Senator Tina Smith

Happy Thanksgiving From (the period is not silent, and neither are we :-)

I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving as we round the corner to close out this year.

I thank all my readers for keeping in touch here and on Facebook this year. We have had a lot to do in the veterans’ rights arena, and I am sure many of you noticed the writing rate for stories has gone down over the past few months.


To the contrary, there seem to be more problems surfacing now that have festered over the past few years. IG seems to be publishing reports of one issue after another having significant effects on the veteran population about the services the agency is required to provide.

But as those issues arise, it pulls away from my time writing stories here, but I hope to increase the articles back to where I was at before, publishing something here every day, maybe with the help of other veterans interested in researching and writing stories, here (hint, hint to any advocate writers out there).

Lately, we were in Washington DC advocating for veterans concerning electronic health records, health information exchanges, expansion of VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment benefits, and pushing for the rights of Native American veterans still struggling to receive the benefits most non-Native American veterans enjoy.

Above is a photo from my last trip where we discussed these issues with Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota alongside my colleagues Thomas Bandzul and Bob Walsh. We are all veterans’ rights attorneys fighting for your rights on Capitol Hill.

Without your support, there would be no way I could afford to travel to DC doing the work I do, and I want to thank all of you who have supported me over the years in reading here, on Facebook, and everything at my law practice.

I appreciate all of you!

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  1. Phil
    Don’t know about other areas/states but I have contacted everyone and anything possible, or that you and all others on this board can think of. Including every group mentioning the word Vet, oath keepers, professional, A to Z, or Patriot. Not a one really gives a turkey’s bald tail knob or hair-feather about anything others are dealing with, fact. Get some help? They are very lucky or picked out of the VA hat. Once you’re put on the turkey neck chopping-block nationally, locally, openly, obviously, community shunned, it’s over but for a personal mission to never be silenced. Until the axe drops. Then all involved, the evil networks, will have another very happy thanks giving day. With celebrations and stories they’ll tell their grand-kids about while sacrificing some bulls, children, or patients, whatever.

    G-day peoples time for a left-over turkey sammich.

  2. Remember Veterans if you can in touch with Ben Krause asked him and Friends including who read this and your Friends email your Senators or Representative contract Veteran Affairs Committee your belief how to improve Veterans Health Care and Disabled Veterans who is 100 percent service connected….Semper Fi.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Mr. Krause and your family. And thanx you so much for fighting for us veterans and former soldiers. Don’t ever think that you aren’t important. It was to me. You are very important Mr. Krause. Have a beautiful holiday season. And know that you are in my thoughts! To all veterans and fellow soldiers. Stay safe, and God Bless You, 2019.

  4. Happy ThanksGiving Mr. Krause, and everyone, I am grateful for all of you, and everyone is in our family prayers at one time or another, am glad to have all you folks fighting for each other, and me.

    God Bless!

  5. Veterans today is Thanksgiving you might say they don’t listen then you must be a Draft Dodger email your Senators or Representative contract Veteran Affairs Committee passed your belief how to improve Veterans Medical Centers.

  6. Let’s remember the MIA & POW’s that can’t enjoy being with family and friends on this day. Have a blessed day to all

  7. Please continue exposing the shoddy handling of VETERANS healthcare by the corrupt VA. My own experience with the choice program has left me bankrupt. The care in the community program, no better. Just a bunch of losers waiting for their unwarranted pay increases. Thanks for leading the way for many Veterans. Very much appreciated.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all the veterans who make America what it is. Personally I wish I would have let the DAV handle my claims, I have a private lawyer who seems to get me nothing but more delays. I have little family left back in Minnesota and had to sell my house as I could not do the massive yard work I had. I did try and buy another one and made a full price offer. Then the 90 yr old woman decided to raise the price 8k. Currently living in my RV in AZ and hoping for the best. I will be going to a small party today, but can’t wait until spring to head home.

    1. @Steven Mortensen,
      You might want to reconsider using the DAV.
      Check out this website;
      Ben actually helped the group set that site up! He knows quite a bit about how the state and national officers fucked over their membership.
      I even posted some articles on that site!

      I used the VFW after being screwed by AMVETS for over 23 years! Even then, I believe my disability rating was not completely adjudicated!

      1. TY for that link Elf. No surprise. Should be posted on a couple of real outraged vet groups on FB before we are totally censored or “terminated” from online social media. Maybe like “VA corruption by the Buchanan’s report.” (sp) To think all these charity groups, out-reach characters and many others are getting fat and wealthy… supported and protected. We and many others lose or become enemies of the state… plus more.

        RBN last Wednesday. End of final program for WRH or Michael Rivero. Homeless vet called in informing him how they are being treated. He is still homeless stuck in South Cali. The VA and gubbermint has bused him all over the country from one city to another along with many others. One coast to another and hardly any other help. Of course a VA cheerleader had to soon call in trying gas-light the previous caller or insinuating problems with the VA is probably the vets fault or not deserving care.

        Oh and same stuff different day. No change. Contacting any of the elite or reps.. useless. Just more “terminating” or censoring, and of course global community banning with the support of veterans too.

  9. Remember today Happy Thanksgiving to all just remember that is God is number one and Veterans number two without both we would not be called United States

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