Disruptive Behavior Committees Patient Flagging

Veterans Still In Dark On Communist Style Patient Flagging System

A new VA OIG report into Disruptive Behavior Committees and Patient Record Flags shows VA still keeps veterans in the dark about this communist system.

I have covered the communist Disruptive Behavior Committee scheme the agency uses to label veterans without first informing the veteran of their rights and withholding information about the nature of the allegations leveled against the veteran.

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To me, this system is straight out of a totalitarian regime and spearheaded by VA out of the Portland VA Medical Center of all places.

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This IG report gives us the basic state of the scheme now and provides recommendations. I am really curious to learn from you what you have experienced. I know of a few of you recently received threats from agency police for your First Amendment activities. I look forward to hearing more specifics.

WATCH: Krause Exposes Disruptive Behavior Committees On TV

I would write more on this but I’m getting ready for a hearing.

VA OIG Disruptive Behavior Committees, Patient Flags, and More

Here is the excerpt from the IG report executive summary:

The OIG completed an assessment of how Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities manage disruptive and violent behavior. The evaluation determined whether facilities complied with selected VHA requirements. The OIG conducted this review at 29 VHA medical facilities during Combined Assessment Program reviews performed across the country from October 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017. The OIG noted high compliance in multiple areas, including that all facilities had implemented policies addressing prevention and management of disruptive/violent behavior and had conducted annual Workplace Behavioral Risk Assessments. However, facility directors needed to address employee-generated violence by establishing required Employee Threat Assessment Teams. In addition, while facilities had established Disruptive Behavior Committees/Boards, facility directors needed to ensure attendance at meetings by all required members.

Patient Record Flags (PRF) in patients’ electronic health records identify to clinicians patients who have exhibited disruptive/violent behavior. While most clinicians appropriately documented new flags, the OIG found noncompliance with a requirement to inform patients about the PRFs. The OIG stressed the importance of informing patients for whom Orders of Behavioral Restriction (a type of therapeutic limit-setting sometimes required to manage care for patients whose behavior is disruptive) were issued and notifying them of their right to request to amend or appeal the Orders of Behavioral Restriction. Facilities had implemented training plans that used the official Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior curriculum. However, facilities needed to better provide Level I Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior training to newly hired employees, with additional levels as indicated by the risk of the area assigned. The OIG made four recommendations.

Source: https://www.va.gov/oig/publications/report-summary.asp?id=4020

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  1. When you said; “I am really curious to learn from you what you have experienced. … I look forward to hearing more specifics.” How can I contact you? I think there is little doubt at this point that I have been blackballed. And yet, they continue to get away with it. I am happy to offer more details, but not as general comments on a public comment area. Thank you for the good work that you are doing for all vets.

  2. I audio record every time I go in and have successfully turned over to the police a few ‘clips’ that have been useful in telling my side of the story after the police heard lies from the employee about me. A video recorder is considered illegal…..I wonder why!?

    They, the disruptive behavior committee NEVER…ask nor listen to, my side of the story. They just use the flag as a weapon against patients which is….unethical.

    There does need to be a major change to this precedence of clamping down on patients for speaking up that is totally out of control.

    Benjamin, did you know that the ‘patient record flag’ and ‘disruptive behavior committee’ guidelines have been done away with? When I asked the high ranking police captain to look at it and see what is not being followed he responded by saying, “It does not exist anymore so we can do whatever we deem appropriate.”

    Without the constitutional legal guidance these criminals will literally get away with murder.

  3. Minnesota nursing home client dies after dose of oxycodone
    Jan 31, 2018

    “MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — State investigators say a nurse mistakenly gave a short-term resident at a New Hope, Minnesota, nursing home a dose of oxycodone that was 20 times stronger than he should have received, killing him.

    The Star Tribune reports that 53-year-old Gary Schmidt, of Plymouth, Minnesota, died within a few hours of being given the drug on April 2 at North Ridge Health and Rehabilitation. He was dead by the time paramedics arrived.”

    Full Article At: https://www.fredericksburg.com/news/news-wire/minnesota-nursing-home-client-dies-after-dose-of-oxycodone/article_c122d8d8-094e-53ff-8df9-616b89de44db.html

  4. Former Billings neurosurgeon’s bankruptcy trial postponed amid plea deal negotiations

    Clair Johnson
    Jan 24, 2018

    “The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Medical Center in Iowa City, Iowa, hired Schneider in April 2017, but questions about Schneider’s employment led Schneider to resign on Nov. 29 in lieu of being terminated.

    A VA spokesman said that after reviewing Schneider’s case, the agency found that his hiring was inconsistent with the law and that it got incorrect internal guidance during the hiring process.”

    “A criminal bankruptcy fraud trial for a former Billings neurosurgeon has been postponed to give the defense more time to reach a plea deal.

    U.S. District Judge Susan Watters of Billings has reset a jury trial for Dr. John Henry Schneider for April 9. The trial had been set for Feb. 12. The judge previously continued the first trial from Dec. 11.

    Schneider pleaded not guilty in October to five counts of bankruptcy fraud for allegedly lying to hide his assets after filing for bankruptcy in 2014.

    Meanwhile, Schneider and the trustee in the bankruptcy appear to have reached an agreement to settle a complaint the trustee filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court against Schneider accusing the doctor of breach of contract, fraud and negligent misrepresentation.

    Schneider’s defense attorney, John E. Smith, of Missoula, said in recent court records that more time was needed to finalize details in a proposed plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

    The prosecution provided the defense about 28,000 pages of discovery information and, after having reviewed the documents, the parties have been “actively involved in plea negotiations,” Smith said.

    Schneider is charged with two counts of false statements under oath in relation to a bankruptcy proceeding, two counts of concealment of assets and fraudulent transfer of assets. All of the counts carry maximum penalties of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

    During the bankruptcy case, the trustee, Joe Womack of Billings, accused Schneider of avoiding paying his debts and lying about assets through a complex scheme of creating and using companies, trusts and transfers to rid himself of ownership and leaving nearly nothing for creditors.

    A bankruptcy settlement agreement approved in June 2016 ordered Schneider to provide the estate $2.3 million for distribution to creditors, who had filed nearly $12 million in claims. Creditors included former patients with malpractice claims and former business partners.

    After the bankruptcy settlement, Womack filed a complaint against Schneider in which he accused the doctor of not disclosing a 2012 tax refund, misrepresenting a 2014 tax refund and failing to disclose the sale of irrigation equipment needed to operate a ranch Schneider owned in Wyoming.

    Schneider denied all of the allegations and filed a counterclaim against Womack.

    On Wednesday, Womack’s lawyers filed a motion in bankruptcy court to approve a compromise settlement to resolve the adversarial case.

    Womack’s attorney, Trent Gardner of Bozeman, outlined the terms of an agreement, which would include the bankruptcy estate getting $60,000 from the liquidation of an account held by one of Schneider’s companies and Schneider not filing a claim for administrative expenses.

    Schneider was indicted in June 2017 and arrested in Southern California on a warrant, then released when he failed to appear for an August arraignment in Billings. When he was arraigned in October in Billings, he was living in Encinitas, California, where he has a house.

    Schneider is licensed in Montana but had his medical license revoked in Wyoming in 2014 when a Billings man died after Schneider performed surgery.”

    Full Article At: https://billingsgazette.com/news/crime/former-billings-neurosurgeon-s-bankruptcy-trial-postponed-amid-plea-deal/article_ad9bfbe6-f789-57b2-ad16-f01bc59a66ab.html

  5. CEO of banned lender Seckel Capital charged with lying to HUD
    John Seckel accused of making false statements to HUD about company’s finances
    Ben Lane
    January 31, 2018

    “Back in July, the Department of Housing and Urban Development banned Pennsylvania-based mortgage lender Seckel Capital from originating or underwriting Federal Housing Administration-backed mortgages after an investigation found that company repeatedly lied to the FHA about its financials”

    “the company offered conventional, fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, home equity lines of credit, jumbo loans, Department of Veterans Affairs mortgages, Home Affordable Refinance Program mortgages, Department of Agriculture mortgages, reverse mortgages, stated-income loans, commercial loans, as well as FHA and FHA 203(k) rehab/construction loans.”

    Full Article At: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/42422-ceo-of-banned-lender-seckel-capital-charged-with-lying-to-hud

  6. Donations meant for homeless vets sold for profit by Miami volunteer, state charges

    By David Ovalle
    Miami Herald
    January 31, 2018

    “The Miami branch of the non-profit Florida Veterans Foundation was supposed to distribute 27,000 blankets and 9,700 ready-to-eat meals that were donated for homeless veterans in Miami.

    Instead, state agents say, the foundation’s volunteer director in Miami sold the donations for profit back in 2015, depositing the $46,800 into a personal bank account. And that’s not all. State investigators say he also sold an additional stockpile of donated sleeping bags, cots and backpacks to a South Florida tactical supply store for nearly $80,000.

    Retired Marine Lt. Colonel Antonio Colmenares, a well-known figure in Miami government and veterans circles, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of first-degree grand theft. His friend, Antonio Sabatier, 60, a volunteer with the organization, was also arrested.

    “These donated items should have gone to help feed and warm veterans struggling to get back on their feet — instead they were sold to fatten the pockets of those charged with preying on the good intentions of others,” Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said in a statement.

    Colmenares and Sabatier were booked into a Miami-Dade jail on Wednesday. It was unknown if they had retained defense lawyers.

    The Florida Veterans Foundation is a non-profit that works for the state’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Nobody answered the phone Wednesday at its office in Tallahassee.

    Colmenares, 57, is a retired U.S. Marine lieutenant colonel and logistics officer who ran unsuccessfully for Miami city commission in 2009. A year earlier, he also ran unsuccessfully to become the chairman of a Miami-Dade County panel tasked with overseeing spending of a transportation tax.

    He was a staple at events to help Miami’s homeless veterans. Colmenares even helped craft a special court for veterans charged with crimes.”

    Full Article At: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article197739994.html

  7. Owners of KC area construction company guilty in $13.8 million ‘rent-a-vet’ fraud

    By Tony Rizzo And Mark Davis
    The Kansas City Star
    January 31, 2018

    “The owners of a Kansas City area construction company have pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining nearly $14 million in government contracts by falsely claiming the company was run by a veteran.

    Jeffrey K. Wilson, 53, of the Village of Loch Lloyd in Belton, pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City to one count of government program fraud.

    Paul R. Salavitch, 57, of Kansas City, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of making a false writing.

    The fraud scheme involved a government program for businesses owned and operated by veterans.

