VA Wait Time Reports

FBI, OIG Quietly Release 70+ VA Wait Time Scandal Reports

VA Wait Time Reports

Last week, the MSM (main stream media) failed to report on VA OIG’s quiet release of over 70 wait time reports of investigations into VA wait time fraud.

Everyone seems too fixated on President-Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet selections to take note of the pesky VA wait time scandal that resulted in many dead veterans due to VA employee fraud.

I ran a quick Google News search for the past week, which revealed no hits. Maybe you can find more?

For better or for worse, I was paying attention to my email feeds and am reporting that release here so you all can start digging for any gems.

Take note that the method of using a summary page for massive releases is difficult to locate from the main VA OIG website home page. Tricky to find on accident or is there more to this trend of mass data dumps you cannot easily find on the home page or search for?

States with the most reports were Texas (12), Florida (12), California (5), Tennessee (5), Colorado (3), Minnesota (3), New York (3) and Washington (3).

RESEARCH: OIG Wait List Investigation Reports By State

Data Dump Trend

Some of you may recall that two weeks ago, I published something similar when VA OIG released a trove of previously unpublished reports late on a Friday.

Few in the MSM seemed to notice that, either.

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Wait List Summary From VA OIG

Here is what VA OIG had to say about this most recent dump of reports:

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General (OIG), conducted extensive work related to allegations of wait time manipulation after the allegations at the Phoenix VA Health Care System in April 2014. Since that event and through fiscal year 2015, we have received numerous allegations related to wait time manipulation at VA facilities nationwide from veterans, VA employees, and Members of Congress that were investigated by OIG criminal investigators.

As stated at recent Congressional hearings, at this time the OIG has completed more than 70 criminal investigations related to wait time and provided information to VA’s Office of Accountability Review for appropriate action. It has always been our intention to release information regarding the findings of these investigations at a time when doing so would not impede any planned prosecutive or administrative action. OIG will begin a rolling publication of these administrative summaries of investigation by state so that veterans and Congress have a complete picture of the work completed in their state. As other reviews are completed, we intend to post them to this webpage.

You may view and download these administrative summaries of investigation by selecting the appropriate state below to reveal the investigations now complete in each respective state.

Start Your Own Criminal Investigation

Definetly do not stop your own crusade into justice just because OIG decided to publish their findings. It’s time to dig in for ourselves.

Please report back what you find if anything. I am curious to learn just how far the whitewash of the scandal went, especially under the new IG.

Be sure to include direct citations with page number and location so we can dig deeper later.


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  1. The liberal news media performs a disservice to Veterans. In the U.S., approximately 90% of the news outlets are owned by 6 media companies. These news services should be disseminating the information that is published in this blog. Since the VA Medical Center- Phoenix was exposed, the national evening news programs have covered the VA’s scandalous activity less and less. All that the investigative news reporters need to do is to visit this blog to get their stories. Do you think our national news media has our backs? Thank you Ben for keeping this platform up and running.

  2. There are two [2] flagging systems used by the VA. They are;

    DBRS- Disruptive Behavior Reporting System
    EPER- Electronic Patient Event Report

    1. I know the Disruptive Committee punishes veterans, what does the other one do. Boy o boy these guys will do anything to hurt veterans.

      1. From what I was told after questioning an VA ER Nurse, some VA Medical Centers use the EPER instead of the DBRS to warn VA employees of Veterans who may cause problems or be a threat to VA Staff. The problem is that the VA employees that have the authority to put a Veteran on either list, is that each VA employee that has such authority, will determine on their own definition or criteria to put a Veteran on the list.

        This is what I was informed. And, as you know, it has been well documented that some VA employees will spin the answers to your questions. If you believe that you might be flagged as such, I suggest that you Google the term.

        I don’t trust the VA system and many employees. When I was in active duty, I had better and efficient medical care. I’m a research biologist and I truly believe, from my own experience, that the VA Administrators are out of touch pertaining to the medical care that each Veteran needs. The VA system is set up to put everyone in the same box. This form of treatment lacks the specific modalities to treat each Veteran on an individual basis.

