GI Bill Legislation

GI Bill Users Punished By Some Schools Due To VA Delays

Congress is now aware that some schools are punishing veterans impacted by Forever GI Bill delays caused by incompetence at Veterans Affairs and looking to take action.

The House of Representatives passed legislation aimed at ending school penalties due to late GI Bill payments. Students are being charged late fees, dropped classes and other punishments imposed on veterans whose bills are not being paid in time. To avoid the problem, the new legislation, if passed, would allow students to show their VA certificate to then be immune from late payments.

The legislation is called SIT-REP Act, which is part of a larger veterans policy package called Veterans Benefit and Transition Act.

For those who do not know, VA completely botched transitioning to the new GI Bill software system that resulted in veterans not being paid or at least not being paid what VA owes. After totally botching the process, VA then announced it would work to eventually fix the problem in about 18 months, give or take.

Before Congress, VA blamed its government contractor – – literally saying they hired a contractor who not does what they actually needed, and that they now need to hire a new contractor to do what they should have known could not get done before.

Basically, after paying contractors hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a custom GI Bill processing system, the agency still relies on 40 year old computers and software at the core of the process for the new Forever GI Bill.

The agency also had the gall to say the media was exagerating the problems veterans are facing, financially. But, if that were true, generally speaking, I doubt Congress, at a bipartisan level, would have whipped up legislation to quickly address the problem of veterans being punished due to VA’s failures.

“Students should never be penalized for VA’s mistakes and payment delays,” said Lauren Augustine, vice president of government affairs for the nonprofit Student Veterans of America.

“Ultimately, late (VA) payments can be a fact of life for some veterans,” said John Kamin, assistant director of the employment and education division at American Legion. “This last semester wasn’t the first time it happened, and it won’t be the last time.”

I am glad SVA and the Legion are voicing their positions, but where were they during all those meetings with VA insiders making sure the GI Bill was on track?


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    1. Who is this we?

      If this we is someone who works for the VA then you lie.

      Fake calls to the Lord won’t save your eternal soul from the crimes VA employees commit. Ever heard of guilty by association?

      If you are a part of the VA and allow this shit to go on around you and say or do nothing than you are just as guilty.

      If you do speak up chances are you will be fired or removed for going against the crony communist agenda. So if you have not been removed for whistle blowing or doing the right thing you’re dog shit.

      I’ve caught a lot of shitbags engaged in shitbaggery and they always think hollering out fake Christian slogans will protect them.

      News flash: I am the sword of the Lord and his eyes and mine you are damned. Tough titty.

      I’ve signed enough paperwork and hand delivered it for people to be drummed out of the army for violating ucmj or being shitbags and the holier than thou approach is old news smoldering like camel dung in a fire pit.

      It’s called accountability and something tells me it scares your little boots off. Shall I play some Bach or Beethoven on the worlds smallest, saddest violin?

  1. USA today just posted an article about how the VA mismanaged it’s police force, costing taxpayers truckloads of money in over time and leaving security gaps everywhere. Somehow they manage to remain shortstaffed but charge for ass loads of overtime.

    The article goes on to elaborate that the national and regional director did not inspect monthly firearms records, security plans or critical incident oversight.

    All the more reason these cock sucking faggot ass motherfuckers at the VA don’t deserve their jobs, deserve to be hung and veterans deserve their salaries. Reverse the pay scale and pay those pieces of rotten dog shit what they pay us and pay us what they get paid. See how they like that shit.

    Article is titled: VA mismanaged police force, costing millions of dollars and leaving security gaps inspectors say.

    USA today: sucks for veterans, great to be a dog shit VA employee. Gut em all and hang em high around the hospital.

  2. @Lem,
    I think it is a noble cause to want to file this claim on behalf of veteran’s that have been harassed because of VHA’s quick as a turtle payments to vendors that agreed to provide to Choice patients, and were then left holding the bag for those payments. I want to apprise of something you might want to address. Before Choice when it was non-VAcare only, that sent patients to outside professionals or device suppliers, the patient had to sign a clause to agree to take on the owed bill if VHA did not pay that bill. I am sure that is still very much in use today. That said, many vendors have a penalty imposed after at most, 60 days of non-payment for services rendered. Many of these providers are in no way, “clued in” as to how VHA carries out this its lax-in-duty approach to impose added stress towards the patient, this means the provider’s billing person just follows the signed by the patient clause to then start collection procedures. Uncle KNOWS this and carries on as they always have, to reimburse practitioners/device suppliers when ever they feel up to it! Under the NVC system, most vendors realized they would eventually be paid some portion of owed income and were willing to extend a bit of patience and never impose the debt on the veteran. That practice I fear, is not the norm today, in part because the computerized billing system has zero compassion!