    Wilson, who is not a veteran, managed the day-to-day operations of the Patriot Construction Co.

    Salavitch is a service-disabled veteran who falsely claimed to be involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. He was actually a full-time employee for the U.S. Department of Defense.

    As a result of Salavitch’s disabled veteran status, Patriot won 20 government contracts worth more than $13.8 million that it was not entitled to receive.

    Federal prosecutors said that because of the fraud, legitimate veteran-owned or run businesses were not awarded the contracts.

    Wilson will face a sentence of up to 18 months in federal prison while Salavitch could face up to one year in federal prison.

    They will also be required to forfeit about $2.1 million.

    In a similar case, another area business owner was recently charged in a $40 million fraud scheme.”

    Full Article At: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article197637759.html

  8. This must be what is happening to me right now, I have done nothing to no one but caplain that my doctor told me i was exposed to hep C but i was one of the lucky ones and didn’t catch it? I asked on three seperate apointments when and where he would not answer me. My wife witnessed all of this this was three years ago and not even the patients advocates will talk to me. Right after that had EKG he puts me on high blood presure meds didn’t tell me any thing about it just go home take your meds. I passed out 20 min after taking them hit head blured vision went to ER ended up loosing my license because same doctor took three months to fill out DMV paper work , paper work only good 30 days. Had a treadmill EKG and beat the machine. I was told the EKG machine was falty on first test? There is more to this dr’s story. I had called patients advocates 10 + times no call back so i started calling any one who would listen, i went over the edge and called the crisis line about this no help, after about 10 calls to patients advocates i told the crisis line i was comming to Mather va hospital and will kill myself on the front lawn (now i had just heard of a vet doing this and got help, figured nothing to lose) so they talked me down and told me hang on i put this on record and by law some one will call you by noon tomorrow? Nothing so i did the same thing again and the same thing happened nothing. My third call i got very upset when he told me the law states some one has to call you back i asked to talk to the person that enforces that law nope i asked to talk to supervisor nope. I then get a call a few days later from some one at VA ant asked if i would like to participate in a blind survey about the VA health system? The questions asked were way to personal to be a blind survey. Now 3 years later this is still happening, i was given a new doctor had one Apointment with him, real nice guy my wife and i both liked him. My Second Apointment with him i had been to emergency room and was instructed to get biopsy. When i seen him he told me to go back to my Medicare dr. I don’t have another dr and he refused to look at injury. Since 1975 i have been suffering with PTSD depression head injury hearing loss bad ringing in head from injury to middle ear sleep problems and nightmare’s. I was just diagnosed again this year with PTSD still no offer of help i only scraped the top of this it is worse than this sounds. Since this article came out this dr trying to get me to come in? I already have a new va dr? I don’t really want to kill myself but after all this i am so ill i know i will die soon. And can’t stop thinking i am not going alone. I know statments like this can get me in trouble but i have absolutely nothing to lose but my life and i already lost that. Sorry i hope this isn’t to much

    1. Well Rick, don’t give up just yet. You found a good spot where some of us are going to raise all the hell we can and point fingers, name names if we can get them. And to the end like I have seen others do until the day they passed on.

      With Ben’s help and activities and along with some others maybe we will – start- being heard, maybe. Even though media, activist, local elite cliques, to Congress critters could really give a shit about us. Most just want people to see rainbows and unicorns, fairy dust, and smiles. Disney crap and no serious issues like with us or the VA not much wanted or allowed.

      We need protection, we need free speech minus all the PC and censoring BS. We need our so-called government and leaders to take stands about the social media censoring especially against us veterans using Facebook or local forums where we are simply deleted or banned from. Hell, we need the same quality care illegals and immigrants are getting…. for free. Oh but that’s hate speech. Most just want to silence us more like it’s wanted here in Indiana. Speech, word control, thought controls, community minded only, no recording the enemies or officials, being totally ignored, harassed, bullied, group think, mob rule, Illegals first, foreigners first, etc. To hell with them all.

      We need to stop every form of VA, union, special interest groups, activist, or governmental retaliation used against us or passed on for use in the civilian health care systems or world.

      I contacted Senator Donnelly (D) here in Indiana. All they wanted is more copies of my health records and anything else they can find on me. With no ending dates. Same with other entities around here too. Well, I am tired of passing out info and not getting anything in return but more activism, retaliation, or harassment. This crap had to come from his staffers and office just like happened when I tried to contact and get help from the state’s medical boards and others. Just like dealing with the activist at a local hospital that are getting away with their activist, VA supportive, corrupt crap too. It just increased all the negatives. So there isn’t really too many people or officials out there we can trust or believe in. We don’t need far left wingers, members of the swamp, or youth that hate us to spread out info around or use our info to sign us up to porn sites, libtard news, or some other trashy sites.

      We need real investigators who will act swiftly, not play games and wait years to do anything or call back like the VA PAs do. And play other games with us over. Or to deal with the dope they hand out that does us more harm than good, and they couldn’t care less. Like the false information they tell us or wrong diagnosis, medical care given we are just supposed to swallow and believe and never dare question cause they are all gods.

      A real ‘enforceable’ Patient Rights agenda or course would be nice too. Since the present one is just BS and totally un-enforceable and doesn’t mean a thing but mere facade and propaganda, a waste of time to read. Everything is in their court or turf, not ours. So we need to make a list of priorities, I think. And one of the first ones is free speech, no censoring, threat free public meetings, with media, and officials present, accounted for, and watched for further actions made, or not. I also don’t think POTUS is going to do either unless prodded by us and the public if they ever learn to care that much.

      Besides. Not going out alone might mean ending up possibly taking out one of the good ones, or better people out there. Not a good thing, not a good thing for cleaning up some possible negative Karma. Personally I’ve got enough crap on my plate to deal with, I don’t need to add more to it.

  9. All I can say about VA’s illegal “communistic”/”socialist” disruptive committee crap is;
    Fuck VA!

  10. It will take a congress critter to have a son/daughter affected by the VA’s use/abuse of Disruptive Behavior Committees in order for ANY positive change for Vets to take place.
    Why do I surmise this?

    Take today’s national news of an AMTRAK Train carrying over 100 free-range congress critters of the Republican variety…all on their way to a ‘retreat’ on the very heels of POTUS’ State of The Union speech where he specifically called upon congress critters to unleash a huge USA infrastructure projects, trains, planes, and automobiles…and golly gee, although no congress critters were hurt or killed, it was one of those *very rare apparently* AMTRAK crashes into a garbage truck…what a fucking coincidence….or was it? (tongue-in-cheek…AMTRAK is ALWAYS crashing, like the VA)

    I am BETTING AMTRAK gets fed a LOT of $$$ soon…wonder what Federal Union has their hands in that cookie jar?

    Same for the VA. A congress critter would have to have their life/limb/spawn affected by the VA’s bastardization of any and every regulation or recommendation, before REAL REFORM *ever* takes place.

    Why is this?

    Because for the most part, they are all self-serving rat bastards!

  11. I tracked down two older but recorded conversations from the then Chairman of Roseburg DBC. i accidentally sent an enormouslynlong one, the first to our host lolz then sent the one that really matters.

    In the second he decides to speak on the phone to me about conditions for the flag removal. In the first one when I asked what the conditions for removal would be during “negotiations” for removal he said he could not speak over the phone about them because only a face to face meeting would properly communicate the ideas he had. He also knew he was being recorded lolz.

    Then in the short version he decides to call and go ahead and tell me over the phone what the conditions for removal will be “…in order to reduce your anxiety.” (the hounds were moving in and they knew it).

    Here is what he said but no transcription. He said that the conditions would be that I agree to stop all faxed or phoned complaints about service unless approved by him (the DBC Chairman), that I would cease recording calls from my home with VA employees (my right to do so in Oregon), and that all my care be handled through the DBC. This was the short list of the conditions to remove the flag. Ben has the recording so he knows it is true.

    They wanted to remove the flag on condition that I waived my rights almoat totally as a patient. He refused to say what the consequences would be if I did not agree to the negotiated terms. When asked if going to the press would break the deal he simply says, “Let me think about it.” When asked if he was aware of ANY disruptive behavior I had EVER engaged in on VA campus he said simply, “No.”

    He was calling to offer terms to remove a flag he then admitted had no justification in the first place.

    When you start adding up the recordings I have made it paints a VERY different picture of the DBC than that OIG report even comes CLOSE to in my opinion. The man retired from federal service just days after the publication of much of what he said during that call so of course VA could neither confirm nor deny anything about him.

    Yep. Retired. What a coincidence, right?

  12. To get an idea where VA gets this authority, do a search on “38 United States Code § 1709 as amended by Public Law 112-154”.

    What you will find is an amendment added to 38USC titled, “Veterans Sexual Assault and Health Care Enhancement Act” sponsored by Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, R-NY. She served for 1 term, is a nurse, attorney and political hack. She was a member of the Vets Affairs committee, and is now on the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Her amendment directed the VA Secretary to develop a policy for the reporting and tracking of sexual assault incidents and other safety incidents that occur at each VA.

    Out of that short amendment, the VA bastardized the entire amendment creating these DBCs.

    If you read through the text, it appears to primarily focus on sexual assault. It does not specify assault of a veteran by an employee, or of an employee by a veteran.

    How the hell did the VA ever screw this up to where it could be used as a tool to deprive veterans of our rights, unless it was intentional.

    Yeah, it really enhanced the health care of veterans caught up by this Orwellian bullshit.

    But if this was intended to address any sexual assault involving the VA, why did Mark Wisner get away with assaulting several veterans in Kansas? Yes he was caught, but did the VA apply this policy in his case? Clearly not since there were at least 7 victims. Hell he was arrested in California on sex related charges in 1987, started working in Kansas for the VA in 1992, but wasn’t caught until 2014.

    Fucking worthless VA hacks.

  13. D/T fact that the details of this are so many, I’ll be brief. VA I go to used gestpo like tactics. Sent shills after me to ask if I need help, was ok etc.and/or rushed up and put their hands on me. No matter what, police would show up and say they got a :report”. VA put restrictions on me, needed officer escort or couldn’t be seen there. In other words I had to access my benfits how and when DBC said or not. Typical DBC shakedown. All because I said no or passed out Gospel tracts x5 years. There’s more. Falsely accused of disorderly conduct after a pushed down. Thank you Mr. Krause for exposing VA corruption. I’ve see it first hand.

  14. The first PRF, I never received any notification of and never was given any chance to appeal. In later years where I did have an “appeal” option, it was useless, because I never was allowed to have VA version of “discovery” evidence.

