AFGE Union On Ropes Over Veterans Choice


The AFGE union at Tomah VA is holding a rally to scare off competition and stave off the impending erosion of union control of VA under Veterans Choice.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 0007 has scheduled a rally for Thursday at 1:00 PM called “Rally to Strengthen the VA and Keep Our Promise to Veterans.”

I can think of a couple of immediate questions.

What promise was not fulfilled before that the union believes it can fix now? What kind of strengthening do they propose? And since the union basically controlled VA with its monopoly before, how did they allow the problems to persist?


Ever since Veterans Choice was signed into law and funded, AFGE leadership has attacked the program. The irony here is that the only reason Veterans Choice was created is because union members committed widespread fraud and veterans died as a result.

In my estimation, it takes some balls for federal employees to obstruct a new law created by Congress because one group (AFGE union) grossly failed to perform its duties. That same group (AFGE union) then shames anyone for fixing the program their own slothful and deceitful members created.

That is what we are seeing here. People died. AFGE union members lied. So did many VA executives, and no one will really pay the price except the dead or injured veterans.

Now, the AFGE union claims the move toward Veterans Choice is all about privatization of VA for profit. Nothing can be further from the truth since VA has already been largely privatized for decades.


Still, according to the AFGE flier as cited by

“Congress must not sell out veterans to for-profit health care corporations or shut down VA hospitals,” the rally flier states. “Dedicated VA workers know that the only way to deliver on the promise America has made to veterans is to strengthen the VA by hiring more doctors, nurses, and support staff.”

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First thing – VA has been sold out many decades ago. Democrats participated. Republicans participated. Private corporations did make a lot of money to provide services that work and services that did not work. These private corporations gave money to both parties.

I am personally more concerned about Hillary Clinton selling out more and destroying the lives of veterans more than any possible Trump presidency.

So what the hell is AFGE talking about? Why are they diddling around? If VA is already privatized well before the Veterans Choice Program was created, what is the real story?

We all know VA health care, VA information technology, VA infrastructure, and practically all parts of VA that require heavy intellection lifting are all run by private corporations.

For example, VA medical records are run and managed by a company called DSS, Inc. Booz Allen Hamilton runs a lot of the IT projects. Xerox does a lot of the scanning. VA does not make its own training manuals or education programs.

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These days, just what does VA do, exactly?

VA gums up the works for benefits adjudication. They restrict funding for health care. They demand that union employees cut corners to save money regardless of how it affects veterans. When they get caught, few employees or leaders get punished.

And even if they get punished, the punishment gets reversed.

We now know VA will not enforce fast-track termination, likely because it would also force VA to fire or reprimand senior employees who are also implicated in wrongdoing. It thusly destroys the good ole boy network, and for that reason, the White House via DOJ told VA to stand down.

What a great deal? No accountability. No protection for the rights of veterans.

I am a firm believer that VA is broken on purpose. I believe and have believed for some time that veterans are under attack by insiders of certain deceptive groups to keep us distracted from getting involved in our local communities and local politics.

Instead, we are fixated on fixing a disgraceful agency that will never change.


Back to the morons at Tomah VA fighting for their own union jobs, their ship has sailed. America will never believe the same old song and dance unions and VA sold the American public. No amount of public relations and propaganda will get it done.

That horse has left the building.

Veterans are not safe. They get screwed out of their benefits. Veterans receive inferior care administered by many corrupt bureaucrats. Why? How has our country of well-intended Americans resulted in shirking the responsibility to care for those who pay the biggest price.


My fix for now? #boycottVA if you can.

If you cannot, then do your best to document the hell out of the actions of local employees and leaders.

What is weird about this for me is that I support the unions so long as they do not behave like corrupt thugs. I have family members whom I love and respect deeply who are well involved in the union past or present.

Workers rights are a good thing. But veterans rights and veterans lives are more important that proving a point by the AFGE union.

But veterans rights and veterans lives are more important that proving a point by the AFGE union.

J David Cox is a douche supreme who gets away with threatening heads of the government while the White House sits on its hands like cowards.


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  1. The VAMC Tomah employees from the AFGE Union did picket against Veterans receiving improved health care June 23rd 2016. Below are several links to articles from the local papers.

    First I would like to point out the changes to Veterans Health Care that the Commission on Care are recommending. These are the same changes to Veterans Health care that the AFGE is fighting to prevent.

    “Commission on Care: Congressional Mandate”

    “Congress passed the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014 in response to concerns about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA’s) ability to provide access to medical services for veterans and manage the operations of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). In Section 202 of VACAA, Congress established the Commission on Care, charging it to examine veterans’ access to VA health care and to examine strategically how best to organize the VHA, locate health resources, and deliver health care to veterans during the next 20 years. The Commission reports to the President of the United States through the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.”

    The Commission on Care’s website is accessible by googling Commission on Care. The website provides links currently published reports also links to meeting minutes of the Commission.

