Albert Wong

Yountville Veterans Home Shooter Kicked Out Of PTSD Treatment Program

California official confirms Yountville shooter, Army veteran Albert Wong, was kicked out of a PTSD treatment program at the same facility that week.

Wong reportedly snuck back into the facility during a going-away party of two employees of The Pathway Home program at Yountville Veterans Home, a California run facility (not VA run) with some federal VA employees on staff.

Wong was dressed in black wearing body armor carrying a rifle.

The first shots were fired at 10:30 AM. The bodies of Wong and three victims were located at 6:00 PM with no reports at this time as to the weapon type used and the specific manner of death, though it’s obviously presumed to be death by firearm.

Some Immediate Gun Policy Concerns

Any veteran readying this with a PTSD rating can believe policymakers will closely evaluate whether they need to consider new legislation on gun ownership and PTSD treatment.

Such policies, of course, will result in veterans suffering from PTSD refusing to identify for treatment for fear they will lose their 2nd Amendment rights. No one wins in that scenario, so the way this tragedy is handled over the next few weeks if very important, especially in this climate and especially in California. And, such a focus on PTSD instead of detecting those with homicidal ideations do not understand mental health.

PTSD ≠ Homicidal Maniac

I want to point out that a mere diagnosis of mental disorder does not mean you are a person with homicidal ideations.

Further, people get PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) for a lot of reasons like 1) car accidents; 2) gang attacks; 3) sexual trauma; and, 4) combat. None of these sources of PTSD much less the disorder itself mean a person also suffers from or has a diagnosis of homicidal ideations.

It is apparent the person who showed up at Yountville Veterans Home wearing black with body armor who swiftly took hostages and then killed some of them likely had an intent to do harm to others with premeditation, i.e. someone with homicidal ideations.

Likewise, the Parkland School shooter also had homicidal ideations that were publicly documented but not appropriately addressed by law enforcement including the FBI.

We really need to know what happened after his service in 2012 in Afghanistan and his removal from The Pathway Home. Why was Wong not receiving inpatient care at a federal VA medical center? Why was he removed from the program earlier this week? Was his case referred to VA for follow up immediately after termination from the program?

Was the shooter taking pharmacologic drugs like SSRIs prior to the shooting? That seems to be a common thread lately.

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Remember When Army Refused To Treat Soldiers For PTSD?

Before diving too deeply into the details, it is vital to remember the US Army engaged in a massive fraud for many years between 2001-2012. There, Army leaders were repeatedly caught refusing to diagnose soldiers with PTSD to avoid giving the benefits and mental health care services they required to save a buck.

One psychiatrist was even caught training his staff to misdiagnose soldiers with PTSD to discharge them using a personality disorder diagnosis instead. The effect would result in the veteran being discharged without standard benefits valued at $1.4 million over the lifetime of the soldier.

Instead, those new veterans would be out of the Army without access to necessary care for PTSD and without disability compensation benefits. It was a horrifically criminal scandal that affected Army personnel worldwide for many years.

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Wong served in the US Army in Afghanistan during the end of that period and developed severe enough PTSD that went untreated for 6 years before becoming deadly.

How much of this blood is on the hands of the Madigan Psychiatric Team and the leadership that made use of the scheme to keep the costs of war artificially low? If he received appropriate care for his mental health, could they have detected his future homicidal ideation and death with it appropriately before it developed over 6 years?

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Perhaps ask retired general Gina Farrisee, one of the former Army leaders responsible for failing these veterans. She is now a senior official inside VA working her same magic on accountability and human resources since 2013, which was a complete failure for those of you who are unaware of her deeds.

If that is not enough to make you curious, Farrisee was previously admonished for her role in in the Pat Tillman friendly fire cover-up where the Army misled the public and the family of the nature of the former NFL hero’s death to instead use the event for propaganda purposes.

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And yet, if that is still not enough, since Farrissee was a political appointee under President Obama in 2013 who was not confirmed by the Senate, in 2016, she was moved into a GS slot from the SES slot to continue working in the agency rather than being dropped like all other non-confirmed leadership who were jobless January 20, 2017.

As I understand it, she may still be right under Secretary Shulkin’s chief of staff. (Hint: I hope someone sends him a note to check.)

Yountville Veterans Home Shooter Albert Wong Details

Here are the basics you need to know about this tragic event.

Albert Wong was a well-decorated Army veteran who served in Afghanistan between 2011 to 2012. He reportedly held a license to work as a security guard and held tow firearms permits in California.

Wong suffered from PTSD and received mental health care from the Yountville Veterans Home in a program called “The Pathway Home” but was kicked out of the program earlier this week. It seems safe to conclude the care he received there was ineffective.

The Pathway Home is a nonprofit program aimed at providing therapy to veterans seeking treatment for PTSD and TBI who served in the most Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The program provides services to these veterans at Yountville Veterans Home near Napa, California. Yountville is a 600-acre campus providing care to 1,100 veterans.

Friday, Wong showed up at the facility wearing all black and body armor driving a rental car that was later flagged by bomb-sniffing dogs at the facility. The three victims of the shooting were reportedly linked to the mental health services received by the shooter.

The victims were executive director, Christine Loeber, 48, therapist Jen Golick, 42, and Jennifer Gonzales, 29, a psychologist with the San Francisco Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.

Wong took more hostages but they were released.

The shooter and the three hostages were found deceased after a nearly seven-hour standoff. Details on the nature of the actual deaths are not known at this time. During the incident, police did not speak with Wong leading me to believe the victims were intentionally targeted.

Hopefully, investigators will provide more details as they become known. Autopsies on the bodies are scheduled for next week. I suspect VA OIG will evaluate if the agency could have done more to help prevent this tragedy.

The Takeaway

We need to know why Wong did not receive PTSD care in time to save lives. Did VA miss a step in his care? Why was he removed from the program and not effectively referred directly to a VA medical center? Did the Army’s Madigan fraud to prevent soldiers from getting PTSD treatment play a role?


UPDATED: 03/10/18, 9:45 AM CST to add section on causes of PTSD and discussion of the difference between that condition and homicidial ideations.

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  1. After military service, almost all vets come home to unspeakable administrative betrayals. So, I will always be on Albert Wong’s side of this mess: they existed to supposedly serve those like him, not only did they fail in not giving required standard of care, they dropped that care (illegal), they humiliated him, they should be sued within and inch of their hypocritical bank accounts. A good example of pay as you go karma at work.
    (1)Many have known of the issues with this facility since at least 2005 that I am aware. It was labeled a “loony bin” by vets who signed up to stay, then left after a short period, and the “loony bin” tag was directed at mgmt and policies not the residents.
    (2) Wong knew he needed help. He had a problem feeling safe. That facility was his lifeline. They cut the lifeline, and karma took its course.
    (3) All this slammed down on Albert right after Parkland, when the snowflakes running the place suddenly realized what guns can do. Albert was a high needs PTSD patient. Obviously, they couldn’t tell the difference between that and Donald Duck. But there’s a lot of money to be had for the ill-qualified to who decide they are all that and can help seriously wounded vets. All three were better suited to opening a massage parlor or nail salon, IMO, given what they did.
    (4) So, they kicked a vet who had no place to live, no money, nothing, out on the streets of Sacramento, where vets go to die on Jerry Brown’s Capitol steps.

    What the heck does anyone expect to happen? He said he didn’t want to kill them, just teach those 3 a lesson in screwing a vet, so I believe the cops who first came on the scene messed up. I mean, Yountville PD is not where first class hostage negotiations are must-have education.

    Next time, all you do-gooders grabbing free money who think they are all that: can the going away parties and the maternity parties and the this celebration and the that celebration and the patting yourselves on the back, ad nauseum about what wonderful people you all are, and do your freaking jobs. If they had done that, like found a place to transfer him to better suited to his needs, this would never have happened. What goes around…

    Sorry Albert, you deserved better, and thank you for your service, including the final one of closing that wretched loony-bin.

    1. I’m curious if Wong was service connected for anything. Its possible he was, but he was only out 6 years. How many here went through years of denials from the VA before they were service connected for anything?

      1. 1. Years of denial from the VA. Cut loose from the service and never given my medical records by the military. Life destroyed. Living on the edge, and losing jobs. Homeless or bunking with other people. Harassed, discriminated and bullied at jobs based on being a vulnerable veterans and undiagnosesed injuried veteran. Never “knowing” how badly i was injured in service because the VA kept denying my treatment or medical care. Losing loved ones. My soulmate. Not having insurance to get help. Losing my family and friends. Isolated.

        2. Finally figure things out. Because I was put in a private hospital. Finally finding fellow soldier and former officers, who could give me letter and explain shit. I was then let in to the VA AKRON OHIO OUTPATIENT CLINIC WATERLOO ROAD. BUT ONLY WITH LETTERS. AT THAT POINT THE COVER-UP STARTED on my injuries by ERIC CANNA Non Veteran Catholic AKRON OHIO VA OUTPATIENT CLINIC and PAMELA SUE SHERER NON VETERAN CATHOLIC VA AKRON OHIO OUTPATIENT CLINIC. AND VA STAFF AT AKRON OHIO VA. Then the shit just keeps moving, the cover-up, and lying…

        3. I’ve never been to a hospital like the VA. Where the employees can not be fired, and basically have tenure, and operate with impunity. And they can literally lie, disrespect the patient they are suppose to help, hurt the vets, and group lie to a veteran, and never get punished.

        ERIC CANNA Employee AKRON VA OHIO WATERLOO ROAD STATED THESE THINGS TO ME. And I am sure he has re-victimized other injured veterans and disabled former soldiers.
        I couldnt sleep last night as usual. Everyday i get bull shit from the VA. I remember that. ERIC CANNA VA AKRON OHIO OUTPATIENT CLINIC WATERLOO ROAD stated and said those things to me and remember last night he said this to me, “ALL VETERANS LIE”.
        I forgot to put that, “ALL VETERANS LIE” in my above comments that ERIC CANNA had made to me.

        5. With the VA, it is just one parade of liars liar after liar. Like “THE PIG of PARMA” Heights Ohio VA. “THE PARMA PIG” C and P exma Hatchet Man, and Paid VA WHORE. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No. 3280 Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jewish Jew. Social Democrat Liberal Marxist Left winger Working for the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE. FLUNK OUT Of JOHN HOPKIN UNIVERSITY, where he transferred to Ann Arbor Michigan and majored in “CHILDREN”. Draft deferment for mental illness. PETER M. BARACH is paid over and over again in order to sabotage injured veterans and disabled former soldiers C and P exams, and literally create BOGUS DISORDERS out of thin air. Literally this forensic pig, or “FORENSIC WHORE” and FORENSIC PROSTITUTE is magically creating false disorders on injured veterans and disabled former soldiers. SO. to saboatage their benefits. In one hour, in C and P exam.

        6. “The PIG OF PARMA” Heights Ohio PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Has the answer as to why and what a injured vet and disabled former soldiers is suffering from. Peter M. Barach has the answer the VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio always wants. In one hour PETER M. BARACH magically creates the right disorder for the VA, SO to sabotate ones benefits. PETER M. BARACH “The Monster of Shaker Heights” Clevaland Ohio “CHERRY PICKS” from medical notes in order to cut and paste and create his own magical disorders. In addition, PETER M. BARACH will only use 5% of the total medical notes, and then cut and paste and “CHERRY PICK” from those few notes (And those notes are from another NAM DRAFT DODGER DOCTOR). YES. This is true. Over and over, and over again perhaps for two decades PETER M. BARACH THE PARMA PIG DRAFT DODGER 1970-1973 has been fucking, and mother fucking injured veterans and disabled former soldiers.

        7. MARK BELL Employee PARMA VA OHIO Phone #216-739-7000 ex.2102 MARK BELL is a SUPERVISOR, who schedules this PETER M. BARACH “THE PIG of PARMA Heights Ohio VA, and “FORENSIC WHORE” and “FORENSIC PROSTITUTE” over and over again. MARK BELL Employee PARMA VA OHIO Phone #216-739-7000 ex.2102
        SUSAN M. FEUHRER Medical Center Director VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio, assitat JEFF McPEAKS Phone#216791-3800 ex.4070 Have offered the Senators in Ohio. To include Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio apologies for PETER M. BARACH “Gross” Misconduct, VA misrepresentation, and “WRONG-DOING”

        8. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Jewish Non Veteran, Draft Deferment for mental illness, Liberal Marxist Social Democrat states, and write on his C and P Exams,
        Well. PETER M BARACH “The PARMA PIG” Louis Stokes VA Cleveland Ohio. Has three supervisors at the VA. His own phone. His own office and computer. PETER M. BARACH has family members that work at the VA and in the same dept. Peter M. Barach has been doing these C and P exam hits, and hatchet jobs for decades, and years now. Where he comes in, and magically gives injured veterans, and disabled former soldiers “PERSONALITY DISORDER”, after they had been honorably discharged multiple times, and in reality are suffering from PTSD, from military service.

        9. PETER M. BARACH “THE PARMA PIG”, THE MONSTER OF SHAKER HEIGHTS” CLEVELAND OHIO magically comes in and creates disorder(s) out of thin air. Then manipulates medical notes, “CHERRY PICKS” medical notes, and thuse creates his own “FRANKENSTEIN C and P exam reports”. And SUSAN M. FUEHRER Medical Center Director Louis Stokes VA Cleveland Ohio is well aware of this fact. SUSAN M. FUEHRER assistant is JEFF McPEAKS Phone#216-791-3800 ex.4070. This VA paid BITCH, and the VAs LAPDOG has been fucking injured veterans for years.

        10. TONY MILIONS DIRECTOR BVA CLEVELAND OHIO is well aware of what PETER m. BARACH is doing. And TONY MILIONS Director BVA Cleveland OHIO VA is well of who PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 is “THE PARMA PIG”, AKA the PIG of PARMA” Heights VA OHIO. Tony Milion know what he is doing. Peter m. Barach is just what part in the machine. He is keeping the corruption and sabotage moving in a direction. He just one step in the corruption, and the fucking of injured veterans and disabled former soldiers. SUSAN M. FUEHRER Medical center Director Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio VA is well aware of this, what PETER M. BARACH is doing. Or else she wouldnt had offered and given apology(s) letter (s) to the State of Ohio Reps, like Senator sherrod Brown (D) Ohio and ME on behalf of the VA Ohio “Gross” misconduct VA misrepresentation and WRONG-DOING. SUSAN M. FUEHRER asst JEFF McPEAKS Phone #216-791-3800 ex.4070

        11. OHIO PARMA VA EMPLOYEE MARK BELL MEDICAL SUPERVISOR SCHEDULING C AND P FRAUD PETER M. BARACH is well aware of all this also. MARK BELL Employee Parma VA Ohio phone #216739-7000 ex.2102 PARMA VA OHIO EMPLOYEE MARK BELL is the supervisor for C and P, and is repsonsible for calling this “FORESNIC WHORE” PETER M. BARACH over, and over, and over again in order to do these hit jobs on vunerable vets, and these benefits assassinations on injured veterans and disabled former soldiers. MARK BELL is “KNOWINGLY” scheduling this fraud, and Forensic Prostitute. They have deal. Fuck the vets, get paid, and thus keep fucking the Vets and keep getting money from the VA CASH HOG. THE DEVIL CERTAINLY WORKS ON SUNDAY AT THE VA OHIO. PETER M. BARACH…


        Isn’t it odd there are plenty of groups, clubs, and law firms, the ACLU and others that will do Pro Bono work for illegals, special interest groups, MS-13, and mafia types but won’t help vets? Instead we get attacked by the likes of the ACLU, SPJL, ADLof BB, lefty groups, Antifa, SJWs, MoveOn, among countless other kinds of evil out there that pretend to be “American.” Many times we can’t get attorney generals of our states, medical boards and the rest to jump in and investigate some major issues and corruption going on. Trying to get scum to do their jobs or get involved will more than likely make things much worse. I guess that is acceptable living in American culture today, and has been.

        Makes me wonder why they toy with vets like you, and countless others. Are they covering something up. Protecting someone due to connections, or over that ‘gross’ incompetence. Has your name just been pulled out their hats/thin air to dump on so as to save the government/VA money, to chase off, or to attack. Some illness, exposures, or ill health complications they want to hide. What toes did you step on to get thrown into the networks of evil, or to the totally corrupt for retaliation to being totally ignored. Seems like a few, All it can take is just one little toe being offended, challenged, questioned, or bruised then the integrated powers of evil will come down on you or anyone.

        PEDOPHILIA. That is a sore spot for the upper crust and elite sitting in high places. Did ya hit a nerve there considering that is another subject the government/VA and others are trying keep out of sight, out of mind. Isn’t groups like NAMBLA – those associated with them, or the Cath church big in Ohio? (I have spent plenty of time in Ohio too seeking some truth in Amerika, trying them all, like at “The Way.” And around. Left no stone unturned.) Like Indiana there is plenty to cover-up in Ohio too. Or with the Jesuits/others like Trumpster rubbed shoulders with growing up around on the East coast? All those trying to cover up such filth and corruption. They are here too but names or groups are never mentioned and can’t be discussed at all like the religious types, Cath colleges, or NAMBLA heavily connected to the Cath church and other special interest groups. With many connections to the VA… cough cough… and governments, on various levels and staff.

