women veterans

GAO Report: Veterans Affairs Still Failing Women Veterans

women veterans

A new GAO report shows VA Health Administration (VHA) is still failing to comply with basic standards to give women veterans adequate health care.

The Government Accounting Organization (GAO) concluded VA is still weak in many areas of providing women veterans with health care that have been known for many years.

The recommendations from GAO sound like a broken record for the past eight years, and really since VA tried to provide women with access to health care for many years before.

What surprises me is that the most gender conscious president in history was still unable or unwilling to improve health care access for women in a manner consistent with civilians standards while increasing care availability for transgender veterans. Up until the days after Donald Trump was elected, VA was still prepared to start gender reassignment surgeries.

Does that seem strange to anyone? Why are women veterans still facing access issues? Should VA just abandon health care to women in favor of outsourcing it to care providers with more experience?

Recommendations For Women Veterans Health Care

GAO recommended that VA provide environmentally safe inspection processes. It also recommended VA monitor women’s access to sex-specific care. Apparently, the investigation revealed VA hospitals had been left largely to their own devices to report problems related to women veteran health case and failed to report problems as required.

Does this surprise anyone? That VA would fail to follow policies for accountability related to health care quality?

Why GAO Did Investigation

The GAO did the study because:

In 2010, GAO found a number of weaknesses related to care for women veterans at VA medical facilities. GAO was asked to update that study. This report examines (1) the extent that VA medical centers complied with requirements related to the environment of care for women veterans and VHA’s oversight of that compliance; (2) what is known about the availability of VHA medical providers who can provide sex-specific care for women veterans at VA facilities; and (3) VHA’s efforts to provide and monitor access to sex-specific care for women veterans through Choice. To do this work, GAO reviewed VHA data on environment of care deficiencies; the number, location, and availability of VHA and Choice medical providers; women veteran enrollment; and Choice access-related performance measures. In addition, GAO inspected the environment of care for compliance with VHA policy at a nongeneralizable sample of six VA medical centers, which were selected to achieve variation in different care models, the size of the women veterans’ population, and geographical locations. GAO also interviewed VHA Central Office and VA medical center officials.

What GAO Found

The watchdog organization found VA still lacked adequate safety measures and staffing to ensure women veterans receive adequate and timely access to quality health care:

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Veterans Health Administration (VHA) does not have accurate and complete data on the extent to which its medical centers comply with environment of care standards for women veterans. VHA policy requires its medical facilities, including VA medical centers, to meet environment of care standards related to the privacy, safety, and dignity of women veterans. VHA Central Office relies on medical centers to conduct regular inspections and to report instances of noncompliance, which are compiled in a VHA database. However, almost all the noncompliance GAO identified through inspections at six VA medical centers it visited had not been reported or recorded in the VHA database, and compliance rates ranged from 65 percent to 81 percent. For example, GAO found a lack of auditory privacy at check-in clerk stations and a lack of privacy curtains in examination rooms, as required by VHA policy. GAO also found weaknesses in VHA’s oversight of the environment of care for women, including a lack of thorough inspections and limited verification of facility-reported data which results in inaccurate and incomplete data. As a result, the privacy, safety, and dignity of women veterans may not be guaranteed when they receive care at VA facilities. Federal internal control standards for monitoring call for management to establish activities to monitor the quality of performance over time and promptly resolve any identified issues.

GAO’s analysis of VHA data shows that nationally the number of VHA full-time employee equivalent gynecologists and the number of women’s health primary care providers—VHA primary care providers specially trained in women’s health care services, such as breast exams—increased by 3 percent and 15 percent respectively, from fiscal year 2014 through fiscal year 2015, and those percentages exceeded the 1 percent growth in women veteran enrollment during the same period. However, about 27 percent of VA medical centers and health care systems lacked an onsite gynecologist and about 18 percent of VA facilities providing primary care lacked a women’s health primary care provider, according to VHA data. VHA officials said not all facilities require onsite gynecologists and facilities may authorize gynecological services from non-VA providers. They acknowledged a shortage of at least 675 women’s health primary care providers and have a plan to train at least 535 providers by the end of fiscal year 2016.

The Veterans Choice Program (Choice) is a primary option for veterans to receive care from non-VA providers in the community if care cannot be provided at VA facilities. While the number of obstetricians and gynecologists under Choice has increased, some areas lack these providers, according to a VHA analysis. While VHA monitors access-related Choice performance measures (such as timely appointment scheduling) for all veterans, it does not have such measures for women veterans’ sex-specific care, such as mammography, maternity care, or gynecology. VHA’s data show poor performance on access-related performance measures for all veterans, and GAO found cases where women veterans’ maternity care was significantly delayed, suggesting that veterans, including women, face challenges receiving timely access to care. Federal internal control standards for monitoring call for management to establish activities to monitor the quality of performance over time and promptly resolve any identified issues.

I likely speak for a lot of veterans in expressing my disappointment that VA has continued to fail women veterans.

President Obama could have resolved this through various mandated reporting but we all know VA was not worried about providing more accountability through reporting but less after getting caught up in the wait list scandal.

Source: https://www.gao.gov/assets/690/681363.pdf

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  1. One of the largest gaps in female health care isn’t the breast exams and OBGYN issues, it’s the lack of training for handling PTSD issues as many female veterans are victims of rape or other sexual assaults in the military. The VA is trying to close this gap by hiring trained rape counselors. What I’ve seen is the other end of the spectrum as well when my rape took place in the 80s and I wanted counseling for a VA non-rape issue. I was called up and turned away by a male counselor who referred me to a video counselor. Where is the personal experience in that? They have you sit back far enough in a room so they can observe your body language by video and they’re so far away you can’t even see their face since you have to sit on the other end of the room from the screen. This is one big area that needs addressing yet. You leave the video appointment feeling more frustrated than the rash of verbal insults in phone calls just to get the video appointment.

    1. Female veteran. In relation to what you are saying, I totally agree with you and this is why. I will make this short because I do get long winded. In case of real healing success, yes, personable touch with directly connecting the feelings with thoughts which exposes the experiences to therapist or psychologist. This type therapy with when the individual is able to turn the inside to the outside really is tremendously healing. I agree. The VA runs from having to do therapy these days. The VA used to really support intensive therapy. Overall, I believe that the VA used to invest a more personable touch than they do today. I do not understand why they have almost eliminated this type care because it is very effective to help an individual to get beyond the pain. The VA had rather prescribed a medication. Medication is only just a bandaid to assist the person along and is okay for a little while. Most meds contribute to other health issues though due to side effects. This is where more problems come into play. Anyway, one -on- one therapy, and there are some real effective therapies or therapeutic modalities, needs to be realigned within the VHA. I believe the VA could really help many veterans if they would go back to this concept and add to the concept improvements beyond the point where they used to be and with a goal of generating an even more effective process than previously.

    2. Oh yes, I forgot. I do not believe the VA should invest in video therapies. This is a waste of money of taxpayer dollars. In my factual opinion, and, this is what it is is my factual opinion of my experiences, when mental health is to be dealt with or when mental health is being dealt with, all mental health should be face to face one on one for most effective approach. Then, second approach is groups. These approaches establish realness and helps the brain regenerate new neurons which helps the person reach a higher level of functioning and helps the person separate the painful past reality fast forwarding to living in the current reality of today. This is growth. All this technology is not the answer. I am sorry to say VA. VA should listen to it’s prior constituients. All this technology is really damaging to the brain and damaging to real therapeutic relationships and real personable relationships. This country may think it is the all end all but technology is not the answer for really helping people with their lives. The technology is also a bandaid just like medications. I believe that the VA has further away from helping veterans to where I perceive it as disgraceful in many cases. The bottom line is really the VA could and would save billions of dollars if it would take a healthier approach to its health care and this involves using people instead of technology and medications. I am not joking. There is a twist in all this. When the VA does not take of it or deal with it the first time with doing it right the first go around, the person is a revolving door or the product is a revolving door. I believe in doing it right the first time and getting on with life. A person doing what one needs to do. Yes, the VA needs to hire many new mental health professionals from psychologists to mental health therapists to Rehabilitation Counselors to Rehabilitative Neuropsychologists to Addiction therapists. Neuropsychologists will have the understanding of neuroplasticity that occurs when specific therapeutic modalities are used. Different testing can be applied to measure results and trust me effective therapy can generate more positive results within the psyche so VBA can use these measurements to help establish veterans in really rewarding new degrees further into real new professions. The VA could win if they really wanted to. The winning is helping veterans achieve healthy life styles to more dependence and self-reliance. I have really been recently paying attention to the leadership twist that they are using. I say and I will continue to say that promoting a healthier life is more cost effective than promoting sabatoge of a life. Over medicated and inappropriate medications as well as technology is more expensive than having a real compassionate qualified psychologists, counselors, or any type of mental health professional helping the veterans. Compassion is the key to helping a life. Technology and Medications cannot offer this. The VA may be doing this intentionally with how they are handling veterans but they may not realize what they are really even doing. These pharmaceutical companies and technology companies charge a arm and leg for all these products. And how about the private contractors who have no saving costs controls involved with the contract with the VA. Or vice versa. The VA needs to get a grip because they are wasting billions of taxpayer dollars. Pharmaceutical companies and technology companies are stealing from the VA which are really the regular everyday working Americans paying taxes. The VA is run on taxpayer dollars. So with all this. Yes, the VA needs to change their approach to all aspects of its health care. Of course though, this is my factual observation and my perspective only. I am just laying all this out. I hope the VA will come onboard. Sorry for so much input to your message but you female veteran struck a cord. Thanks.

      1. Do a search on PubMed for telemedicine.

        I don’t recall when that became all the rage, but there is lots of research on it and lots of implementation of it simply because of cost.

        The problem is most nitwits pushing it have no clue on how a Patient might be affected by it, particularly on a first appointment.
        If I have a serious issue that needs to be addressed, I would rather do it face to face. I already have a damn phone and can look up Dr. Google if I need, which may provide much better information than a face to face doctor…but let me figure that out after the first appointment.
        As for counseling face to face, I see a huge number of vets talking about the inability of getting an appointment in mental health at their VA.

        Veterans needing those appointments should check out Vet Centers since they can provide quite a number of services to vets, including counseling, and likely help cut through a load of red tape of needed.

