Aurora VA

Grossly Over Budget Aurora VA Medical Center Now Has A Name

Aurora VA

VA is proud to announce it finally decided the name of the grossly over budget VA medical center located in Aurora, Colorado.

The facility, now $1 billion over budget and behind schedule, will be named Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center. Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin called Congressman Mike Coffman to announce the name earlier this week.

The facility is expected to open sometime next year.

Interesting how the name was not selected for so long. Or, is this just a spin to relabel the facility after such shameful overspending?

By relabeling the facility, the overspending scandal will not readily show up in news searches once the facility is opened. And the name, Aurora VA, and its associated scandals will fade into the past.


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  1. @OLDMARINE, I have been following the sites you put on here. I’m finding out things that I really don’t want to know. The CIA influence in the VA is unbelievable. So, it’s most likely true. I’m positive I would sound like a madman trying to convince anyone what the truth is. I’m guessing that I should only bring most of out, as it applies to articles on this site. I’m also meditating on a regular basis. Had to. Thanks again for opening my eyes. To all of you. God Bless the Veterans…

    1. Don’t get worked up over It’s just good to know what’s going on, I just enjoy reading that stuff, beat’s watching high paid actors on the so called news….LOL ..Never did like reading fiction anyway….That’s all

    1. @Jo3n: Jon, Scrum, is that foul smelling cheesy sebaceous substance, found in the crevices of the scrotum of the Saskatchewan albino, tree toad. I think you were correct the first time…..

      1. “cj”, I agree, Jo3n WAS right the first time. “Scrum” is a better fitting word to describe many VA employees!

  2. @Crazy elf, agree.. Haven’t we been asking for Dr.’s for at least my last twenty years? Still, the scrum that POTUS put in charge. Crazy elf, we know money comes in, after that, who knows? I agree, to not push the issue and give employees a chance. Not included is this quack I’m trying to get to. The patient advocate at Birmingham VA isn’t playing fair. He’s really backing straight up lies. If I can’t get fake Dr., that PA is fair game.

    Microsoft Word – Asheville EWL Administrative Summary (IA-007).docx – VAOIG-14-02890-131.pdf


    1. OldMarine Wow, 2yrs to investigate & interview 35 employees but her feelings were hurt…..the irony of it.

  4. Jo3N and NiteWish,
    It seems more of the “good” VHA physicians, nurses and other health care professionals are coming onboard our plight. Because, it seems – in my opinion – their tired of NOT being able to perform as how they were taught in medical school.
    Of course, there are many examples of these reprobates who are only there for the money.
    Until they can be “weeded out” VA will remain the same dismal single payer insurance healthcare system!
    As far as HOW to “unite on a front” against VA, I don’t know Brothers!
    All I do know is, we need more VHA physicians, like that one who’s father was a boxer in the “Globe” article, to help vets cope and “…get rid of the dead weight at VA!”
    Until there’s more unity among veterans and those good VA employees, I see nothing changing!
    That’s my opinion!

    1. What it took, multiply doctors, some staff, an excellent attorney & a contact inside a national newspaper. Unity among VA staff who witness day in day out maltreatment of Veterans.

  5. OldMarine,

    Found easier access to some of the Emails from both of Robert Otto’s accounts both the Gmail account and his official State Department account. The emails are being posted by Smitry Medvedev through the Federal Security Service Russia. They have been posted on SCRIBD.

    Magnitskiy1–posted to SCRIBD by maganw; Federal Security Service– Smitry Medvedev, Russia: 201 Emails from both Robert Otto’s G-mail account and his official State Department Account

    Magnitskiy2–posted to SCRIBD by maganw Federal Security Service Smitry Medvedev, Russia: 214 Emails from both Robert Otto’s G-mail account and his official State Department Account

    Podesta/Clinton–posted to SCRIBD by maganw; Federal Security Service– Smitry Medvedev, Russia

    More links to follow

    1. It is nice of them to translate them all into English. The way I was reading them involved a lot of Copy and pasting to use Google translate just to read most of them.

  6. @Crazy elf, you absolutely right. Question: How do we find out what they are doing? They either outright lie, or they’re so secretive we never know. Although, the article does appear like…maybe. Remember, this is only one hospital.

  7. Let the Swamp Draining begin:
    Today, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs David J. Shulkin, M.D., announced actions the department is taking immediately to respond to whistleblower concerns at the Manchester, New Hampshire, VA Medical Center (VAMC) detailed in an article in today’s Boston Globe.
    The VA Office of the Medical Inspector and the VA Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection are being sent in beginning Monday to conduct a top-to-bottom review of the Manchester VAMC, including all allegations in the article. “” & the Boston Globe article.

    1. @NiteWish,
      This ~IS~ what is needed! MORE whistleblowers coming forward to tell of the massive corruption, cover-ups, fraud, waste and abuse permeating throughout the VA!

    2. @NiteWish,
      I just read the “Globe” article. It was a very long article.
      It’s seems the “va’s spokesperson” is working overtime on trying to take the shame away from lots of upper management.