      2. “The VA system is set up to put everyone in the same box. This form of treatment lacks the specific modalities to treat each Veteran on an individual basis.” Not always true but too often true. I had hydro kinesthetic therapy in DC. The first therapist was very good and designed exercises to fit the patient. His understudy, when he retired, like the drill instructor approach and his therapy was definitely contra indicated in my case.

        The biggest problem with the therapy was the time limit. 2 hours per week. You can’t build muscle with that much exercise. At least double that and when in Japan I got 6 hours per day I recovered in 10 days more than I had in 3 years of 2 hours per week. 60 hours compared to 308. How is that for inefficiency.

  3. Donald Trump was on CNN last night and said this coming week, he will have some very important information concerning the VA. I will be waiting to hear what he has to say ?

    I hope he says he will made it easier to fire any employee that does not complete their jobs as required by law and that those who broke the law will be arrested in a drag net. He may say whos going to run the VA.

    Many veterans as Ben stated voted for Trump, in hopes he would clean it up. It has to be cleaned starting at the top and employees instructed to tell everything they know about wrong doings and who doing it.

    Trump should state if you don’t report wrongdoings and they knew about them, out the door !

    Want to see the Rats running around looking for a hole to hide in, We all know that Management is the problem and those that have the attitude, that they are holier than God him self will see what hell looks like.

    Its time Veterans are considered the treasure that we truly are, Veterans are spoken too with snippy remarks, when they as certain questions and employees are not afraid to let the veteran know this.

    and if the Veterans don’t like it and say something back to the employee, the employee will and do report any veteran to the VA Illegal Disruptive Committee for retaliation and punishment. Veterans should not be afraid to seek healthcare or afraid to apply for disability.

    I cant wait to hear what Trump has to say !

  4. What about the Abuse of Power that many VA employees try to use? What about Veterans who have had many PCP’s in a short period of time? What about the generic medications whose efficacy is less than what is obtained at leading National pharmacy chains? What about the VA’s Physical Therapy Departments that don’t have warm water pools for therapy? What about the Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Pharmacists who treat Veterans with severe medical conditions instead of qualified physicians? What about Pain Management Physicians who don’t believe in prescribing medications? What about the VA’s Mental Health Department who could care less about the loss, replacement, or training of a K9 PTSD Service Dog? What about all the medical services that were promised to you, and then the VA reneges on those promises? What about the cheap medical devices and equipment that is provided by the VA? What about how VA employees don’t like to reveal who they are while your talking to them over the phone? What about the telephone lines being busy? What about the VA patient representatives not adding crucial information into your records? What about PCP’s entering false information into your medical records?

    Am I hitting some hot buttons? Wait times are important, but what about when you’re in the system up to your waist. In my situation, I fear for my life. It is that bad. Bottom line, these people are really dangerous. And, it is my hope that someone with authority has the gonads to throw the SOB’s out of their position. I’m pissed off, and on edge!

  5. Are you kidding me! Wait times and scheduling problems are only the tip of the iceberg pertaining to the ongoing and deep seated problems occurring at the VA Medical Centers. I use to work for a top fortune 20 company, and I saved this company millions of dollars. If the VA wanted to solve over 95% of the problems that are occurring at their medical facilities, all that the Administrators need to do is to have a “True Open Door Policy” for their employees. No VA employee would have to worry about being intimidated, bullied, or in fear of losing their position or transferred.

    The problems are with the Administrators. They are afraid of losing their cushy position, bonuses, perks, and their power. When employees feel free to share the things that need to change and there is an Administration that adheres to a mission statement to make the medical services run smoothly, then things will change for the better.

    These problems have been going on for too dam long. The Administrators and Management at all levels who are clogging up the system need to go. And, the VA personnel needs to stop treating Veterans like a Social Security Number. The top dog of the VA needs to step down in order to let a proactive Administrator step in, one who is a problem solver. Money is not the problem, it’s the so called leaders in this monstrous out of hand agency.