        Cabinet changes in DC will not help major issues unless they: A. get a decent person to head the VA & staffers. B. use a multi-pronged approach and hit every state and institution at the same time. Get the pink slips ready, no warnings which usually occur. C. Using forced mass media to inform vets there are people in their state readily standing by and ready to take names, complaints, and kick ass regardless of connections, cliques, country club, religion, whatever. Hit the VA then spread it all out to medical boards/their associations, unions, stupid war on pain meds, and beyond. Seriously bust some ass or close the entire works down and order the government, Homelanders, DoD, law, to get out of our private and medical affairs. Force them all to give us the quality of life we need. We were told all the mistreatment, threats, etc., came from the top and named some agencies involved. So be it. Start at the top, every agency involved in this Draconian oppression/punishments then like Barney Fife said…”Nip it in the bud, just nip it.” Will they? I doubt it. Their intentions are not to expose much or do much good. Obviously.

  2. 03/12/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The VA does not follow its’ own rules, policies, or obey the State and Federal Laws—this has been well established over the past four (4) years.

    The VA is out of control and outside intervention must happen.

    You had asked, “We need to know why Wong did not receive PTSD care in time to save lives. Did VA miss a step in his care? Why was he removed from the program and not effectively referred directly to a VA medical center? Did the Army’s Madigan fraud to prevent soldiers from getting PTSD treatment play a role?”

    Benjamin Krause you are an attorney—you do not ask any questions if you do not know the answers–standard rule of thumb.

    Your readers had responded with “Sgt. Brandon Ketchum Never Again Act,” and Seymore Klearly explained the way it really is, M disabled veteran explained that the Care has not really changed since the 1960s [Ron Kovic]—“VA employees at all levels treat their patients in a condescending way. Shut up and do as you are told is their demeanor. They are BITCHY, RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL….nearly always!!!”

    Benjamin Krause stated, “If a veteran has PTSD, it should not be misdiagnosed and mistreated due to some Army agenda to save money.” There is no ifs about it—From the Top down for decades the country has cheated out the veterans “big time!”

    What can change?

    Trump is in office and he might not know of this disaster, really! Write to the President of the United States of America and post the Letter here on this site so everyone can use the information.

    Trump is not in with the Press, and that is a good thing.


    Don Karg

  3. Maybe the complaint I put in with the VA Inspector General against my Vet Center Therapist who was treating me for PTSD will be taken seriously. I put the complaint in about 3 months ago. This therapist refused to record any negative symptoms, tried to make it look like I had a negative personality issue and made up some other things about me. I dropped him and went to a civilian therapist on the VA Choice Program. Veterans with PTSD should be further abused by therapist and they shouldn’t have to re tell their symptoms every time they go to a therapy session.

    1. Lily, this is part of their gaming. Either intentional, to fill time with, or by pure uncaring incompetence. Or just maybe they want to fill in the blanks with what they feel should be there according to their book learnin’. So that way they can bounce back and forth in academic style, semantics, blanks, to possibly cover their own butts, or pacify office procedures, the APA, AMA, med boards, or others expectations.

      Non medical but applicable;
      Union/company/labor/leftist style: You are fired due to what is writ here for “insubordination.” Okay fine. For doing a good job for the corrupted union, standing up to a killer company? What are the specific charges or write ups for termination? Oh, we don’t need specifics, being insubordinate is enough.. by law. That will stand up good enough for the National Labor Relations Board, OSHA, D of L, and others back then to help destroy a whistle-blowers employment. Even though that one word covers a multitude of things or charges, that one little word is enough to do the job. One word unexplained can later be used not only for fast termination, but, or — turned into– any number of supplemental charges or phony claims they may have to produce later. The wording, specifics, paper work, the juggling, forgery, filling in the blanks are all in ‘their’ favor and for any change they desire even for cover-ups to damage control. Years later with a lot of water under the bridge done gone by and specifics or exact wording of files/complaints/charges are needed… hard telling what just pops up or appears out of nowhere.

      Hence. IMHO. Their broad usage of simple language or labeling, like “personality disorders,’ (Or insubordination), oh it’s “dual or more diagnosis,” PTSD, (let’s play fifty two card pick-up diagnostics games) that can cover a broad range of issues, claims, or problems, related or unrelated to the problems/health issues at hand. What can we get by with and save money using. Just like them not putting information “straight from the horses mouth” in files is plain wrong, misleading, left open intentionally for interpretation, slipped in coding, or to see what may stick on the wall inappropriately or not, and, or for complete incompetence.

      Same with your issue those with multiple chronic pain complaints or multiple medical issues have to do the same, I have, constantly. “Where do you hurt today?” Pick your number of pain. Please list all pain complaints. Numbers and types of surgeries, etc. Numbers of pain per day, past month, for how long, day or night, types of pain shooting stabbing, blah blah blah. Please list all pain complaints etc. Please list your med list including vitamins. Seeing any outside or out of clinic MDs? Anxiety levels today? The BS is never ending. Seriously? In each clinic VA or not, come on. The crap gets old after playing this game for years and having to do ‘ten minute’ check- in visits to multiple clinics to pacify their BS. Then to find the same stuff in the civilian world… maybe ten times worse. Lost files, lost tests, complaints or info ‘not found in your folder or noted,’ and being lost in the Medicare system, name not matching the SSN, etc., too.

      I recently had two surgeries eight days apart and had to play the game civy style, just like the VA. Then had to sit, wait, endure, until they can find me in the systems, insurance, Medcare, clinic files. I didn’t exist. Then they can’t accept clinic files, must have their own made out, info given, etc. Went with the questions and paper work twice in-clinic, twice in-hospital, so as to get the info fresh and “straight from the horses mouth” while sitting in front of them. It’s ‘procedure, rules, and the law.” Had to show the cards, ID, and proofs all over again, sign zeee papers, and etc. Three pages of junk that didn’t even apply to my surgeries or issue. Twice they had to find me in the system and play the same game. IN eight days! They even beat the VA norms and SNAFUs.

      Bottom line is few of them care. Medical systems sure don’t care. They don’t care if we can’t sit for very long or for hours without major pain or creating more problems for us. They don’t care about our loss of time while they pack patients in for the same appointment times. Make us sit around obviously very ill contagious sick people. They don’t care about truth or facts, saving time, lessening our misery in any way. We are just green for the banks, stats, lab-rats, and cattle to be branded and rushed through, some forced out to pasture, ignored, tormented/play the tipping game with and die. They don’t care about ethics or oaths or our to what really helps us. Few of those jerks, youth, activist, and those coming out of med college kiddy schools with a brand new set of bed-side manners/activism, taking their meaningless oaths, awards,…not many seem to care.

      Ben’s blog, his work, the exposing of the filth, the stories, reports, Voc Rehab info, shared info/news is immeasurable. It’s just damn sad that we know the freaks in power positions sit on their hands playing games. Or wait until some upset vet vents on a blog like WC reported here, then badges may come out for a visit but won’t do it when authority figures, health care workers, VA/union scum, politicians or their cliques, etc., can do whatever they please, including HIPPA violators or other felonies… being above the law or cahoots with the networks of trash and the corrupt. Guess all that tells some stories too. The “establishment” or machines, industry/corporate complexes, should expend the same amount of energy, time, and concern over fixing and investigating our issues and complaints. Oh no, we are the enemy not the real bullies and tyrants. They read the info and probably know about Ben… and others. If Congress, Senate, local liars, presstitutes, VSOs, etc., were serious about fixing things it would be done. They could chip in and pay for Ben, staff and others to appear before Congress and others to hear some reality. Some group could. They do that crap over stupid sports issues and other lame topics. Call in the governors for other goofy stuff or to protect illegals, war on pain meds, free birth control talks to Congress for free contraceptives for women, or poverty, duh. Why not do it for generations of wrong doing, corruption, complete systems failures, or at least to expose health care today, the VA, the AMA, et al, what they are all truly about. And it’s not about decency, ethical treatment, keeping costs down, or any of our concerns or needs. Not wants, needs. No distractions. Do it if it takes days, weeks or months. Then allow Ben and others called to testify and fight send them a bill. Beyond Congress critters or groups paying for eats, and board just like the corrupt unions do during conventions. lol

      None of those clowns up there in high office or positions deserve to have the word “honorable’ on their name plates. Nor deserving of their high pays, perks, wealth from insider info, under the table pay offs, and lobbyist.

      Wow, eyes didn’t last long this moring.

  4. For a closer look at The Pathway Home program. The 2014 movie by Laurent Becue-Renard Titled “Of Men and War” was filmed at the Pathway Home Program Back when it was truly helping Veterans.

    The film is available free on Netflix, available to rent at other online services such as Amazon Prime and Google Video.

    Numerous video trailers for the movie are post free on You Tube and Video Mime.

    Here is one link.

    Of Men and War – Trailer at: “”

  5. “[Army vet who killed 3 at veterans home returned from Afghanistan traumatized, former guardian says]”-


  6. Interesting note, about Dr. Jennifer Gonzales, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs employee, who was a victim in the Veteran’s murder-suicide at the Veterans home at Yountville, Ca.

    Dr. Gonzales’s Licensing details with the California Board of Psychology list she graduated from in 2013 and first received her licensing on November 5th, 2014. Also, her Providers search details at the San Francisco VAMC list her medical training at Iowa City VA Health Care System. Given her position with the new program started at The Pathway Home organization was created in mid-2016 It is likely she transferred to San Francisco VAMC following a well-known and investigated Veteran suicide connected to her training location at Iowa City VAMC and was likely involved.

    Sgt. Brandon Ketchum, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, died by suicide in the early hours of July 8, at age 33 hours before his death, he sought inpatient treatment for mental health concerns at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Health Care System. He was turned away at the facility.

    An investigation regarding Sgt. Ketchum death by the VAOIG. As a result of that investigation Representative for Iowa’s 2nd congressional district Congressman David Loebsack sponsored a bill on February 6th, 2017 In the house of Representatives 115th Congress 1st Session H. R. 874.

    The title of the Bill “H.R. 874: Sgt. Brandon Ketchum Never Again Act” To amend title 38, United States Code, to ensure that certain veterans receive in-patient psychiatric care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was introduced into Congress on February 6, 2017. It will typically be considered by committee next before it is possibly sent on to the House or Senate as a whole.

    The Bill is listed in the following post and note had this bill been passed the events at Yountville, CA would not have occurred. The Bill was referred to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs who have taken no action on the Bill.

    1. Section 1.Short title

      This Act may be cited as the “Sgt. Brandon Ketchum Never Again Act”.

      Sec. 2.Provision of in-patient psychiatric care for veterans

      (a)In general.— Chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, is amended by inserting after section 1720H the following new section: Sec. 1720I.Provision of in-patient psychiatric care

      (a)Requirement To furnish care.— Except as provided by subsection (b), upon the request of a covered veteran, the Secretary shall furnish, or continue to furnish, to the covered veteran in-patient psychiatric care at the facility of the Department that—(1) is closest to where the veteran resides; and (2)has the capacity and capability to provide such care.

      (b)Non-Department facilities.—(1) If the Secretary determines, on a case-by-case basis, that a facility of the Department does not have the capability or capacity to furnish in-patient psychiatric care to a covered veteran pursuant to subsection (a), the Secretary shall furnish such care to such veteran at a non-Department facility. (2)For purposes of determining the rates of reimbursement for a non-Department facility that furnishes in-patient psychiatric care pursuant to paragraph (1), the Secretary shall treat such non-Department facility as a health care provider being reimbursed pursuant to section 101(d)(2) of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 (Public Law 113–146).

      (c) Covered veteran defined.—In this section, the term “covered veteran” means a veteran who is—(1) enrolled in the health care system established under section 1705(a) of this title; and (2) entitled to in-patient psychiatric care furnished by the Secretary under this chapter.

      (b)Clerical amendment.—The table of sections at the beginning of such chapter is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 1720H the following new item: 1720I. Provision of in-patient psychiatric care.

    2. I’m gonna say that looks like a nice bill except for one glaring problem. A shortage of beds/facilities to house the overflow. The mental health crisis isn’t just hitting vets/soldiers it’s also hitting hard in the private sector especially with the opiate epidemic we currently face. I think what we need nationwide in this bill is the authorized construction of regional facilities that are dedicated to handling the overflow of crisis vets. There is no reason that a vet can’t go to the VA if he/she is having problems and be put in a safe location to have those problems sorted. Regional facilities would keep the number of buildings relatively small and then the problem becomes one of transport from point A to point B which could be easily solved by existing fleet transport vehicles. Facilities should include drunk tanks, dry out/detox wards and lock down wards for vets who are HI/SI. The FedGov has the land to do it just maybe not the will.

  7. I smell rotten cabbage this morning!

    Now, for the Wikipedia example of the pot calling the kettle black: “Black Lives Matter Calls NRA a Terrorist Organization”

    1. Smells like the kind that comes freshly rotted from the damp dark fertile fields of the low level thinkers at the VA office of propaganda.

      1. sometimes I wish they would up the quality of troll…it gets boring sending these low level asshats packing.

  8. Private NON-Profits have no place in treating war vets with PTSD…….What the HELL were they thinking ???

  9. First – you have NO IDEA why he was kicked out of the program. Was he threatening the staff? Other patients? Was he exhibiting lewd behaviors? Was he a risk to the well being of the OTHER patients there? Was he non-compliant? Apparently – it was all of the above. Second – he was being treated by a NON PROFIT organization UNRELATED to the California Veterans Department. They only OCCUPIED the building on campus (leased it), but were welcomed by CalVet, according to the press conference today, and included into the fold of the veterans home. Third: The Federal VA and the State VA are TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES. They are NOT working in conjunction with one another, but the State VA system DOES receive some funding from the Federal VA.

    Lastly – you CANNOT MAKE someone get help. Unless and UNTIL they harm themselves or others, they cannot be involuntarily placed into a treatment program.

    While I understand your frustration, you should have taken the time to do your homework, lay out the facts, organize your thoughts and THEN write your thoughts on the issue. As it is right now, there are 5 people dead (including the unborn child of one of the victims). Maybe everyone should just step back, take some deep breaths, and wait for all the facts to come out.

    1. So what in God’s name did they do to help this fellow after kicking him out of the program??? Nothing…..just a….”get your ass out of here”!!! ….. YES, the facts will come out….but there is one thing for sure….he was overtaken by rage. Any NON-Profit entity has no business treating our war vet’s dealing with PTSD…..Put them out of the business, and kick the VA’s butt to provide more help for our vet’s with Mental Issues !!!

    2. Kaycee A.

      Perhaps you should follow your own advice you said “you should have taken the time to do your homework, lay out the facts, organize your thoughts and THEN write your thoughts on the issue.”


      Number one your theory where you state; “The Federal VA and the State VA are TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES. They are NOT working in conjunction with one another, but the State VA system DOES receive some funding from the Federal VA.”

      Clearly you did not do your homework and are overlooking the fact that one of the Victims was employed by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Jennifer K Gonzales, Psy.D., was a Clinical Psychologist with the Student Veteran Health Program at San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC). Currently she is also still listed as employee there.

      The Website Psych Armor Institute states that she was assigned to work both at the Napa Valley College and The Pathway Home Residential Treatment Program.

      Second if you had done your homework before commenting you would not have said “Lastly – you CANNOT MAKE someone get help. Unless and UNTIL they harm themselves or others, they cannot be involuntarily placed into a treatment program.”

      If you had done your homework you would know that the San Francisco VA Medical Center’s Veterans Justice Outreach Program is connected to the San Francisco Justice System. Veterans who have minor non violent brushes with the law in San Francisco can and sentences are diverted and either delayed or replaced with treatment for a period (usually 12-18 months) during which medical and mental heath treatment is provided by the San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC).

      Also you would know that the original Pathway Home program was very successful in helping more than 450 Veterans. It was a four month program. Based on a Survey of Veterans who took part in the original program. 93% of the responses stated that the program changed their lives in a very positive way.

      But in 2015 the founder and director of the Pathway Home program, Fred Gusman left the program and the program was suspended. In November of 2015 the board of the Pathway Home Foundation signed a partnership agreement with the San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC). As part of the agreement 70% of the 40 beds at the program were assigned to San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC). For Veterans being provided care by the VAMC. Also the successful program was changed from a 4 month program to a 12 to 18 month program.

      Prior to the agreement most of the Veterans participating in the program were from the Napa Valley area and were unsupported by the VA.

      Thirdly you also stated; “Second – he was being treated by a NON PROFIT organization UNRELATED to the California Veterans Department. They only OCCUPIED the building on campus (leased it), but were welcomed by CalVet, according to the press conference today, and included into the fold of the veterans home.”

      You are wrong again Kaycee A.. Although they may have given a press conference stating that BS it is incorrect. In 2016 The Pathway Home organization discontinued being a Non-Profit as per it’s partnership agreements with the State Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The primary reason is so that the State and Feds can now bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for Veterans placed at the Facility.

    3. All the issues have been covered I think:

      Well Kacee, thanks for the info. You also leave many un-answered questions, and more we will never know the truth about. Plus more assumptions. Who are you trying to protect? Are you a non-profit CEO or what? Practice what you preach. What IS apparent? What “lewd behaviors?” Did he ask a Marx-feminist (Calif type lib female) out for coffee or was it a grope? Did he call someone a “bitch?” We know just asking a female out for a date today or a chat over coffee, per some activist, is a total sin or an act sexual intimidation/assault or worse. No denying that. Then damn the man who dares to pay for a cup, oh the PC-ness of it all. Did he expose himself, spew his sperm in the parking lot? Who knows in today’s sick twisted culture. You seem to know about the ‘assumptions.’

