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VA Contact List

Get it! I finally found a real VA contact list updated as of February 2014 for Congress. Ever try to find a VA official’s number but come up with nothing? Now you reach out and touch someone with this VA contact list I dug up. This list will help you cut through the bureaucratic roadblocks to literally talk with someone with some pull at VA.

Yesterday, I was able to use it to reach an attorney in the General Counsel who is not accustomed to contacting veterans directly. So at least it worked for me. And, I thought I would share it with the rest of you, too.

For those historians out there, we also have the list VA contact list from 2012. You will notice the names of some of the officials are not longer current, since it was published in 2012.

The beauty of these VA contact lists are that the names are largely irrelevant. What matters is reaching the office you are trying to get through to by telephone – names will change but offices will not.

The numbers on the VA contact list may not not work every time, but it will work a lot more than having no list at all. Be persistent and call these “public servants” as often as you feel the need. After all, they work for you.


Click to Download VA Contact List


Download VA Contact List

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  1. This is an awesome resource to have in your toolbox but it must be used wisely and respectfully, realizing that in the federal government one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing. Thus not all VA employees are breaking the rule of law. Great find. Something like this should be included in the annual VA benefits handbook that is distributed to most veterans. Thank you Benjamin!

  2. Tried to comment before. Great to have the Numbers but if no one picks up.what’s the point. Trying to get the VR&E woman,but maybe I will try later.

  3. Benjamin, EXCELLENT work on getting that VA contact list to we veterans. I plan on giving it to my US Congressman because I doubt if even he has it. And, I will give it to other vets.

  4. Thank You. Will call the VR&E #. I am having such a hard time going to school. I was approved in 2010 but too many roadblocks. Thanks again for the Numbers.

  5. I started at the TOP of the list. The Secretary’s number HUNG UP on me. But, the SECOND number from the top ANSWERED and spoke with me, and they promised to have an investigator call me back about threats made towards a journalist researching a story on my daughter Honey Sue who is in the VA Agent Orange Spina Bifida Program for children of Vietnam vets and SOME Korean vets. Thanks Ben!

  6. What about the phone number to the cell block in the jail that some VA officials should be locked away in?

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