Sharon Helman Will Get Suppin From Sump’n Claus

Sharon Helman

Benjamin KrauseLast weekend, SNL showcased a hilarious skit for those little boys and girls whose behavior fell below par for the year. They called it, Sump’n Claus. While many VA employees did work very hard, I am sure we can be sure that Sharon Helman will get her due from Sump’n Claus.

What do you think Helman should get for Christmas?


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  1. Three hots and a cot at a correctional institution of the peoples choosing for a time equal to the cummulative wait time her admin caused our vets. Fair is fair…

  2. Read thoroughly The Nehmer Court Order : The Nehmer Training Guide (211A) and Nehmer Training Guide February 2011 Revised. However, first read Congressional Research Services / Statutory Presumptions ( by law clerk Nichols October 2010 ). Both documents are to speed up claims. It is not excusable that the (Buffalo) Department of Veterans Affairs side steps The Nehmer Court Order and Statutory Presumptions to delay and/or deny claims. Likewise, it is not excusable that the (Buffalo) DVA did not find of over 4 1/2 years, of it’s own government connections (to include Buffalo DVA’s own intranet), and use for my claims to get medical compensation:
    The DVA’s own January 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211): Information on Vietnam Naval Operations; provides presumption of exposure to the crew of ships that operated on “rivers” and “deltas”: The history of the USS Newport News CA-148 includes operations in the Vinh Binh Province in the Mekong DELTA December 1968.
    The DVA’s June 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin Policy (211): ADDITIONAL Information on Vietnam Naval Operations. The4 June 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin (211) ships list, lists the USS Newport News for operations: Cua Viet RIVER April 1969.
    It was as late as July 2013, The USS Newport News made The DVA’s ships list. Yet, The Buffalo DVA still denied my claim(s) as late as December 2014. Sending information derived of THE 2010 Compensation & Pension Bulletin(S) Policy (211), I wrote to:
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Compensation & Pension Service
    Attn: Nehmer Working Group (211A)…note (211)
    810 Vermont Ave NW
    Washington D.C. 20420
    The Nehmer Court Order ( The Nehmer Training Guide February 2011 ) states:
    VA compensates class counsel for all of it’s work done on Nehmer claims


    1. I have heard that we have the best government money can buy and that all those who are for sale to the highest bidder govern the rest of us. This seems to have been confirmed by a recent study by Princeton University concluding that the U.S.A. is no longer a democracy; rather, it is now an oligarchy. That is not what I signed up for when I (on multiple occasions) took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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