        There are over 300 in the US, and may provide a faster appointment than the VA can.

      2. When it comes to mental health, all should be face to face. Only exception for any kind of tele-mental care would be for the telemedicine mental health care to be just considered as temporary care to assist the veterans until the veterans are in place with the appropriate mental health provider. I honestly believe the tele- mental health care is not the type of care for getting it right the first time and really igniting positive emotional and positive mental health growth. They can say all they want that tele -mental health care is used because of low cost. I will debate with them all day that I disagree. I am looking at the whole picture. A human life is an investment well beyond that of tele-mental health care. Mental health care is to be treated with realness and compassion. I do not believe that Mr. Bob McDonald is even able to have deep passion for another human life. His decisions are all evidence of a disconnectedness for human life. Although, with him being a prior business involved CEO, this profession does not require one to have real interpersonal skills. He is cut off. He is up in his head. I wonder if he is even connected to his wife.

  2. @Lem: Lem, take a course on psychology of human sexuality! What a STUPID remark! It is EXACTLY the other way around! Homosexual men are VERY likely to love, like, defend, and to try to EMULATE women, because they IDENTIFY with them, instead of hating them for being competition for available men. It is LESBIAN “women” who hate ALL men, but especially straight men, who they view as compeition for pussy. Where in the HELL do you get your information? From comic books or the Sunday funnies!?

    1. I do believe I said “some”. It is not fair to blanket “all”. But having been around enough “gay men” to know, I can assure you when I hear a man denigrating women it is usually either a misogynist or a gay man that can’t stand the competition. For gay men, especially if the word “bitch” is frequently used to label some gay men as well as women.

      Perhaps you too broad in your coverage of certain psychological profile labels, Rick. Maybe a little defensive? What is this rant you have on this thread?

  3. @Angela: You are TRYING to validate what you BELIEVE are facts! You are not me, and you are NOT a combat veteran, or a male! I am all three, and I tried your methods probably before you were born, only to actually HAVE the V.A. police called on me! If you REALLY believe in “qualifying,” you should have qualified your statement. You COULD (but DID’NT) have said, “Rick, here is something that has worked for ME, but I understand that it MAY not work for YOU.” You should’nt make the false assumption that I am “defeating myself,” because these nasty things happened when I was actually EMPLOYING our methods!

    1. I am speaking about my facts in my situation. If I implied, that they applied to you that was not my intention. I was sharing my situation with all just to point out my particulars with hope that it can help someone else in their situation. It is not about saying that all applies to all. Everyone is a individual and this is what I believe. Every one is to be treated individually and not in general. I know what works for me may not work for some else. When someone communicates with their situation, I never look at it and say those facts do not apply to me. I can always look at the message with an open mind and may even apply some of what they are saying to help my own issues. Plus too, if I can offer insight back to them I do as well. Rick, I do not negate anyone unless it is unethical and totally corrupt where it would harm someone else.

    1. Not trying to put out false assumptions. Needed to further break down my words as to what I was trying to say.

  4. @Angela: It is YOU who are missing MY point! Just as (so you claim) you don’t raise your voice in prosecuting your case, neither do I. But it is recisely because you ARE female that they allow you to engage in a rant! A man does’nt get one quarter as far as you, before they ask him to leave. Any further attempt to outline his case or views is immediately met with threats of V.A. and city police, and sometimes brutality. Sorry that you don’t choose to understand that it is TOTALLY different for women than men! Also bear in mind that almost ALL patient reps. are female, almost NONE are veterans, and almost NONE have ANY concern for the rights of male veterans!

    1. My engagement with them is not a rant. It is qualifying and validating the facts to clean up the discrepancies.

    2. Rick, the patient reps I agree with you appear to be women from my observations. Even, though most are women, it still does not change the fact that even the patient reps side with the employee. They put on a front to try to appear to be fair to the vet but in the end, the situation is turned against the vet. This is also my observation as well. I believe the patient reps need to be gender balanced. Also, the patient rep needs to be removed from being under the direct link to the director of the clinic or hospital. The patient reps could be placed in their own chain of command under the complaint 24 hour hotline that Mr. Trump has vowed to establish in Washington DC. There needs to be a specific patient care/ customer service administration established for problem solving patient negligence/ deaths etc. and even the situations that appear to relate to a wrong doing. Relate what I am saying to the Better Business Bureau. See where I am coming from. Let it fall under the TRUMP cabinet administration and not Congress. Remove it from under the VHA facilities authority. A separate chain of command.

      Also, divide up the Board of Appeals into each state having their own federal Board of Appeals. Let them handle claims within each state accountable to the rules and being their own authoritative designator but still be under a central federal office just as oversight. This would tremendously improve accountability and improve time management of claims. Of course, though, have the firing authority implemented under the VA secretary and with the secretary. Let the accountability policies with hiring and firing be established from top to bottom. These are just thoughts. This is why the patient reps need to be removed from under the directors because the vets do not have anyone representing them in their corner to present facts in advocation of the vet. However, though, the VA employee has both the patient reps but not supposed to, and the corrupt union representing them. All the vet has is the VA police with the point of throwing the vet into a ward or jail. Then, the truth is never established because the VA false narratives preside. Under the VA, the vet is guilty until proven innocent. But, you know what the innocence is never proven because the vet usually dies before this happens. Thanks. Let me know your thoughts.

      1. If you recall Bens post about Wells for SecVA, one of his proposals was to have Ombudsmen at the Regional or VARO level. These Ombudsmen would be veterans.
        If that were to happen, a veteran getting no help from a local Patient Advocate could go to the Ombudsmen. After a couple times of that happening, they would figure out quick who wasn’t doing their job.
        I never heard of a Patient Advocate until 1996 or 7. The one at the Madison VA was helpful.
        Here in CO at my smaller VA, they have 3. 2 flunkies and a guy in charge. Both flunkies are absolutely worthless and have no qualms about lying to your face. The guy in charge is also the PR person for the hospital which is clearly unethical. Who does he advocate for?

        Given the internal emails I received in that FOIA, he clearly doesn’t give a shit about veterans, but he is concerned about bad press.

      2. Thanks for your message. Let’s hope the Ombudsman concept or a solution is developed to be put into place to protect the veterans. We will see soon! I hope.

      3. Patient representative are VA employees paid at GS-9’s or higher and are the hired guns of the Chief of staff and the director’s office.

        Yes. They are hired to assist veterans when they have a complaint. Reality is these patient representatives job is to help with little thing’s. Major problems will not be addresed. These problems where the veterans have proof of wrongdoing will not be addresed and many of these complaints

        Will be turned on the veterans and the result will be that the veterans are at fault and or evidence indicates the veterans were wrong or the employee they were speaking about has been counciled

        The veteran’s will never know if this is true and then it’s the VA’s turn and then the veterans are accused of something disruptive behavior or employees are warned that the veteran is a trouble maker.

        Remember who they work for. Who gives them a yearly bonus. Not to mention the high grade they hold.

        Not many employees will jeopardize the status given to them or will they jeopardize their buddies job.

        It’s their job to block complaints from going futher on down the road. Some are just plain ass holes and enjoy seeing veteran’s harresed!

        Dark soles. Thrive on it !

      4. James, I hear you. I agree. James, I know who I am and what I am all about. James I am in the process of making some decisions for myself. Where I am going with this I will explain. James, as I have recently critiqued my life, I have a real deep passion about caring for people, helping people, and teaching people. Yes, too, for years when the Navy retired me, I was very sick. I won’t go into anymore of my story but I have very much learned compensatory skills to assist me where I can really function at a very high level. What I am saying may appear that I am speaking about me only but I am getting to a point. James, I am no trouble maker. I can’t even comprehend how anyone could have such a disregard for life. How anyone could just neglect whether intentional or accidental? James, it is very painful for me to witness and not be in a position to even help or change the situation. James, I am no trouble maker like I have said. I have a clean record legally and even a safe driver. James, I am in school trying to make my own way with approaching next semester in January with being enrolled in Calculus 1, Chemistry and Microbiology. James, I have a genuine heart. I do not make trouble for the VA employees. They are the ones who step on me. I do not step on them at all. My expressing myself has to do with the fact that I am an extrovert. All my interactions with the VA employees are constructive. It is because I care about both the veterans and employees. I am not trying to burn anyone. With unethical medical procedures and pure negligence when it results in a loss of any life, it is really hard for me to deal with because of who I am. The DAV represented me well. The VA has been right by me in the way of monetary compensation when I could not function in school or work. My compensation is really a blessing and I really am grateful to the Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Benefits Administration. I do owe it to the DAV and trust me before I pass they will be compensated in return down the road. I am not trying to make trouble for the VA employees. I only care enough about the VA, employees and Veterans that all I want to do is offer solutions to a VA nationwide problem. And Veterans dying, draining billions of dollars out of taxpayer dollars and no accountability about the agency or in the agency. It is really hard for me to swallow. Yes. I should care because I have paid taxes, my parents have paid enough taxes for the VA to retrain me ten times over and many other Americans have as well. I see a bigger picture. If they do not get the agency on the right track, it is going to crash just like Venezuela. They do not see it now but it could happen. I am a very proactive person. I am not trying to burn anyone but I only make my comments because I care about the agency, veterans and the employees. With all that I have said, my message is not to complain but to point out that really the VA could offer quality health care, educational and retraining of a top notch status if all heads would be put together. This is what I am about.

  5. @Angela: Angela, I must say that every time you post, you write a tome! But that is alright. It can be your own form of a V.A. journal, and maybe makes you feel like a catharsis has occurred!. Thank you for your suggestions, and they might work in the real and civilized world, but NOT in the VA., because they hold and have ALL the power, and they KNOW it. To them, EVERYTHING one does is wrong, and if it IS’NT, they will FIND a way to make it wrong! In this case, the nurse (she was six or seven months into pregnancy, which might partly explain things) told me “next time you come to the specialty clinic” and the decline began there. I try to avoid the V.A., and she was leading me in an opposite direction. So, I tried to interrupt her to find out where we had just been, since I did’nt even know the designation of that place, there were no signs, and SHE did’nt bother to tell me! So, obviously, I am wondering if she means the place we were just at, or the place she was leading me to, because they ofter talk as if you know where everything is. So, next time I come might mean the interview stat7on, or, in HER mind, the new place she was taking me to. I don’t get mad. I just try to show them how they were failing to communicate their message. Unfortunately, THAT mak3s them mad also, and they go all “How dare you try to correct a V.A. nurse goddess! Do you actually think that you can communicate better than me? Well, YEAH! Duh! I wrote for four newspapers, including The Spotlight in Washington, D.C., and spent three years in Flagstaff, Arizona as a news broadcaster for Sun Sounds Of Arizona disability radio network. Communications were my business!