      “Non compliant or threatening to staff?” Well duh, warning Will Robinson, danger danger!! Why is that it takes a wall to fall on somebody’s head to wake them up? Or a tragedy to happen before steps are taken or investigations to begin over any issue? I don’t care if it’s worker safety, the stinking VA, Non profit jokers, to the “Just Moms” fiasco over nuke disposal going on in Missouri. More duh. There’s a million of such things going on out there. From what I’ve seen over the years, at the VA, whatever, it is not that difficult to be “Emergency Detained” for at least three days or more, depending on some things made up or factual, history, phony accusations, etc. Which by the way is reportedly greatly abused during domestic quarrels, divorces, and for some pay backs or retaliation. Even cause of politics/activism. That is a well known factoid. So your ” Apparently — it was all the above” falls short of facts or common sense reasoning too.

      Oh, by the way. I’ve been around and know how some people, cliques, mafia type families do in non-profits and such. Same goes for other so-called areas of community helpers or aid givers. Religious types as well. So don’t try to bullshit this old dude. Wanna put me on a lie detector? Go for it. But there are many others I want to see take one too. And to see if they have been trained to beat one. I have not. Big money and perks for CEO and leaders in those ‘non-profits.’ Plenty of politics and activism to be had and used. March of Dimes, Red Cross, Animal Shelters USA, PETA, Cancer jesters, and on it goes where it stops nobody know. Some really fantastic hit and retaliation networks available too for the usual scum or corrupt leaders to use, scam or set their families up with all kinds of goodies and possibles, special services and helps, or scholarships for certain families, culture of victim types, and mafia types since they didn’t make the grade points to become medical staff or like nurses, etc. Nice huh? Throw in a freaking endless stream of Marx feminsit and other activist heading the groups and agencies, what do ya get? Obvious. But don’t “scorn” you know who, or don’t fail to keep “momma happy” by today’s standards or expectations. Am I being too honest or sounding like a member of Spanky and our Gangs woman haters club? A chauvinist pig misogynist. Who cares. Well some do I guess and especially the freaks that no doubt work at the PR firms to coverup a ton of crap wherever they may be or function, or provided by some town, state or agency. VA cough cough.

      Official video I watched from ABC 7 KGO reported just six people in the program. Then one fell through the cracks, or run off for some unknown reason. Then reportedly we may never know due to “privacy concerns?”

      What do you expect, or demand, desire, to pacify yourself, from a veteran’s -sounding off board – on WordPress? From vets who may have known nothing but abuse, neglect, hate, attacks, denials, suffering damages, those being censored everywhere else, or dealing with a myriad of other issues. Are you a vet??? Where is the media’s faults in all this… as usual, who just love rushing to drama and chaos for a story, with facts or not. Or some witnesses playing the – pass on the questions game to the authorities or leaders.

      You can’t have trust fund kiddies or youth, college kiddies, activist, dealing with or over the lives of others hurting over many sorts of things and not having the soul, heart, intentions, or capacity to do good, not harm. Or be so block headed or full of book learn en’ to see some reality. Just use what some stupid curriculum or check list for the DSM 4/5 to throw at somebody for the hell of it or to close a case file. Bad science or not. I can report there has been a lot of damage done by the college crowd, med school activist, and others pretending to be in it “to help others.’ BS. People need to shut off TV and stop believing their town’s or college controllers crap.

      You can’t have liberal college types, or their activist alter ego put in places regardless of the alphabet before or after their names, bounce back and forth between a lib campus, the VA, or some so-callled charity to claim to help someone. Especially if the vet is labeled an enemy due to gender, type of problem, or identity politics. Politics, activism, special interest group types, social justice warriors, among others do not, should not, work in the health care fields or deal with deployed vets, anyone actually, period. And be as far as can be from research or abilities to sway some phony study, or works for a class grade or pats on the back from some PC prof who just left the VA to work at some damn college. Or vice versa.

      Dual diagnosis or more, discharges with bad paper due to problems and not given the needed VA care with those bad paper discharges/dishonorable. PTSD or personality disorders, or disorders coming on later in life for some that may screw up thier sevice recored or discharge or proper medial treatments. And on it all goes. Hell, let’s just call in freakin’ Dr Phil or that other grey haired clown that has all the simple answers and fixes. They seem to have the connections, big money, and experts to achieve good results for TV and make Oprah look good. Then jump forward to think all those clowns above us, experts, think a good simple fix is head dope, stopping pain meds, and using tele-pc-conferencing with people miles away? Or actually telling some of us to go drink away our pain, hit the street corners for crack and heroin for pain? Then have to deal with activist and idiots on top of all that? Oh let’s just kick the cans of shit on down the road to younger generations and censor the hell out of those demanding some decency and real respect or attention.

      In ending with heavily watering new eyes I must add this. I have been around, seen, worked with, dealt with real victims of health care in a one horse, three lefty college town full of activist, cliques, pros, and pretenders, all kinds. Many, many, of all kinds… including child psychologist, others, with their own lives so sick, chaotic, and in turmoil (behind closed doors or kept secret of course) that I would not trust the freaks to take care of just one egg laying chicken, a small worm farm box, or a dog over a day’s time. Not in this corrupt town or state.

    4. @Kaycee. Interesting. So the veteran acted exactly like one would expect from someone experiencing complications of PTSD while seeking help, but his PTSD behavior is why he was kicked out of the program helping him get better? It sounds more like the program was set up as a reprimand/punishment based on your description, and if the veteran did not jump through the hoops, he would get kicked out. I wonder why any system would set itself in a position to alienate or traumatize someone seeking help for PTSD?

      1. The Quick answer Money!

        “The Pathway Home is NOT closing – Dorothy Salmon explains
        Sept 3rd 2015


      2. Hi Benjamin……probably because the folks running the treatment program don’t have or have never experienced PTSD themselves. It certainly should be handled like a time-bomb, not an angry lamb. Textbooks, blogs, and internet learning are just information cast to the wind when it comes to facing someone with a real PTSD rage issue going on inside. Next time the VA needs to set in place someone who really understands, has experienced, and studied PTSD, and the possible consequences of mishandling said disorder.

      3. Because they were “afraid” they gave him reason to be afraid of him.


        If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. It is not a place to lord it over and take abusive stances. Yes, some of us are nuts and dangerous. Don’t sign up to try to get us out of that if you aren’t as prepared to die as we were when we went into battle. Time and listening. And yes some questioning as to the reason we are like we are. Take the study guide and shove it if it doesn’t work. Leave it to the individual to find his way with your help. The drill sargent approach won’t work. We’ve been through that.

  10. “”

    1. OT
      Dang Nutter, great minds think alike. Kidding, I am no great mind. However, I have been trying to find some old stories about mind manipulation, doing things to our bodies by various high tech methods, effects of things coming like 5G, frequencies, EMF, cell towers, microwaves, whatever. Jesse Ventura’s program “Conspiracy Theories” that shut down too soon had a report and examples of how this all worked. Haven’t found it yet too much going on. Can’t remember all the particulars but the ‘agents’ he was interviewing used him as a test subject. It was a targeted covert weapon and the subject would not have a clue what was happening to them. Planted images and voices in his own head that flipped ol’ Jesse out. Me too. I didn’t think anything like that existed but sure as hell does and has been in use for years. Ahem… and is used by the government/corporations.

      What got me interested in this stuff? If you ever hear, or are capable of hearing the “Taos Hum” you’ll know why. Or talk to others affected by the vibs and noise. As once greatly reported on. Pretty odd when you can be in a group of people or in vehicles, and people getting sick in various ways hearing that, while others around you hear nothing…something is going on. Or to talk to people that had to move out of the area due to the noise that experts and gov claim they can’t find the source of or pick up on their testing machines. Very odd stuff. Too many witnesses/reports and again…not mere “conspiracy.” Also why I write goofy things like I think our gov and scum bucket corporations are hundreds of years ahead of our slaves knowledge or sciences we will never know of. Or until it’s too late. Checking out just who are getting strange patents on things should also be a bell ringer, like Google and others are doing.

      You may find interest here.

  11. I did hear a rumor that he may have had a dishonorable discharge. Did anyone hear or read anything about that?

    Also, I live in California and have been service connected for PTSD and I’ve worked as a security guard 10 years. I recently quit working as a security guard because it’s toxic work environment. It’s about 80% turnover every 5 years. Most of the managers I’ve had have been overt narcissist. I was fortunate to have a set schedule at work so I didn’t have to work multiple shifts. Sleep deprivation only makes PTSD worse.

    Every security job I worked was a complete joke. Their was always at least one overt narcissist supervisor who was harassing me and firing others. Security guard work out here is like that TV show the Sopranos. The narcissist boss always has his group of made men. They would fire people for fun and for little things on the spot. I had a nervous breakdown after 4 years of harassment by a narcissist boss and supervisor. I moved onto another security job and nothing was really that much different. Out of 10 years only about 3 of them were good for my mental health. I’ll never work in security again. It was a horrible experience, especially for a veteran with PTSD.

    They’re luck Wong didn’t work where I worked, he probably would have came back and killed them all. Wong probably lost his mental health a lot more working as a security guard over all those years and then took it out on the VA when he was denied treatment.

  12. Psychotropic Drugs – the number of patients being prescribe these types of medications have been on the rise for some time now. And with these drugs being the poisonous candy that is doled out today, the amount of people on these are staggering. Plus, many Physicians, including the VA quacks (Doc can I say quack, let me know cause I don’t want to offend your butt-hurt self), that push this onto their patients that have chronic pain.

    So, lets put me on the table of observation; 1.) chronic pain in lower lumbar area w/ severe muscles spasms, 2.) chronic pain in cervical area, w/ muscle spasms, 3.) chronic pain w/ spasms all in my right side, that includes; clavicle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, down to the digits, 4.) severe muscle spasms in my abdomen, 5.) and migraine-like tension musculo-skeletal headaches that can last 3 days and be debilitating if not caught in time, 6.) and compounded by severe PTSD symptoms w/ high potential energy due to the extreme anxiety, with fizzling out depression, and the interchanging hypervigilence.

    Now per the damn fucking Psychotropics that the VA is pushing onto Veterans now, since there is a loading phase and time wait to see if these medications will work in relieving my symptoms, how many types of Psychotropics is the VA going to fucking stack onto me?

    VA will give out Psychotropic medications just like they did with all the Opiates-Opioids, muscle relaxers, and Benzodiazepines that they previously were so willing to give Vets just from the asking. This is all a fucking sham em down your throat. And not too many are talking about the next Epidemic with Psychotropic medications. Wake the fuck up.

    Doc. I’m sorry for my language, and I forgot to tell you to cover your eyes to skip some words. Maybe next time I give a warning, but with the emotions going a blaze, I doubt that very much.

  13. I read Ben’s articles regularly and appreciate the updates on VA related news. I’m a disabled vet who served in the Army 9 1/2 years and not a fan of most of the therapists I’ve had to see in order to get pain meds (that btw don’t work for me) and have avoided them trying to prescribe me antidepressants). I couldn’t afford the copay with my private insurance for my service connected lumbar injury so went ahead with the 2 needed surgeries. Had the worst experiences in the 10 days in the hospital, 7 in ICU which also was a terrible experience (SFVAMC), mainly with a male nurse and doctor who were the biggest assholes. I’m a female and def not a male hater, maybe I seem to just love my pets more than people, male or female. Some of the posts on this site are so disheartening, especially all the misogynist comments that seems to paint a broad brush on all things and people. Btw, I don’t agree with Cassandra using anti male comments either. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with my SFVA, but am appreciative of some of my care at VA because I could not afford my ongoing needed care through my private insurance. I like my primary but have not liked many of the Dr’s I’ve seen, male and female and agree with many that they need more Vets dealing with our many varied health issues. My follwing comments will relate to this particular incident that happened at Yountville yesterday.

    I think some posters should at least read the website to see what this program is all about and the prerequisites required to be admitted into the program. The VA Yountville facility is a beautiful place for our vets and I’ve met many over the years at SF who love living there. This Pathway program has requirements and has a primary goal to provide educational, professional and clinical support in a residential setting for post 9/11 Vets “pursuing academic or vocational endeavors who are transitioning back into civilian life after their deployments. Again, the website states the programs objective relates to career development and community service, assisting in varied PTSD, TBI, depression, substance abuse and other post deployment issues. Listed under the “Eligibility Requirements, and “Apply for Admission” tab it has 9 requirements to be accepted. #1, say’s “Must be male” (female vets in post 9/11 era also have lost their lives serving and have PTSD issues from their service experiences, so I don’t understand that?) and noticed #5 states the Vet “Be enrolled, or be willing to enroll next semester, in a local academic or vocational program”. The other requirements are self explanatory.

    Nobody knows why Mr. Wong who was a MURDERER, who planned these killings in advance and chose the 3 women doctor’s who were killed. Also he happened to also kill one of the doctors who was 7 months pregnant, so he was a baby killer too. Also I’d like to ad that one of the vets who recently completed the program was on the local news yesterday who said one of the Doctor’s murdered was a life saver to him through the program. Maybe Mr. Wong didn’t want to fulfill the basic requirements that he signed up for, who knows. He obviously had issues with them but no matter what, what he did was wrong. For those who thinks Mr. Wong is a hero and speculate that those doctors must have been just terrible to him or what ever you believe, you are really fucked up and I’m sorry your military service and your experiences fucked you up, WAR IS HELL on earth!

    I’m sure I’ll get some backlash comments which is fine, I just won’t be responding. I merely wanted to include some info on the Program that I did not read anyone mentioning. No one truly knows why Mr. Wong chose to be a murderer and cause so much heart ache to his family and the family and friends of those killed.

    1. There are two victims here in my mind. The unborn child and veteran Wong. You’re absolutely right that we’ll never know for sure why he did what he felt he had to do. We can speculate that because he had threatened his psychiatrist he was DBC’ed and due to the potentially egregious nature of the threat, I don’t know what that threat was as it wasn’t reported, they felt that immediate termination of his care was warranted. As far as I’m aware he left nothing behind to explain his actions, so I’m going to assume that this was the most likely scenario.

      You can bet your ass the VA will whitewash the ever loving fuck out of this. Afterall portraying these executed people as anything other than dedicated and professional individuals who where singularly dedicated to their job of helping veterans doesn’t fit the VA’s narrative of actually giving a fuck about the vet.

      With all the MAJOR horror stories coming out about the VA on a daily basis beyond just the last 4 years even do you honestly expect me or anybody else to swallow the story that these people where saints when in all likely hood this guy got DBC’ed and shutout of meds. You know I don’t hate on an animal like a tiger or a bear when a stupid person decides to get up close and personal. If you don’t know what your doing, and clearly kicking a vet off a program, for exhibiting symptomology, signals to me that these people don’t know what their doing and as a result got burned. Should they have been more mindful? I think so. Might they still be alive had they gone a different route? Maybe. The point is we’ll never know because at the end of the day they made their bed and now they get to burn in it. Life is hard. Don’t play stupid games and don’t win stupid prizes.

  14. Here is my question and comment.. Everyone keeps calling these “women” that were killed, “heroes”, “brave”, “good caring therapists” and on and on…… Well if they were so “good”, WHY did they give up on a patient and a person that they had to OBVIOUSLY know was having problems in a major way?

    Think about it.. IF he was kicked out this week, right now it does not matter why.. what matters is the fact they KNEW he was having major problems and instead of taking other action, whether it be immediate care at a full V/A facility, being hospitalized for his own safety or whatever, if they were so good they would have taken those steps.

    You don’t get kicked out of a care facility unless you are having some serious problems.. which in itself IS A WARNING SIGN that something is wrong. If these so called therapists were all that, then they should have done some kind of major intervention.. not just booted him out and said buh bye.

    1. I agree, Jake.

      A flat kick out is off base. As I reported above, kicking out of a PTSD therapy program without some other effort, just out the door is purely off base. The program may be wrong for the individual but a right program needs to be found.

  15. For those commenting on the grit of modern humans:

    “New York Times”

    Some British schools are encouraging riskier play to build resilience and grit. As for sharp edges? Kids “normally only cut themselves once.”
    Saturday, March 10, 2018 2:18 PM EST

    Educators in Britain, after decades spent in a collective effort to minimize risk, are now, cautiously, getting into the business of providing it.
    The approach is tinged with nostalgia for an earlier Britain, in which children were tougher and more self-reliant. It is also supported by a growing list of government officials, among them Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector of Ofsted, the powerful agency that inspects British schools.”

  16. Mr Krause
    You have to delete and censure the posts calling for murder and the use of obscenities if you want to achieve a positive following of Vets, not just be a greviance rag.

    1. My content is defined by what I write and those on Capitol Hill read it for that purpose, not what a few commenters say that may offend someone else. I don’t have time to police every little quote and act like Google to protect the feelings of all readers.

    2. Doc,

      I’m going to assume you’re talking about me. If you have an issue with my first amendment rights to speak my mind and voice my dissent you may contact the following person.

      Special Agent Glenn Van Neil
      his office is in New Haven and his phone number is 860 240 3740. Make sure you spell my name right and tell him I said hi and that the 22nd of this month is bad for me.

    3. “don’t know you.”

      I think that’s the first intelligent thing I’ve heard you say.

    4. I fully agree with you Doc. Your post calling for censorship really should be deleted.

      Better yet why don’t you just go somewhere else that caters to your type of limited intellect.

    5. Doc or is it Duck and run? Another censor? It starts out simple enough to appease your kind. “Give em an inch, they take a mile.” Isn’t that how it works in America today? Appease a little then we turn into door-mats to what we have today? Total censoring,PC-ness out the arse, college campus styled living, news papers and media more like college or communist rags. And you pop up on a public forum you are just addressing on person and want to ignore the rest, no other comments wanted?

