VA Attorney

High Ranking VA Attorney To Retire, Full Pension, Despite Sham Charity

VA Attorney

The head of sham charity National Vietnam Veterans Foundation (NVVF) will retire from his day job as a high-ranking VA attorney with full pension and healthcare.

Days after VA OIG issued its report condemning J Thomas Burch, a leading VA attorney and former NVVF head, is set to depart VA on November 30 with full pension and healthcare insurance for life.

VA Attorney CNN Investigation

A CNN investigation into NVVF discovered the organization was considered the “worst” rated veterans charity for raising nearly $30 million in a few years and only given 2% to veterans. The press investigation led to a formal inquiry by OIG and the New York Attorney General that confirmed numerous allegations of wrongdoing and abuse of authority.

While at work earning $130,000 as a VA attorney, Burch was also running his multi-million dollar charity and earning a salary there ($65,000), too.

The investigation found Burch was using charitable donations to fund his lavish lifestyle which included downtown Washington DC parking for his Rolls-Royce with the license plate, “MY ROLLS.” He was illegally using VA resources while at work (at VA) to operate his charity.

VA Baller Burch Wine And Dines Women

The investigation also confirmed he used the charitable money to wine and dine women who had little to no connection with the veterans causes the funds were raised to support. According to CNN, “Burch’s spending also included payments to women, as well as hotel and nightclubs.”

It appears the only penalties Burch will face is the mandate to apologize to the citizens of New York, pay back his $100,000 severance pay from NVVF, and to never touch charitable funds ever again.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim NicholsonVA asserts it has no knowledge of Burch’s involvement at NVVF, which looks to be a complete fabrication based on photos of Burch in his official regalia shaking hands with Secretary Bob McDonald like old pals.

CNN concludes its story on the subject merely eating up VA’s assertion of lack of knowledge without apparently pressing harder about photos like these and others:

“The VA was unaware of Burch’s involvement with the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation until a CNN investigation exposed the VA employee in May. The Department of Veteran Affairs Inspector General launched its own investigation, and last week the Department of Veterans Affairs announced it ‘immediately initiated the process for Mr. Burch’s removal from federal service.’”

It’s time to take out the trash inside VA, so let’s help them. Share this article with Bob and everyone else.


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  1. I say this, the duly elected non-pol who will soon take over driving the “bus”, was elected for a reason! Not only that, he is the person God chose for the next 4 years. Perhaps the previous 8 years was God’s way of getting through to the largest voting bloc of this great country. That group being predominantly working class Americans, of which nearly all Vets and current Military members are a part of.
    I have struggled against the entrenched anti-Vet culture of the VA for the past 18 years. And I’m at the point of throwing in the towel for the sake of my own sanity and the wellbeing of my family.

    I hope and pray PET will not only drain the swamp, but that he will fill it in and build a Veteran focused program that will only serve the Veterans of our fine country. The current VA runs like any other major medical/health insurance company, that serves itself first and patients second.

  2. I just heard a Bill is on it’s way to the POTUS desk to sign that (get this)…tells the VA they have to answer ALL calls for suicide and the like hotlines instead of the 33% they usually pick-up!!! Really?!!

    What’s next? A Bill to remind the VA Employees to wash their hands after wiping ass and touching Veterans?

    Another copy of a copy of a copy of a law the VA should already be following, never addressing the actual problem of incompetence.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Ben, I believe that you should get with Bernie Sanders and do something good for the Veterans. Perhaps go into competition with VA Health care. I just don’t see you as a part of the cure for the VA. I just can’t seem to envision a cure for the VA. Hope Trump will be able to see through the VA fog.

      1. The Military Healthcare System in Kenya would be a little better than the VA System. Only a little because the Kenyan VA Dr.’s are the one’s the Nation of Kenya did not want to keep.

  4. the veterans affairs continues to deny veterans claim and delay most others. then these guys pull this and get away with it. there all a bunch of no good scoundrels. they and those who cover them should be sought and tried as criminals and no and i mean no room for any Pity or excuses.TREAT THEM AS THE ANIMALS THEY ARE IN THE EYES OF THOSE WHO FOUGHT FOR THIS far as the mention of the above congressman. send him to the battlefields and let the soldiers do what they will to him.he as well is a scoundrel for making such a statement.

