Future Income Payments

Company Sued For Charging Veteran 186 Percent Interest

One company allegedly taking advantage of vulnerable veterans is being sued for charging payments for a loan amount equivalent to 186 percent interest.

One law firm alleges a company called Future Income Payments (FIP) is charging outrageous rates for loan amounts using veterans’ pensions as collateral. It was deals like the following, where a vulnerable family was charged 186 percent that resulted in a lawsuit to shut down the scheme in multiple states.

According to the Daily Business Review:

Military veterans Anthony and Gloria Harrison thought they’d found a brief reprieve from mounting financial troubles when they secured $12,000 to cover medical and emergency personal expenses, according to court documents.

Pensioned, disabled and out of work due to illness, Anthony Harrison googled financial service providers who might lend to a family in such straits, his court filings read. He found Nevada-based FIP LLC, which does business as Future Income Payments LLC and markets itself as “the nation’s pension cash-advance leader.”

But now, a suit filed on the Harrisons’ behalf in federal court by a Broward law firm alleges FIP took advantage of the vulnerable couple, duping them into a deal requiring $168,000 to repay a $12,000 loan. The deal required 84 monthly payments of $2,000 each—the equivalent of a nearly 186 percent annual interest rate, according to the complaint filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

“This is a company that is engaged in the business of targeting and marketing to military veterans, retired people, disabled people and others who receive pensions,” plaintiffs counsel Marc A. Wites, of the Wites Law Firm in Lighthouse Point, Florida, said. “They’re looking for a subset of those people who are in financial straits. They are making usurious loans to them. I would even go so far as to say wildly usurious loans.”

Companies like FIP frequently show up looking for ways to cheat poor people out of the little money they have. Hopefully, this scheme will get shut down, but don’t be surprised if you see another pop up in its place.

Source: https://www.law.com/dailybusinessreview/sites/dailybusinessreview/2018/01/18/broward-firm-sues-company-charging-disabled-vets-168000-in-exchange-for-12000/?slreturn=20180101014125

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  1. 02/02/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The Mafia did not have it so good during Al Capone Days.

    This can only happen with the protection of the Government.

    Who inside our government is letting this happen?

    Is it time for a Valentines Day?


    Don Karg

  2. The funding for future income payments and payments r received in the Philippines. They should be investigated for funding terrorist.

  3. Correction, Roseburg VA Director Doug Paxton is being re-assigned to the VA in West Virginia. The VA is big on recycling their garbage!

    1. How typical. I have been waiting to hear this kind of news and outcome. Same actions are done locally but the majority of happenings here about insider news or events, covering up for bad or corrupt people like this is kept…. on the inside. Not for “public consumption.” As one news station claims to report…”only the news we need to hear.” Which isn’t much. This is the way it is with the VA, state agencies, politics, medical professions, problems inside city or state government, agencies, corrupt courts, whatever.

  4. “Yeah, I tell them to change the channel if they see some guy in a brown suit with a telephone number at the bottom of the screen asking for money.” Frank Zappa

  5. Roseburg VA Director Doug Paxton resigned. I certainly hope the door hit him in the ass on the way out!

    1. Good to hear. That bastard should be prosecuted.

      I can only believe it was from Dennis and other vets not giving up.

      Truly a win for the good guys.

      1. 91, Dennis doesn’t think so, but you and I do believe he DID, have an impact on this news.

        I think even if the complaints Dennis made with DC, and then the follow up, plus the call he got from VA police? didn’t directly cause these two, and possibly the turd turd of the trio, yet to resign, to lose their positions, he certainly added to their troubles in a huge way.

        By causing them to answer directly to DC, and then they did exactly what they were told not to do, I think got his case escalated up to Shithead Shill-kins, desk, and then?

        Well let’s just say, run cockroaches, the lights are on over at the Roseburg VAMC.

        Good deal Dennis, no matter how you slice it..

        Let’s just hope they are not going to be replaced with losers from some other troubled VAMC. Like the old Director from Marion VAMC, the murderer, who has never answered for his crimes.

        Nam is right, be vert wary of the VA Whack-A-Mole program. Kind of like the Forest Gump of the VA, mama always said, “the VA is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get”

      2. The VA is like a box of chocolate-covered turds, all in a shiny box that makes the taxpayers think they are providing the very best, sparing no expense. No matter how you slice it, still a turd. No matter where you move a VA medical hack, it’s still a medical hack that should go back to his hut.

