Medical Marijuana

Veterans Affairs Can Now Discuss Medical Marijuana Treatment

Medical Marijuana

Benjamin KrauseSenate approved legislation for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) doctors to discuss and authorize medical marijuana use for veterans. The legislation allows VHA doctors to discuss pot as a treatment option in at least 23 states. Treatment could help those with PTSD.

Curiously, the law does not change the federal illegality of using marijuana as medicine, but it does allow VHA doctors to discuss it with veterans in states where it is legal.

Why don’t our nation’s politicians get over themselves and admit that the “War on Drugs” was a colossal failure that costs taxpayers far more than it helps? Shouldn’t America just legalize pot and stop imprisoning victimless criminals who use it?

I thought this Bill Hicks clip on the “War on Drugs” was interesting, but do not watch it if you are easily offended.

Organizers of a recent protest in DC said VHA should do more for those still suffering from PTSD after combat without relying on traditional pharmaceutical treatments. Those individuals dumped empty pill bottles on the sidewalk in front of the White House.

Prior to the new legislation, the VHA did not allow its physicians to discuss treatment options that would include marijuana. The old policy forced veterans seeking marijuana treatment to get help elsewhere.

“We see this victory as a step toward a peace treaty with the government we volunteered to defend with our lives and as a step toward restoring our first amendment rights and dignity as citizens of the United States, ” said TJ Thompson, a disabled Navy veteran said in a Drug Policy Alliance press release.

When it comes to certain drugs like marijuana, I hold libertarian beliefs that it should be Federally legalized.

Before his early death, Bill Hicks eventually came to believe that the “War on Drugs” was a war against the personal freedoms of Americans because it authorized more police state-type spending and laws that usurped our individual liberties related to protection from unlawful search and seizure. I tend to agree with Hicks on this one.

Should America be spending billions on its failed “War” or focusing more on rebuilding the country and securing our borders? For that matter, should we be spending our taxpayer dollars on fully furnished apartments for Syrian refugees while veterans go homeless? Our country’s leaders have such distorted priorities that this new legislation is the only thing in the news that makes sense, today.


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  1. There is pot and then there is pot. A higher level of CBD versus THC and can have different benefits and different effects. very good for nerve pain. As there becomes more availability in the use of pot more information discovered. When pain becomes more acute I resort to pills and shots but for daily maintenance of peripheral nerve damage I would just as soon not use pills or shots. As an opinion I think that after over 60 years of a failed policy don’t you think maybe it is time for a new approach?

  2. For anyone who has concerns about medical marijuana use and it’s benefits I recommend looking up scholarly studies on marijuana used for medical purposes. When allowed for use and administered by doctors it has proven beneficial in tremedous ways. It has cancer and tumor fighting abilities. Recent studies have suggested it gives relief for chronic pain and ptsd. It has been effective in helping people overcome addiction to opiates and alcohol. The controversy over edibles is really the biggest concern. In edible form it is very potent and people have wound up hospitalized by forms of psychosis. It is generally more harmful with people whom suffer from those types of disorders. Marijuana use has increased in adults do to legalization. Millions of adults use marijuana. There has been talk about it’s daters especially edibles yet even with the increase in use hospital trips due to marijuana toxicity is extremely low. I don’t believe it’s use is harmful to adults and anyone over the age of 21 where the brain is developed. Its use in when high in thc the psychoactive component should never be used by kids unless it is for lifesaving reasons Such as seizures. For many people this plant can be beneficial and it’s use should be an alternative to some of the dangerous opiates and other pharmaceutical drugs. Studies have show it is non addictive. It is people who suffer from addictive traits whom use marijuana with other drugs. There are faulse claims about marijuana use leading to an increase in fatal wrecks. The studies also notes those person whom had used marijuana prior to the accident had mostly all used alcohol and other drugs along with marijuana. Marijuana can be used safely by many people h it not all people. It hasn’t killed anyone, it’s used is dated back 5000 years. Its possible it was used by Jesus as annoiting oil, the recipe for the oil called for pounds of marijuana with a mixture of incense and olive oil and various other plants. The recipe called for canne bosom (spelling) which was known as cannabis in Hebrew. Its used for medical purpose is well reported. Learn more about it’s benefits,if it’s not for you than ok. If others benefit let them get relief and enjoy it’s benefits.

