Veteran Shooter

Veteran Shoots ER Doctor At West Palm Beach VA

Reports of a veteran shooter late Wednesday night were confirmed by witnesses as is the FBI investigation into the incident.

A wheelchair-bound double amputee reportedly shot an ER doctor in the neck, a source told local CBS12 News. Early reports suggested two to six individuals were shot in the confrontation, though authorities have yet to confirm that number.

VA director Donna Katen-Bahensky issued the following statement:

An incident has occurred this evening at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center. There is no danger to patients or staff at this time and the area has been secured. We are working with local law enforcement and the investigation remains ongoing.

The doctor is now stable following surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

The Sun Sentinel reported a technician in the restroom saw the shooter loading his weapon. Witnesses say the patient had the weapon hidden within the seat of his wheelchair. The patient opened fire after the tech ran for help.

The patient was arrested and the facility is now operational.

I hope I speak for every veteran reading this article when I say violence against any VA employee is not the answer. Let’s be sure to pray for the ER doctor and the veteran who shot him.

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  1. This will establish a precedent from now on. Could we vets go in to the VA hospital now without any security checks like in other Federal Bldg’s?

  2. I know of a few other VA Quacks (physicians), VA Liars (attorneys) and VA employees here in Phoenix, Arizona, Washington D.C., Hampton, Virginia and Eglin AFB, Florida that should be jailed and/or executed after drugging me with Percocet/Hydrocodone, Triazolam, Clonazepam, and many other physically addicting and psychotropic mind-altering medications to cover up medical and administrative incompetence, and most of all, felony behavior of Dr. Elaine Marie Ramos who took advantage of me in April and May of 2014 by dating me/having a sexual romantic relationship and then using her position as a psychiatrist in the mental health clinic I was being seen in, to have the psychiatrist treating me change medications to subdue my cognition to cover up her illegal conduct. Senator Sinema should be charged and then jailed/executed as well after I brought the gross violations to her attention for how the Phoenix VA was treating me in 2014, which she basically did nothing to help me and instead helped the Phoenix VA by not reporting my victimization from the multitude of felonies of VA employees to conduct for further investigations and due process . The corporate Federal United States government agencies are full of POS’s acting as authorities under contract when in fact they are illegitimate by proxy of the 14th Amendment never being ratified. The VA IG, Mike Missal cares less about protecting veterans considering the three emails I sent him directly to enlighten him and his office of the facts of my victimization by the VA considering Dr. Elaine Ramos and her accomplices were never punished and able to conduct buisness as usual.

    Another point I would like to make, is the Phoenix VA’s Chief of Psychiatry in 2014, Dr. Ali Kazim, was charged for “Forging a Narcotic Perscription” in December 2010, was hired on by the Phoenix VA in 2013, and was the VA employee who hired Dr. Ramos, and Dr. Kazim, along with Dr. Darren Deering helped Dr. Ramos cover up the crimes that victimized me. The case number for Dr. Ali Kazim was 1291445150 in the California Sacramento Superior Court with the offense code of HS11368. The Phoenix VA General Counsel also used their authority within Maricopa County to have POS administrative magistrate Bruce R. Owens to violate my medical rights after Dr. Elaine Ramos filed a frivolous Order of Protection on me in order to protect her medical career as she was being investigated by the VA, all while the VA and Mr. Owens were violating my legal rights by communicating without my knowledge in order to protect the racket from crimes the Phoenix VA was committing.

    So the VA is nothing but a racket for the purpose of killing or damaging veterans for control, providing a conduit to universities, big pharma, etc. for studies and financial gain, and providing employment (especially to incompetent physicians and attorneys) all while being cancerous within the communities the VAs operate within such as the Phoenix metropolitan area. The VA’s racket extends into the municipal and district courts, and besides the municipal court the POS Bruce R. Owens is employed by, I also received reprisal from the Supreme Court in Mesa, Arizona five weeks after bringing my issues about Dr. Elaine Ramos (who also illegally accessed my VA medical records) to the VA human resources, when the D.A. summons me on a charge for felony flight I was never charged with a year prior during a traffic stop. The felony flight charges were dropped when I wouldn’t give in to their attempts of extortion and threats, but I realized it was one of the VA’s attempts to silence me in 2015 and 2016. I have since, educated myself (challenging to educate one’s self with learning disabilities from a documented traumatic brain injury) on the racket (these criminal motherf#*kers) have perpetrated on not just the veteran population but the American people.