  5. Lock him up with Hilliary! Or bring him to the Great White North! You know up here Idaho there was a guy being charged with rape a few years back he felt so bad about what he did he hanged himself on the bridge! But no one can figure out how he did it with his hands handcuffed behind his back! Get the picture! Maybe being a lawyer he would just slip & fall multiple tiles up the stairs because everyone knows how slippery lawyers are. Some can’t even walk without doing a few steps & get face planted time & time again!

    1. Or, how about letting him swim the Mississippi River with about 200 pounds of chains wrapped around his ass.

  6. @Jo3n,
    I’m not sure if Burch can be tried again. It might depend on if he was taken in front of a real court, with a real judge, and a real prosecuting attorney.
    If not, then maybe he can be tried for something criminal.


    This article comes from “” (election 2016), yesterday, 15 Nov. 2016.
    “Report: Hillary ‘Physically Violent’ After Losing”

    published: 15 Nov. 2016
    by; Bob Unruh

    Quote: “Clinton had to be ‘briefly restrained’ after trying to attack own staff!”

    Now everyone should understand why it was so imperative she NOT win the presidency!
    It was also reported she, and Bill, had an altercation in Arkansas a few days before the election.
    Can you imagine what would have happened if she won, then didn’t “get her way” with leaders of other countries. Of course, we on here had premonitions she would lose.
    Thank GOD for this!

    1. There’s a congressman in Iowa that’s proposed a Bill called “Suck It Up Buttercup” for all these butthurt cupcakes still protesting. Search, Suck it up buttercup” LOL

      1. How many remember when the National Guard was called out back in the mid ’60’s due to all the protesters in the south?
        I do!
        Well, when 21 Jan 2017 comes around, maybe that would be a great deterrent for all these sniveling, parasitic, snot nosed, punk-ass, crybabies, buttercups!
        Or, once incarcerated, prior to trial, they can be given the opportunity to wear any uniform from any armed forces of the United States of America to ‘work off’ their debt to society!
        Let’s see them cry their way out of fighting the enemies, (ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Hezbollah, etc.), of our country.
        That would be a hoot.

  7. Without reading the article or the comments, I must say there is not a more fitting picture to describe McDonald’s tenure at the VA than him pinning an award on the chest of one of his flunkies who ran the worst veterans charity ever.

    Enjoy your retirement Bobbie. Veterans have paid the price for it.

    1. 91Veteran,
      These pictures say a thousand words.

      Such As; “Two fake ass Green Beret’s congradulating each other for fucking the very veterans they’re supposed to be helping!”
      That’s what I would put below each picture!

      1. That photo should be the poster where the VA warns all Veterans the consequences of fraudulent travel pay claims. Paste it everywhere, with appropriate caption explaining the irony of it all.

  8. I’m curious as to whether or not Burch can be tried for any of the shameful things he did to Veterans. All the VA Executives knew of this. But, because they fined him, does that mean he’s been tried? I surely pray things change.

    1. It sounds from what I have read that the fine and other things he has agreed to or acknowledged is from an agreement by him in exchange to not prosecute.
      Nothing else makes sense.
      If that is truly the case, it will certainly not deter any future thief. After all, Burch stole millions, and got off with a $100k fine.
      He couldn’t get that kind of return as the luckiest man in Wall Street.

  9. From “” 16 Nov. 2016

    “Nonprofit Organization for Veterans”

    by: Justin Sloan
    Guess which ones did NOT make the list!

    “Forget Closing Guantanamo, Trump Might Make It Bigger”
    Originally from: Associated Press
    by: Deb Riechman & Ben Fox

    Great news indeed. It needs more terrorists and anyone else who’s broken federal laws! Put them together, let them figure out who’s who! Then they can let whichever “GOD” they pray to, sort them out!

    1. No death penalty. We dangle em from huge kites in each thunderstorm that passes. If God wants them home, he will call.

