break the rules is no reason for us to do the same. That is what the code of honor in the military has taught me and I still believe that to this day.

      33. When the VA breaks the rules, it’s up to concerned veterans who must speak up or they will continue to break that rule!

        If they wrongly accuse one (1) veteran, that’s to many!
        Or does that one (1) veteran don’t matter!

        It’s ok to hurt someone else as long as it doesn’t effect you!

        I’m trying to bring to light an injustice and you keep defending a committee that is denying that veterans civil and constitutional rights to a fair hearing!

        You have no idea, what that one false statement has cost me mentally! Not to mention the way staff have treated me! Like a criminal and I have not done anything wrong.

        If my posts in the end can help a fellow veteran, know their not the only one, they have done this too!

        It just may help in some way, knowing someone is trying to get that rule changed and veterans will finely have so sort of way of defending themselves!

        It’s like me saying you are being disruptive and you have no say about it! And I can punish you and you have no say about it!

        Do civil and constitutional rights mean anything to you, if so how!

      34. As I have repeatedly stated James, if you have proof that this was done to you and not just what you post here, there are a plethora of avenues open to you.

        You can take it to the Press, or you can take it to your version of VISN 11 (the group that oversee’s a section of hospitals) or you can take it to your congressmembers or you can take it to the House Veterans Affairs or Senate veterans affairs committees in the US Congress. Or you can file a complain with the VAIG, or you can locate an attorney that does work with and for vets on a fee basis or pro-bono.

        All I am saying is unless you are willing to put in the time to change it or fix it, then complaining about it is a waste of your efforts.

        As your Platoon Sgt or your Platoon Lt would tell you “What are you waiting around here for soldier, the enemy is over there!” I fought the VA for over 22 years before I won. And I will give you all the help I can in winning your battle but in the end the only one who can fight and win is you.

      35. I have a file of everything that shows exactly what I have been saying is the truth!

        The problem is every time I contacted the senators office! The VA higher management sent it right back to the very person (employee) who made the allegations to answer that inquiry!

        That’s like someone stealing something and the cops asking the thief to complete the investigation himself! Do you really think that thief is going to implicate himself!

        All I want is to clear my good name, but until someone makes management provide them with the evidence they used, nothing will change!

        I want to be exonerated! That’s all! I don’t want revenge, I want justice for all not just for a few.!

        I will never ever stop trying to change as you put it the rule, where someone can be falsely accused and nothing in the rule, helps that person defend themselves!

        I’m trying to get McDonald’s office to get to the bottom of the matter, waiting game now!

        Again, I do have my evidence that would clear my good name! Just need to find someone to take the time to review it properly!

        I’m giving the VA another chance to do the right thing and exonerate my good name!

        Next step is the veterans committee in Washington!

      36. Then it should be extremely simple to present your information and get this overturned and have you made whole.

        may I suggest you send a copy to your congressman as well as your senators, and a copy each to

        The Honorable Senator Johnny Isakson (GA)
        (Chairman US Senate Veterans Affairs Committee)
        United States Senate
        131 Russell Senate Office Building
        Washington, DC 20510
        Tel: (202) 224-3643
        Fax: (202) 228-0724

        and to
        The Honorable Jeff Miller
        335 Cannon HOB
        Washington, DC 20515
        (202) 225-3527
        Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee

        with a introductory letter explaining what is going on and who you have talked to to try and get this resolved and what the results were.

      37. @daniel grey Read your post. You have been through the ringer- and continue to live there. Appreciate your help to others here in spite of the negativity and attacks against you. Glad for some positives for you with the VA. You have some balls.

      38. My father and my Platoon Sgt instilled in me a fierce anger at being shafted and that I should stand up for what I believe in no matter the cost. If I am right then I am right and nothing is going to change that. And if I walk away from a fight knowing I am right, then I have disgraced myself my honor and my word. And when you get right down to the nut cutting, you may have people tell you that they back you, but all you really have is your word and your honor. Now if you allow that to be stained or taken from you, then what kind of a man or human being are you?

        This is something that I live by every day of my life and it has served me well. If I am wrong, I will admit it as it does not mean I am any less of a man for being wrong. But if I am right and I have proved I am right and I am still being fought, then sorry but its on like donkey kong!