    1. Rosie, anyone with a claim for Medical Care that the VA has attempted to avoid payment should contact me if they are service connected for the condition or have a combined rating of over 50%.

      I’m filing the claim or claims under Section (4) of the 14th Amendment which guarantees debts authorized by law. My contention is that if I sent my brother to pay my mortgage and he stopped at a casino losing the payment I would still be obligated. The VA cannot shift the guarantee of health care to anyone else through an unconstitutional contract such as you just mentioned if it is healthcare for which the VA is obligated to pay by law whether an appropriation has been made or not. Just as our disability compensation is an entitlement that doesn’t fall under the “appropriation” jurisdiction of the House, so is our medical care if provided for by law.

      Anyone with this problem, email me at “[email protected]” by the 5th of January. I’ll analyze your situation and include it if I can.

  3. VA is also in arrears on Choice payments. Filing claim with the U S Federal Claims Court. If anyone else has been affected by this whether they had to pay the bill or any other adverse action including being billed directly for the care, please contact me at “[email protected]”.

    I’ll pay the filing fee and send you the filing to sign and back up your claim. We’ll get it in form by emailing it back and forth. Courts require that any identifying things other than your name and address and the name and address of the provider be redacted.

    What is happening is the House passed the budget including Choice and ED benefits but did not fund these items with “appropriations.” So the non payments by the VA is a coverup for the politicians and that tax bill that is putting our decedents in debt more than they can ever hope to catch up.

    1. At some point, with quantitative easing, we are going to enjoy the hyper inflation of the early 1980s again making the working class even poorer as it did then. Transferring wealth and consolidating it to the top. Third world country here we come. Private compounds with private armies and multitudes outside their gates hoping for a drip of sweat off their pricks. At what point does a French type revolution and a Cambodia Killing Fields start here. I’m 77. It probably won’t be in my lifetime but my descendants will have to live through it.

  4. #fuckva

    They’re all a bunch of scum sucking Assholes. Congress cannot stop “colleges” from doing whatever the fuck they want! That’s historical facts!

    Wake up people! The shit is gonna have to hit the fan before anything happens!
    That “Tree of Liberty” will have to bleed again! Our “Founding Fathers” warned us about this over 200 years ago! Their personal letters bear this out! Research what they said/wrote.

    1. Where we go one, we go all. Arise together and soar or sink together and drown.


      If France can take to the streets and protest macron and globalism and burn shit down what’d America’s excuse?

      Oh I forgot. Cushy lives built on stolen money. Lazy, stupid people who are so dumb they make the Borg look like the master race.

  5. Ha! Meanwhile former acting Secretary Peter orourke was forced to resign from white house pressure because they found out he was getting that fat, cushy 6 figure paycheck to not even show up to work. Article is on the Washington examiner.

    Meanwhile, veterans get bread crumbs and mouse tit milk to live off of so socialist, elitist communist cock sucking scum get to live a high life they never deserved or earned. Imagine if a veteran was getting paid that money for getting injured or wounded in the line of duty.

    That’s my life your living bud you just stole it you fuckin pussy.

    Hang em all and give the vets the money. We’re the ones who have been getting fucked for over a hundred years and it’s beyond time we get just compensation for risking our lives and getting hurt for an ungrateful, spoiled narcissistic garbage nation of fuck ups.

    Eat shit and die VA hacks.

  6. Unless Congress penalizes the assholes at the Gov’t Welfare Works Program/AFGE/VA, and hits them only place they care about (not Vets), their wallets, and say no more performance bonuses for fucking-up consistently, **nothing** will change because as we have seen, THEY think it’s THEIR $$$$ to do with or with hold at their whims.
    Merry xmas you fucks! REVOLUTION OR SHUT-UP!

  7. Simply passing legislation or creating some law will not guarantee anything especially in towns ruled by colleges and may be the largest employers around. Aren’t there laws claiming that VA disability is exempt from bankruptcies, just for one example? (Yeah, we got some proof of kick-backs and laws not being adhered to.) Aren’t we supposed to have Constitutional rights or basic human rights? Not everywhere though. Good luck for many who thinks some law will correct some wrongs or with finding someone (or cheap enough) to see to it laws are followed and money junkies stifled. With the total disregard to hate for vets today then we are to think that some college or their hench-people will follow some law to cease unethical practices or punishing vets over some issue or government screw-ups? Or like layering on more classes or some foolishness to make more bucks for a degree, to side-step any new legislation to correct some wrongs? Or the issues of “identity politics?” Not to forget all the damages already done to many media won’t report about.

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