    The Commission’s most recent meeting minutes include what is going to be recommended in the final report. Here are some of the improvements to Veterans health the commission is recommending. They are also some of the improvements that the AFGE is fighting to prevent Veterans from receiving in our health care.

    “The overarching recommendation to develop locally-based integrated delivery networks in partnership with community providers to expand veterans’ access to high-quality healthcare.”

    “Providers in the networks should be paid using the most contemporary payment approaches available to incentivize quality and appropriate utilization of health care services (ie., using Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) physician payment methodology being proposed by CMS”

    “That the veteran has a choice between seeing VHA-employed providers or VHA credentialed community providers in the VA Care System, both being equal in quality; that the veteran can select a primary care provider within the VHA Care System to be the primary provider; and that the primary care provider is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ care”

    “The current time and distance criteria for community care access (30 days or 40 miles) should be eliminated.”

    “VISN geography should also be eliminated as a factor in where veterans can access care. VA-eligible veterans should be permitted to receive care at any facility and by any provider in the VA integrated care system, to include both VA and community providers.”

    These improvements are what the VA AFGE employees are fight to prevent Veterans from having in our health care. The reason why is they know that Veterans will choose private health care over the current VA health care system. That also means that there will be some aspects of the current VA Health Care system that will no longer be financially viable.

    As it stands these VA AFGE Union Maggots are fighting against Veterans having a choice in their health care so they can protect their jobs. They have no concern for Veterans else they would certainly be supporting the changes which give Veterans a choice.

    The links to recent articles about their picketing are below: also although they claim the report is recommending closing all VAMC that is a lie. The report is recommending giving Veterans a choice in choosing a Medicare based system vs the current VA health care system.

    The Medicare based payment system guarantees providers will be paid in a timely manner and will be less susceptible to sabotage by AFGE employees. Like the sabotage their union leadership called for during their meeting earlier in June. Where their leadership instructed AFGE to fight against change by putting paperwork on the shelf and to resist all changes. As we all have seen this is the same Sabatoge that they have been pulling to prevent the Veterans Choice Program from working.

    Also the report is recommending a continuous review to adjust spending where it is needed. Likely the reviews will result in a number of VA facilities being re-tasked or closed. If that means AFGE employees are loss their jobs it is because they have not been providing proper health care to Veterans. Veterans should not suffer and die with the current system just to protect AFGE Member’s Jobs. These Maggots need to put in there place which is not over and above Veterans.

    “Union rallies against VA privatization”

    “Protesters picket in Tomah to save VA hospitals”

      1. Thank You Ryan. The fact that you said that means a lot to me. I do consider you a hero in this fight for Veterans health care. Thank you for everything you are doing for Veterans.

  2. I have two congressional inquiries currently Ben. One, by my congressman, has been very detailed, responsive and hard working and has resulted in some serious answers. The other by my Senator was less so until I received the 466 pages in my FOIA request of internal VA communications involving me. I had a chat with the Senators aide yesterday that lasted over 30 minutes expaining to get my history at the VA. She insisted on continuing the inquiry, and was calling their DC office to get answers on how to resolve problems.
    Both have detailed knowledge of how bad the VA is.
    I have told both that based on the comments from VA officials shown in the FOIA response, I no longer trust any of them and will not go back. Thay is why the Senate aide insisted on continuing the inquiry.
    McDonald, Shulkin and others will get a detailed letter explaining why, including copies of those internal communications.

    I will also send the same letter to Miller and Isakson.

  3. What is the real story between AFGE, privitization and Choice?
    If Congress gave $1000 for a veterans appointment, if the vet went to the VA, part of that would end up in their pocket. If the VA were privatized or went to Choice, AFGE wouldn’t see a dime.

    And AFGE would become much less useful to politicians.

  4. So the only way to strengthen the VA is to hire more dues paying members.

    That continue ignoring the third world care provided to veterans.

    1. Ok folks here is your chance to let Trump hear from you,, You can let his team know what you know about how the VA is treating you and our fellow veterans. I wrote his staff using this contact, I advised him how a Disgruntled VA employee was able without any proof that in fact I had ever been disruptive and how the Disruptive committee does not require any proof, that hearsay is considered all the proof they need to punish veterans. How they punish veterans with treats of arrest, federal charges and banishment from all Va care and the veterans how no outlet to defend themselves.

      Also asked them to visit this site so they can see how veterans feel about the VA and how VA employees come on this site and attack us.

      So here is your chance to tell them your story, just follow the instructions on the site and you will have a voice, don’t squander your chance to be heard, if each of us do this they cant say they did not get the memo about what they have done to each of us.

      Be to the point or they may pass it by

      Thanks James

      God Bless America and its Veterans without us, there would be no America !

  5. Every time I read about a new outrage committed by the VA and the union employees I see red. I was a strong union man at the airline. We truly did try to improve flight safety and I was Chairman of the union for our base. I can never forgive the AFGE for what they have done to vets. If there is a God, he is planning on how fast he can send them to Hell. St. Peter has strict instructions not to let any AFGE member in. I know that I am speaking in broad generalities, and I am smearing the very few VA employees who give a damn about their job and people they are supposed to serve. But the overwhelming majority of them are boils on the ass of humanity. Sorry Ben, but I get so damn mad that all I can do is either froth at the mouth or curse. Didn’t mean to, but it truly is the way I feel.