    1. When she did not bother to tell you the name of the place in the VA, Rick hold her to the fire. Make her stop or you stop right there in the hall. Force them to do their job. Hey, I do not care if she is pregnant or not. Continue to point out their communication discrepancies. Let them get mad. Then, if they get tired of being mad and held accountable, then, maybe they might just start to show some respect and do things right. Do not bail her out. Make her do her job. Straight communication of facts and you know this already will not get anyone in trouble. Freedom of speech. If they do not like it, then, I guess they have to just sit with it. It is not your problem. It is all her because of her lousy service. Let it go. I know it is hard because they continually do the same crap over and over. Rick, control her in the patient / provider relationship. Flip the control. You know how to do that being that you are great with communications. Continue to reverse the communication. See what happens.

  6. Women veterans like male veterans are not getting the proper care, The VA does not care if its women veteran or not, every veteran treated or mistreated means they have to work and that takes time away from Hungry Hippo Games.

    I wonder how many Female veterans have spoke out about their treatment and how many of those have been reported to the Illegal Disruptive Committee.

    1. James, you are absolutely correct. I am a lady veteran. From my observations, both men and women are not treated with quality care overall. Every time I deal with them, I am forever having to assert myself and question them about their procedures. I always have to go behind them because they make mistakes and in the past I have had to correct them. Really and truly, though, if one does not try to watch out for themselves, there are few people who even will. I constantly have to be vigilant. I do not trust them. As for the care, and before approaching them, I have in place what I am constructively pointing out when it has been a discrepancy in my care. I do offer ways to improve whatever. Of course, though, they really could careless what I have to say. I try though because I care. I am a very accountable person. In the past when I was very sick and even now, I was / am fortunate that my family were / are still in good health. My mother in the past stood up to the VA with their medication practices. Her approach to the VA was that the medications needed to be streamlined. The VA tried to stick me in assisted living years ago but my family took control of me and I went to live with them. If it were not for my family, I would not be as far along in my recovery process as I am. My family is Good as Gold. I grew up in a good christian home and I was brought up with good values. My parents are close to 60 years of marriage with my father approaching 80 years of age and my mother approaching 79 years of age. Both are in good health. My father works out with weights and works on a farm. He retired from a company. My mother retired after 52 years of accounting. So I came from a working family who brought themselves up out of poverty. As far as the VA is concerned, yes, they have tried to create situations that were not true and have created situated situations that are not true. I have my wits about me now so I recognize the discrepancy most of the time. For sure, it takes a lot of energy to deal with them. Really and truly, though, I do not understand and will never understand why the VA does not want to be ethical in their practices. It is beyond me. There are, though, some decent providers but the veteran never knows what is coming down the pike. Even with the decent providers, it is the nature of the system that is most of the time the problem. Yes, too, there are many bad seeds in the VA but they are bad seeds in civilian care as well. The difference is Accountability in the civilian sector. In the VA accountability is rare. The VA is a socialist system and this is the problem. Socialism does not work. Check out the country of Venezuela. Crashed and is a mess. Many other countries are like this. I am pointing this out because the VA is almost here in the same position. I really do care and I know in my heart that if all put their heads in the right places, the VA could become quality healthcare.
      For this to happen, it all starts with a good attitude towards wanting to encourage life and not destroy life. It is called having respect for a human life. Human life is God given and precious. We were all blessed with lives and he gives us the tools to survive and to live our lives to our fullest potential with a disability or not. Searching out the proper accommodations and being able to use the accommodations assists us to meet the same standards of people without disabilities. It is a long process though. The compensation is learned through this process. I could go on and on. Back to the VA though, as far as a disruptive behavioral committee, who knows how many veterans are on their list. This though most of the time is what they are all about. Over the 20+ years though, I have seen the VA really help some veterans in their care as well as retraining to the education level to that of a PhD. I remember when the VA used to have actual psychologists in the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation program. The VA really in the past did have more validity testing and put more effort into training the vets for suitable employment and even substantive employment. Even the vets who were not even going back to work, I have witnessed in the past the VA sending the vet just to get a degree for the sake of achieving a degree. This using of one’s brain is really healthy for functioning. Lifelong learning is very healthy to anyone’s psyche. Academia or even working a job that requires one to use their brain is the key to living a longer life. Even in the elderly, there are parts of the brain such as the memory which is located in the hippocampus that regenerates itself. The neuron cells regenerate. I could go on and on about this in depth. Honestly, there are ways the VBA could further develop the Chapter 31 vocational rehabilitation to help veterans with mental disabilities to achieve education and training and go onto some employment if they desire. The process takes longer but it is achievable. The process starts with having a passion. If one has a passion for a goal, the goal will be attained no matter what. I have witnessed people who are in recovery and diagnosed with Schizophrenia attending MIT striving towards a PhD in Nuclear Engineering. The Lilly Pharmaceutical Company offers scholarships to individuals who have certain mental health diagnoses and fully funds up to a PhD. There is a new one now called BAER scholarships for individuals with mental disabilities. I have applied for the Lilly scholarship myself. One time I had a doctor to support it. Sometimes the VA would not even go for it and I felt held back. I have over the 20+ plus years always tried to do my best even if the VA was not on my side. I remember getting out of the hospital in 2004 and having my parents take me to the University of Florida Bookstore and purchase a MCAT which is a Medical Collegiate Aptitude Test for medical school. At this point in my life, there was no way I could even attempt medical school. I could not even take care of myself. The years have passed by. I can’t even begin to tell you how painful it has been not to be able to attain a goal such as becoming a doctor or any new career. Since, the Navy retired me, I have worked hard in my recovery process. At times my results from my efforts were minimal with one step forward and two steps back. One thing though, I have not given up and I do not quit. I am a former Inter-Service Tennis Gold Medalist for the United States Navy 1985. As a young college student prior to entering the Navy, I played on a Division 2 University Team and learned discipline early in life. Anything worthwhile has to be worked for. Real Achievements do not fall in one’s lap. It takes years and sometimes a lifetime. Basically, I am sharing some of my recovery process while in the VA system. I will say, though, I do owe the Disabled American Veterans because they advocated for me when I did not know my head from my feet with being out of reality. This was a blessing from God because my parents could have never managed me financially over the years. I know the VA needs to get it’s ducks in order and do the veterans right. It hurts me, though, when I witness veterans being denied services and treated like a second rated person. There is no excuse for it. I know vets can be treated with decency because I have witnessed it in the past. I do not know why the VA has become so disrespectful. Over the 20+ years, the health care has been all over the place. Sometimes they are okay and do a decent job and sometimes they are very negligent. The VA needs consistency and needs to rebuild it’s accountability in all aspects of the system. With all this being said, yes, I got sick because of what happened and I got sicker due to even more negligence while I was on active duty and yes, the VA has not always been quality care; but however, certain aspects of the system and the monetary system with my whole – heart efforts have gotten the job done. I am still disabled and with continued use of academic accommodations and work accommodations, I hope to continue to rebuild my life that I perceive that I lost due to being sick. Maybe I can become a Forensic Accountant. Who knows? Only the Lord Jesus Christ above knows. Everything in life is all a part of God’s plan for us. If the VA is to become more veteran patient centered, it will. God will put the right person in charge. Actually, I believe God already has. The person is Mr. Donald Trump. God works through people. With all that I have expressed today, I hope that I have helped a veteran find some hope and trust that God will intervene and take care of the vets. I know there are vets who are so sick that they can’t stand up to the VA. This is where the VA needs to step up to the plate and take care of the vets who can’t take care of themselves. I know it can be done because it has happened to me. Our happiness is a way of travel.

      1. I was speaking to a VA employees brother and he told me his sister told him, that she could hear the Veterans and Clerks going at it for what ever reason. I advised him, that those clerks thst report the Veterans as being Disruptive or yell back at the Veteran, Is in the wrong position !

        Employees working in a Clinic or Hospital setting are suppose to receive training on how to great people and not escalate the problem, They are to be calm and treat the veteran with kindness and try to find out what’s wrong and try to assist that Veteran no matter what they have to do.

        Veterans are just like anyone else when they go for care, They are sick or may have had a bad day. No matter what’s said to them, That’s their Job !

        Speaking of God, that’s the problem with some employees they have gotten the God Syndrome and think that since Management has pushed for the Employees to report any Veteran if they get upset. At one clinic in Pueblo Colorado, Advised their Employees, if you should come in contact with a Disruptive Veteran ?

        Do nothing or say nothing and were instructed to call the Outside police on the Veteran and let them take care of their problem. So the VA is now calling in the local police to arrest veterans. This committee can have Federal charges and have you arrested and Banished from all VA care !

        It has gotten to the point, that its easier to report a Veteran as being Disruptive, Than it is to try and find out what the problem is. My Motto kill them with Kindness, When you do this people settle down and some are puzzled and even apologize and things get done.

        I feel the reason employees do this, is because of Management, They have made the Veteran the enemy and with Managements blessing, Respect goes out the window and Employees will retaliate, with no fear of getting in trouble.

        Employees, have become so complacent, that they have forgotten the real mission of caring period. I glad your parents are doing well and were able to assist you, Many Veterans whom suffer with PTSD, TBI and are not treated for those conditions, because the VA denies them their disability for what ever reason, leaves the Veterans stranded in Limbo !

        I was told 40 years ago, this was the case. The VA lied to me and many others telling them their Official Military Records were destroyed in the Saint Louis Fire in 1973 May, With a TBI and suffering from PTSD and not knowing if this was really true !

        40 Years later finding out through an Attorney that the VA had been lying to me all along and they actually had my Official Military records that showed, what I had been telling them for 40 years that I was shot in the head and the records also indicated per the rater, That after being shot, I was taken to a German hospital and the to an American hospital. I did not remember me going to an American hospital.