    In a side note. For those interested, I recommend you research the endocanibinoid system in the human body. Marijuauna contains chemicals called endocanibinoid. When injested it activates the endocanibinoid system in the brain. This is the true linkage in how it provides relief, by learning about how the two communicate in the neurons. Why would the human brain contain something that has synergistic effects with a alchemical in a plant,the exact same chemical we produce. Its interesting and makes much more sense for people who are interested in know why it might help them.

    1. I remember when my father had cancer and was having chemo therapy!

      He would tell us the VA, would give him canibus before his treatment!

  3. Well here my take on things many many years ago when I was in the hospital for almost two yearsI I was so addicted to morphine and Valium and the list goes on that marijuana as far as I’m concerned save my life you see to me this is a no brainer but I do understand what you’re saying about the VA using it to harm veterans but really they would rather have us on addicting drug’s and opiates that way we might not live as long. The wife just told me a good joke she heard on face book every one for Hillary raise your right hand now take that same hand and slap the shit out of yourself .

    1. “[The wife just told me a good joke she heard on face book every one for Hillary raise your right hand now take that same hand and slap the shit out of yourself .]”


      I actually like Gov. Chris Christy, but the choices last few times have been between a collective of turds floating in the presidential pool.

      We should go back to sending humble farmers to congress as Senators and Reps. No more of this elitism.

  4. I only see this “Medical M.J.” thing as a “Diversionary Tactic”, nothing less. Would not swallow this pill as the VA trying to look “progressive and revolutionary”.
    These are the very same people that find it Medically Okay to abruptly cut-off pain meds without even properly titrating down one’s meds.

    I see this as this: What exactly is the REAL DEAL going on that the VA is spreading a “smoke screen” for it’s purpose of trying to skip-out of whatever egregious underhanded scandal that’s more than likely brewing.

    Ohio only did NOT pass MJ into law because the opposing forces, to include the State Attorney General and Treasurer put forth something so freaking confusing on the ballot that was done SPOT ON to confuse voters, nothing less. The people may have spoke, but what the “REAL VOTE” was in anyone’s guess.
    By the way, I am not entertaining angry defensive trolls, so please do not try. Not in the mood.

    1. Um, sorry no, thats incorrect namnibor. The language of the ballot was decided upon by both members of the left AND the right. and the ballot was written exactly as the Responsible Ohio people submitted it. And that allowed only TEN growers/investors to be allowed to grow the pot, it did not mention any more people being allowed to do this. It also would have allowed pot laced candy that looked like gummy bears and reeces peanut butter cups and snickers and such to be sold in stores. Now what would have happened if kids had got hold of this?

      And since they could not deal with banks as per federal law, then they would have had to pay everything in cash. Now exactly how was the state going to be able to tax it as the Responsible Ohio morons claimed if it is an all cash business?

      Sorry my friend, but Responsible Ohio killed this bill because it was written very badly, it did in fact create a monopoly for the investors which made it illegal and it was a major screw the pooch op from the start. And all the blame rests on Responsible Ohio as even when they sued, the Judges that heard the case stated that the language of the bill WAS factual and if anyone has a complaint it should be set on the writers of the bill, which was Ian James and Responsible Ohio.

      They are the ones that messed this up, so they are the ones that hold the blame. And even IF it had passed, it still would not matter as under the Commerce clause of the US Constitution, if a state law and a federal law are in conflict? The Federal law wins every time so this law in Ohio if it had passed STILL would not be able to have been enforced.

      1. What was that thing I said about entertaining trolls? Just stop. I can see through the smokescreen. Not playing.

        “The Sleeper Has Awoken”, Frank Herbert, ‘Dune’

      2. It was Issue 2 that I was speaking of The State inventing a ballot Issue against Monopolies…a very vaguely stated definition of ‘monopoly’, meaning The State can now, since it passed, interpret Anything they want…as a monopoly. Not playing. Do not waste your aggressive breath.