        As my old unit motto says “yea though I fly through the skys and walk the valleys of Hell, I shall fear nothing as I am the meanest and most dangerous SOB in the Area!”

  14. If everyone is calling his phone all day, would be a miracle to get through! Even my phone is sometimes full and I don’t have thousands calling it!!

      1. That is not an excuse- it is reality. How many messages does your phone hold?
        Can’t believe he gave out his cell phone number as had to know it would be an almost impossible task- like his job.

    1. @Wade – That is not his personal phone. The number routes calls to a VA call center at central office where your call is auto transcribed into text for his client relations team to evaluate.

      1. So how many calls would they be able to have in a queue? And how much staff would that require? Impressed with Daniel Gray and what he experienced and his tenacity to be straight forward and defend himself from the attacks. We all hope positive experiences like his become the norm.

      1. Yes, I agree, is logical- but not realistic. I’ve run businesses and can’t imagine being handed that muck with 350,000? employees nationwide, and one of largest agencies in the government with scandals and problems for decades and change it in a year- and with Congress on your back. I believe Congress is the biggest problem. They “play” with our issues to get re-elected and have had oversight for those decades.

      2. I do agree the whole kit and kaboodle is a mess but I personally would not accept a job if I was not able to give it 150%. If he is unable to delegate authority responsibly to individuals with integrity then perhaps it’s time to move on. That’s the reality I expect and veterans deserve.

      3. I don’t ignore the role of Congress in fixing the mess that is the VA, but McDonald certainly does not do himself any favors by blatantly lying to the public. He doesn’t do himself any favors when the 3 biggest players in scandals this year all get bonuses.

      4. That is what we deserve- but delegation to hundreds of thousands- not going to happen in a year or more.

  15. I disagree strongly with your comment Ben that the VA is trying to improve their customer service just because McDonald gave out his phone number to the press, and veterans happened to notice and started calling it.
    The real measure of them increasing their customer service is to call the VARO 800 number and get a human on the phone right away like you used to be able to rather than calling and being put on hold for an hour.
    Or calling a patient advocate, leaving a voice mail and getting a return call within 2 business days rather than calling repeatedly, leaving voice mails over a 10 period and never once getting a return call. Or calling a clinic over several days, leaving voice mails, eventually getting through to them and being told they only return phone calls for 1 hour each week, and that you should be grateful they set aside that 1 hour to return your call.
    Or calling a clinic, leaving a voice mail with a specific request for them to call your cell phone, leaving the number, and then they call your home phone and leave a vague voice mail knowing full well you wouldn’t be home and they didn’t want to talk with you anyway.
    McDonald giving his number is a PR stunt that works once in awhile if a veteran is lucky. His customer service people directly in contact with veterans are the ones who need to answer their phones and return calls. If they did that, McDonald wouldn’t need to do their jobs for them.
    I called McDonald’s number last year after hearing about it here, then searching the net to find the video where he gave it out. I left a voice mail, then a few days later called again and left another with significantly more detail. It was several days later I got a return call from a staffer after I already started resolving the problem. This was after sending he and Hickey emails, and getting a response from Hickey via email.
    It is funny though seeing this video. Fox should do the same with a vet calling the VARO or a local clinic.

  16. It’s 0825 in Arizona, I called Bob’s phone number twice was told to leave a message both times………Maybe FOX got their attention and they cleared their messages? Will call back this afternoon and see what happens.

    1. It is now 1500 in Arizona, Called Bob got the same message, leave a message. Guess he’s not that concerned about FOX news………….

      1. @Fred,
        Guess what, Ol Bagdad Bobbie doesn’t give a rats ass what veterans, Congress, the Senate OR the taxpayers think. All his “Royal Prince” is concerned about is how much cash he can rip off of the American Public for his “Royal War Chess”!
        Y’all are probably wondering why I’m using the term “Royal”? Well it’s simple. “His Royal Highness Obamy” is “King” of America. You know, because many news sources has said he “…uses a Royal Pen and Royal Phone” to ‘usurp’ the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Congress, the Senate and the taxpayers. So, That makes Ol Bagdad Bobbie a “Prince” right?

