Tis The Season – Merry Christmas From Benjamin Krause


I’m taking the next few days off. Want to wish y’all a Merry Christmas.

Have some things coming up that some readers will find interesting including a possible lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs to enjoin the agency from continuing in a contract that will give veteran electronic health record data (my freaking data and that of my comrades) to a private, for-profit company.

That aside, taking time off with the family over the weekend. Hope you have a great time with family and friends.

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  1. @Seymore Klearly and @Crazy elf – The liberals are on a witch hunt about Fake News. All awhile, these knuckle brains have been spewing their liberal propaganda about how Hillary is the President for the people, downplaying the problems in our inner cities, lying about our economy, hardly ever mentioning the problems occurring at the VA and how Veterans are receiving substandard health care, VA Physicians that are not required to be licensed in the State where they practice medicine at a VA Medical Center or Clinic, having Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Pharmacologists being in charge of Veterans care for Pain Management, and prescribing pain medications without specializing in Pain Management Modalities or Practices. Fake News from forked tongues. Yes, I’m part Native American.

  2. Hey Elf,

    You might want to check out the news from the war zone in Chiraq.

    “Bloody Christmas weekend: More than 40 shot, 11 killed in Chicago”
    Published December 26, 2016

    Obama’s home town I can see why he is staying in D.C.

    1. I now affectionately refer to Chicago as the Chicongo. It’s absolutely out of control in that city. Had an in-law that only a few months ago drove-up to attend a sports event, and took the train from where they were staying to the event location and while on the train one of Chicongo’s finest decides to hold-up the entire train car and had an assault weapon…mind you, Chicongo is a “gun-free-zone”, which thanks to extreme liberalism, allows the thugs to come-in for feeding time with no recourse for the disarmed tax-payers.

      It got worse for them (if that could even be imagined), on the train back, where another one of Chicongo’s finest dropped his pants and started pleasuring himself just like a VA OIG does in an all glass conference room…but close-quarters to the 50-60 on train car.
      The train conductor had just had that particular train car replaced because earlier in his shift, yet another of Chicongo’s finest decided to somehow give birth on that car and abandoned the resulting mess. Yeah, Obama and his Chicongo Mayor have turned Chicongo into a dangerous Detroit…on steroids.

      Family in another State have neighbors across from them in country that their son is a successful businessman in Chicongo and he wanted out of the warzone so badly he took a $50,000 *loss* on his condo just to get away from the mayhem and more.
      Because the mayor of Chicongo and gaggle of liberals decided it was *unfair* that certain of Chicongo’s finest should be delegated to public housing where the *crime is so bad*….so what did they do? Chicongo now mandates that a certain % of even high end condos and apartment buildings MUST have a % of units available to…Chicongo’s finest.
      What did that do?
      It conveniently brought the thugs right to taxpaying worker’s doors….literally. What a mess Chicongo is!
      Thanks, Obama.
      Now, is it no surprise Obama is not moving back to his “home town”? He might have to deal with a few of Chicongo’s finest living next door, wouldn’t want that, No, sir-re!!

      1. @namnibor,
        This kind of crap is what makes me glad the wife and I live in an area of (VERY VERY RURAL) Florida which has very little crime.
        As a matter of fact, *IF* any stupid person does try to do something, as in say a “home invasion”,— well, let’s just say it would be detrimental to that person!!!!!!

      2. @Crazy elf – I figure that the intruder will be met with something that is fast, hot, and that which flesh can’t resist. I’m with you my brother.

    2. An Update to the American war zone in Chiraq.

      New numbers. “56 shot, 11 fatally, over Christmas weekend”


      1. I am not sure why the new numbers but with the new office of disinformation now in control of Main stream Media. Maybe they though it wouldn’t look so bad if they temporarily forgot about 16 of the shootings.

        So the number shoot jumped from over 40 to 56 shoot over the Christmas weekend.

      2. With all the new names for the United States Capital of corruption. Chiraq, Chicongo or Chit-car-go. Have to wonder what that war is all about and which side is winning.

      3. I do know that it is a major distribution hub for all that Afghanistan heroin moving through the mid-west. It has gotten so bad the Lake Superior Drug Task Force has to man the bus depots to arrest all the nitwits coming from Chiraq on buses.

        Catching anywhere from several ounces to pounds of heroin daily.

  3. Hey Seymore,
    If you get a chance, watch this video today.
    “This Is Killing America (no one can disprove any of it)”

    Published Dec. 25, 2016 (29:34 minutes)

    Quote from the article, “…This shows exactly how the bankers manipulated the system to their advantage and make every person in the U.S. their slaves!”
    There’s definitely something going on in our federal government, they (the bankers) aren’t telling the truth about!
    Their playing the American People as suckers. This is nothing more than a “Ponsi Scheme”. Which, in the end, will cause America to go bankrupt. Unless, something is done to stop the “Global Over-reach” of these posers!

    1. Elf,

      That Vid explains some of what I saw while I was assigned to the Federal Reserve. Some records and information that didn’t make sense at the time.

  4. @ANutterVet,
    Glad I was able to bring back those great memories.
    I love my homemade chilli and cornbread. Two great staples of life. Especially with dark red kidney beans, lol.

  5. @ANutterVet,
    We had a “honey-mustard glazed” ham, with “(Marshmallow) Sweet taters”, green beans, “Whole Cranberry sauce and “cornbread muffins” (gotta have my cornbread)!
    After dinner, the wife and I, took some of it to some of our neighbors. They really enjoyed it!
    Of course, today I’ll be having left-overs.
    Chilli sounds great, namnibor. Hope your friends and family enjoy. Make some cornbread to go with it.
    Had Turkey for Thanksgiving. And don’t forget the cornbread, lol.
    Hope everyone had a great Christmas day.
    Oh, did I mention we’re going to have cornbread today?

    1. P.S.
      Then the wife and I sat back and watched two Christmas movies. “Scrooged”, with Bill Murray and “The Santa Claus” with Tim Allen.
      Wanted some comedy to stave off some of the bull crap the left is causing. I think there’s going to be some real changes come 20 Jan 2017. At least that’s my “Christmas Wish” for the coming year. It’ll also be my “New Year’s Resolution” come 1 Jan 2017!

    2. @Crazy elf – Brings back memories. My mon use to make honey mustard glazed ham using Polish ham. My Aunt Emmaline use to make old fashioned and sweet corn bread. I enjoy sweet cornbread topped with 7 bean soup. For chili I like corn bread and a big piece of cheddar cheese for my sides.

  6. @Namnibor – Send me a qt. of your chili. I like it very much. When I was a young buck, and when traveling down south to Florida, I would order chili for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not odd to me! Did you ever try Kona coffee or Jamaica Blue Mountain?