      I’ll say this, IF “Shithead Shulkin” doesn’t do something about the travesty occurring against veterans at that VHA, then we’ll know he’s the perfect person on covering up for the asswipes at that VHA!
      What needs to be done is simple: “criminal charges against the upper management!”

      1. Crazy Elf, So many want to start a ‘movement’ I ask who do have to know, who do you have to pay to get more detailed articles printed in papers that cause the Secretary into immediate action. Sad as it is, that is damning article & well written.

  8. I’m not going to mention names, but there are a couple of y’all that have forgotten more than I ever learned. Between about six of y’all, I have been on more sites lately than in my entire life. It’s true that our country is crooked from top to bottom. The VA is a mess, and the ones in charge are a large part of Veteran’s problems. I’m not blaming POTUS For anything but putting these weasels in charge. Look at the programs Shulkin’s initiating, nothing he’s doing addresses the real issues with the VA. If our President doesn’t get off this crap he keeps creating, Veterans don’t have much of a choice but to keep telling it like it is.

    1. Rowdy Roddy Piper
      They Live, He Sleeps: Farewell to a Great Patriot ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper – YouTube 4: min
      I stole a pair of those sunglasses, Don’t tell anyone…..Shhhhhhhh


  9. @namnibor and James,
    The wife, and I, made it perfectly clear to the VA employees we met on friday. ie: “Do something about what’s happening to veterans and taxpayers or get off the pot!”

    I’ve been fighting with the VA for a few decades now. I’m getting really tired of their “excuses”! As the generation my father grew up in said on multiple occasions: “There’s NO reason for an excuse!”
    That’s all VA employees have now are “EXCUSES!” Especially since sites like this one are bringing the illegal, immoral and egregious acts out into the open on almost a daily basis!

    In my opinion, We need a great number of these reprobates in our corner! We need to get them involved. We need their support, as whistleblowers, to help our fight against the upper management of VA! It’s got to start somewhere!

    I will bet most of the Veterans who come on here will agree. We need VA employees, AND veterans, to start SPEAKING UP. Possibly even filing charges against those who are committing the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse! If I’m considered “disruptive”, all I’ve got to say is; “Fuck em!” I’ll wear that “badge” like all the medals I’ve received!

    It’s just like that vet who came on here and said we “…might not like what [he’s] going to say!”
    Well, I didn’t think you two would disapprove of my opinion so harshly!

    1. Nothing about what you said, VA employees should not be saying anything about what happening with the VA, in front of veterans.

      The problem is employees think they can say what ever they want to say, but if a veteran should say something the employees report them as being disruptive.

      Being flagged is no joke and can harm a veteran, mentally and physically.

      Yes, we need everyone to be concerned and Some have.

      When the VA let the disgruntled employee accuse me of wanting to murder VA employees, is noting to take lightly. !

      The VA and this employee can not even give a date or time of the disruptive behavior, they can not even prove I was at the facility period.

      How many times have committed suicide because of being reported as being disruptive. !

      Some may not care If they are reported. !

      If they did something disruptive, they VA should write out a ticket and that veteran have to go to court with a real judge.

      The VA has no business punishing anyone. !

      What other government enity can accuse a citizen of being disruptive and punish them and the citizen not be able to defend themselves !

      Let the VA employees bitch all they want, but stop hurting veterans by using bull shit to punish veterans.

      I do not trust any employee, why should anyone trust them, lie after lie. They are not to be trusted.

      I will never stop fighting this illegal disruptive committee until the day I die. !

      I am doing all of this for me, my fellow veterans and to show my grandchildren that one must stand up for themselves when a wrong has been committed.

      I use my real name, because I want the ? to know I am a real person and will not put up with illegal tatics committed by anyone.

      My good name is worth fighting for and clearing my name. A person will be surprised on how much data the government has on each person.

      If one of my family member’s would ever do a family history and they see that I was a disabled veteran, shot in the head and then read that I was accused of wanting to murder people and I did nothing. !

      They may think it was true. ! No sir, I have done nothing to deserve what the VA has done to me and thousands of other veterans !
      And for what.? Just because an employee wanted revenge ! Nope will never stop !

  10. Here’s something things happening now.
    1.) There’s a great deal of information coming out daily on the “deep state”. And how they are trying to control the Presidents naritive. Only it ain’t working. On Friday, 14 July 2017, President Trump made a statement that he’s going to talk about Hillary Clinton on Monday. He said we’re “…going to like it!”

    2.) Friday, I had an appointment with my PCP, (Dr. [?]) Pillappa. What was interesting was the dialogue between the nurse, a whistleblower, (first), and Pillappa (second). It seems that VA employees at the small clinic I go to are pissed. And their “opinions” are the same all over the some VHA clinic employees here in Central Florida.
    They have been talking about “Shithead Shulkin”, other high ranking SES’rs, the [No]Choice Plan for veterans and HOW “Healthnet stole almost all the Choice monies!” Using medical equipment “out of calibration” on veterans, which will give false readings. Entering false information in veterans healthcare records. And a whole score of other egregious activities against veterans!

    As we discussed the MANY issues occurring within the VA, the wife and I, took away a feeling that, at least these few employees were tired of ALL the bullshit coming out from upper management, from “Shithead Shulkin” on down, concerning taxpayers and disabled veterans!