    Americans need to stop paying undue taxes, repudiate the 14th Amenmentment (since men or women are not dead i.e. corporations), buy, trade and sell with silver, gold, and cryptocurrencies, buy and possess ammo and weapons, gain distance from the VA at all possible costs, learn the law and your rights (especially how these BAR attorneys are usurping the equity as usufructs from unknowing defendants in Court while the U.S. Government is, in fact, the debtor and is under reorganization through Chapter 11 bankruptcy as the corporate federal government has been since 1933), and then maybe the suicide, homicide, incarceration and homeless of veterans will cease. But the agenda of the satanic federal corporate government is population control and if what better population to control then the veteran population.

    Disclaimer: My statements and terminology of words are not calling for a rebellion or insurrection against the federal and state government. The illegitimate (other than private contract) corporate government under Art. I. Sect. 8 with its corporate private charter can otherwise go to Hell.

    1. ryan r. hummer. it’s refreshing to see a veteran who knows what is going on. i’m sorry all that happened to you.

      as corrupt as the corp gov is, the medical field, at v.a. or elsewhere, is just as corrupt. these characters with ptsd, for example, believe it’s a mental illness. when in FACT it’s a physical problem that they cover with drugs and platitudes and fake news.

      this incident is another hoax. crisis actors in the know. that’s why they took the fake “shot” doctor to another hospital. they had a staging area set up to take the fake shot doctor away.

      the agenda is to have a shooter everywhere. casino. homo nightclub. schools. v.a., malls. so that everywhere you go, you will have to be under suspicion and be searched and I.D. just like one of the vets said above, “you’re just allowed to go in without even showing I.D.” yes, the outrage that an american can just walk in to what they’ve paid for without being a criminal under suspicion.

      if you believe this is real, you enable these hoaxes that are demonizing americans. and i’ll bet anything the fake shooter was WHITE male.

  3. I am sorry for both the vet and the doctor, however I can’t blame the vet. Last year when I had AFIB of the heart and lungs were filling my doctor called the ER and demanded the keep me overnight. I drove 40 miles to the main VA, woman ER doctor ordered a double dose of Lasix and a urinal and said have a nice drive. If you have ever been on that drug it drains the liquid from your body, and over rides your bladder control. The nurse told the doctor I had a 110 mile drive, 5:15 rush hour on a Friday. Small car and big guy and urinal would not fit, so unless you have ever driven 4 hours in cold and deer country in wet clothes you have no idea. The nurse asked me what my plans were and I said put a 9mm in my head. She said she would let that pass, but should have me held. I told her I was just joking, I will put it in the doctors head. I filed a complaint and records show the dosage but ‘Doctor’ denies it. 15 months later and once procedure and still can’t breathe. You know what they call the person who graduates last in their class – a VA doctor.

  4. Yes we need to pray for everyone that has been affected directly or indirectly. I understand the frustration, I’m dealing with significant dental and medical issues with the VAMV in Houston, and there is no help, unless you take it on yourself.

    The worst criminals in our Country gets an Attorney, and I can’t get one because either my Tort Case isn’t worth enough or it’s too complicated. The Attorney’s only get 20 to 25%, and they’re aren’t many, so I have to Pro Se my own Tort.