      Bet you’re one of those paid activist with Soros or others money to shut down what you don’t like or create all the censoring, change to suit you, and create all the chaos you can. If you are a real “Doc” you are probably one of those who don’t have the capacity or decency to listen to others/patients due to your own expectations and whims to block or censor what you don’t understand or care to discuss. “Positive?” You spilled your guts, agenda, and true self just calling this a “grievance rag” too. You wouldn’t know a positive if it hit you between the eyes. You are one shallow self – centered SoB IMHO.

  17. This just out from;
    “Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler” on “OAN”!

    “The MSM Ignores Neglect of Veterans at the VA”

    10 March 2018 (1:56 min long)
    If y’all have never heard of Ms Wheeler, she’s definitely pro-veteran and runs a conservative news outlet!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to check my recordings of her for that report. She can definitely be a little tiger on some issues. But there are she like others will not cross, but need to be for some truth, exposure or possible change and transparency. Not fear those who control the media and can end careers in a heart-beat. She is another one I have written to in the past or tweeted but got no replies about Indiana and the corruption here.

  18. @Lem, you’re right on. I’ve not found a cure for my PTSD, and it appears more each day that there’s no cure for the VA. Shulkin was bragging about hiring 500 nurses. How many Dr.’s did he hire? Also, there are many Dr.’s in the VA way past retirement.

    1. WWW dot MAPS dot ORG
      I guess they are doing wonderful things. I wouldn’t know from experience. Can’t get to them to find out.

  19. Hot topic.

    Current preferred treatment for PTSD is called CTP. (cognitive therapy program). I was kicked out of a group in Scottsbluff, NE, on January 9, 2018. A second group member was kicked out before I got out of the building. It was the 3rd meeting of the group.

    The group started with 12, four quit after the first meeting. 2 new were added for the second meeting making 10. The 3rd meeting started with 6 and was down to 4 by the time I left the Scottsbluff VA Clinic where the sessions were being held.

    CTP is a program that uses “study guides” of the type we used in military schools. It presumes all PTSD has the same root. Ben mentioned several causes of PTSD. I believe the root is primarily organic, especially with those of us with homicidal, “going berserk” or nearly going berserk histories.

    The design appears to be to get those who are receiving PTSD compensation to refuse treatment so they can have their compensation cut for not accepting treatment. I wouldn’t have been that surprised if the lady leading the group had become a victim of a shooter. Really top down very assertive, do as I say and you’ll be OK type. Somewhat abusive in her assertions. Proof, two of us were kicked out and neither of us were disruptive. We simply met her assertiveness with our own.

    CTP doesn’t address the problem. And likely it was a CTP group that the shooter was kicked out of.

    Some of you will remember Sgt. Bales of Afghanistan fame. TBI prior to going berserk.

    Damage to anterior temporal regions of the brain (front just above and to the side of the eye) creates a situation of potential to go berserk. Even in a 7 year old. “”

    Yes, it is the root of many suicides. The difference between being a shooter and taking a finale exit is the direction you focus your violence tendency. Turn it out and you are a shooter. Turn it in and you find a way to take that finale exit before becoming a shooter.

    Since nearly going berserk in what has sometimes been called rage and other times a complex partial seizure, I’ve tried to focus on my flash points inward. I’d rather just kill myself first than come out of the complex partial seizure, realize what I had done and then kill myself.

    And when I needed to check in to a lock up ward in the 1980s and 1990s there was always one available for as long as I needed it in a VA facility. When I needed one in 2014, the limit was 3 days in a drug treatment private contract facility. My blood and urine samples are always clean. I don’t have a drug problem. I have a TBI problem with atonic, partial and complex partial seizure residuals. It wasn’t the right program for me and I’m sure the right program should have been available in Denver where this unit was located.

    Ben, this was a good article but it will fall on deaf ears at the VA. The focus is on reducing entitlements now not on treatment politically.

    Have to pay for that big tax cut is the excuse but what is really happening is our descendants are being tapped to make the 1% a little wealthier. To create a false “stock market economy” with added equity capital that will only blow up in another recession and evaporate wealth until it reaches the level that quantitative easing began at the bottom of the last great recession.

    1. The problem is like the sport of football – no one knows how much damage a combat soldier has to his or her brain on the modern battlefield from the impact of artillery nearby while one is advancing or positioned for longer periods in one place, particularly in terrain that is mountainous that consists of sheer rock which would make a higher range of decibels when shells drop close to troop lines and positions. Post traumatic shock syndrome can be both physical and psychological. Because of these unknown factors, a combat soldier who is suffering from PTSD or any other that is becoming better known on the modern battlefield for needing treatment, should receive a wider range of therapy for both possibilities. IF their brain was affected adversely by mortar, particularly when exposed to numerous attacks that involved such weapons of war, their treatment will simply be inadequate if being treated for psychological trauma alone, as the brain, as shown in the medical symptoms of football players who have retired and had several concussions, is damaged and medications must be tracked closely to select the right ones to manage that patient’s progress. When you read about the nightmares that combat soldiers have, who are undergoing treatment for PTSB, one wonders if these nightmares are not a result of physical damage just as the retired football athletes experience. They are treated with medications and many are successful in receiving relief when medications are carefully monitored as to their effectiveness and dosage as well. Treatment for combat soldiers need to have lots of research to provide the best type of treatment that is known to be effective through clinical trials on those who have more severe issues and have found relief from being in the program longer and having been able to experiment on various types of treatment. Neurologists need to be a part of a soldier’s treatment plan for the physical aspect of damage which will support a more comprehensive plan with psychotherapy for the shelled-shock combat soldier who finds everyday life difficult to cope with during their transition from active duty.

      1. You know it’s interesting that I’ve never thought about that.

        I was a 13B which is to say I was in Field Artillery as a Paladin driver. Those things rock back on their spades when you pop off with the big red bags. I wonder if sustained and/or repetitive back and forth motion could cause TBI…I know as a 13B I am presumed for tinnitus which I absolutely have :(. Hmmm I might have to look into some stuff. Thanks for the idea 😀

      2. WyideChyide, a recent NIH study has shown the concussive effects of both outgoing and incoming has a deterioration of the brain matter. covered 5 years of the current wars.

        They need to go back 50 years and compare exposure and “earned income” of groups not exposed and exposed with the same induction test scores.

      3. It is not just “combat” soldiers. I wish people would get off that. ONE of my injuries in the US Navy was not during combat.. I was in charge of a top secret security team covering a classified location when I was injured by an explosion that occurred right in front of me. There was no “combat” occurring in the area.

        TBI also causes PTSD.. For me, I am lucky to be one of those very strong willed types so I am able to deal with the dreams etc better then many others. For me, it is dreaming about that situation and the other 4 (I have 5 V/A rated service connections all due to injury on duty). The fact that those injuries I have, the ones not “combat” related (3 of mine are, 2 are not combat related) can interrupt my sleep or thoughts pretty much shows that PTSD is not just a combat related thing.

      4. I just replied but forgot to add one part to what I said.. I mentioned I have 5 V/A service connected injuries, all physical. The odd thing, they did not rate me for PTSD even though I was counseled for a while outpatient and they know I have dreams about the different injuries and the circumstances and situations.

        So I don’t know how they do things there.. but not everyone automatically gets rated even though they may get some, had some or continue to get treatment for PTSD.

      5. You have to submit a specific request for claiming PTSD. Then yours would be a non-combat request if I’m remembering your posts.

        Mine is non-combat personal assault in RVN by RVN Officer over his niece. Doesn’t bother me now but did for years.

      6. 276 80mm mortars going off within 50ft of me(over the course of a few months) …couldn’t have had any effect on my squishy brain. At least that’s what the person “talking for a VA neurologist” told me in 2006. That and eight IEDs while inside and outside vehicle is just normal Infanftryman work day shit right?

    2. The latest prognosis for PTSD according to the Million Veteran Program sub groups(you know, the for profit DNA sequencing companies) is that PTSD is genetic and can be diagnosed as highly probable, moderately probable, or low probability before entering Service.
      There are also a ton of other wonders being done to and with the DNA of Veteran donors. Just typing it out will be something of a Task.

  20. Anyone who has not been to battle with the modern weapons of today on a battlefield from air, land, and sea who did not get shot at, or see fellow friends killed and wounded next to them, or live the terror of war in an open battlefield with enemies that outnumber your own forces, need to say NOTHING about this soldier because the truth is they do not know what was going on in his mind while suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and the fact the news reported he was suffering with it for over 6 years, largely undiagnosed and untreated during that time. The Veterans need to hire doctors who have themselves been on the battlefield or on base when the wounded and dead are brought in from the battlefield areas to truly be effective in treating those soldiers returning from war with PTSD. Everyone else will clearly be seen as ineffectual by the soldier who is suffering and reliving nightmares of the ordeal that caused this condition. This soldier was decorated and he was treated so poorly by being expelled from the program before he was given another facility or doctor to have an appointment set up for him. You do not simply cut someone from the medical care they need without having made arrangements for the next level of care that will better than what they are receiving. That is like sending a person who had his leg cut off that is still bleeding out into the cold without making sure the bleeding has stopped. Also, having women therapists who are only in their young 40s and 30s who were not members of the armed forces themselves is an outrage to treating as serious as a condition as PTSD. Cripes … a soldier has a better chance of survival on a battlefield than being treated by women that young and who have never served on a battlefield or in a field hospital that treats wounded soldiers. As Forrest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

    1. The group I spoke about below was organized by a VA therapist who went into the field after experiencing 9/11 in NY as a police officer. But he wasn’t the lead and had essentially no say. He was supposedly in training to do the CTP PTSD therapy.

      It is not like there aren’t some of these folks around. I had WWII physicians who changed to psychiatrists for my first therapists in LA in 1983. But those guys are mostly deceased now and the present wars are not turning out enough who take that route.

    2. TO: Jeanne Stellfox March 10, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      You stated, “Everyone else will clearly be seen as ineffectual by the soldier who is suffering and reliving nightmares of the ordeal that caused this condition. ”

      In 1963 Hollywood tried to help people understand. Watch Captain Newman, M.D.

    3. Being ‘treated’ by anyone, not just a young woman, that has Not been through similar experiences And worked them out, is a waste of time and money.

  21. As to the history of the availability of PTSD treatment. In 1973, about thee years AFTER serving 15 months in a combat unit in Vietnam, I was an Army SSG E-6 at Ft Greely Alaska. I had a spotless and highly respected military career going. I had received accelerated promotions, making E-5 in 15 months TIS and E-6 in 29 months TIS. At that point, I was experiencing nightmares, night terrors, night sweats, flashbacks, and crippling fear and remorse. The full sweep, of what today we call PTSD. But, at that time, the term PTSD had not yet been invented. When, I requested a meeting with my TOP SGT and my company CO to discuss these issues, they were VERY embarrassed, that I would talk about such matters with them. They told me that these were NOT the sort of problems, that a good NCO would have. That I should get my shit together and not talk about this again. Consequently, I never received ANY treatment for PTSD until seventeen years later, when I suffered a complete mental collapse. To this day, the VA has never offered me anything but pills, and pulled myself back out of the abyss with AA and private mental health care. The VA corrupt money grubbing VA, may kiss my rosy red enlisted ass.

  22. You can’t kick someone out of a mental health program, it’s plain stupid. On top of that kicked out of his home? These are the professionals, loose term, when kicked out he could of went anywhere to shoot. It’s ridiculous they don’t have a plan when someone needs more resources and kick out. I don’t want to say, but I surprised doesn’t happen more often. The news has played the victims are heroes, spending their life helping. They are not heroes and seeing how handled probably poor at their jobs, I would interview the vets where felt safe, I’d bet they threatened people with making them leave the only place comfortable. Why I imagine only employees where killed.

    Another thing don’t want to say…. No veteran collecting compensation, especially 100% for mental health problems, especially PTSD doesn’t need guns. I really don’t hear of too much using guns other than suicide except once in a while like when that Seal in TX was killed. Contradicting myself saying no guns when not a lot of problems and think for me I need a plan for suicide, no matter how stupid it sounds makes me feel better at times.

    So with that, can throw out everything I said because only makes sense to me. What I can say the VA and it’s programs are fucked up more than could imagine and sometimes causing more harm than good. They have ruined my life and they feel great about it. Should not have wrote till more details, but being hailed heroes made me sick. I realize there are some good people there, but not enough and some wouldn’t want sweeping the parking lot, no matter the education programs passed. After all they do have paperwork saying highly trained, too bad used to get promotions and raises not helping. I am so fucking angry they kicked a sick person to the curb, no matter what is said I won’t be able to get over that. I hope I don’t carry any anger and forget happened, there is no use for me to have this information. Sorry felt needed to write for myself anyway.

    1. “..Another thing don’t want to say…. No veteran collecting compensation, especially 100% for mental health problems, especially PTSD doesn’t need guns…”
      What are you saying here?
      Vets with diagnoses of mental health problems should Not have weapons?

    1. BINGO . . . and they fucking couldn’t handle it. WOW so well trained on what to expect, and then when it is displayed, the untrained ones just fucking fold like they never seen these types of outbursts in behavior, nor do they know how to handle them.

      The first time I ran across someone with severe PTSD was a good friend of mine when living on the Big Island of Hawaii (which by the way, has a high concentration of Veterans with PTSD). JR hid his symptoms quite well from me, although I did detect something, but I blew it off as someone that got easily frustrated with minor things that went wrong.

      Anyway, one day his wife contacted me ask me to come over because it was an emergency. When I got there, JR had a pistol and was ranting away, and playing Russian roulette with the gun. And yes, he was spinning the cylinder like crazy, then laying the barrel on his temple, and click, pulling the trigger. It made me cringe every time that he repeated this. Then he asked me, “do you think I’m crazy?”

      I didn’t know how to answer because it could go both ways. No, and he’d get pissed, and do something to show me otherwise. Yes, then he might get mad at me for saying that he was crazy. As I was pondering on how to smoothly answer with arousing JR more, he opened the cylinder, put another round in, spun and, click, he pulled the trigger, and he asked me again if I thought he was crazy.

      I then said, JR your behavior would lead one to think that you’re crazy, and this pissed him off for some reason, and so he spun the cylinder again, but this time pulled the trigger twice! So if the cylinder held 6 rounds (which it did), and he pulled twice, that means that every time that JR repeated this, that there’d be roughly a 33% change that the gun would go off. So, as I was calculating the odds of JR committing suicide, I was wondering if the next time that if this would be it.

      My point is this, I really wonder how these clinicians that treat PTSD, are they really able to handle the real thing? With JR, I was able to settle him down, and he was so exhausted from the anxiety, that he was too tired to raise his legs while his wife and I put him into bed.

      And you what, I get this same way from the damn anxiety from PTSD. Compound this with the lack of sleep, and all the runaround that one gets from the VA when you’re asking for help. So I wonder, how often was the Veteran asking for help? And what type of help did he receive from what the VA sloppily offers. Something surely went amuck in the treatment of this Vet. And sadly, people lost their lives, most likely over something that could have been easily addressed.

      God bless and comfort the family members, and watch for a hell of a lot more security measures at the VA, gun control, and more restrictions on Veterans with PTSD. Making those with these symptoms becoming more, and more, a second class Citizen of this here US.

      Does this fucking click with you VA. A-holes, most of ya.

    2. I would bet everything I had that is exactly why told to leave. Those dirtbags hold over your head for power. If you took almost all and asked to wait by your office after or before turning almost all will do and apologize. Instead this shit. Some like myself don’t do well in a group, especially if feeling attacked. They are supposed to see this and offer private sessions and don’t. They call them 3 heroes and without knowing I would never use that word because I’ve only see a few do their jobs, far from heroes. I wish could get someone to listen to me, if start talking problems the think I’m insane. You must get lucky to find one person within the system that’s good and believes you. They no matter the position can help. They have ruined my life and the tightrope walking is becoming far too difficult to manage. Heroes, I wish could respond

  23. More questions. If this vet were denied care because the VA was worried about cost, how much care could he have gotten for the $122,000 Shulkin spent on his European Vacation?

    I guess Clark went to Europe and Cousin Eddy got fucked.

    How many problems could be cleaned up in the VA if Shulkin weren’t hiding in his office like Captain Queeg worried about his strawberries?

    Yes, this was a state run veterans home. I suspect the VA has oversight. I also suspect the VA should have had responsibility for this guys treatment. I further suspect the VA decided they couldn’t simply treat him with a pill, so they tried to warehouse him.

  24. We will most likely never know the truth about this. The time frame is weird. 8 hrs after the gunshots? Never talked to him? The VA propaganda machine has been there since it began. One off subject question. Why is it that people who are paid with taxpayer dollars are always allowed to steal, no charges, and supposedly we are supposed to believe that they did pay it back. In 1995 I was diagnosed with, depression, anxiety disorder, and then some clerk put Bipolar disorder in there. I’m taking meds for PTSD, but can’t seem to get the bipolar disorder off my records. I honestly don’t know why there aren’t more incidents than there are.

    1. I had a “bipolar disorder” stuck in my record also. Clerk ask me, “What is the longest time you spent without sleep?” “5 days being stressed in telemetry,” I replied. Only 5 days made it to the chart. The psychiatrist immediately picked it up and put me on Lithium which I stopped after 3 days because it made me a zombie. Wasn’t until I pulled my chart from the blue button that I realized what had happened. The psychiatrist should have ask me about the “without sleep period” before diagnosing.