      1. Guantanamo Bay Storm Drone Rides…the *other* Disney Park nobody talks about. Sharks will make do with extra crispy manna from the sky. 🙂

  10. Let me share how corruption leaks into the swamp. The following are two dirct copies fromVA website. The first from hiring site, the second from Roseburg describing the COS. At the end of the excerpts I will tell you what the VA deleted from the original bio of our Chief Of Staff…

    “Abraham Lincoln created the Department of Veterans Affairs with the most noble of missions: To care for him who shall borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan. Every day, more soldiers leave the battlefield headed for home – men and women who sacrificed their bodies and, in some cases, their minds defending the dignity, honor and safety of those at home.
    When you work at VA, you will have a comfortable salary, comprehensive benefits and great work/life balance, just like the private sector. But, VA has something that no other health care system does: the opportunity to serve Veterans. As the largest health care system in the U.S., the career opportunities are endless, matched with the fulfillment that comes with caring for these brave men and women.
    After all, their incredible sacrifices protected our freedoms. So to us, being able to give back to them is an honor and privilege. No matter the professional path you pursue, your contributions here will be essential to improving the health of Veterans across the U.S. Their needs will be your call to action. And their gratitude will remind you that we’re all in this together.
    Find out how your talents can impact Veterans’ lives, and discover your career at VA…”

    “Chief of Staff
    Chief of Staff, Dr. Bilal Chaudhry began work at the VA Roseburg Healthcare System in March of 2015. Dr. Chaudhry specializes in Internal Medicine, pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. Prior to joining the VA Roseburg team, he worked at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis since 2012. Dr. Chaudhry has also been with the Veterans Health Administration as the Chief of Staff at the Oscar G. Johnson VA and the Associate Chief of Staff for Education and Operations at the St. Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Additionally, he has served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”

    All seems innocent, right, except look closely – unlike every other bio on the Roseburg website, this guys bio includes NOTHING about just where he went to school. It shows job history sure, but after the newspaper printed a story about him last year with my quote in it the VA erased a key thing about Dr. Chaidhry; he is from Kenya. He came here as a dentist from Kenya. Why did they erase all evidence of that?

    Look again at the quoted paragraph desribing the chief benefit of working at VA – they appeal to the patriotism of Americans by emphasizing the honor of serving vets as a unique benefit of the job (coughing now). Why did they erase ALL evidence in his bio that pointed up the fact he is from Kenya? Easy; it simply does not match the reason that VA gives for working at VA – patriotic duty.

    Can you expect a Kenyan to appreciate the honor of working on warriors who someday may be asked to destroy his own homeland amd friends should POTUS see the need? Can we ask this man to pledge allegiance to a flag, or to a Republic for which it stands? Can we ask him to accept that this is one nation under God when his own first name is the name of the First Caller To Prayer in the Muslim faith, Balil, when our counrty was founded on Christian principles? No.

    Now, do you see how rhe culture of lies works? When the truth is inconvenient it is hidden. Look up any list of officials on any website – they all list the schools that the person attended that qualifies them. Now look at Roseburg COS – it just lists the American places he works, apparently dropping in from nowhere.

    This manipulation is no accident and it is this that Trump faces. VA will bury the little things. This is what I mean by beating the drums. I will not let this BS slip by. Burch screwed us, but that is all the more reason to keep opening the sea doors on the S.S. Titanic. Lets keep looking because I a, betting there are more lifeboats hidden under the deck….

    1. and yes, the COS from the Muslim Nation of Kenya is now e person labelling American veterans as disruptive and violent and is the one who assigns armed guards to escort American vets on American soil.

  11. If this affair bothers you then hold on tight my brothers and sisters for the Presidential Pardon process that is currently consuming millions of man hours and billions of $$$ in “charitable contributions” that are the hallmark exit strategy of a group that calls a Chicago politician their leader. Remember, he can pardon ANYONE – even those in Chicago prisons.

    This matter at hand is miniscule by contrast to the vomit America is gonna see coming out of the White House on the only “get out of jail free card” that our National Constitution allows for – Presidential Pardon.

    Trump does not need to go after this guy as a priority at all. In my state ill gotten gains are considered income…and failure to pay taxes is after all what brought down Capone. This guy is not off the hook by a llllloooooonnnnggggg stretch. The IRS has a memory that elephants envy.