        Once I became 100% disabled an employee who had a vendetta against me, became manager and reported me to the Disruptive committee, telling them that I would come into the clinic at LEAST twice a month and become disruptive. Twice a month, don’t know how many months this went on, But when I requested from the VA Disruptive committee to furnish me, with any and all Evidence of any disruptive Behavior

        VA disruptive committee, response we have no evidence, but has been collaborated, Ok who Collaborated it ? We can not tell you this, So without one shred of evidence, they proceeded to punish me. The Denver Chief of staff would send any and all inquires from the DAV, Senators, to the employee who made the claim to answer herself !

        The employee lied in the first place and they let her answer the inquires, That’s called the Fox watching the Hen House and she bad mouthed me and Higher Management let her, Seems no one cares if this committee is hurting veterans and do not require any proof of the Disruptive Behavior !

        They were unable to provide proof, Because there was none (0) ZIP, Yet they went ahead and punished an innocent person and Veterans such as myself had or have any recourse to defend themselves.

        Injustice at its finest. Have a good day !

      2. Yes, James, I totally agree with you. When vets go for care, yes, congenial customer service needs to take place between the clerk, nurses, doctor, and the veteran who is seeking medical attention. A positive attitude should be displayed towards the vet.

        Really it takes more energy to display a mean and unwelcoming attitude towards someone. I realize though this is socialism in its finest because when they create chaos and disruption, this is how they keep control of the veterans. This is what socialism is. Do you remember how George Soros wanted Hillary Clinton to become president? He was paying all those protesters to cause havoc. This was Soros was trying to take control of the country with further destabilizing the country. If Hillary Clinton had won, Soros would have succeeded and our country would be headed towards 100% socialism and on into Marxism into Communism. We do have hidden Communism groups in our country. Well, the VA is run similar to what I am describing. It is the socialist system leadership style. I am not saying all providers have this attitude but alot of the kind and compassionate providers are decent providers but are restricted due to the nature of the VA system. This is why the VA needs to be reformed to reflect a capitalist view with humanistic and holistic qualities. If they were to do this then, I believe they fear they will be bombarded with veterans wanting resources beyond what they could provide and too, I perceive that they fear they would not have control of the veterans. The problem is the inhuman leadership style. I am praying that Mr. Trump can implement a veteran centered humanistic – quality care system and redefine the leadership style of the VA to where it is of and by and for the veterans. A whole new approach is going to have to be developed or the VA will crash like the country of Venezuela and many more veterans will die due to lack of the proper medical care. Take a look at Venezuela and you will see what I am speaking about. I really feel empathy about your struggle and what you have gone through due to the VA lying to you forever. It is really sad to me and breaks my heart that when someone needs help and they can’t get it. Veterans willingly serve the country and should not be punished for serving; but however, this is what is happening. You are right the employees are treated with more respect than the veterans themselves. It really is a sad state of affairs.

        I tell you what, though, the Lord Jesus Christ above has not brought us this far to drop us. Keep the faith that the health care situation will improve for everyone under Mr. Donald J. Trump. He means business; and if rest of the Trump administration and Republicans with some Democrats continue to rally behind him, positive change will happen in spite of the inhumane people. 🙂

      3. Trump stated he will soon tell the country about what he is going to do for veterans, once he does I hope he tells the new person, take no prisoner’s, grab your butt cheeks and get out, your kind are not needed. Your Fired !!!!!!!

      4. James, I am anxious to see what develops. Once though, he decides on the leadership, the task of reforming the VA is going to be a very arduous undertaking. This will be one heck of a process. Most of the hospitals, clinics, and most all facilities are understaffed for one thing. This will take time for all aspects to
        get on board. I could be wrong though. Trump administration and republicans may implement all at once if all his people are in place. If Mr. Trump has a designated Team not just one person assigned to the Veterans Affairs, many changes could occur at once. Let’s stand by and see what happens.

      5. What ever happens I just hope that the VA employees get it, that they are there to assist Veterans get their disabilities and treatment and not make ways to insure veterans must jump through hoops to get what was promised when they signed up to defend this country.

        If they are under staffed, why are they dishing out millions of dollars to employees as a Bonus, Most companies would tighten their belt and save wherever they could, not the VA, the VA was told not to dish out any Bonus monies.

        Why is the VA making False wait lists to fool the Public and our Veterans. Why do Veterans have to die because of their misdeeds.

        All of this is due to mismanagement, The VA is full of employees who do not qualify for many positions. The VA has had decades to stack the deck, with Friends and Relatives who are not qualified except for messing things up and believing they are above the law and will lie to everyone, as it had worked in the past and people forget about it.

        The VA started some where from scratch, That is what we have to do is start over ! Those Managers from the very top need to be let go and VA employees at retirement age must retire or be let go. The rest of the employees must be vetted and those that have a negative be removed !

        The remainder of VA employees must sign a contract that they will not break any rules or regulation, under penalty of Federal charges or removal from Employment. The VA must not be allowed to police themselves and they must stop or disband any program, that effects the Veteran such as the Illegal Disruptive Committee.

        Senators and congressman should have the power to investigate and when wrong doing is confirmed have the Authority to make the VA to take action to make the Veteran whole and the Employees involved fired.

        Any employee found Retaliating against an employee, for blowing the whistle will be fired. When found that any employee denied a veteran their disability in order to save a dollar or any other reason and found out those employees did so to hinder a veteran from getting their disability should have charges placed against them through our Justice Department and be forced to face a Judge.

        If this is not done, the VA liars will continue to fool the public and our elected officials. A law must be passed that when an employee is called to speak in front of a committee and refuse to answer will be held accountable, The 5th should not be allowed as a committee is not a legal or judicial component of our legal system.

        Yes, a lot has to be done and we and our elected officials, can turn this around if they want too, If they don’t “shut it down” our Country is Billions in debt, The United states could save Billions from the Monies paid to VA employees, VBA also must be revamped and all Managers be let go and strict regulation and laws made, to ensure employees are held accountable for denying Veterans their deserved disabilities and stated loud and clear, If you are found to hinder a veteran from obtaining their deserved disability, the employees involved will have Federal Charges placed upon them.

        The contract with AFGE, must be redone and the Union can defend any employee accused of wrong doings, But they must provide a union official to do so in a court of law. These new laws must have teeth and every employee must know if broken their is a price to pay !

  7. That’s a snappy picture of Sec. Bob you posted. He wishes everyone joy these holidays, as he did absolutely not-a-thing in the last 2+ years as candymaster. A program like “Choice” would be enough to get anyone fired in this world. Bet your bottom dollar he don’t use it. Not to mention all the Bull & lies he comes up with. Go to Disneyland, Bob,…and wrestle alligators in the lagoon there.

  8. I am not at all surprised by this given how poor the VA is on a very wide range of performance measures for all veterans. Only a fool would think only male veterans would be adversely affected by poor VA performance.

    What would be very interesting is to see a GAO study on women veteran access to care outside the VA using CHAMPVA, and how much worse it may be under Choice.

    I know of a female veteran that goes to the same VA as I do, and she said she had never had a problem getting care outside the VA for a mammogram…and CHAMPVA paying for it because the local VA could not provide that care. She was being forced to use Choice for her next check-up, and was seriously dreading it because she expected all kinds of problems in getting the appointment, and getting it paid for. I haven’t talked with her in some time, so I don’t know how long she might have waited using Choice.

    On the GAO report, I found the following quote to be very telling:

    “While VHA monitors access-related Choice performance measures (such as timely appointment scheduling) for all veterans”.

    I would like to know exactly what is measured. Are they measuring how fast any veteran gets to see a doctor using Choice? Or does the VA knowingly use misleading measurements, and only record how fast a veteran is referred to Choice?

    A veteran may get a referral to Choice within a week, but what good is it if the veteran actually is not seen by a doctor until 6 months later, because the VA and HealthNet does everything in their power to screw up the process.
    That quote tells me the VA has been well aware of how pathetic the Choice program has been, and they don’t care. And have done little to improve it.

    1. 91Veteran: I don’t know if “fool” was a veiled reference to me, because so many people on here seem to have a terrible time with me defending male veterans. Rest assured, I am far from a fool. I just have far more experience with the V.A. than most, because I have been forced to use it on and off for 45 years, and served a summer internship at the Long Beach V.A. Hospital. Working in the E.R., I saw far more than most people see in their entire lives. It was very common to see a man and woman both high on the same drugs come in together. The woman would be swearing, throwing things, and threatening people. Yet, they would treat her with kid gloves. The male veteran was sometimes in a state of drug induced psychosis, and nearly catatonic. Yet, nine times out of 10, he was the one brutalized by V.A. and city police, and led away in handcuffs or strait jacket. Not ONCE did I say that males were the only ones affected by poor V.A. performance. But, they ARE treated MUCH more harshly, and are FAR more likely to be brutalized, talked down to, and disrespected.The reason so many people here seem to be obsessed with calling me names and denying what I say, is the SAME reason that some STILL don’t understand or believe that women commit FAR more domestic violence today than men. Because we love ourcmoms and because of the way our moms program us, we are raised to believe that ALL women are wonderful, and can do NO evil! Because many men have a deep need to believe this, finding out otherwise results in them suffering from severe cognitive dissonance.

      1. Seriously, get therapy for your womb-bashing. It’s unbecoming as a human let alone a Veteran. If you cannot look in the mirror and see your vile hatred and extreme bias against woman, then seriously, you should be a VA Patient Advocate Maggot.
        Your volatile nature will drive everyone away from this site…or is that your ambition all along?
        I still call TROLL when I smell it.

      2. @No-more-boy: Dude, get a grip on yourself! You know, like you do every night. You are a fucking nut case who can’t fucking STAND anything that differs from what he was taught. I am speaking the truth, little WHIPPED boy! If you don’t like it, fuck off! Learn to accept the TRUTH, idiot, and develop a curious and scholarly attitude. Like I said before, you are strictly Phi BETA Dumba!

      3. My comment here is as my first comment always is on Ben’s posts. I read his article first, may or may not read any linked articles if I am not familiar with the subject, then scroll to the bottom and make my comment before reading any other.

        Then read the other comments…if they can be called that.

      4. @Rick Lipary – “Because we love ourcmoms and because of the way our moms program us, we are raised to believe that ALL women are wonderful, and can do NO evil! ”

        Not in my family. Anyone is capable of doing “evil”, it is not gender-based. I knew THAT by the age of six.