    Next problem that’s been screaming for help for a long time, Real Advocates, not paid by the VA, but paid by The White House or someone Federal Agency, other than the fox guarding the hen house (VA/VAMC). The Advocate needs authority to make the VA stand up and listen. We as Veterans have no Advocate with Clout to see that the VA is held accountable and responsible. Write your Congressman or Senator, they send an inquiry, and when the VA answers, no matter what the answer your inquiry is closed, so No Help. Call or email The White House about a VA complaint, No Help, 56 VA employees are ready to answer your call, and you thought you were in touch with The White House, guess again.

    So where’s the real help we need? Nowhere to be found.

  5. The VHA is as a whited sepulcher full of dead veteran’s bones. I don’t go to VAMCs, too easy to get killed their. Everybody says socialism doesn’t work, yet veterans are religated to socialized medicine which is not on par with prison medicine by a supposed caring America, BS. Let us use real hospitals like congress and privitize VAMCs into for profit hospitals so the staff their will have to do their jobs or starve. Don’t tell me VA Mission Act will help, it’s just more of the same platitudinal bull we’ve been getting, doesn’t change anything. 40 miles as the crow flies = 40 driven miles = 30 min.s drive time. Just an example. Be nice if somebody in congress would read these.

  6. I was at the WPB VA Medical Center yesterday morning visiting my Pulmonologist and actually saw the vet who eventually identified as the shooter. He is a double amputee, age approximately late 50s/early 60s and in a wheelchair. He was agitated (observed being vocally demanding and loud) and taking the elevators from floor to floor in obvious distress. Not one medical professional appeared to be assisting or intervening. I gather he stayed at the center all day and wound up in the ER (which is the single worst ER I’ve encountered in 30 years of seeking emergency care at numerous VA facilities). Not that shooting anyone is justified but I believe he was on the brink and the lack of attention and proper care pushed him over the edge. This hospital needs more doctors, PAs and or NPs as it’s understaffed without allocated funding to hire additional professional level personnel.

    In addition to lack of qualified medical personnel, the WPB VA Medical Center’s security check personnel are lackadaisical, disinterested and appear to spend more time conversing with one another rather than performing their security duties. Anyone can walk in the front doors, flash any type of card (personnel do not check ID) and walk right in.


  7. So sad that the veteran felt so frustrated and overwhelmed he decided to behave in such a violent and self-defeating manner. I, like others, would not have made that decision and certainly do not condone his actions. However I totally understand. Just yesterday I had an appointment with a VA physician and the whole entire time the doctor was condescending and rushing me as if my questions were a bother to him! This was a phone appointment, I didn’t even inconveniencing him by an office visit and the questions I had were very relevant and necessary to my well being. As a veteran, is 10 minutes of a physician’s time too much to expect for a VA medical appointment? Just saying.

  8. I only have one comment that looks like a question, but is posed for consideration not response.

    Why was the ER doc taken out of his ER to Saint Mary’s Medical Center for treatment? Is there something wrong with the ER the doctor was standing in when he was shot?

  9. Mr Krause: your comment regarding, “I hope I speak for all veterans” in saying that violence against v.a. employees is not the answer is at best questionable.
    We veterans/Americans live in the most violent country in the world. We settle all of problems with violence whether it is domestic or international based issues. We veterans are here in this drastic position because our government decided to settle their problems with violence and our lives.
    America, the United States exists because of violence entered into by our forefathers to escape involuntary servitude on many levels. As well as; to fight against tierney, repression of rights, illegal taxation, ECT.
    I don’t think anyone wants live in s world dedicated to violence, however when has any country, any government settled any issues without violence?
    Note: it is easy for governments to start wars in which they and their families do not fight personally.
    Please advise how we injured an suffering veterans can resolve our torturous situation with the veterans administration without physically fighting back to save our lives?

  10. The doctor was shot at West Palm Beach VA, yet the doctor went to St Marys medical center for surgery. Even the ER doctor didn’t want to be treated by the VA.

    1. Yes, the irony in that is very telling to say the least. I’m 50/50 on the entire situation myself. Maybe the doctor did something to warrant this type of violent reaction. We Do Not Know All Of The Facts! JustSayin!?