      3. Sorry again. Issue 2 was clearly vetted and authorized by judges on the Ohio Supreme Court for accuracy in its wording.

        So you may believe what you wish, but I would think that these Judges know more about the law then either you or I do.

      4. I wonder how much anyone against that measure in Ohio has studied what has happened here in CO after “legalizing” pot. The media has tried hard to keep a lid (no pun intended) on some of the bad news, but the news still gets out. Homelessness has increased here significantly because a large number thought they could move here and live off the industry. One guy I recall reading about was about 55, and moved here from the southeast. He’s homeless, and works fixing plumbing at some MJ shop, which mostly pays him in free weed. Other news are the numbers ODing on edibles, which I understand are much more potent than simply smoking it. That, in addition to the increase in use among teens may be a few of the reasons some in Ohio were against it.

      5. Including that the fours states surrounding Colorado are suing Colorado as they have people going into the state and buying pot in bulk and then taking it over state lines to other states. If proven in court that this is happening, you can bet that this is going to shut down that “industry” toot sweet.

      6. I had forgotten about that, you are right. There are news stories here and there about State Troopers in other states and even here in CO busting people just over the state lines transporting MJ.
        And then just in the past month, there were two arrested transporting 40 pounds of meth on I-70.

  5. If any Veteran comes up positive for Marijuana, no matter the State or the changes in the rules on the State level, or what his Doctor recommends, his or her pain medication (Norco, Lorcet, Codeine) will be discontinued.

    1. Yes, veterans choice! I had bad liver disease and stopped drinking and pain meds and now my liver tested good!

      Grown-ups should be able to choose for themselves!

    2. @kim m., and others,

      i tend to agree with this sentiment. don’t med mj users get their name into a database, state or federal? not unlike the opiate database that now exists for such prescriptions whether VA or non-VA?

      if it isn’t a federally legal law, the VA can say all it wants but experience trumps that for me. considering the many blood tests under the disguise of monitoring disease and such only to read in med records many of those tests looked more like drug screening than disease/injury tests. quite a few times i went to appointments and asked how the blood tests results were and doc would say something like, “oh forgot to do that test”. no kidding!, but you sure tested for drugs. how can one trust a [s-lying] doctors like that? imho

      since mj is not legal federally, there are products and items “users” of mj can’t purchase/own legally, yes? i could be wrong on that, just thinking out loud.

      gotta say my trust meter didn’t go up at all with this news.

  6. I live in a medical marijuana state and until the House goes along with the Senate and Obama signs it into law I would suggest to my fellow veterans to not jump the gun and use the product. Because if only the Senate votes on it does not make it legal. I don’t know of any veterans who use marijuana on the VA hospital grounds and the VA security has cameras all over the place including the garage where there is one designated smoking room. I see people in there using their e-cigarettes but they could also be vaping cannabis oil as well. When I see this law passed I’ll believe it.

    1. Disabled Navy Veteran ,
      I knew another veteran while I lived in Washington State and I went a couple of times (got to use the HOV lane)to the Seattle VAMC with this person. This vet smoked pot on the way down, in the parking lot, and on the way back. I am surprised that I did not test positive for the stuff. The vet has smoked for many years and has had lab work done that would show positive for mj. This vet gets his meds from the VAMC get treatments, and all the usual things most of us get. This vet claims that the VAMC has never questioned him about it and he has never volunteered the information. It is legal in WA to possess a small amount and it is legal to smoke pot. this vet smoked this way before the legalization in WA. It does not agree with me.
      After reading the post about how this becomes a federal crime, I wonder if I could have been in trouble for being with this vet. It could also be that he is a mild mannered easy going person who goes along with what the VAMC tell him. Maybe the VAMC has this vet PWed.

      1. I was advised today that a veteran I knew died yesterday! Asked what he died from, was told he died of cancer and that he was going to our local VA clinic!

