Bay Pines VA AFGE Union Benjamin Krause

WFLA Interviews Krause After VA FOIA Reveals Racism Double Standard

After we published the FOIA response from VA Public Affairs confirming its double standard about racists comments, management at Bay Pines VA said they finally took action against the local AFGE union president who made a racist comment in question.

WATCH: Krause Interview With Steve Andrews

Two months ago, one local union VA president at Bay Pines VA made a racist Facebook comment while at work about perceived “white privilege.” The comments came a few months after another VA employee made derogatory comments about NFL players that got the other employee demoted, “dance monkey dance” concerning the kneeling protests during the national anthem. VA swiftly demoted that employee and VA Public Affairs quickly boasted about its swift response.

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Everyone wondered how VA might handle a similar case in Bay Pines VA since the commenter in question was a dark-skinned woman who is also not a combat veteran.

The response? Nothing for about two months.

The rub here that many individuals may not realize is VA leadership tends to hammer combat veterans whenever a problem arises but non-veterans not-so-much. It is a common discrepancy.

Once VA provided its FOIA, we published it on my site and critiqued VA Public Affairs and the agency generally for treating a combat veteran with less consideration than a noncombat veteran. That much seemed obvious. VA said it had yet to take action against Tatishka Thomas, the official in question

Steve Andrews at Channel 8 News in Tampa, Florida reached out to me Thursday after seeing my FOIA posted in an article about the issue. Following our interview, Andrews reached out to Bay Pines VA to see what might be new since it released the FOIA response.

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What he learned was Thomas was “counseled” to make sure the comment would not happen again. She was not demoted like Steve Pina, the VA official who gave his opinion about the NFL protest.

Nope, she was counseled:

Bay Pines VA Healthcare System does not condone or tolerate such unacceptable and offensive comments from any of our employees. That’s why we conferred with human resources and personnel law officials about this matter. VA leaves these decisions up to local facility leaders, and after weighing all the facts and circumstances, I have decided we will counsel the employee to ensure she avoids such conduct going forward.”

– Suzanne M. Klinker, Director, Bay Pines VA Healthcare System

And counseling in this context is likely a joke. Nothing likely happened.

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WFLA Channel 8 Excerpt

From the WFLA Channel 8 piece in italics below:

Benjamin Krause, a disabled veteran, attorney and veteran’s advocate says the agency’s two-month silence about Thomas’ post is alarming.

“I think by dragging it out they absolutely leave other individuals to believe that the agency has a double standard,” Krause said.  “We don’t know if the difference in how she [Thomas] is treated relates to race, whether it relates to gender, we don’t know if its because she’s also an A.F.G.E. official.”

Krause noted the department’s swift disciplinary action in response to a similar situation against an employee in Rhode Island who also happened to be a combat veteran.   That employee was demoted from his supervisory position.             

“My post to my personal page are just that, my personal opinions and experiences,” Thomas told me after her post surfaced.

Documents obtained by Krause show some VA officials also found her remarks repugnant.

“This gives the VA a black eye and nobody benefits from the VA looking bad and from VA employees not being held accountable,” said Krause.

When reached by telephone, Thomas said she wasn’t able to talk because she was at work. She requested I call her after 5 p.m. I did, but she did not answer.


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  1. I am a republican. NOT a tea partier or conservative. I am ultra mega pro 2A and anti NRA. I AM AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST AND PRO ENVIRONMENT. I AM ANTI MUSLIM AND NOW A CERTIFIED RACIST. Real men leave animals alone. It is only a cowardly womb reject who takes the life of an animal. Be a real man, take out muslims and islam if you need to prove machismo. Puppy dog stories like puppies being fed to turtles. Lions being murdered and slaughtered because a dna flawed specimen of a pussy looking man, a dentist, needs to prove himself with a dead lion.
    So dont rant and show cause when all you can do is pick on the weaker, you know, the weaker without weapons and technology.