    I hope whoever DJT appoints, that the appointee wants to clean house. A major overhaul is overdue. I know one thing, whoever he appoints will show how much influence the Union and others have on his selection. I hope DJT doesn’t back down from Draining the Swamp. We deserve more!

    1. Had Kona coffee today, actually. Jamaica Blue Mt. is indeed good but too expensive usually for my taste. With that said, am not a supporter of Starbucks, as I find their beans over-roasted plus, as soon as Starbucks ceased sending coffee to troops because Starbucks became an early butthurt snowflake opposing the ongoing wars, and ceased sending coffee to troops because of same.
      Chili and Pizza are like perfect foods for me. In fact, am betting chili on pizza would be interesting even. 🙂

      Oh, there were many more breakouts of mauls at malls yesterday than the MSM reported. It also was highly organized via social media because one friend I have that happens to be a butthurt snowflake could not meet with me for the free chili delivery yesterday because he had to be at a local mall for a possible maul mall brawl…FACT.
      Note that ALL of the mall brawls took place within the same *hour* across USA, regardless of time zone. Organized butthurt snowflakes.

  7. @Seymore Klearly , @Namnibor , @Crazy elf – How was your Christmas? My wife slow baked the turkey at 250, then the last hour at 350 to make the skin crispy. Dog gone bird was tasty. I wish that I was able to make my Polish sweet bread, German pumpernickel, and Jewish rye breads. I use to make homemade bread for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Then give them as gifts. I went to baking school for 3 years. Specialties are breads, pastries, and cheesecakes [especially exotic tropical types]. I sure miss making baking products and giving them away. Stay safe from the storms!

    1. I made my Christmas Chipotle Chili Con-Carne…10 QTs and taking to some friends today in large bowls with box of saltines. Odd, I know, but that’s me. I do odd very well. 🙂
      New coffeemaker and bunch of cat toys from brother and bought myself a new office chair built for a real man…ability to support my 240 LBs without fail. Very comfy now. Degenerative Disc Disease requires one to be kind to thy behind.

      Now, when’s President Elect Trump going to announce his VA Secretary?

      1. Last several years, most of these storms always go just North of Columbus, OH and usually just get rain. I want snow…lots of snow. Smashing snowflakes is very cathartic for my nerves.
        Watching weather and it will indeed be just rain for me. I actually love rain and reason considering a move in few years, Oregon and Washington State are in the mix, as is Colorado and Alaska. Yes, I love inclement weather. Grew-up in it and was stationed in all snowy and interesting locations in USAF.
        Yep, I am an observational nerd.
        If I was not an apartment dweller, I would indeed also have a portable generator, but instead have a few very powerful back-up battery packs for both USB and DC powered things and still maintain a go pack….just-in-case! 🙂

    1. Seymore,
      The generator is a blessing during long power outages.
      Had mine running after that last hurricane we had down here! Saved all our frozen food products.
      Didn’t have any home damage, thank God!

  8. To All – Stay away from the VA and their cohorts poo! Even their generic wipes break up in your hand.

  9. See More Clearly, Have you ever been really sick! I have. Guess who probably saved my life. The VA. Well i have to go to be with my family and celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas to all.

    1. So you are saying, that the FLB really does stand for “Fricken Lying Bastard”.

      You might want to wash your hands after playing with all your poo before taking your next dose of Fuc-It-All.

      1. Sometimes the ‘poo’ is the next dose of Fuc-It-All. Not particularly rose-colored unless trying to look through eye glasses with it smeared on lenses. 🙂

  10. Hey Nuttervet, I let everyone know how i felt on this site. you must be the boss now. If yours is the only opinion about the people at the VA then we are all in trouble. You and others seem to think that the VA is going to let all of the nurses go!Wrong!!If you haven’t been treated well, then in a lot of interactions with VA employees you are probably a jerk.

    1. FLB
      What does FLB stand for? Is it “Fricken Lying Bastard”?
      No Matter. It must get pretty lonely for you, lying around in your own excrement under your bridge. On Christmas Day, none the less.

      1. Just think FLB, with the changes that Trump has promised for the VA. In the near future you might even be able to get help with your Mental issues. And actually trust the care you receive.

        That way you might even have a life and be able to move out from under the bridge you are live under now. Hell, you might even learn that it is social unacceptable to lay around in your own excrement and coming here to throw handfuls of your excrement on this site.

        Kind like a monkey in it’s own little enclosure.

      2. But for now FLB at least you can reach for those VA Meds and take that Rose colored pill that comes from the bottle labeled “Fuc-It-All”. To get back to that magically wonderful Disneyland version of McDonald’s VA. With it’s medicated Disneyland illusion of care.

        Hell take two or three of those pills after all its a wonderful life being medicate by McDonald’s dedicated providers at that wonderful Disneyland ride you are on.

    2. @FLB – What type of comments from non-scientific observations can we expect from someone from a liberal left wing city. Go have a Wahlbergger, w/o bread! I mean a Wahldogger!

  11. Hey, Seymore
    You’ll get a kick out of this one!
    It’s from:
    “Sharon reporting from Political Madness”
    (5:14 minutes long)
    “Sneak Peek Inside President Elect Donald Trump’s Ability To Change The Course Of…”

    This video contains “Fox News” videos on how President Elect Trump just brokered a deal between Boeing and another manufacturer of military planes on Friday night.

    And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL this fine Sunday morning, 25 Dec 2016 @ 07:09 am, est!!!!!!

    1. Seymore,
      Here’s another article from, “The Alex Jones Show” showing just how screwy the main stream media is.
      Dated; 23 Dec. 2016
      “Shock: Left Sides Against US In Nuclear War With China”

      What they don’t want you to know is China stated, early December, they were going to break the treaty. Then start producing more nuclear weapons!
      These “left-wing nuts” are causing more people to see just exactly what they’re all about– WAR!

    1. @Namnibor – I don’t get to watch UFC much, but I tell you, one fight that was on last night is being hailed as the fight of the year. Sorry you missed it. Check the net.

  12. Hey Elf,

    This ones for You: “https://static.infowars.com/politicalsidebarimage/hillary-elf_large.jpg”

    1. A few more worth checking out.

      Merry Christmas almost everyone!

      Obama Flag


      Coal for Christmas

      1. @Seymore Klearly – Funny jpg’s. Although the site [legal insurrection] takes a very long time to load, a top heavy homepage.

        Do to gender to the different gender identities, we need more bathrooms to feel comfortable. I can’t poop if I’m distracted.

      2. @ANutterVet– “I can’t poop if I’m distracted.”

        That, to the VA’s IT Dept. is considered a hampered download of data contributing to the massive backlog of VA logs…not to be confused with yule log on Christmas Day. The VA has quite a log jam in it’s meat grinder bowels.