        Was told the VA kept telling him it was something different each time!

        Guess he went to a private doctor and that’s when he was told the cancer spread to his liver and only lasted a little while!

        I’m not feeling very good, but fear of going to the local clinic, as they only have a pa!

      2. Oh yeah, if forgot to put in that the vet I was referring to gets a narcotic pain medicine for something that I do not see how he can get it ( think he said it was restless leg syndrome). I know this vet has smoked for many years and in the 10 years I was there, this vet was getting the narcotic pain med and smoked. This vet gets their cake and gets to eat it as well while I get my weaned by a Dr. who has no idea how to schedule a monthly weaning process. I have tried all month to get her to tell me how to wean down on this and I get ignored. I get ignored by the Patient Advocate as well. I have both Senators and my congressman looking into the Indy VAMC. We’ll see what happens.

      3. Hate to tell you but there is nothing going to be done about Indy. Doing a back check on that hospital, it has the dubious record of being the most complained about VAMC in five states (Indiana-Ohio-Michigan-Ill and Kentucky) VISN 11 in the Ann Arbor VAMC, has a file 3 feet thick with complaints about that hospital and mine being one of them. And instead of doing anything about it, they still allow it to operate instead of doing a major house cleaning. In my case the Indiana Board of medical Review stated in writing to the VISN 11 AND the VAMC director AND the Regional Office that the doctor in question in the Ortho department was guilty of intentional negligent malpractice and that if he had been a civilian doctor, they would have not only pulled his license for good and all, but he would have received a minimum of 10 years in a prison for attempted homicide when he refused to do an emergency operation on me to remove a bone shard that was sitting 2mm off a major vein in my leg that could have caused me to bleed to death if it had hit the vein.

        Did the VA or the VAMC or VISN 11 do anything about it? Nope not one damn thing other then refuse to contact me or even take my calls after the IBMR contacted them about this issue. And due to the way the VA is set up, the ONLY people who can discipline VA doctors or employees is the VA itself. And this came directly from the IBMR and VAIG! And when I contacted the VAIG, they referred it right back to VISN 11. who then in turn s^%tcanned it. Am I angry? What do you think? Thats why I have repeatedly and strongly suggested that NO Vet go to this hospital as you dont know once you walk in, if you are ever going to walk out.

        I have a cartoon that I made into a jpeg. And it says it all. On the left you have a man who’s shirt says “I Survived Vietnam”, in the middle you have a woman whos shirt says “I survived Desert Storm” and on the right you have an elderly Vet who is wearing a shirt that says “I survived a VA Hospital”

      4. I really don’t buy the notion that the state cannot do anything about a bad VA doctor. The one you mention also has civilian affiliations or practices elsewhere, just not the VA. Why would they not sanction him to prevent injury to civilians? In researching other things, I’ve found a nurse who settled 2 malpractice claims and multiple others that have done the same. Somehow they are being held accountable. Also, there were state officials involved in investigating Tomah. If they have no jurisdiction, what were they investigating? In fact, if no state has any jurisdiction over a VA doctor, why bother requiring they be licensed? Why bother with board certifications or other credentials if there is no accountability. Ah, Joe, today you’re a nurse, but tomorrow we need you to do this surgery so plan on changing your schedule.
        I have heard repeatedly that a VA doctor/nurse does not need a state license, or that the state can do nothing. That is not the evidence I am finding. I would like to see specific laws and VA policy showing no state has jurisdiction. I get the sense this is a story pushed by VA bureaucrats who are too lazy to fix their problem with bad doctors. I know you said The state and VAIG said so. They also said at one time there was no wrong doing at Tomah.
        The media is picking up more and more on the lack of proper credentials. I would like to see them address the lack of action by state officials on bad VA doctors and nurses.

      5. Yes he does, but he was a CIVILIAN doctor at the time. Now he is a VA doctor and is protected by the VA and federal laws. I didnt believe it either until I was told that the ONLY way they could prosecute him is if the VA agreed to it since it was on a federal reservation when this happened., local and state authority have no police powers on a federal reservation, just like the military has no authority off a military base.