    Subsequent years (total of 6.5 years flagged) I have never been informed of the specific actions I supposedly did to get flagged. I have never been violent. Things started the day after I went to my PCP objecting to her secret chronic alcoholism diagnosis in my VA record.

    After that, every time I entered her office, I was Code Greened and escorted out by the VA Police to PES to be interviewed, but never given a reason, and things have escalated ever since.

    The first thing the DBC did was cut off my access to the Patient Advocate, which 7 years later is still mostly cut off.

    The flag was removed September 2017, but I am talked to and treated like a convicted criminal by the Patient Advocate office, and most of the VA staff the last 7 years.

    VA also spread their fantasy criminal lies to all non-VA providers, especially the hospitals, so I am treated like a criminal there too.

    1. It’s amazing how many vet’s problems began (like mine) with disagreeing or questioning a ‘female’ VA worker, staff, or “highly trained and educated woman about my job or what I may or may not do.” Crap. Can’t question them about a felony or harm done by lying, to deleted Secure Messages, communications, tests, etc?

      Is it above the law staff attitudes.

      A woman scorned, and we know how that goes.

      Bruised professionally trained egos or narcissism.

      The rampant female activist like in the Women’s March we aren’t supposed to offend or upset in some
      manner. I have found all the identity politics, special interest groups, activist of all kinds, militants, agent provocateurs, their literature, magazines, chatter, retaliation cliques, in about every hospital I have been in so far or clinic. In or out of the VA. I guess days of the professionals, keeping politics to activism out of certain professional arenas like health care, etc., is a thing of the distant past. Sad part is it is not or will be getting any better. Not in our present culture and brain-washing of the youth.

  15. Ben speaks about the First Ammendment but I bet you he doesn’t know the true history behind the name. It turns out to have been a complete misunderstanding that led to this innocent naming convention.

    Oregonians who are stoned on particularly excellent marijuanna have been the keepers of the secret of the nature of the misunderstanding of the naming convention adopted for our Bill of Rights… but I really must break the oath of silence now because it really is particularly excellent marijuanna;

    They were all standing around after they wrote the thing. It seemed SO COOL of an idea that it was none of the federal governments business what The People think about them or say about them that they figured it needed a special name. So the lead old guy, who was really proud of the thing, asked for suggestions from all the folks around him who REALLY hated federal interference in their affairs, “What shall we name this rule?”

    The old guy guy upon seeing all the delegates hold up their middle fingers exclaimed, “OF COURSE! How stupid of me! We will call it the First Ammendment. Thanks guys.”

    The rest of the guys decided not to tell the old guy what they really meant because they didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Awww.

    …. and now you know, The Rest Of The Story. Good day.

  16. It’s un-American, absolutely un-American, musta got this tactic from an old kgb manual. What’s for lunch at the award winning canteen today paw, fish heads and rice w/fish sauce, beef stroganoff, fish eggs and a mystery meat spread all low ash of course, all served with VA’s own special secret sauce, and an extra heaping helping of VA baloney. When at the VA don’t eat or drink anything there that does not come in a sealed containter, that i am being serious about

  17. This is all fake news. Just last night, our stable and fearless bone-spurred multi-deferments leader of the genius world told us that he cleaned house in the VA. I even saw Shulkin giving the boss eye-noggin.

    I can hardly wait for the June mid-term campaigning where they’ll drag out a handful of very happy veterans to sing the praise of the VA and Senator XXX D/R any state, or Congressman YYY D/R …… Just wait for it.

    Gots to gets me in line for some of that fine lip service.

  18. On topic: (from my post yesterday)

    Received a call from the Evidence Center re: my C&P TBI exam on Remand from the BVA. The lady, whose name I didn’t get, started the conversation in an accusatory tone. Not something to do with a TBI victim. We often become immediately angry. She was stating that I was refusing the exam.

    What I did was write to the Evidence Center copying VARO Denver stating that a neuropsychological assessment couldn’t be done in protocol if it required a 7 hour round trip to the examiner. I suggested that the examiner be brought to the patients. After all, I wasn’t the only patient given one of those exams by the unqualified contractor who did not follow protocol in the greater area of Northern Colorado, Eastern Wyoming and the Nebraska Western Panhandle.

    An examiner could travel to the Cheyenne VA, 80 miles from me, then to Torrington, WY, where I am on the day of the VA Mobile Clinic’s Visit, then to Scottsbluff, NE and then to Sidney, NE a couple of times a year on the number of trips to accomplish a protocol exam of the patients to do the exams. Probably stay overnight half way through the circle and reverse the next time enabling catching patients at different times of the day as required.

    The neurologist would only have to make one trip while the testing psychologist would probably have to make about 4 or 5. I don’t remember exactly how many different sessions are required in the neuropsychological assessment.

    If you are confronted, like I was, in an accusatory tone it is natural for anyone to become angry. For those of us with TBIs, being stress susceptive, reason and good demeanor flie out the window on the heals of that anger brought on by the stress of being confronted rightly or wrongly.

  19. The VA,, as usual, is using ANY expressed dissatisfaction by veterans, (a typical bureaucratic response to the light being shown on incompetence), as
    disruptive behavior. I remember two incidents in my experiences;
    1. Where I discovered that a “Dr.”, (a doctor of education in charge of all psychiatrists and psychologists at a VAMC facility), had caused the deaths of veterans by refusing clinical services to Brain Trauma Vets, dismissing them as “fakirs” and consequently they committed suicide after persistently being refused care. This “Doctor” laughed in my face when I told him that I was going to get him fired. He stated that “You will never get me fired because I have too many contacts in the VA for you to get me fired, Well, I did get him fired via the OIG, but during that time I was subjected to abuse by Psychologists and Psychiatrists.
    Eventually they did fire him but the “Disruptive Behavior Committee” was hard at work during this time, which should have required the removal of several other Doctors. Well, one incompetent, worm gone was enough work for one veteran, I thought. Unfortunately this “doctor” went on active duty in a Navy “medical unit” for four years and cam back to the VA with all of the advancements as if he had stayed in his job. This is what kind of evil stuff we are fighting against to receive decent medical care.
    2. In furtherance of continued harassment, On one day I attempted to get an X-ray copy to take to my civilian doctor after an operation to repair a compound fracture. Well they refused and although I never raised my voice, I quietly went through the channels and ended up at the VAMC Director’s office with my request
    for the X ray. The immediate direct result of my request was four VA cops coming down the hall while I was quietly waiting out side the Director’s office for their decision. When I asked the cops if they were coming for me they replied that they were, and my response was “Good, because you know I could use the money” They stopped and got on the radio with the Director’s office and they then disappeared and the Director’s rep said I could go and pick up my records. (One of the cops who were going to grab me bodily and throw me out for being “disruptive” had spoken to me earlier and had learned that I was a lawyer and a former Marine Officer and that I would not stand for any mistreatment of either myself or any other veteran whom I observed being mistreated by the “Disruptvie Behavior Committee”
    The Disruptive Behavior Committee does not need to exist. This is a terrorist type, KGB conduct that is not allowed in most companies and should not be allowed in the VA. I believe that Dennis should have been armed with several nasty lawyers to deal with his situation in which the VA was culpable of criminal acts in violation of numerous federal , state, and common law principles. NO VET SHOULD BE SUBJECT TO THAT KIND OF BUREAUCRATIC CONDUCT, AND WE VETS NEED TO HAVE SOME TEETH IN THE BITE WE INFLICT UPON THE VA TO PERFORM WITH THE STANDARD DUTY OF CARE.
    What is present in the VA now is identical to a corrupt political system wherein a complaint against a corrupt bureaucrat is turned around upon the citizen making the complaint. Getting incompetent doctors and bureaucrats out is the key.

  20. As I said in another comment, I wish the VA would write a policy, disseminate it to all VAMCs, provide training and implement it as thoroughly and as quickly as they did this one.

    I can see AFGE thugs from a dues paying members to Little Cox himself lobbying congress for the law creating this BS, then holding a gun to the heads of every VA manager at any level until it was implemented. What damn fool ignored VA history and didn’t think the VA would use this to retaliate?

    Think of all of the other policies VA has, or should have to implement a law congress has passed, and years later it is still not implemented, employees are not trained or its just flat out ignored.

    All of that pales in comparison to the worst part of this report.

    Almost 50% of veterans affected by this have not been notified of their rights.

    Imagine the outrage in any other part of life if the federal government removed your rights. Or never informed you of your rights after taking action against you.

    Imagine being pulled over for a broken tail light, hauled off to jail to sit for weeks because you didn’t know you had a right to a speedy trial. Imagine a federal agent confiscating your car, and not being told you had a right to contest it. Imagine that agent failing to document why your car was taken, then taking another car when you ask questions about why the first one was taken.

    I do hope Dennis’ reporter friend puts up that web site. After everything Trump said about veterans last night, true or not, I think many in America would be horrified over what the VA has done to him. And is doing to others.

    What is equally pathetic is how many in federal agencies supposedly working on behalf of citizens have flat out ignored what has happened after complaints have been filed.

    1. VA Roseburgs only real unspoken complaint about me is that I have survived them and not gone away.

      There is no new thing posted here that has not been done for DECADES at Roseburg Oregon and HAS killed time and again (and obviously elsewhere). In my post with the cop he claims when they call (without reasonable cause like they did to me) that it “happens all the time” that somebody then expressses from home their strong opinions about VA and then they get SWATted. What happens if the call is made during a marriage dispute and you are pissed at the moment??? Think about the evil here.

      The only thing that sets my case apart is that so far I have lived through it, AND the single truth that I ever really saw come out of them about this, “…and he brings reporters with him” was entered into my record as a reason to deny me my property which are the needed medications now owed to me through service to country. This proves they at least have the capacity to tell the truth so they know what it is – what sets me apart is that I make it possible for others to know too.

      So I am banned. Trust me though my friend, compared to walking 3,000 plus miles over 13 months only stopping because my feet bled in order to live like a man again and losing 200 pounds because of it – VA is a cake walk. Saying farewell to a two fifth a day alcohol habit? Now that was tough.

      And VA – because I know you are watching me now I direct internet post solely at you; I haven’t even gotten past mile marker one with you yet sonce I have decided to shine the light of day on what you are and just who it is that suffers because of it. Somebody with a gavel once said I was the most persistant man he had met, VA. Let’s test that idea out and see just how very expensive a few needed prescriptions are gonna be. I might be crazy but I have definately learned to put one foot in front of the other and JUST NOT STOP.