  11. Bet this won’t be in the national news. The media wants to glorify war for the sake of profiteering.

  12. I want to know what ‘exactly’ triggered this Veteran to do what he allegedly did.

    Was the staff ‘bitchy, rude and disrespectful’ in the way they treated him or answered his questions? Did they assume he was ‘faking’ it?

    It happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!

    1. “M dv”
      In the article I posted earlier today, the veteran, Larry Bon, “…was there to be evaluated”, “…was in a wheelchair…” (because he’s a double amputee) and “…was unresponsive for hours…”!
      Makes me wonder.
      1.) Why was he being evaluated? There’s lots of questions over that!

      2.) What caused him to be silent? What was going on for him to be “uncooperative”?

      Another thing I’m wondering about is, did Larry have another person with him? Like a spouse?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Of course he had to go somewhere else for better quality of care.

    2. Richard,
      Could the problem be, it was at a very small clinic.
      We have one of these here in Deltona, FL. All they can do is take blood. Every thing else is “farmed out” to the hospitals.

      1. ER–If they have an ER they have an OR. But given the understaffing maybe not a surgeon. But didn’t the Article posted on the subject say the wheel chair vet was there for surgery eval? And this was a VA Medical Center not a CBOC.

  13. I don’t agree with what he did, but I understand. I am amazed that this does not happen more often. The way Vets are treated and left to die is going to cause some to lash out when they have nothing left or nowhere to turn for help. When you disrespect someone over and over, fail to address their pain or health you shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome.

  14. While I don’t condone this, the government and VA should take note. Vets are sick of their crappy care, in your face regulations that do nothing but make talking point and a dog and pony show. Vets want to not be in pain. And they are tired of no answer VA listening to every one but them.

  15. No one should be surprised! Veterans have stood up for Americans and America. Does anyone think they will not stand up for their own lives? It would seem to me that the government and the v.a. would realize, the last people they should back into a “life or death” corner should be a trained military person. Mis-treating, disrespecting, and victimizing American hero’s is the veterans administrations m.o.!

    1. Well stated!!! The VA has gotten away with murder, YES MURDER, manipulation, threatening, harassing, denial of benefits (just because), and blatant corruption in all its forms. I do not and will not coddle victims of a veterans response, especially VA employees. Veterans are being driven to the extreme and no matter the extent, I fully support this veteran, his family, and all veterans who are currently biti g their tongue. To the fellow veteran who wishes to appease “law and order”, keep that in .ind when the next veteran is denied benefits, or is victim of treatment gone bad, or who is killed by the vicious VA network of corruption and inyentional cycle of neglect because of greed, power needs, and just because they can….

  16. Here’s another article about the shooter. Two things,
    1.) The veteran – Larry Bon – was going to be evaluated! What was he being evaluated over?
    2.) He has a warrant out for him in Michigan. What was it for! Does it have anything to do with what’s going on here in Florida?

    Read on;

    Titled: “Doctor at veterans hospital shot in neck, but disarms gunman who used wheelchair to sneak in weapon”

    Dated: FEB 28, 2019 | 9:45 AM

    Doctor at veterans hospital shot in neck, but disarms gunman who used wheelchair to sneak in weapon
    Police arrive at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center in Riviera Beach, Fla., on Wednesday night. (Greg Lovett/AP)
    A doctor at a veterans hospital in Florida is being hailed as a hero after disarming a gunman at the facility despite being shot in the neck.

    Double-amputee Larry Bon had arrived at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center earlier Wednesday and was uncooperative for hours, according to authorities. Bon, who was in a wheelchair, was about to undergo an evaluation when he pulled out a gun and shot the doctor.

    Another employee was grazed by a bullet, but Bon was thwarted by the doctor before he could do more harm, according to authorities.

    Wounded doctor did a ‘heroic’ thing »
    “During the shooting, in between shots, the doctor saw an opportunity to jump on the suspect and disarm him,” FBI Special Agent Justin Fleck told Local 10 in Florida.