        I contacted my members of the US Congress and they said they would introduce bills to change this, but that I should not expect them to be passed as the Democrats dont want their unions touched as it could cut their funding that they get from the illegal taking of union dues for political reasons. And the guy who told me this said he WAS a democrat. And I have been told the exact same thing from VISN 11, as well as the justices at the 6th US District Court (one step below the US Supreme Court)

        I had no reason to disbelieve him or them.

      6. Just incredible, and the biggest reason we will never see proper medical care until this is changed.

        It is not that I don’t believe you because I have heard many say the same thing, but I still would like to see the law or policy that exempts them.

        Years ago, USA Today had a massive article on military doctors. There were specific examples of doctors joining to avoid malpractice suits, criminal charges, etc. The military would accept them, but every one had to pass state licensing exams to get licensed in the state they were stationed in. If they couldn’t pass the exam, the military would transfer them to one of two states that did not require military doctors to be licensed in that state. They would also transfer them to other states to stay ahead of any malpractice suit facing them in the state the malpractice occurred in when they were civilians. I recall Congress raising hell about it, and some Undersecretary testifying about the practice.

      7. Do a simple google search on the USA Today webpage for the story “Thousands of doctors practicing despite errors, misconduct Peter Eisler and Barbara Hansen, USA TODAY 7:06 p.m. EDT August 20, 2013” and then consider that its 10 times worse in a VA hospital as you either get a teaching hospital-or a person who could not cut residency in a normal hospital-or burned out doctors and nurses…and this is the medical treatment that we receive.

      8. Daniel, I wish I would have known that before I went to that place. I have never had so much trouble in my life. Instead of trying to correct my problem, I am offered another PCP to see if that one will work for me. I will se my fifth, yes 5th, in 16 months. I have contacted everyone in this stupid place and I am ignored, brushed off, given vague answers, and I am basically told to do what I am told and shut the hell up.
        I have contacted my Senators, Congressman, Ol’ Bob, Hickey’s e-mail, local news, regional office, Seattle VAMC, Seattle regional office (my previous VAMC), and many of the people Robin sent me in an e-mail (thanks again) and no replies, I continue to contact them.
        I have a phone appointment with Chowdry-Mujahid Bashir, Chief of Staff on Mon. and I am preparing my demands (I know none will be met)
        I found out that my current PCP does not know how many pills I take a month. She has yet to give me instructions for the weaning of my pain pills which started this month. I am getting 10 less pills this month and I have no idea of how to take them. I have contacted her 4 times via secure e-mail, 8 times by phone, and still nothing. I will run out almost two days short.
        I have contacted the Patient Advocate almost the same mount of times and nothing. My PCP is not going to do anything to help with the increase in pain during the process.
        With this state (IN) so paranoid over prescription pain meds and my PCP not knowing how many I take, no wonder I can’t get anything done. I am prescribed 180 pills a month and my PCP thinks I take one pill every now and then as needed for pain. If that is the case, then why would I get so many? Why would no one look at this and ask a question about it?
        If I have 180 pills and I take one every now and then, lets say one every eight hours, that would be 90 pills a month. I would have a stash of 90 pills every month! I have been prescribed this since Feb ’15. That would mean I would have 720 pills extra. I will state that I am and have been on a two tablet every eight hours since I have started this prescription.
        This VAMC will do what ever they want to do. They do not care. They will tell you what to do and will not listen to anything you have to say. They have a huge God complex and they literally do not care. My Ortho PA told me that if I want the kind of treatment I received in Seattle, then I should go back there. I do not see anything good happening to this VAMC. They are so arrogant about what they do it is unreal. I hate this place with a passion and I believe what Daniel is saying about the Indy VAMC.

      9. If you haven’t been published by the disruptive committee! What you’re stating sounds like they are punishing you without using the disruptive committee!

        Remember these employees talk to each other and you can change providers all day long!

        As long as employees are not held accountable and our government not doing anything about it legally!