      As far as my State of Mind? I call it Oregon.

      Semper Fi

    2. legal action, immediately, hit ’em hard again and again like the body blows in a boxing match will eventually allow you to push ’em over with a feather.
      I have experienced so many instances of B.S from the VA telling me I couldn’t gain access to Vermont VA Headquaters, (I did) telling me I couldn’t gain access to BVA, to CVA, (I did), telling me my records were lost, (they weren’t) and on and on and on and on; We must keep pushing back hard and repeatedly, these are dangerous pukes like lil Cox and his many minions within the VA.

    3. “Trump wants to give every cabinet secretary expanded authority to remove employees”


      More BS.

      If so many VA employees have been removed, then who, what, over what, when, where? If a veteran messes up, needs meds, breaks a law, pisses some VA staff off, and more, all of our information past, present and future is logged, spread all over the place, investigated, to being in some file about us for the rest of our lives.

  21. I’m going to ask you guys for your assistance in finding out what you can about Dr. Saied Mohammadi at Roseburg VA. I don’t have time to tell this story now but will later. let me know what you guys dig up on him please.

    1. His name is actually spelled SAEID. He is licensed in Arizona, #32760. It expires in 2019. He went to med school in Tehran, Iran graduating in 1985, did his residency in Peurto Rico and Jersey City. His specialty is Internal Medicine.

      Arizona has a pathetic licensing site. It shows no disciplinary action going back to 2016, which doesn’t mean much.

      The Roseburg VA provider listing says he is a Physician in Primary Care.

      His NPI listing shows his business addresses as in Scottsdale and Tempe Arizona, and several other search results point to Arizona.

      1. thanks 91 I don’t have much time right now but I will tell you this much right now before I gotta go. I saw Mohammadi for the first time on 5/10/17. Prior to seeing him for the second visit on 8/10/17 I went to Paxton’s office and I “Flagged” Mohammadi and requested a VA Police escort to my appointment which was provided. I’ll tell you what happened in between those dates shortly but I gotta go sorry for leaving you hanging.

      2. @ 91- thanks for the info on Mohammadi. I just deleted the 6 paragraphs i had started writing. I have already addressed these things in letters to Paxton and Defazio and will probably have to file a few form 95’s (federal tort claims) to get answers. I don’t need to repeat all of this here in this format just to vent.

        I think your local in Brookings, I get together with a couple other vets from time to time for breakfast. they have their own stories about the VA Roseburg healthcare system. your more than welcome to join us if your able. I’m having a late breakfast with another vet today if you want to join us or maybe in the future.

        Long story short on Mohammadi- I made an audio recording on my cell phone of that May 10th appointment. mohammadi didn’t know anything about me as he never reviewed my medication or problems lists. i had to go to the ER immediatey after the May 10th appointment just to have the ER Doc order MRIs of my knee and shoulder (which need surgery). being overdosed on meds, not performing required exams and falsifying my medical records to say he did, fraudulently submitting unusual and excessive burden request stating i was requesting to not travel to Roseburg. these are just a couple of the highlights about this hack of a doctor. everything documented in my medical records.

      3. Mike, I would like to get together with you and fellow vets, but I am in western Colorado. The eggs would be cold by the time I got there.

        As for Mohammadi…I strongly suggest whatever you want addressed is put in writing.

        You should separate the issues though since it gives the VA less chance of ignoring one of the details.

        On that appointment and what happened, you should write up your experience using that recording. That should be a separate issue addressed to fix the patient safety problem. You could put the highlights in a letter requesting you be assigned to a different doctor.

        On falsification of your records, you need to obtain the false records, then write up line by line reasons why they are false, and send that in a letter to the Privacy Officer. In my case, the Privacy Officer sent my letter to the Chief of Staff, who then put it in writing for my Primary Care provider to respond to. When I submitted a FOIA request some months later, I found the PCP had to respond to the Chief of Staff in writing.

        In the end, it came down to my record having the false information erased as if it didn’t exist, but I didn’t care since it was well documented in other areas.

        I suspect Mohammadi has been a VA problem for awhile given how he has moved around. He just has not become a big enough problem to be officially recognized yet.

        As for recording, I find it prudent to record every interaction with the VA.

  22. Ben For the Life of me I don’t Know Why Youre Not Talking about The Part of the Budget Where The Scammer in Charge proposed to almost Cut a Veteran Whose 100% Disabled Benefits in Half once he or she Reaches Retirement Age???

  23. I, at the Atlanta Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), witnessed and reported the police (private security and Dekalb County) and VA employees be rude to veterans…they improperly handle and treat veterans and this results in the veterans responding in ways they probably would not respond if treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism.

    1 – A Caucasian man came with his wife and toddler to get some forms. After being seated in the Public Contact waiting room, out comes the lead witch (who walks with a cane) laughing and saying “code blue”. She asked us if we knew what a code blue was and she was talking about it being a refence from the Maury show.

    She went to the Dekalb Police and told them to tell the man, his wife, and child to leave…because in her eyes, the child was causing a disturbance. Mind you, she didn’t bother to even speak to the man and his wife…she went straight to police. She was so insensitive to even simply ask them to have the child play in the canteen.

    The man returned the next day by himself and he was visibly upset, but had to come back because he needed the forms.

    2 – An African-American older woman drove an unusually oversized automatic chair or something. The Dekalb police and her got into an argument over getting her throuh security. She wanted to lodge a complaint. I was able to calm her down. They were being idiots towards her and that escalated a simple security check.

    3 – An African-American man seems to be a regular – where he believes(ed) he as a relative of a veteran was entitled to benefits. I wasn’t even seated near the cubicle where he was at, but because the VA employees were running up and down the area and yelling what was going on, unfortunately I and others (other visitors, veterans and VA employees) heard it all.

    I heard the VA employee yell to the man ‘I AM A VA EMPLOYEE AND IM TELLING YOU…’ And of course, the man after being yelled at, yelled back and they called security on him.

    My coworkers? One of them said she was gonna ‘Bring guns up in here’ to fight with me. Another, after I reported his unauthorized access to my VA file – on top of his failure to safeguard veterans’ privacy info – he pointed to me and said ‘THERE GOES YOUR TARGET PRACTICE’. Another employee? She tried to slam a door on me.

    Lastly, I reported suspected drug use by another coworker and nothing.

    I reported all of the above to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), several congressmen/representatives, the Federal Protective Service (FPS)…and was told this was an administrative issue for the VA to resolve.

    Well, the VA resolved it by firing me on the grounds of “Inappropriate Conduct” and my coworkers remain gainfully employed at the VA.

    1. Again I say a slew of lawyers with teeth acting immediately on your behalf, lawyers whom the system cannot disrespect without consequences. Ooorah.

  24. Most of you are HYPER concerned about creating an Account on Facebook, or using other forms of Social Media. Don’t do yourself a disservice by not creating accounts in the many different platforms. It’s my belief that we Vets should stand up, and use ANY CIVIL means to pressure the VA to change.

    You can set settings so that you’re not tracked. Plus, if you need help, there’s a wealth of information found via Google. Ben is using Social Media, so we should as well. In this way, just post Ben’s articles, then add your own commentary. The more accounts online the better.

    IMO, this is an excellent time to ride the wave, especially after what POTUS shared last night in the State of the Union Address. We need to use every tool in order to bring this crime laden Agency to its knees. They need to know that we mean business.

    POTUS’s Summarized Remarks;

    1. We’re on a Righteous Mission for all Americans.

    2. We always pull through together.

    3. Never been a better time to live the American dream.

    4. Veterans have our TOTAL Unwavering Support.

    5. We will NOT STOP, until our Veterans are properly taken care of.

    6. Accountability and Respect in our Government.

    7. Removing Federal Employees that aren’t doing their jobs.

    8. Putting Politics aside, we’re going to get the job done.

    I understand if you’re hesitant or pessimistic about doing more to stop the cruelty of the VA. Me, I’m sick of these SOB’s, and their frigging madness needs to stop. And, I’m not afraid of these MF’ers, so FUGGUM.

    Don’t send me any slack about my post. If you sit back and do little, than don’t expect much to happen. I want to encourage each and every one of you, to use all the tools that are available (social media), to put the spotlight on the VA, therefore, adding pressures to make the VA to better serve us Veterans.

    I’ve read most of your posts, so being able not to write is not an excuse. If you don’t want to stand up for yourself, then take the mission on of standing up for others. Nothing wrong in trying, and tweak it up as you go, and learn how to use Social Media. Remember, with hardly any costs but time, the only tool that has massive reach, in the shortest amount of time is Social Media.

    And you know that the VA has its trolls that are scouting out Ben’s blog, to see what is posted, what were concerned about, and what were doing. The VA most likely has Dennis flagged and tagged in some respect, but he doesn’t care, and is not squirming, he’s completing his mission. Why do you think that I have not been posting on Ben’s blog as often?

    So if we don’t do anything right now after POTUS’s excellent Presidential speech, the VA will surely believe that they can do anything that they want to, and against us. The VA will continue to use us like leading cattle, livestock, therefore making us as sheeple.

    You may disagree with me, and that’s OK, you’ve got your own opinion. But I don’t think we should miss this Golden Opportunity. My fellow Vets, we can do this.

    The Very Best To All of You,

    1. Nutter, you are absolutely correct, A well trained constabulary of vets can take down a bureaucracy

    2. Well your on the right track with the Civil Remedy approach. This network needs to be exposed in a public forum and dismantled thru the system itself, not social media. For the most part no one is really interested in the plight of veterans.
      Before you even do that, the history and the nature of the beast need exposure. No one knows where all this crap came from. It has a LONG and CONVOLUTED history….

      1. You have no idea what Social Media can do. I can’t believe that you made such a statement. If you recall, Obama used this very effectively and won. Read up, Social Media is powerful. Many Politicians and Businesses have been using these platforms for a while. If it doesn’t work, they would not use it. I agree, you do have to apply oneself, and this is where the creativity comes in. How long have you been posting? Any closer to a victory? The information is there, if you don’t see it, well you don’t see it. Up to you Brother.