    I validated myself on a battlefield. Life is sacred, unless of course you challenge my country and the constitution under the very blanket of freedom, the AMERICAN FLAG…..

  2. Per article. White hatred, it’s destruction, declining numbers, discrimination, supported attacks, etc., has been going on for generations, getting worse, here to stay. Sad part is whites do not have a voice or groups or clubs that ALL others do, period. When our physical meeting ended at the local CBOC was one excuse of not being diverse enough. Piss on “diversity,” PC-ness, hate crimes, et all, period. We have no special rights, allowances, and no-way can by with some of the crap ALL others do, have done. and the coming events. And Ben’s blog, keyboard commandos, lefties, whatever is not going to change things and all not having the same knowledge, experiences, access to information, been taught the same ‘facts’ whatever. Hell with it. Lets go tribal, since globalism, multi-cultism was a failure to even comprehend as forced busting up more white areas in the name of ‘diversity’ like Obummer and others did.

    MSM and others sure covered up news when the illegals and many other groups were out in the streets burning our flag in Cali and around stating they were going run whites off their continent or kill us all. Or the joy when the Latino or Mex proclaimed white’s being a minority in Cali now. People have short memories and sure can side step a ton of issues while excusing bad behavior and the destruction of this country that so many want to happen.

    There is also too much time wasted on discussing the issue and way too many issues and topics included. Obummer didn’t help matters with his phony B-certificate groomed by the powers that be to sit in high office and ruin the VA the way he did or claimed by VA staff about orders and their hate speech and insanity coming from the top. Just like not arresting the Black militants with clubs preventing whites or others the ability to vote. Making Mandela out the be some kind of hero when he was a mass murdering thug. And on it could go while nothing will be done about it.

    That said and no remarks needed or wanted. The main points are there are still vets and people dying, suffering, have been forced out of the VA and deal with it’s retaliation on a daily bases. If white and not a lefty or known on a more local level of not agreeing with totalitarian far left fascist politics just makes things worse. Especially if we had to deal with all those ‘people’ and their agendas we are to be quiet about, never challenge, just play doormats with zero support or instant help like others have. Then we may be asked something like ‘whats wrong with puppy dog stories,’ or fun or militant distractions, or why not enjoy Hollywood slime or comedy. I am talking about serious issues here. Others dying trying to expose the VA and countless other wrongs in this flushed invaded country.

    I am sure it will bring great joy to the lefties and activist but for some out there face shit and attacks daily. Some may seen innocent everyday things but then turn completely malicious and life ruining or ending. And not one person caring and no support groups, cliques, churches, ACLU etc., to go to.

    Wednesday if I didn’t change my one man drive-by protest, stayed home put the vehicle behind the woods. No storms, not as reported by energy people no trees on my incoming power lines, more leaders and others not doing their jobs, giving excuses, could have been disaster. When targeted by the elected, the mafias, the corrupt, lefties, to the point simple tree trimming by the power company stops could cause issues, but the shunned and non-conformist get neglected. But all is anticipated, no shocker. Live in la la land and ‘enjoy puppy dog’ stuff?

    A few weeks ago during a days barrage of those phone calls which I normally record, log, turn in, and map back to the general locations of points of calls. Called one number back which I usually do and in surprise it was Duke Energy’s office. I asked why the constant calling and hanging up like many others I have been getting for months, every day. He said no calls came from that number or office. I said they sure did and the number was on my ID machine minus the Duke Energy ID, just number. So no use bickering with these characters whether or not they are part of it.

    I asked him while I had him on the line about two crews being at my home just a few days previously and what they were doing to my new smart meter and around the house, for about a half hour. He said no crews were at my house when he checked. I said oh yes there were and told him what two workers told me, and they were in two marked DE trucks, four workers. He said no way and no crews were at the house during that time. Odd huh. Common for me though.