  13. I have never suggested that i received anything but good healthcare at the VA, either as an inpatient having had serious surgeries or seen in the ER. I know from this blog and from others that many veterans have not been as fortunate as I in the area of direct care. I hope the new leadership will fix that, so that every veteran, man or woman, will receive the very best care available throughout the entire VA Healthcare system. In that light, i would like to thank all of the people at the VA who have treated me in the past. “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” too all the ones who will be staying on and doing the very best they possibly can for all veterans every day. These are the ones the new administration needs to keep.

    1. @FLB – All I want is for the VA PCP’s to listen to their dam patients if a medical modality is not working for them. Instead, in my experience, they have let me keep suffering for a longer than necessary time. The VA needs to stop putting Veterans with the same condition in the same box of treatment protocols. For starters, you’d think with all the medications that the VA PCP’s prescribe, and the constipation that these meds create, that the VA Pharmacy would have in stock what is called a “warm soapy suds enema.” Not mine, its too costly at about $1.50 per application. Although, I’m happy for you that the VA treated you well with your medical care, and that you recovered. I’d like to know where your VAMC is located. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

    2. friken troll,

      What a total asshole you are FLB. Fuck you and all the VA fucking employees.

      1. @Seymore Klearly – Thanks for the back my brother! I didn’t want to get too wrapped up in my reply. When I get upset and go off on a justified tangent, it upsets both my wife and K9 Service Dog. Something that most people [FLB and others] don’t seem to grasp, as the injustices rolls downhill to other family members in the Veterans household.

    3. @FLB – Go to the specific VAMC- Boston website to express your feelings about these people. Even the so called good employees notice the things that are wrong, but they don’t have the testicles to stand up for what is right. In the past, I’ve put my job on the line to protect others. So the good ones that keep their mouth shut and don’t confront upper management, they are just as bad as the ones who are not good employees that jeopardize Veterans lives.

  14. @Seymore Klearly and @91Veteran – The medications that the VA prescribes are usually low end generics. When I was in the private sector, before going into VA, I had my pain and muscles spasms all under control with the medications that I was on. And, on my own I was even able to reduce the amount of opiates that I was taking. Plus, I was able to take my K9 PTSD-Alerting Service Dog Puppy outside for beginning and intermediate training. Then the fucking nightmare creeps up [I don’t cuss that much, but I’m fucking hurting].

    It all started when I entered the VA, because I had no choice. I informed them of my medications, showed them the bottles of scripts, how long I was on the meds, and explained to them that I was doing well with this routine of medications.

    What did they do; took away my muscle relaxer, and prescribed me 5mg more of pain meds in lieu of the muscle relaxer. I was pissed. I told them my history of what I accomplished on my own, but they didn’t care. I had no choice. Who was I going to complain to a Patient Advocate that works for the VA? Right.

    Where am I at now. Well I never got my K9 trained past the intermediate level, I’ve been more bed ridden then ever before, I lost an extreme amount of muscle mass and tone, I lost a lot strength and tire easily, I get migraine headaches, and I haven’t been outside my door since April 2016.

    I’m so frustrated that my PTSD symptoms have spiked, my family members think I’m a drug addict on my own choice, no family or friends call me to find out how my wife and I are doing, and my boy [K9 Service Dog] wants to play but I can’t do what I use to do with him. These affects has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

    Do to the changes in my health since the VA shuffled around my medications, I let my PCP’s [notice I said PCP’s] know that my health was failing. How did I know this, I’ve always studied Life Sciences since I was 6 yrs. old, and I have an extensive background in Microbiology, Virology, Chemistry [Organic and Inorganic], Molecular Biology, Genetics, Ichthyology, and training K9’s. Gee, what a ditch digger [not knocking down that type of work].

    After crying out for well over a year, the VA finally decided to give me PT, OT, and other services from a third party to help me get my strength up. In lieu of giving me the muscle relaxer that works, they would rather me to take 2 tabs of the opiate [Oxycodone] per each dose. I refuse to do this.

    And the awkwardness of this, is that no one understands why I don’t want to take 2 tabs at the same time. Plus, the VA Pharmacy changed the generic supplier, and this new generic doesn’t work as well as the other generic.

    What about my PTSD? I haven’t had any medications to help reduce my anxiety and to get some sleep for a little over a year. The VA promised me Clinical Video Telehealth [CVT], then they reneged. Prior to this when I first informed the VA about my physical health, I asked for the Home Based Primary Care Program [HBPCP]. I was first turned down, then they called me to inform me that I was accepted in the HBPCP, and 2 days later they reneged on this offer. Recently, I received a phone call informing me that a Social Worker will be contacting me about getting counseling services for PTSD. Back and forth we go!

    Now I learn that some doctors are getting kickbacks on pain medications. No wonder they didn’t want to give me Carisoprodol [Soma] for muscle spasms and pain. Instead, they want me to take more Oxycodone! By the way, I did a trial and error of muscle relaxers in the private sector. Carisoprodol [Soma] was the only one that gave me relieve with out any side effects. I had no euphoria, didn’t feel groggy, and could walk or slow jog very easily.

    The things that piss me off are; [1.] the prescriber of the pain medication was a Nurse Practitioner [NP] and not trained in Pain Management, [2.] I had to do a repeat trial and error of muscle relaxers for the VA even though my previous records showed that Carisoprodol gave me the best results, [3.] I’m still waiting for medicine to help relieve my PTSD symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, etc. . . ., [4.] during this time of suffering, I haven’t received any phone consults in order to see how I was doing, [5.] my wife is getting stressed due to the load that she is responsible for, and [6.] it really has been a big let down that I was not able to fully train my buddy [K9], and now he looks at my wife as the alpha leader.

    My brothers and sisters, I’m really hurt and pissed the fuck off. It’s hard for me to trust anyone. I always have this suspicious thought lingering in the back of my mind. Even before, when I was able to visit my PCP at the VA, my PTSD symptoms would soar.

    And to think that some of these VA doctors are making money off of my health conditions. How fucking low can you go. Sorry, I can’t continue my head is fried in thoughts. Thanks for reading.

    1. I don’t believe you will ever get Soma/Carisoprodol from the VA. They took that drug – which worked – away from us at least 25yrs ago. Be well.

  15. “Insys Therapeutics (INSY) Sinks as Former Employees Arrested in Racketeering Scheme”, Street insider dot com, December 8, 2016

    Six people arrested and charged with RICO act violations for paying bribes and kickbacks to Veterans Administration practitioners in numerous states. In exchange for bribes and kickbacks, the practitioners wrote large numbers of prescriptions for patients prescribing a highly addictive fentanyl-based pain medication approved for the treatment of Cancer patients. But the patients they were paid to prescribe the drug to did not have cancer.