        Were not going to get the treatment we deserve and things will only get worse and maybe even deadly for veterans!

      10. James, Disruptive committee no, punished Definitely. When I am contacted about getting a new PCP, I am told that I cannot put in for another change of provider for a year. I guess the VAMC can’t follow their own rules.
        I explained about my pain med and the weaning mess I am now in. This was done as a punishment to me for complaining. I contacted my PCP and the Patient Advocate on the day I received my med. 17 days later, not one word about how to take less pain med for this month.
        One PCP I had told me that if I made an appointment before my six month check up, he would stop my pain med. Three months later I had to get a concern addressed with the GI Dept. and the next month I did not receive my pain med just as he said he would do. I raised hell about it and received it two days later. I had to go without my pain med and had withdraws from it. I could not go and get the med because they stated it would have to me mailed to me. Just more BS and punishment. I am so fed up with this place.

      11. Get the name of the director and address of the VA your speaking about!

        Write everything down you have said here, to include the clinic and providers and who said what!

        Write a letter to the director and mail it certified mail, with return signature!

        Make a copy for you and mail one to Bob McDonald’s office!

        Tell them how you feel, be respectful! Hopefully you may get some positive response! And you will be leaving a paper trail!

        I really don’t know how some people, can live with themselves!

        Maybe a second coming, is called for! If they don’t want to listen to the citizens of the United states!

        Maybe, just maybe they will listen to the highest power!

        Our Lord!

      12. F8f, I’m surprised they didn’t cut you off completely or accuse you of doctor shopping for pill seeking.
        Years ago after a second appointment some quack suggested that to me because I wanted my knee fixed. I told her I didn’t want pills, I wanted them to fix my knee. She seemed shocked I didn’t want a prescription for anything.

      13. 91, cutting me off is what this VAMC wants to do. I have switched doctors so many times and it is not because of the narcotics; it is because of the Indy VAMC refuses to include my previous medical records in my current treatment plan. I can deal with the weaning process if they look at my REAL condition and will treat the increase in pain while I am weaning off the narcotic. I am getting nothing to help.
        I have had and continue to have Chondromalacia Patella/Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome in which I am currently rated at 40% service connected. I have had this since I was discharged in ’85 for this. I have 10 years worth of documentation from the Seattle VAMC stating I do have this, what has been done, my increase in my service connected disability, and everything else related to this.
        The Indy VAMC is treating me for Osteoarthritis, yet THEIR x-rays state I have no arthrosis. They even put in my records that I have a chronic back problems. I have had a few times I went to have my back looked at (maybe six times in ten yrs.) I cannot get this changed.
        I have been called a “drug addict” by the pain specialist in the pain clinic as she put in my medical records that “I am only interested in opioid therapy” and “I am clearly focused on opioid therapy”. She too refused to look at my previous records and was basing her opinion on the diagnosis of Osteoarthritis which is a lie and all of my Indy VAMC notes are biased.
        I have asked many times to have my knees replaced so I can enjoy my life while I am still somewhat young. I have been told no every time. My current PCP put in my notes that I refuse to have surgery on my knees. Once again, not looking back at my Seattle VAMC records.
        This is such a mess. I have been told by a local news that no one will take my problem because it deals with narcotics and they would see it as helping me get narcotics. By next month, I will be in so much pain I have no idea how I will handle it.

  7. Lol, yeah, I’d wait on something a little more affirmative before I broke out the rolling papers. If the Federal law loophole stops banks from taking mountains of money from CO businesses, then that’s a pretty safe track to follow. Peace.

  8. Well, guess what. One of the parts of “Title II” of the allocations of money, there’s one or two paragraphs concerning this very topic. Looks like, where “Pot” is legal, VA healthcare providers “…can discuss it…” (only) with their patients.
    I say, on the other hand, everyone better be very careful. Because it could be a trap like Daniel says, rather bluntly!
    What better way to get veterans removed from receiving any benefits? What better way for VA upper management to regain monetary benefits at the shagrin of Veterans? What better way, after reducing or eliminating benefits completely from veterans, to give themselves the bonuses this year? Where we won’t hear, or read, about them until this time next year!
    I’m like all of y’all on here. I do not trust the Veterans Administration one damn bit!!!!!!