    Before we left, the wife said something to a couple of the “appointment takers”! The wife said, (paraphrasing) “If y’all are so pissed off about what’s occurring in VA, why don’t you do something about it!”
    “For example, ‘STRIKE’!” “Go on a MASSIVE strike!” “The union will either back y’all, or NOT!” “IF” the union doesn’t back you, then y’all will know how useless the union is!”
    At that moment, my wife walked out! I shrugged my shoulders and followed my wife out the door!

    In my opinion, saying things like this to VHA employees, will set into motion, or just might get them to act in favor of the taxpayers and disabled veterans! Especially since some of us are starting to see a (small) change in attitude in some of the employees!

    We’ve accomplished a lot of good on sites like this! Some VA employees are listening. That’s more than what has happened in the past! I, and the wife, think this: “What do y’all think would happen IF one third of the VA employees were to strike?” The VA can’t fire all of them!
    So, that being said, the next time y’all go to the VA, put a “bug” in their ears. Especially the ones pissed off at VA! IF this were to occur nationally, think of the news coverage it would get!

    Well that’s my opinion, this early Sunday morning!
    And, yes, the wife and I pray something will turn out for the better at ALL VA’s nationwide for veterans!

    1. VA employees just might do this strike or something, but it will not be for the benefit of veterans.

      It will be to get rid of the law to fire bad employees. !

      Should have said if things are so bad, report the bad apples and things will change.

      Or told them to quit. !

      Those employees complaining should have been reported to the disruptive committee and punished.

      When veterans complain the VA reports them as being disruptive or could be some time in the future.

      Maybe they have done something to worry about.

      What were they saying and was it in front of a lot of veterans.?

    2. @Crazy elf- That “bug” is already really far-far up their asses, nevermind their ears.

      With all that Congress needs to accomplish within timelines, I find it really odd that just because Sen. McCain has to have a blood clot removed they are delaying important votes.
      That “blood clot” is actually Lindsay Graham conjoined with McCain by one large blood clot leech…and BOTH of those fucks are Veterans and could care less about quality healthcare of their fellow Veterans.

      In a mood.

      1. As far as “Songbird McCain” is concerned, I hope his healthcare provider misses/messes up big time!
        I won’t say anything more about that!

  11. A to Z in 47 min:..A must watch in my opinion

    The Holy Grail of Who Runs and Controls All. Part II – YouTube


    1. Be careful OldMarine, ingesting too much information will drive you crazy, cause emotional mayhem. Have you watched “Zeitgeist: The Movie” The very religious can’t watch it, it contradicts their belief system installed & nurtured as little children up to death but its all linked together. Stay Sane & Grounded my friend.

      1. NiteWish…CRAZY..LOL ..No most of that stuff I already knew about, Just love it when I find a condensed version….Zeitgeist I watched that a long time ago but don’t remember it..LOL…Grounded always…

      2. MADLORAINE – My brother’s obsession with all things conspiracy cost him his life. 9/11, HARP, vaccines, chemtrails .. you name it. Jim was a superbly successful drilling engineer in the oil business – offshore, onshore, arctic. But he got wrapped around the axle of evil and became so paranoid he wouldn’t submit to modern medicine. Tipped over at 59. We all saw it – and tried to convince him. Nope. I have a similar situation with my neighbor. This month it’s the supposed arrest of 80,000 pedophiles somehow linked to the Clintons and …. sheeeeet. There’s always a new extreme conspiracy. The conversations stop short when I ask him what he’s going to do about it.

        There’s evil everywhere. It’s in our DNA. I remain suspicious of just about everything the media – lefty or righty – chucks up for our consumption. But, I have also decided to make a concerted effort to live and be grateful for what I have, and thankful as hell I’m not Syrian or some other brown personage getting the snot bombed out of them. Soldiers get to see the worst of what man has to offer. Many of us know the “real” story. We try to assuage our anxieties with a constant search for truth. Fact is – most folks don’t give a shit either way. They won’t make us feel better. That’s up to us. You’ll only find peace by looking for it more assertively than your search for evil.

        Damn – how’s that for some shrinkie shit?. These anti-depressants are actually working. I think I’ll go ride a bike in traffic.

      3. Windguy …..Paranoid, not me I just like to know what the crooks are up to..Those happy pills must be working for you

      4. Windguy, You brave or joking about the anti-depressants. My civilian niece is going through hell trying to get off Zoloft & I must bite my tongue because I told you so & she didn’t listen. Was a great help to her for about 6mos. Now that her sister has died she wants off the drug & is paying the piper. My Veteran son also went through hell getting off Zoloft. Its not worth it, poison in a pill. Sorry you lost your brother.

      5. Don’t know if this will help, but the VA gave me neltroxen to stop drinking and I stopped right away.

        I was told that it also helped with Heroin use.?

        Don’t know that for a fact, may want to look into this medication, it might help.

  12. Attacks On Naturopaths Turn Even Uglier!!! Warning To All Practitioners – YouTube
    I would bet one month when they put the hammer down, every one, on some type of pills is going to get a lethal dose of poison…And the food also… Call me crazy I don’t give a fuck….LOL ….I guess not everyone is going to SEE, and its in your face………………..