    If President Elect DJT keeps his word and cleans the swamp, guess what, the incompetent scum will be gone. Remember, the VA doesn’t own us.

    1. The problem is there already are mechanisms in-place, it’s called The Whistleblower’s Protection Act and they still intimidate. These are a very special genetic concoction of truly deep-rooted obstinacy at the VA. Very much the way cockroaches are, you cannot just eliminate 99%, the maliciously apathetic & greedy VA employees are so entrenched they have become emboldened like cockroaches that eventually become immune to toxic chemicals.
      Creating yet another brand new policy to attempt to enforce what’s already on the books and within the VA’s own regulations has been completely futile.
      The VA requires a President with BALLS to give an order that makes the bad ratty rats at the VA to jump ship. The AFGE also needs to have it’s yoke removed from the VA’s teats.

      1. Right on Brother! Like I said it’s deep seated. Too much talk and too little action. Lives are at stake, and these blood suckers are robbing us like looters during a riot. The VA Administrators have been having a party for way too long.

  6. Where is Hot springs, SD VAMC and Ft Meade VAMC part of the Black Hills Health Care System and many of their CBOC’s as well??
    The Chief of Staff here currently came from AZ an taught this seriously bad thing to and forced staff to do the illegal wait list! A Few PCP Dr told me this,one reason several left here for being forced to violate the Hippocratic oath!
    The so called leadership is very toxic and needs to be gone WHITEWASH is totally happening here in Upper Mid-Western USA! sad truly very sad.

  7. It seems the main stream media can’t stop trashing “P/E” Trump.
    Now they’re hitting him over wanting to “cancel” the 2 Air Force One plane(S) deals. Which will cost taxpayers $4 BILLION!
    Of course, the ABC World News didn’t expound on “IF” that was ‘total cost for both’ or “IF” it’s for one! They only said the 2 AF1’s in use today are “… becoming obsolete”. By being 15 years old. They showed pictures of the planes. They look brand new. Because there is great people taking care of them.
    Boeing is saying it’ll cost loss of employment jobs.
    I say to that, Boeing will more than likely receive government contracts for “War Planes” and other “War devices”! And, doesn’t Boeing make planes for the wealthy? Yes, they do!
    So, that particular “dog don’t hunt” in my opinion!

    Now, if we can just get Obama to reimburse the taxpayers the $85 MILLION he used for all the “vacations” he, and his family, has taken since 2009! And, reimburse the taxpayers for all the “mansions” he’s purchased on our dime!

    1. The media are all over the place on that. Some claim it’s only 1.6 billion, and others claim only 170 million for R&D, but Brad Jaffy with NBC actually found the real information showing 2.7 billion is already budgeted, and a GAO estimate of about 3.2 billion by the time they are delivered.

      As for Boeing, I truly don’t give a damn about whether they continue to exist. In my opinion, they are the reason why Obama pushed through the Iran deal, and some Republicans may have publicly squawked about it, privately they wanted their donor Boeing to profit from the Iran deal.

      I read an article a couple months before the Iran deal was announced. Boeing was pushing for the deal because Iran was getting the 150 billion, and Iran needed to repair or replace all of their aging aircraft…and Boeing wanted on that gravy train.

      It all stinks of Boeing working back channels before the deal in order to secure contracts prior to the Iran deal being announced. Whether that happened or not I don’t know, but I believe after the deal became public, Boeing has been making deals with them.
      It would be a real kick in the nuts if Iran went with Airbus, and it will be a kick in the nuts anyway for US troops facing Iranian financed weapons and terrorists because not all of that 150 billion is going to replace peanuts on the drink cart.

      Boeing? Traitorous bastards!

      1. 91Veteran,
        I wonder if the Boeing ‘lobbyists’ are trying to make deals with our enemies?
        Seems to me this would be very lucrative for a number of aircraft companies.
        It would also serve the globalists in their world domination efforts!
        In reality, only America stands in the way of the ‘illuminati’s’ global dictatorship! Of course, now Italy, Spain, England and a few more countries have decided to break from that form of dictatorship.
        Even Angela Merkel is doing a 180 on the refugee situation in Germany. She sees her grip as Chancellor slipping away big time.
        I believe there’s been at least 10 to 12 EU Countries abandoning the grip of globallism. At least that’s the word I’ve received as of late!