    Apparently, none of the practitioners, who wrote the prescriptions and took the bribes and kickbacks, have been charged as co-defendants in this organized Crime ring. They all have the protection of the OIG.


    Now McDonald and Gibson want to take the money appropriated by Congress to help treat the Veterans who were victimized by this crime ring. To pay bonuses to these same practitioners involved.

    1. The only way this will stop is to make the OIG and financial payor separate from the DVA with constant audits of both.

    2. I couldn’t get to your article Seymore because it said I needed a subscription, so I searched on the title of the article at your link. Several articles came up, but no mention of veterans.
      I searched on the same headline and added veterans to the end of the search, and found the DOJ press release on the whole scheme. That mentions several OIGs being involved including VA.
      No VA doctor names mentioned that I can find, but several articles mention name only, so some of those could work for the VA.

      In this instance, this was not a case of the VA IG going to the DOJ, but a case of the DOJ going to the VA IG and telling them they have doctors accepting kickbacks.

      This seems to have just dropped with arrests made on Dec 8th. I wonder how many VA doctors might be quietly shuffled around.

      What pisses me off about this is veterans likely being painted as drug seeking addicts, when in fact it was their doctor misprescribing medication so he could get a kickback that led to their addiction.

      Now all veterans suffer because these nitwits cannot look at patients individually.
      I also wonder about the scope of this, and how long this investigation has been going on. The timing is suggesting it has been some time, which lines up with the timing of so many VA doctors suddenly cutting off pain med prescriptions, regardless of need.

  16. Hey Elf,

    I know it is late in the game but do you have any connection to the big guy up at the north pole?

    Any chance at all to get one last thing added to my Christmas Wish list.?

    The wish is for extra coal in every VA employee’s stocking this year. So that they can use it to help filter the air around them when they return to work after the holidays.

    With McDonald and Gibson permanently attaching those sombrero styled, feces lined, dingle berry trimmed Ass hats on each and everyone of their heads as a bonus this year. The smell of them is going to be especially sickening when they start dropping lumps in their shorts from the pink slips they will be getting.

    Prefect timing Robbie and Gibby. Killing Veterans for bonuses. How Fricken low.

    Those employees will never be able to get the VA stink off them in the unemployment lines.

    1. @Seymore Klearly- “[…The wish is for extra coal in every VA employee’s stocking this year. So that they can use it to help filter the air around them when they return to work after the holidays.]”

      RAND Corp. and VAOIG recommends the charcoal lumps be made into frightening large suppositories to contain and filter the salvo of swamp gas that’s sure to cause a nasty flashpoint in the D.C. area. (think bowling pin shape) 🙂

      Santa concurs that the sharp, irregular lumps of coal be directly stuffed-up the naughty VA asses of the asses like a Christmas stuffed turkey in order to keep the swamp gas levels down. The bowling pins shape was redefined by Santa Workshop to lumps because the elves got a bit kinky and there was an *incident*, and will leave it at that. 🙂

      Merry Christmas to all out there and watch out for the burping swamp gas. It can literally kill you.

      1. Hey Namnibor,

        Is that new shape like the ones in this pick?


  17. Proposed Budget 2017 and past actual expenditures re: Veterans Choice page 11 “https://www.va.gov/budget/docs/summary/Fy2017-BudgetInBrief.pdf”

    What is up with those numbers? And why is most of the money that has already been spent gone to Emergency Care? Choice is not an emergency based program, it is by planned appointment. Is Choice money covering Fee Basis community Emergency Room visits? Isn’t Choice dedicated and can’t be diverted to other programs?

    1. I am thinking that’s the fudged math the VA uses to allocate any funds any way the VA sees fit, regardless of dedicated for specific programs; the VA really requires an outside appointed fiduciary to pinch-out the dough to the VA as it needs and can prove it’s purpose is indeed for Veterans, not their own slush fund.

      These rat bastards probably skimp on services for Veterans throughout the year in entire VA System as to make sure they can give out yearly Non Performance Bonuses, while screwing with VA Whistleblowers….even while the VA has been ordered by Congress to NOT give out Non Performance Bonuses. They got caught issuing them last year when not supposed to; what will make this year any different?

      1. Have to go to website to check out the budget that just another veteran posted. I would like to take a look myself. Thanks for website.

    2. Thanks just another veteran for website link.
      I would love to take a look. Did you see where Mr. Obama snubbed Israel? This action tells me who and what he is? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Don’t let the door hit Mr. Obama on the way out.

    3. Look again on pages 11 and 12, 2015 was audited and there is a notation to correct (lower) the number for 2015 of actual expenses by 1.7 billion. The note goes on to say they’ll do it on the 2016 numbers. Take a closer look folks, they’re earmarking 2017 Choice funds for VA employees, construction, Big IT expenses. These Choice funds are not to be used on anything but Choice itself. In 2015 McDonald immediately tried to gouge the Choice Program funds and divert them for construction. His request was denied.

      Miller warned McDonald repeatedly to leave that fund alone. He further went on to tell McDonald to not spend that funding on other programs or another agency will be managing the Choice money.

      It looks like McDonald went ahead and is targeting the Veteran Choice monies anyway. It’s clear he’s going to drain the fund in 2017. It’s in plain black and white. Once he spends the funds, Veterans Choice ends. I knew there was a reason he wasn’t trying to get approval like in 2015. McDonald has been too quiet about the Choice money. Someone needs to act on this -fast!

      Here’s what they have written on those two pages:

      “In 2017, VA will use the Choice Act funds in concert with annual appropriations to meet VA staffing and infrastructure needs and expand non-VA care to Veterans who are eligible for the Veterans Choice Program based on either: (1) distance to a VA facility; or (2) their wait time to see a VA medical professional. Specifically, VHA plans to spend $1.4 billion in 2016, and $853.4 million in 2017, to support the more than 9,700 new medical care staff hired through Choice Act resources, including those to administer the Veterans Choice Program. These staff include primary care, specialty care, and mental health care providers.
      In addition to staffing, a key part of the Veterans Choice Act funding is allocated to improving VA facilities. Of these funds:
      • $283.7 million will be for medical facility leases in 2016;
      • Nearly $444.2 million will provide physical improvements for VA facilities through Non-Recurring Maintenance funds in 2016;
      • $102.5 million will support Minor Construction projects in 2016 and $115.8 million in 2017, which will enhance Veterans access and improve patient privacy; and
      • $131.8 million will fund Legionella prevention and control improvements in 2016.
      VA will also use $362.5 million of Veterans Choice Act funds for IT improvements, including $225.2 million for IT infrastructure and $136.9 million for IT development the Medical Appointment Scheduling System, and other IT development.”