  17. My personal experience with the VA had me getting my federally elected Senator Patty Murray involved, after I had wrangled with over a small matter for over a year. They completed the action after contact from her, and had the audacity to explain to her had I merely contacted the VA sooner it would have not been necessary to engage her services. I am so lucky I have additional benefits and am not entirely dependent upon the VA. I used to think all the VA hating comments were a bit harsh – now it seems sometimes they are not harsh enough.

    1. Steven, no comment is too harsh until the VA starts showing concrete steps to improve. Those steps are not shown when veterans throughout the country are on secret wait lists so managers can defraud the government for a bonus. Over a year after that scandal, 40 or more vets are dead at one hospital alone, and another scandal in the same hospital urology clinic results in a payout that won’t help the veteran getting it because he has terminal cancer after they missed it. No improvement was made when they fired the director because she was only fired for accepting improper gifts. Even the IG claimed there was no evidence the 40 vets died waiting on care. Baby steps were made when Houlihan at Tomah was fired, but then the VA shot themselves in the foot and slid back by giving him a $4000 bonus for his performance while he was under investigation.
      These are but two examples out of many that show for every two steps forward the VA might make, they then pull a stunt like giving $142 million in bonuses or refusing to allow upper management to appear before Congress for oversight, and set themselves back 10 steps. I too have other resources, but I care that my fellow vets get the treatment they have earned, and I care as a taxpayer when I see such a dysfunctional federal agency that can’t perform their basic mission. I’m glad you see the comments are warranted.

  18. I have called Bob’s number mail box is full!
    Others here advised me to call the office number!

    When I called the office number, had to leave a message and that call was returned by one of Bob’s employees! Stephanie!

    Stephanie, took some general information about how an employee falsely accused me of disruptive behavior!

    Stephanie, asked if the employee was still working for the VA, yes! Asked for my last four and stated ok will look into it!

    I had to interrupt her before she hung up, wait a minute.
    Don’t you want to know more information and I tried to get out as much information as I could!

    I posted that on here and another veteran, replied good now send an email and thank them for replying to my phone call!

    And to state i hope we can work together to clear this matter up! So I did!

    On 111215 at 1p.m., I received another call from Stephanie, not Bob and explained again the problem!

    Stephanie, told me well the employee your speaking about, no longer works for the VA and you were reinstated to go to your local VA! And your records reflect that!

    I told her the employee may be gone, but the damage has already been done and my good name not restored!

    Again advised her that the disruptive committee had taken hearsay And punished me without any evidence and they had placed into my official medical records

    IF we (Ever) hear that you are ever reported disruptive or don’t adhere to staff requests, You will be arrested, Federal charges placed upon you and you will be banished from a VA care!
    Told her the key to this was the word (EVER) !

    She asked what do you want to happen! Do you want an apology?

    1. Want my records corrected!
    2. YES, an apology in writing, so in the future if anyone claims, my records indicate you were disruptive in the past I could show them the letter.
    That a mistake was done in my case and they are sorry for the error!

    3. Stop the disruptive committee from punishing veterans when the only evidence is hearsay!

    It’s taken me ten years of fighting this injustice and hopefully it will shed some light on how the disruptive committee is being used to punish veterans who have never been disruptive!

    So the employee was able to falsely accuse me and have me punished and she was able to retire with full benefits, I guess!

    Don’t know if Stephanie from McDonald’s office will follow through and take action!

    No Bob McDonald has never spoken with me!

    It seems every VA and clinic will have you leave messages on an answering machine and sometimes answer, depending on the question you left!

    A letter clearing my name and a apology verifying I had never been disruptive EVER would be great!

    First thing I would do is take it to my local police department and show them that I was never a threat and Mark their records accordingly.

    I’m very happy that that employee can no longer hurt another veteran, just hope the new manager is not so deviant and just does the job they were hired to do!

    1. James, don’t be let down if you don’t get that apology. They may not give that if it exposes them to liability, particularly where you are a former employee.
      An email to them summarizing the call, who you spoke with, what you requested and thanking them for the help is a good idea. Mention by name that you are happy to hear that employee x no longer works for the VA. Let them do what they want. Wait several days, and if no response, follow up with an email asking them to respond. The best way to do that it is to Reply All in your original email thanking them. It creates a nice paper trail.