  8. Another line of investigation:

    Cerebral Malaria. I’ve been an activist on this since 1988. Finally NIH released a study that thoroughly debunks the Kastl study that is used to deny cerebral malaria victims compensation.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING OF CEREBRAL MALARIA PATIENTS, “The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease,” vol. 147, #6, 1968 by Kastl, A.J.; Daroff, R.B.; and Blocker, W.W.

    The “fix” from NIH: Raising the curtain on cerebral malaria’s deadly agents

  9. Ideas, there are plenty that could correct the va system. Many discussed in this forum. This is an absolute need……..Major clinic reform. Major dr./provider performance reforms. There are checks and balances already in place in the va system but corrrupt management get around the system. Their schemes, scams should be exposed and audited at every clinic, medical center and agency throughout this va healthcare system. The special funding programs need auditing and the abuse of funding of unspent salary dollars. Lost/stolen medical center equipment the chiefs of the service lines or inventory managers and other individuals should have to pay for this missing equipment because it was assigned under their control. I could go on and on.

    1. That’s exactly what I have been saying for years; AUDIT, one massive audit and not by the likes of The Rand Corporation or any other PR Contracted Firm that will spit out whatever they pay for them to like a bureaucratic pezz dispenser because that’s what the Pentagon has been doing and it just had daylight shown on it’s fraud and abuse.
      No, I suggest hiring a group of Disabled Vets and Surviving Dependents that the VA meat grinder caused collateral damage to. Vested interest.

  10. These articles truly are disgusting . The VA , OIG , is not doing his job . How many VA OIG’s are there ? Must be a lot of them . Do you think they do this stuff for job security ? Good article Ben, and lots of good support articles . Thanks

    1. Follow the money. Either lobbyists or a lack of control over the bonus criteria.

      In the “State” Home it was just the hiring of the incompetent for less to save the greedy a little on their tax bill.

  11. It’s with disgusting article like this, and all the disgusting articles from decades past, to make me wonder *WHY* President Elect Trump hasn’t been able to decide *WHO* would be a correct choice for Secretary of VA!
    How can any one person correct decades of corruption? It’s going to be a very difficult task, to say the least.
    Whoever takes over, better be ready for a “war of wits!” (Or, maybe ‘half wits’, (lol)!)
    Whoever takes over may first have to deal with the “…most corrupt union ever…”, the AFGE! Dealing with them isn’t going to be a pleasant task! Especially when they’ve got a ‘dickwad’ as a President who will threaten anyone.
    Any ideas?

    1. “Any ideas?”

      At this point it would be great to make history and just have the National Guard and Reserves move-in for a little game called clearing house. A military coo that’s out of self-interest and our very safety, no less. A good leader should arise from the chaos and to be frank, up until now of recent history, the VA Secretary is wasted $$$ because of where we are at and feel the same about most of the VA Upper Mgmt. SES Employees.

      Drain the swamp, by force, if necessary. Harsh? Not at all, just being realistic.

    2. I am SHOCKED at the number of Trump supporters who want Scott Brown…to the point of me being attacked on Twitter for not supporting Brown.
      I could care less if Brown served 35 years in the Guard as a JAG officer. Veterans do not need some limp twisted daffodil as head of the VA.

      Veterans need an R. Lee Ermey type hardass that will start cleaning house the minute he walks in the door.

  12. So at a glance at Colorado’s, Grand Junction report, why was this report referred to the VAs Office of Accountability Review in September 2014, the date at the top if the summary is March 2016, 18 months after the referral, and this short summary released 2 years and 3 months AFTER the investigative report was referred?

    The OIG was clearly sitting on these reports until they had no choice but to release them, as they are likely going out the door.

    Any other VA reports show a similar length of time?