  25. More questions. Was this a veteran whose PTSD was denied fraudulently as Ben pointed out? And if he was denied a proper diagnosis by the DOD, what impact did that have on the VA denying him care?

    Did the VA deny him care for years based on the fraud by the DOD?

    Care to answer Gina?

    1. Gina “Pharisee” won’t answer. She’s already gotten her 30 pieces of silver and spent that a long long time ago. I wish I knew back then what I know now. It’s disgusting just how dishonorable a general officer can be. I believe I was one of those directly affected by her dishonesty. But, you know, lets not get pissed or angry or upset or even dare to think about retaliating right? We’re the crazy ones…

  26. Lots of questions on this one. Were they targeted? In my opinion, yes. He let others go suggesting the 3 he killed were his targets.
    Yes, what kind of treatment did the VA provide?
    Was he in this facility because the VA is farming out patients to certain places for money? How much does the Pathway Program make for treating veterans as opposed to that veteranbeing treated in the VA? Did the VA farm him out because they don’t have enough beds?

    What kind of long term inpatient treatment can the VA provide for vets with PTSD? Is there a policy of sending vets elsewhere if they exceed a certain, arbitrary time period as a VA inpatient for PTSD?

    Lots of questions. Not enough facts. Which will not slow down any leftist bent on demanding veterans give up their Constitutional rights regardless of what the law is.
    The law requires someone being adjudicated as unfit. What steps did any medical provider take to start that process with this veteran?

    1. I believe these people where absolutely targeted for a very specific reason. It’s been reported that he let other people go who where in attendance at this party. Now since it was on the grounds of an old folks home for vets . I can infer that there where multiple people present and I would hazard a guess that there may have been some disabled and elderly vets in attendance. If you’re a “crazy person” in the middle of an episode and nothing matters then in my mind there should be a higher body count. The fact that people where allowed to exit and I’m almost positive that some exited slowly due to mobility impairment if you will. This suggests somebody who is calm, rational and methodical. The three people he specifically targeted I’m sure all had a hand in subverting this veterans care.

      Of course we’ll really never know just exactly what happened. The veteran hasn’t documented any list of grievances that I can tell and the VA of course will be less than forthcoming about the whole incident other than to attempt to white wash it to benefit their narrative to support a further erosion of gun rights for “crazy” veterans. Gut instincts and intuition is all we’ll ever have. The VA likes it that way.

      I wanted to add some more but honestly with the recent DHS visit to my home inquiring after my intent beyond exercising my right to free speech I find it suddenly chilly in here…

      1. yes actually. Aprox 2 weeks ago a DHS Special Agent and two local pigs showed up at my door over comments that had been reported to them that I had made here. I suspect some VA pussy troll put them onto me. They don’t like it when you paint them with the same tactics they paint us. They use words like violent, disruptive etc etc. So I use words like violence and gunfire and enemy and rogue fedgov agency. Sure enough knock knock. “Are you So and So?” “Who’s asking?” “DHS special agent Van Neil, Can we talk inside?” You can imagine how the rest went.

  27. I feel the anger. I just haven’t been pushed far enough; yet. It doesn’t appear the VA is, ” cleaning up “. Same people, same propaganda, same stories. I’m a bit concerned about having a thousand PTSD Patients at the same place. At the National Center for PTSD, we had 80. Stayed interesting. The VA’s entire approach to mental health is a mental illness of its own. I’m a Nam Vet, and the VA has mistreated and lied to me since the beginning. But, it’s all I have.

  28. The VA gave me a heart stress tests back in 2007 and I couldn’t get the PCP to tell me the results of it. Instead I had to go to ROI (release of information) and get a print- out of the results. Not knowing much about medical terminology, I tried to get an appointment with the PCP and got turned down. The message to me was, “he’ll see you at your next scheduled appointment”. I then made several phone calls and left messages for him to call me or leave me a message. He never called once. I drove over there 2 or 3 times to try to get in to see see the PCP and this is about the heart stress test! The front desk person told me the doctor can’t discuss medical matters over a message machine because that would be a violation of the privacy law. WHAT?! The SOB never called me back once and then took the word “message” I said and configured out how to use that word word against me. YEAH same old VA crap. They don’t give a damn!

  29. I’ve always said it takes three American health care workers to help an idiot, in Wong”s case it probably took four or five, they were short staffed, and Wong got short changed.

  30. I suffer from multiple types of PTSD and believe that not all types warrant removal of weapons. Bottomline is if you are dissassociating, detaching, or unable to control the hostility you of all people should know you don’t need a gun. Here is an interesting question…..Guns have been around in our culture for along time with semi automatics a norm for some time. Why all of a sudden can veterans not keep themselves in check. I believe it is men today are weak co.pared to past generations and this is playing itself out on many levels….we have become weak entitled whiners…. This may make sime mad but i suffer from the same issues and can honestly say it. Fight the demon and stop making excuses.

    1. I’m going to concur with your statement in some regards and dissent in others. Not all people who suffer from PTSD/Mental Health issues need to have their weapons removed. It is both a dishonest and disingenuous excuse to disenfranchise more citizens, and veterans, from their supposedly inalienable rights. I can’t own a firearm for two reasons. One I’m a felon. That’s mine I own it. I also did my time and paid that pound of flesh back to society without incident. I also suffer from PTSD that was deliberately inflicted. I don’t own that and have suffered under it for close to 20 years now. My violent fantasy of blood spattered hallways and the stench of blood and gun smoke filling my nose while the staccato beat of gunfire stitches it’s way across my eardrums is just that, a fantasy. Right now I can differentiate. I should be allowed to own a firearm.

      Why are vets appearing to go crazier now then at any other time in recent history? I can offer a couple reasons I suppose. An uptick in new and improved “medications” that nobody fully understands and can’t be tested on the population at large without immediate and very public backlash. Just look at Big Pharma and Oxycontin. BP pushed that shit on the doctors and the doctors pushed it on the patients and hey holy shit who knew it’s addicting and now it’s time to pay out the ass. So they step further down the hierarchy of citizen groups and oh look, nobody really gives a fuck about veterans so lets experiment on them and soak the public for all kinds of hush money. The bottom line here is vets are being used as unwitting test subjects by being given unknown and very often dangerous compounds and nobody really knows just how the subject is going to react.

      In some cases, hell I would say most cases, medications are terminated abruptly. You don’t go cold turkey on mental health medications without hitting some pretty serious side effects. Can a veteran be considered a weak and entitled whiner when he or she isn’t in their right mind? Are we weak and entitled when up against impossible odds when we know that something is seriously wrong and the government that purports to govern in our name under the authority of the document we each took a solemn oath to defend turns a deaf ear to us?

      I would also stipulate that the VA has been doing this pretty much since inception it’s just that with the advent of modern technology a.k.a the internets that it’s able to be reported on pretty much immediately whereas before things may have been reported locally and faded with time and age.

      When I see stories like this on Ben’s blog it boils my blood. It gets me all ragey and those blood spattered halls fill my vision. So I load up a bowl and burn it down and if I have to I load up another one. Until I have control I am not safe and if I am not safe I am not in public or within arms reach of another person.

      Your “suck it up buttercup” mentality is what honestly gets a lot of people into the fucking PTSD mess to begin with. Sure lets pretend that we’re somehow superhuman and therefore immune to diseases of the mind and mental illnesses in general especially in the face of overwhelmingly traumatizing ordeals. Hey saw your buddies shot in the face? Suck it up. Covered in blood up to the elbows from packing somebodies guts back into them? Suck it up. Bullets and bombs whizzing by your head? Suck it the fuck up. I hate to break it to you guy. We’re human beings each and every one. Except I suspect for you. You come off as a troll and not a very bright one at that. Go fuck yourself.

    2. Denis, it is a different era. Yesteryear vets could hide in work gangs, ride the rails, work low stress jobs found on some ranches or farms run by caring men who went or stayed behind but understood. Sweat it out on “gandy gang” rail road crews, etc.

      You can’t make enough to get by and hold your head up that way anymore. So you are demeaned by having to seek “assistance” and then demeaned further in an attempt to put you in a job you can’t do.

      Yes, some of us have “sucked it up” and gotten by. But there are a lot who didn’t have the adaptive skills taught to them growing up. They have no tools in their basket so they become basket cases.

      1. LEM.
        1. Well said. This is true. Technology has advanced and we now live in a professional society. The jobs a veteran could live on, like in the 50s and 60 are NO longer there. And we can’t live on them now! We can not hide any more at a blue collar working class labor jobs. And that kind of work is NOT for some of us veterans and former soldiers! And it is NOT fair to put some of us in labor jobs! WE were A1s when we went in and entered into the military. Smart people with great earning potention before the military. After the military. It takes a great deal of concentration to stay employed at these professional jobs today. In this modern world. Some of us are injured mentally from the military. Our brains are injured.

        2. Often your working around very competitive people today. Women. very very unsympathic. Women are tough to work around if you are an injured male soldier. If our brains are not healthy. We are at disadvantage in this modern world. Imagine coming in. With MDD. Anxieity disorder, Or PTSD, etc from the military. Something of that nature. And being a veteran or former soldier! The employment era for veterans has changed. And now, if somebody we work around, simply says something. We’re finished. We’re easily harassed and bullied because we’re vulnerable, and injured and very, very easy targets for this non veteran civilians. The cops are called. We are dangerous. That is it. Crime (s) or charge (s) are manufactured on us, and that is it…

        3. The VA is suppose to be safety net. The VA is suppose to be a SAFE PLACE for us. WELL IT IS NOT! But when you come into the VA, and all you do is experience bull shit. And then! Then we’re suppose to get all these benefits. All what benefits? All these benefits! For real? BULL SHIT! That is bull shit and lies too.

        4. When you come into the VA. All you hear is Bull shit from Non veterans, Non Veteran Catholics, Leftist, and Draft dodgers like Peter M. Barach Aka “THE PIG of PARMA” Heights Ohio VA, “THE PARMA PIG” Ohio VA. Peter M. Barach NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Draft Dodger 1970-1973 Deferment for Mental Illness. Jewish Leftist Liberal Marxist Social Democrat Louis Stokes VA Cleveland Ohio. “Frankenstein of Shaker Heights Cleveland Ohio. Flunked out of John Hopkin University and ended up at Ann Arbor Michigan. Majoring in “CHILDREN” Then ends up at the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE across the street from his house at SHAKER HEIGHTS CLEVELAND OHIO, and spends a life time there and finally graduates. Academic Incest. The Western Reserved College has connection to the VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio, and VA Parma Heights Ohio.

        5. “The Parma Pig” Ohio VA. “THE PIG of PARMA”Peter M. Barach NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Forensic Whore, and Forensic Prostitute paid over and over and over again by the VA to give the VA exactly what they need to sabotaged injured veteran’s and disabled former soldier’s claims and benefits. Creating bogus disorder(s) out of thin air. “WATCH ME PULL A RABBIT OUT OF MY HAT”, Peter M. Barach. Magically creating bogus diagnsoses! People had helped PETER M. BARACH here at the VA, and through out his life. Peter M. Barach The VAs LAPDOG. Paid over and over against to fuc Veterans. The VAs Paid BITCH! The only ones getting paid at the VA are non veteran employees, that social networked to get into the VA for great paying jobs and great benefits…

        6. As a note:
        Medical Center Director SUSAN M. FUEHRER VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio knows exactly what PETER M. BARACH is doing and had done to ME. And to a lot more injured veterans and disabled former soldiers over the last two decades! SUSAN M FUEHRER’s assistant is JEFF MCPEAKS Phone 216-791-3800 ex.4070. You paid this mother fucker, PETER M BARACH to fuck shit up. And pass the fucked up shit along to the BVA VA Director TONY MILIONS! Just one part in the machine. You paid him to cause confusion, and lie. And attempt to Sabotage benefits that I earned honorably! You paid Peter M. Barach to “Cherry Pick” inappropriately and manipulate a C and P exam of mine. And he (Peter m. Barach) did what you PAID him to do. Peter M. Barach did this, from only 5% of the total medical notes (Using another NAM Draft Dodgers Medical Notes). Peter M Barach manipulate medical notes and cut and paste it, bull shit. And then created a disorder out of thin air. LIKE FRANKENSTEIN, Peter M. Barach is. Just like Frankenstein, Peter M. Barach is…

        7. PETER M. BARACH lied. He lied a lot and lied often on my C and P exam. Peter M Barach also insulted me in the 1 hour and 15 minute C and P interview. He harassed and badgered me. He omitted my answers. In addition, Peter M. Barach lied to me. YOU (SUSAN M. FUEHRER) issued apology (s) letter(s) to both me and Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio, and YOU (SUSAN M FUEHRER) issued apology letter (s) to other state of Ohio representatives FOR PETER M. BARACH’a sickness,”GROSS” misconduct, VA misrepresentation, and WRONG-DOING. THEREFORE you paid this idiot to fuck ship up (OF mine). This Forensic WHore (PETER M. BARACH) to come in, and fuck shit up. MY SHIT YOU FUCKED UP! SO. YOU (SUSAN M. FUEHRER) can pay somebody else to come in and fix his (PETER M. BARACH) fucked up shit up. FIX MY SHIT! It is NOT my responsibility to fix PETER M. BARACH’s fucked up shit up and misconduct, VA misrepresenation, and his WRONG-DOING, that YOU (SUSAN M. FUEHRER) apologized for. YOU FIX it! NOT ME! I AM THE DISABLED VETERAN. I AM THE INJURED FORMER SOLDIER! YOU FUCKED IT UP. SO YOU FIX IT!

        8. SO. You (SUSAN M. FUEHRER Medical Center Director VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio) still have NOT offered a re-traction of the corrupt C and P exam to the BVA TONY MILIONS Director VA Cleveland, that you apologized for to me and the Senator, senator Sherrod Brown (d) Ohio. You passed this fools craziness along, “KNOWINGLY”. YOU (SUSAN M. FUEHRER) can fix this, and YOU can do that. YOU paid this forensic whore. You paid this forensic fraud, and you paid this Forensic Prostitute to screw shit up and cause confusion with the BVA. SO. YOU (SUSAN M. FUEHRER) can fix this.
        ALSO. Nor have you notified VA BVA DIRECTOR TONY MILIONS VA Cleveland OHIO of this WRONG-DOING by PETER M. BARACH. And explained to him (TONY MILIONS) what had happened, and YOU NOT notified him of a re-traction of the C and P Exam! YOU have NOT done that yet! SUSAN M. FUEHRER Medical Center Director VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio. PHone 216-791-3800 ex4070 Assistant to Susan M. Fuehrer is Jeff McPeaks. One of Three Supervisors to PETER M. BARACH is Ms Ellery Mallard Phone 216-739-7000 Ex2509.

        9. To add:
        It is interesting. Peter M. Barach NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 writes on his C and P exam (s). “I HAVE NO TIES WHAT-SO-EVER TO THE VA. I AM OBJECTIVE!” But yet he has three supervisors at the VA. Yet he has his own phone, and yet he has his own office, and he has been doing these paid forensic hatchet jobs sabotaging injured former soldier claim’s and vulnerable veteran’s benefits for decades. They pick up the phone, and say “PETER CAN YOU DO US FAVOR?” Peter M. Barach is paid, over and over and over again in order to give the VA exactly what it wants. “Knowing”, that if he gives the VA what it wants (Which is fucking the injured vets and screwing the disabled former soldiers). He will be called again, and again, and again to engage in more Forensic Fraud, and be paid more and more money. This is called. These people are called. Forensic whores. “A FORENSIC WHORE!” Or “A FORENSIC PROSTITUTE!”

        10. He is making a lot of money off his VA CASH HOG! He has family members that work in the same VA, and in the same VA dept. He grew up across the street from the VA Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio (Geographical Nepotism, regional-nepotism). I would say, this is misrepresentation. Of the VA, and the medical field he represents! I would say. THE DEVIL WORKS ON SUNDAY AT THE VA in Ohio. Peter M. Barach….

    3. Personally I think there is something more going on.. It ain’t just Veterans that are going ‘off’ reservation. We are seeing more and more ‘normal’ people suddenly turn and go deadly.

      The woman that suddenly drove her car into a crowd a couple years ago, the person who just started stabbing people, shooters out of the blue that people describe as nice normal types… people that not one person saw issue with.. yet they suddenly just flipped out and went mental and murderous?

      Sure some of the people ARE and do have problems and it was missed.. i.e. florida shooter is just one example. But look at so many others without any signs at all..

      In all honesty, I am surprised there have not been more Veterans going off the deep end.. I think that in itself says something about us… The number of Veterans going off like this is minuscule compared to civilians suddenly losing it….

      I don’t know.. I am not a doctor.. but I have to wonder if we are not seeing the beginning stages of some major incoming problems brought on by years of our food and our environments being laced with all kinds of chemicals on top of genetic DNA manipulation to the same..

      Nature creates things a certain way for a reason.. and no one can deny that for a few decades now, we have been doing all sorts of things to the very food and water we drink.. without ANY idea of the long term impact to the human body and brain…

      Call me what you will.. But I for one, think mankind could very well be the cause of the myriad of ‘mental’ and psychological breaks at an increasing rate that we are seeing now…

  31. VA employees at all levels treat their patients in a condescending way. Shut up and do as you are told is their demeanor.

    They are BITCHY, RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL….nearly always!!!

    We, Military Veterans, do not deserve such treatment.

    The Military Man’s Request

    The military man said as he was boarding the plane, boat or personnel carrier for war to his family and townsmen and women, “I will put my life on the line for the good of the whole but, you must promise to take good care of me if I return. That is all I ask. I do not want you to kiss my hand, just treat me with respect and give me the dignity I deserve and have earned.”