      5. @Rick Lipary – ” because so many people on here seem to have a terrible time with me defending male veterans. ”

        I neither asked for you to defend me, nor do I desire you to. I VERY STRONGLY conclude from your comments that you are being more offensive to veterans of BOTH sexes than defensive to any.

        “I just have far more experience with the V.A. than most, because I have been forced to use it on and off for 45 years, and served a summer internship at the Long Beach V.A. Hospital.”

        Yes. Experience however, can be both good and bad. If my memory serves, HRC who has tons of experience working for the U.S. Government – – – just lost the election to Donald Trump who has ZERO experience working for our government. Rightly so. Bad experience with no positive accomplishment, should not be rewarded with a promotion.

        I suspect that when you received your B.A. in Psychology from Cal State – Long Beach back in 1985 – – – that it was only a few years before you veered from practicing your “chosen” career, and sought to become a Technical Writer instead.

        If the ONLY knowledge I had about you were gleaned solely from reading your comments towards others in this forum, I would have to conclude that other than gender – – – there was zero substantive difference between you and HRC. “Educated” people throwing childish temper tantrums whilst calling others “uneducated dimwits”.

        Oh! The Irony . . .

    2. Here ! Here ! They (VA) are CERTAINLY aware of how pathetic Choice program is. Doctors at the VA tell me they know it’s a train wreck, and were duped too. HealthNet Federal Services (a private, for-profit company who uses the name TriWest in certain western states) should be dissolved for implementing it, and the VA should be dissolved for not overseeing them administering it like bimbos. My (non-VA) provider through choice sent me two letters informing me they no longer accept choice program, and I am the last one on their books using it there. Very embarrassing ! It’s like “some shitty insurance this guy has” Medicare is investigating this .

  9. Hey Dick, I would love to meet you. And upon our first meeting, I would like to present you a gift. 30 Martial arts lessons right in a row. Don’t worry, it will only take 5-10 seconds so I won’t waste a lot of your time. And you can go back to sucking the VA cock. Only this time without any teeth. TROLL piece of shit

    1. I’m not interested in your martial arts, dick head! At least until you graduate kindergarten, you COCKSUCKER! Another keyboad warrior! I live in Sioux Falls, retard, and I am in the phone book. Call me! Another fool who wants to fight, because he has an I.Q. of minus180, and can’t think or debate! Bring your boyfriend WITH you, ASSHOLE!

  10. “The VHA doesn’t have accurate or complete data”. In other words, for upper management (VA, VHA, (insert dept.) ) twisting of words- in common speaking- most management people are not reporting the ongoing problems, and they are mostly lying about the severity of the problems if they do get reported. Some things never change…..

    1. Yep, I agree. I have medical issues that the VA are currently blowing off while blowing me off. I am headed to a private doctor this month with my Tricare and hope I can handle paying for some of it. I am a lady vet and I do not get special treatment. I can give you a list. I have been denied Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation for over 20 years. I was denied the Montgomery GI BILL when I contributed to the VEAP the whole time I was in the NAVY. The DOD opened up the Montgomery GI BILL to the VEAP active duty and retirees and I was denied. The first 12 years after being retired, though, I could not manage much of anything. How can anyone work if they can’t afford any decent retraining with the outrageous cost of tuition? And too, besides without any decent training, guess what I get to do scrub toilets for a lifetime and do the jobs nobody else wants to do. I have had my share of eating shit. It was the eating of the shit that made me sick where I could not see straight. At least now I can see, but, I still have unattended too medical issues. As far as dividing the male vets and the lady vets, this would not take place with me. Veterans are really one. Both are treated about the same from my observations.

      1. To further buttress my point. I just came back from the Sioux Falls V.A. hospital, and the SAME thing happened! ANOTHER R.N. who may or may not have known her shit. But, as USUAL, she was argumentative, and could’nt explain what she wanted me to do. So, to know your stuff, but NOT know how to communicate, or to communicate well, but not know your stuff, is UNACCEPTABLE!

      2. Rick I wanted to further comment to you to offer a suggestion. I do agree with what you are saying.

        When you speak to these nurses, and you probably already do this, but I am just adding my take on how to handle them to keep them out of your face.

        When any provider speaks to you, ask her to break it down on what she needs you to do. Just stand there or sit there in a calm manner until she does. Be firm in speaking but do not get angry. If you do not react to their demeaning attitude and disrespect, then, it goes back on them. When there is a conversation, just stick to the facts. Facts eliminate all emotion and can’t contribute to an overreaction which can get any veteran in trouble with the VA. Then, here comes the VA police. Ask her to be specific on all details. When she asks or tells you something about a medication or medical issue and if she appears as though she does not know or seems to you that whoever does not know what they are speaking about, ask the nurse or doctor to look it up in a medical reference.They have medical book references in most VA offices or they are supposed to. If not ask her to look it up on the computer. Pharmacists, if medications you do not know about, have the pharmacists go over side effects of it. Look it up yourself on internet. If medications contribute to and can cause other medical issues to treat one particular issue, go back to provider and get them to look up alternative regular everyday solutions that are not considered prescribed medicines. Maybe add or take away something from your diet, add KRILL oil. I tell you KRILL oil is good for inflammation, cholesterol etc. Check it out. KRILL oil is made from Crutaceans which are harvested in the Antarctic ocean. They are at the bottom of the food chain and feed off plankton. The Crutaceans are clean and without toxins. Krill oil is toxin free as compared to Fish oil. Fish oil can have toxins because it is made from fish near possibly areas in the ocean that are maybe not so free of toxins. The fish could have been farm fed and are not as fresh and healthy as wild fish. Going back to alternatives maybe use a supplement or something over the counter such as Apple cider vinegar, castor oil, Epson salt, Greek yogurt and the list goes on. Greek yogurt has good bacteria which helps with the digestive system. Hey, Rick, I am just trying to assist or offer suggestions to help life easier to deal with. Thanks.

      3. Angela, as Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is a failure to communicate!” Are you EVER going to understand that what works for women will NEVER work for men!? When a female veteran is insistent, they will talk her DOWN. But when a MALE veteran speaks up, they call the V.A. and city police! I apologize! There must be something I said that you did’nt understand!

      4. No Rick, you are missing my point. I know it is a failure of communication. I have always known this.
        The VA always fails to communicate. They do not care. Check out the recent article about the body of a veteran that Bay Pines in St. Petersburg left in a shower after 9 hours. No communication was done to remove the body to the morgue. More disgrace and disrespect to the veteran population.
        I say fire them all and start over.

        No, when I speak back to them after they have spoken to me in a demeaning way they do not talk me down. They try to both male and female. Rick, I continue to deflect it back to them.

        For example a provider was trying to force me to get a flu shot. He spoke to me about me needing to do this like I was not taking care of myself. I specifically pointed out to him that I was not going to be on the receiving end of a flu shot. I told him that I never get a flu shot. He just could not accept that but you know what he had to. I pointed out to him facts well beyond what they are even up to date on concerning me. With me sitting in a chair beside his desk with the computer in the treatment room,
        I even corrected him again at that point. I do not care if he liked it or not. Negligence was occurring right in front of my eyes. I do correct them. I say what I need to say. I do not care what they think or do. As for you, you mention raise your voice, you do not have to speak up, get your point across with a medium tone effect with only asserting the facts. Rick, sounds like you are defeating yourself. I know the VA creates false narratives. I tell you what you can go over the VA Director’s head of whatever hospital you are receiving treatment if you were cuffed by the VA police. You do have a right to an attorney and further it onto the new attorney general and the supreme court. Rick, do not give in at any cost. I am serious. The only way to ignite change for the better is to stand up to the system in a respectful way with the facts.

  11. No Transgender surgeries period! Not related to military service. We have a hard enough time caring for our WAR veterans.

    1. The residents want to get their bona fidos. (or bones). And anyone with over a 50% compensation rate is entitled to 100% free care at or through the VA. By the way these are “WAR veterans”. So the only thing that can stop sex change operations in the VA is Congress. Of course any veteran with less than a 50% combined rating can be denied care for all but his service connected conditions except for ACA conditions.

  12. Rick,

    If you think it is such a great deal to be a woman vet, then apply for pre-op hormones, grow some breasts, lose body hair, and hope that VA reauthorizes sex reassignment – or use Choice program to become a woman.

    Imagine the life you will have with an entire agency on your side! If you are right, why wouldnt you? Women have it made in the shade, right?

    Trying to be positive here Rick. It would be best if you sober up first though. Drunk women are a turn off.

    1. Well, I see the little bitch boy Dennis is still living up flea male crack! What’s wrong, little boy? Is your bra hurting you? Or maybe your frilly panties or girdle? Oh, I know! You’re on your period, right!? Something is wrong, little bitch boy, because you seem ass hurt about everything, and you are doing what every white knight simp SOB does today, which is throw what SHOULD be his own gender under the bus in favor in favor of whiny bitches! DUDE, you are SUPER unmanly! Nor have you given me a SINGLE goddamn reason why you think WOMEN need better treatment, when it is the MALE warriors who have been crapped on non-stop at ALL V.A. facilities! Why do you think that EVERY veteran that has died during the wait scandals has been male, and the overwhelming majority of V.A. suicides have been male!? You are a super brainwashed and effete ASSHOLE who is’nt even manly enough to admit when he is wrong!

  13. @Rick ‘Limpdick’,
    After reading your response to my first comment. I see you can’t bring yourself to answer a statement with facts to back up your diatribes.
    Your childish responses to everyone, is evidently a way to make yourself look important! Yet, that in no way is what’s occurring!
    You also do not have an understanding, or have information, concerning what you believe to be factual.
    “Utube videos” are a great resource. As are DoD research sites, as is the AMA, as is Harvard, Yale, William & Mary and many more.
    Quit being a troll. All it does is show you STUPIDITY!

    I’ll bet you voted for Obama and “The Butcher of Benghazi” as well. Which makes you a divisive left wing nut RADICAL libertard! I’ll also bet you weren’t even in the military.
    Go back down that rabbit hole! You will not, nor do not, deserve to be on this site……

    1. @Crazy: Did’nt read your post, because THEY, like you , are stupid and childlike. As for “limp dick,” I would tell you to pull down your “panties” and talk man-to-man. Unfortunately, you probably left your Wheaties prize electron microscope in your cardboard box in Shanty Town, so you would’nt be able to FIND yours, you little walking advertisement for Viagra!