      3. Agree 100 percent, nam. Amazing everyday a new scandal, or ten, and yet nobody is ever held accountable, they just keep moving these high paid losers around so they can harm an entire new pool of Veterans. It’s unconscionable!!!!

        Exactly what the fuck is it you do Hoser Committee on Veterans Affairs?

        Congressman Bost? You have no balls at all, you have prosecutorial authority to bring charges against those asswipes at the Marion VAMC, and yet your calling for Shithead Shill-kin to do some firing? You call yourself a U.S. Marine? You sir, have no honor…….

      4. One small part of the issue is, or that I have noticed over the years at the VA, is the protecting of their own. I have endured much older staff, blood draw workers, MDs, that should be forced to retire or retire early, or placed in a position where they have little contact or power over sick vets. But they don’t. I can see their point or concerns but a lot of their BS goes far over the lines to merely protect one of their team mates, co-worker, or union member.

        Rarely, if some staff member does get demoted or removed they are merely placed in another position, pay grade, or trained to get placed in another position with too much power over veterans. If they were once PCPs, PAs, and messed up, no big deal. They would train, then place them in positions like pill pushing counselors for head dope and told it’s against the rules for them to talk other medical care or other clinical care problems/issues with us. Since they lost that ability with losing their PA, or PCP status. Yes, been there – done that too.

        All that and more is simple mismanagement, corrupt management, PC-ness and activism inside gone mad, with the health care and concerns for veterans not being much concern.

      5. I believe Dennis’ reporting to the IG and particularly the hotline had an effect. I believe his follow up call to the hotline had an effect.

        What he was reporting could be easily substantiated if anyone bothered to look. That, and the fact it had been going on for a very long time could have been easily verified.

        That, coupled with other incidents reported there got a fire lit under someone’s ass.

        I suspect whatever accountability measures Trump put in place is starting to ramp up, and I believe it starts with the OSC. I am still a little surprised at the OSC publicly stating they sent letters to the WH about VA inaction over Manchester, and that the VA publicly whined about those letters.

        And it was all outside the corrupted or nonexistent Congressional oversight process. That process has been “augmented” by the OSC, so these cockroaches are running out of places to hide, and worthless bureaucrats to cover for them.

        I think if word gets around, and it will quickly, that if directors are thinking their corruption can continue, they will end up being ordered to move across country, and quickly, they will slow down, stop or get sneakier about what they are doing.

      6. I believe you are right 91, they will just get sneakier. They certainly won’t get………fired.

    2. Sorry you Veterans at Huntington Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which serves veterans in western West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio.

      You are getting this bag of shit tossed at you all the way from Oregon.


      Roseburg VA Director Doug Paxton reassigned to West Virginia
      CARISA CEGAVSKE Senior Staff Writer The News-Review
      9 hrs ago

      “Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center Director Doug Paxton has been reassigned to a West Virginia VA facility.

      The News-Review received leaked copies Thursday morning of an email sent to VA staff from the VA’s Northwest regional office, announcing the change.

      According to the email, Paxton’s reassignment is effective Friday. He will be the Associate Director at the Huntington Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which serves veterans in western West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio.

      Paxton will be temporarily replaced by David Whitmer, who is chief operations officer for VISN 8, the regional VA network covering Florida.

      The announcement drew mixed reactions Thursday. Paxton was popular with many veterans, but some current and former employees at the VA had blamed Paxton for allowing ongoing alleged whistle-blower retaliation and bullying by senior staff who worked for him. Some of those allegations involved Chief of Surgery Dinesh Ranjan, whose decision to step down was announced earlier this week.

      Full article At: https://www.nrtoday.com/news/veterans/roseburg-va-director-doug-paxton-reassigned-to-west-virginia/article_6183dafd-42e4-5c51-a88e-b98fd74a77db.html

      1. I can only believe someone at VA HQ grew some balls, or were ordered to find their balls, and told Paxton he was being reassigned.

        Move him closer to DC to keep a better eye on him.

        The VA has had the authority to reassign these worthless hacks for a long time, but chose not to use it. Just like they have the authority to fire.

      2. Got to wonder if he will be taking his gruesome twosome with him? Those fake bachelors degrees they bought in India should keep them carving up live Veterans at any VAMC. No doubt the VA doesn’t want to lose it’s profits from the organ sales.