    1. Well stated, and soooo very needed with more understanding from those of us who have served. And those of us who have never served. To all those people who have never been around the military or their families, we try to give our “all”, being the best we can. And all we ask of you is to remember and care for our Veterans and their families when they come home from the Wars.

      1. Hear, hear!

        Thank you for your service to our country.

        My intent with what I have written and copyrighted is not to manipulate but….educate.

        Let me share one more of my writings:

        You Can’t Get More Stupid Than That

        We agree that war is stupid. Can we all agree that…the war on stupidity…must continue?

        Along those lines…

        “I think that ignorantly stupid people are very dangerous to our society but, stupidly ignorant people are far more dangerous.”

        So, can we fix stupid…yet? You’d be rich if you could.
        © 2018

        What do you think? Most people I hand this small piece of paper to to read want to hit me because they think I am insulting them….heehee. I would never but…if I did…

    2. You forgot the “thank you for your service” (but fuck you for your treatment benefits, I’m the God here)

  32. A diagnosis of Homicidal Ideation left untreated by VA might merit serious attention in this matter, but PTSD untreated or otherwise has not been established as a causitive factor in premeditated murder/suicides.

    I realize the thrust of the article relies on an underlying asumption that PTSD behaviors are what was witnessed in this murder scene but that is a faulty assumption. If the man was discharged from a PTSD facility then logically it could be that his diagnosis of Homicidal Ideation was a mode of treatment they could not offer because PTSD and Homicidal Ideation are NOT the same diagnosis.

    Let me pitch a legitmate beef here about how this is being reported as an issue related somehow to a diagnosis of PTSD. Just check the murder stats in America and it is pretty well conclusive murder suicide combos happen across the spectrum of citizens and not just the ones who attended PTSD treatment and got removed because it was not what they needed to have treated.

    1. I added a section about the difference between PTSD and homicidal ideation because of your comment.

  33. I was diagnosed withPTSD in 1978 and ask for help, and received NONE utill 2015 thru the Choice program, suddenly there is treatment at the VA clinic so I forced into that lousy program. After16 months of no results I quit. The head shrink called and ask me “why”
    I replied by saying “I ask for treatment for years and was ignored, then I get 50 minutes every 6 weeks and drugs and nothing else.
    The VA mental health workers work at the VA because they can’t get a job that pay’s what the VA pays, not the BS “I want to help veterns”
    As long as there is the union involved our treatment will never get better.

  34. Here’s some things I’d like to say.
    Some of y’all have touched on it – “psychotropic drugs!”
    Have y’all noticed, almost all (TV & radio) stations have been increasing commercials on medications helping people with multiple medical conditions? Including, mental health issues!
    These meds, many of which have “side effects” – including “homicidal and suicidal ideations”, are/were given to many/majority (not all) mass shooters since Columbine Apr 20, 1999!
    Which now includes the shooter down here in Florida on Feb 14, 2018!

    I would venture to say, Wong was on some form of drug for his PTSD! Until that is discussed, we won’t know the “WHY” he did this! There’s more to this “act” than what the MSM’s are telling! The three people he kept as hostages have been not been exposed as to the WHY in this case!

    Secondly, During Obama’s Reign as potus, he called us “TERRORISTS”! That’s a fact! We on here have reported it, and gave the source behind it!
    I’m not sure about y’all, only I don’t like that!
    His administration was hell-bent on “gun control confiscation”! Why would he, along with the Dems and Rino’s, want to disarm veterans? What is their agenda? Is it because veterans are trained to fight injustices against people who can’t defend themselves!!!!!
    Look at what’s been occurring against men for decades! If y’all haven’t noticed, men have been taught to become little pussies! Only those who stayed strong, stayed being men!

    Also, Obama’s administration was also hell-bent on gutting the WHOLE Constitution and Bill of Rights! Not just the “First & Second Amendments”! “Due Process” is becoming a part of history for many Americans!

    Third; I do not advocate any form of violence. Even though some do.
    “Violent confrontations”, in today’s PC culture, will never be reported truthfully by the MSMs!
    This has been proven to be the case in many, if not all, “shooting incidents” since before the Columbine shooting back in 1999! Until the networks report truthfully about anything occurring in our Republic, it’s nothing more than a futile attempt at regaining freedom!

    Lastly, google this title, it will show y’all exactly what incidents like this will only produce; (it’s 7:31 min long)

    “Watch: The Video Gun Controllers Are Terrified Of!”

    Del. Freitas (R-Va) tells it straight. BTW, Mr Freitas is running against Tim Kaine for the Senate. Y’all remember Kaine, he was Hillary’s VP pick.

    Quote: “We are a Republic, ma’am! For as long as you can keep it!”
    Dr. Ben Franklin (c. 1789)

    1. I agree with you Crazy Elf……I just had an old girlfriend hang herself, and she was on those anti-depressants. She even looked it up on how to do it on the internet that same morning. Her Psych was not talking at the Memorial……and yes……it has become a female world. Men have fallen. Look at all the commercials on T.V. Women wanting their men to waste themselves on Viagra or something similar, so they can get some pokin’ done. Feminine Hygiene Commercials in your face. Women in charge of PTSD programs…..c’mon….what the Hell,…..and they may be smart and have high IQ’s, but they are dealing with powder kegs, ….not limping lambs…..and now unfortunately, some of them are gone because……someone lit the fuse……This whole world needs to straighten up, and the VA needs to get their ‘shit’ together. Get combat vets dealing with PTSD victims, not valadictorian PTSD experts, who have all the credentials. I feel sad for those ladies, but this was bound to happen……sooner or later…

  35. The VA don’t even want to talk to a vet that dosn’t take there anti-depressant drugs. They need to flatline you mentally so you don’t give a fuck about anything, good or bad, then they claim a hollow victory. Hell I’ve seen animals get better care at the veterinary hospital, wish they would treat me but the veterinarian said he can’t. What the VA did to Viet Vets is dispicable and every other group of veterans too. When it comes to ptsd all doctors suck, the bleepin, bleep, bleep,bleep, bleepers. The doctors today can’t think on there own anymore, there all instructed, they have guidelines and don’t go outside the box.

    1. The Native American Vets in my opinion have the best treatment going for ptsd The Humble Sweat Lodge,.

      1. The VA is in the process of using the sweat lodge. It’s called the Hyperbaric/hyperbolic chamber…they just blow a different kind of smoke up your ass…

  36. My first comment on this has to do with the reporting by Ben.

    “Before diving too deeply into the details, it is vital to remember the US Army engaged in a massive fraud for many years between 2001-2012. There, Army leaders were repeatedly caught refusing to diagnose soldiers with PTSD to avoid giving the benefits and mental health care services they required to save a buck.”

    Slapping a label, other than PTSD, on a vet has been going on for FAR longer than just 2001. Do some better reporting on the issue please.

    I have to commend Mr. Wong. It seems he came up with a plan for payback and it worked. It appears that he got into the event and let most folks go before settling on the people that wronged him. Mr Wong isn’t some crazed gunman. He executed his task against the enemy. There is nothing worse than being betrayed by somebody who is “there to help”.

    It’s funny that Pathway is being constantly labeled a “Non-profit” which we all know to be complete bullshit. Anything associated with the VA is ALWAYS FOR PROFIT.

    While everybody else is wringing their hands and anguishing over how this could happen. Allow me to be the first to publicly state. Well done Mr. Wong. I commend your bravery in confronting the enemy. You, Sir, are a shining example of what we as soldiers and vets must do to hold the goddamned line.

    If your going to write some long winded post about how I’m wrong and blah blah blah blah. Do yourself a favor and save some brain cells. I’m simply not interested. We need more Albert Wongs in this world.

    1. You misunderstood the point of that section completely. Madigan doctors, and Army in general withheld care from many Army soldiers and later VA benefits by fraudulently misdiagnosing veterans with personality disorders instead of PTSD. I literally oppose precisely the behavior you implicitly claim I endorse. If a veteran has PTSD, it should not be misdiagnosed and mistreated due to some Army agenda to save money.

      1. I believe I understood it fine. The point I’m making is that the misdiagnosis scam has been going on well before the 2001 cut off. I know this because it was done to me in 98-99. I am all for correctly diagnosing somebody to get the correct help they need. My problem is the whitewashing of anything before 2001. It’s not just you I’ve seen it elsewhere and it pisses me off. I come off a bit testy because it’s a sore spot that goes directly to my circumstances. I understand it’s not a conscious slight on your part and I apologize for my latent hostility. I just don’t understand the difference between pre and post 2001 PD diagnosis when we all got fucked equally under that scam.

      2. Everyone knows VA has been doing that for decades.

        I am specifically addressing the Post 9/11 era because this shooter was linked to the post 9/11 era. The scandal was exposed quite well on Huffington Post starting around 2007 that included Congressional hearings at the time and further outed on other publications through 2012. Hence, that is why I addressed it as the scandal of 2001-2012 to acknowledge the framework of that particular scandal. But yes, there are many others like it but Farrisee was not linked to those.

      3. 1. This is still going on. Intentional misdiagnosesing veterans and former injured soldiers in order to fuc-them out of their benefits. The only ones being paid by the VA, are the VA Employees. The VA employees are clearly doing this in Ohio. Lying and denying injured vets and disabled former soldier of their benefits. Absolutely. These VA employees are doing this in Ohio. Withholding benefits for no good reasons (Or creating bull shit reason to deny, lying medical reports), after injured vets, and disabled former soldiers had served our country honorably. It is sick…

        2. I myself. My medical notes were withheld after discharge. This was intentional. I was cut loose from the service injured. I know this. Cut loose without medical notes (MSR medical service records). This was intentional. For years denied treatment by the VA. This was intentional. Suffering in life. I might had died. Falling down again and again. And NOT understanding my injury(s) because you dont know! For years turned down by the VA. For years. Losing people that I loved me. Losing people I loved. Losing jobs, family, and homes. It was horrible. To show up at the VA, and then they lie, and the cover-up starts. Instead of apologies…

        3. Why would you not believe this guy was not hurt somehow by these VA employees? Something was said to him. Something was said to this man. Somebody dropped the ball, and agitated this veteran, and former soldier. Somebody. Perhaps these VA employees ticked him off. The veteran was mad. The veteran was angry. Why did he just target these three VA employees? There was a reason. Strangely. Our fellow soldier had a reason! Veterans know, and former soldier know. Something was done to this man. A former soldier and veteran. Programed to protect U.S. citizen. Why do you think he turned against these three VA Employees, and “KILLED” them, or excuted them? However, it doesn’t make it right he terminated these VA employess lives…

        4. Here in Ohio. VA EMPLOYEES
        1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Road VA Employee.
        2. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio VA Waterloo Road VA EMPLOYEE. Just terrible. Just terrible.
        3. VA Cleveland Ohio Louis Stokes C and P Exam “HATCHET MAN”: AKA “The PIG of PARMA Ohio” or “the PARMA PIG” Ohio: PETER M BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Cleveland Ohio VA Louis Stokes Jewish, Leftist, Socialist Democrat, Marxist, Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973, draft deferments for mental illness. Flunked out of John Hopkins University, and ended up in Ann Arbor Michigan at the University of Michigan majoring in Children. Fintally graduated. So PETER M. BARACH graduated. Some how? Ends up across the street from where he grew up at Shaker Height Cleveland OHio, at the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE. Spends a live time there. “ACADEMIC INCESSED”

        5. People helped PETER M. BARACH NPI#13967736610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 get to where he is. And now Peter M. Barach is paid over and over again by the VA Cleveland Ohio, to engage in Forensic Fraud for the VA Cleveland Ohio. PETER M. BARACH is now a forensic whore, and Forensic Prostitute being paid over and over and over again to engage in hits, “hatchet jobs” against injured veterans and disabled former soldier sabotaging them of their benefits. Over and over again PETER M. BARACH is paid to commits forensic fraud. That is why the VA keeps paying PETER M. BARACH “The PIG of PARMA”ohio Aka “FRANKENSTEIN of SHAKER HEIGHTS OHIO. Lying about injuries veterans had. Lying on medical reports, “CHERRY PICKING” from medical notes and thus creating his own bizarre bogus, manipulated medical reports. All to deny the injured veterans of benefits. PETER M. BARACH, Manipulating medical notes and diagnosis over and over again. Lying, lying and lying. ALL. In order to sabotage injured veterans and disabled former soldiers benefits. A contractor for the VA, PETER M. BARACH is. A forensic whore. A paid VA LAPDOG, or paid VA bitch of the VAs. Giving the VA Cleveland Ohio exactly what they want for money. And if PETER M BARACH does, he gets paid again and again to commit forensic fraud. Doing what the VA wants. Screwing the injured vets, and disabled former soldiers over, and over, and over again. YES. PETER M. BARACH is doing this. This shouldnt be a surprise to anyone.

        6. We all know PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 and Ohio License No. 3280 Aka “The PARMA PIG” Or “the PIG of PARMA” Ohio Or AKA “FRANKENSTEIN of SHAKER HEIGHTS” Ohio Lied on Forensic reports misrepresenting the VA. PETER M. BARACH states on his C and P Exams, “I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA. I AM OBJECTIVE!” right. PETER M. BARACH has family member working right in the same dept. Has his own phone. Own office at the VA, he grew up across the street from in Cleveland Ohio. The VA in cleveland Ohio is connected to the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE. This guy PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 has FUC dozens and dozens of injured veterans and disabled soldiers for MONEY. Paid again, and again, and again to give the VA, the right opinion in order to sabotage the injured vets and disabled former soldier’s benefits. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 is a paid FORENSIC WHORE, FORENSIC PROSTITUTE, or paid forensic fraud….

      4. Mr. Benjamin Krause.
        1. Exactly. Manufacture bull shit disorders (personality disorders and Adjustment disorders), and magically creating diagosis in order to deny injured veterans and disabled former soldier’s injury pay (benefits) for PTSD, MDD, and anxieity disorder etc. created due to in-service injures, events and stressors. For years the VA had been withholding treatment of and from disabled former soldiers, and injured veterans. In hopes they die. And in hopes the injured vet never figures out how they(WE) were hurt. All to save money, and deny them their benefits. Earned benefits. Denied treatment. Cut loose by the military, and then denied treatment for years. MSR Medical Service Records withheld upon discharge. Keep the veteran in confusion. Yes this has, and is happening to our injured vets and disabled former soldiers. Yes this happened to me.

        2. Life lost. Friends gone. Homeless, or always in jeopardy of losing your place to stay. Forced out of jobs. Vulnerable. Losing loved ones. career(s) lost. Family gone due to the severity of your injury. And again, and again denied treatment by the VA. Kept in the dark by the VA. The only ones making any money, those VA non Veteran employees at the VA. Keeping their VA CASH HOG secure…

        3. Finally. You figure out what the hell happened to you. And then! And then! You enter the VA with letters, medical notes, and a diagnoses. Finally. Then your dealing with these three monsters. Then your dealing with three diseased animals VA Non Veteran employees. Along with an entire group of dieased animals (non veterans ) at the VA. All trying to keep the ball away from you. While over medicating you, and attempting to keep you in a state of medicated fog.
        For example: Upon entering the VA.
        ERIC CANNA Non Veteran Catholic Akron VA waterloo Road. ERIC CANNA States and says,

        4. Then the set up man come (The PIG of PARMA), and this forensic whore set up your C and P exam (sabotaging it. Creating bull shit disorders) and then quickly passing this bull shit c and p exam to the BVA, Tony Milion Cleveland Ohio Director of the BVA.
        “The PIG of PARMA” Ohio VA “THE PARMA PIG” Ohio VA, PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Jewish Jew. Maxist, Leftist. Draft Dodger 1970-1973. Draft deferment for mental illness. Liberal Non Veteran C and P exam VA hatchet man. Lying and creating bogus disorder (s) out of thin air. Manipulating C and P exam like Frankenstein. All to sabotage a veteran’s benefits.
        *Where is the DAV (Disabled american Veterans Reps? American Legion Reps? VFW reps?) where are they all at. Where are their protests. Where are their appeals and demands for re-tractions of a bad, bad corrupt C and P Exam??? Where are these groups???

        5. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280.
        Paid over and over, and over again to come in for one hour and interviews an injured veteran(s) or disabled former soldier (s), harass the vulnerable vet, badger them, and insult them (really bad, traumatizes the Vulnerable vet), and create these Frankenstein like reports, C and P exam report. Where Peter M. Barach “The Forensic Whore, and “The Forensic Prostitute” magically creates these bogus personality disorders by “CHERRY PICKING” out of 5% of the medical notes, Maniplating medical notes, omitting sentences and cutting out PTSD diagnoses. Medical notes Peter M. Barach “Cherry Picks” from, that he only uses from another non veteran catholic draft dodger (NAM Draft Dodger). Peter M. Barach “WATCH ME PULL A RABBIT OUT OF MY HAT (Personality Disorder(s) created out of thin air). Yes this Forensic Prostitute is doing this. And he is paid. over and over and over again to do this, engage in this sickness of creating bull shit personality disorders…

        6. Peter M. Barach NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical No.3280 flunked out of John Hopkins University, and ended up at ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN at the University of Michigan majoring in “CHILDREN”. This draft dodger 1970-1973 goes back home to Shaker Heights Cleveland Ohio. And his family and Social connectiong gets him into the college across the street from his house “THE WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE”. The Western Reserve College has connection with the VA Hospital in Ohio Cleveland Ohio Louis Stokes VA.