      1. Were you beat-up by a gang of lesbians or something? Why the hate? Woman in the Military have for a long time been in key positions, including B-52 Pilots and I knew quite a few female F-15/16 pilots and Female Crew Chiefs–serving exceptionally.

        Not only supportive roles but woman are indeed Fallen Warriors *wherever* they may fall in the military, same as the men and I dare say the woman have to still combat attitudes such as yours, which means they aspire even harder to push through the glass ceilings.
        Also, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor there were indeed woman in military as casualties and guess what? Some of the KEY supporting medical staff saved MANY LIVES by being in their KEY **supportive positions* at that time.
        Maybe you indeed need to espouse your hate toward military woman at any local off-base lesbian hangout and I bet you will not be in stiches from laughter. 🙂

        Troll SPRAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      2. SERIOUSLY!? REALLY!? Don’t you have the roles reversed? You are the one beaten up by lesbians, which explains why you insist on being a Milquetoast living up flea male crack. I love women, dumb ass! Why do you think I was married for 35 years? That pretty much shows that I know my way around! I just hate lesbo man haters and their ridiculous MANGINAS like you that want special privilege for female veterans over the male veteran actual warriors, even though they fucking KNOW it will cause gender warfare!

      3. Just like male Veterans, all any female Veteran wants from the VA is the “World Class” medical care with dignity and respect that regardless of one’s gender as a Veteran deserves rightly, nothing else. We ALL want that as Veterans.

        I also would love an ignore button function as your pollution is not good for anyone’s potential PTSD and other chronic health issues but you are so self-serving you cannot see that can you, Pricky Liar?
        Now, piss off.

  14. “Rick Lipary” could easily be a anagram for “Pricky Liar”. 🙂

    “Language is a virus from outer space”–Wm S. Burroughs

      1. You have no conception of sardonic or otherwise humor do you? “Ass Hurt”? Nope. Your type that would denigrate female Veterans on Dec. 7, the Remembrance Day of Pearl Harbor is beyond repulsive.
        If you are ever in need of being extracted by Fire Dept. personnel off a ladder and shoulder in order to escape certain death by smoke/fire, you must be so incredibly hateful of woman that if that EMT happened to be a professional female firefighter, would you choose to die instead?
        No more troll food for you now get back under your bridge and eat your pissy trollflakes.
        You should immediately apply to be a VA Patient Advocate because you are definitely qualified with that thorn up your ass sideways.

      2. Check out my posts, idiot! They were in response to YOUR sarcasm and sardonic insults! I know all ABOUT sardonic remarks because I read so many posts from grossly inferior morons like YOU! Yes, it is Pearl Harbor Day, and that is why the obsession with female veterans when almost ALL the peope killed in combat are males, is even MORE weird! It is females and their MANGINA supporters like YOU that are denigrating MALE veterans by ignoring our huge sacrifices.OOPS! I think I hear the school bell at MS (MANGINA School) Elementary School #2 ringing, so you better rush off. Don’t want to be late, do you?

  15. @Rick Lipary,
    The only people who “…commit to division among the citizens…” are the Liberal Left Wing Extremists!
    The VA, in all its fine glory, wanted the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton (aka; “The Butcher of Benghazi”), to succeed this past election cycle. It did not happen. GET OVER IT! (Just as Obama told WWII vets to “…get over…” Pearl Harbor yesterday!)
    “Women veterans DO go through as much, if not more, than their male counterparts!” This has been established by the DoD, AMA and other prestigious (medical) entities!
    Therefore, for you to come on here and denigrate our “Sisters’ in Arms” IS revolting, to say the least!
    As far as using your “First Amendment Rights” to *troll* others on here. That is only showing your ignorance of the “issues” at hand!
    I hope I’ve made my point crystal clear!

    1. Dude, you are a SUPER uneducated nut case! Prestigious AMA and DOD? SERIOUSLY!? REALLY!? The AMA has conspired to raise medical costs, and to force harmful vaccines on us, so that they and their zionist buddies in the American Pharmaceutcal Association can have an endless herd of cow like human patients that they can use for their financial benefit! How can you POSSIBLY be so uneducated, backward, stupid, and poorly read that you don’t GET this!? The DOD NEVER misses an opportunity to inconvenience, impede, and harm veterans by trying to deny us our rights! Yes, you are truly a graduate of Stupid University. A regular Phi Beta Dumba.

  16. “Congressional Committees Want Answers on Tomah VA Hospital”

    from: “WisconsinWatchdog.com”
    dated: Dec. 7, 2016

    In my opinion, *asking* VA for anything is a waste of time. How many times have we heard this? How many times have we heard, quote: “We, (referencing Congressional representatives), can’t arrest, try or convict anyone!”
    Until the perpetrators are brought to justice, (by convening a Grand Jury, handing down indictments, convening a court date, trying the accused and handing out sentences), they will continue to break the rules, laws and regulations set down by our alleged “Law Makers”! And it needs to start at the top with McDuck, Gibson and then work its way down the line!

    1. @crazy elf- Right on. In my opinion any good VA Secretary worth their salary would go on national TV and apologize for maggots, sepsis, secret wait time lists that killed some Veterans, et al, and NOT making gooblygook VA public relations excuses for their actions and bite the bullet. This way the American People can be entirely in the loop of the systemic and systematic torture of Veterans while receiving fat bonuses for doing so.
      We need a huge helping of public outrage. Sec. McDonald and other VA SES Employees have instead been stuffing themselves at the taxpayer $$$ trough like a bunch of pearls thrown to swine and to dine.

      On another topic, just heard a U.S. Marine Fighter Jet went down off coast of Japan this morning, of all days today and just yesterday Obama’s White House was scoffing at the Russian Jet crashes. Karma?

      1. @namnibor, As I’ve said before, I do believe this is the *reason* why President Elect Trump is having a hard time finding someone to be Secretary of VA!
        I read where he’s added some other names, I believe three, to the list.
        He’s definitely going to have to appoint someone who will turn this “failed VA” around. It ain’t gonna be easy!!!!!!

    1. Oh, Rick- A little Pink Floyd to calm your razor edge senses:

      “Lost for Words Lyrics

      I was spending my time in the doldrums
      I was caught in a cauldron of hate
      I felt persecuted and paralysed
      I thought that everything else would just wait

      While you are wasting your time on your enemies
      Engulfed in a fever of spite
      Beyond your tunnel vision reality fades
      Like shadows into the night

      To martyr yourself to caution
      Is not going to help at all
      ‘Cause there’ll be no safety in numbers
      When the right one walks out of the door

      Can you see your days blighted by darkness?
      Is it true you beat your fists on the floor?
      Stuck in a world of isolation
      While the ivy grows over the door

      So I open my door to my enemies
      And I ask could we wipe the slate clean
      But they tell me to please go fuck myself
      You know you just can’t win”

      Pink Floyd- “The Division Bell” (Lost For Words)

    2. I take it you were deprived of classic Bugs Bunny cartoons so you lost entirely the significance of the word ‘maroon’.
      Please go hug and pet a sentient being today but do not be surprised if that cat or dog shows fangs, and I hope it’s a female representative of the species.

    3. Wow Rick!!! You are truly an ignorant ass! Yes, I am a woman and your statements are highly inaccurate! Go to another blog site where they will high-five you it sure as hell won’t be here!

      1. @Donna: Do me a favor and go to hell! Please take all the other bitches and MANGINA simps with you! I knew you were the typical self interested liberal “woman” the minute I saw the word wow, which has been a highly unsuccessful vehicle for trying to disparage conservative males for years! Everything I said was totally true, and you are a SUPER unwomanly flea male without even the guts to admit how poorly male veterans are treated at V.A.facilities!

  17. Please do NOT represent this lying BULLSHIT as fact! I have been in the V.A. system since 1971, and know that this is an endlessly perpetuated anti-male lie! Women veterans COMPLETELY control ALL V.A. hospitals and clinics, and EVERYTHING is done for them, and NOT for the male veterans who do the fighting, bleeding, suffering, and DYING! We are cast aside, hated on, ignored, and abandoned! In study after study, up to 80% of male respondents agree that MALES, not FEMALES, are getting a raw deal!

    1. By 1627 A.D. nearly 80% of the worlds top scientists believed the Earth was flat. In Lilliput top studies suggested that the small end of the egg was to be cracked first. Luke Skywalker also turned out to be sort of ugly when he got old too, though that fact has yet to be verified by RAND.

      I thought I would flesh out some of the studies you left out…equally relevant to the issue at hand, and each equally true.

      1. ^^^^Weird and meaningless examples from a VERY weird guy! Who cares about round or flat earth, Dennis? Some things are ridiculous , and others are debatable. What IS’NT debatable is that males in V.A. facilities are treated FAR less well than females. Why do you think most VA. suicides are male? It sure is hell is’nt because we are somehow more fragile than women. What a JOKE! It is because we face FAR more than women, including repeated combat, but get FAR less help, mercy, compassion, and understanding! Dennis, you are a JOKE on so many levels, and you can definitely use a brain oil change, as well as a dictionary! It’s called SPELLING!

      2. @Rick Lipary- I am utterly embarrassed for you and almost feel sorry for you…almost.

        Just keep walking through life like that and hating on our Veteran Sisters and keep going straight until you come to the edge of the flat earth and wave at Marvin The Martian for me, he’s a cool guy and he does not discriminate nor condescend. He will give you the proper fluids to place in your morning snowflakes instead of the piss that you poured in them today.
        Nevermind Bugs Bunny at the earth’s edge talking to Marvin The Martian but fully expect Bugs to say to you, “What a maroon”!!!

      3. I will go you a step further! I AM disappointed in YOU for your typically MANGINA attitude! Women veterans and their dumb ass supporters like YOU are causing the divisions between male and female veterans by allowing self interested female veterans to ENDLESSLY demand special privilege over male veterans! You are a RETARD!

      4. …it was allegory Rick, the very point of which was to allude to the meaningless and ridiculous nature of your words. The style is used to present myself as the fool, rather than the author upon whom I was mocking, thus dragging the author down to the level of character attack which you obliged.