  25. Ben,
    I am going to be short with this but , I just dm you on twitter an official Congressional response from Congressman Carney office . In black in white writing, it stated that the OIG spoke with an attorney from the Delaware Board of Professional Regulations regarding a psychologist who flagged my record 7 months after the last time I was at the VA. Mind you, in the context of the flag it had nothing to do with my capacity as a patient, but the assertion of employment matters.
    I requested a FOIA in reference to the OIG supposedly investigated my complaint of inappropriately flagging my record.
    OIG responded with a no records response.
    I have multiple documents of fraud and factual lies made to a United States Congressman and false communications to the Delaware US Attorneys Office, who has lied in a federal court.
    All these documents can be found on pacermonitor case cv 16: 160.
    The judge presiding over the case used to work for the US Attorneys office and I plan to file a complaint with the 3rd circuit and the Senate. Liars are liars and fraudulent abuses of processes need to be addressed by this Red Flag Racket.
    The VA needs to fly a communist flag in their mental health departments, so that the public and veterans know who the real enemies are!
    Fuck the VA and the edematous potbelly pigs who work there!

    1. Good work, Semper Fi, keep going we need to force these MFs to flee. I have seen corrupt judges and corrupt prosecutors too numerous to count. A judge who I reported to the FBI blew his brains out instead of answering to his corruption Hit these MFs hard and fast. THEY ARE A CANCER IN OUR AMERICAN SOUL.

  26. Ben mentions first ammendment rights issues at VA. I took the liberty of transcribing the recorded conversation that Ben was sent too. It is as accurate as I can make it and Ben is free to point out any transcritption innaccuracies but trust me this is word for word and very accurate. By the end of the call I was shaking and in the middle of a PTSD response so maybe I am overly upset because of that. Tell me how this phone call would make you feel?

    RP is me, Reverend (Dennis) Parker, ordained minister affiliated with ULC church.
    SS is Sergeant Sylvane of VA police

    Phone rings. I answer and ask for time to get set up. Recording starts;

    RP: ok, I’m set. What, now what..please say your name again, why is the VA police calling me?
    SS: This is Sergeant Sylvane.
    RP: Sergeant Syvane why are you calling me today?
    SS: Oh yeah, so we got a, we got a employee who came to us saying that you sent them a, you sent them a email or a message rather on Facebook. Now, now uh, the thing is we are just trying to figure out is, what was the issue with that?
    RP: What’s the allegation being made?
    SS: Well, there is no allegation being made it’s just simply that that individual is saying that they don’t know you, and…
    RP (interupting) Well I get a lot of emails from people I don’t know on Facebook.
    SS: Well, I’ll tell this particular message was about your care at the VA and how they were, uh, digging into your medical records.
    RP: And is that illegal?
    SS: What’s that?
    RP: Is that illegal to send a message to somebody about my care at VA? I mean, I am trying to sort out now why the police are involved with me making a Facebook message? Are they alleging that I threatened? Is somebdoy alleging I threatened them?
    SS: Mr. Parker you can fo ahead and relax…
    RP: (interupting to correct the title) Reverend.
    SS: Mr. Reverend Parker you can go ahead and relax, there is no charge or anything like that, that’s why I am calling you.
    RP: Ok.
    SS: I’m talking to you as just talking to you. There’s no charges, no allegations, there is no threats made, no one is saying you made any threats.
    RP: Ok that’s good to hear because that has not neen the case in he past with VA. As a matter of fact VA is now being investigated by the D.C. hotline I am told..
    SS: Right.
    RP: … and they are investigating it as a case of retaliation so if I’m nervous about getting a call from VA police that wants to talk to me about posting a message somewhere on Facebook I get concerned.
    SS: Yeah, I don’t blame you and this is why I am calling you, I,am trying to figure out what’s going on. We’re no simply going to jump on sides or…
    RP: But you just said no allegations have been made so why are the police involved?
    SS: That’s what we are trying to figure out is there is any foul play involved. Is it? Nothing else.
    RP: I will not discuss my First Ammendment rights with you sergeant, I know you mean well but you just said there was no allegations of threats being made. I don’t recall making threats against anybody.
    SS: And that’s it. If you’re good, if your fine, then there’s no issues and that’s all I am talking about sir.
    RP: Well let me ask you this just so I understand. What authorized (pausing) … who asked you to call me at home to discuss a post I made on Facebook? Was it the employee or your supervisor and what is the name of that person?
    SS: Both. Employee and supervisor. Look, the idea is person to person to get your mind frame. If it’s just a general post and that is how you feel anout it then we are good with that.
    RP: But you already said that no allegation of threat was made. Did you expect me to change my mind and tell you that I was threatening? Of course not!
    SS: Sometimes that happens sir. Sometimes that happens. As a matter of fact I might call you and you tell me that you are having issues and somebody did something to you so you never onow what we will get.
    RP: But you know the thing that this is implicitely not the VA’s business AT ALL. We are talking a out a post on Facebook that’s a public… I mean if you don’t want to get posts on your Facebook page the you should not put it up. I block messages on my Facebook page.
    SS: Well I inderstand that but the thing is let me put it this way. If somebody comes to you right, and says, you know, “I don’t know who this person is and I don’t know how to take this and I don’t know how to perceive this then it is up to us to say, ok we will call this person and ask them if everything is ok, and if they are fine. Because we get that all the time. Somebody will post something and we will call them and they say like, “Yeah I can’t wait to kill that son of a …”
    RP: But I never said anything about killing. You’re the first one to say something about killing!
    SS: You’re not listening to me sir…
    RP: I am. I am hearing exactly what your justification is and I am telling you that I am very displeased the VA police has called me about what you described as a non-threatening post on Facebook. I appreciate that you want to keep your employees safe but I make hundreds of posts on the internet. You would have to identify the date and time and the specific post of the non-threatening post you are referring to and then maybe I could think back to what my state of mind was at the time. However I do not…if she had a problem, or if he had a problem with whatever I posted then it should have been reported to the local authorities and the Facebook crowd.
    SS: Sir, I understand that.
    RP: I will ask the VA police to not call me again about anything I post on the internet. Would you please not?
    SS: Yeah, well I mean sure.
    RP: What is the name of the employee who did this? What is the name of the employee who is making this…what is the name of the employee who is concerned about a post I didn’t make a threat in? What is their name?
    SS: I am not going to disclose this individuals name sir.
    RP: So a random individual has accused me of making a Facebook post, you won’t tell me who the individuals name is, you have told me it’s not threatening, and still you are calling me. This does not seem like anything but harrassment to me frankly, and I am a pretty forgiving guy. Have you finished everything you need to say?
    SS: It would be nice if you would let me talk but ok, you have a nice day sir. Have a nice day.

    Phone hangs up.

    As I said as of this moment and from when the newpaper printed their story I am still locked out of VA care when this call was placed.

    1. Full disclosure here. I am VERY good at unbalancing a policeman or official in conversation. I NEVER insist as a routine matter to be addressed as Reverend. I corrected him as I did to introduce somethong he could not possibly have rehearsed. It breaks their stride so to speak. My deceased uncle rose to top cop at LA Police years ago then on to their police academy as instructor. He told me how easy it is to lead somebody down a path to get them to say something actionable but that generally they are folowing a script – the very first part of which is to tell you to just “relax” and we are all just good friends here… I was very careful to interupt when he attempted to resume his scripted call. Injecting my official title absolutely put him off script.

      I share this to explain that I am savy to how to respond to a “friendly”police inquiry when it is clear that a fishing expedition is underway. If you are gonna play speed chess with me, then be prepared to play against my style because it relies on unbalancing your opponent with off the book tactic and I am VERY, VERY, good at speed chess.

      1. Dennis, you should be doing this in court with an Esq. behind your name. Or you should be the point man with the “symbolic shotgun” in one hand and a symbolic sawed off M-60 in the other hand. (Two on call harvard trained lawyers to take an IMMEDIATE bite out of their ass). Immediate action against these bullies, with well funded professional sharks, (lawyers) is the only thing that will stop this kind of shit. I been a wolf in sheep’s clothing defending folks against bullies all of my life, it didn’t start when i put on that butter bar, or when I got that J.D. We need to make them behave and in order to do that you must HIT THEM HARD, IN THEIR OWN POCKETBOOK. Congressional inquiries are as worthless as tits on a bull. You got to know where to put the lever to get the maximum result. You got to know where to hit the enemy to achieve the maximum effect.

      2. Let me share an illustration from an explanation by my deceased uncle who was an L.A.P.D. top cop and went on further to train cops about just exactly HOW a government out of control works down at the individual level. This is how it works. I share this to illustrate the danger of even speaking to a federal cop who calls you or shows up AT ALL just to “talk person to person”;

        HERE IS how the big city cops get it done…

        Officer Pete does not like Citizen Jamal for whatever reason. He decides to follow Jamal home and on the way home Jamal stops at an L.A. city 7/11 store and picks up a sixpack of beer. Pete follows Jamal home and waits.

        He waits an hour, then he goes up and knocks on Jamal’s door. Jamal says, “What do you want?” Officer Pete says, “No worries Jamal, I’m not here alleging any crime and you have done nothing wrong. But I would like to ask you a few questions. Just person to person because I want to hear your side of something my friend said you did.”

        Jamal steps out side. Officer Pete then, having detected beer on the breath of Jamal and noting that Jamal is now in public, takes out his handcuffs and handcuffs Jamal because the moment Jamal stepped out into public he instantly violated L.A. ordinance banning public drunkeness. At this point who knows what Jamal does next to make things worse but even better, Officer Pete gets to go inside Jamal’s house to “secure” the premises. Who knows what he might find that makes Jamal’s life even worse.

        I am no lawyer, just a nut job, but knowing this story of how it works might help alert my fellow vets when THEY get the call from friendly federal Officer Pete.

    2. Another Court order against the Va and firing of the employee who made the false allegation, (defamation and libel, etc), exposing the creeps.

    3. Dennis, do you have any intention of trying to get any records pertaining to this?

      One would assume if some snowflake employee is so concerned over a Facebook post that they report it to their supervisor and the VA police, that the VA police would have made a report about it, including documenting their call to you.

      At a minimum, you would think the VA police would have asked for a copy or printout of the offending message.

      Perhaps the employee should have been told to grow the fuck up and get off of Facebook if they are too emotionally unstable to handle comments made on it. Or anywhere for that matter.

      You should have asked the VA cop if the same employee might be triggered over what they read on a bathroom wall. Or why an employee is surfing Facebook on duty time. Oh, it wasn’t on duty time? Well, why is the VA concerned about it and why is that employee bringing those kinds of allegations into work?

      Ho Lee Fook what children work there!

      1. @91Veteran
        Not really in answer to about trying to FOIA docs. These things need to add up a bit more really anyway. My grandpa used to say if a man starts asking for rope and you do not care for the man then by all means give them all the rope they need… I think what he was trying to say is that when an agency like this is screwing up so willingly, often, and in a belief that they are in a superior and insurmountable position then there is no real need to try to stop them. Just keep giving them rope, right?