  18. Hey, Seymore.
    About the “bonuses”, the VA has been giving them out, even though they weren’t supposed to since 2014! Remember in 2015-16 they were caught again!?
    As far as the VA lying to Trump’s Transition Team, what would anyone expect them to do! They always lie!
    That damn “star rating” is nothing more than a scam to get their hands on more taxpayers monies! We all know about how they lie to get whatever it is they want!
    The inmates are definitely in charge of the insane asylum!

    Maybe it is time Santa’s reindeer poop all over McDipshit, “Shitty” Shulkin and “Grumpy” Gibson!

    1. The collective of Santa’s reindeer and elves all decided this was so important of a mission that they have employed a real life and rare Japanese Kamikaze Rudolf The Red-nosed Reindeer to lead the team to the mass ejection, errr, drop site. 🙂

    2. I know what you mean Elf.

      The bogus VA star rating system used by the McDonald and Gibson to hide their incompetence. You know things are really bad when they breakout the Short Bus Special Kindergarten Class rating system were every facility gets stars and all employees get bonuses.


      Also Elf,

      For a great Article and Video on McDonald’s and Gibson’s current fight with congress. Where they are trying to strip, money appropriated to help Veterans overcome the damage caused by the VA medication practices and convert the money into Bonuses for VA employees. Leaving Veterans high and dry again at “TheirVA”.

      By those most excellent reporters and Investigative News Team AJ Lagoe, Steve Eckert and the news team over at KARE 11 Investigates news in Minneapolis.

      “VA, Congress spar over bonus cuts, KARE 11 Investigates: Lawmakers battle over VA bonuses”
      Aaron J. Lagoe and Steven Eckert, KARE 6:29 PM. CST December 22, 2016


  19. @Seymore Klearly, i believe you are correct that is what is going on. First, they do not tell the truth and why would they, there is no accountability for the truth. Of course they are going to tell everyone it is improving and paint a rosy picture. I do not believe anyone is buying it. The same problems are there and i believe it to be in all medical centers and clinics. Not just the ones that are in the media. They all use the same databases, scheduling systems software, etc. No one wants to deal with it they just pass it on to the “new” guy saying oh, he’s new, he can’t be held responsible. New is almost always associated with improved, it is ludicrous. Except in the va it is more like musical chairs with more chairs than people playing.
    It could be fixed and that is the frustrating fact about it all.

  20. What do everybody else think?

    Does anyone think, even for a moment, that Trump got to where he is today by trusting people like Robbie or Gibson?

    Sources: “Veterans Affairs misleading Trump on health of agency”
    December 22, 2016 The Scoop

    “Department of Veterans Affairs officials may be misleading members of President-elect Trump’s transition team about the health of the agency amid a push by some outside veterans service organizations to convince Trump to keep VA Secretary Robert McDonald in his Cabinet, sources with knowledge of the situation say.

    “The VA is trying to paint a much rosier picture of the state of affairs … for the transition team than is reality,” one source told the Washington Examiner.

    Another source close to the “landing team” Trump sent to the VA said transition officials had received an anonymous tip from a whistleblower warning that some of the information they had been given by the agency was misleading.

    The VA rejected suggestions that officials had spun the statistics provided to Trump’s transition team.”

    1. I really hope McDonald and Gibson got caught with their proverbial pants down by this BRAVE Whistleblower.

      MORE Whistleblowers at the VA, PLEASE COME FORWARD! greatagain.gov

      1. Namnibor, I have been preparing constructive feedback on all issues of this country including VA status of all aspects. Not a whistle blower. Just want veterans to stop dying and all get deserving care that they are due. With my feedback, I will include on great again.gov. Trump website.

      2. Get the popcorn out. We’re all about to watch a whole bunch of “professional executives” have a finger pointing meltdown.

    2. Interesting article. Clear evidence and a whistle blower stating the VA is misleading Trumps transition team on JUST the call centers, and Joe Chenelly, Executive Director of AMVETS comments on the article that it’s terrible journalism and a hit piece.

      His Facebook page shows past DAV and Jim Webb.

      Gotta protect that gravy train.

      1. Whistleblowers is about to take on a new meaning. They’ll be the only ones left WITH a job.

  21. Have a strong feeling that the VA Meat Grinder is going to poop-out quite a lot of backed-up roughage from the extreme IBS caused by onslaught of Trumphobia. We all should keep tabs and links to these things and forward to Benjamin, as the VA can read this site and see Ben has announced he will be taking some time off…but certainly not our guards.

    Please feel free to allow your reindeer to poo all over Gibson and McDonald for Christmas, then drop the box of coal on them. 🙂

    1. Santa,
      The reindeer poo and box of coal will be Gibson & McDonald’s bonus to split with all the other SES hacks. Oh, and Santa…feel free to personally relieve yourself on AFGE David ‘little’ Cox’s doorstep will more coal atop some military fatigues and set it on fire for him to split amongst his AFGE Minions. If possible, make the poo spell-out “We Vets Are Going To Kick Your Ass”….may need all the elves to chip-in for this important mission.
      Thanks Santa.

    2. @Namnibor – My son Namnibor, your request has been granted. Santa has ordered his Elf’s to collect all the poo from his Reindeers barn and sort them into different textures via Evidence Based Practices. Santa has informed all of his Reindeers not to complain, or to talk negative to the other Reindeers while they are performing this task without gloves in Santa’s workshop.

      Do you want you poo to be hard like compacted marbles to give to your VA nincompoops candy malty balls, or would you like your poo to be shaped like a small rod to give as tootsie rolls, or my son Namnibor, would you like it soft and mushy to give to your loved ones as chocolate moose. Santo also has liquid poo that has been filtered to remove all particles, and this poo is used to put in their coffee for a chocolate flavor.

      As an up sale, Santa can instruct his Elf’s to add some MRSA, C-diff, E. coli, Pseudomonas, Cholera, Amoeba, Protozoa, Giardia, or Helminths. I’m sorry Namnibor, if you do decide to ask for any of these extras, they will be in the form of a Generic. Or we can enroll you in Santa’s First Choice so that you can go to your local store to obtain a Brand Name ingredient from the Private Section of gift selections.

      I know its a sick analogy. Anyway, wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. And, I hope that our Government leaders, national and local news, newspapers, talk radio hosts, and the American public would show more interest about the dire need to make substantial changes in the VA’s health care system. Then there would be enough presents for all Veterans.

      1. @ANutterVet — If it’s not too much trouble, ask Santa to feed the reindeer AND the elves very high density foods for maximum impact when coupled with terminal velocity.