      3. Another Great Article on the subject taken from tomorrows Headlines!


        Director of VA health care system in Roseburg to step down
        By Sherri Buri McDonald
        The Register-Guard
        Feb. 2, 2018

        “Doug Paxton will step down Friday as director of the Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Roseburg, VA officials said Thursday.

        Paxton’s removal follows an announcement earlier this week that Dr. Dinesh Ranjan, the Roseburg VA Medical Center’s chief of surgery, will be transferred to the VA’s Northwest regional office in Vancouver, Wash.

        The leadership shake-up comes as the VA is finishing an investigation into alleged mismanagement and a culture of bullying and retaliation against whistle-blowers at the Roseburg-based system, which also oversees the VA clinic in northeast Eugene.

        Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., who pushed for an investigation of chronic problems at the Roseburg VA, said the VA may take further action against Paxton and Ranjan, and more announcements about other senior managers may be coming.

        “They’re still subject to the ongoing investigation, so there may be additional personnel actions against them and other senior management,” DeFazio said.

        Local VA employees were informed of Paxton’s removal Thursday morning in an email from Michael Murphy, director of the VA health care system’s Northwest regional office.

        Copies of the email were provided to The Register-Guard by VA employees and DeFazio’s office.

        “Over the years, I’ve been raising concerns about management and some particular practices at the VA,” DeFazio said. “I think we’re seeing some substantive action, and I hold out great hope that the new acting administrator will implement reforms that will change the culture and allow well-intentioned employees to go to their supervisor and say, “Hey, we need to change this,” and instead of being told to shut up or go away, they’ll say, “Let’s deal with that. Let’s figure that out.”

        An employee and a former-employee at the VA clinic said clearing out Ranjan and Paxton is a good start, but they doubted that it would fix problems in Roseburg.

        “They need to be held accountable for the detrimental culture they cultivated at the Roseburg VA Health Care System,” said Eunice Allison-Quick, a nurse at the Eugene VA clinic. “Owning their part is a good first step. However, they are still in the VA system.”

        Paxton is switching to a different VA facility, Dr. Ranjan is working with the Northwest regional VA office and his wife, Dr. ­Ratnabali Ranjan, still is chief of staff in Roseburg.

        “How is this considered accountability?” Allison-Quick asked.”

        Full Article At: https://registerguard.com/rg/business/36400856-63/director-of-va-health-care-system-in-roseburg-to-step-down.html.csp

      4. Interesting. First he retires, then he is moving, but he is also being removed.

        I say again, this looks like an ordered reassignment. Whether it is Dennis’ complaints, the veteran being shot at White City, whistle blowers or all of the above and more, it looks like someone finally got tired of the bullshit.

        DeFazio sounds like he has been well informed of these problems. Whether he demanded something he done, or whether he is trying to get ahead of bad PR, who knows.

        I don’t recall what the excuse was for Ranjan, but that too looks like an ordered reassignment. Whether wifey wants to follow, who knows.

        It is interesting to see comments about possible other management changes…who knows, but someone is fed up with BS as usual.

      5. …and the VA Whack-A-Mole Program (WAMP) is now active and in play mode. All players get your hammers ready because Paxton will be back. (W. Virginia is ground zero opiate epidemic)

  6. Scams abound. Locally they lead countless vets into bankruptcy then tell vets their disability monies and back-pay can be confiscated by some bankruptcy trustee/judge. From what I gather is illegal and against federal laws, but federal laws like others do not apply in Indiana.

    “Hillbilly Loans?”

    “House Bill 1319 was opposed by veteran groups, religious institutions and consumer advocates, who said it would expand high-interest, predatory loans in the state”…

    “annual percentage rate of more than 200 percent.”


    Hell come here and get veteran discounts:

    Three to five hundred dollars to have someone put in a new toilet. Fifteen minutes work.

    Six hundred dollars billed weeks later for putting in a $19.94 kit in a John Deere 750 compact tractor small hydraulic arm unit. After being told it would be around $100.00. Don’t like it “take us to court.”

    Twenty seven thousand $ or more retainers, cash, up-front, no guarantees, for some local ESq for consultation time, over issues with the VA, medical boards, etc. With other concerns openly stated like local corruption or professional misconduct will not be part of the game.