  13. Don’t be-lie-ve me, or think I am crazy well read this

    Quote of the Day
    Conspiracy, mind control, NASA Hoax, Psyops, Revisionist History, scientism, shadow government July 15, 2017 1 Comment

    I am a new convert to FE. I am a retired teacher, 33 years teaching Physical sciences and maths. . I have a string of qualifications which are useless to me now, 2 masters degrees and a Post Grad dip in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (University of Wales). I live in the UK on a remote island 192 miles from Bergen in Norway. I cannot believe I have taught so many students that we live on a globe. I am shocked, delighted and angry all at the same time to learn about FE. I love to do research. I do not agree with all the You Tubes I have seen and I think there is much work to do especially in FE astronomy (Zetetic astron – brilliant). I do not belong to any religion but I am deeply spiritual; I learned to meditate accidently and do so regularly as a form of prayer. I love history and archaeology, history and the Bible. I believe that unconditional love is the most powerful force in the Universe. My friends think I have gone crazy and conversations about FE and impossible. Well that’s about it I suppose.

    DO some research and you will find out also that everything was A lie…A dumb ass like me figured it out
    THE EARTH IS FLAT, And that’s no THEORY……In the END every thing will be out in the open


  14. @SeymoreKlearly, damn, the things you dig up. OLDMARINE, Cj, hell, y’all add a bit every day. The connection between Brian Taylor and Dr Shulkin, and the NCI being part of the CIA, goes along with what OLDMARINE has posted. It’s where are they getting their money? They are beginning to show themselves. These men are all con men. Shulkin also. Their job, legally, is to reroute and steal taxpayers money. Bowman, and most likely every VA Secretary for a hundred years. Our Government is full of thieves. Problem is, they are all chicken shits with no morals or values. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    1. @Jo3n: Jon, Thank you for the kind words, don’t know that I contribute much of anything to Ben’s. I mostly just react to what everyone else posts. Certainly do not have the skills the regulars have. With my mind the way it is, can’t concentrate enough to be of any use to anyone. Okay then, have a great night everyone, goodnight.

  15. One of these stories will get out to the public and be the story Veterans gather around. With all that’s going on, something has to get both sides riled up. Every day I have more doubt in America’s heart. Hopefully , and I hope not drastically, shit will come down that unites all Veterans. Hang in there, all of us. There be another fight. Of this I am kinda certain.

    1. Jo3n …When you said….One of these stories will get out to the public….I send all the things I post on here far and wide…But I don’t think it will be on any so called news station, The enemy owns them to…I’m not afraid of the perverted devil worshiping shit eating QUEER bastards…..Put your ARMOR ON

  16. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC constantly puts their damn spin on the news. And I thought I was the only one that faithfully watched RT. Don’t worry though, Main Stream Medic (MSM) will let us know when the Russians are coming. Ass holing fart fuckers.

  17. For anyone who is getting sick of the same old fast food for thought from the MSM café, home of the true Whopper meal deal, which includes a large Nothing Burger and a large side of Lies. There is a new place to go and wash it down with a lot of Johnny Walker Red Label. I hear Johnny Walker Red Label has quite a kick to it.

    “Hacker leaks emails of a top US State Department Russian affairs intel official – media”
    Russian Times “”
    Published time: 15 Jul, 2017

    “Emails belonging to a senior US State Department intelligence official involved in Russian affairs have been leaked, Foreign Policy (FP) reports. The official is said to have been particularly interested in Russian media and government reshuffling.

    A hacker known as ‘Johnnie Walker’ leaked a batch of private correspondence of a US State Department intelligence official, whose work is focused on Russian domestic affairs, according to FP, citing the emails.

    The emails, from a hacked nongovernmental account over a two-year period, were sent to “an unknown number of recipients,” the outlet – which reported on the story initially – notes. There is, however, no information on who exactly was among the recipients.

    Although the leaks were received on Tuesday, according to the magazine, they did not gain widespread attention until Friday.

    In a letter announcing the alleged hacking, Johnnie Walker said that the leak would provide evidence for establishing what was called “agenda formation in many countries worldwide, especially where the situation is insecure.”

    The sender also reportedly claimed that the US State Department official was in contact with various intelligence agencies, including the CIA, as well as “mainstream media, NGOs, and international funds.””

    Full Article at: “”

    Leaked Email Archives available at: “”

    1. Expert’s Emails to CIA Officers Hacked: Report
      By Greg Price, News Week
      On 7/14/17


      “A hacker claimed Tuesday to be in possession of emails taken from a top State Department official who focuses on “secret” intelligence work by the diplomatic agency toward Russia, and some of the emails included exchanges between the official and Central Intelligence Agency officers, Foreign Policy reported Friday.

      The hacker, using the name “Johnnie Walker,” stated in an email to an unknown number of people that he had emails dating back two years from the State official’s personal Gmail account. The hacker’s motives and nation of origin are unclear, and the report does not mention wanting payment, which many hackers are known to request. The official’s identity was withheld for national security reasons.