    All President Trump will have to do to begin The Great Purge of 2017 is to carefully study each presidential pardon that Obama vomits up. Those people will get off scott free and live the life we all dream about – but a pardon does have one unique feature; it cannot protect your friends. Nor can it protect the pardoned person FROM your friends…

    Trump knows people better than anyone I can think of. A pardon to the forgiven seems a shining beacon of safety, but to those who know how to follow the scent of money it is a welcome and revealling guiding light.

    Who knows if this guy will be pardoned or not, but there is another guiding light for the Donald and you are reading it. It is sites like this that won the election by continuously beating the drum of VA corruption. People may lift their voices briefly but then burn out like a cinder in the fire – it is the drumbeat that sends the message and keeps sending it and keeps sending it. The drums tell,the wicked that we are watching, waiting, then coming for you. The drums give the wicked time to run. This is the way of thing as Tsun Tsu might say.

    When the drums beat truth, the echos will be heard in every hall that you and I should care about. They will be heard around the globe if that is where the wicked flee.

    Finally if you are a vet at the end of the rope, you can know from the drums beating that at least WE have not forgotten you, and WE are coming to help. Hold on just one more time, and I promise when I find you I will do my best to lend you a hand instead of chopping it off. I can’t give you life – you have to choose it, but at least I can help you up from the swamp.

    A might not care but I do.

  12. There’s a great Utube video out, either last night or early this morning, about President Elect “…going out to dinner…” and NOT inviting the news media.
    Seems he, his family and his Secret Service detail went to “Club 21 for a steak dinner…”!
    This morning, all of the MSM’s were saying, he “… Wasn’t being transparent!”
    And, people like Anderson Cooper were stating they “…protect the President Elect…”!
    It’s such a freaking joke by these “left-wing radical liberal idiots”!

    Oh, and here’s something most people out in “La-La Land” are unaware of:
    Check out these two videos on Utube.
    From: Mark Dice
    Nov. 16, 2016. (03:24 minutes)
    “Anderson Cooper CIA Agent”

    Lots of info on what the CIA has been doing within the news medias for a long time.

    From: Social View
    Nov. 16, 2016. (08:41 minutes)
    “Your Literally Making Stuff Up” – CNN Panel Erupts in Laughter at Trump Supporter Jeffrey Lord”

    More crazy shit from the “Alt-Leftist News Media”!

    1. This election and Anderson Cooper being so far up the Clintons made me lose any respect I may have had for his news reporting hereon. He’s one big butt-hurt cupcake and he’s fanning the flames of dissent, which is also coming out in more racial unrest.
      Cupcake Cooper. 🙂

  13. Please Lord, do not allow VA Sec. McDonald to stay-on as Secretary. Lord, please keep him at Disneyland as a permanent puppet in the “It’s a small, small world’ ride. There’s sort of a swamp in there, should feel at home.
    Notice there’s not even a squeaky leak of whom Pres. Elect Trump (PET hereon) has for those swarming Trump Tower to potentially be the new VA Secretary?
    I have a hypothesis that Trump may already know who he wants for that and I hope to be pleasantly surprised. Please, no more McDuck and for that matter, if it’s Miller, am afraid we will again have a limp stick of accountability because at this point even Isaakson is part of the swamp water needing drained. All sitting on those Congressional Veteran Oversight Committees need same enema.

    If not Benjamin, then a real leatherneck retired drill instructor as new VA Secretary. 🙂

  14. The rats have already started their first phase of abandoning the V.A. Titanic. Phase 1 is abrupt retirement to preserve cookie jar.

    I suggest to President Elect Trump to employ a non-VA pied piper contractor to make all corrupt VA Rats march right into their cells at Leavenworth for medical experimentation. We Veterans are cooking-up a cure for ignorant fraudsters and this cure includes a genetically modified corrupt VA employee named Bubba in each and every prison cell. Bubba only eats 46% of those exposed to him and we are pushing for the entire 100%. Bubba is hungry.

    1. namnibor, I agree 110%! Only let’s leave the doors open at Gitmo for the SES’rs and especially for McDuck, Gipson, Shulkin and those of this like!

      Most VSO’s are like Burke’s fraudulent nonprofit. If one would take a look at the DAV, VFW and others. Then one would understand, they’re all alike. All they care about is power and money!
      I think it’s not the money so much. I believe it’s more on the power side. Like the Clinton’s nonprofit foundation.