    Fast forward when they are slammed by storm damages in other parts of the state making repairs locally more difficult and untimely. I just happen to lose neutral wire from the pole that day, not harming the smart meter, but putting energy into the ground/neutral panels and wiring. Know what that means? Some electronics got ruined and house would have been set afire if I was not home to kill the main. Coincidence? I don’t believe in those anymore. Especially when I am being lied to or fed shit. Or told about some fairyland storm at my house alone in the community, then the tree excuse like I am blind and too dumb to know what a downed tree is. Especially since Duke boss sat on local town councils, buddies with my psychotic councilman obsessed with censoring all people and shutting me up and has for years… and all Dems/ socialist… and all love the censoring the people and vets game. Oh, and country clubbers among other corrupt cliques here. Under the facade the above is the reality of the under-belly of a “Democrat Stronghold” and corrupt as hell. Three lefty colleges, supported by the whole sheebang here… Chambers, Catholic churches, Prots, unions, VSOs, all.

    OH, and that psycho councilman’s family members also work at the civvy hospital I was harassed out or away from. All the while I get no attention or interest from the locals, HR crowd, the hospitals admin, all. Can I play the race card or victim status??? Nope. Any white groups to run to or politicians, churches, VSOs that don’t want to get involved in local politics meaning VA shit too? We need a version of the NAACP, BLM, antifa and such for white men or white vets having had issues with ‘colored staff’ and the rest.

    So why waste time trying to discuss race issues or discuss matters with those that would love see any damage done or death happen to those who disagree with them or their unions or some other agenda? Or who cheer-lead for any malicious group or gang or mafia out there due to politics, race, unions, etc. NO, we are all not on level playing field nor do we have those protections, special rights or special laws to protect us while the true evils have it all.

    Point being this is why so many people do not want to get involved or willing to stand up to it all or in part which eventually means standing up to every evil out there. Are others out there doing the same or enduring the same shit? I don’t know. Too much censoring, too much fear, too much distrust of people, too many agent provocateurs, antagonist, actors and phonies to do harm instead of good.

    When I see or read puppy dog stories, all the animal rights activist putting animals first, sports, Kardashian’s ass, vets-humans last, human interest pity parties, more concerns for foreigners, blah blah, my mind goes to the deaths of vets and others burning themselves up, sitting on train tracks or stepping in front of a semi truck to get some attention, keep the focus on the evil goings on, and lame shit like that don’t cha’ know. Then to have some think like the VA, commie, cliques, into the identity politics shit, the endless list of em’s all fun and games, all keyboard fun or something.

    Hey where’s all those concerned vet groups at or concerned media.. ha ha. Not for corrupt Indiana? Still.

    That’s my end rant and story sharing for the night.

  3. @ oifmack
    Did you really say that “racism is a creation of black sympathizers” ?

    What history book have you been reading??

    Racism is a creation of colonialism…. that created the reality of slavery in the Western Hemisphere. For you to somehow blame racism on the ancestors of slaves is a bridge way to far to cross, or to blame those of us who sympathized with the black plight and tried to undo the Jim Crow laws. Plenty of white people died trying to get blacks in the south the simple right to vote, go to the same bathroom, to eat at the same restaurant, and on and on.
    The problem of racism could be solved, if …….. white people simply acknowledged that we have been pretty lucky…… privileged if you choose to use that word. It’s time for white people to demand all police departments to treat blacks the exact same way they treat whites. And, yes black lives should matter just as much as white lives matter.

    Thank you for listening.

  4. THEE problem here is simple:

    People are afraid of being called a racist if they do not align with blacks, and the white, bleeding heart puppets of the black “woe is me” support network.

    Racism in America is a creation of black sympathizers and most obviously blacks themselves. My initial post above says it all.

    Blacks have become a global problem but the United States picks up most of the burden because most countries do not want the black race. Take a good look at global demographics and then refer to some of the references made by foreign leaders and the people themselves. Hell, before Hugo Chavez died, he called obama a n****r. Because countries like Ireland and Great Britain are welcoming blacks and muslims, look at their current stage of demise.