        You are attacking the character of US Veterans whom are female. I find this repugnant.

        Nothing personal, but maybe you should choose a different hobby?

      5. Dennis, you are a brainwashed MANGINA! I hope you have an industrial size a strength can of Glade on hand, because it can get pretty smelly up there, dude! Becausecyou have no critical thinking skills, you conveniently ignore all the facts, and side with women veterans like a frothing attack dog! It is totally YOUR illogical arguments that are ridiculous!

      6. @Rick
        IF women vets get medical care then why am I not having any pain medication since a VA Paid Ortho Dr broke the femur and the pelvic bone?? 6.5 months now still to this day not repaired yet with known soft tissue injuries which requires surgery yet nothing! no surgery date still set, no pain medication even when in th e”acute stage” either! I also know guys getting equally screwed but sadly most agree I a woman vet getting the worst raw treatment ever seen! Staff cant speak up to say VISN HQ or WashDC as they will loose their jobs! 🙁 ; There is no privacy for women to get their ob/gyn exams illegally yet the VA in Black Hills thinks this is fine ! NOT I have called Wash DC I was told authorized out in town VA no way! must do at VA no privacy I am not doing it waiting for legal safe exams still…. I ave been to Long Beach no problems all veterans got treated equally shitty male and the very few female vets. Man other VAs too but current one is the worse IMO to all vets let alone currently to my care I do not know how much longer in pan I can live no one gives a crap n YES you can die from pain heart attacks n other problems! 🙁

    2. Rick
      …I do know that you are beautiful in your brokenness. You are beautiful in your pain. You are beautiful in your courage to be a soul who carries this weight. I know your heart is good & you are loveable. I know your heart has done dark things you have never told anyone. I know that sometimes all you can do is let the tears rise & fall, to make the pain just a bit more bearable, than gather your strength, get up & carry on. I know that you may be shut down & so numb that nothing touches you anymore….
      …We may be outside the circle, but we’re here together.

      1. How do you know thse things about me? What dark things do you “know” my heart has done? Please don’t go all Zen on me without knowing ME! K? If you have been following these threads, you would know that these delusional morons have called me every name in the books, and I have done NOTHING but respond in kind. It seems to elude them that males continue to suffer in the V.A. with zero help, while females there have whole clinics and wings dedicated to them. What is wrong with this picture? To hate on people for telling the truth is ridiculous! Start worrying about your brothers as much as your “sisters!”

      2. Since 1775 & almost every year thereafter the U.S. has used military forces & fit, healthy men were sent to fight & die & pay the price so others may have security, privileges.

        The care-giver side of me hoped you would find inspiration & comfort – the Veteran side thinks its time to eliminate all gender based barriers; add women to the draft, the front line etc but before that happens most of your generation & mine will have to die off. Flexible thinking rests with the younger crowd. All the restrooms one day will be co-ed too. You’re in the Anger stage of your grief. Your comments ‘sound’ angry. It’s a normal phase. Many failed to remember you recently lost your wife. I am sorry for your lose. My husband is gone now 13yrs & it still at times feels unbearable & nothing gets fixed anymore.

        Have you ever read the list of birth defects related to the children of women Veterans’ service in Vietnam? You may call that special female treatments as it is birth related, a painful thing males cannot do.
        Read more:

    3. @Rick Lipary – Obviously, you have NOT been to Honolulu – – – where many of my sisters-in arms have been made to feel absolutely worthless because they seek treatment for conditions that we males can empathize with, but will NEVER truly be able to understand.

      “Women veterans COMPLETELY control ALL V.A. hospitals and clinics, and EVERYTHING is done for them, and NOT for the male veterans who do the fighting, bleeding, suffering, and DYING!”

      Man, you are so full of shit – – – I can smell you across the Pacific Ocean . . .

      1. You are showing your dimwitted lack of education and reading! If we could empathize, why WOULD’NT we understand? Give a circumstance, moron! You fools have made it clear that you are women pretending to be men, as in Victor/Victoria, trolls, or not conversant at ALL with the way the V.A. works. Oh, well. I guess that is your typical lib-tard!

      2. Actually Rick, the uneducated, inarticulate dim-wits among us are the ones who cannot seem to type a comment to another participant in this forum without continually cursing, which is a “look at me!!!! look at me!!!” childish behavior.

        ‘Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame’ is attributed (though disputed) to Andy Warhol. In this case, you have had far more than yours – – – and still stated ABSOLUTELY ZILCH of SUBSTANCE.

        So exactly what is the point you are trying to make, without doing a very poor George Carlin imitation?

      1. No, women veterans do not get special treatment. For example, it has and is taking 2 years for me to get back into the women’s clinic. How about that? I have requested a blood test and the Telcare nurse made the comment about the VA wasting money. I just laughed silently. Although, the Telcare nurse is not the authority on this issue, the doctor is. Yes, the VA wastes money on installing carpet that they do not need and buying new furniture that is not necessary. The VA does not have appropriate Accounting and finance people handling the monetary issues as they have CRC Rehabilitation Counselors and social workers doing this. VA needs to assign appropriate people to their specific specialities. Anyway, they had rather waste money on nonhuman issues vs a human blood test to save somebody’s life with preventive care. I tell you what this is half the VA’s problem is they wait for the veterans to get into crisis and then, the VA cannot deal with the task at hand. This is how veterans die every day because the VA waits until shit hits the fan and then, all bets are off. Deadly mistakes are then made. If more preventive care was applied in the VA, I guarantee you more accountability would then start happening in spite of themselves. The VA is their own worst enemy. They bring their corruption on their own selves due to the way they do things. Then, they have to cover up wrong doings. Let me tell you recently I saw a doctor who is not even my doctor and he was viewing someone else’s chart while he had me in his office. I had to lean over to bring it to his attention and ask him what are you talking about. The medical subject matter did not even apply to me. I had to correct him. I just laughed inside. Then, he was trying to direct me into telling me what I should be doing. I told him I have been there done that. He spoke very demeaning to me.
        He was trying to really force a flu shot on me is one thing. I told him I never get flu shots because sometimes they are bad. Besides I do not trust their instrument that they give a shot with. I could get hepatitis or contract MISA or whatever. With the VA, you never know whether you are a lady veteran or a man veteran about the treatment one is receiving. It does not matter for what gender.
        Check this out. I know for a fact that male veterans are hired over women veterans for VA positions. For example for the peer support positions or whatever. They have 10 to 1 with the 10 jobs going to male veterans and the 1 job going to one lady veteran. I know this for a fact because I have witnessed it; and, I too, have been in the VA for over 21+ years. I have also been around.
        No, lady veterans are not treated better. You can take that perspective to the bank. I will stand up to anyone who tries to say this and call them on it. In my experience, women’s health issues have been fee – based out with the VA only being prepared to somewhat handle male vets’ issues. Then, they are not even somewhat prepared for the male vets.
        Now, there are decent care providers; but, they are limited because there are more bad seed providers than good seed providers. I do not have the actual research facts on this. This is just my observation opinion. I could be wrong. The research would have to be done facility by facility. I have been denied care one particular one was a procedure to determine if melanoma cancer had come back. They refused to do the procedure when I was experiencing pain in the same area where they performed a surgery a few years ago. So now, I have new issues and I am choosing not to go back to the VA dermatology due to the way I have been treated before. I am going to a private cancer doctor later this month. And, you say women get better care in the VA. I totally disagree. Veterans are being refused care whether they are male or female. The refusal of care is not gender specific but the availability of care is gender specific. Women’s care has to most of the time be fee- based out which could really may be a good thing. It is only recently in the past year that the VA finally added their own mammogram screenings. Gynecology care is limited because there are few gynecologists in the VA. I have been to few VA facilities. I could go on and on. The bottom line is lady vets are not given preferential treatment over male vets. This is in my opinion just a myth like stigma. Stigma is just a false bias. I want the VA to improve for all vets. Furthermore, I would like all health care to improve for all Americans. Let’s hope the TRUMP administration can get a handle on this health care, and do right by the American citizens. Thanks.

      2. YOU again! Why don’t you ever tell the TRUTH!? If you want “positivity,” stop demanding special privilege over male veterans! You, Angela, etc. have obviously never worked for the V.A., and I have. I doubt you have been mired there for 45 years like me either! It is NEVER positive to you insane women, unless it gives YOU the advantage! That is why you are too damn DUMB to come up with a single genuine reason for alienating yourselves from MALE veterans by demanding women’s wings, women’s clinics, and all the other things that the MALE veterans that make the REAL sacrifices (in blood, sweat, and human life) that female veterans are allowed to avoid CAN’T get! Even your language reeks of the words that scream special privilege. A man calls himself a veteran or male veteran.You “women” call yourselves “lady” veterans. Have you ever heard of ladies first and all that other OTHER me me me first crap!? Maybe you don’t intend it or know it’s there, but it certainly IS there, even if subconsciously. What you REALLY hate is men who tell the truth, and won’t BOW to you!

      3. Rick, honestly, I do not know what you are even speaking about. I do not expect special treatment from the VA; but however, I would like to live a meaningful life. I want proper quality care for all. No, I have not worked for the VA. As for believing nothing is positive about the VA, unless it is in the advantage of the lady veteran, you are so wrong. I have shared some of my story on Benjamin’s website while in the VA and I have noted and mentioned positive aspects about the VA.
        I say the VA does have positives and negatives which may not even have any effect on me whether I am lady or a guy. No, I am not specially privileged. I just know what respecting another human being and myself is about and the VA lacks in this aspect. The VA does not encourage life in all regards. I know because I have been on the receiving end regardless of whether I am a lady or not. I am glad you have worked for the VA. Maybe, you can go back to work there and help add a more quality environment to attract world class doctors who are accountable with lives. I encourage work in all aspects as I hope to reenter the workforce myself. Yes, there are many veterans who have experienced combat and many of them lost limbs etc. Many of them are being taken care of with brand new modified homes being donated to them and their families. This is positive and most of these vets are men. So you are saying that the VA is perceived by the lady vet as only positive if it is catered to the lady vet, you are so incorrect. Here is one example that I have mentioned about the homes and shows you are not correct with your statement. You are so angry against other veterans particularly women. Why? We are all in this together. Mistakes are constantly being made when dealing with lives. I realize too that we are all human beings and human beings make mistakes; but however, some of these mistakes is pure negligence. As for separate women clinics from the men, I do not understand your take on this. Women really do not have a choice. Remember, this is a socialist health care system. Women are put where they can receive care to survive.The only reason why I asked to go back to the women’s clinic had to do with traveling doctors. A total of 6 primary doctors in one year. This contributes to lack of continuity with the care. My requesting to go back to the women’s clinic had nothing to do with men or receiving special treatment. It is all about staying alive with living the best possible life that I can. No, I am far from being a me person. If you only knew the facts, you might gain a different perspective from my message. I am forever helping others pick up the pieces. Like I said, “I do not understand where you are coming from.”