      2. A wise man your grandpa. What I meant about trying to get records of this is along the lines of giving them more rope. The actions you have taken so far is causing their reactions.

        Rather than GIVING them more rope, you should become the friggin Sham Wow of rope salesmen and see what further reactions they take.

        If they are digging their own graves, why not give them a backhoe?


    4. ULC too! Did that after some bible college, and turning my back, knocking dust off my sandals, after trying the other denoms and 501 C 3 religions of man. LOL

      Congrats on the ten yrs. Oh, and I can identify and understand fully your past post on clearing land, the brambles, rats, etc. Been there, done that too. No
      rats but other varmints.

      Just trying to get through some eye surgeries and get some damned reading glasses.

      However, good points and how others want to insert information or claims in on conversations intentionally or for us not to immediately catch on to so they can use our easy over-looking certain things mentioned later on. Or accuse us of something thinking we are just going to let it go by without a challenge about their info or insertions, accusations.

      Problems locally with such things or accusations. Cops here have in the past just broke into my home in the early hours of sleep. No warrant. shotgun in the face to wake to. Just over false accusations which was later cleared up but too late. Lesson learned well enough, and never forgotten. Was it over a Fed court brief I was building or not? I will never know. But that is how things roll here in my commie college global village full of corruption and no way of getting redress of grievances or see some scum fired or charged appropriately.

      Side info:

      “Trump wants to give every cabinet secretary expanded authority to remove employees”


      More BS.

  27. I’m pretty sure the VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee takes pages and marching orders directly from their former organization, which was called ‘The Hitler Youth’, under the Nazi’s. (they simply grew-up)
    Matter-in-fact, now that I think about this, am thinking it wasn’t South America a majority of the Nazi’s escaped judgment from their own peers and victims…am proposing that a majority of those storm-trooper Nazi’s were brought right over and directly to VA Upper Management, with special attention to Dr. Josef Mengele’s notes on Dr./Patient Relationships.
    Remember, Dr. Josef Mengele only drowned in 1979 off the coast of Brazil…plenty of time to get the VA’s DBC Stormtrooper up and running and VA Deathcare keeping those suicide stats at 22 a day and growing.

    (fuck-off VA…and you too, Dr. Shulkin, acting last night at the State Of Union as if you are God’s gift to VA reform….your nose had copious amounts of POTUS’s shit on it…only the very best shit, spared absolutely no expense, all for the Vets…)

    “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Mengele” -The VA & Disruptive Behavior Committee’s basis for their aspirations in Veteran Deathcare.

    1. About two years ago after the terminated mental,health care and the drugs I sent my PCP a message that said, “Are they trying to kill me???”

      Two days later when the mental health folks were shown the message they sent the Eugene Police an an emergency suicide safety check. I explained I had made a service comlaint but it still takes a while to get them to go. I got angry namnibor.

      So I oicked up my iPad and sent a secure message to the mental team and said, this is exactly the way the Nazis behaved!!!

      Two hours later the VA mental health team asked the Eugene Police department to go on another emergency suicide safety check to my home. Be careful when you call them Nazis in writing necause it clearly means you are suicidal. Be careful of complaining to even your PCP about mental health because it means in two or three days you will be suicidal….

      Roseburg VA and his new OIG report in NO WAY whatsoever capture what is being done to vet with complete impunity. Think about it – they sent two back to back emergency suicide checks by local police while at the same time banning me from care. I happen to know hat VA regulation requires fairly extensive outreach and counselling for a service connected vet that they send “suicide safety chechs” to and two days in a row? Yet not a peep, or answer, or anything because I “… brings the press with him.” (and calls us Nazis)

      1. Dennis you need the assistance of several good nasty assed lawyers bad assed lawyers like those who operate like the ACLU lawyers used to do before they were taken over by the left wing.

    2. The RED FLAG system has very little to do with ‘Communism” as such, but can be traced back to the Nazi Psychiatry Medical Establishment that was exported to the United States after WW11, as was just about the Nazi Political, Scientific, and Medical effort.
      The system in place today has migrated to the Legal Establishment (court appointed Pysch Evaluations), Law Enforcement (more of the same who have no
      standing or training in that area, and provide no competent expert witness’s).
      ALL the Psychiatric Organization’s that are in existence today in the United State can trace their origins to the first wave of German (Nazi era) flight to the US.
      It’s far to detailed to go into on a simple post, but most of the posts on this are just the superficial trappings of a very complex Pys Ops that is in play.
      The Psychiatric Establishment was the first wave to join the Nazi Party prior to WWII. WHAT OLD IS NEW AGAIN.

      1. You are so right, they are and they assumed in my case that they could just roll over me but I was a sleeper, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that is what we need nation wide.

  28. What do you mean by “agency police.” Does that include VA staff? Assorted activist that expanded their BS to the civilain health care system, all other assorted activist and those in the civilian health care field or from local politicans/unions? Do you mean literally “police?”

    Like some idiot VA cop ready to shoot someone over accusing me of moving a orange parking cone to get a parking spot? And him being very ugly and antagonistic. That kind of nut-case VA cop?

    Calling the cops in to do what a real trained health care specialist should be able to do? Seeing that cops are “not social workers” and trained to kill not talk health issues with. Especially vets with addiction issues or TBIs to having blood sugar issues, walking issues, that could get us shot or thrown around for the thrill and training by those “who are to serve and protect?” Or not using non-fatal methods to control someone the VA has thoroughly, intentionally, pissed off or broken.

    Pill pushing nut nurses telling us our files won’t be flagged but would report we are not being compliant or willing to take part in our own health care if we did not try their anti-depressants even though when tried before had very negative effects and made matters much worse plus the inability to continue on with normal daily activities and more. What’s the difference between being told we are being non-compliant and would be mentioned in our folders to being “flagged” and turned over to the Disruptive comrades for disciplinary actions or for phony emergency three day detentions for kicks… we see and hear about?

    Local blood and urine screens aren’t good enough. Under the new contract we’d be forced to drive a hundred mile to the VA hospital for pill counts and drug screenings at any hour of the day or night. And if we didn’t respond immediately our care and pain meds would be halted immediately? Knowing most of us travel was difficult or times spent on our backs in bed…but expected to drive it even if we had a temp of 106 and dying? Or blind with migraines and told to drive with it and while taking pain meds for it. Oh, no danger there or telling us to break the law to appease their “orders.” They say do it or be flagged or dropped from the VA system.

    Fall of 2015, chronic pain clinic counselor telling a group of us that if we left the VA we’d never find health care in Indiana again because they, college med schools, Homeland Suckerity, etc., control it all? Proven to be more than mere threats. Seems the medical boards and many others are in cahoots with this filth and the intentional harm and suffering put on many of us, or to silence us to keep health care or stay at the VA. Which I did not do in the end with everything being considered and endured.

    To sign special contracts ‘allowing’ the VA to ‘force’ us to take head dope and other drugs that we’ve already reported having severe side effects from and zero help with pain management. Leading to possible loss of life, misery, suicides, no quality of life. They didn’t give a damn….”do it or else.” That goes beyond mere threats of death, or doing intentional harm. If they know some people started having suicidal thoughts or hearing voices when taking that dope, then they persist on a vet taking them, then something evil is going on.

    Death threats or threats of harm from number (s) like I posted out here to immediately call the number back to only hear a operator recording stating the number is no longer in service or has been disconnected. Very odd stuff. How do they pull that trick off? They have special positions or connections to do that stuff? How high up does this stuff go?

    Hmmm. Where are our civil rights/liberties/protections or help from the ACLU, Southern Poverty or ADL of BB, Human Rights, Congressional or state’s scum bags? Constitutional rights and freedoms? Ha. “Patients Rights” are a pure un-enforcable joke.

    Or countless harassing phone calls. Some coming from a local UAP (clinic) and major hospital who I had to contact hospital administration to try put a stop to it, or find out who was doing but admin never called me back. Or has seemingly done anything to the caller (s) that continued on with the phony calls about differently named patients, many, but under my unlisted phone number for all of them. Or constantly calling claiming my number was connected to some health care practice after many times telling them they had the wrong number. Later their admin used the excuse of their phone numbers being hacked for such purposes to harass people or hijack IDs. More BS and cover-ups.

    Or how about all the censoring about our issues on local forums, news media, FB, etc. That alone seems, to me, to be one major all encompassing violation of our rights. Especially when local media, local politicians, political party, state reps and on up seem to allow and support all the censoring and obvious ignoring of major issues. Like not having any form of representation at any level of government. Including trying to contact med boards and others to make complaints.

    That includes not being able to – safely – attend town meetings or trying to do normal property or record finding issues in a Democrat controlled activist college town. That also refuses to reply or comply with FOIA request. Or things made worse by trying to get help from state representatives or VSOs that are supposed to be there for us. But instead increased the nonsense and seems to allow for the illegal passing around of our info or info from out medical files to be mentioned when out, or after town meetings, to show us how much they know, can attain, and love to be cruel and harass people wherever at their pleasure towards we the,”non-conformist,” “whistle blowers,” “evil crusaders/veterans,”or complainers.

    Then to pass laws, ordinances, forbidding recordings at a court house or meetings “they” don’t want to be recorded at or take the chances of being totally exposed. I don’t think the sheep should need to have a wall fall on them to see what is going on in this country, or in my scum filled town and state.

    Or what about all the ‘communist’ (socialist/progressives/Demoncrats/neocons) or more like fascist pigs, Marxist and Bolsheviks disallowing vets or citizens to form groups or allow for the spread of information to stand up to it all? This includes all the politicians, media, college groups, Antifa, assorted activist groups top to bottom from DC to locally. If we have any complaints about VA, foreigners or health care types… we are labeled before any discussions can be had, or complaints filed. Pakis, Israeli connections, whomever. While here they attempt time and again to pass hate crime and speech legislation to make that illegal, and make us live akin to places like Canada or no free speech zones like Europe or the UK. Not much can be done or said when the majority of people/vets fear being labeled a anti-Semite, xenophobe, misogynist, hater, racist, whatever. That is pure communism, tyranny, fascism, thought-speech control, activism in it’s most evil pure forms to distract, destroy, to control, to silence anyone they feel may harm or expose any evil about them or their agendas, team mates, or union brothers and sistas. And all the while they are teaching kids to hate us or for being evil veterans, being totally honest and truth seeking.