    On top of that, why is it only a single clinic was investigated? The scandal was widespread, and likely involved many more clinics than just Endoscopy.

    And to top it off, they only found a spreadsheet being used for appointments…supposedly for data purposes according to that incompetent director.

    Gee, what a way to let many rats escape any charges of fraudulently obtaining bonuses by long delaying an investigation, then only investigating a single clinic,then delaying release of that summary.

    How many retired or moved to other VAs in that 2 years?

    I would not only like to see the full report, but I would like to see any report on what the Accountability Review office found or concluded.

    …and some veterans and many VSOs think this kind of smoke and mirrors bullshit is worth saving?

  13. I received a multiple page survey form: Did I have to wait 6-months?

    More than than, the primary VA MD at the VA Clinic, Great Falls, MD gave me the written prescription and put it in the computer. Next, I called Choice. They said there is no prescription in the computer. I called. The assistant said, there is no prescription, they don’t do that anymore. The MD called, they do and put it in the computer. The assistant disagreed, repeatedly, and hung up. I was seen at the VA Hospital and there I asked to see a RPT. He made referrals, explaining procedure and I would have an appointment to be measured for my custom back brace, and my man in San Francisco, would participate to his satisfaction and make the replacement custom back brace. No call.

    I received a letter from my primary VA MD she is no longer my MD, to go to the local clinic that has a MD now. I prefer a woman, and said so. I am a woman. The man dispenses drugs, I have seen a drug addict in the community and he said he gets all his prescriptions from that MD.

    I had stopped in, however the assistant was scornful and hostile.

    I do not accept drugs as a substitute for my custom back brace I have had.

    I spend nearly all the time in bed, or in a recliner chair.

    This is from active, doing shopping and laying in supplies, light housework, and walking in the mountains on easy trails near home.

    The cash benefits? never disapproved, never approved.

    It is certain the primary VA MD and the VA is unwilling to have anything on record about disability.

    +1 end the VA entirely.

  14. @ namnibor- that community living center building (nursing home) is right next to the va medical center in marion, illinois.

    1. Yeah, that further adds to the level of ridiculousness with this. They simply do not care.

  15. The va medical centers use the same database in philadelphia as they do in dallas to schedule appointments. All the medical centers basically operate the same in scheduling and when you read about it, these are not isolated incidents. The VAOIG hide and continue to hide when managers, doctors and other individuals manipulate scheduling to cause the waitlists. @ Dennis you are correct. The VAOIG investigates the ones who make the allegations not the individuals who are manipulating the system. It is another form of harassment because they go after the messenger not the message. The letters from Senators and congressmen that are sent on behalf of a Veteran are responded by the individuals whose interest is keeping the system manipulated. You are not protected as a whistleblower because the VAOIG will not protect a whistleblower. This is the agency you are to report to for criminal activity and wrongdoing. Look at VAOIG report VAOIG-07-03386-65. Health Care Inspection, Quality of Care Issues, VA Medical Center, Marion, Illinois. To this day I do not believe any individual was prosecuted for these Veterans deaths.

    1. @Ex va- You are correct, as I have been watching that Marion, Illinois VA Nursing/Assisted Living Home ever since they had that Legionnaire’s Disease OUTBREAK that was SO BAD the VA botched it and Vets continued to die that the CDC was called-in and then it became all HUSH….**crickets** * * * *

      The Wikipedia definition for “Systemic” should have the VA as a prime example poster child of an agency with out of control system problems across the board. The V.A. Titanic just continues to plow through icebergs without a worry while the band plays on…..

  16. Speaking of “Draining the Swamp”! Here’s two disgusting articles out today.
    1) from: “”
    written by: M.D.Kittle / Dec. 6, 2016 / 1 comment (so far as of 1:52 pm)

    “Tomah VA employee: ‘We have forgotten who we work for’ ”

    Part 37 in 36 news articles on “The Candy Land”!
    Looks like the “opioid prescription epidemic” hasn’t slowed down there.
    I suggest y’all read this article.


    from: the “Horn News”

    “White House Tells ’embittered’ WWII vets…” to “…get over it!”