  6. Here’s some interesting FACTS going on today!

    1.) The Dumbocrats are doing a “sit-in” until the GOP capitulates over MORE gun control legislation. Basically they have shut down Congress @ around 3:30 this afternoon.
    The GOP summarily shut off all the cameras. So the public can’t see what’s going on!


    2.) This one you’ll love.

    “Rubio is running for
    re-election as a Senator so he can run for President again!”

    He said this today!

    What he said, in a news conference, should get a good laugh outta everyone.

    He said (mostly paraphrasing), All the Senators and Congressmen can’t do anything, “…they can only suggest…”, to fix what’s wrong in America or Washington!
    Basically saying no one has any “power” what-so-ever!
    (The part in quotation marks IS what he did say!)

    So my wife sent him a Twitter asking him,
    “WHY are we taxpayers paying him or anyone anything, IF the Congress is useless?”
    Good question don’t y’all think?

    Oh, well, if I can remember anything else. I’ll put it on, ok!

    1. Rubio was simply already feeling withdrawal from the taxpayer cookie jar…I KNEW he was not merely retiring, it was the sly way of not admitting he made any tread in the race. LOL! Disney must not have even wanted him as a lobbyist for the seven dwarves 🙂

    2. That thinking of his epitomized the thinking of the GOP Congress since they took over. Its a lazy excuse for doing nothing because the Democrats just showed them how it’s done. It may be a temper tantrum or petty politics, but they fillibustered and shut down the Senate for hours.
      The GOP has become so lazy and gutless, none of them deserve re-election.

  7. “Quote”

    Ralph D Carmona Sr says
    June 22, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    ardodd: First of all a boycott of the VA is the dumbest thing I EVER heard. There are THOUSANDS of Vets out there that have no choice as to where they get their so called medical care. Second, Just show up with your little sign and see how fast you have a big VA cop stepping on your head while you’re being handcuffed. Go ahead stupid, I dare you! Freedom of speech in not a problem at the Veterans Administration, they don’t allow it!!! If you want to donate to the veterans, donate your silence!

    “End Quote”

    @Ralph D Carmona:
    Apparently you miss read what I posted..

    First off I said a Boycott of the VA would only benefit the VA. As most of us do not have private insurance or the ability to pay for private. And I also said that even if we were able to boycott the VA it would only benefit the VA by cutting cost and saving them money. What I said was a Boycott is not what is needed.

    Secondly if you are going to Protest something you dang sure don’t do it on the property of the entity you are Protesting. Why subject yourself to being put in jail for trespassing by going onto the VA Federal Property. I merely said we should do unto them as they would do unto us.

    Thirdly any Protesting of VA Facilities would be held just off the VA Facility Property. Meaning people would stand outside the Main Entrances for the Facility and hold a sign.

    Lastly dear sir referring to someone you do not know anything about as “Stupid” is not a good thing. When you refer to me as “Stupid” you have actually set off a ticking time bomb of emotions. Now your suggestion of wanting to donate to veterans by staying silent, I honestly think you need to learn to read what is written and understand it before you want to jump out there and stomp on anyone.

  8. Just a fast comment about another fine example of an AFGE employee.

    Investigators say an employee at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell bought pizza and video gaming cards with a credit card he stole from a deceased veteran. (A 93 year old WWII veteran)

    Google cullen va bushnell for the whole story. They even get us after we are dead. BTW this POS got a $250 bonus last year. Wanna bet he doesn’t lose his job?

    1. Cannot then forget about the AFGE VA Medical Assistant Employee down at Louisiana VAMC where he through blunt force KILLED a WW2 Veteran of 78 years old or so, and HE IS STILL WORKING, the VA would not fire him…and supposedly the State of LA is going after him…we shall see and watching.

      With that said, an AFGE Employee stealing debit cards from dead vets swims in same cesspool at VA as all the other thugs, making the indeed good VA employees look bad amongst the toxic waste loafing at the VA Meat Grinder. Get you coming and going is correct.

      THE VA NEEDS AN ENEMA…flush the AFGE cancer out!

      1. That Veteran was an inpatient at that VAMC in a hospital bed when beat to death by an employee…the AFGE way. He probably also ruffled through his personal belongings…the AFGE way.

      2. The VA policing themselves ! I really don’t understand how they got the power to police themselves.

        Someone can’t police themselves. It’s perfect for abuse. !

        Anywhere elsewhere IF you Do something against the law I. Law inforcement is involved and anyone that sees the crime and does not report it. Becomes an accessory to the crime.

        They. Can beat. Kill and do what ever they want to veterans and the veterans having NO say !

        IF They do speak out. The employee only needs to say the veterans were disruptive and care closed. !

        If it were not for the video. The patient would be charged and punished.