      4. Rick, what constitutes an insane person? Don’t you think name calling is a bit much? I do not expect a man to ever bow to me or even anyone in that regard. I appreciate the service of any veteran regardless of whether they have been in combat or not. I come from military family as well. My mom’s brother spent 33 years in the Marine Corp and was shot down in the 1st Gulf war. He was held as a POW and retired as the first CW5. The Marine Corp established a new rank for him. He made 5 trips to Vietnam with fighting in all these wars. When he retired, yes, he had physical injuries, but you know what he did not sit around and whine about some other veterans being treated differently or not being treated differently. Even after all that, he went back to school and got a master’s in Math and started teaching in college. He ate the Marine Corp up when he was on active duty. He loved the rigorous discipline and loved serving our country. One of my mom’s other brothers retired a Colonel from the Air Force and is now working for NASA in Los Angeles. My list could go on. The point I am trying to make is I know about hard work and sacrifice. Trust me. I may not have been in combat but you know what I was offered orders to Aircrew search and rescue with flying in P-3 aircraft. I used to be in that great of shape physically with swimming. Women were just starting to be designated to P-3 billets when I was on active duty. Women have come along way since I was on active duty in regards to having more open doors to serve their country. Many women do a great job but may not have the same physical make up to compete with the guy; but however, though, there are many tough strong women. My cousin who is a lady is a pilot in the United States Navy as well as her husband. They even have a full family. As for me, I am no where near being special privileged. Everything, I have accomplished in my life, I have worked for. My parents came from poverty with saving every dollar they had. They have never been given a dime and not even ever a handout. My mom’s family of brothers and sisters were brought up in poverty but you know what they are now professional people who have respect for hard work, ethical values, and of course applying oneself to carry one far in life. I come from a family of hard work who applied themselves and did not throw their lives away. My mother is brilliant and when she graduated high school, she was offered academic scholarships but you know what she did not even have the money to buy a bus ticket to get to the university. My mom’s parents always made them go to school no matter what. A family of 12. Education is very important because it helps one make their way in life. You say I speak like I am special privileged. No, it has nothing to do with being privileged. It has to do with having being brought up in a poor family with having education as a near top priority. When one has an educated themselves by applying themselves, this promotes indpendence and self reliance. Being educated really has nothing to do with special privilege. It has to do with having a passion for learning with a open mind. It has to do with when a person does not know the solution the person takes the bull by the horn and searches it out for themselves and does not depend on anyone else. No, I am not privileged. I just do not wait on anyone else. I know how to work for it. If I do not know, trust me I will seek it out.
        As for almost being dead, yes, I have been there. It may not have been in combat but I almost left this world and few years ago. So I value life and the lives of others. Because life can be taken away in a matter of a second. I thank God every day for another day of breathe. Life is precious. Now I will close my mouth.

    1. Wino vets cannot afford Jack Daniels. Two bottles of Night Train cost $6 and get the drunk going well. Last I saw not only is Jack Daniels one of the more expensive whiskeys, it is also made in Lynchberg County as I recall. When I was in the Marine Corps, it was illegal to sell alcohol in Lynchberg County back then and I suppose it always will be. Once a custom becomes a birthrite it is hard to change. Like VA.

      So I can see the elusion, albeit many points (and likely several pints) higher in IQ (and beer) than your text suggests; to suggest that wino vets to go to a county that makes excellent whiskey, but you can’t get it there. And then if you are in a place that has it, you can’t afford the cost (maggots, old drills, used condoms) in terms of suffering, then your brilliantly subtle elusion is perfect. Sort of like VA, right – just send the vets to get some good old JD and everyhting will be just fine?

      VA does have excellent health care – you just can’t get it there if you happen to be sick (wino).

      Very subtle use of your intelligence. Thank you – I will add that item to my witty brain ideas. The brain, after all, is a terrible thing to waste.

  18. Y’all have hit on everything except the “privacy policy” issue.
    The wife and I have witnessed these alleged healthcare providers making appointments, and talking healthcare, right out in the open. They’re doing it, in front of God and everyone in the waiting room.
    Nurses have said, “It’s legal!” for them to make appointments and discuss healthcare issues, with patients, in the waiting room.
    We have reported this. Yet, they were still doing it two Mondays ago!

    I agree with Dennis, shut this “failed” healthcare system down. It’s nothing more than a ‘cash cow’ for thousands of reprobates!

    1. I personally experienced upon my initial intake with the VA years ago, a rather gruff female nurse asking incredibly sensitive questions LOUDLY with the door wide open to room and when I kindly asked to close the door for PRIVACY reasons, she said, and I quote with her maniacal laugh, “YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY AT THE VA”!!!! Honest to God, can you imagine how female Veteran deal with this when given no choice and they get a male VA witch Dr. that already may well have a strong personal bias against women because it’s….part of their culture? I cannot. I just know these monsters are over the top out of control.

    1. But in reality, no male Veteran can assume to walk in the shoes of what a female Veteran experiences at the VA, so I have to respectfully disagree in that it’s not the same for men and women. Especially when you consider where the homeland is for many of these imported quacks at the VA where in their homelands, women are treated like neglected animals.

      “Walking in my shoes”- Depeche Mode

      “I would tell you about the things
      They put me through
      The pain I’ve been subjected to
      But the Lord himself would blush
      The countless feasts laid at my feet
      Forbidden fruits for me to eat
      But I think your pulse would start to rush
      Now I’m not looking for absolution
      Forgiveness for the things I do
      But before you come to any conclusions
      Try walking in my shoes
      Try walking in my shoes
      You’ll stumble in my footsteps
      Keep the same appointments I kept
      If you try walking in my shoes
      If you try walking in my shoes
      Morality would frown upon
      Decency look down upon
      The scapegoat fate’s made of me
      But I promise now, my judge and jurors
      My intentions couldn’t have been purer
      My case is easy to see
      I’m not looking for a clearer conscience
      Peace of… “

      1. “…Peace of mind after what I’ve been through
        And before we talk of any repentance
        Try walking in my shoes
        Try walking in my shoes

        You’ll stumble in my footsteps
        Keep the same appointments I kept
        If you try walking in my shoes
        If you try walking in my shoes
        Try walking in my shoes”

        Any male Veteran trying to minimalize or marginalize our Sisters-in Arms’ experiences at the VA is like trying to say PTSD is something we need to just get over. Empathy is paramount for our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Personal Hells are exactly that when dealing with the VA.

      2. I’ll give you that except for the female providers which most women see. And I have had far more female providers than male. About 2 to 1. I don’t know what the ratio is in the VA but it seems I always draw a female physician. And even in the Choice program I got a female.

        I had a PC male at Black Hills (Hot Springs, SD) for about a year and a half until he moved on to better pastures.

        And a male psychiatrist for several years after first having a female in LA.

  19. I think the GAO should have shit canned the words in the report and simply provided for congress pictures of liquifying corpses, maggot infested veterans, close up photos of bloody drill bits, pictures of burning veterans suiciding by flame on VA lawns, photos of the vet the VA put on a waiting list for his body to be removed from outside ER,

    and most of all……

    Close up photos of the facilities given to our cherished veteran sisters in fulfillment of the promise America gave them in return for service to our great country.

    Why bother conjuring up brand new ways of describing The Great American Failure known as VA, when the photos tell the tale – even for the VA doctors who do not speak english very well?

    We get caught up in trying to figure out how straight crows fly, how much money disappears into the thin, thin air occupied by AFGE breathing humans, and we debate about who might be the best darn person to sit on their ass inside a committee room, and sometimes I think its because we do not see enough pictures of the horrific suffering perpetrated decade after decade, and billions and billions of $$$ late. America seems dazzled by the stack of paper that towers from reports telling us all what VA is and what VA it is not from VA’s perspective.

    All I see is crow shit all over that stack. It makes a good perch.

  20. “[Does that seem strange to anyone? Why are women veterans still facing access issues? Should VA just abandon health care to women in favor of outsourcing it to care providers with more experience?]”

    The VA has exceedingly failed all Veterans miserably, and some demographics more so than others. The medical part of the VA should be abolished/abandoned and it’s high-time for Plan B.
    I have heard female Veterans talk about how they have been mocked and had their reports of experiencing Military Sexual Assault scoffed at and by large marginalizing and minimalizing their experiences as not valid and even VA Psych’s telling female Veterans “You need to get over it”….yet these same bastards want to play gender reassignment as a priority over proper healthcare for ALL OTHER Veterans? WTF?!!!

    Shut this maniacal circus called VA Medical DOWN. I am afraid the VA will never get things correct when they cannot even help the most marginalized such as Woman Veterans and all suicidal veterans. The VA is great at one thing: creating more problems as solutions to existing problems.

    Matter-in-fact, that should now be on every VAMC’s entrance on a plaque right next to the fierce warnings about Veterans Fraudulent Travel Pay Claim Warnings: “CREATING PROBLEMS AS SOLUTIONS TO EXISTING PROBLEMS, YOUR VA HARDLY AT WORK”.

    Rat Bastards!

    1. It seems it is only in the minds of those who realize they’re stuck on the “other end of the stick.” The stick is the power game. If you’ve got the power, you don’t give it up easily and certainly not voluntarily. And certainly not just because someone complains. You brush it off and go back to your façade of doing the right thing.

  21. This does not surprise me that the non compliance was not found in the VHA database. VAMC’s don’t report it. It isn’t a problem. That is what VAOIG does, it doesn’t report all the allegations and the allegations that they do report they do not substantiate so it is dropped. Improved monitoring, what are they hall monitors?

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