  19. Hey, y’all, it’s about time someone on here gives an old saying,
    “A house divided cannot stand!” A. Lincoln.

    Now, it seems to me, at lease, this is exactly what VA wants. Getting veterans fighting amongst themselves doesn’t solve or accomplish anything.
    Also, we all have had really bad experiences from VA. Some for decades. Others, as is the case of these new veterans, for only a few years.
    Now, I’m glad someone finally had a good experience. Only, I wonder how long it will last?!
    On the other hand, I too am confused over how one individual received help from someone “Outside of their district”? I can’t speak on other areas of the country, only down here in Florida. In my “voting district”, there’s Congressman J. Mica. The only thing he’s concerned over, in my opinion, is that train that’s sucking taxpayers monies down the toilet. (I gave the rated “R” “Toilet Senario” on yesterday’s blog!) He’s done little to nothing to help or “hear” veterans.
    I made a call to one of his offices a few days ago, and like VA, NO RESPONSE! Only lip service from one of his aids.
    Then there’s Rep. Miller. He’s in the DAV magazine almost every time it comes out. We all know about that VSO. Miller won’t do anything for anyone outside his voting district. At least that’s my concensus.
    Then there’s Rep. Corrine Brown who has voted “nay” on almost all of the veterans bills in recent times!

    So, here’s what I think. If someone puts a comment on here that sounds too good to be true, (about seeking and receiving help from bobby mcd or others, great), give that person the benefit of the doubt, for now!
    Let’s keep our eyes open for TROLLS! Their the ones we need to set straight. Their the troublemakers.

    What I’m concerned about is WHY Ol Bagdad Bobby, and others in high places, continue feeding bullshit to the American Public, constantly!
    He has to know it’s false data, due to the NUMEROUS news articles that comes out almost daily. Y’all don’t think he’s not kept up to date on this shit?
    What about firing those who don’t care for veterans at VAMC’s nationwide? How about him holding VA employees accountable? How about NEVER, EVER giving out bonuses again? How about him learning how NOT to lie ever again? How about him “commanding” all VA’s nationwide to hold “Townhall Meetings” two or three times a year. So veterans can explain, with documentation, what’s NOT being done for veterans? How about him explaining why there’s over 2600 VA employees sitting at home collecting a pay check, and NO ONE knows WHY? How about him explaining WHY VA hires healthcare professionals that are from the “bottom of the trash barrel”? How about him explaining how my PCP says he doesn’t have to be “registered” OR “certified” through my state? I know a few down here I wouldn’t give the time of day to!

    People, there’s alot of questions I’d like answers to! Only not one person in VA has the fortitude, or truthfulness, to answer them! Why, because they don’t want to jeopardize their jobs. That’s the “excuse” they give! That is, in my opinion, a piss poor excuse.

  20. I already knew beforehand it would be an impossibility for any veteran to get in contact with him over the phone. The reason I think that is because most of the time I’m unable to reach anyone at my VAMC for anything. That means if I really do need to talk to anyone there, I’m going to have to get into my vehicle and drive 59 miles over there (one way) and once I get there I must keep driving around in that parking lot until a space comes open for me to park my vehicle. Then once I get to the office of the person I’m trying to contact I must sit and wait until that person gets back from whatever he or she is doing or not doing at the moment. Don’t even try to contact the patient advocate there. He’s never available anymore. He’ll put you on voice mail call back and you’ll never get a call back, ever. He does accept calls from VSO’s however. I think that’s because the patient advocate gives the VSO’s a secret number to call him up on…..Bob McDonald keeps repeating the VA is making progress but still has a long way’s to go. I’m left wondering though where the progress is being made at and to whose benefit? Another fact still remains too and it’s the fact that as a Viet-Nam vet, I’m still being held in contempt and treated just as shabbily today as I was treated 46 years ago. I’m an old man now. Society is never going to accept the Viet-Nam vet. I don’t want anyone to think I’m crying in my beer but I’m going to say this: during the past 46 years I haven’t seen anyone back here who is worthy of the sacrifices that I personally witnessed being made in South Viet-Nam.

