Happy Thanksgiving From This 2018

My family and I at want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving with family or friends over this weekend.

I am particularly thankful for you, my readers, for sharing the messages we broadcast here to your friends and the public. Without readers, my work here would lack the punch necessary to reform the agency.

This year, my family and I are thankful for our new daughter and the rest of the family that has all come along side us in support of her addition. As the proud owner (only kidding) of three children, I can say that there is nothing else, at least to me, more important than raising future Americans the right way. The task is awesome and we are thankful.

I am also thankful for our leaders, at least the ones upholding the laws and attempting to hold wrongdoers accountable. Theirs is a very important mission and one that requires thoughtfulness and even prayer.

Enjoy your turkey (or whatever you eat) this Thursday!

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  1. A Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow veterans. Maybe one day while we are still alive the majority will understand that they are here because of the sacrifice that we made for them. Do Tell.

  2. A Happy Thanksgiving to all the other DAVS. I recall coming home on leave around Thanksgiving in 1969 after AIT at Tigerland at North Fort Polk. I was spit at in the Pittsburgh airport. Things have hopefully changed for the better. Any comments on how to get a moderate TBI rating would be greatly appreciated. Got hit with a rifle butt during hand-to-hand. The VA P&C doc was a joke. Acted like he worked for an insurance company and that his job was to deny TBI claims as that what he needed to do in order for the VA To keep him on.

  3. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Ben, his family and our larger family of Veterans !
    I am so proud to be a part of Disabled Veterans and our group. Like most of you, we don’t know if we will ever do any good, but we sure are trying !
    Ben I hope and Pray you will be always with us and leading the advocacy !
    Thanks to Everyone !

  4. I am thankful for all the work and passion behind that work that veterans advocates are providing to ensure that each and everyone of us receives the benefits that we are entitled too. Blessings upon those willing to share their time and talents with their forever brothers and sisters.


    I’m thankful for all who are relentlessly pursuing justice in the name and honor of all Veterans. It is a tedious and exhausting pursuit and I appreciate everyone’s time and effort.

    Enjoy this blessed day to all me fellow veterans – You deserve it!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving Have a safety sealed, vacuum packed, super holiday season.

  7. Feliz acción de gracias. Blessings be upon the House of Krause. Forget the PT today, and Gobble ’til ya Wobble!

  8. Blessings, best wishes and happy turkey day to you and yours too Ben.

    I’ll save my rants and perceptions of happy and holidays for another time. Good day!

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