    Concerning The attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941)!
    I don’t know about y’all, I’ve a relative who was killed at Pearl. His name is on a plaque. Along with many, many other veterans.
    I’m not sure, but this truly shows Obama’s distain against veterans. As if we didn’t already know that!

    1. DAMN! Disdain/distain it’s all the same, as they’re all insane working for Husain. 🙂 (a little alliteration to lighten things up)

  17. Speaking of reports, and I know this is the Washington Post but it’s a node-deep story on how the Pentagon under Obama have buried the evidence (or tried to) of $$$125BILLION in Bureaucratic Waste in that old sad tale of Federal Agencies MUST spend every CENT of each year’s budget or be faced with a smaller budget next year. So like the VA not wanting to install a pain pump for a maggot-infested Veteran and leave him to fester for 21 days, while the VA is out shopping for color-changing parking lots and color changing walls and over the top VA art, as is the Pentagon but the Pentagon instead has spent HUGE $$$ on consultant firms to try to sort things out…as long as the money’s spent…never mind there’s a war or two or three ongoing for 16 years.
    Here’s the link: “”

    There’s so much swamp to be drained that I think it may be enough to offset the California Drought conditions. Win/Win.

  18. What year is it? Must be 1984.

    With this Orwellian review process, of the OIG’s office now submitting their reports to VA’s Office of Accountability Review. The VA’s Office of Accountability Reviews then creates these VA bias administrative summaries of investigation.

    They then claim they are doing it to be more transparent. When in fact they are being less transparent by putting another layer of censorship on information being released. Why not just release the Investigative reports as required by law.

    1. Guess they just don’t want to have that disinfecting daylight shining on sham investigations and any information that doesn’t look good for the VA. In other words this is total censorship and total BullSh*t.

  19. What about wait time fraud and manipulation in adjudications. I’m working on my claim of 3/8/1993 and the abuses of not forwarding it as requested for a hearing in DC. Repeated efforts to handle it locally and dismiss it without a BVA hearing in DC as requested. Even after I moved to DC the Cheyenne VA maintained control of the adjudication and would not certify it to the BVA in DC.

    I think it had to do with an ongoing research by Yale University Medical School Neurology Department on temporal lobe seizures. The researchers traded a research on cutting edge theory that sharp wave indications previously held as indicative of temporal love seizures (absences and complex partial seizures) were pseudo or psychogenic seizures (controllable by the patient).

    Ultimately the cutting-edge theory was disproven by Oxford Medical School research using intracranial electrodes showing that the epileptiform spikes were occurring in the deep temporal lobe and migrating to the brain stem. The 2010 BRAIN, A Journal of Neurology Study:

    Use foot notes and bibliography to find the Yale Study done whose primary researcher was Susan S. Spencer. The Yale Research goal was surgical intervention is status epilepsy (grand mall or generalized seizures lasting more than 5 minutes) and Parkinson’s disease tremors. The VA’s goal was to reduce epileptic seizure compensation. Yale did the research on the VA’s cutting-edge theory which the VA then used to deny compensation to veterans with confirmed temporal lobe seizures from temporal lobe brain injuries during the over a decade long project in which Yale was given the use of the telemetry units in VA Medical / Research Centers like the West LA VA Medical and Research center connected to UCLA in exchange for the VA’s temporal lobe theory being studied by the same researchers.

    I was apparently unknowingly one of the subjects of the VA’s requested study. I found recently that my 100 mg of Nortryptaline should have been discontinued during my telemetry because it dampened the epileptiform spiking and thus was an additional block of the “spiking waves” reaching the temporal lobe external electrodes. The intracranial electrodes were not introduced in the study until after I was diagnosed with “pseudo seizures.”

    I have an SF 95 filed for failure to diagnose and treat temporal lobe seizures and submitted a request for representation as my VA attorney is not eligible to represent me in my Wyoming court case to Benjamin’s office. It looks like I’ll have to go Pro Se with my claim. I have until March to find a representative to request a reconsideration of file the Tort case.