  21. I have called this number for six months with no return call.

    In fact Rep Lee Zeldin who sits on the veterans affairs committee cannot even get Baghdad Bob McDonald to call him back.

    If he ever did answer this cell number he sure can’t hear you now on it.

  22. That is great that a *few* people can get direct help from Sec. McDonald via phone. However, I DO question how Daniel Gray is able to get Portman and Sen. Brown from OHIO to help with a VA in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
    Are you forced to utilize another State’s VAMC because of your location not being near a small VA clinic, Cleveland VAMC or Dayton or Columbus?

    My experience has been that Senators can help with issues *within your State* but not so much another State as what Daniel Gray disclosed. Not doubting it, but it does need some qualifying as it is NOT typical at all.

    Calling fellow Veterans **stupid** on this blog does nothing as far as making friends amongst fellow Veterans. We are ALL in this together. Daniel, you lost any perceived credibility when you alluded to another Veteran on here as **stupid**. Respect is earned, not a given.

    You also need to keep in mind that many Veterans live with PTSD and many other medical/mental issues, and a bit of sensitivity goes a long way. Over-hyped defensiveness as read on these threads this morning do nothing as far as camaraderie amongst your fellow Veterans. Lighten up, please!

    1. @Daniel Gray-

      Lastly, a quick look at the very first entry on your Google+ shows how disrespectful you are as you refer to your fellow women Veterans/Military as “tampon stuffers”…and I quote:
      “Damn Straight Terrance. Even the Army says that they had to lower the standards for these tampon stuffers. I mean if they can do it without lowering the standards then ok. But these women cant even do this!”

      THAT earns *zero respect* and quite offensive to refer to ANY Veteran in this way. Try to remember that whatever is posted on the internet is forever, for good or bad. Just saying you need to perhaps *think* before lashing out.

      We are quite used to the VA coming on this blog talking like Sec. McDonald blows rainbows out his mouth and other orifices and reason some Vets may wish further qualification of how exactly you have done what MANY others have had absolutely no success doing.

      1. Dude…when you click on your name here it brings you right TO your Google+ and that comment is right there.

        I need no assurance of my “credibility” here or anywhere. Integrity is instilled, not a given. I apologize if I sounded crass but seeing first thing this morning a fellow Vet being called “stupid” rubbed me the wrong way.

        Anywho…tried Sec. McD’s # and did not get through or to an answering service out of the several times this day. It’s a draw of the cards it seems.

      2. Sort of like the lottery and we all know how that works out! Oh yea we keep forgetting to mention the spouses of our veterans, They don’t get enough credit! So to all of you don’t know where we would be without your support thank you very much for standing by us!

      3. Sure it does. And here is a shocker for you child, I DO NOT have a Google Plus account and never did. I have a simple email account and nothing more.

        So make sure you are talking to the right person before you start making accusations that are not factual.

    2. You are correct sir! And I apologize for tunafish comment Mr.Gray. I thought it was an attack on Ben’s hard work on the exposure of the Secretary obfuscating what he is doing for veterans when you eluded to “ what’s the problem“. I formally apologize for the comments.

    3. Very simple, they called the VA hospital personally and identified their offices.

      Its really not that hard to do and I would not have to go to the FT VA if the VA had not changed the regulations and now require you to go to the closest VAMC available. The closest VAMC’s to me other then Ft Wayne would be a 90 minute drive north and a 70 minute drive south. Ft Wayne is 50 minutes to the west.


      Anything else about my life you want to know?

  23. This is an issue I and my partners, who are all members of have been raising during each of our trips to DC. We have met with our representatives, the committee on veterans affairs, as well as the VA general counsel, and no one cares what the veterans are having to deal with. Sec McDonald gave us his number last year, then stopped answering. He is just like Obama, he is in a closet hiding from the truth. Well Sec. McDonald, we will be back in DC in December and would like to have a face to face discussion about the issues the VA is putting the veterans through every day. Maybe speaking to real veterans, instead of a staff that is blowing the flavored smoke you like the best might help you become educated about the truth. West LA is nothing more than a theft of property, property deeded for the care and housing of the veterans, but you are standing there letting Feinstein(sp) lie about what the veterans need, and what would be best for the veterans. How can you listen to someone trying to give away veteran’s property to an organization that her husband is a member of the board. Isn’t that a conflict of interest for her to even be involved in the scam??? Wake up and listen to the vets, as it is us that you and your cronies are killing by not acting according to our real needs.

