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Benjamin KrauseWall Street Journal, the traditional news rag of the wealthy, has come up a with to solution to fix the wait list – eliminate duplicate approval of pharmacy prescriptions.

The Journal recently reported that efforts to fix VA are falling short when it comes to access to medicine based on an anecdote. One doctor, Nasser Gayed, claims VA could reduce its physician wait list by one-third using a little common sense. As a former VA doctor, his solution makes some sense.

Dr. Gayed says:

Many veterans are rightfully irritated and confused at the constant back and forth between their private and VA health-care providers. They may have difficulty getting to VA facilities because of the distances involved, their health conditions, or both. I’ve watched disabled veterans struggle for 10 or 15 minutes to get out of their car or van to the waiting room. They have difficulties getting to any health-care provider, but an additional visit to a VA facility is unnecessary. All this so the VA physician can pretend to provide actual care.

There is another drawback to having to see two doctors. The VA employs hundreds of quality-assurance managers who review the care provided to all enrolled veterans. They collect data and offer feedback to physicians (recommending changes or even disciplinary action) about the care they give. But a VA physician has little or no control over the care of veterans who see private doctors.

VA physicians can refuse to prescribe medication if they disagree with a veteran’s private doctor, but it is rare that they will contradict prior treatment recommendations. Doing so might shake a veteran’s confidence in the care he is getting. That is detrimental to a patient’s health.

We are now sitting on another $600 million shortfall in addition to the $3 billion just funded by Congress. So while redundant services at VA cost taxpayers billions, veterans will no doubt bear the buck of Congress when VA mismanagement runs foul of Congress.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-simple-way-to-reduce-va-waiting-lists-1439158625

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  1. I have a mandatory appt at the Tuscaloosa Alabama VA on the 11Th of Sept, 2015. Purpose; to see a nutritionist, and a diabetic nurse. I don’t drive. Round trip is 200 miles. I have to get someone who is willing to leave my house at 5 a.m., and willing to not get back til at least 2p.m. I have no family and it isn’t an easy task.

    1. I really feel for you. I do drive and I don’t have to go so far as you do. That said, there is no bus, I have no family, etc. And I was just tongue-whipped by a VA mucky-muck that I should network and build relationships with people who might just drop everything and drive me places, etc. I have two volunteer jobs, lots of neighbors and I go to church. People are busy. A lot of people are just barely middle-class, managing from paycheck to paycheck. VA and insurance workers don’t even glance at a map to see the mountains I have to cross or consider that a tank of gas costs me at least $40. If anyone else says “Thankyouforyourservice!” I might say a bad word because they don’t really give a damn about each precious person who once worked, sweated and fought on their behalf.

  2. As far as the VA working with the Vet and outside doctors, it hasn’t happened for me. After discovering, on my own, that the levothyroxine the VA prescribed me, after denying me the medication I had been on for 20+ years, and that was based on an internal medicine doctor that ineffectually ran the clinic, I suffered most of the side effects, and had to go see a civilian because the VA NP and endocrinologist all denied that I was having a problem. With in, literally, 10 seconds of seeing me my civilian doctor – with 40+ years of practice, said to me without a blood test; You’re undereducated.

    Add to that I have been receiving a prescription for testosterone fro the same civilian doctor, and when I approached the VA to fill the prescription they declined because the endochoronologisot had to sign off on my endocrinologist, who has more years of practice than the young buck at the Tucson VA, and my PCP was NOT about to act on my behalf, and instead or my being direct/insistent/forward I managed to have my HealhyVet email shut down, and my congressperson, McSally, would just as soon I quit being seen there so she hasn’t anything to report of fix.

    VA health care is not care, and it will be the death of many a veteran…

  3. Ben, I’m so glad you’ve got your “feelers out,” so that nothing slips by us, when our VA problems are picked up by members of the Fourth Estate. Keep it up!

  4. Here in the private sector, all of our records are either altered, deleted or disappear, the same that happens to you vets. HIPPA is worthless as well. Someone tell me why our state and federal agencies do not work. We as injured workers and patients have made many complaints to many state and federal agencies and NADA. Some have discovered that those who handle claims have benefited with claim money that goes to the adjuster and not the claimant. The same thing with judges. There does need to be an accounting and remember, there are embezzlers when it comes to ltillions of federal tax dollar money. The FBI hasn’t helped us, they help the corporations cause only people that are sick and injured are the frauds.