    1. I for one used to use alcohol! Worst days of my life! Medical m.j. has helped, the VA had a memo sent out, Veterans wanting to use m.j.,will not be punished! That if a veteran decides this is helping their condition!

      It’s ok, but the veterans will not be able to use VA paid drugs, while using m.j.!

      Some of the drugs given for pain are very addictive and cause liver disease!

      Those medications seems to have veterans doctor shopping in order to get more! VA dispensing them, veterans getting hooked, keep coming in for more!

      VA labels them as drug seekers and cut them off! The body craving them, the drugs win and the veteran starts buying street drugs!

      I know some will say that’s their choice! But it started somewhere and that monkey on their backs can’t be removed without professional help!

      I.e., the VA drug and alcohol program must be used, in helping those veterans and not throw aside!

      No one has been able to document an overdose from m.j., the worst case will be you fall asleep! Most using m.j. are passive people!

      It’s not like alcohol, which is also addictive and results in improper behavior, trouble with family and the law!

      States are more and more legalizing the use, eather for medical purpose and some see it as safer than alcohol!

      Put someone who smokes in a room and have someone onto another room and let them use as much as they want!

      Guess which one is going to act out violently!

      1. @James,
        I’m not criticizing anyone who wants to use MJ. I just don’t trust VA or our government…..
        If I had my drothers between; Alcohol, Prescription pain meds from VA or Pot. I guess I’d choose POT. Because, 1.) it’s less harmful than the other two in so many ways. And 2.) Because it would relax me. Where I could get a good days worth of relaxation. Even though I can do some things around the house. You know, where my wife has a “honey do list”! And possibly a great nights sleep!

        Question, do you have a copy of the “memo”? Because I’m hoping VA doesn’t try screwing anyone.

        From what I’ve been hearing and reading lately. The Federal Government is relaxing their viewpoints on pot. Yet, it could be a “ploy”!

        Since this subject came up today. And the split opinions over it. I’m wondering something. If the Feds do make pot legal. And we all know how “relaxed” one gets on it, could this be a way for the “powers that control us” to take over even more?
        The Feds are already doing things the vast majority doesn’t want them to do: ie; relatively NO border patrolling. Bringing in these so called pacifist Muslim immigrants. Taxing the middle class heavily. Forcing every citizen to get “Obamacare”! Etc., Etc., Etc.
        I’m just maybe a little paranoid over what our government is capable of!? Y’all know “Big Brother” and “George Orwell’s” prediction to name just two!

        I’m gonna be honest with y’all. I can’t wait until something so HORRENDOUS happens to wake the American Public outta their “dream sleep”! Sorry, but for close to twenty years now. I’ve finally got it to where the wife and I are completely self contained & sufficient.

      2. Elf, I don’t think that m.j. does not make one a zombie so I don’t believe that would happen, unless the person smokes every minute of the day then maybe!

        But if anything is abused, it could cause problems!

        A lot of people’s egos can be dangerous. If you know what I mean!

      3. They dont have a choice in the matter James. Unless both the House and the Senate vote to allow this and Obama signs it into law, no matter what the VA says the VA police can still bust you for felony possession on federal property and then its all over as there goes your VA benefits.

        Since federal law still to this day says pot is illegal, the VA does not have the legal nor Constitutional authority to say otherwise. So if you are using it, please be careful.

      1. YOU! (crazyelf), It`s ALL You, Namnebor & 91veteran. Always, All issues, All the time. Just sayin…….Then On (Taxpayer Waste in V.A. Admin,etc) 91 Veteran says: “Ben, I`ve got info if you want to post it. Or i’ll give to another Media outlet” Then you chime in. “I wanted to give Ben First Crack at it” Really?
        Why not start up your own gig. If we wanted to hear from the same people ALL the time I`d watch Fox & Friends Or I could just Read the post & not the comments. I guess Some folks just like to see their words in print, You guys put a (lot) of time into “BEN`S” Blog

      2. I comment lots here because I figure vets can help themselves the more we communicate what our experiences have been. I never would have known of Red Flags or medications being cut off throughout the VA without reading the comments here. It’s easy to comment from my phone.