        Va disruptive committee us illegal and the VA. Is taking away every right from the veteran. !

        All civil. Constitutional and our Bill of right’s. !

        This committee needs to be abolished. ! Employee’s are abusing veterans at will. !

        They must change

    2. There is no hope for it after suffering through it as a hundred percent service-connected disabled I’m in agonizing pain as he said just as all that veterans Choice doesn’t work either have been through it 3 times in one year just dissolve it and just give us all free access to any medical care we want anywhere and anytime. By law you would not be able to refuse a veteran from Full Medical Care in a facility with any doctor or any service for any reason.

  9. I have filed a formal request for a PCP within VHA and staff that are not members of the AFGE. They say the request is pending decision lolz. Just write them, or email them, and identify yourself and request care by members who are not affiliated with the AFGE and who have not sworn an oath to,that brotherhood. Put it just like that. Explain that the oath to the brotherhood is inconsistant with the patient/provider relationship and you wish to obtain care by other than AFGE professionals.

    Let them know EXACTLY where you stand.

  10. Hey y’all.
    Here’s two Utube videos.

    1.) “Paul Ryan Is Worse Than A Democrat”

    by Patrick Mankin, June 21, 2016.

    From: “Absolute Rights”

    Quote: “Who the Hell does Ryan think he is?”
    Kinda lets you know where this video will lead you!


    2.) “Clinton Foundation Exposed in Latest Hack”

    Published on Jun 22, 2016
    from: “INFOWARS.COM”

    This video, released today, has lots of Intel on where the Clinton’s receive and distribute taxpayers and donators’ monies!
    A real eye opener! Especially for those wanting to vote for the “Butcher of Bengazi”!
    Too bad the MSM doesn’t want to report a story like this.


    On a side note:
    The “IT Specialist”, Pagliano (or whatever his name is), is giving his sworn statements today! The one who claims he “…will invoke his 5th Amendment Rights!”

    He’s the “computer whiz” Hillary hired, who didn’t have a security clearance, to set up her “illegal computer homebrew server” while she was Secretary of State!

    This according to Judicial Watch, Pres. Tom Fitton!

    1. I have never liked Paul Ryan. Even before he and that then-Minnesota crazy, Michelle Bachman wanted to reduce Veteran Disability $$, thinking we have it ‘too good’…Paul Ryan for some odd reason has always given me that creepy, gooseflesh intuitive, spider-warning-vibe that says something is not quite as it SEEMS. I still feel strongly this way. Can see it in his eyes and smug grin. Not a fan obviously.

      1. namnibor, I thought you’ld get a kick outta that article on Ryan.
        That’s one reason I put it on brother!

      2. @namnibor
        I thought you’ld like Ryan getting his ass wiped. Especially since most “Real Conservative Republicans” can’t stand the “Muslim Wannabe”!
        I’ll bet if Obamy tells Ryan to capitulate to the DUMBOCRATS, he will.
        I’ll bet Obamy’s ready to call all the Repubs “RACISTS”!
        That seems to be how he holds most and/or all of Congress hostage! I’ve heard that enough times now to be sick of it!

  11. I admit I don’t like Hillary either. I didn’t like her husband back when he was POTUS. I think Trump is just blowing hot air all the time and really doesn’t mean what he says about anything. It looks to me like Hillary is going to be the next POTUS, I’m not going to vote at all this coming Nov. What’s the use? Not one of them is going to change the way the VA is doing vets. Vets are a low priority to them. Vets are 2nd class citizens. Vets are a liability to them the way they see us. One thing though, I’ll be glad to see O’bummer leave out of office. He only cares about illegals, criminals, gang-bangers, and thugs!

    1. It’s pretty bad when Americans are so frustrated with our elected officials. That we don’t even want to vote.

      Choosing between two evils and not having any expectation of a positive our come. !

      Pretty ? I think many Americans feel the same way.

      Just a wait and see game. !

      Vote out any elected official in you local area. !

      That maybe a start. !

      It’s frustrating. !

      Just means. We have to keep trying. !

      To give up. Won’t work. !

      People. Like Ben and other’s will keep trying. For our own piece of mind. !

      We can go to our grave. Knowing we tried. !

    2. You may not like Trump, but he beholds to no one. The Republican establishment that has done nothing forever, are scared to death of Trump. Hillary is a traitor to this country. I had a top secret clearance during Shield/ Storm. I know what she had to agree to just to get that clearance. She is a fraud, traitor, and liar.

      I do not think that Trump will do any worse than Obama. The Veteran community needs help. I believe that Trump will help.

      1. I doubt I will vote for either, but I will vote down ballot.
        I would crawl over a mile of broken glass before I voted for that nasty Hillary.
        As for Trump, he and the media have made enough about his donations to veterans, I don’t think he has any choice but to help.
        If he does not, it won’t be vets ripping him as a liar, although some will.

        It will be the media blasting him as a liar, with national coverage of every problem a veteran reports.

        The way it should be for both parties.

  12. Ben. Thank you for telling it like it is. !

    I have to agree. Hilary would do nothing for the veterans. !