    1. @Paul,
      I’ve got a suggestion for that property in West L. A.
      I know its got a good baseball field.
      How about “inviting” baseball organizations (NBL all the way down to high schools and college baseball teams, et cetera) throughout the world to play there for free. Charge admissions at a low rate for civilians, veterans get in free! Depending on who shows (Fienstine and her kinds) pay the highest price. All veterans sit behind home plate. Everyone else sits behind first or third base. If Fiensteine or anyone like her causes a stink, have security take them off the property. Monies generated would pay for housing homeless veterans!

      I remember something from years ago, concerning Mrs. Schott (Schotts Beer). The owner of the Cincinnati Reds years ago when with her money she built the new “Riverfront Stadium”! She was right behind home plate smoking her traditional cigar when someone complained. It didn’t go over too well, as you might think.
      She stopped the game. Had a clear barrier put up. And the game continued, for a short time. Until the same people complained again. She stopped the game again. Had the complainers removed from HER stadium. The game then continued.
      For the next week, she had a “sky box” built just for her and close friends.
      How do I know this? Because not only was it in the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Hamilton Journal, but also Mrs. Schott explained it to millions of people when she went on “The Ruth Lyons 50-50 Club”! A nationally syndicated television show.
      Look up Mrs. Ruth Lyons to find out just how much power these “LADIES” truly had around the world.

  24. Sorry, but when I called the number I was able to connect directly to McDonalds office, and the person I left the info with was very polite and concerned. I received a phone call back FROM McDonald himself less then 2 days later and was assured that the problem I had would be corrected toot sweet since I had already went from my doctor to the Pharmacy sec to the Patient Rep to the chief of staff to the hospital director to regional to VISN 11, all with no help as they just passed the buck. And the Buck was a VA pharmacist practicing medicine without a medical license on a federal reservation by refusing to fill a prescription ORDERED by a VA doctor, not once but three times!

    2 days after speaking with McDonald, I received a very scared call from both the Pharmacist department AND the Chief of Staff at the VA hospital. BOTH of them had voices that were shaking very badly as BOTH of them had to calm down to even talk to me. Needless to say not only did I receive the medicine that my VA doctors had ordered..but the Hospital Director was transferred and told she is on probation until further notice and one more screw up like this and she would be terminated. The Chief of Staff was told he was on probation and if they received one more complaint about him for any reason, HE was terminated. The Patient rep was told in no specific form that his job was on the line and if he DARED speak to another Vet like he did to me, he would be terminated and blackballed from the VA system. He is now on retraining leave. The Head Pharmacist was demoted and he is on probation as well.

    And so far every month I have received a call from a very terrified pharmacist wanting to make sure that I received my monthly package and to make sure there were no troubles in my receiving it and wanting to set me up for the next month so my package of medication would come smoothly.

    It has worked for me and quite a lot of other Vets, so what is the problem?

      1. You can claim whatever you want. But when McDonald was given documented proof of what I said and when he spoke with my doctor and the doctor DOCUMENTED what I said. sort of hard for anyone to deny it.

        And are you telling the people reading this thread that this cant happen? Oh really. Maybe you had better check the Ft Wayne Indiana newspaper called the Journal Gazette about the reassignment of the VA Hospital Director Ms Neitzen as that was on the front page and two days after the initial call I made…coincidence? I think not as the paper said this was a major shock and even Neitzen said this came on suddenly. Or would you want to call the number and ask Steve Colon to call you back as he did me? Or maybe you might want to call Tanya Brunner and ask her if this happened or not and get ready to get smacked down so hard that your great great grandchildren will still be bouncing and complaining of a red mark on their cheeks. Or better yet, call the VA hospital in Ft Wayne and ask them about my medication problem and get ready for them to smack you down as well by documenting it.

        I find it very amusing that you can hide behind a keyboard and try to tell me what happened where I dont remember you being anywhere around. maybe next time you should actually let your brain kick into gear before your mouth does and you wont look as stupid as you do now.