      The hacker’s message claimed the emails were to and from “CIA officers and other intelligence agencies, mainstream media, NGOs and international funds” and that they would “give you evidence of who is responsible for agenda formation in many countries worldwide, especially where the situation is insecure.””

      “While the official’s identity is unknown, he is quite high ranking and has a very specific area of expertise: Russia.

      “He’s probably the top intelligence guy in the entire U.S. government on Russia. He knows more than anybody about what’s going on there,” an unnamed source told Foreign Policy.

      In a statement, the State Department neither confirmed nor denied whether the emails were legitimate.”

      Full article at: “”

      The Officials name is Robert Otto the hack was on his “([email protected])” account. You know the unofficial, official type of account.

      Robert Otto
      Leadership® Profile
      Russia Domestic Affairs Division Chief
      Office of Analysis for Russia and Eurasia [INR/REA], Bureau of Intelligence and Research [INR], United States Department of State [DOS]

      1. If you do to the link at:”″, to download the emails you will need to have WinZip on your system to open the files. Also you will need the password for the files which is provided at the link above.

        I recommend downloading and installing WinZip from: “” prior to downloading the files from the site.

        WinZip for Mac is available at: “”

        I do not recommend opening the files with the cloud resources offered instead download the files to a folder on your and unzip using WinZip.

      2. Seymore…….Well I tried …..This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff.

        Any way you can send me that file…My E-mail me that file

      3. Some of the emails are in Russian if you don’t know how to read Russian you can use Google translate.

      4. @Seymore Klearly: Seymore, your a madman, when it comes to digging up the goods. Another excellent job!!!

      5. One interesting Email is from Robert Otto to Brian D Taylor.


        Do have any ideas about making $$$$$$ as a NIC Associate in 2017? Paper, presentation anything?


        NIC is a Government Employee investment firm.
        The Website states:

        “Investing in digital government is investing in the future.”
        “When we launched NIC in 1992, we created a business that delivers recurring revenues and consistent, organic growth based on long-term contracts.”


        Brian D Taylor is not only employed as a Gov consultant on numerous projects but also connected to UCLA.

      6. Brian D Taylor is also a trustee at Beacon Vision. You know one of those one on every corner Glasses company. What was it Shulkin said about Eye Care?

      7. The NIC is also the National Intelligence Council (NIC) based out of the CIA.


      8. OldMarine

        Just tried the link and I was still able to get through to it. Here are links containing the 3 files that will need to be opened using winzip. Also the password to use when unzipping the files.

        12.Part1: “”

        There are 4 download buttons three go to a pdf file converter. The one you want to download is the file p1 that is 566.77 MB. The link should show the file is coming from “”

        13.Part2: “”

        14.Part3: “”


      9. Seymore….THANKS….But got them downloaded, Used the pass word then it started to do all kinds of crazy shit …LOL..It’s on my end They love playing with a dumb ass amateur like me…LOL But it doesn’t bother me a bit, Just another day in the tricky book….

  18. New buildings, same deceitful people working inside !

    It’s not the buildings harming veterans it’s the employees.

    They need new management and employees !

    These new office’s are going to put manager’s into a mode of higher God syndrome.

  19. @Cj, what we need is ADVERTISING. I’m not educated or as knowledgeable as most of y’all. Other than Rich B., perhaps Doyle?. Anyway, we need to get a few of these stories out to more people. The propaganda machine does keep us quiet. Just don’t know how…

    1. @Jo3n: Jon, Advertising will be essential, don’t know how, but eventually I hope everything will come together.

      1. One has to also take these key flies in the ointment within getting Veterans to come together:

        1) We Veterans are an incredibly diverse population and that culminates with socioeconomic, age, era’s served, location, political leaning, and even the natural untallied about much barriers that exist between Branches of Services…it exists, unfortunately.
        2) This one is even trickier: We Veterans also have a good enough hunk of paying membership dues/lifetime membership and sometimes *fierce loyalty* to whatever VSO(s) any given Veteran may belong to…and do not think for one minute that the piggy VSO’s would spend oodles of $$$ in notifying Veteran Bases, even using the *very* VA and VAMC’s where these piggy VSO’s haunt the walls, used as a platform against our resistance and insurgence, if needed, to get the V.A. Titanic steered to Veteran-Friendly waters.
        3) Getting Veterans to come together would be akin to herding 50 cat ranches worth of cats.

        **Not saying it can’t be done**

        However, I agree that organization and such will be needed because we Veterans are kind of programmed to prefer well-oiled machine movements.

        #4) The AFGE Union at the VA absolutely must go away and no remnants of their lamprey…then…we need to deal with the PIGGY VSO’s, who too, have long-lost their mission to assist Veterans. You’re with us or against us and if the latter, well, the VSO’s need to just follow the AFGE Thugs and haunt there as well like Legion was cast into a herd of swine in Bible by Christ.

        Yep, I likened the AFGE and current indifferent do-nothing VSO’s as demonic leeches.

        RANT OUT….except for this: What has happened to where so many people simply do not even use turn signals…PTSD and road rage not a great combo. 🙂

        Rant Out.