    I don’t agree with a lot of what trump says about certain positions !

    IF. This country is going to go to hell ? Why not let trump try to stop it. !

    He has some very good point’s about his our elected officials are on the take. !

    They are scared of what trump might do. To cut off their endless money supply. !

    His speech today stating Hilary made $150 million dollar’s from the head’s of the middle east. !

    I don’t really know if would make a difference with trump and. He says thing’s have to change or were in big trouble. ! Or bigger trouble. !

    I know our elected officials are not thinking about any of us and they all need to be defeated.

    America. Has lost it way and all Americans are paying the price. !

    Yes. American employees need to be protected and unions can be an effective tool. As long as they stay out of bed. With the people whom are committing illegal act’s.

    Employees whom. Get fired should not be allowed to be rehired. Them saying the firing was unconstitutional is just B.A.. Only the supreme court’s can make that decesion. !

    Employee’s need to be held accountable and the VA needs to not be able to police themselves !

    It just don’t work. !

    Yes. All veterans need to record everything that they see the VA doing wrong. Even when it does not involve the person directly. !

    Problem is. Who gets the report to correct.????

    We have no one to tell what we see. !

    Maybe. Just maybe. Trump will light the fire and federal and state officials will run like rats or get caught and forced to stand in front of a judge. !

    Not a VA judge. ! A real judge where they have authority to penalize those employees that think they are the law !

    Thanks Ben for everything your trying to so.

    I guess. The meeting with Bob McDonald did not go very well. !

    Did he treat you guys like children and try to pasify you and double talk. !

    1. yeah @james, i too have wondered this and asked a couple of times about meeting outcome. however, never a reply back from @Ben or @ron.

      if it was a good outcome from the meeting i had suspected a public note about such on this blog. but then again, ol Bobo might have had @Ben & @ron group bound to some type of NDA?

      1. Don’t know. Guess they will tell when their ready. I waited forty year’s for the VA to give me my disability and to find out I had a TBI !

        So all I have is time. Don’t known bow long.

        I been in meeting. Where they glare at a person. Angry emotions. !

        The way they spoke to me. Made me feel that if I said another word. They would have hurt me hand I was out of state and had no way of leaving.

        I felt so strongly about it. That I went to a clergymen and told him. What happened to me hand bow I was treated.

        And if I should end up dead. He would know why. I told another veteran and He told me that I better shut up or they could kill me and I would not be the first.

        To bad we have to fear the very people intrusted to Care for us veterans.

        Even staff members will stop you. If your tell what happened. This is not the place or time.

        Not knowing who your enemy is. Is scary ! Don’t known who you can trust or who will harm you to keep you quite !

  13. It was better during the Johnson, Nixon and Carter Administrations. Physicians trainees were received scholarships instead in stead of loans which were paid back by service to the VA or the military.

    Now there are too few physicians period. Reason. Loans in stead of scholarships. So even with my Choice card, health care isn’t what it was in the 1970s and early 1980s when physicians were paying off their scholarships with service and then going to private medicine.

    We broke the system. Now we need to go back and fix it. But the lobbyists from big corporate medicine is in the way.

  14. This is kind of a long article. Yet, what’s occuring today in Washington and across the globe needs to be brought out into the sunlight.

    Basically, “Cleanse it with God’s Light!”

    The article is by Pamela Geller. Written on June 20, 2016

    “I was born into a Muslim Family…”

    It is, in my opinion, a must read!
    If one believes Islam is a “Religion of Peace”, all one has to do is read what happened to this woman. She lived in Iran during the time of Americas involvement. Which caused great upheaval, and the beginning of a dictatorship!
    There’s a couple of pictures to show what happened before and after 1979.
    The stark reality of Islam is apparently something most Americans can’t, or won’t, accept!

    Remember this “line” from the new movie “Amerigeddon”!

    “When you sell your soul, it’s a one time thing. There’s no going back!”

    In my opinion, most of our elected and appointed officials, HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL!!!

    1. America doesn’t teach history anymore. History, in the sense of promoting a country’s culture and sovereignty. Libraries & Internet have thousands of books on the history of Islam and its “creep” across nations of new & old.

      Your observations are correct that ”…is apparently something most Americans can’t, or won’t, accept!” and that observation is on the American community street/mall level, not just MSM. Islamic money now holds large positions of MSM stock. It is no wonder they report the news as they do and I might add, Hillary’s actions vs her words.

      I’ve kept up a bit with Pamela Geller’s writings and her first hand accounts and warnings, and Walid Shoebat’s & Ahmed Rashid’s writings, to name but a few. It pays to know a bit about one’s adversaries. I should add it pays to be able to determine one’s adversary and what side of the fence one is really on, thus read/observe from many different sources.

      >>Basically, “Cleanse it with God’s Light!”

      no doubt

      Good thread @Ben. The AFGE and VA seem to be mirrors of our recent and current fed gov, and that is thuggery & corruption. You paint the bigger picture well.