    1. Also there was insufficient interaction with me by the staff to notice the absences that were recorded previously by neurobehavioral testing.

      1. I have another on Cerebral Malaria that is still in “moderation”. I didn’t have it and never claimed to have had malaria but I noticed that there were an extremely high number of cerebral malaria victims in PTSD groups in the 1980s with the same symptoms that I had. With global damage they would of course have some temporal lobe damage.

  20. “The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General (OIG), conducted extensive work related to allegations…”

    I took my brain medicine and read the first sentence carefully. The OIG only claims to have conducted work related to allegations. This could mean they made handouts to say do not do it. This could mean that they investigated the ones making the allegations. This could mean that they streamlined the process for making an allegation.

    The VA ALWAYS couches words to make it appear as if something is in context when in fact nowhere did it say, “…We have conducted an investigation to determine who is responsible for fraud, malfeasance, and criminal misconduct that resulted in multiple premature deaths of America’s veterans.”

    Nope. The just say that the have done work regarding the “allegations” of those behaviors. The vets that died as a result of negligence, malfeasance, and official misconduct have been renamed by VA
    OIG. They have determined that these vets are non human subjects and have named them “allegations”.

    This is VA OIGs way of flipping America’s veterans the middle finger. The allegations now include maggots festering inside veterans, dentists using dirty tools, surgeons using dirty tools, DBC committees causing suicide, Doctors transplanting experimental organs without permission, entire communities being flooded with morphine patients, suicide patients left to rot outside the ER, false police charges against vets, massive intrinsic disregard for nearly every regulation, manipulation of medical records, shredding of patient documents, and spitting on the sidewalk (which at Roseburg will get you a $5 ticket written by VA police).

    OIG is investigating the allegations – not the horrific toll of human suffering and death. Just the allegations. Then published them divided up into 50 portions, one for each state, and announce that “somewhere” you may someday stumble upon their work involving allegations. You might find that they simply counted how many allegations there are. How many words in each allegation too. Thousands of memorandum describing the sentence structure of the allegations and defining the terms contained in the allegations. OIG then likely made hundreds of suggestions on how the paper forms that allegations are written on can be simplified. They probably employ thousands just to “answer” allegation questions made daily by our leaders and The People with one sentence; “I am sorry, but that allegation is under investigation and I cannot comment on it.” It took work to make that sentence. Allegation work. There was even allegations regarding public indecency and public masturbation by the very head of OIG. Much work went into that allegation I am sure because it took a VERY long time before anybody did ANYTHING about it. You might claim that an office staff member can be fooled by another worker who is manipulating wait times.

    Can you claim that the offices workers around Spanky didn’t know what he was manipulating inside a glass walled conference room? Do you really believe he is the only one doing this?

    Fire every last one of the rat sucking bastards. Today. Foget the effing allegations – fire the “bastards” and just be done with it! The organization is broken beyond repair for what it was intended to do. Get rid of it, and rename veterans as human subjects and stop investigating allegations and start investigating people.

    1. Agreed. If you read the summary on Grand Junction, an allegation was made by a surgical administrative officer, whatever the hell that is, of a spreadsheet being used for appointments.
      The rest of the summary only focuses on that spreadsheet, which the OIG concluded was used for some “national collaborative” data effort.

      But it makes me wonder, if that was a spreadsheet used for some national collaborative (off the books research) effort, why didn’t this surgical administrative officer know of that effort? Why not name what it was for? Why not state how many other VA hospitals were involved in that same effort using similar spreadsheets?

      1. All the missing information is what you would hope to find in a real investigative report.

        Clearly not what is being found in these sanitized propaganda versions of the reports.

      2. Perfect description…sanitized propaganda.

        Nothing more than a minimum effort to suggest they addressed the problem.