    Racism is about blacks wanting and needing racism while simultaneously using the race card for crime, deviancy, and while being anti American, strong arming American values by virtue of alienating moral and ethical guides. Kinda like the NRA strongarming the 2A with anti-constitutional agenda with its gullible and lethargic puppets…

    BTW… FYI…..I am 2A all the way, just not an NRA butt buddy…

    The KKK have been choirboys compared to the BoweL Movement (blm for you intellectuals).

    Islam is an opponent of the black race. Though denied by some, a well written and practiced fact which is one of tbe reasons Farakhan is not often invited…

    Point? Blacks like that idiotic womb reject kaepernick and his faggot ass playmates resemble the true meaning of being black.
    As if!!!!

    If I could and with the right platoon or team or squad, it would be a great day to get bergdahl, that newly made bitch manning, blm, this VA womb rejected and DNA flaw Tatishka or whatever her ID is…
    Air drop them over the northwestern pocket of iraq, and the rest is history….

  5. Tucker: FAA Sacrifices Merit For Diversity
    9:44 PM 06/02/2018
    Julia Nista | General Assignment Reporter Daily Caller

    “The Federal Aviation Administration recently changed their hiring practices by sacrificing merit for diversity, as Tucker Carlson pointed out.

    “At any one time there are 5,000 aircraft above the United States. On 9/11, air traffic controllers guided every one of them to a safe landing in a little over an hour. Go ahead and try that,” Carlson said Friday. “It’s a job where a small mistake could lead instantly to the deaths of hundreds of people. Not surprisingly, the hiring standards for air traffic controllers were long among the most selective of all federal jobs.”

    Carlson the pointed out that certain standards such as understanding science and math are drastically diluted in the new hiring process.

    “Apparently unemployed people make the best air traffic controllers. This is demented, by the way, but it’s real. So do applicants who played a lot of sports in high school. They’re rewarded too. By contrast applicants who say they know a great deal about air traffic control get only five points. Trained pilots get two points, “Carlson said. “We asked the FAA’s top spokesman why applicants for an air traffic control job would get more points for high school sports than flying planes or knowing a lot about air traffic control. His response, quote, ‘I’m trying to find that out as well.’”


  6. They “counseled” that piece of trash?

    Ok, whatever.

    Look at what happened to Starbucks, Waffle House. If I was MLK Jr., I would be rolling over in my grave.

    Sad thing is many minorities are taking advantage of their race, gender, and/or sexual preference to manipulate situations to their benefit (i.e. money, promotions, etc.). And, instead of institutions, businesses, etc. standing up to such madness – they cower out of fear of losing money getting bad publicity.

    The VA is doing the same thing as Starbucks. It is cowering to the thugs instead of standing up to them. But then again, remember, the VA wants thugs to work there. The VA wants self-centered people who have no problem with screwing over a veteran. The VA’s priority is how they can get CALIBRE and other people from private industry into their ranks and get congress to approve funding so the top brass can get rich. Tankina, or Takinesheia or whatever retarded name she is is the last of the VA’s priorities.

  7. @ Dennis
    Then should we call it peach privilege? Cmon you’re splitting hairs, the term ‘white’ covers all tones of Caucasian color, even orangutan orange that is created with a heat lamp.
    The term, I’m sure you know refers to the things that a white (or peach colored) person can do that would raise eyebrows or cause consternation if a black person did the same thing. For example walking down the street in a well to do neighborhood, a white guy wouldn’t be given a 2nd glance, but a black walking down the same street might be intercepted by the local police. A real live example is an incident in Tyler, Tx at the local Hilton at 740 PM, the police were called because a young black man looked suspicious in the parking lot, it looked like “he was up to something” reported the caller to 911. The Tyler police arrived with backup (2 units), came upon him, had him face down on the asphalt, handcuffed BEFORE they even asked his name. Turned out that the suspicious black man was Ricky Williams, the past #1 pick by the New Orleans saints, who was in Tyler to help a charity. His only crime was being black at the Hilton and double checking his car, then jogging around the outer perimeter of the building parking lot.