        7. PETER M. BARACH spends a lifetime there at the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE, academic incessed. Then he gets a job across the other side of the street from his house at the VA CLEVELAND LOUIS STOKES VA CLEVELAND OHIO. Peter M. Barach become the VA’s LAPDOG, and the VA’s BITCH sabotaging injured veterans and disabled former soldeirs claims. TONY MILION BVA Cleveland Ohio. Is well aware of what Peter M. Barach is passing to his dept. It is the set up. In a much bigger picture in order to sabotage and screw injured vets and disabled former soldiers out of their benefits. SUSAN M. FUEHRER MEDICAL CENTER DIRECTOR LOUIS STOKES VA CLEVELAND OHIO IS WELL AWARE OF WHAT PETER M BARACH HAS DONE, IS DOING, AND the FRAUD HE HAD ENGAGED IN, IN THE PAST. SUSAN M. FUEHRER medical center director louis stokes va cleveland ohio had sent apologies to Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio and Senator Rob Portman Ohio for misconduct, VA misrepresentationg and WRONG-DOING by PETER M. BARACH, “The Pig of Parma” Ohio VA.

        8. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 claims on these C and P exam hit jobs. “I HAVE NO TIES AT ALL TO THE VA. I AM OBJECTIVE” this is about a big lie. His family works in the same dept at Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio VA. He has his own phone, and office. Peter M Barach has three supervisors. Peter M Barach has been doing and engaging in these C and P exam set up jobs for decades. Paid over and over and over again to do just what the VA in Ohio wants him to do. Sabotage injured veterans claims. Nickel and dime them out of their rightful benefits. PETER M BARACH “THE PIG of PARMA” Ohio VA “THE PARMA PIG” Ohio VA. contracted over and over and over again to act as a benefits assassin. “A FORENSIC WHORE, and FORENSIC PROSTITUTE” paid over and over again by the VA in Ohio. To give the VA just what they want. Sabotage. And that is the deal PETER M. BARACH had made with the VA in Ohio. He is just one part in the machine, and then he passes his sickness along to the next part. All to sabotage injured veteran’s benefits and disabled former soldiers claims. The Devil certainly Works on Sundays at the VA. PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical No.3280.

    2. This has been going on since WWI. The diagnosis “adjustment disorder.” Covered TBI until 2008. And still does for many.

  37. Given the selection of those taken hostage and then killed it is clear that they were selected and not picked by random chance.

    According to the Pathway Home website’s leadership page.

    Christine Loeber, MSW LCSW ⋅ Executive Director
    Jennifer Golick, PhD LMFT, Clinical Director

    As for the third person Jennifer K Gonzales, Psy.D., is a Clinical Psychologist with the Student Veteran Health Program at San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC). Her bio is posted on the PsychArmor Institute Website stating she was currently spending her time between working on campus with veterans at Napa Valley College and working at The Pathway Home residential treatment program.

    1. Yep, this was a CLEAR vendetta for what I am betting they not only terminated his care, but it will be found he had been tormented by the VA’s own Disruptive Behavior Committee goons, which get their very best marching orders and ideas from…the Psych Dept Hacks. They probably abruptly cut-off his meds as well.

      I know the tactics, as I too have lost a few Veteran best friends by the VA doing exactly that…pushing a Vet to seek meds/relief from street drugs, dismissed/discharged then only to freeze to death hours later on VA parking garage in coldest winter since ever…yeah, the VA is the catalyst, but they will not paint it as such and this event will only embolden these assholes at the VA and I bet Curt Cashour is editing the details as we breath right now…Cashour’s just waiting for the industrial barrels of whitewash…

  38. I have suffered PTSD most of my life.

    There is no effective treatment. What people call treatment is nothing more than monitoring.

    This is how Americans treat PTSD.

    They call you crazy, they make loud noise to see if they can trigger you. They Harrah and intimid ate you until you get mad, then they call the police.

    I am not talking about thugs on the street, I am talking about police and firefighters.

    Specifically, Rhode Island police and firefighters. They did this to me.

    Accused me of being suicidal, accused me of being homicidal, told police I was crazy and violent. Accused me of threatening to kill a public official with an ak47.

    In reality, I have never owned a weapon or threatened any person. I have no criminal record and have been receiving this treatment for thirty years straight.

    IWhile out injured from fighting a fire, the city did things to me that done to any other person would be assault and battery and attempted murder.

    I’m sorry to tell you this but some people deserve these mass killings.

    Today I am jobless, homeless, no medical care and no basic human rights.

    Yes, I served, not in war. The war I am fighting is coming to me from Americans that never served anything but themselves.

    So yes, I can see how a veteran with PTSD could snap and kill what the media portrays as innocent people. I know better.

    So, when the Warwick Rhode Island fire chief knowingly filed false reports about me and the police arrested me knowing I was innocent and no person was held to account for putting my life in jeoparfy, for assaulting, battering and molesting me in my home, for kidnapping me and putting me in a psych ward based on false accusations, I can see why veterans kill.

    And until America gets its head screwed on right. I expect this to become normal. That is what the second amendment is for.

    Having PTSD since early childhood is much different than getting it in your late teens and early twenties. I handle it much better than most but it is still killing me just the same, especially when my torments are public officials, police and worst of all, the Warwick Rhode Island fire fighters who are hellbent on being slaughtered with an AK47 for some ungodly reason.

    If you want to know why people with PTSD mifht want to kill what the media portrays as innocent people, go to Warwick and talk to the police and fire departments, they seem to have it down to a science.

    I I of course am still unarmed and have no desire to own a weapon or kill a person. No matter how hard they try to incite me to violence.

    I am an artist. I build things. If I ever get basic human rights and my property returned I will do that again, until then, I will sit back and watch people kill each other and pray for a war that ends this country.

    1. BARRY LAFLEUR March 10, 2018 at 6:07 am
      I have suffered PTSD most of my life.

      I hear ya man…me too….since very early childhood.

      This is something I wrote while under severe duress at the hands of the very evil VA system of crooks in my town:

      The Military Man’s Request

      The military man said as he was boarding the plane, boat or personnel carrier for war to his family and townsmen and women, “I will put my life on the line for the good of the whole but, you must promise to take good care of me if I return. That is all I ask. I do not want you to kiss my hand, just treat me with respect and give me the dignity I deserve and have earned.”
      © 2017

      When I showed it to them they were not amazed or empathetic.

      The key word is in my writing is “…if…”.

      What do you think?

    2. A main problem is the rule set these PCPs are told to follow. Its fucking backwards.
      Anyway, there is an FDA Approved MDMA PTSD treatment…look it up. Awesome. Haha

  39. The VA will utilize this tragedy to mandate VA TeleMental Health, so the VA mental health providers do not have to be in the proximity of Veterans and Shulkin and all the VSO’s will go congress committees with open hats asking for oodles of $$$$ for IT fixes so the VA can vastly expand use of Telemedicine Psych Hacks…and I predict the VA now purchasing vast quantities of body armor…extra, extra, extra large body armor for all the engorged purple teams to wear around us scary Veterans.

    Maybe the VA’s legion of interior decorators and designers could make nice calming patterns on that body armor….

    (I think we Veterans may be collectively fucked….)

    1. I agree. VA is nothing more than socialist styled one size fits all treatments and such. We are all alike. The PCP BS is all about passing us around so others, so called specialist, in the med fields can make their money too. For doing the same things a PCP quack could do at the time in their clinic. More socialist crap and modern greedy med practices, and to hell with patient care VA or not. “Collectively fucked’ is the same as “collective punishments” for all across the board and to hell with individual rights, concerns, needs, or treatments.

      WE can’t connect over this in Indiana or form groups for protest, oh not here. I don’t see anyone else out in the streets for us, but sure do over support for Antifa, the vagina hat cliques, support for the Marxist, open borders, college kiddy antics, and others. Guess there is plenty out there to notice where we all stand and what’s important to who. All others have free speech, can create focus groups, we get censored and trashed. Yep, we have been for years, and – will be- collectively fucked. No maybe about it.

      Try to have a good day people. Get well Ben.

      1. I knew Indiana was gestapo land but is it really that far gone that vets are barred from peaceably assembling? Got any links?

      2. Sorry no links but I can sit with someone and easily show them how bad the censoring is or how they go about using methods and labels to stop us from grouping up, starting a home church, to having simple meetings at the coffee shops we used to have. Until many died off and we tried to get others for our coffee sessions to discuss issues and how to go about trying to get other locals to join in and share some horror stories and such.

        Any links or old websites that could show some truth about Indiana or my town of ilk has been long gone. No negativity allowed around here, none. Just perfection, fairy dust, Unicorns, happy happy happy lefty utopian living here. Barf.

        We have collections, copies, screen shots from being censored and banned over the years from the local news sites that disallowed anyone from the slightest disagreements with some local issue, or not agreeing with the local college crowd or Demoncrats who control the joint. Before they closed them down here we were censored and banned from the Trib Star news comment sections, their chat boards, Eve forums, Hey Martha forums to Topix that is still heavily censoring anything that may disagree with local politics or the herd. Fully supported by state reps and all local politicians, mafias, Freemasons, cliques, colleges, lefties, etc. Nope, just like true Marxist or old Soviet styled living here. Just waiting for the raid or firing squads to begin. But they prefer slow death and inability to attain health care after daring to denounce and challenge VA care and all their activist and corrupt filth.

        I have some solid proof of local covering for the VA. A long list of phone numbers, phony ones too giving threats, some that claim out of service, others coming from a local hospital and clinic that I foolishly went to after the VA. Not knowing I was going into a Hornets nest of Marx-Fems and other assorted activist and family members of the local council members that have hated me for years due to my politics and hating town corruption and nepotism. The men of the movers, shakers, councils, the elite use the Marx fems to do their dirty work since they can get by with much more, then protected by dirty politics and the dirty legal system and all the activist.

        I even tried ads on Craig’s List trying to find witnesses from VA incidents or other vets wanting to form groups or or meet for coffee and share stories. All I got was hate, no other bites. And running around talking things over with local VSOs and groups claiming to help vets, nada. Or certain issues were not their cup of tea or on their agenda or list to do. Too much fear, too much Identity politics, too much retaliation and harassment to find others who want to join in the fun, share stories, have a cup of coffee, or dare being seen with others like me. Truth, open discussion, reality, healing, hope… not wanted here… it’s all forbidden.

  40. Damn!

    Violence is NOT the answer, brothers and sisters. This is my fear every time there’s an active shooter situation, that it’s will be a Veteran, not that any shooter situation is ok, it’s just that both the media and the fucking VA will use this to further vilify us and alienate us, regardless of any PTSD reform…and here we are.

    PTSD sucks. Anxiety/Depression sucks…but if it becomes overwhelming please seek help and if the VA is screwing any of us, maybe cliché, but the pen is still mightier than the sword and the VA absolutely HATES bad publicity…
    …if any positive comes from this, I pray it brings light on how the VA is fucking over Veterans and maybe also bring a closer national spotlight on that particular VA facility…there’s much more to this story and the VA will quickly try to bury this and Sec. Shulkin will and the AFGE will use this to ask for more $$$ for protection from us Veterans.
    Oh, I predict another round of VA offering via the psych hacks…free gun locks….get your free gun locks from uncle sugar. How many do you need? Where do you keep them? Yes, we have duplicate keys to your free gun locks and kept handy by VA’s disruptive goon squads. Wait for it.

    Violence is not ever the answer. Ever. And…FUCK YOU, VA for turning yet another brother away from care and likely the VA was the very trigger…and catalyst for his snapping.

    (a part of me also wants to believe this is a false flag event to bring the heat off Shulkin…wait for it…)

    1. Nam, that is the one major reason I just walked away from VA care to not attending local town meetings or some public events. When activist, ‘professionals,’ elected officials, and rest intentionally ignore us due to mere politics or wanting to expose corruption, ask why VA staff can break laws or threaten, to simply asking for term limits in political offices… we become their enemies and the word is spread throughout their networks for gossip, character assassination, to retaliation. Any harm they can do they will, gladly, with smiles on their faces cause they know they can get by with it and media and their cliques will support and defend it all.

      Seems that is a tactic many fall for. Like the VA wanted me to play. City scum too. Come on our turf to discuss complaints or issues, let us threaten, use scare tactics, accuse you, force you in a corner, stand nose to nose and spray venom in our face, throw their fits behind closed doors, bring up personal or ‘private’ medical information, talk trash then wait for the response from us. They intentionally drive and corner some people like rats into some kind of action. Like they use corrupt attorneys and thugs here to do that after meetings when the minutes have ceased, or after in parking lots, or being followed home by any of them. What fun living in a totally corrupt state and town.

      I used to park near a side-walk and in front of the VA here or there. Noticed my rear view mirrors being broken, new dents and smashes, and vehicle keyed down the sides to bloody bandages being thrown in the back, if a truck. I thought WTF. After a while and a change in parking habits, long waits, I got to see why that was happening. It wasn’t anything personal or against me. It was vets leaving the hospital down the main paths so pissed off they were giving everybody out front the finger at times, cussing, yes keying vehicles and intentionally breaking side mirrors with crutches, slamming doors into other vehicles, etc. Some driving out of the lots in the wrong lanes and directions cussing, waving arms and fingers all the way out and very obviously pissed off beyond control. Others out in the lots not wanting to look and see what the hell was going on, didn’t want to know I guess. Big city living? Not hard to wonder why for some of us who have seen the under-belly shit sack of the VA and it’s operators.

      That and more just makes me wonder what dope the VA had them on. What was said to them or what threats and insane demands were put on them. Did they get to see some VA staff burn-out episodes or lashing out at patients. Behind closed door crap. Denied care or some working treatment. Had to deal with activist and identity politics?

      So how far did they push Mr. Wong or others out there? Violence and harm to others, or killing some idiot that really needs it, is not the answer. Did they know he could be pushed over-board we will never know. I do know that censoring over the past thirty years or more locally has not helped the issues at hand or helped vets. Neither is stopping physical meeting groups for tele-groups. Or local media and politicians, activist, media, college lefties, Marxist, not wanting vets to group up or those harmed by anyone to seek out each other to compare notes and find a remedy to all the evil shit that goes on here. Nope. Might expose too much and now the censoring is nationwide and worsening by the hour. Nope two/3 kinds here not allowed to group-up, form support groups, form some coalition for change. ie veterans harmed and threatened by the VA and civy care, those dealing with dirty corrupt politics/VSOs, and us evil white boys who will automatically be labeled Supremacist or misogynist. Pure facts. And things will remain the same and worsen. Like you say…”just wait for it.” I have for years and seen much come to pass and get worse. Seen history re-written and lied about to make things, towns, people, scum, look good.

      Also, false flags do not mean that innocent people do not get harmed, they do. Collateral damages to promote an agenda, distractions, or emotional event for knee-jerk reactions are real. Like bombing civilians… who cares today. It’s all not mere tin foil hat conspiracy theories or from lizard people living at the Earth’s core. Hmmmm. Lizard people…. looking at DC faces and Shulky. May have to check that out. Soul-less eyes like sharks and demons. Hmmm.

    2. Violence is absolutely an answer when one is fighting a war. And if we’re being honest we need a lot more of it.

  41. This is what multiple deployments and lack of effective treatment of PTSD leads to. And why was there NO mentuion of this tragic incedent in the B’ham news.

      These multiple deployment have giving our Veterans new and different problems. The Veterans Admin and the V. A. Hospitals MUST do a better job. We need better and more trained health workers, not just new interns just out of med schools.

  42. “”These brave women were accomplished professionals who dedicated their careers to serving our nation’s veterans and working closely with those in the greatest need of attention after deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    (Bet many will think the above is just a simple innocent statement. It isn’t that simple or innocent. Or since the word “woman” is mentioned just after national women’s day we are supposed to drop spit shine some shoes with out tongues, and not think or question.)

    See the identity politics game right off the bat? Like we, meaning they at the VA, “professinals,’ are all good and perfect, and they, meaning we vets and others lower in the pyramid, are low life un-educated losers, too stupid to handle such things as pain meds or to know what helps or doesn’t. But we make for damn good guinea pigs and lab rats. Or targets if we dare question them or upset their apple cart or systems/dope/psych-speak that totally fail.

    “Accomplished ‘professionals’ blah blah blah blah. If someone has the status of ‘professional’ and has the alphabet before or after their names must mean they are above some ridicule, inspection, questions, or having their egos bruised a little. We serfs and pawns are supposed to automatically bow, respect, trust, everyone in those classifications or country clubs? To swallow their PC-ness and intentional abuse. Even when they intentionally do harm, threaten, abuse, push head dope they know will ruin people, or talk insane trash to those in need, are desperate?

    I bet I am really pissing some people off. Fine with me.

    One of the many videos I watched over this when a person was simply asked “why” said he’d “prefer authorities to answer that.” Sound quality on a few were not that great, and ears ringing like hell today.

    Sad part is I doubt if we will ever hear the truth about what went on there. Or what or how Wong was treated in a group or behind closed doors. Was he in a secret group under one of those special treatment contracts, forced dope, and no VA negativity allowed???

    Is/was he like one guy I wrote you folks about out here about a TBI young man merely for calling his shrink a bitch. When I asked why none around answered but side-stepped the question other than say he had no right to use such language. But those present were not in the same room with ‘her’ and the vet needing help. All they heard was ‘bitch’ and the cops being called. Then later me out side in front talking to the guy, having no problems at all with him, stating he just needs help, someone real to talk to, and a change in meds. But those inside seemed to think he was all dangerous or being violent when was NOT. So he went to jail over the bitch word bruising an ego, and upsetting some vets who had lust for the shrink (yeah cute but not the point or should be) and went into female protection mode, white knights, to defend her honor in some sad-sick way.