      As far as that new bill sitting in the Senate. It’s a bunch of garbage. Plus, if anyone believes VA will follow any law, they must have their head down that proverbial rabbit hole!

      I think Mr. Trump will put a special prosecutor(s) on many such issues plaguing our country. This will insure oversight, accountability and, if necessary, indictments. All while he’s not made by the MSM’s to look as though he’s biased. Those MSM’s are still trying to discredit Mr. Trump. Remember what occurred when Obama “sicked” the IRS on many organizations, Tea Party and other conservative groups, a few years ago.
      Then all of a sudden, they backed off, WHY? Because the Obama administration began calling out “Racism”!
      This kind of shit has got to stop. These organizations need to be stopped.

      1. THE VSO ARE PURE BOOT LICKERS OF VA DC HQ @ THE AFGE UNION OWNS @ RUNS VA DEATHCARE FORM AFGE UNION HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. J. Thomas Bitch needs to be made an example of. Disbar him, fire him, strip him of all benefits, and I am sure that it is theoretically possible to remove his veterans status as well. THEN force him to repay every red cent he misappropriated. The sonofabitch most certainly DOES NOT deserve the gold watch. He should be blocked from retirement until such time as he can be terminated VERY publicly, and then charged with defrauding the government, tried and sentenced. He is the poster child for everything wrong and corrupt at the head of VA just as Houlihan et. al is for VHA, but hey they didn’t do anything to them.

  16. We need to support the Veterans First Act, as all legit veterans groups do. Contact your senators and congressman today! Otherwise, the billionaire Koch brothers are sending in their agents to work against us. Their goal is to cut spending- guess where. Their group is the ‘Concerned Veterans of America’. They should be sued for that. No one is less concerned about veterans and they are NOT a true veteran group- only their own interest group!

    1. @WR- Those so-called “legit” VSO’s you speak so highly of and kiss their collective holy asses…ARE VERY MUCH PART OF THE PROBLEM. When Trump “drains the swamp”, most of those so-called “legit” VSO’s will be continuing trying to feed upon the steaming poo because they are all lamprey and we Vets are the hosts to their Veteran Cookie Jar.
      If you believe with all your might that the VSO’s really are working and doing their very best for Veterans, I have the Brooklyn Bridge for sale on the D.C. Swamp you can have for real cheap.
      WR, are you really Burch posting from your ROLLS? 🙂 Butt-hurt Burch?

    2. FYI- at this point, I do not even trust *any* so-called ‘Veteran Svc. Org.” and that includes the existing dinosaurs and ‘Concerned Veterans of American”…why? All are part of the clogged intestinal blockage in the V.A. Titanic. Sure, there’s some well-meaning individuals within them just as there’s some great VA employees amongst the infected.
      The VSO’s attempt to make it appear they are doing the job to ‘assist’ but when really qualified, that ‘assist’ has a strong bias and loyalty to the VA, not the Veteran seeking help. The VA has a ‘duty to assist’ and that’s worked so well, right? This is all about $$$$ and to each VSO out there, they need to hear the message loud and clear that they indeed are amongst the hungry, hungry hippos bathing in the soon to be drained swamp.
      Burch’s return to Vets at rate of 2% just shows how self-absorbed and truly hungry these hippos are. This opulence is not isolated to Burch. Wounded Warriors? (back at it again) and many other anagrams of leeches.
      Remember ‘Blackwater”? (gov’t private mercenary army for hire) Same difference and flavor of deadly sin called greed.
      Rant Out.

    3. Please provide your definition of a legitimate veteran group, as you have contrasted “legitimate” vets with the vets who post here. Let us begin the discussion by understanding the vernacular.

    4. WR, I challenge you to look over all of the articles posted here on Ben’s site for the past year, and point out a single scandal, act of corruption or abuse of a veteran by the VA where any of these veterans groups made it public and demanded the VA resolve it.
      In fact, I cannot think of a single instance where a national veterans group showed any anger whatsoever over what the VA has done…just in the past year alone.

      1. There is one time these bogus veteran groups did band together and voice their opinion. That was when the Commission on Care report called for allowing Veterans to choose VA vs outside care.

