Don’t Mess with Texas or Our Veterans

In our “Hold Them Accountable” survey, veterans in Texas participated in greater numbers than all of the other states.  Out of sheer curiosity, we decided to see how Texas veterans differed in their opinions on issues when compared to the national group of current and former military personnel and their families.

In Texas, the opinions held were more conservative than the national group. Texans leaned much more towards a hands-on foreign policy with an increased 10.06% supporting interventionism and 12.65% less supporting isolationism compared to the national average. When asked to cut 20% of spending from an array of programs, Texas survey participants stated their top programs for cuts are (in descending order): Education, Corporate Subsidies, Arts spending, Pentagon spending, Welfare/Food Stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, Unemployment Benefits, Social Security and Veterans Affairs.

The overall survey participants overwhelming decried the loss of benefits from tax cuts; Texans were less enthusiastic with an additional 5.04% supporting tax cuts if they would result in decreased benefits; they were also 7.3% less likely to increase taxes for Veterans Benefits. (click to download the Texas Veterans Report)

Now, when represents the views of Texas veterans to elected officials, we can give a more fair and accurate portrayal of their opinions.

Initially, we decided to release the “Hold Them Accountable” results on Veteran’s Day to call attention to the views of veterans on the important issues of taxes, spending, and national foreign policy.  However, we realize that work is not yet done.

To be able represent opinions of individual states accurately to your representatives in Congress and the White House, we are re-opening the survey to all of you who didn’t have a chance to participate.  We are also going to have every elected official and challenger for national office fill out the Veteran’s Pledge explaining their stances on the issues that concern you the most.  Only then, as a group, can we then truly hold them all accountable to their word and vote accordingly.

I hope you will join us in our fight for your benefits and rights, by taking the survey if you haven’t done so yet.

As elected officials fill out the Veteran’s Pledge, we will report back to you on their responses.  We feel 2012 is a crucial election year for veterans and want to make sure you have access to fair and impartial information on the candidates’ stances on the issues that matter to us most.

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