    Sorry for the loss of lives and condolences to their families, but. For me that does not over-shadow long standing, deep-rooted corruption, failed theories and treatments, the head dope, or things that are totally covered-up, protected, or supported by those elite at the top and all those professionals and all connected to them in any myriad of ways.

    With what I have seen, been going through to-date, endured over the years, seen swept under the carpet, media refuses to report on, etc. I don’t and cannot trust anyone here especially those with the alphabet symbols, Coroners reports, hospital administration, self agenda driven employees, VA and civy. Then they all want something done after some tragedy happens but not when there are those out there dealing with daily constant attacks, threats, dealing with dirty politics to unions, health care workers, activist, et al, that don’t want anything negative spoken about their scum filled colleges, towns, medical facilities, whatever. Sad but true. No kind of investigators or investigative journalist, those smiling concerned faces in this state that care to jump in some mud to some truth. Might cost them their lofty jobs and positions, and won’t look cool doing the right thing for once. And may make them enemies for life and have to move out of state to work again, or to be safe from it all.

    I am not a fly on the wall out west or know what’s going on. If it’s the same crap that happens here there is no way I will trust any talking head or ‘professional’ claiming to know it all or to place total blame on Wong. He should have been ‘in-patient’ instead of being like they do here…. kicked out or law called in on them for needing some decency and real help.

    1. In other words, you are one sicko monster totally effed up mentally, still. Blaming women, the victims here – for the murderer’s condition – got penis issues do you, like *president Small Hands? Of course it won’t ever sink in with you that we DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TREAT MENTAL ILLNESS. We didn’t have thousands of women and children being targeted and killed each year by crazy jerks like you with guns back in the day – when crazy people were committed for life. So take your vicious hatred for women and stick it where the sun don’t shine, bud. Hopefully it will explode inside of you and you’ll put a bullet in your own brain first, saving some police officer the trouble of doing it for you in the future.

      1. Wow Cassandra! What a nasty little Marx-feminist C___t you are. I thought I would hit a nerve mentioning the identity politics issue and those glorified “professionals’ especially the female ones we are to bow to and kiss their asses as expected/demanded. You filthy left wing activist know damn well what I am referring to and why. Are you a big fan of Hollywood and Orpah? Must be. Bet you get your info from the “Daily Chew” or the “View” with Barf-har and the other fem scum. Got your vagina hat on too?! Bet if you have a male child you make him wear a pink one too you drag along in your sick parades, make him play with dollies, and if married you force your husband to vote straight Demoncrat and join in on the phony women’s march’ for equality…but isn’t actually about equality or rights is it? You lying heifers. It’s about destroying the male, total emasculation, and our country you foul beast.

        I was told by one of your kind at the VA I had no business or right to dare question a highly VA trained and educated woman about her job or what she has done.’ But it was her doing the felonies, deleting medical files and so-called private and secure communications between me and my health care clinics and ‘so-called professionals.” There again you must be another butt-hurt professional, or local hospital piece of activist trash, who got her super inflated pathological ego bruised then which she suffered severe knee-jerk reactions from putting her pad and panties in a horrible twist. So sorry, sounds like some personal issues for you not mine. Your words or attitude are shit to me sister. Same with all your cliques, sororities, female colleges, or all those other man hating clitoris’ clubs?

        Where did I specifically ‘blame’ the women? Having knee-jerk reactions are we there with your being the one with phallic issues? Probably lack of. Then you turn out to be a real Trumpster hater and as a true left winger fem activist mentioning his “small hands.” Hell, I voted against Hillary, not FOR Trump, and am disappointed in that too. I mostly vote that way… the lesser of two evils. Then on to YOUR thinking YOU know how vets or those with mental illnesses are to be treated and how? Then you label me as “crazy’ and you know nothing about me? Just from an epistle? I think I know who and what you are and where you live. You sound just like the local scum Marxist and college NOW, Antifa slime, and such I deal with daily. I feel the love! It helps people to see how some people/activist/Marx-C__ts/haters from the far left really are. Even the “professionals” and those who fill hospitals and other places where they can flex their feminine wiles and powers, oh my! Maybe screw their way to the top like good ol’ Hollywood actors do, and others do, then yell victim status when rolling in power and the bucks. Hypocrites. Then ruining it all for real victims out there who need the media and spot-light. Or female vets that need the focus/investigations instead of entertainers and paid activist and actors or the illegal whiners in the street with nothing better to do while waiting on food stamps and EBT cards to fill. To buy more American flags to burn. Yeah right.

        There is no having dialog or discussions with scum like you and all connected in your networks of destruction and evil filth. You and I and your other left winger activist demanding tolerance while oppressing, censoring, threatening others, thinking men are to be door-mats, showing totalitarianism and intolerance…. have zero in-common. Nothing. Your Marx-feminist corrupt ass just hit a brick wall with this man. I will not conform to your crap or your ilk. So much for your loving globalist styled far left communitarian communities and perfect female run villages huh? Now back to the kitchen with your nasty ass. You are NOT a real woman, probably not a vet, far from being like my momma, and defineltly not a decent human being unfit to be equal with others in a community. Let alone trying to silence all other you disagree with and hate due to identity politics while your pursue your own agendas of hate and silencing all others but those just like your kind of ilk.

        Have a nice day ho. You show why trust or respect is earned… not just given when demanded or wanted. And please try to not leave snail trails around for us old men to slip on, okay? You Porcupine. You got stuff on you and in YOUR heart Bon Ami or Lysol can’t scrub off you nasty Cultural Marx- feminist.

        “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11

        Copy that? Hoosier Cass.

      2. Thousands of women and children being targeted and killed?

        And then you suggest a veteran commit suicide?

      3. And the SnowFlake of the moment award goes to “Cassandra”!

        It really is too bad these three woman took over a program that was originally run by Veterans. Back when the program worked!

        Clearly when the VA took over the program and put marriage counselor, a teen ager drug specialist and a VA researcher in charge with the goal of making the organization profitable and not helping Veterans.

        Of course this was going to happen.

        Thank you for your whining SnowFlake!

      4. Congratulations on being a world class cunt. Go do something useful with your time…like making your partner a sammich.

      5. Anyone else notice there’s quite a pronounced ‘ass’ within ‘Cassandra’, or was it just me that noticed that particular swamp monster?

      6. Wow.
        PEOPLE are targeted every day. Not just women and children stop over thinking “T’s” rant.

      7. Sorry that the scum around here got so triggered by you telling the truth. Keep being awesome!

      8. Others should try, or imagine, living in a state, college town, filled with these ….. people? Or why I get harassing and threatening phone calls daily from sources like hospitals, clinics, etc. And their administrators like the local networks, VA, or governor, politicians do nothing and don’t care. Or why a white man hit and killed here by a mafia family won’t make it to the news with much more censored. The scum all know they will be, are, totally protected and will not suffer consequences for their actions… just like the crap from the VA, unions, et al. Then people may wonder why I draw the lines I have, want to know the particulars or connections about people in power or health care workers and the rest. That is why. Also why it does no good to vote when only phony neocons or Democrats will be ‘shoe-ed in’ or can run, only the corrupt need apply. All others just get hype, ignored, toyed with. When I say Indiana is totally occupied, finished, totally corrupt, evil to the core, I am not kidding and from DC down to Indianapolis, to small town Indiana know it. It’s all activist and corruption, cover-ups run rampant and destroy their perceived non-conformist enemies who don’t bow to them all or the Marx, commie, left. Sad, pathetic, totally un-American, but true. A lefty town + three major lefty colleges? Known to be the union, or socialist/Democrat strong-hold of Indiana? “Sin City or ‘Little Chicago or Chi town?” What fun for a truther or a so-called …”crusader.”

        Then think why there are no real whistle blowers here, or will be. No news about the rotten VA or massive corruption will be known from media or out of state. I must be the only dummy in the state. What other blue collar worker or serve would dare talk negatives about the state or it’s filthy rotten soulless wealthy cliques who are akin to spawns from everything evil in the world. It’s all here. Oh but we have to support their games, race tracks, golf courses, cliques, etc. Or else.

      9. YIKES,,but ,”T,”,,,i do like your quote at the end,”Take no part in thee unfruitfullness of darkness,but expose them,”’,,,,,It appears many,,,both men and women of so-called professionals,,allow the illusions of thier rank to treat others like shit,,their ,”above,” the rest,,I have been called several words,,by so-called professionals,,but again the DELUSION THEIR RANK HAS DONE TO THEM,, is to think they know it all,,when the reality is,,,its the so-called ,professionals’,”’ who have gotten us into this mess,,right!!,,All of us,,were censored,,are not even allowed in 1 meeting in Washington,,for according to these ,’professionals’,” we don’t know what to do or how to fix it,,when we do..We know exactly how to fix this mess,,,,very simple,,,,LISTEN,,,,, that’s all they gotta do is L;ISTEN,, and stop w/the b.s. clinical shit and use some freaken common sense..but a paid for education by mommy /daddy does not give this idiots ,”common sense.Hell Ive seen idiots out of harvards come up w/thee stupidest answers’ to a problem,,that will only cause MORE hurt,,more dead,,,some are thinking that I exactly what they want,,,,us dead,,so the insurance companies do not have to pay for the chronic medically ill,,,or obviously the chronic mentally ill either,,,,soo the ceo can buy another house in florida,,,jmo,,maryw

    2. In fairness, every mental health facility I have gone to says that one cannot use foul language, or you will be removed. Seems to me if you are a professional working with veterans, you must realize that these men and women will use foul language, it’s part of the military vernacular, and if they are suffering from PTSD or other mental health illness, it’s often the case that there is no filter. Shouldn’t these professionals realize that. I use the term professional loosely because I suffer from PTSD, with severe anxiety and panic disorder. I have a lot more control over my ability to not curse or get angry, but I will tell you a story – My first day in treatment, I was stood up by my mental health counselor. he was a no show. I was supposed to see him for our first visit right before my orientation to the program. I went to the orientation, and there were 7 patients, 5 of whom were battling addiction (I do not drink or do drugs) and two of us were there for standard run of the mill ptsd, anxiety, panic disorder and depression, without substance abuse issues. Later that day, the counselor called me apologized and asked me to take off work yet again to show up that afternoon. he was there, but my new appointment was 30 minutes late. My next appointment, he was again late by 30 minutes, and I was the first appointment of the day. Long story short, the late appointments and missed appointments kept occurring, they removed all my medications previously prescribed by a psychiatrist who was no longer in my insurance plan – hence the reason I started seeing them. I ended up having a surgery, which had complications, and resulted in a second surgery, I almost died, When I was released from the hospital, 2 weeks after the second surgery, I received a telephone call from the mental health professionals, I explained I was unable to go to any new appointments due to my surgeries (I was not allowed to drive for 6 weeks after getting home, with home care from nurses 3 days a week and physical therapy 4 days a week), and that I anticipated being released to drive in about 6 weeks so I could go back to therapy (I had 70 staples, and 20 sutures from my ribs down to my groin, which were not even removed until three weeks after I went home). I received a letter from them about 2 weeks after the telephone call kicking me out of their program because I failed to attend. Not once did I curse, or get violent with them, when they screwed up. I cried. To top it all off, they tried to bill me illegally for amounts in excess of the insurance plan, sending me collection notices for thousands of dollars. I am an attorney so I was able to resolve that myself without further ado, but they treated me very poorly overall. I went back to my original treating psychiatrist, paying cash out of pocket, because I was in dire mental health straits by the time I was released to return to work. He got me back on the one medication that worked for me, and helped me file complaints against the other facility. Not everyone reacts the same way to the incompetence of “professionals”, and if his reaction was to become violent, they should have been aware of that.

      1. Karen, I hope you’re doing better now-a-days, and all healed up.

        I didn’t cuss for years since about 89 to just a few years ago and the bad habit came back. I won’t claim a title as “professional’ but as a volunteer and such for many years I came to learn how to tolerate and deal with a multitude of issues and people. Heck, I’ve worked in bars and titty joints etc., so there is no shock value there for me at all. Pissed people off and some would cuss me up one side and down the other… fine, no problems. I understood why, or the many reasons why. Most would come back and apologize and we could discuss some issues deeper and better. Some times things got very confrontational and a few times physical. But it comes with the territory, and so-called professionals, and I have seen some deal with it, can easily brush such things off as part of the job too. That includes Christian therapist too. Those professionals who can’t deal with some emotional flair-ups, bad words, rants, pillow punching, chaos, etc., probably have no business in that area of health care, period. Just depends on many things. There are just some people out there you can’t put strict demands on or verbal boundaries on. That’s like telling a country person to shut up and speak big city talk and jargon and follow the herd to be a good acceptable person.Some need time for ‘growth.’

      2. I tend to think of the whole “foul language” issue as a contest of wills.

        On the one hand you have the treating “professional” making what may or may not be an unreasonable demand upon the person of a veteran to “modify” their behavior into something more “acceptable”. Here is the problem I tend to see. What is and is not acceptable is subjective. I as a person express myself in a particular way and I tend to say fuck and shit quite a lot. The problem I have encountered once already in therapy is that if I’m not allowed to express myself in my own fucking words just how the holy hell is somebody supposed to reach me and treat me? If I have to not only contend with my own internal shit storm but now also with a request to filter that shit storm into something that the treating “professional” deems appropriate? Fuck no. My therapy. My conditions. My words.

    3. I see you love quoting the Bible, can you show where it says that it’s Godlike to call women cunts?

      Anyway, you sound like an incel.

      1. The Bible doesn’t call anybody to be “Godlike” it calls believers to be “Christlike” and since according to the Bible women are to submit themselves to the will of men, being inferior, and all, I imagine the old hebrew equivalent of cunt, which is נַרְתִיק btw, was bandied about on a daily basis.

      2. Yes I will use certain words for effects if need be and applicable. Depending on mood too. Am I supposed to be courteous, nice, respectful, etc., to every varmint out there? To those that hate me, attack, or think they should have total rule over my life, thinking, words, speech, thoughts, religion, whatever? I have been respectful in the past but now days not so much. It doesn’t do much good to treat corrupt scum or activist decently when they do not give a damn about us, our rights, liberties, gender, safety, or ability to even go to town meetings and try to discuss issues with totally corrupt filth on all levels. Not with the filth, scum, liars, game players, demons, activist, youth/kiddies, “professionals,” politicians, lying media heads, journalist, etc., we deal with today. Especially with scum anti-American activist, commies, control freaks, the two faced hypocritical activist like NOW, “me too,” Antifa, Hollyweird garbage, the Vagina hats, and a long list of others.

        A good book to read is “Who Stole Feminism.” I think was the proper title and explains it all and what it turned into. Oh, written by a female.

        You young? What is “incel?” Is that like cray cray or some pop culture crap? Speak English suck-fish.

        As for bible passages that is the first one I have thrown out here. Want another scum bag? “None are righteous no not one.” You one of the many who wants to throw what being “God-like” is all about, taking some kind of moral high ground while spewing filth or playing activist, anti-American or anti-vet? You “chosen” or a “Puritan?” A spiritual giant and judge? It’s really funny what some of you activist try to use on the rest of us who refuse to assimilate into your lefty scum ‘group-think,” or activist demands to fit in with your ilk.

        Still a little bit of a free country isn’t it? Can’t stand the heat (or words) stay out of the kitchen or discussion snow flake. Even though I was a “snow flake’ or white bread all through public school so I don’t care to use that one too much. So with those like you, and encompasses many in this country today are mere… communist/MoveOn-scum, Marxist, demons, “children of the father of lies,” or one of the lost youth of the generations due to public education, social engineering, invading foreigners agenda, to activist. So if the shoe fits …. wear it. And by the way! Did you miss the sign a ten year old girls was holding up in a photo of the “Womens March?” Oh it was so lovely… and telling.. with an arrow pointing downward.. the sign read…”fear this cunt.” Unquote. That video was taken down fast and I wonder why. Hmmmm With toddlers and little boys around in the herd of filth too to see all this trash going on, among all those upstanding ethical demanding females. Oh gotcha, some can use certain words and do things others cannot. One set of laws for those peeps and another set of allowances for all others.

        Get real.

      3. Wylde…
        What is an incel?

        aka “involuntarily celibate”, a person (usually male) who has a horrible personality and treats women like sexual objects and thinks his lack of a sex life comes from being “ugly” when its really just his blatant sexism and terrible attitude. incels have little to no self awareness; even when they see other “ugly” men with girlfriends, they consider these men to be tricksters who have somehow beat the system and can get women despite being cursed with unattractiveness (in other words, theyre respectful to women and women are attracted to their personalities, but incels cant comprehend such a phenomenon). they believe that women owe them sex, and many of the more extreme incels like to spend time in incel communities on the internet coming up with ways to make women have sex with them (often involving genocide of people of color, genocide of “Chads” (men who have sex), taking rights away from women, raping them, having sex with women’s dead bodies, and other horrid, disgusting things. they cant understand that that is PRECISELY why women want nothing to do with them).
        I’m pretty sure Ryan is an incel. Yesterday he made a facebook post about how all women are shallow and exist to torture men by “denying” them sex, as if sex is something people “deserve”, and not a privilege given by potential sexual partners that should be respected.
        by lizalfoe August 08, 2017

      4. @Lem well thank you for clearing that up for me. Since I’m none of that I’m going to assume it wasn’t talking about me.

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