    Much more. But I think the point is made. And the scum suckers in politics and joined at the hip to some corporation or lobbyist is not our friends or allies.

  7. A guy who I worked for years ago – probably one of the smartest business people I ever knew – said to me, “boy (he was 75 and I was about 32), there is no such thing as too good of a deal that you can’t pass up.” He would get calls constantly from “stock brokers” who had this great stock deal and his response was always, isn’t it real hot in that room you are calling from?” They would say, no or what are you talking about? He would then answer, “aren’t all boiler rooms hot?” I once watched him withdraw $5 million from a bank because they told him there was no activity on it for the past three years – in spite of it being a 7 day rollover CD.

    What I learned from him was to think through anything you do if it financially makes sense. That is the problem with many of the younger people today, they were never taught the value of a dollar. Everything is handed to them and not only are they unappreciative, they are angry if they don’t have the latest iPhone, fashion or electronic gizmo.

    My 17 year old granddaughter asked me for an iPhone 8X for Christmas. It was $800. Yes, I could afford it, but I was taken back by the request and finally said no. Now, she isn’t speaking to me. Her older brother, 23, said, well she is just a 17 year old girl who spends a lot of time on her phone and that is why she wanted it. My mom, who is 95, always sends them money at Christmas and their Birthdays and they don’t even pick up a phone and say thanks Nana. I told her to stop, as I have stopped being used.

    As to payday loans, they still go on. Many of them are run from Native American Reservations where the feds can’t touch them. There are so many scams and people trying to take advantage of veterans, the elderly and uneducated it boggles the mind.

    1. I learned when I was 5 or 6 that if I wanted something, I had to work to earn it. I recall wanting the little spy camera you could get by sending in some bubble gum wrappers and 50 cents. I searched high and low for whatever coins I could find, but was still 14 cents short. I came up with all kinds of jobs I would do for my mother so I could earn that 14 cents. I did get the camera. I grew up on a farm and have worked since I was 6. I started driving at 8, and was on the tractor regularly by 12. My first regular paying job was at 13. I owned my own vehicle by 15.
      I watched the neighbor kids get lots of things given to them. They also grew up on a farm and worked, but the appreciation for all they were given was not there. I’ve seen that with many other kids that were always given things.
      My son and daughter were given lots, but they have been taught that they have to work for what they are given to earn it, and to appreciate what they have. Both have learned by their late teens that if they don’t appreciate stuff they have and they no longer have it, it will not be replaced unless they pay for it. They have also been taught to hand write thanks yous for gifts.

      The little things make a huge difference in the long run. Both are in college, and my son should graduate with honors in the spring.

    2. Dan F,
      I was taught the very same way about money!
      “If you can’t afford it at that moment, you don’t need it!” I think the “Key Word” is “NEED” in that sentence! And, of course, “afford”!
      Most of the young people today ARE spoiled! That’s what gets their parents, in some cases, in financial trouble!!!!!!
      I could get more personal, only I won’t…….

  8. After you sue them and take their money then go after the principles for Racketeering and crimes in addition to RICO

  9. These companies have told no one can sign off to use compensation, no. One is supposed of t. But too many don’t listen like judge who ordered child support knowing the law. Greed is always looking for victims, they are trained to pick out vulnerable people. Shameful

  10. I suspect there are places all over the county doing this. I also suspect numerous complaints are made to state regulatory agencies that are ignored unless a lawyer is found and sues.

    I finally suspect this is brought on by VA denying legitimate claims for either disability, or ER bills.

    Could this be shut down? Not as long as politicians keep getting a cut.

  11. Well I think practices such as these should be illegal, you will never be able to stop people who make stupid decisions. That’s not to say I haven’t made stupid decisions in my life but I learned from them. I know when you’re desperate for money and your choices are very small sometimes forces you to make bad decisions. I just hope that people who are positions to make cook bad loans can be helped.

  12. This company is a group of predators, human parasites, worms, lowest of the low, human filth. No disabled veteran or disabled people “deserve” to be ripped off. Your statement is misguided, your angry at something? and i’m pretty sure its not predator scum like this.