    White privilege is a fact, not racism.

  8. I am sorry, Ben, I am thankful for so much of what you do, but I think you are making a fast equivalency here. Using the word “monkey” in reference to a person of African decent is a known racial epithet. Calling out “f’ing white privelege” out of frustration over an issue, is not racist in any form. It is a statement of perceived injustice from an event, decision or policy that may or may not be rooted in white privilege. White privilege is a “reality” that has been born out time and time again both anecdotally and in studies in the fields of sociology, anthropology, and public health. Now should the employee be counselled to find better methods? Sure. Which is what the VA did here. I feel like they are in the right.

    1. “White privilege is a “reality” that has been born out time and time again both anecdotally and in studies in the fields of sociology, anthropology, and public health.“

      I take real offense to this. I realized early as Little Kingdoms Kindergarten and Daycare that being called “white” was just bigoted thinking in light of the obvious truth! The box of 64 crayons with the sharpener built in revealed the lie to me. I am not white and I know this racial slur has become so commonplace that you are insensitive to it, but sir I am Peach. Crayola 64 isn’t a bigot is it? No! The labels tell it like it is until the third sharpening. Less fortunate kids of Peach descent never got to see the box of 64 so even they perpetuate our own lie and self Peach loathing because we can never really get pasty enough to go full white Eric. This is tough on us man. Is that fair Eric?

  9. Well, well, well – In regards to the race issue, first, everyone should read “The Declining Significance of Race”, secondly, people neglect to acknowledge that when this country was being developed, in the north country, most of the white immigrants were indentured servants or in other words, slaves. And the condition these people endured were worse than in the south. They lived in deplorable conditions, and their children worked from day to dawn along with their parents. These people weren’t guaranteed a place to live, food to eat or even clothes for their backs. They also were beaten and abused without having anyone recognizing this inhumane treatment. So the fact is such that all races (let’s not forget about the Chinese) were mistreated by the ruling elite.

    Next, when we start to criticize this country for the it’s race issues, it is true we need to work together to improve the discrepancies. However when compared to other countries, this country is the most willing to participate in creating an environment that accommodates everyone equally. How do you think Caucasian are treated in African, South American, Asian, Persian countries? Would you say that they receive equal treatment there? With that being said, yes, we are still trying to make things better for everyone and being able to discuss our grievances openly is how this goal is achieved.

    And finally, with regards to the biased treatment of individuals in the VA and of veterans, “The rub here that many individuals may not realize is VA leadership tends to hammer combat veterans whenever a problem arises but non-veterans not-so-much. It is a common discrepancy.” It appears to me that in this world, in general, weak people (bullies) tend to attack those that are less able to defend themselves. You can also define this type of person as sociopathic and/or narcissistic. We need to acknowledge this mindset in order for it to become taboo in our culture.

    In closing, “Hurt people, hurt people”.


  10. Ben, if you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at Columbia Law School’s Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity (CAPI.) It appears that their mission aligns quite nicely with yours. Maybe a good resource?

  11. Thomas was “given” a house – a while back in her life when she was recently divorced and had two kids – so I read. She didn’t have any racist comments for them, the organization that “awarded” her the house. You can look it up on the web

    Here’s one for all to read:
    Steve Hoffman: Congress abandons veterans just before Memorial Day
    Sat., June 2, 2018 The Spokesman – Review

    Steve Hoffman is a U.S. Navy Veteran and a Socialist. In this lovely article, one of the many things he says is:
    “The VA specializes in providing care for the injuries and health conditions caused by war. Closing VA centers and forcing veterans into private facilities that have no experience in treating such conditions will be a disaster. Currently there are 49,000 staff vacancies at VA centers across the country. It’s high time to fill those vacancies, expand services, and forget about privatization!”