      1. @Cantigny

        There was a short video clip out, and removed very quickly, showing the Prince of Saudi Arabia donating something like $20 million to Hillary’s campaign. Strickly illegal!

    2. >>…Prince of Saudi Arabia donating something like $20 million to Hillary’s campaign

      not a bit surprised at all. America will get more information from Russia about all this before our gov will…acknowledge. how many 5ths has Brian Pagliano pleaded so far? i’m quite sure most of the “donors” to the Clinton Foundation wanted something in return while she was secstate?

      1. VA employees use the 5th as much as they use toilet paper. !

        Every time shit hit the fan. !

        And back to doing what ever they were doing wrong. !

        Justice. !

        Until they are placed in front of a judge and witnesses are allowed they will litterly get away with murder. !

        Bob McDonald. Where are you. !

        Where’s the proof of you firing anyone. !

        Keep up the good work Bob. Veteran’s are really dieing. !

        I know !. Soooooo what. !

  15. Who is keeping the promise when this self serving idiots are protesting during working hours?

    Is home land security going to be spying on them like they threaten to do at veteran rallies?

    They are kucky to have a job, it is about time the started to do what they were hired to do by the American tax payer.

    5 more years it is medicare and real healthcare for me.

    1. Great point, on it being working hours, while they are protesting against Veterans receiving better health care.

      No doubt it will be a planned photo op for someone.

  16. #boycottVA

    If you want to stay alive! Boycott VA Healthcare

    VA Healthcare is the deadliest healthcare system in America.

    One of the major causes of VA Healthcare being the deadliest in America is the corruption of the system by the most corrupted Union in America.

    According to the Office of Labor-Management Standards of the Department of Labor AFGE Leads All American Unions in Criminal Misconduct by its Officials Since 2014.

    Now these sick disgusting maggots who are members of the AFGE Union are not only fighting to make the VA healthcare system worse they are fighting to prevent Veterans from leaving their deadly health care system.

    The AFGE fighting to try and replace Doctors with Nurses in Veterans Health care. If it is such a great idea let the Federal Employee Health Care Insurance only cover health care systems that use Nurses instead of Doctors.

    Now these AFGE maggots are even going to hold a rally in front of the VAMC in Tomah. The rally is to fight against changes that would allow Veterans to receive health care from outside of the deadliest Health care system in America. Really the VAMC in Tomah that is known as Candyland made famous by the Candyman David Houlihan.

    Boycott the VA and let the VA management use the AFGE employees in their offend deadly research.

    1. Hey you AFGE maggots if you are lucky maybe Mr. “I didn’t get the Memo Fiengold” will show up and spew a few lies for you maggots to feed on.

      1. @Seymore Klearly, namnibor, 91Veteran and everyone!!!!!

        What y’all want to bet we get a few “TROLLS” on here today?
        This “Blog” is a perfect opportunity for them!
        Get ready to “Sharpen Your Wit!”

      2. Elf,

        I do live within driving distance and just might have to show up for their rally.

        Also I have to wonder what kind of idiot the acting director Victoria P. Brahm is for encouraging these maggots. Not only is she slapping the face of all Veterans but she is also slapping the face of all the Veteran’s family members who are also victims that have suffered as a result of their loved ones receiving care at Tomah.

      3. I strongly suspect Feingold and the AFGE are doing some serious organizing in the shadows. Like they did with Baldwin in Madison years ago.

        And unions in Wisconsin have been burning for a victory since Walker defeated them more than once.

        The unions will do it, no matter how illegal their actions are.

  17. Great report Ben Krause – I would like to ask a couple of questions.

    First question is if we #boycottVA , how will that help us?

    Boycott means we refuse to use the VA, and by not using the VA they will in some way of won the battle. If we do not use them that means they have actually cut cost and put more money back into their greedy little pockets. And when we don’t use the VA that means they have lesser of a work load and can give themselves more and bigger raises.

    Second question I have is if we want Justice and better heathcare for Veterans, Why are we not standing there with signs and blocking the VA employees from entering the VA Facilities?

    What would the Union do if their jobs were threatened by another company? They would stand outside with picket signs and disrupt the flow.

    And under normal circumstances if Veterans stood outside the VA Facilities with signs it might would bring attention. And would also bring attention to the demands that Veterans have against the VA.

    One idea that does come to mind is having Picketers all around the major vital VA Facilities blocking the entrances. This can be done by holding Picketing at certain places so other Veteran organizations can help with funding to bring in veterans from around their area. I would even suggest that planning a full run of the US and finally ending up on the door steps of the White House.

    Can’t think of that Fund Raising place that is available on Facebook right now. But it is a good start to get funding resource to do this with. As we know how much the Promise was “No One Left Behind” lets come together and Stand up for Our Rights. If we Stand together against evil and terror in the face of combat, We can all Stand together and the Fight Battle in Our own Backyard.

    “Alone I am No One and that Voice goes unheard..Together Our Voices shall be Heard around the World..We shall not forget those who have died and suffered “at the hands of the VA” to give us the Right to Fight for Our Freedom..”