  13. I have always informed my counterparts that service companies will and are taking advantage for services rendered. Veteran service organizations, both federal and state, need to develop an Angie’s List of service companies that will do the job for less, especially for the severely disabled veterans. Most companies make it look as thought your receiving a reduced rate when indeed it only amounts to the tax amount which the company recoupes at tax time. This puts the burden on the taxpayer. The core rate is where the discounted rate should come from. This fueled animosity between the nonmilitary and the ones that have served (receiving a disability they did not ask for) needs to stop somewhere and the ones responsible for the animosity held liable. This is referred to a SCALPING! Disabled veterans/veterans should receive more than a blanket 10% discount because that company may not exist today if it was not for a veteran. Thanks brothers and sisters!

    1. No APCduck!

      Veteran service organizations, both federal and state, “do not” need to develop an Angie’s List of service companies that will do the job for less, especially for the severely disabled veterans.

      They need to do their fucking jobs and fight against these leaches remaining open.

      But hey, they might consider that cannibalism, given the funny hatted Veteran service organizations, both federal and state, are nothing but leaches themselves.

      Especially AMVETS!!!

      1. I wonder how many Veterans have had their lives destroyed by being tricked by these payday loan places. Due to the Veteran being strapped for cash due to the Veteran service organizations, so called, charitable gambling addiction?

      2. As all these, so called, Veteran service organizations have spent their time fighting for Charitable gambling in every corner of America at the Federal, State, and local level.

        In each and every community where the VSOs get their way on what they call charitable gambling. The greater the proliferation of these payday loan / title loan organizations has occurred.

        But in fact they are all scamming the system and none of the proceeds of the Gambling actually is going to help Veterans.

        The easier the access to cash the more money is spent at the gambling machines in each of the VSOs posts. Also the more destructive it is to the welfare of Veterans.

        Considering the fact that 70% of people addicted to gambling have been suicidal at some point in their lives due to their addiction to gambling. The VSOs are diffidently contributing greatly to the Veteran Suicide rate.

      3. Seymour,
        There’s more people in the VSO’s hooked to gambling than what “citizens” know!
        Even non-veteran/non-profit organizations, like the Moose, Eagles, Knights of Columbus, etc., etc. also have these “one arm bandits” taking monies from vets! And, there’s plenty of vets in those organizations as well/
        I know the VFW gets raided from time to time. Been there when the cops have come in!

      4. Hey Elf,

        Research has proven that Veterans are two to four times more likely to develop a gambling addiction, and that those Veterans seeking help for PTSD, substance abuse or mental health issues are even more vulnerable.

        These Vultures calling themselves Veteran Service Organizations are just feeding off Veterans in every way they can without any concern about Veterans.

      5. I’ve asked this before, but maybe others will chime in. Then what VSO organization should one trust? No one, just contact, test to see if they are telling you the truth? I contacted one DAV VSO, and he told right from the bat, “Hey, there was no fire, so don’t even try to tell me that there was one.” I hung the phone up on him.

      6. Nutter. NONE.

        I tried them all and at various levels of their groups, local, state, to national levels. Concerned Veterans of America and others I seen on TV that was supposed to be out there to help…. no return communications, none. Most, along with state vet agencies and others I gave chance after to chance to give a damn…or get involved. Not a one cared to with a wide variety of excuses. Ie, not our job, not our expertise, it’s a local problem – take care of it locally, to ‘our hands are tied due to politics,’ and on it went till I wanted to puke. But I didn’t expect any support locally anyway.

        In fact, this kind of side-stepping issues, not doing their jobs, not wanting to get involved in serious issues some individual may have, not helping males or white males, not helping those who don’t identify as staunch Democrats, who are NOT in some clique, etc., will not get much support or able to get others involved in much here. Normally, those like me will get the reverse…attacked and seen as one who wants to “upset the apple cart.” A non-conformist to their herd and groups. Trouble maker wanting to expose the vast amounts of corruption. That is reality.

  14. All these predatory schemers, whether they call themselves payday, day, or loans of any variety @ outrageous fees, or internet-based colleges preying upon Vet’s G.I. Bill $$$….they are ALL in my eyes and should be considered by Uncle Sam as….WAR PROFITEERS…and may I go as far as suggesting the AFGE and VA are also…WAR PROFITEERS?

    Definition of a War Profiteer: “A War Profiteer is ANY person or organization that profits from warfare or by selling weapons and any other goods to parties at war.” (we’re still at war)

    So, with that said, is not the AFGE also War Profiteers as well as the VA by it’s massive amounts of $$$ windfalls they burn through in likes of Aurora VAMC Black Hole Contractor Fiasco = War Profiteering, the CHOICE Program and not paying the bills, ruining Veteran’s credit and lives…????