    And! When hunting for some proper real healthcare MDs we are given papers to sign that they can sue us for not abiding to some contract they want us to sign. Or when we inquire about threats from the VA, some treatment, being ignored, or about what is being reported about us, even when told we have no flags in our folders, but some obvious covering-up is happening, like covering up for the VA breaking a guys jaw pulling a tooth. Are told to sign the paper that not all communications or discussions about us being patients or inner-office PCP/MC to PCP/MD chat is NOT or may NOT be part of our medical files to be disclosed or given over as part of our med files, when we request such copies, or to try and prove something. I think I still have a copy of that stuck around here somewhere. Too damn much going on to keep track of all the notes and keepsakes.

    So I guess they can pass things, threats, information, activist tactics, problem veteran’s info around to the professional classes and activist and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Just to piss the corrupt machine off more.

    Dealing with years of corruption, nepotism, etc., in this town has been rough enough or a pleasure for the psychopaths and sociopaths in offices or power positions here. Throw in VA crap, big government crap, bureaucracy, red tape, vast corruption full circle, lack of concern by the VSOs, corrupt unions, family members of the butt-hurt. the activist/politicians, or VA scum, the anti-American foreigners, the cliques/clubs,plus the activist, MoveOn, the socialist, veteran haters in college towns, lying media, the libtards, etc., it makes life a tad bit more interesting and telling about the culture we are pressed to

    1. One good case against the VA is all it will take. That is how the IRS and the FBI operates; They take down one big misbehaver and publicize the whole event from A to Z. These corrupt nazis, (is that an oxymoron, cause if you are a Nazi you are already corrupt) . We need smart, well trained nasty as hell lawyers to take a bite out of the ass of the worst offenders and kick lil Cox to the curb. ONE BIG STEEL BAR TO THE GONADS OF THE MOST STUBBORN MULE. As well “floaters”, (undercover VA patients who can gather evidence of this kind of intimidation and denial of constitutional rights), would make a big dent in the kind of criminal conduct that is going on, and if they are doing their jobs, they would not fear the undercover people. The best defense against this kind of conduct is a GOOD OFFENSE.

  29. Here is just one of the seven PRF letters sent to me below beginning from the moment the CBOC manager was sent a Restraining Order to cease “molesting” me under Oregon law. It was served at the CBOC. This letter is the second PRF letter sent just months after the first. When the press caught wind of the first they began asking questions they could not answer so they responded with this letter of PRF. Be warne – it looks pretty bad (as it was meant to) but read on;

    “As Acting Chief Of Staff, I have reviewed your flag and the concerns that brought it to the attention of the (DBC). Currently there is not any staff at the Eugene Ambulatory Clinic that feels comfortable in seeing you. The staff at the site has concerns and this has triggered a PTSD reaction that was initiated in the past due to an incident with a rifle. These safety concerns by the staff cannot be ignored. So when any hint of a threat is made against government employees it is taken extremely seriously. The VA has an obligation to provide a safe work environment for their employees, and, presently, the employees at the Primary Care clinic in Eugene do not feel safe if you are present. They also do not feel that they can properly attend to your medical concerns with the attention that should be given with the concerns they presently have. So, given these concerns that have to be addressed…”

    “…in effect immediately:

    a. You may receive care at (the mental health clinic across town)
    b. You may not receive care at CBOC.
    c. You must check in with VA police for all appointments.
    d. You are advised that continued faxing of documents (complaints and appeals of the flag) with Roseburg should stop immediately. Should you continue to fax documents you may be reported for telephone harassment which could result in charges being filed against you with the Police Department”

    Now read it carefully. Looks like I did something other than simply having that a restraining order being served at CBOC, right? It sort of looks like I carried a rifle into the place, right? It sort of looks like I am am being told to that any futher attempts to correct this in writng, like faxing Privacy Act complaints and faxing FOIA complaints, and faxing one request per day for extabliahment of a provider “may” be reported and “might” result in charges, right?

    The problem they faced wih this letter is that this was the letter I showed first out of an entire stack of highly similar letters to my friend the reporter. She had already done a story about me a year before because I had lost 17 pounds per month for 13 months and lost over 200 pounds in a year, had stopped drinking two fifths of 100 proof liqour a day after being diagnosed as a morbidly obese stage five alcoholic without bowel control of ability to walk, and had a “pic line” placed through my veins directly into my heart to pump anti biotics directly into me to fight the MRSA bacteria that had invaded my spinal column. I was too big to reach places needed for personal hygene and could not put on mynown shoes without unlacing them, throwing them on the floor and stepping into them. I was just too fat.

    Then a year later I weighed in at 165 pounds from 373 + pounds and wore size 32 pants instead of size 57. Since that day I decided to choose life and hauled my shit crusted ass to Serenity Lane I have remained sober now through all this from two fifth a day habit and soon I will be awarded a ten year chip if I keep deciding not to drink one day at a time. So she knew me well.

    She gasped when she saw the part about the rifle! She said, Dennis why would you do something like that??? I told her to read on. Then it occurred to her… as she read that part again she said, wait a minute!…then she looked up and said, “I was the one who wrote that story about the guy at CBOC with a gun, and it wasn’t you!” I said, “Bingo.” Then I said, wait until you read the rest of these papers…

    She tore into them and took the packet I had made up for her with her.

    She did read them and reported much of it and then plastered VA Roseburg for two years with repeated requests for information. They simply changed PRF letters and stories each time her requests ponted out SERIOUS fabrications like this, for a total of seven times and five letters to Defazio with a different explanation in each.

    She reported in the paper that the man described in my PRF letter with a rifle was twenty years older than me, did not share a name with me, and I was not there and did not know who he was.”

    BUT – because he created PTSD in the staff and by the letters logic, I reminded the staff of the PTSD that I was therefor banned and required police escort!!!

    Now, here is the PRF letter just before that that atarted it all. When this PRF letter was written they already had in their posession the VA police report (also seeen by the reporter) in which VA Police were asked to investigate me for any possible threat. In their report there is a box called “disposition”. In that box the VA police wrote in their report,

    “It has been confirmed by VA Police that there has been no outstanding threat made against VA personell or property by patient (Dennis). Closed.” I the addendum of that record but dated AFTER the reporter began asking questions the police added, “We have been asked to review ALL communications ever sent to VARHCS by patient (Dennis) for any signs of threats.” Yep – they asked them to reopen and expand their search! Their response, “We could detect no threats made against VA by patient (Dennis). Closed.”

    Yet despite that VA police report here was the PRF letter sent just prior to the one above and this is the one that kicked it all off. Six years later I am still locked out of VA and fighting for care;

    “…Your statement to the staff ‘that person should be shot.’ was quiet troubling to the staff. You have also reported that you have obtained a Restraining Order against a Eugene VA staff member.”

    hmmmmm. Well the police said I never made a threat. I do not recall ever telling anyone “that person should be shot.” In fact they do not even say which person, what time, what date, or what location that I allegdly said that. They do not even claim in the letter that I was on sight at ANY VA location and onviously they ignored the police who claimed I never mad ANY threat even when asked to reopen the case and search ALL of my history to hunt for one!

    It is true I did have them served with a Restraining Order to cease further abuse. Tell me my friends, since when can the government sanction you openly as stated for getting a restraining order? Since when does a Chief of Staff get to override a police report saying I DID NOT DO IT??? and oh by the way the Restraining Order pissed us off too…

    Then when the press moved in they changed it to instead of “Saying that person should be shot” to “…a previous incident with a rifle.” as I copied above. It changed five times after that as the press hounded them. All appeals went ignored until Frank Marr of VISN 20 responded to a lengthy appeal setting ALL of these lies out as verifid fabrications – except for the one truth in the matter – the restraining order.

    Here is how good old Frank denied my appeal, “I am afraid that even casual comments like the one you made are taken very seriously and therefor I am upholding the Cat One flag.” What casual comment??? All of the comments I EVER made were reviewed and the police said were not a threat to anyone? Read the federal statute! Were on Earth does it authorize a Cat One flag for a “casual comment” made at an unspecified location to,an unspecified person which could not be confirmed by police???

    Since when is sending one fax a day asking for appointments, meds, answers to this bogus flag and such telephone harassment??? I checked the law about it. THERE IS NO LAW in the land that even covers fax requests as telephonic harassment, at least not in Oregon and one fax per day??? He did not even claim the faxes I was sending were threats because they were not.

    The newspaper took two full editions documenting all the remaining absurd and ever changing attempts to lock me out of care. The flag was removed a few years later as the press was three days before publication because they were told it was being published. The reporter called it “ass saving”. Then the story published in two back to back issues of the paper.

    All mental health care was terminated and is to this day. Primary care which I only rarely use anyway was terminated a few months later. All care is still teminated but now for the admiistrative reason of “…he brings the press with him.” as enterd into the Choice Authorization as a reason for the need for outside care. However the Choice folks say that since Roseburg refuses to assign a provider then nobody can be reimbursed through Choice which requires a VA provider assigment and familiarity with the patient. I am banned from VA care and Choice cannot pay without a VA provider. 100% sercive connected and all care is terminated AND as far as I know there is no Cat On flag anymore at all.

    So go ahead and nelieve what you will about called reforms of the DBC but rest assurd that “even casual” comments are taken very seriously and that if you too notify them of a Restraining Order then you too will trigger PTSD in the entire clinic staff because somebody else long ago went in with a gun.

    Does this explain my feelings toward VA?

    1. If there is any case that should be taken up by several pro bono lawyers and as well a court order to the VA OIG to take action, this is it. as well, the persons who reacted to Dennis’s frustrations in being denied medical care should be charged with crimes too numerous to mention. This is how the bureaucrats operate, and it must be stopped.

      1. I am doing what I can FPG. I do not have the energy to go through a mud flinging frenzy in some drab cold courtroom. Anyone needing the information can have it but Tsun Tsu warned of knowing your enemy AND yourself. I would not survive being toted around very long. Do not gather anger or borrow grief from my story and keep true to your American ideals.

        There may come a moment that additional action on my part will be required but clearly the more they try to silence me the louder it makes the message.

        As for me the message will NEVER be “Vet sued for money” because I don’t take blood money and I do not sell out my ideals nor do I “settle” for green paper because the ideals I swore to uphold and defend are written on brown parchment in ink and by hand by men who stood ready to sacrifice everything and many did.

        If there is a message I want to see it is the headline, “Courts rule DBC illegal and shut down and all veterans and families harmed will be made whole.”