    1. I am blown away only in the last couple of weeks by situations of astounding corruption, favoritism, pilfering, back-scratching and lying. I am a veteran and well educated and live in HUD housing managed by a moral idiot who has favorites and the person above her is clueless about caring for old people. My upstairs neighbor has been taken to court about her little dog. Manager got people to come out of the woodwork to lie and say the dog bit them. The attorney wimped out! There is nowhere to complain. I am terrified the manager will home in on me. Lives are being shortened. As for the Senior Center here, seriously corrupt! I just joined another local group, paid a hefty annual dues and attended a dinner so pitiful I am sure someone took food home. I lived in San Francisco 1972-2002 and don’t remember such a level of corruption as I am seeing now. Something to pray about!

  5. Wars are for profit and to control the population.

    How in the world does the general population not know this and that all the young men and women who lost their lives will never be call “dad” “grandpop” “mom” “grandmom’ is astonishing.

    Humans are self serving and those corrupt employees at VA are like house guest who overstayed their welcome and need to be evicted!

    Protests and demonstrations on the streets are the only way!

    If you start a movement by every veteran revoking your consent to care for 30 days or more, they would not have a leg to stand on when asking for money.

    It is like a 30 day or longer strike enforced by the patient.

    That is what consumers do to businesses and it puts the power back to the veteran in their own house.

    1. Good ideas except some of us can’t yell in the streets until we get that surgery! We can’t say no thank you to the meds because we need them and can’t afford them in the civilian system. One idea would be to learn all we can online about the system, about the meds we’re taking, and everything we can to live better.

  6. Even though I had gone through exactly what’s described here, I hadn’t really thought of it in terms of adding to health care delays. Now, it seems obvious. I had really thought that it was nothing more than a pain in MY ass when I had to get RX’s from my surgeon rubber-stamped by a VA provider, but it does take up time that could be better spent providing care to other vets.

    That said, I don’t know how much time it would actually save. It would add up, but I don’t think this solution (in and of itself) would put that much of a dent in wait times. Not a bad place to start, though — the veteran saves time; the agency saves time and money. Sounds like a commonsense reform that creates a win/win scenario. Unfortunately, the VA avoids common sense like I avoid my in-laws.

  7. 08/12/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,
    Since the early 1980s and into the 1990s I read the Wall Street Journal and never got much out of it. After the Enron’s disaster [2000-2001/911] most people can see that the WSJ failed their readership. It was not long afterwards that the Bancroft family sold off their controlling share of ownership in 2007 [maybe it was something someone said].

    Media and Newspapers have changed big time since the 1990s, a push and a shove action—-calling papers unprofitable for big corporations to come in and buy them like Gannett [down in Texas it was for another purpose see Lou Dobbs/CNN].
    Corporations are as smart as their CEOs and Management that is the way it is.
    Hospitals are as smart as their Doctors and Management— that is the way it is.
    Machine Shops are as smart as their CEOs and Management— that is the way it is.
    The Newspapers are another story—much more tragic.
    EPA Management and their workers—we just saw 20 years plus understanding of the Gold King Mine flush before our eyes—with very little outcry from Governors of three States and all the State Representatives and State Senators, very few U.S. Congressmen spoke up and only one Senator so far—three Days in. First 24[48] hours EPA kept their mouths shut.

    The 2015 Gold King Mine waste water spill is a 2015 environmental disaster at the Gold King Mine nearSilverton, Colorado.[1] On August 5, 2015, when trying to add a tap to the tailing pond for the mine, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) workers accidentally destroyed the dam holding back the pond, spilling 3,000,000 US gallons (11,000,000 L) of polluted mine waste water and tailings, including heavy metals such ascadmium and lead, and other elements, such as arsenic,[2] into Cement Creek, a tributary of the Animas River inColorado.[3] The EPA was criticized for not warning Colorado and New Mexico until the day after the waste water spilled.

    The Ajka alumina sludge spill was an industrial accident at a caustic waste reservoir chain of the Ajkai Timföldgyár alumina plant in Ajka, Veszprém County, in western Hungary.[3][4] On 4 October 2010, at 12:25 CEST(10:25 UTC),[5] the northwestern corner of the dam of reservoir no. 10 collapsed, freeing approximately one million cubic metres (35 million cubic feet) of liquid waste from red mud lakes.

    Now, comes the VA —this is mismanagement at the highest level of criminal action—it has entered into Treasonous behaviors. Take out the Soldiers to hire more Mercenaries sounds like a good move for business. Didn’t the OIG work of Blackwater…it’s not a question.

    I got the coffee brewing can you smell it?


    Don Karg

  8. Ben, is it possible for VA to become, or be, bankrupt. If that is possible, what would happen to us veterans? I can’t see why VA continues to say they are overbudget. Now in the tune of $600 million. Add that to the $1.72 million overruns for the Aurora VAMC and it becomes $2.3+ billion for a hospital which was to only cost around $400 or 500 million, i believe!?
    What’s going to happen to the many (so called) good programs VA has?
    How are we ever going to receive great healthcare if VA continues to hire incompetent people?