      2. @Daniel Gray, no one here doubts your experience. The question needing answering is whether your experience is the norm? If it is not the norm, how do we make it the norm?

        I’m glad you had a good experience. Many of my veteran friends and some clients experienced a great deal of success calling the former under secretaries directly or emailing them.

        Like you, some others experienced success calling McDonald’s number.

        I also know of many veterans with unsuccessful experiences after trying to reach out to all three bureaucrats mentioned above.

        How can we ensure all veterans receive your experience, Daniel? That is what we are driving for on this website, not calling your story into question.

      3. Really? No one doubts my experience? Try telling that to CorpsmanuP! (@Tang1967) who not only doubts it, but actually implies I am lying. Not only can I validate and document everything I have said but I can even give you links if you wish.

        Its people like CorpsmanuP! (@Tang1967) who ruins this for everyone. As just because he didnt have a good experience, he now tries to imply that others who did are somehow not telling the truth.

      4. I call and got the answering machine, but the day before the Leadership Team did return a call that I made to the DC Med. Center and Mr. Bell was show much compassion. and eve anwered a second call two days later .never had this done in 40 years and that took my stress level down a little.better than what I can say about OPM’ crew as a Veteran and fed.retired person due to PTSD following 9/11

    1. Veterans are often told VA staff were disciplined in some way to reduce angst from the injured party when in fact the person was shuffled to a new part of VA or put on temporary leave while the matter resolved through time. There is also less communication with veterans directly after Dr. Clancy left VHA. I assume the same will happen with Allison Hickey’s departure.

      Be sure to call the number today to see if Secretary Bob is still answering. 513-509-8454. Call all day and report back.

      1. I cant say anything about Dr Clancy or Allison Hickey as I did not deal with them. I can only tell you what happened to me and what happened when I called the number. If people on this thread want to act like a fool and claim it never happened or if you wish to disbelieve me, then there is nothing I can do as its no skin off my nose. I know what happened and so does the people at the FT Va Hospital as well as the national office in DC and my local VA reps AND my Senators Brown and Portman as well as my Congressman Latta.

    2. @Daniel Gray, let me restate, I am not implying or stating your are full of BS. I am sure your experience as relayed is likely accurate as explained. I hope the Secretary is still working hard to continue to provide the same services you experienced. Your story is a great success story. I hope some day that all veterans will have the same story regardless of who they have to contact to get there.

      1. @ Daniel Gray, I do not need to hide behind a keyboard to get my point across. There is no self agenda here and there is prima facie evidence of a calculated scheme by VA to cover up fraud and deny veterans benefits. I am directly taking on the OIG for fraud and a privacy breach of my medical record. I sent a letter and email to the Secretary about this in which the General Counsel responded to it. No phone call , but referred the matter back to the same corrupt VA. Facts are that thr reason he is not answering the call is that with the calls he is actually acknowledging disclosure s and is subject to liability under WPA laws. Your story regarding probation just was a concern if you stated this came from VA because it violates privacy laws if someone from VA told you that. For the record I am not intimidated one bit by the VA illegal activity and I stand by the oath I took to defend the Constitution. “The difficult anytime the impossible by appointment only”

    3. The only problem I can see Daniel is that you may have called McDonald at a time when his phone number was not as widely known. You can read my experience elsewhere here when I called him last year. Since then, his number has been posted here, at several places on Facebook, etc. Not making excuses, but I can believe his voice mail being full.
      THAT should be a serious wake-up call to him that so many veterans are STILL having to call his number for serious problems in order to get help. After how long he has been on the job, he should realize when things are not improving, and at least know enough to not lie to the press saying everything is just peachy. That only makes him look foolish and out of touch.

      1. Mr.Gray , My real name is Terrance Peterson if you need to know. The Corpsmanup is a twitter name, just like people that have cb handles. The OIG has my information if you want to inquire with them regarding any information about me . A thorough FOIA regarding my military service is available. An NCIC will give you an integrated text.that may show an alert. Have at it if you will! Your comments about grandkids is over the top and my analogy about the corelation to the belief of the Secretary holds true after some review. Miltary service is different than someone’s actions. The cadeuse of the Corpsman speaks to the truth of negligent care for those who bore the battle.

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