        They certainly got vocal then fighting to prevent Veterans from having a choice. Of course it was against the wishes of the veterans who were members of their organizations. So all of the VSOs were totally fighting to prevent Veterans from having real healthcare.

  17. Why would it be assumed that the VA knew of this, as you suggest?? Everyone shakes hands!

    So let ‘Bob’ know about this?? Sure he knows about this now. Think the bigger issue is supporting the Veterans First Act that is currently before the Senate! They have had this legislation already for months. This unties the hands of the VA in areas like disability claims, firings, and flexibility to move forward. ‘Bob’ has worked for 2 years to raise this dinosaur and put measures in place that will help us moving forward! All actual veteran groups approve this legislation, but Congress sits on it!!!

    1. Respectfully disagree WR. MOST actual veterans groups do NOT support the Veterans First Act ~ because it does NOT put veterans first. It gives more (unnecessarily) power to the VA leadership to do exactly what they have done here; let criminals trounce out the door with fat pensions rather than fire and/or prosecute them. Congress is (RIGHTFULLY) holding this up but the real stumbling block is that POTUS vowed to veto it. The only thing “Bob” has done in the last two years, is continue to rearrange the chairs on the Titanic. He is aware of all of these disgusting “retirements” and goes so far as to keep horrendous leaders by moving them around the nation.

      1. @Lauren Price,
        Well said!
        Maybe “WR” should ‘fact check’ the information BEFORE posting inaccurate information!

      2. vets get of your jack daniels @ cold bews va a big big federal rico crime racket run for afge union contrscts vets screwed agin by va dc HQ SEWAGE RATS THATS YO FAKE RANGER BOB MCDUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Thank you for your truthful post I appreciate it I was a victim of Sharon Helman at the VA in Phoenix they red flag to me for writing a letter of support to a woman veteran Paula Patton and blacklisted me from employment I still have an EEOC case nothing’s being done I am so sick of the VA it’s nothing but a criminal Syndicate I have a medical claim in for almost 8 years and its second appeal I am trying to find a lawyer that will represent veterans it’s very difficult it seems I don’t know why

    2. Hey WR McSlease,

      Do you really think you can come on here with that lame ass trolling.

      Fuck Robbie McDonald and his “steal it all act” you want to see passed.

      His lack of enforcement of the laws and rules that control the Veterans Administration is enough of a demonstration that any thing he wants is just more corruption. All he wants with his steal it all act is to get his hands on additional funds to steal.

      As for your lame excuse on how every body shakes hands. While that may be true not everybody holds hands and pins an award on a employee dressed in his corrupt foundations costume. Then does even more photo ops with the foundations manager in Florida. Then to top it off lets the thief off the hook for stealing $29 million. Talk about a corrupt to the core Robert McDonald.

      Lets not forget all the other things Veterans have to be very pissed about that Robbie is noted for. Such as replacing Doctors with nurses, pharmacist and assistants. The intentional failure of the Veterans choice brought about by Robbie and his Veterans Administration.

      The list goes on and on but instead of wasting my time to remind you about the fucking felons that haven’t been prosecuted and are still working at the VA , His connection to the company that received the sole source contract for all Pharma purchased by the VA or his connection to Gilead.

      Take a good look at the rat bastard on Veterans Day. Where he doesn’t say a word about veterans and their service to this country. Instead he wants to blame congress for failing with the Veterans Choice Program and then claim that the VA is correcting problems with the program. The only reason why the Veterans Choice program has changed is because Veterans have forced the VA to Change by making the problems with the VA’s administration of the program public.

      That rat bastard also had the audacity to pitch the same lame ass steal it all act on Veterans Day.

      So let me end this by saying: WR take your trolling ass back to Disneyland I am sure Donald, Mickey and Goofy might be a little more receptive to your bullshit.

      “Changes at the VA”


    3. Saying veterans groups are in favor of it is enough for me to oppose it given how they have turned their backs on actually helping veterans.

    4. Mcdonald, Quack, Quack ! Have to have congress to order the VA to answer their phones, What next have to pass a law to get the to do their job, maybe someone should be hired to sit with each employee and insure that are working period.

      Have to be treated like children, did you pick up your room, Yes and you check nope !

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