      3. Ok handcannon, cool your jets. They have just as much right to speak as you or I do. It may be Bens Blog, but he put it here for Vets to be able to talk to another Vet and be able to hopefully have a Vet that maybe would have some info to help another Vet. These three may post a lot because they have a lot to say and contribute.

        So if you dont want to read what they have to say, please bypass it. Other people may want to read what they have to say and you cant make that decision for them

  9. They can discuss it all they want, but unless the Senate changes federal law along with the US House, it is still illegal under federal law and you can be arrested for having it. And since VAMC’s are federal reservations, any crime that happens there is elevated to a federal crime, not a local or state crime. And if you are convicted of a federal crime, you can lose ALL Va benefits and never get them back. As well as your right to vote in some states.

    Ask the feds if they can still go into Colorado and bust the snot out of all medical pot places and they will tell you that under federal law, yes they can. And if you have above a specific amount, then you can be busted for “intent to sell”

    We went through all of this info in Ohio when we voted down Issue 3 by over 2 to 1, and this is the reason why.

    Sounds to me like they are trying to get a few foolish Vets to accept this and the second they drive off the property, the local police can bust them as stuff like this CANNOT be sent via the US post office or fedex or UPS or any of the other carriers. So you would have to stay there to pick it up

    Sorry but this stinks to high heaven and any Vet that agrees to this knowing the risks should be sat down and given a stern talking to as they would be taking their future in their hands. And losing.

    1. The people have spoken! Listen to them! Some people must be listening!

      Changes will happen sooner or later!

      Go ahead arrest everyone!

      For the people by the people!

      1. You can speak all you want, but you cant break federal law. And if when the people have spoken its over as you implied, then why is Responsible Ohio (the people who want the pot laws fixed their way and pot legalized) refusing to listen to what the people said and are trying to put this back on the ballot next year?

    2. That is a good point that many likely haven’t thought of…that the VA is considered federal property, but I bet this is an issue where, if it becomes law, the VA would discuss only and not dispense. I think this is nothing more than a feel good issue that may catch veterans wrongly unless they are fully informed, and any discussion is well documented in their records. Imagine a veteran who now thinks after a short discussion with a VA doc that they can use medical MJ. Then imagine the VA giving that vet a urine test and showing hot, without their records being fully documented. In addition to that, what would happen to a vet if they had a urine test where they work?
      I personally would never use it unless there were clear medical evidence of a benefit, but then I wouldn’t stand in the way of a veteran that believes they benefit from it. Having been involved in veterans medical reearch in the past, and from my own experience, medicine that may help one veteran may have no effect for another. Morphine doesn’t affect me, but it gives pain relief for many. Given I am highly allergic to lots of different medicine, I would hate to have to fight for medicine that I am not allergic to.

      1. The only way to correct this is by changing federal law, not state law. The Commerce clause of the Constitution says that when federal law and state law are in conflict, the federal law wins every time.

        And yes quite a few veterans dont understand that the VA is a FEDERAL agency, meaning that all the land that it sits on including the parking lot, is FEDERAL, not state. And a lot of vets dont understand that the VA Police CAN in fact search your car if they have a suspicion that a crime has been committed. And having a whizz test or a blood test and showing hot for THC, on federal property IS a crime, thus allowing the police to search your car. And if they find the pot, they then can bust you and charge you with felony possession as you are on federal property. And if you get convicted of same, kiss your VA benefits and access to any VAMC goodbye.

      2. Imagine how many veterans drive in to a VA parking lot forgetting they may have a weapon in their vehicle.

      3. Exactly. And if they get caught, its all over. Thats why even with my legal Concealed Carry License, I leave my pistol at home when I go to the VA as once I cross the property line, I am under federal jurisdiction, not local or state.

        Whole different ball game

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