Happy Thanksgiving Veterans!

Thanksgiving Veterans

Benjamin Krause

To my readers, I want to thank you for making this year a great year and wish you a happy Thanksgiving veterans!

Despite all the tragedy and heartbreak surrounding illegal and fraudulent behavior by numerous VA employees, including Sharon Helman, you persevered. For the past two years, I do not believe veterans have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to VA ineptitude. However, we should be thankful for the community we developed with each other as we fight through these Veterans Wars. Some day, justice will be had. Hopefully, justice will be the theme of the next two years leading up to Election 2016.

In the mean time, may God bless you all and the fine work we are all accomplishing every day. Pray for the leaders of the nation and VA, that they be struck with a burning conscience at every step of their daily duties as public officials and in their private lives as well.

Have a great holiday.


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  1. I am thankful that Thanksgiving, so far at least, has been better for my family and me than Veterans Day was. Ben’s use of the term “Veterans Wars” here is so fitting. When you oppose the fraud and deceit the VA uses you can make enemies at the VA that include administrators and others there in positions of power. I have fought for years for a VA benefit that the VA itself admits I earned and am legally and medically entitled to. One administrator in particular who is probably only a contract employee but has connections assaulted another VA worker at the local VA clinic. She has heavily targeted me and my wife for years, and this Veterans Day was no exception; she is out for revenge because I reported her for incompetence of various kinds. First she was arrested and charged for assault a few months ago, faced serious charges, as reported in the local media. It should have gone national but this area of California is very leftist and hates the military and veterans. Then another story came out in the local media that made her look like the Messiah of the VA, so how is that? This Veterans Day I had to take my wife to a court ordered facility for processing as the VA has used this Administrators and others including high level ones at the obvious Federal level to terrorize us. We have gotten no help from anyone but another country service office a few counties away where we had to go for help since the local one is so corrupt and anti-veteran. The VA targets my wife and children and have for years, another way for them to get at me. I appreciate all the help I have gotten from Ben Krause especially lately, and his understanding that I am so messed up because of what happened to me in the service. Ben was Special Operations Command, I think, so he knows personally what can go wrong and how it can come down on those who take their job seriously, and he knows the sort of crossover there is between his MOS and what I did in the service in Administrative Intel and classified communications and more distant OJT and things during a time of war. I so appreciate and am so very thankful for how Ben is always there for me and my family and how he has stayed in contact with me and my wife even though I am a walking train wreck. When you have no friends or any real support system and the VA hates you it really makes all the difference when a true professional who can see through all the madness is there for you. Thank you Ben and others here. And God bless you all.

    1. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I second that here here. I am glad you fill better, never give up hope, thats all we have James

  2. This is my first Thanksgiving in 21 years where I am free from fighting for benefits for which I am grateful …but justice is still a long way off … For millions …and that has must change…

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Ben and everyone. We do have much to be thankful for, and there is much work still to be done. If we all do a little every day, the system can be changed.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving as well. Like Jim above I deeply appreciate all you have done for veterans and for keeping us all in the loop regarding what really goes on at the VA. I would NEVER get this type of in depth information from the Disabled American Veterans.

    1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ben I am very thankful to you for making this site and to those that have responded to your blogs. For many years I needed an outlet to grieve my concerns about the V.A. and able to do so inpeded, with out worring if someone was going to put me in Jail for stating the truth and being able to read from my fellow veterans their hardships also. Which insured myself that I was not alone in my indevers and just maybe we will all be vindicated. Happy Holidays to one and all.

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