      2. I can only answer one of your questions…… What has happened to where so many people simply do not even use turn signals……They come as a option these days and no one order’s them, Not Even police cars..LOL
        3) Getting Veterans to come together would be akin to herding 50 cat ranches worth of cats………
        I think the older ones would be fine….nam

      3. @namnibor: nam, I think you are right about the hurdles being faced. I am not sure at all how to get this done so I need to approach this in a way that is familiar, so I can work on auto pilot. I will dust off my project management software, RTFM, and try to put together this project, as if it were a construction project, the different players will be like different sub contractors. Will it work? I have no idea, but I have to try.

  20. There are SO many things wrong each time I begin winding up, I exhaust myself. It’s wrong from top to bottom. How many other Federal agencies or private cons, or charitable organizations live on taxpayers money? Thinking the money is going to help Veterans. Doctors who aren’t doctors. Executives who are perverts, thieves and liars. Nurses also are having trouble finding pain meds. Choice is a joke. Clinics are mostly staffed with people unable to do any more than suggest you go somewhere else. The attitudes, the smug, the dolts and the louts. The steady stream of suicides. The constant VA propaganda machine. Already I’m walking in circles. There’s so much more wrongs. I believe all of us may have to march, and soon. Which VA atrocity it will be? Good point Vince Wilmoth.

  21. Are that many veteran s even in that area? Seems that money would have been better spent sending Colorado veterans to private doctors.

  22. My post will probably piss off a lot of Veterans off ,but I don’t care . What I have learned about Veterans in the past is that they can talk a good game . We can post comments on how we feel , what we like to see done or how screwed up the VA is but what are you willing to do about it . I know because I have done two stand downs in the past and each time awareness has been brought to the fore front and things were changed for the better . Instead of talking about the over runs or a name of a hospital . Do something about it . Organizes Veterans in that area and rally right there in front of that hospital and bring national attention to it . Do not leave after eight hours but stay there eight days . You would be surprised what will happen . Day and night until it it makes world news . Your local DAVs and American Legions and VFWs won’t do that , infact they will call you crazy , but that’s alright the American public thinks that already , so you have nothing to loose . When I did the last stand down they called me everything you could think of . Infact I welcomed it the negative comments mainly by other Veterans and Veteran organizations brought more attention to the cause . I don’t live there but if I did , I would be the first one there . Actions speak louder then words . If your not willing to take action , then nothing will be heard and nothing will be done . Just remember Veterans can do a lot when the cause has justification especially when money is envolved ,and when we assemble and unite as one our voices get heard ! only then will you see change , other then that it all stays the same !

    1. @Vince Wilmoth: Vince, I don’t know why you would think anyone here would be pissed off at your suggestions, we all welcome exactly this kind of discussion, we are HUNGRY for more of it, so thank you for the information and please, come back often and discuss these ideas with us. I am trying to work on a march that is National in scope in every major city, and at the same time a massive one in DC. I have no clue how I will accomplish this, but I have to try. A lot of people here are not able to travel, etc. due to their disabilities, others have TBI’s, myself included, so we have a hard time figuring things out. I am mobile, others are not, still all veterans contributions and suggestions for the cause of all veterans is greatly appreciated. Sorry my response is long and repetitive.

    2. Vince Wilmoth….I don’t disagree, but everyone has different way’s in getting their point across.

      1. More than a few have made the ultimate statement – committing suicide on federal property. Those events get little if any press. We used to have a free press. Now it’s a fee press.

  23. @OLDMARINE, you’re killing me. All I have left to believe in, is God. I guess that’s all I ever had. Well now, …….think I’ll pray for awhile. I do believe the CIA is responsible for more deaths than any other gang in the world.

    1. Jo3n …I came to that conclusion also, But just in case your not totally convinced…LOL
      Nothing is, as it seems



  24. Chattel & The NWO Soldier – YouTube 14 min….Sad but true ..crazy montagraph..LOL


  25. I should have added this to the above
    There is only one organization that spans the entire world, and let me tell you now, it isn’t and it never was al-Qaeda.”

    It’s the CIA.

  26. CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’


    1. That doesn’t explain WTC 1 and 2. Those didn’t “pancake” either.

      Guess who led the 9/11 Commission? Mueller – now heading up the Twump Inwestibation. I have no doubts that Lord Cheetoh is being messed with. Oddly, it doesn’t bother me. He was never going to be this country’s savior.

      Gotta go. Need to work on my bunker hatch latch….

      1. Maybe they split the job up …MO-SOD….M-16—-and the cocaine and heroin importing agency…..but don’t tell anybody, no one knows yet…How did the latch repair work out ….I just leave the the door’s open

      2. If you just gotta have a bunker hatch latch, be sure to keep a can of duck butter, and a can of banana grease on hand……….just makes life so much easier. Duck butter for the hatch latch cross catch, and banana grease for the hatch latch, latch snatch. Sure, easy for you to say, try translating that into Swahili-an Hebrew.