      2. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – There’s actually a lot of cases that need to be heard. Problems are; the VA is too complex and time consuming for most Vets to follow through with, and the VA gets their manipulative hands on your medical records, then make false entries, or skew the information up. And, I’m one of them, trying to do it on my own, and it’s no piece of cake due to multi-medical conditions. Plus, the corrupt VA knows this too. Dirty ass skanky basturds that they are. IMO

        VA- Do No Harm
        Yeah right. They’ll try to kill you, because they’d be only accountable after the fact; when Vets perish.

        VA = Veteran Assassinators
        (not a word, but its my word, use it if you’d like, it’s fitting).

    2. Dennis, as soon as I read that line about the rifle, I thought they were using some other incident against you…and they were.

      With that lack of logic, why not issue a flag to all veterans enrolled there since any one of them have the potential to trigger PTSD. All vets should then be flagged. If staff are triggered over certain vets, who diagnosed the staff? Are there staff with different levels of PTSD from that incident? If so, are any drawing disability or Workmans Comp from it? Have any retired due to disability?

      I get the sense there are a few managers there with a serious bug up their ass over you, and they are claiming there are many other staff that have problems with you. I am curious just how many others might feel that way, or might not even know you from Gomer Pyle.

      Its interesting to hear what the police have documented. According to the IG report, the VA police are supposed to be members of this kangaroo kommittee. I wonder what the VA police have had to say if they attended these meetings.

      1. @91Veteran
        Look even deeper about the PTSD that the COS wrote of: It was an official message on VA letterhead that claimed an entire staffed suffered such severe mental health issues that one man’s presence rendered them incapable of providing care.

        The VA claimed in that letter that their staff suffers severe mental health issues to the extent that patient safety is compromised. THAT is the REAL take away from this letter is it not?

        VA claimed they were too crazy to even see me without melting down. Is that not a pretty ominous thing to claim about a primary care staff?

      2. It is ominous, but I prefer downright disgusting to vets who truly have PTSD. I don’t doubt there are staff that might feel anxious over stress, but to equate it to PTSD shows a stunning amount of ignorance on his part.

        As one with PTSD, I am sure you have several things that can trigger a PTSD reaction. Often those triggers are likely an episode that is similar to what you have experienced, so it triggers a reaction.

        If his entire staff has PTSD reactions to the sight of certain veterans, you would think there would be enough similarities among veterans that it would trigger reactions often.

        If that is the case, they should shut down that entire clinic or hospital where those staff are, and hire those who do not have that reaction to seeing veterans.

    3. Dennis holly cow, you lost all that weight, good for you. Your story is almost the same story I have. I was accused of coming into my local clinic at (least Twice) a month and become disruptive by a vindictive former coworker, who hated me from when we worked at the same VA.

      Just because the Director of the facility appointed me as the New Hispanic Chair person of the Hispanic committee, which she held prior to me being appointed as chairman. Most members were women and all friends of this employee.

      She had her friends complain about me getting the position, so much so, that I resigned and then retired medically.

      This person a Martha Martinez hated me and besides saying I would come into the clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive, she told the Denver Chief of staff that I wanted to murder or shoot staff at the clinic.

      as an administrative assistant, I am very aware of the regulation, so I called the Manager and the Chief of staff Out and I wrote the Chief of staff and requested any and all written evidence they used, reply we have no written evidence of you ever being disruptive.

      But we take these allegation’s seriously ! VA regulations require that any and all disruptive behavior must be documented to protect the VA from slander. The Chief of staff did not require the manager to furnish any written evidence and (proceeded) to call the OIG, FBI, and my local police department and telling them that I wanted to murder employees at the clinic. FBI called me and I told him, that I have never been disruptive, made no difference.

      Punished for 5 years, wrote senator Bennett’s office a few times and the DAV and each time the director or chief of staff, answered 1 of those inquires. that letter to Bennett’s office sent by the director stated, Due to the disruptive reporting of Mr. Gallegos, we the Denver VA (never) coded his official medical record for disruptive behavior, nor did we (ever) Red flag his official medical record. Lie.

      All other inquiries were sent right back to the Manager and former coworker to answer herself. Fox watching the hen house. She even went so far as to tell Bennett’s office, that I could not return to the clinic why ? She stated because MR. Gallegos will (not) admit to being disruptive ! Who in their right mind would admit to a crime when they never did anything wrong.

      I been fighting this since 2004 and why do I keep fighting, because the Chief of Staff wrote into my official medical records the following ” if we the Denver VA (ever) hear that you are reported as being disruptive, You will have Federal charges placed upon you, arrested and Banished from all VA care.

      VA regulation require any and all disruptive behavior (must) be documented, nope just a single phone call and bam, punished and still being punished.

      I had a Denver official call me and my wife, stating Secretary Shulkin, sent an inquiry and she proceeded to tell me and my wife, How sorry she was because I had been punished for something I did not do ! Stating that back in 2004 the Disruptive Behavior committee had not been run (properly).

      Mr. Gallegos what can we do to fix this ? How about a letter of apologize, stating I had been falsely accused and punished for 5 years. Response from the Denver Official, ” why should we have to apologize to you for something that happened before we were in charge. She became very angry, end of story.

      One would think that if someone would come into the VA and become disruptive or said they wanted to shoot employees that they would have documented each and ever incident as required by VA regulations. Like you said Hell they can not even place me at the clinic at anytime.

      My question is how many veterans have committed suicide because disgruntled VA employees just don’t like someone.

      Tell you what NOT until VA employees are arrested and forced to deal with our justice system and jailed will they see their evil ways. I am like you, I have not been back to the clinic and I think you know why.

      Have a good day Dennis.

  30. Ever since I filed a congressional inquiry against the VA they’ve started making things difficult for me. I’m pretty sure they are using this red flag system to spread the word because I instantly knew something was up but wonder how they were able to inform one office to the next so quickly. That’s when I came upon your original article on the PRF system. One thing they do now is schedule appointments with me and then always cancel them the day of the appointment, within 30 minutes or so. They won’t call me back so I can get prescriptions refilled, tell me that the prescriptions are put in and they’re not, then schedule me an appointment and cancel it again 30 minutes prior. Ect.

    1. What the OIG report does not say is just what you said – once flagged, always flagged whether it shows up or not. DBC creates undocumented death lists that strategically ban patients in the way hardest to detect – denial of service for myriad of untracable ways. I saw an internal VA Powerpoint presentation. They had tracked patients and the presentation noted that over 50% of vets who are flagged for any reason that normally would be expected to return because of their diagnosis never return to VA.

      They know with certainty that half of us will walk away and die rather than go through this and it is in their own records! This kangaroo court must be wiped from the books forever – it denies due process and procides a perfect means to rid VA of those who dissent.

      Veterans are catagorically denied due process. In one of my appeals I cited a Roseburg suicide of a vet that had been flagged. He was terminally ill from cancer. Somehow the family force OIG to investigate, probably because of the death. They confirmed that the man who had his care “moved” from the clinic five minutes away to Roseburg and under armed guard accessible by a minimum of two or three hours round trip not conting waiting room time had decided to hang himself instead from the public foot bridge here in Eugene as a symbolic protest of this system. That man was trying to call attention to this horrific practice by the good and hard working CARE team at Roseburg VA. To this day it makes me want to vomit what they did to that vet.

      1. Bitch slapping is not enough for these evil minds who dream up ways not to give medical care, pistol whipping is more appropriate . Denial of due process is the issue and this “flagging” is a violation of due process.

    2. I would go to each clinic and get a printout of why your appointments have been canceled. I suspect many would show “canceled by the veteran”.

      1. I had that issue…along with appointments being scheduled that I didn’t make, then being shown as Not Kept (no show). Basically making me look like a jacka$$. I filed an official complaint against MULTIPLE Providers that did this to me, ever since then…I have to go in MyHealtheVet online to make sure what was said in actually appointments is inputted correctly (had an issue with a provider fabricating what I said in His notes, I ONLY got things fixed because I had recorded the entire conversation on my iphone).

        I have NOTHING but anguish, hatred, disappointment, and SO MANY unpleasant things to say about the Washington DC VA & the Greater Los Angeles VA office(s).

    3. A court order against the VA to perform their job was in order at the first instance of misconduct, IMMEDIATELY. And an immediate removal of any employee who uses these tactics. We need to have a supply of competent nasty lawyers standing by to take a bite our of the ass of these boobecrats. ONCE YOUR CASE GETS TO THE COURTHOUSE, THEY ARE EXPOSED, AND DO NOT LET THEM OFF OF THE HOOK.

      1. LOL. Due process, cases making it to the court house, Constitutional rights, use of warrants, protections by laws, any normal expectations from any branch of government here in Terre Haute, Indiana, or the state… is no guarantee of anything.

        Small claims courts to Federal courts or boards to the Supreme Court of Indiana/Israel. Especially locally when we deal with vast corruption, rogue judges, cops and the entire city compliment of wrong doers and evil. No such thing here as ‘professional ethics’ or exposing any of them. A total quid pro quo, mafia styled, fascist, one part town this is. Nothing or no-one can be trusted here especially those in robes, uniform, scrubs or suits. It’s all about gaining positions, getting city/county employment, keeping the same corrupt families in power, bowing to the lefty colleges, certain religions and more.

        I have prayed and hoped for a battery of mean competent, ethical lawyers, but they won’t come here to play. Not with all the connections our fascist leaders have like with the Indy 500 owner’s cliques and all the other corrupt entities here.

      2. I might add. No transparency here either. City rules difficult to get or use online.

        The “no recording” ordinances and law in the court house. Only attorneys, court, judges and staff can record things and carry in cell phones or other electronics.

        Rogue cops that know they can get by with whatever, then only to have city hall or PD claim there were no uniforms or units in the area. Doesn’t matter if it happened thirty years ago or two years. It’s unacceptable or should be.

        Cops going into a home forcing a new acquaintance at that home to sweep the rooms and open doors while some cop has a pistol in your low spine in front of them also shows how things are locally. Regardless of their excuses or phony reasoning.

        Reality is stranger than fiction. And I don’t put anything past the local mafias, ruling regimes, psychopath leaders in government, the courts, Chamber of Commerce, Freemasons, media whores, college critters, et al. None.

    4. OH oh. I didn’t start out with that high of wanted inquiry until later on. But the higher and more I tried to get issues resolved the worse it all got and increased to the point I am surrounded by activist and retaliation in various forms and from all concerned or connected to any part of it. From the top down and even out into the civilian world.

      Seems when the games begin they never end, just increase and flourish, Not for the good either.

      Hope you the best of luck and pray you don’t live in a state or town like I do.

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