    3. We’re looking forward to Trump’s DTS (Drain The Swamp) Program. It’s a popular tweet between trump and Gingrich.

      I, for one, await DTS – in earnest.

  22. Remember Ben’s article titled “Sudden Onset Of Trumphobia Causes VA Psychologist To Quit”, By Benjamin Krause, JD, November 29, 2016. That Butt hurt snowflake named Jordan Soper. The VA Mental Health Clinic she worked at just hit the news again.

    “Scheduling data Altered at VA’s Las Vegas-area mental health clinics, report says”, December 22nd 2016, Las Vegas Review Journal

    They have been under review for one year before the waitlist scandal started. The report was only just released. Falsification and total manipulation of records but the OIG’s office claims no wrong doing and closed the report out this week.

    Now the Clinic says now that they have the report they can check and make sure none of the problems that lead to the falsification and manipulations of records can be check to ensure it is not currently going on. They will now also be able to address the problems that lead to it.


    That sudden onset Trumphobia at the OIG’s office must have forced another report dump this week to clear this off the books. Probably all the real juice ones for the Holiday weekend.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dump more at 3pm eastern.

      Another interesting tidbit about the VA in Nevada is the VA nurse in Reno that left work at the end of the day.

      Drunk. And wiped out 2 cars and was busted for DUI.

      I read about it on VA is Lying last night, and so far cannot find any news reports of it.

      1. This is crazy. These VA employees have tons of issues themselves and they are taking care of the Veterans. No wonder the VA union is always enabling and bailing them out. The incoming VA secretary needs to eliminate union and have all VA employees fall under his direction with no union for them to run to for protection. All these employees need to be held accountable in the way of getting their own stuff together by therapy -counseling, by updating their CEU’S for their medical license, by taking the path to getting their shit together so they can do their damn jobs. If these employees had their own shit together, then the veterans just might experience some decent health care.
        If the VA employees choose not to help them selves so they can do their jobs, they need to be fired and told to hit the road. Sick cannot take care of the sick. I wonder if the VA even has a EAP program to force them to get their issues together. Sad and pathetic about this drunk nurse or whatever she was on.

  23. Ben, I am looking forward to hearing about the lawsuit regarding data being given to a private entity. Again, I had the impression the VA would rely on the entity to strip any identifying information from the data, which is ridiculous.

    On another topic, if you view the VA rating data on Stars and Stripes, you can see it all in one long listing.

    What I find interesting is Tomah rated as a 3, and the change showing it declined. To a 3.

    Now, we all know what has been happening at Tomah, so look at other VA listings that are also a 3, and ask how Tomah rated the same.
    Ask yourself what kind of shitholes they must be if St. Louis (2) LA (1) or Memphis (1) have the changes listed as improved or greatly improved.

    As compared to Tomah.

    If you look at the data, 54 other VA hospitals show the same rating as Tomah, with many showing they improved, or greatly improved to get that rating.

    No wonder the VA didn’t want that data released. It blows Gibson’s sniveling about bonuses right out of the water.

    Looking at it another way, put of 146 VA hospitals rated, 48 rated as 4 or 5.

    That means 98 hospitals rated as good as Tomah or worse.

    1. The VA is just exaggerating their own star ratings to justify bonuses at craptastic VAMC’s…it’s classic VA foreplay to money grab. Wait for it…the VA is so used to providing their own data and research to back their newly created problems, while asking for more $$$ for tomorrow’s problems and getting it from lame ass Miller. Now it may be different this time but as I recall, Miller has never said ‘no’ to VA asking for more $….will this be the time?

    2. Laughable Tomah’s Rating. They didn’t even have an open Mental Health Clinic at least half of 2016. That should be an automatic fail. No mental health services should equal a failed grade.

  24. Merry Christmas to all and wishes for the best in your endeavors and to keep fighting the good battle of justice. Ben, best to you and yours and your battles. I wanted to say alot of you fellow veterans are a true inspiration to me. I can feel your struggles but you are overcoming your disabilities and your battles with the va. I hope for the best and will be praying for justice for all of you. Your spirit i enjoy to read because it can be truly uplifting for me because i have been so beaten down lately.
    The information posted helps gives a better understanding even though most of the time it is not really good news for veterans. In hopes for improvement i do hope that people in positions of authority can see the problems and offer real solutions to save more lives, that has been my prayers for many years. I will continue to pray those prayers. You all have my respect and admiration. Thank you for sharing your trials because you are truly a help to others. God speed.

  25. I see the worst of the VSO is changing their tune on Robbie McDonald.

    There new article released today titled: “The American Legion outlines veterans’ priorities to Trump transition team” does not call for keeping Robbie. But it does strangely claim they are now strongly supporting medical marijuana.

    I guess all those years of fighting against Veterans and a serious case of sudden onset Trumphobia is making them think twice about what Veterans truly feel about them fighting against Veterans.

    The article states “Additionally, The American Legion initiated a call-to-action on fairly new Legion priorities – support of research related to the impacts of medical marijuana and the Drug Enforcement Administration’s reclassification of cannabis from a Schedule I drug to Schedule III. Reclassification of the drug would allow easier access to pure strains of the substance to cultivate quantifiable research and statistics regarding marijuana’s medical benefits.”

    After all these years of them fighting against it.

    Of course they are also calling for More money for the VA to hire doctors and more money to expand the VA infrastructure.

    Fricken irrelevant dinosaurs in a death cry.

    1. Regardless of the dinosaurs and Robbie McDonald trying to create a new Happy Deal with bigger bonuses for all employees.

      If Obama can pull it off semi-legally, he will sign a Presidential Executive Order Legalizing Marijuana on his way out the door.

    2. @ Seymore Klearly, the mentality is to throw more money at a problem to fix it. When they do this they are giving to the same incompete individuals that are mismanaging the money in the first place!!!! At the medical center close to me at the end of the fiscal year we would have unspent salary dollars because they didn’t want to hire adequate staffing to provide care. They had to spend the funding or lose it for next year. This is when they would go on their shopping sprees. Some was for Veterans education such as books, etc. The majority was expensive furnishings, training trips, etc. It was not about improvement of health care delivery to the disabled Veteran. The system is so twisted. More funding is not the answer!!!!

    3. I look at the American Legion position on medical marijuana as one way to bring in new membership – particularly the younger folks. The Legion membership is less than half of what it was about 20 years ago. To keep the AL going, they need a hook. This call for medical marijuana is pretty much coming from left field and they are near-sudden supporters. It strongly appears to be last ditch effort to bring in the TBI and PTSD younger people for membership.