  27. “Iraq veteran facing deportation speaks out from jail: ‘I would feel utterly alone'”
    Exclusive: In his first interview, Chong Kim describes the crushing prospect of being deported to South Korea, a country he hasn’t lived in since the age of five

    The two crimes that he committed were Stealing food and while bored he filled a beer bottle full of gas lite it and threw it at a brick wall.

    1. Souped up charges by the people who were starting a Veterans court. Thanks VA.

      He had even started working at the VA in January. We all know what position. Grab a broom and a mop pail type.

    2. @Seymore Klearly – – – I e-mailed Jason Phebus who manages Chong Hwan Kim’s Go Fund Me page. He responded yesterday with Chong’s Attorneys e-mail. I e-mailed the attorney the link to Ben’s Article and let him know which commenters he should pay attention to.

  28. I’ve asked the patient advocate for all paperwork from my complaint. He’s really just putting me off, but won’t say he will or won’t send it. Now, he’s lying to me. I thought that hospital was is closer to two billion dollars over budget. These are crazy times.

  29. Does any one know of a National Database(s) that lists the background on Nurse Practitioners? Specifically a VA employee. I appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.

    1. ANutterVet maybe this is of help:
      National Practitioner Database (NPDB)
      Boards & Regulation, Contact a Board of Nursing
      Filing a Complaint
      Board Proceedings
      Board Action
      Discipline Resources
      Reporting & Enforcement

    2. AnutterVet Theres this one too: “” = Look up, verify and monitor your nurse licenses anytime, anywhere.
      Looks like Hawaii does not participate.

    3. @NiteWish – – – This database isn’t available to the General Public- “”

      1. ANutterVet, they want Nurse Practitioners to act like doctors But keep the data on them secret & impossible to access. they are hiding something.

  30. You can rate your hospital on this link…VA Review…If you haven’t already, I encourage you to share …..””….. with your veteran community and, if you have any personal experience with the VA, stop by and write a couple of sentences about it. In order for us to make progress, we must all contribute and work together for the greater good……….IT GOT SENT TO ME…..

  31. By the looks of the vast construction, it almost seems as if the architect(s) were confused and firstly started building a true to sized ‘Noah’s Ark’, as it reminds me of a recently watched program on Connecticut and Norfolk Shipyards on ‘How It’s Made’.
    Also, do not know if it’s simply an optical illusion but to the rears of each of the ‘ship skeleton-shaped buildings’ there’s what appears to be a large incline ramp that goes alongside to the roofs of the structures…is that part of the added parking when it was determined nobody had planned for parking lots or again, is this white elephant an optical illusion, but a white elephant all the same? If that IS a steep incline parking road/ramp, I wonder if the contractors realize just how snowy and icy it can get there?

    Why WHITE? Perhaps the façade has yet to be thought of or wait…THAT was where the “Brazilian or Spaniard High-Priced Marble was to be placed, right?
    I’m thinking NOBODY wanted their namesake or legacy as a name used for this white elephant and reason going with a rather uninventive ‘Rocky Mountain VA’ name.
    I kind of like the name ‘White Elephant VAMC’…has a ratty ring to it. 🙂

  32. And some Colorado Congressmen and Senators probably got some health padding to their campaign funds if not some fat brown envelopes delivered to their hands complements of the U S Taxpayer labeled as cost overruns.

    1. @Lem: Would NOT surprise me one bit, the VA has already been found to be stealing compensation payments, and those ending up in campaign funds as well.

      Before all of these Gulf War era Veterans hit the scene the amount was in excess of 500 million dollars per month, per crooked director. Can’t even imagine how many billions that has turned into………..Geez what a bunch of crooks!!!! Al Capone was a mere amateur compared to the corrupt VA………

  33. namnibor …can you do me a favor and see if you can link to this web-sight to see if they are just blocking me.
    “Zeusian Revelations”……………..or anyone else

    1. Nope. Cannot even get to Hades using those words. Graves/Rubens are often mistaken for Medusa, so be careful, you could put your eye out. 🙂

      1. namnibor…LOL THANKS……censorship at it’s best.. just putting that sight on here to ask was a challenge…And people think that there’s freedom of the press, Not so anymore…

      2. namnibor …. finally got through the back way to that sight and emailed that link back to me 3 times but it never came through…..must have some truth in the info, or a PSYOP …LOL

    2. OldMarine I used duckduckgo to search “Zeusian Revelations”& it sent me here, I don’t know if this is the same of what your needing to know. “”

      1. NiteWish…..That’s the one THANKS……I use duck, startpage…I could go on but when EF hutton speaks people listen…cj might catch that one for sure….he caught the other one…LOL…Just got back from malpractice palace…Not going to comment on the visit but wait to see the final results, I don’t BITCH to be bitching…LOL

      2. OldMarine, I’m glad I could do that. I’m still so in pain from dragging the water hose around the yard on Tuesday with no happy thoughts to release serotonin, no pain meds just this: Illegitimus Non Carborundum to keep me moving.