  15. @Betty Rubble- “Betty is rarely seen failing to follow the lead of Barney or Wilma, so may appear to be the least developed character in the show…”

    Bam Bam says Betty deserves to have her typing fingers ripped-off and used as chew-toys by Dino because Dino absolutely hates smell of rotten cabbage troll dolls.

  16. Betty I don’t even know who you are. I am not making allegations and I don’t feel threatened by you at all, but let me ask you;

    Did you intend foul play when you posted that? What was your frame of mind? C’mon you can trust me. You did nothing wrong. Tell me, did you intend that statement as a threat or are you just fine?

    It turns out your opinions are shared by VA employees too in a way. Think about it.

    …. and after you think it over go to your facility’s VA Police Betty and express concern for all the thumbs down votes you got on Ben’s blog by people you don’t even know. I am curious what Ben’s frame of mind is in allowing this and even though it is legal and harmless we need to figure out if foul play is involved, right Betty? VA is gonna check this out!

  17. Well Bettybitch, if your so full of respect what caused the urge to open your mouth and spew this kind of horseshit? Are you bored? Drunk? or just a totally useless troll like the rest of them with too much time on their hands? Do us all a favor and just DIE! Your dealing with a lot of strained souls on this website, me included. Go somewhere your talents are appreciated. I respect your right to spew shit, but go somewhere else to do it. AND I hope you get ripped off.

      1. ?????? Holy crap! “Wash dem titties”are on
        Medical term : Titties doesstankus
        A severe form of stanking tits. Caused by tineus Corporus. , fungi. branching hyphae
        Treatment : Wash dem titties
        Not covered by the ACA. or Choice Program
        For technical assistance call 1 800 wash-dem-tits
        Made my day! ????

  18. Your reasoning behind your “few” comments that relate to a practice of dishonesty?

  19. I remember when these “payday loan companies” were banned from being used in the Navy! I believe it was back sometime in the 1980’s!
    They just keep popping up.
    I hope more people wake up to these scammers!

    1. The problem CE is often stated as desperate people needing life saving stuff that only a short term loan can solve which then makes them ripe for exploitation.

      The reason these things keep popping up really is not that issue at all. There are exceptions to every rule, but the real reason these services flourish is impulse spending that paints the target on the victim. Poverty is a trigger because most folks blame the unhappiness they feel right this moment on something other than a spiritual need. Marketting just enhances the idea; “Why Wait???” as hundred dollar bills change hands and smiles are all around in the add complete with a victory high five of the gal that got the loan, right? Happy for a day is a common theme in most humans and the philosophy “Why wait” has likely caused the birth of many humans on this Earth lolz.

      That is my long winded way of saying these things pop up because humans gladly allow themselves to be exploited for the quick thrill and that will never change.

      1. @Dennis- You are so very correct on the “Why Wait?” mentality. Now, I’m not saying anyone deserves to be taken advantage of like ‘Betty Rubble’ has above but rather, living within one’s means and not giving-in to this ‘Immediacy Mentality” and not making oneself a potential target.

        Hard to do for most people because the slick advertising today preys specifically upon fear…even fear of not being cool and having those brand new consumer items…NOW…not next week, month, or even years…NOW…advertising has become like 10,000 incessantly barking Chihuahuas…I choose to simply tune-out and tune-within. Basic needs met, anything else is simply a blessing of sorts.

      2. About 27 years ago I was still living in a travel trailer in the woods and my tv antenna blew down one night. Way out there in the blackberries and tall Douglas Fir you had to have a tall antenna.

        I didn’t put it back up because I didn’t have the stuff to do it. No internet either up there in those days, not even over the telephone.

        I found that my enjoyment of life altered dramatically but came on unnoticed until about month three of zero tv, internet, and radio at home. I heard tons of radio on the way to work and some tv and such in the break rooms and places but not at home.

        I mentioned this once to another person who said they had tuned out of television too. It was great to hear they too said at about month three there is a sort of “fog” that lifts and you begin to not just notice the simple things in life but really start to enjoy them. Something about advertising that never stops has a subtle but profound impact on worldview.