    1. Crazy Elf

      My personal opinion is that there are a lot of great programs offered and supported by the VA for Veterans. Ben’s education is a prime example.

      Regarding the Aurora VAMC when the Army Corp of Engineers report is released by McDonald, who is holding it back, it will show that there were at least 11 additional buildings added to the campus and that is were the additional money is going.

      This is my personal opinion regarding VA Health Care. You cannot trust any VA doctor. VA health care uses all Veterans as guinea pigs for research. You will never receive great healthcare from the VA or any health care provider connected to the VA.

      As pointed out numerous times on this site the VA cannot be trusted with claims by Veterans.

      Although there are a lot of great people who work for VA Health Care they are not the doctors making the decisions about Veterans care.

      For decades there have been serious problems with the VA and the VA Health Care system. But most of what is being covered today by most media is the Wait List Scandal even thought there are far greater problems with the VA.

      The wait list scandal only started several years ago and is just a smoke screen hiding some of the more deadly problems facing Veterans who use VA Health Care.

      1. Hey Jade, I clicked on your name. It sent me to a “Hip Hop instrumental”, with no video. Maybe because I’m on a smart phone, it doesn’t give me the video version. Anyway, was that what you did?

      2. @Jade, totally agree. many of us veterans that have been around the VA for many a long years knows how true this is. the “wait list” is just one of many scandals. the claims and falsification of medical entries, claims destruction, are other bigger issues. Ben just uncovered the “300” TBI scandal! didn’t see WSJ report on that, or did they?

        @Ben, i may have read the paragraphs by Dr. Gayed wrong about the veteran and their civilian doctors. so here goes:

        how many of us finally got correct medical diagnosis by going to a civilian doctor vs the VA doctors that kept us stringing along!? many of these veterans had the data to diagnose in their records but VA doctors wouldn’t/couldn’t acknowledge it. is that the doctor or the VA Central Office legal teams ensuring such behavior? ask WSJ to investigate that.

        how many of us have had civilian doctors willing and academically able to connect the dots of injury/illness to active duty? does it not say something in Title 38 that VA is supposed to help the veteran with claim and benefit of the doubt goes to veteran? something like that but you get my wording intention.

        thank goodness for many of us the VA can’t control our civilian doctors, yes?

        ask Dr Gayed to comment on the medical care and Title 38 responsibilities the VA gave those “300” TBI veterans? we’d all like to study such a response.

        like i wrote, i may well have read it wrong and i’m first to admit i’m quick to mis-trust VA…residual effects from years of being jerked around by VA, vet orgs in bed with VA, et.al., just trying to get a correct diagnosis all those years.

        and VA wouldn’t even agree to the diagnosis until i filed a claim!!! so we veterans need civilian medical help just to ensure checks-n-balance on our medical care!

        anyone think that kind of a life doesn’t adversely affect a veteran dealing with such an org? have Dr Gayed walk through the VA gauntlet that millions of veterans have walked through, and see if he can grasp why the phenomena of VA mis-trust is so great amongst veterans.

      3. Cantigny, I have been going through the same BS with an Optometrist for the past 6 to 7 years. It’s over the damage done to my eyes in 1968 (Vietnam). I had a flash fire arupt and well, you can imagine what happened next. For all these years, that doc has said, quote, “I don’t care what happened back then. I’m only going to treat you for what you have now!” It’s as though he doesn’t want to admit the reason my eyes are this bad (300/20) is because of that incident. Which by the way, would make it “Service Connected!” I have told him I’m already 100% p&t s/c due to many physical disabilities. I would just like him to acknowledge that fact in my records.
        I have fought the VA many times.
        It seems, in my opinion, the physicians are being told what to do and say in the veterans files. I think many, not sure how many, want to do some good for the veterans. But there’s so much we don’t know, YET.
        I believe this new revelation about VA wanting $600 million more will be a deciding factor over what programs, (civilian, VA or DOD), will be gutted.
        I honestly believe the taxpayers are fed up with government entities pushing for more money.

      4. Jade, just watched your video. Everyone should. Good editing. Iran ain’t gonna follow any deal. Iraq was a fuckup for us. Shows how many liars are in politics.
        Great job, Jade….I salute you..

    2. Crazy Elf

      If you click on my name at the top of this post it will take you to the Video. Or if you go back to the other post where I said “Click on my name I believe that will take you right to the Vid.” and click on my name at the top of that post it will take you to the Video.”