    The doctor, who was not identified, was treated and released. Fleck told reporters that “he’s doing well and he did a heroic thing today.”

    Fleck added that the doctor “probably saved a lot of lives.”

    Officials say Bon was able to hide his weapon in his wheelchair when he passed through security, according to the TV station.

    The director of the facility said in a statement that they are “working with local law enforcement and the investigation remains ongoing.”

    Bon, who served in the Army in the 1970s, had a warrant for his arrest in Michigan, according to Local 10.

  17. I’m of the same opinion as “Nexdeceptus”! I will reserve my prayers until the whole story is out!

    There’s absolutely nothing in the medias response as to WHY the veteran opened fire on the doctor or anyone else!
    Until we learn the whole story, we should all relax!

  18. They probably deserved it. I wonder if they gonna treat them gunshot wounds with ibuprofen and an ice pack ijs

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    1. Absolutely. You should explain this to the WH complaint line people. They know about cosmetic dentistry dentist G4 implants and why your friend has to have them – or else! Just emphasize what you wrote over and over to them. For hours if you have to. I will spread your belief also.

  20. The difference between this shooting and the Colonel Turner suicide is the direction of the violence. Suicide is an inward response and homicide is the outward response to the same mental stimulus. And the mental stimulus for a veteran is his needs. Are they being met?

    After being kicked out of the CPT mental health program for some 10 weeks, I was called yesterday to make an appointment on Friday. I left on the understanding that I was kicked out of mental health therapy period.

    The CPT program is very rigid. Clearly one size doesn’t fit all PTSD victims. And especially those that also have a TBI. What are the odds this double amputee had both? What are the odds he’d just been kicked out of mental health therapy? What are the odds that his pain, physical and mental, was not being adequately taken care of?

    1. I am at the VA almost everyday if not every other day and they kicked an honorable (me) veteran off of the Gold Team ,Red Team and Blue Team because their excuse is that i wasn’t coming there WELL there were no appointments nor emails or phone calls for appointments and i guarantee you the VA is going to go out of business because we have too many whistleblowers that don’t like what is going on at all of the VA haunted mansions and i think the Addams family the Munsters and the Crypt keeper work there…because they sure in the hell think like them! It’s almost funny when it’s when it’s actually sad that grown people act like that and lie like the regional office and Veterans Law Judges who can’t seem to even come up with a 0% rating the same day.

    1. C’mon Next – it’s not the only answer. In fact, it’s just plain wrong. Yes, we should wait to see more details, if those will indeed be forthcoming. VA docs (hell – any docs) are hard enough to come-by. Shooting them or advocating same just ain’t right. Those actions and thoughts will only make things shittier for the rest of us.

    2. The VA employees often treat the veteran with little or no respect. Then when the veteran explodes everyone is shocked and dismayed. Some VA hospitals are better than others but ALL of them need to address how the veteran is treated by the common staff. For the most part, doctors and nursing staff are fine. Unfortunately, the VA support staff seems to lack the same customer support training or desire.

    3. Now, he may or may not ever have been convicted, but according to there is a Larry Ray Bon who was arrested in Michigan 3 times since 2013, for bomb threat, carrying concealed/weapons charges, and failure to appear. FBI says there is a current outstanding warrant from MI as well. Right around the same age as this Larry Ray Bon. The age and pics match right down to the neck tats. I’m thinkin’ it just might be the same guy 😉 Reports are he was honorably discharged after coming down with pneumonia in boot camp with approx. 1 month service time. The amputations were for infections years after he was discharged and weren’t service connected. And yeah, there’s gotta be more to the story. But while his life’s story sounds pretty sad, the guy is dangerous and needs to be under supervision – as in locked up. There’s no doubt the VA is a mess, but defending this guy’s actions doesn’t help veterans or the VA.

      1. To mk, most people forget about “the forgotten war”, KOREA. Do not forget that 54,246 died, 103,284 wounded, 8,177 MIA. I Served in Korea. They matter too.

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