      None of the VSOs are bringing in new membership that sustain them like the WWII vets did. The “club” types are eras of the past for one and when you look at lobbying efforts in favor of veterans i.e. pushes for disability pay scale increases or medication rights, they don’t exist. Nobody seems to be standing up loud and clear on veterans behalf -except Ben – and the VSO member numbers are showing it. Beside, the young folks don’t want to hang out at Great Grampa and Grampa’s clubhouse. The DUI laws have also killed the days of the clubhouse.

      I don’t think the medical marijuana effort will prevail on any level for the Legion folks. The DEA won’t budge on reclassification, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a no tolerance policy, and every time a bill is introduced it magically drifts off to nowhere land.

      If it works tho, they’ll need new signs. “Weed Garden Behind The 18th Hole: Members Only.”

  26. Secretary Gibson and company,

    To ensure that the new administration is able to complete VA’s transformation, the share holders of the institution implore the committee to REWARD the good employees and PUNISH the bad. The bad must be singled out and eradicated, if that’s disparate treatment so be it, I liken it to JUST treatment.

    Remember Mr. Gibson as you and your counter parts at the top of the VA pile enjoy the bounty of the holidays there are the defenders of that privilege who are suffering because of your indifference to their need for care. Happy Holidays enjoy your lumps of coal……

    1. @Hondo- I too, believe good VA employees should be rewarded but the way things currently exist, those VA Upper SES Management types are really only looking out for their fellow rat bastards….not the good/great employees. McDonald and Gibson’s lies to Team Trump and to Miller/Congress are proof.
      Even Pres. Obama in his -1- and only town hall for Veterans a month ago acted as if all the problems were being or were solved.
      Is Obama’s indifference because he is believing all the lies fed to him from the ratty bastards or is his indifference simply disdain with Veterans and America in-general?

  27. Hey Elf,

    “VA asks Congress to repeal cuts to agency’s award and incentive spending”, By Nicole Ogrysko, Federal Times, December 22, 2016 4:19 pm

    Gibson says that the My VA Program is going to fail without a major increase in Bonuses for employees for Christmas this year.

    I guess we know who’s VA they are talking about when they call it My VA.


    1. To quote Gibson in the article.

      “Gibson temporarily suspended bonuses for senior executives back in 2014, when several VA hospitals were under investigation. But now, he said these new employees shouldn’t be punished for issues that happened before their time.”

      “The caps come at an especially difficult time, Gibson said, because the department is in the middle of making changes under VA Secretary Bob McDonald’s MyVA Transformation plan.”

      “No organization can transform for the benefit of its customers without meaningfully incentivizing, recognizing and rewarding its high-performing employees,” Gibson said. “To ensure that the new administration is able to complete VA’s transformation, the Secretary and I implore the committee to work to repeal the CARA caps and to stop singling out VA employees for disparate treatment.”

      1. Those ratty bastards cannot help but to ask for yet one more money-grab from Congress and again, it’s solely for these ratty bastards! WTF?

        I wonder what the number of stars in VA’s Star Rating grants extra bonuses for liquefying Veterans in body bags, dead Veterans left in shower or outside ER parking lots?
        DISCIPLINE, regardless if you are a new ratty bastard or a well-established ratty bastard at the VA, why reward craptastic behavior? The USA is under Budgetary Sequestration….supposedly?
        Never mind $$$ for Homeless Vets…no, the ratty bastards need ratty bonuses or would they need more $$$ for their golden parachutes they’re sewing with their ratty hands and teeth? 🙂

        Again, WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Perhaps if the VA were better at cleaning up their act rather than window dressing, they might again be worthy of bonuses.
        Worthy means something clear, defined and measureable, not some abstract idea that so many in the VA equate to improvement.

        Gibson needs to realize the incentive they all have is to keep their job. Nothing they have implemented has shown they should.

    2. Elf Also this from FedWeek

      “Federal Manager’s Daily Report, VA, House Leader Clash over Bonuses”, December 23, 2016,
      More in: Federal Manager’s Daily Report

      “The VA and the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee have clashed over policies regarding the awarding of bonuses at the department following restrictions placed by Congress in light of the patient scheduling and care scandal at the agency.

      VA deputy secretary Sloan Gibson wrote to Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., asking him to “begin work immediately to repeal the counter-productive, multi-year restrictions on employee awards and bonuses” contained in a drug-related bill enacted this year. That law requires nearly a 20 percent cut in total awards and incentive spending at the VA in order to fund a program for veterans suffering from certain addictions.”

      Basically Gibson is saying Frick the Veterans they have made addicts and let us spend the money on bigger bonuses for employees.

      1. Miller’s reply to the request.

        “Miller replied the next day, however, that the restriction on awards “was the result of a completely transparent process … never once in this long, public process did the administration criticize Congress for including the offsets you propose to repeal.”

        “We did not take the decision to limit employee compensation lightly and are aware that performance bonuses–while never guaranteed even in the private sector–do provide a productivity incentive . . . However, the bottom line is we felt strongly that facilitating the recovery of veterans suffering from addiction was far more important than bankrolling employee bonuses.”

        Clearly, McDonald and Gibson are trying to rape, pillage and plunder, then burn the VA into the ground, on their way out the door. The question is; Will Miller help them do it on his way out the same door?

        at: “https://www.fedweek.com/federal-managers-daily-report/va-house-leader-clash-bonuses/”

      2. To the best of my recollection Miller has never stood up and said no each time Robbie came calling for more bucks. Sure he whined a lot publically but he always let Robbie have the money.

        Here to hoping that Miller is sowing sour grapes over not being picked and catches a good case of sudden onset Trumphobia and does the right thing by not giving them the money. Else he may get Trumped upside the head repeatedly for the remainder of Trumps Presidency.

      3. I get the impression from what Gibson is saying, he’s essentially signaling to the AFGE that they are being treated differently than other federal agency employees, and they should sue.
        If you read the Stars and Stripes article, Gibson is bitching about the $230 million allotted by VA for bonuses for FY2017, which he claims is a 20% cut from 2016.
        Remember the USA Today article saying the VA gave $142 million in 2014 for bonuses? Somewhere else I read they gave $177 million for bonuses recently, and this raving jackass is saying $230 million is not enough?
        The article also states the bonuses were cut to offset costs of opioid addiction treatment. How many others can picture a VA quack being vindictive because they didn’t get a bonus, so your prescription for pain medication was just cut off?
        In the same article, McDoosh is sniveling about the hearings held by Miller, claiming they are on things that happened years ago.
        Well, news for you dumbass, if those issues have not been resolved, expect more hearings. Oh, and that’s what oversight hearings are. An agency is caught screwing up, Congress holds hearings, the agency promises to implement changes, Congress holds more hearings on how well those changes are implemented.
        Its shocking an agency head can be so ignorant about that.