      Just click on my name at the top of this post.

  9. I am at a total loss for words ,I do not trust any Dr VA or civillian ,VA cut me off all my Meds I was on for over a decade went to civillian Dr he was very nice first visit went back for physical & he turned into a royal asshole ,I was told to go back to the VA CBOC ,where I had left because of horrible horrible care if you don’t think that these asshole Drs can’t or don’t communicate with each other to make healthcare absolutely impossible for you ,think again ,

    1. Keep trying. Think of it this way Gary, “rate” all physicians (VA and Civilian) this way;
      Some are excellent, some are mediocre and most are as useless as that “teet on a boar hog”! You just have to keep searching.
      With all the bad press, on the VA and civilian doctors, in the past few years. Especially when it comes to the “pain management physicians”, it might take you some time to find a great physician!!!
      I don’t know where you reside, only I will bet you have heard of all the so called “pill mills” which have been shutdown in recent times. Down here in Florida it was really bad.
      And of course, the VA has recently come under fire for the same reasons.
      There’s a new article I posted on here about how the VA OIG recently reversed their decision on the Tomah, Wisc. VAMC. Where the shrink was fired for over prescribing pain meds to that Former Marine, who by the way, died because of a mixture of drugs he should never have received. The other shrink is under investigation.
      Also, a physician, in pain management position, who was hired at the Danville VAMC, was just arrested last week on multiple criminal charges out of Indiana. He should be extradited this week back to Indiana.
      These are just a couple stories being brought out on many news outlets across America.
      Like I say, keep looking. Someone out there knows a physician who will not be intimidated by VA!

      1. Thank you crazy self ,it’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t even go to civillian Dr ,I have become use to poor treatment from VA CBOC on a team that could only keep Drs 6 in 3 years ,when all this broke about pain Meds my original Dr headed for the hills ,you would not believe what the next Drs were like and how many ass chewings I got for being on pain Meds even though I had been on them over a decade never lost them never called in early and never failed urine test or blood,they worked me right out of their system into civillian world and now I am having an extraordinary hard time getting civillian health care ,I think it has something to do with health records cannot prove it but why would civillian Dr tell me to go back to VA ? Thank you though I am just so disgusted at all of them ,

      2. Gary, I can only suggest this. Go to VA and request a copy of your “pain management and primary physician entries into your medical records, through FOIA for the past ten years. Be aware it will take time. They may even stonewall you. But don’t give up. Once you get them, sit down with someone who’s knowledgeable in medical terminology and go through them with that ‘fine tooth comb’!
        You never know, you might find something that shouldn’t be there. Or maybe someone made a mistake or someone not qualified made an entry that goes against policy.
        I don’t know for sure what you’ll find. But there has to be something in your records as to why VA has stopped your meds???
        Hope this helps!!!

  10. Here’s another great article I just found on “VAwatchdog”
    It’s how a “disabled veteran” had to deal with a local law enforcement officer in his hometown. There’s even a video.
    Google this—

    “Riviera Beach PD Investigating Officer After Video Shows Confrontation Between Cop, Military Vet”

    How’s that for a grateful nation? A “disabled veteran” allegedly having his cellphone slapped out of his hand while recording the incident.

    1. I know this is off subject today. Only, I feel it is newsworthy for us, as U.S. Citizens, to be aware of.

      Just out (9:30am) on 96.5 fm (my favorite radio station) here in Central Florida. “Two of the emails found on Hillary Clinton’s ‘personal (email) server WERE highly classified!”And “…10% of the emails ARE classified in nature”, during her tenure as Secretary of State, according to the FBI investigation.
      Also, according to a “former head of the Justice Department”, “this constitutes illegal acts by the former Secretary of State”!
      The FBI is also wanting to know “Who” could have been aware and has had access to these emails.
      Recently, China has been (somewhat) accused of having “hacked” government and civilian emails (computers). And has a great deal of information on, who knows how many, people’s personal information….this has been reported by many news sources in the past few months!!!!!
      Now, that being said, it looks as though the FBI is doing their jobs.
      Could this be happening, during her run for President, because now “Vice President Biden” is “seriously considering throwing his hat into the mix for President?”, as many news media outlets have reported? There is going to be more coming out in the future concerning this issue, I am sure.
      On a personal note or opinion, it couldn’t have happen to a nicer person, as the saying goes. Now, if the Justice Department and FBI would put as much effort on the VA, as they have on Hillary Clinton. We might see some people going to prison.

      1. Crazy Elf

        Regarding that subject. You have heard me use the term Weapon of Mass Deception (WMD) before. Here is a link to a video I made and posted on one of my webpages.