  34. IT shouldn’t have cost that much to build, By the looks of it on the outside. unless they got a shitty Architect and it was his first job. The further along, the bigger the mess…Penney wise dollar foolish..As always…….They should have called it the BLACK HOLE to give it a space theme…LOL

    1. Must not forget the cost of the very best weed money can buy on taxpayer dime. That may also have quite a lot to do with the rather lax timeline, over budget, and last but not least, the silly omission of parking lots THEN the silly omission of a road and street lights…lots of weed. Built probably by same shysters that were the contractors for that new Denver Airport…where the expensive underground luggage labyrinth never worked from day 1…still, lots of weed.

      1. namnibor ….Well than the Architect must have been really stoned and inexperienced along with the city engineering department cuz they have to go over it, and sign off on the plans .. Can’t forget about the job sight superintendent, He must have been at the party also …LOL

      2. Nam, they may not have parking or street lights, but how much you wanna bet they have solar panels and electric car charging stations all over the place.

    2. The problem IMO is one-off architecture and engineering. As big as the VA is, and will be, they need to do a standard design with modular sizes. They’ll save tons of cash on architects and engineering and will be able to spend more time on value engineering, QC, and contract compliance and budget management. Take the time to perfect a design, and standardize an RFP/RFQ package and associated contracts with Liquidated Damages. Contractors love the government’s inability to manage and oversee – hence endless delays and over-runs. This is inexcusable.

      1. DAMNNNN… Windguy …That just makes to much sense can’t have that….LOL…YOUR RIGHT THO

  35. “The (VA) Time Warp”

    “(Riff Raff) It’s astounding
    Time is fleeting
    Madness takes its toll…

    (Magenta) Ahh…

    (Riff Raff) But listen closely…

    (Magenta) Not for very much longer…

    (Riff Raff) I’ve got to keep control.
    I remember doing the Time Warp.
    Drinking those moments when
    The blackness would hit me.

    (Riff Raff & Magenta) And the void would be calling.

    (Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.

    (Narrator) It’s just a jump to the left.

    (Guests) And then a step to the right.

    (Narrator) With your hand on your hips.

    (Guests) You bring your knees in tight.
    But it’s the pelvic thrust.
    They really drive you insane.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.

    (Magenta) It’s so dreamy
    Oh, fantasy free me
    So you can’t see me
    No not at all.

    In another dimension
    With voyeuristic intention.
    Well secluded I see all…

    (Riff Raff) With a bit of a mind flip…

    (Magenta) You’re into a time slip…

    (Riff Raff) And nothing can ever be the same.

    (Magenta) You’re spaced out on sensation.

    (Riff Raff) Like you’re under sedation.

    (Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.

    (Columbia) Well, I was walking down the street
    Just having a think
    When a snake of a guy
    Gave me an evil wink.
    Well it shook me up
    It took me by surprise
    He had a pick-up truck
    And the devil’s eyes
    He stared at me
    And I felt a change
    Time meant nothing
    Never would again.

    (Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.

    (Narrator) It’s just a jump to the left.

    (Guests) And then a step to the right.

    (Narrator) With your hands on your hips.

    (Guests) You bring you knees in tight.
    But it’s the pelvic thrust…
    That really drives you insane
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again

    (Columbia) Ah! Oh! Oh! Yeoooww…

    (Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.

    (Narrator) It’s just a jump to the left.

    (Guests) And then a step to the right.

    (Narrator) With your hands on your hips.

    (Guests) You bring your knees in tight.
    But it’s the pelvic thrust
    They really drive you insane.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.
    Let’s do the Time Warp again.”

    1. Here’s another fact of efficiency at the VA, I had a eye app. on 6/28 a week latter some one calls me up and said I need eye drops for eye pressure, so I said mail it like usual,…..Still waiting
      The guy that called said he was a doctor…And I thought real doctors didn’t work there..Maybe he was hiding in the closet …LOL

      1. Time and location? Luck of the draw?. I had to work the system for almost a year to get to see a Rheumy in Portland. Once there – a completely different culture. This doctor was completely engaged, and listened. I was amazed. My wife cried. Since then, two follow-ups via secure messaging (via her nurse – docs can’t respond directly…), and two follow up phone calls from the doc. One at 7 PM.

        One thing is clear. Had I not persisted with whack-a-mole PCPs and wannabe CNPs, I would never have gotten there. Pissed on the front end, happy in the middle, now waiting for results.

      2. Windguy ……Your right about the location, But a doctor should be a doctor anywhere, Mine had a little change of tune today,,,As for a Rheumy doctor, they have one, For 2 days a week, With a place of old Farts that doesn’t make any sense LOL….PEACE BROTHERS

  36. Name it the Rocky Horror Show Regional Fake Healthcare Center. Suits it perfectly!
    Equipped with fake nurses, fake doctors, and military posers (VA employees) who have destroyed any faith, credibility and reputation the VA ever had. I would have told that faggity ass faggot Bob ” You cannot construct your way to excellence”.

    1. RAND Corp. determined the originally planned name of “The GRAVES/Rubens Ambulatory VA Hospital” was not a desired outcome for beneficiaries.

    2. HOLY SHIT BATMAN WE BE TALKING ABOUT 3 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VA HORROR HOUSE WHERE VA WILL KILL VETS FOR THE BONOUS C$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THATS A PROVEN LEGAL FACT VETS GET READY FOR THE DEATH PANELS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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