    Specializes in injuries caused by war??? How inexperienced, uninformed and asinine this ass-wipe is. You mean these Indians and other foreigners who are doctors at the VAHS are ultra-knowledgeable above all other Drs. in private care to do this better than anyone else? Last I looked, most had no or hazy credentials at best, and didn’t know where any of the wars veterans fought were in this world (Vietnam, Iraq, etc.). He goes on to champion the AFGE, to repeal the Mission Act – calling it a scam and a scheme, etc. How about the fact the VA can’t handle all the vets it needs to serve (even McD said this back when) . Hoffman’s answer is a very bloated “VAHS is cool” and there should be tons more of it – for the entire U.S. population, matter-of-fact. “ “The government will do all…for everybody, damn it…because they care!”

    Yes, the world is divided – assholes vs. people who have experienced the truth of the matter. You just have to shake your head in disbelief. There are no adjectives to describe his thoughts on the subject.

  12. I am a Madras White Buffalo. They had not yet learned on the reservation to call it a rainbow cow which is why the tribal gang from the reservation were savages. But we took the symbol of the White Buffalo as our school mascot anyway. Some mumble jumbo about Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire and then here is some White Buffalo that makes it all seem to matter? I call that savage and uncivilized. Pure white cow privilege.

    Dance bovine, dance!

    Now can we move on to the art of Zen multi tasking?

  13. “White Privilege’ has been a fact of American life since the inception of the republic, for anyone to deny that fact is a history denier, right beside those who deny that the holocaust occurred. While it is absolutely true that the remarks made by Thomas are racist, there seems to be a sense that VA leadership has taken the position that we will give her a pass ‘this time’ because of the history of white on black suppression. Whereas, in the other case the VA said to the white veteran ‘you should know better, therefore punishment is the correct alternative’. A double standard for sure!! The question then becomes, how do we apply discipline amongst Anglos and people of color equally?? How do we become color blind after almost 3 centuries of reminding whites and blacks that white people are inherently better than black people? Unfortunately their is no scientific solution to the question, affirmative action was an attempt at a ‘speed up’ process to put more minorities in power positions through selective education and federal assignment. But as history has shown us, many, many white people like it just the way it has always been.

    Do any of you remember the race riots that occurred in Viet Nam?? If you do and if you’re honest you will say that the black servicemen who rioted had a very legitimate complaint and if you carry that honesty to the next level, you will conclude any black person older than 35 does believe that white privilege is alive and well in the US.

    I believe the solution for the VA is relatively simple —- we will not put up with racial rants or innuendo, when you come to work, you are not Anglo, Hispanic, Black, Indian, Asian or an ET, you are the Veteran’s Administration. To the black and people of color employees the VA says ‘yes, you have been discriminated against in the past, but yesterday is gone, and we won’t allow you to seek vengeance for the sins of the past’. To the white employees the VA says, ‘yes you used to have white privilege in the past, but yesterday is gone, and we won’t allow you to exert a privilege that no longer exists’ Then apply the written code of conduct equally.

    1. I agree – how is saying White Privilege a racist statement?

      The problem we have in this country is honesty and a lot of people are not honest about what has been done since the inception of this country, like everything about the US is pure but it was really created on the most horrible story in recent times.

      I know that everyone and every group has their challenges but I don’t understand how saying White Privilege is truly a racist statement?

      1. “how is saying White Privilege a racist statement?”

        how is saying “Fucking White Privilege” a racist statement?

        Both are racist!!!

      2. Yea, what up with that just because White Privilege is a racial slur dosen’t mean it is racist. Right???

    2. Your historical segway is lethargic at best and coddling at worst. But then again…..

      A post modern “white privilege” went out with the Civil Rights Act. Since then, the core racism is based on the “po lil’ black boy” being coddled by a society made up of hyphenated characters wanting and needing racism to solidify the black “plight”. Of course, this in itself causes you to have to think. But, there is more, a lot more. And yes, the white populous feeling a blood leak in the heart and feeling for the black “plight”.