        Let me know what you think.

      2. Just now on Channel 9 news @ noon (WFTV) Orlando, Florida. “Two of the four emails are ‘top secret’!”
        They didn’t mention the other 10% which are concidered “sensitive”!
        I hope she gets a good cellmate, lmao!!!!#

      3. Jade, so far I haven’t been able to find your video. I will continue to search. I would really like to view it!
        Do you have an easier way to search? I only have a “smart phone”. It’s proving to be smarter than me, lol.

  11. Hey y’all instead of clicking on the site at the bottom of today’s blog (the Wall Street Journal article) Google the following
    “Wall Street Journal Wait List Fix”
    When you do this, you will find many articles. Some are even current.
    One was when an audit had been done, and reported back in May 30, 2014. That’s when Shinseki had been the fearless leader.
    I think that’s a good reason, or excuse, why Ol McD hasn’t ordered an audit.

  12. Do one BIG audit. Short trials with Veterans on Juries, if needed, send them quickly off to Leavenworth, Kansas. Rinse and repeat.
    An audit will also allow the tried and true method of FOLLOW THE MONEY…put all those war profiteering contractors in prison as well.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Now, replace all with Veterans and place the VA entirely under the UCMJ to instill and ensure integrity.
    The remaining rats will jump off ship or be drowned by those not wanting their war profiteering asses around hurting Veterans any longer.

    I am talking about a modern day Nuremberg Trials…all taking place after the all-telling AUDIT!

    Did I suggest an AUDIT?

    Yes, an AUDIT of the VA is required because there’s “too many pockets”.

    1. Namnibor, last night I suggested, to anyone interested, to go to;
      “VAwatchdog dot org”
      When y’all get to the site. It has pictures, I think six, of who is in charge of VA, the top pic is, of course, Ol McD himself. “Click” on his picture. Oh, what a puke he is. It’s an interview of him “after” he took the job of Secretary of VA. In that interview he claims there will be an audit done! It hasn’t happened yet! He tells all kinds of BULLSHIT!
      He doesn’t care about us. IMO, all he, and others, cares about is what he can stuff in pocket #1 & #2 and so forth.
      Veterans have seen so much crap come out of VA’s lying ass for so long. I believe it’s time for that enema…
      Yesterday, a buddy calls me up and starts complaining about how VA says he missed two appointments and he needs more pain meds and VA won’t give him more and his PCD always forgets to sign off on his prescriptions. So he has to wait for an hour or so.
      For about six months now. I quit trying to explain the FUBAR the VA has been going through. Last night, I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. I flat told him what the VA has done to tens of thousands of vets nationwide. I told him what Ben’s plans of a “data base” profiling of VA physicians and possibly other health providers. Which, by the way, is a great idea.
      His excuse to not believing me all this time was; “the dot org and dot com websites are only opinions” and they have no credibility because of that. The “only sites that are ‘credible’ are the dot gov sites.”
      In essence, he’s getting his info from VA and other government entities. Which, in my opinion, aren’t credible one bit.
      You want to know the funny part. About 7 or 8 years ago I helped him go from 30% to 70% to 100% T&P, service connected by helping him file his paperwork. How’s that for gratitude????
      Well, it looks as though, the government ain’t gonna allow anymore gutting of VA programs. I wonder what civilian “program” VA is gonna gut. This just might be Ol McD’s downfall. When VA starts screwing with civilian programs, well let’s just say, “watch the fur fly”!!!

    2. VA employees who break the law must be prosecuted…Altering a federal document is illegal…patient files are federal documents…shredding is altering…..


      1. Check out this article


        Excerpt: Section 802 of Sarbanes-Oxley makes it a crime to alter, destroy, cover-up or falsify any document with the intent to “impede, obstruct or influence” any federal investigation or any bankruptcy case. The new crime carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. The statute broadens criminal liability by extending criminal liability to the destruction of documents relating to any federal investigation – even low level executive or administrative inquiries or any bankruptcy case. Worse yet, Section 802 applies to “contemplated” investigations, imposing potential criminal liability even where corporate officers have no actual notice of the investigation.

        Section 1102 of the Act adds a separate offense, also punishable by up to 20 years, for persons who alter or destroy documents or records with the intent to impair their use for “official proceedings,” even before a subpoena has been issued. This statute closed a loophole. Prior to its enactment, obstruction of justice statutes prohibited individuals from persuading others to destroy documents, but not from acting alone to do so.

        These two new crimes are supported by prohibitions in Section 1107, entitled “Retaliation Against Informants,” which imposes fines and imprisonment up to ten years for retaliation against employee whistleblowers.


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