    “We Stand United and Defend Our Right to Fight. We will hold Old Glory High for the True Colors will come through. “RED for the Blood that has been shed” “Blue because We are True to Our Fellow Men/Women of Arms” “White because of Our Faith and Trust in God”


    I have owned #FDF4VETS for sometime now and never made my mind up what to do with it. I even own the domain

    I am considering donating it for this cause… (Fighting DA Fight 4 VETS) or (Funding DA Fight 4 VETS) and use it for the Facebook Fund Raising. Ben Krause do you want this domain and # ?

    1. Privatization began almost as soon as President Reagan took office and was accelerated during President Clinton’s term primarily because of the AFGE. It has been about breaking that union which has so much “voting power” because their jobs are on the line. And as with any powerful union abuses take place. Too many gold bricks.

      The answer is to break the union into segments. No full government contract. A union for the VA. One for GSA. One for the White House. One for congressional workers. One for Army. One for Navy, etc. And then organize with management cooperation. Bonuses for performance. Loss of bonus if too much pilfering or if productivity goes down, etc. Protect the bonuses from abuse and separate bonuses for non management employees from management employees.

      Do it the Japanese way.

    2. Honestly what we need is a Bonus Army V2.0 consisting of vets from all 50 states to bus in to DC and storm the mall. Once this is done we set up an organized encampment with a clear chain of command and we then present a list of demands for clearing out the VA these demands are non negotiable. I seriously doubt in this day and age with our technology and instant media presence and news coverage that the govt. would sic the police and army on us again.

      For those who don’t know what the bonus army is I suggest you wiki it.

      Ideas for demands include.

      Complete dismantling of the AFGE union ala Reagan with the ATC union in the 80’s

      ALL corrupt VA officials tossed out on their ass period. No bonus. No appeals. No nothing.

      ALL veterans be given the choice of private sector healthcare or continuation with the VA healthcare system. No exception.

      Appeals Backlog to be approved at 100% disability with backpay to initial date of filing.

      VA hires extra Rating staff and goes to 3 shifts to start working through the claims backlog weeding out the fraud and reducing disability rating WHERE APPROPRIATE.
      If a vet is is rated 100% disabled and it turns out his/her rating should actually be lowered then the rating GOING FORWARD is reduced. No Veteran will be on the hook for backpay.

      As a side note I did some recent digging into my memory looking for the earliest VA scandal I could think of and the one that came to mind was the Walter-Reed scandal with the rats and mold in the patient quarters. I believe this was around 2007. Since 2007 the VA has requested a total of aprox 500 BILLION dollars from the Fed Gov.

      Now if this is to be believed. in 9 years the va has an average annual budget of over 5.5 Billion dollars

      Now I’m not sure what the cost would be to approve all the claims in the backlog but at least this way the money goes to the people that it is intended for, the Vets who both need and deserve it.

      Anyways that’s my .02 cents feel free to comment, unless your a corrupt VA official then you can die.

    3. ardodd: First of all a boycott of the VA is the dumbest thing I EVER heard. There are THOUSANDS of Vets out there that have no choice as to where they get their so called medical care. Second, Just show up with your little sign and see how fast you have a big VA cop stepping on your head while you’re being handcuffed. Go ahead stupid, I dare you! Freedom of speech in not a problem at the Veterans Administration, they don’t allow it!!! If you want to donate to the veterans, donate your silence!

      1. Just shut it down. ! Let veterans see anyone they please. !

        IF. They get rid of all the VA employees. That would free up all that ?.

        Veterans could change doctor’s and most important. Veterans with disability would get their deserved disability and their still would be ? left over !

        They. Can all go work in the field’s. !

        Someone will have to do it. Oh wait that means real work. !

        IF we has to depend on federal worker’s to produce our food. They would fight for $50 a hour. 2 hour brakes and full bathrooms !

    4. In my opinion if you want to get serious attention and action by picketing, go to your local Congressman or Senators office and picket, clearly as a veteran.
      If they have done nothing, or rolled over in the VA employee accountability issue, then picket them.
      Alert the media, and have copies of talking points to hand out.
      With the current political atmosphere, you can bet you will get attention quick.
      And I can think of no politician of either party yet willing to call the cops over a veteran picketing their office.
      I seriously believe Tomah got the attention of many, and they are deathly afraid of being painted as one who ignored a veterans complaint.

    5. Totally 100% agree!!!!!!. Mass Protests!

      I don’t know why All VSO don’t get haven’t done this!!!!! Raise our Voices and Stop this Now.

      1. Mass protest by veteran’s agree. One must remember the past to avoid what happened after ww1. Where service members were given a Bonus of $1.25 per day for those that went over sea’s to fight.

        $1 dollar a day for state side service. Depression hit and over 400 thousand veterans massed in Washington. Built shanty town.

        The United State’s called in the active military. McCarthy was in charge and was told to hault.

        McCarthy denied those orders and brought in the same Tanks. The veteran’s used against Germany and distroyed the shanty. It was burnt down.