      Racism…. is obama running for president as a half white and half black, and the second he gets into the Oval Office, he suddenly becomes black. Lets not talk about the racist Attorney General Holder or his replacement, Loretta Lynch.

      Racism in America has been the foundation for black on white (all non-black folks) racism for decades. NOT white on black racism, but then again, since I have to start referring to my tires as tires of color, I shall appease.

      Blacks want racism. Blacks need racism. Blacks love racism. Blacks are racism. Blacks thrive on racism. Without racism, blacks would be without a purpose. Blacks are the ONLY race on earth who have multitudes of hyphenated or singular identifiers so as to maintain racism:

      People of color
      african American
      ….and the list goes on……

      I will reference the “people of color”. The last time I saw a box of crayola crayons, there were blue, brown, teal, red, WHITE, orange, pink, black, purple, green, taupe, forest green, etc….So, without insulting intellectual capacity and as a white fella, I must admit, I am a “person of color”. Unless of course, I am invisible.

      Your post, however distorted, has literally validated the black racists going rogue. As if…..

      black lives matter (BLM) or as I refer to the BoweL Movement (BLM), has integrated ignorance, anti American deviancy, and a support network for black deviant criminals and thugs. Black criminal deviants were challenging the law, and got wasted doing it. Plain and simple. White criminal deviants who get wasted or incarcerated are not idolized, but shrugged off as garbage who deserve what they get, the consequences of…..

      While veterans were being used, manipulated, murdered, abused, beaten, and lied to, michele obama was hashtagging “bring our girls back…” (nigerian girls kidnapped by boko haram islamic terrorist group). Yet, it was that first “lady” who said she would be a voice for veterans and military families. Racism??

      Racism in America is NOT white on black, but BLACK on whoever is not black and/or who does not appease their nature.

      Black veterans groups are a disgrace. Everybody wants acceptance and inclusion, yet remain separatists. Go figure!! Groups and organizations that appease blacks. The education institution in America giving grants, money, and scholarships to blacks only. The Civil Rights Act. NAACP……….


      City of New Haven, Connecticut firefighters, white and Puerto Rican, sue the city for violating their Civil Rights. Black fireman whining and bitching about none of them being on a list for promotions. Black firefighters took EXACT same exam and test that ALL non black firefighters passed, yet blacks did not make promotion list. Essentially, the test was too difficult and so the short is, give the black fireman a promotion “just because”. RACISM?? Also unsafe for citizens of New Haven.

      The Civil Rights Act should be dismantled and tossed. Blacks whine about racism, yet build upon it. Slavery has been over for tens of decades, get over it. If black athletes are iconic and statuesque, that would explain the lethergy. If black entertainers are looked upon as idolic figures, that would explain ignorance and stupidity.

      Fort Lewis, WA. A White American Soldier was murdered because he was white. His murderers were three black guys (Soldiers as well) but were not charged with a HATE CRIME yet the blatant verbal racism was ignored. DoD, Holder’s DoJ, and local police coddled this one, very well.

      Racism is a black build……

      VA supports racism so long as it is integrated by blacks…….

      1. “oifmack”,
        Well said!
        May I add. Look at what’s being called “racist” in today’s society!
        The latest one being the “kiddie show” – “Thomas and Friends”! How in the hell did this show end up being called “racist”?

        The way I see it is.
        “White People in America” are considered to be the reason behind everyone else’s failures! Thereby making “victims” out of one’s failures! And, then causing the others to be the “perpetrators”!
        Will will it end?

        The answer is “NEVER”, unless people start taking responsibility for their actions!
        Don’t want to learn! Not my responsibility! Want to do illicit drugs! Not my fault! Want to get caught selling illicit drugs! Not my fault! Want to have lots of children out of wedlock, then refuse to take care of them! Hey, NOT my responsibility! Want to destroy your community, when a verdict comes down you don’t like! Hey, that’s your neighborhood. I don’t live there and refuse to bail your sorry ass out of poverty!