      3. “Sanitized Propaganda”–that was priceless, Seymore Klearly. Now I must clean the little bit of spit coffee that’s on my laptop after I read that and am still chuckling. 🙂

  21. b.s. Palo Alto unless I am one of those 5. I phoned on 9/21/2015 @ 11:16 am to make an appt. was TXFR to ?? whereas I was told I have NO doctor available & was put on the wait list till the vacancy is filled & that I will receive a new appt card [that never came] the call ended @ 11:47am. When I finally got an appt it was 1/11/2016. Go back & listen to the phone recordings for quality control purposes.

    Be damned the radiology imaging has sent me a bill for $335.00 from bone density scan done in Sep 2016. “We have filed your insurance. You are now responsible for the amount indicated in Patient Balance Due. Thank you”

    What really ticks me off is the Imaging center I wanted to use but was denied charges $138.38.

    1. *That appt date is not right. I was finally seen by the new doctor on April 15, 2016. January 11 is the day I emailed the doc & requested my pain medication be refilled which I received Tylenol#3 on Feb 16, 2016. In April she just cut me off. Sometimes I keep good notes.

      1. I’m on choice program and not being seen by the VA. The choice program called me. Stating the VA state’s you want to be seen for pain management for your back

        I told choice I never requested any such thing. Was told by choice you did not request to be seen ? No

        Ok we will tell the VA. What’s up with this pain management. I suffer from migraines and the VA sent me asprin. Are they trying to stop that too.

        The migraines are caused by a TBI. These people are out of control !

      2. Some but not all migraines can be controlled by pain management (bio feedback) better than pain pills. Yours, secondary to TBI may be not in that realm but it is worth a try. You should see how good the service is. At least, hopefully, they’ll get you on the right medication.

  22. “[…It has always been our intention to release information regarding the findings of these investigations at a time when doing so would not impede any planned prosecutive or administrative action…]”

    That was VAOIG circle jerk talk for, “We always planned to release information at a time when doing so would not be noticed nor easily found”– Goobygook VAOIG Translation into plain truth of they by design thought this would fly way under the radar.

    My guess is they did this quasi-public release before the idiot in the White Hut leaves office because we KNOW the current DOJ cannot be bothered with real accountability and will firstly go to bat for the butthurt snowflakes but not so much for Veterans by this “Commuter-In-Chief”.

    1. I only see 36 States on the OIG report and something tells me those omitted 14 States were by design. Why? Namely, I know what a mess the Indianapolis VAMC is by a few Vet friend’s firsthand experiences and it’s blatant omission makes me want to did further. Ohio is a large State and a lot of Vetsand it’s also not on the list.
      The VAOIG is playing Santa Clause, checking their lists twice to make sure they hide all whom were naughty, not nice.
      As a great quote goes from movie “Christmas Vacation”– “Shitter’s Full”.

      1. Delaware is not on the list. The OIG, who falsley made a referral to DOJ in Delaware based on false allegations in which a special agent went in my veteran record illegally by using the CAPRI system, thinking that I was receiving VA benefits got a surprise when I called their ass out on it. A social worker documented the contact with the agent , including his name, phone number and the nature of his query. Senator Carper, Coons and Congressman Carney knew about all of this and tried to make excuses that they were not allowed to get involved. The Delaware News Journal, owned by Gannett should be called out about this because I am pretty sure they are politically biased because it is Joe Biden’s home state and the judge who was interviewed by Carper is presiding over my case in Delaware.
        They will get called out by an organization via a bar complaint and a Senate complaint.

    2. Damn, namnibor, you beat me to it on the DOJ. They only serve that ‘Knuckelheaded’ in charge right now.

      Of course, come 21 Jan I do believe things will hopefully change.

    3. I would like nothing more at this point than to see every upper manager from director on up put on notice.
      A complete review of bonuses given for the past 5 years will be reviewed, and any instances, no matter how small, of fraud being uncovered, and the perps will be prosecuted.

      Watch how many of these snakes self-deport right into retirement.

      1. Right, and make sure to make it look just like the plethora of warning signs holding any given VAMC up like paint on walls, that warn Vets any amount of Travel Pay Fraud will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and then some!

        “Oh, the irony of it all”–Bugs Bunny 🙂

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