        But this protest did not have immediate results. In the end. Those veterans were given what was theirs. So they did prevail in the end.

        Now this is 2017. But those veteran’s pavied the road for future veterans to protest.

        We maybe harrested or killed. But that with TV. Cell phone’s ect. I believe would now assist in the battle.

        If our own government attacks us. All of Americans and the ?. Would be able to whitness this live and I believe that if attacked our citizens would revolt in favor of the veterans.

        With that in mind. We must be prepared not to do anything to give anyone cause or give them an excuse to attack.

        I believe that we owe it to all the dead service members and the dead veterans. The VA let die by having secret wait lists.

        Our women gathered by thousands to protect. What are veterans afraid of ! Are we going to hide behind these women and not do nothing.

        I say. If we should decide to go to Washington and it made public. The citizens of these United State’s in the end would stand side by side with the veterans.

        As. One guy says. Do It. Just Do IT. !

        Get her DONE.


  18. Right on Ben Krause – as soon as I involved myself in politics because it’s the only game in
    town for legislation, the first despicable group to attack me was not the VA or politicians (albeit that came quickly as well), but rather the American Federation of Government Employees because choice and outsourcing threaten federal jobs and union dues to pay off those said politicians to maintain the status quo.


    1. @Ryan
      Do you think many vets will be at Tomah (thursday) to protest what AFGE is trying to do?

      I hope the news media, (KARE 11), covers this story in depth! Maybe this will get out nationally!?


      I’ve tried to get my Congressman involved in this. One of his aides ‘sounds interested’! Only we know how that goes, right!
      I send many different news articles off to him. All they do is “forward” them to Washington. I have a feeling the articles are “falling on deaf ears”! The articles are definitely falling on deaf ears at all the MSM outlets!

      Until the AFGE is either dismantled or made to realize “corruption and/or incompetence should not be rewarded”, nothing will change.

      As far as “…the White House and DOJ telling VA to stand down…”, (on ‘fast-track firing), this is an unconscionable decision! Both entities just violated their “oath of office!”
      (I do believe we have discussed this!) Are these not “violations” which could be construed as ‘criminal acts’? If so, why hasn’t anyone brought this issue up in our Congress? (Oh, wait, it would appear many in our Congress are complicite in this egregious act!)
      Or, are our “lawmakers” more worried about dismantling our “Constitution AND Bill of Rights” than “protecting those who fought for them?”

      Maybe namnibor is correct. Maybe these so-called MEN, and WOMEN, who sit in Congress should go fight their own damn wars! Take everyone who (allegedly) works with them, the aids, as well (as “Privates” in the Army)!
      Let them experience a REAL “REALITY SHOW”! Drop them off in Syria, Lybia, Northern Iraq, Turkey or Lebanon. Let them fight for Democracy! Put a damn weapon in their hands, and force them out on the “Firing Line”!
      Then they can come back and be treated by VA, as we have!
      If they believe the VA healthcare is so great, then let them use it!

      Rant Over for now! Not doing so good this a.m.!

      1. I like the dropping them in a hot zone but need to add several things. Make sure you drop all of their relatives and family members with them. Then if they survive take away their medical insurance and make them use VA Health care. Let them feel the so called “Promise” as it is run up their backsides.

      2. This is organized by Washington at afge HQ. And the Tomah union leadership loves the limelight. National afge sees the damage that Tomah has caused and therefore the threat to outsource care. I really don’t see what they’re trying to accomplish, except to look like asses trying to save their jobs under the guise of caring about disabled veterans. It doesn’t matter if there’s a counter protest. Kind of like that old saying that what would happen if there was a war and nobody showed up. Any media that shows up would only give more press to what is obvious to anyone but them. It’s really the only card that AFGE has to play by scaring vets that the VA will go away. It’s the only way they can try to put lipstick on the turd that it’s really about THEIR jobs and not veteran’s freedom to go where they want for care. Same old song and dance. AFGE is not the ultimate threat here. The ultimate threat is who they pay off and Hilary is the biggest recipient. If/when she’s president we’ll have someone who actually went on cable news and said veterans love their care and it’s all just a right wing conspiracy. All those veterans abused and killed by VA care was all just the right wing making it up. She had to eat her words on that after the veteran backlash but as a President not pandering for votes she’ll be sucking off of big labor’s teat. Rather than waste your time standing with a sign in front of the Tomah VA across from federal workers worrying about losing their jobs, it would be more productive to knock on doors to get votes for anyone but Hilary.

      3. Spot On, Cut the head of the Snake off. The Union is corrupt. They do nothing for Vets except gum up the system. Then have Vets helping Vets, no administration hires that are not Veterans. Then privatize hospitals!

    2. VA DEARHCARE IS A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS PENDEJO VET LAZY VETS ? WHY DONT YO CONTER PRTEST VA TOMAH ////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////????????????????????????????

      1. @Seymore Klearly

        I’ve been wondering the same thing about Reuben Castro!
        He never changes his comment!

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