  28. Merry Christmas to all and many blessings in the New Year! With that said , I will leave you with an Old MacDonald nursery rhyme to lift you in good spirits. It is a simple verse, but continue the chain and add to it your own verse if you like! LOL!

    Old McDonald had a farm, e, i, e, i, ohhh, and on that farm they told some lies e, i, e, i, ohhh, with a wait list here, a wait list there, here a list, there a list, everywhere some misfits.
    Old McDonald had farm, e, i,e,i, ohhh and on that farm it is plain see, e,i,e,i, ohhh a screwed up fucking O-I-G, e,i,e,i,ohh , with a fatback here, 2 super quacks there, here a quack, there a quack , everyone knows the Secretary is wack!!!

    LOL! ??????

  29. Oh and I guess the VA start rating system is kind of like the “special” Olympics for a health care system. Still riding the short bus.

    I wonder how the equation works out for the differences in the star rating systems. Dose it Take 7 or 8 VA stars to make one star in the civilian system? or does it take 9 or 10 VA stars? After all we know they are “special” so they do get one star just for filling out the forms to be rated in the VA rating system. Two stars if they get their name and date right on the forms. Three stars if they actually saw a patient and the patient lived.

  30. Merry Christmas to one and all.

    Good to hear Ben has made plans to take a much needed break to let his hair down over this holiday. We look forward to his upcoming investigative reporting of those who direct hair-brained ideology toward veterans. We appreciate his drive to expose hairy situations and give us a format to split hairs to the finest detail. So thank you, Ben, for having enough hair on your backside to expose issues and enough hair on your chest to stand up to those who don’t like what you’re doing. This format is a gift you’ve given veterans every day of the year. Thank you.

    There is no holiday celebrating at my home this year. Health issues became too profound to do so. It’s the first year I’m bypassing the festivities. It’s still good to see others enjoy the season.

    May everyone have a pleasant holiday.

  31. Merry Christmas to all.

    Elf, I know it is that special time of year you.

    On the Article about the VA disclosing the ratings of its 146 medical centers and their star rating system.

    I would like to point out that the VA star system uses a different equation to calculate VA stars.

    To compare civilian heath care systems, using the real star system you can go to: “https://www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare/search.html”

    To view the VA, short bus class, star rating system using the special VA equation you have to go to: “https://www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare/VAData/main.html”

    Here is to hoping for this coming year that Trump will look in to the pentagons bag of wasted money and see past the bomb sniffing elephants and the bomb sniffing spinach. Then find a roll of some super military grade butt wipe capable of wiping out the kling-ons smelling up the VA.

    Or even better let all Veterans swap the VA care system with all the AFGE members for the AFGE health insurance plans. That way all the AFGE employees and take turns playing doctor on each other.

  32. Even though it’s the Christmas weekend, here’s a couple articles for your pleasure from “military.com”!
    “VA Discloses Ratings of its 146 Medical Centers”
    23 Dec. 2016 Stars and Stripes | by Nikki Went long

    “Advocates: Let Nurse Anesthetists Practice Across the VA”
    22 Dec. 2016 “military.com” | by Oriana Pawlyk

    1. On #1, that authors name should be,
      “Nikki Wentling”
      Damn auto-correct!

      And Dennis, I really don’t want a beard. It’s too warm here in the south.

  33. Dear Santa,

    I have been good this year. The VA has only labelled me Disruptive and Violent in only 5 or 6 letters, but in my defense the Grinch is Chairman of that board.

    All I want for Christmas is my old set of teeth back (the ones that grew in naturally and not the ones pasted in with goop). I would like back also the hair that I used to have on top of my head. Brown or gray is fine. I am not sure if it is ok to ask you for some of my old libido back or not and I guess since my libido caused me so much trouble as a young Marine that maybe the more trouble free older one is best anyway.

    There are other things I wish for too;

    I would like to walk in the old downtown neighborhood one more time without seeing a cell phone attached to every hand and ear. I am hoping this year you gift me with a city that looks each other in the eye while passing by instead of bowing their heads to shiney pieces of silicone. Maybe while you are here you can gift enough people enough things that digging in the dumpster won’t be a chore the homeless need to do for a week or two downtown? Maybe if the ones looking down at their cell phones looked up once in a while they would see the humans digging in trash?

    I suppose there are gifts the elves cannot make. They can’t make the desperate less desperate, the old young again, they cannot heal wounded warriors, and they cannot change who or what others bow their heads to in the street, and they can’t change Coke into Pepsi.

    There is one wish though that my beliefs tell me that is in your power to grant, so I will settle on this one wish;

    Please Santa, if you can intervene directly to the Man Above perhaps you can gift me a request to Him from me? Santa, please ask Him to keep our troops safe and to bring them home with all the speed that He can muster. Bring them home safe and soon and I will promise to look them in the eye in the streets. Get them home safe. Every single one.

    I will keep the milk and the plate of cookies in the usual place. Merry Christmas.

    Your Friend,
    American Vet

    1. The VAOIG and The RAND Corporation, coupled with the VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee have determined that since Santa is now lactose intolerant as well as not able to tolerate glutens, that all plates of cookies and glasses of milk shall be consumed by all VA Nurses acting as M.D.’s, and to make sure not to get too many cookie crumbs or chocolate chips into the opened-up Veteran patient in surgery since we know that at the VA, wearing goggles or face masks during surgery are not required, easier to eat cookies. The VAOIG cocurs with recommendations.

      Dear Santa, please just nuke the VA from your sleigh on high in the sky and hope no more Veterans needlessly die.
      And Santa, please guide President Trump and his VA Secretary in making the VA AFGE also quickly die.

    2. @Dennis and everyone i hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and Santa brings you somethings on your lists!! Lol!

  34. As he rose into the night, he exclaimed, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!”

  35. Merry Christmas to all and here’s the lyrics to the song “I believe in father Christmas” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Be safe out there.

    “I Believe In Father Christmas”

    They said there’ll be snow at Christmas
    They said there’ll be peace on Earth
    But instead it just kept on raining
    A veil of tears for the Virgin birth
    I remember one Christmas morning
    A winters light and a distant choir
    And the peal of a bell and that Christmas Tree smell
    AND EYES full of tinsel and fire

    They sold me a dream of Christmas
    They sold me a Silent Night
    And they told me a fairy story
    ‘Till I believed in the Israelite
    And I believed in Father Christmas
    And I looked to the sky with excited eyes
    ‘Till I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
    And I saw him and through his disguise

    I wish you a hopeful Christmas
    I wish you a brave New Year
    All anguish pain and sadness
    Leave your heart and let your road be clear
    They said there’ll be snow at Christmas
    They said there’ll be peace on Earth
    Hallelujah Noel be it Heaven or Hell
    The Christmas we get we deserve “

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