        “Life is what YOU make of it!” someone said. That’s one of the best sayings ever! You want to be a “fuck up”! Don’t come crying on my shoulder!
        Everything I own, I worked hard and long fucking hours to obtain! There was NO “fucking white privilege” on my block!
        Lastly, want to make something of yourself? Then quit playing the “Oh, poor poor me!” card! It don’t fly with me any longer!

        That’s my rant for today!

      2. PS,
        If you look closely, I did NOT mention “skin color” once, NOT fucking once! That’s because I say this to ALL people’s everywhere! I don’t give a shit what skin color you are! If you fuck up, that’s your problem!

  14. Off topic.
    From; “Josh Bernstein”
    Dated: 1 June 2018
    “Project Pelican – The Worst Scandal in US History You NEVER Heard Of…”

    It’s even “…Worse than Uranium One!”
    The video is 9:16 minutes long. Well worth watching!

    1. Another great find. We won’t hear about any of that on MSM, and surely won’t be trendy or spread around as fast as puppy dog stories. All the traitors still running free, creating chaos, law breaking. having pedophile fun, getting away with murders and high crimes.

  15. I wonder what the “new acting VA Sec” thinks about the “RACIST double standards” within his “agency”?
    My answer would probably be: “NOTHING!”

    This is still going to be, and remain, a very hot topic! I believe, it’s going to play out soon! Because, in my opinion, Americans are getting fed up with people playing the “race card”!

  16. Most hospitals now require workers to get flu shots — except those that treat veterans
    Nearly 70 percent of non-VA hospitals require vaccination, compared with 4 percent of VA hospitals, survey finds

    Source: Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan
    Date: June 1, 2018

    “A new study shows a rapid rise in the percentage of hospitals that require their workers to be vaccinated against influenza — except among hospitals that focus on treating the nation’s military veterans. The percentage of Veterans Affairs hospitals that have a flu vaccine mandate rose from 1 percent in 2013 to 4 percent in 2017. But at the same time, the percentage of non-VA hospitals requiring shots rose from 44 percent to nearly 70 percent.”

    The study, by a team from the University of Michigan and VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, is published in JAMA Network Open, a new open-access journal from the publishers of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

    Access the Article At: “”

    1. The term “White privilege” is nothing more than a racial slur that is primarily used by Liberals and organizations such as BLM. Additional groups who are asking for something from black individuals or the black community also use the term.

      The term is used to try and inspire a sense of injustice in black individuals while at the same time meant to inspire a sense of guilt in white individuals. Not because of something that has happened to the individual or for any action taken by the individuals but merrily because they were born black or white.

      The racial slur is usually used in conjunction with other racially motivated messages the presenter hopes the slur will insulate against reproach. By invoking support from blacks while attempting to silence any white opposition to the statement being insulated. There by claiming anyone who does not support or speaks out against their statement they can then claim they are a racist for not supporting their statement.

      While term may play well for Urban areas it does not for the country as a whole. 78 percent of the population in rural and small-town communities are white. While people who live in rural areas are more likely to own their own homes, live in their state of birth, have served in the military and Vote. Generally, the term’s racially claimed benefits by white people do not exist and have never existed in these rural areas which also including small towns and cities.

      So, for most Americans the term “White Privilege” is nothing more than a racial slur used by racist to promote an agenda. Unfortunately for the black community the few who are using the term are nothing more than racist that are pushing a racial divide in America. One that is causing a negative effect on the Urban black communities.

      If you don’t believe me just Google the term Annual Body Count Chicago, Annual Body Count Baltimore, or any major metropolitan area. Or you can use the new nicknames the cities have earned like Chiraq for Chicago and Bodymore for Baltimore.

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