        If I were PTSD counsellor I would counsel to disconnect cable and antenna. Then we would discuss what trigger to look for in ourselves to turn off all devices for a day. I’m just a patient but life changed for the better for me when constant bright flashing lights with happy humans with legendary cleavage dancing all around with dish soap for sale did not invade my brain every 97.4 seconds.

      3. Tuning out. I have noticed when teens are without cell phones for about 2 days minimum, there is a significant change.

        Its unfortunate when you see adults that can’t function until they make that last update on Facebook.

      4. @91Veteran
        Those young folks stuck inside their phones will not see the terrible consequences until old age. When I was 13 I went to work in the fields because 1) Dad said so, and 2) staying home or being idle was just plain boring. So from 13 I began paying into SSDI and Social Security.

        Today I doubt you could get any 13 year old away from their phones long enough to even walk through a hay field on a tour, let alone buck hay bales up on the truck. Then this goes on for years staring at the phone instead of gathering for your future. When the future catches up to these youngsters decades in the future who are stuck inside an “immersive experience” that earns no bread then I suppose the can eat the phone lolz.

      5. I too, was paying into SSDI and Soc. Sec. around 13 years of age working for my family’s mill/factory at that time and on our farm…and it did pay-off because I have always worked, even worked off-base bouncing and DJ’ing wherever stationed in that cold war decade, so when I filed for SSDI when health finally took a large crap, I was way more fully vested than most at that age in my late 40’s at the time.
        You cannot eat the phones…with the exception the hipster crowd, when in a pinch, *could* consume the lithium battery like a candy bar if bipolar off-balance needs addressing and the lithium bottle is locked in the Volvo in daddy’s summer house… 😀

        Did you know: A newer hipster neighbor actually job-hunted with the specific demand/perk of employment: NAP TIME…I KID U KNOTZ. When I worked for UPS unloading semitrucks on night shifts for a few years, the Teamsters only allowed us…one 10 minute break in a 4ish hour shift…no nap times there or anywhere I have worked for that matter…not even retail hell in an art/craft store…not even arts & craft nap time nor cookies…

        I think SSA is seriously screwed for the future if nothing is done because daddy’s Volvo and summer house garage will not always be there.

      1. Thanks 91Vet,
        Not doing to good over the weekend. Just having a “blah” kind of weekend! Maybe I’ll snap out of it soon, lololol

  20. In Oregon there are a bunch of companies that will loan you money on a settlement that you haven’t got yet. Same thing with inheretance money that takes a long time for final settlement to be sent. They advertise that any sort of future settlement can be cashed in today with the slogan, “Why wait?”

    I called about one over some inherentance. They pay you half of the face value then you sign over the rights to all of it when it arrives. I believe this is how they skip past usery laws because then it technically is not a loan.

    Our other scam in Oregon is called the day loan industry. They compute day loans and charge reasonable interest however the loans are for just one day. If you default then each days default penalty can effectively make a one week loan accrue over 1000% interest if computed annually. Again though it is not called interest it is called a default fee and these places always want a car title and such as collateral.

    Of course the biggest scam we have in Oregon is perpetrated against mostly younger and financially strapped men and women. The scam works pretty slick. The organization will send their folks into places young people hang out and even into schools. They will tell these guys that if they just sign the contract and work right now that they will then be rewarded handsomely later.

    Then after four years at least when one of these contracted young people shows back up to collect on the parts of the contract that promised the fairey dust, then the company will often delay payment YEARS to keep their end of the bargain and often resorts to treachery to withhold promised payments. Many of these young kids actually end up homeless because of this bargain. This company’s scams have gotten so bad that entire federal agencies are now set up to try to thwart the scammers but truth is it doesn’t seem to work very well. As Ben pointed out, when one scam is discovered to screw these young people out of their end of the bargain then another pops up very quickly to replace it.

    The company caught in all these scams has avoided prosecution under the RICO act because they have a powerful legal staff and even when they are caught openly the consequnces are often bonus checks. The company even has a significant armed guard contingency at their disposal to “handle” their clients when they complain about it.

    Watch out for these guys too. The scam they have pulled against MILLIONS of unsuspecting young and financially strapped men and women is orders of magnitude more costly to the unwitting than even the scam that is the subject of todays post.

    1. Dennis, if you are on fb , you need to check out this doc named zmd that was posted to vaisying page. He was ripping Roseburg up in a live video, calling out thr chief of staff for being a pediatrician in a vet hospital ???

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