FACA Lawsuit Mar-a-Lago

FACA: Trump Administration Argues Mar-a-Lago VA Advisors Totally Legit

The Trump Administration is pushing back against a FACA lawsuit by VoteVets arguing in court that his Mar-a-Lago advisors are not breaking the Watergate-era transparency law.

VoteVets sued the Trump Administration over allegations that non-VA officials operating from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort are improperly steering VA policies and decisionmaking in violation of the 1972 law called the Federal Advisory Committee Act or FACA. The lawsuit seeks an order granting access to the records created by the advisors under FACA.

The stakes for the lawsuit are high because VA OIG refuses to investigate until the lawsuit is resolved.

The administration argues FACA does not apply to every advisory situation because such application would stifle any administrations’ attempt to secure advise from the private sector. However, some case law exists indicating FACA disclosure laws still apply even in situations where formal filing under FACA is not required.

The Judge assigned to the case is Timothy J. Kelly, the Trump appointee who recently ordered the White House to restore Jim Acosta’s press credentials.

FACA Background

For some background on FACA, the law was created by Democrats in 1972 to prevent certain conflicts of interests that presented in the Nixon Administration. The goal was to mandate transparency whenever an administration seeks advice from non-executive branch employees.

Curiously, Trump nemesis Hillary Clinton ran into problems with this law in 1993 when she created certain advisory groups without adhering to FACA.

At the time, she was working on a universal healthcare plan without disclosing the nature of the advisors. Her argument was that FACA does not apply to initiatives of the First Lady. Now, the Trump Administration is apparently taking a similar angle asserting the wealthy Mar-a-Lago trio is somehow not implicated by FACA.

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According to an archive about Clinton’s foible with her secret workgroup and the resultant litigation:

Prompt Congressional action is required to ensure that
criminal and ethical misdeeds associated with attempts to
covertly shape the National Health Care Policy do not become
whitewashed as a “confusion in lexicon” when in fact there is
ample evidence to suggest obstruction of justice by those with
friends in high places.

The facts are clear. Early in their administration, the President
and First Lady put forth a concept for a massive reordering of our
National Health Care System. The bureaucratic details were to be
crafted by a secret advisory task force, then rammed through a
Democratic controlled Congress in the Administration’s first 100
days. This Blitzkrieg was to be headed by the Clintons’ friend of
thirty years (and the President’s Oxford roommate) Ira Magaziner.
To insure secrecy and control over the process, Hillary Clinton was
named Chairperson and she in turn tasked her law partner (then
White House Counsel) Vince Foster to design the legal strategy
with the assistance of another law partner, Webster Hubbell
(the Associate Attorney General), and friend Beth Nolan, deputy
White House counsel.

Vince Foster was later found dead from an alleged suicide. The health care reform did not pan out. And, Ira Magaziner went on chair certain boards at the Clinton Foundation.

The Mar-a-Lago Trio

In a previous report from ProPublica, a Mar-a-Lago trio exists that has secretly been steering VA policies on personnel, management and health records. The trio consists of Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter, West Palm Beach physician Bruce Moskowitz and lawyer Marc Sherman.

Documents obtained through FOIA show VA officials have flying to Mar-a-Lago at taxpayer expense to consult with the trio. Officials who clashed with the trio were removed including former Secretary David Shulkin, MD.

Records show the trio was most heavily involved in directing decisionmaking concerning VA’s electronic health records modernization contract that was awarded to Cerner after Shulkin was removed.

One component of the trio’s involvement includes Aaron Moskowitz, the son of Dr. Bruce Moskowitz. Bruce tried to hook his son into a VA deal to create an app for Apple.

According to reports, Aaron was working on the creation of an Apple app to direct veterans to local care facilities. The agency supposedly killed off the idea, but another plan recently surfaced for Apple to create an app… sound familiar… allowing veterans to download their electronic medical records to an iPhone.

Think this was the plan all along? I plan to write about the Apple app more tomorrow.

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  1. These meetings at Trump’s resort are classic political corruption. I have had the opportunity to observe numerous elections in many of the former Soviet bloc countries. Those countries still cannot get over the corruption that permeates their cultures. Here we are in the USA doing the same thing. This behavior needs to be nipped in the bud before it really gets worse.

  2. Under martial law what can he do in regards to VA systems, I would guess just about anything he wants. To me what is important is truth and justice for all. If he lies to do it, I could care less. When dealing with corruption any means to get things right again.

  3. Shit happens like that for thousands of years. There is nothing wrong listening to well educated people and being able to make the best decision possible. Getting exercise is good and talking to someone who can’t weasel out of something because 4hrs to play. People get paid for a story or a pic making these kind of people a headache. What is the difference if Trump talked to someone on his phone in the White House? No one would know

  4. A nickle says the 3 “mar a lago” ‘Chair Borne rangers’ are all Draft-Dodgers. They mocked guys like me who Volunteered and fought in Vietnam (AMERICAL), as 125,000 American boys Dodged the US Draft, and 59,000+ died there. Some are still dying due to Agent Orange, while some of their Children suffered from Down’s syndrome and Birth defects. Read “My Father, My Son”, by Zumwalt for insight. Now there are the “burn pits” Veterans and their Children who are paying. The Billionaire vultures are letting them die, as they feed on the Budget of VA Healthcare.

  5. “think this was the plan along” Probably, that’s what the VA is used for, supplying high paying, jobs, benefits, and security for the friends and the families of politicians, and favors for other rich and privileged peoples with no accountability.

  6. Dan, who the fuck are you? Why do you insist on insulting people’s opinion! If you so damn smart why ain’t running for President? Why don’t you shut the fuck up? Sounds like you need some “anger management”! What we don’t need in this forum is all the negativity! Cool it! Do you need a hug?

    1. bkNYG. Seems you clowns are being one sided and negative. The constant side-stepping issues or leads to find some facts like Dan provided are ignored. No counter to the claims of all those cuts you and others claim. With cute side notes of service for some emotional ploys. Seems some or the newbies haven’t taken the time to read some rules Ben set forth. Then some don’t give damn and continue using other names for activism and disruption tactics. Like all other POTUS’ and the DC cliques are all innocent of ruining the VA or the entire layers of the governments/contractors deception and scheming. Get real and use some facts. Come back and report what you find from the leads given you.

      1. Did I not just read that Trump told the Sec. VA to cut at LEAST 5% from budget? Seems like the Sec. just told that. Believe it is even a story that Ben has done. Not trying to get into pissing match with any of you, but that’s the truth. PEACE.

    2. R. Michael Maddox. Yes you did see about the 5%. Point is making short statements about Trumpster “bringing down the VA spending” minus specifics, less fact injecting, or more discussion. I would think most older posters or readers are aware of past discussions and topics, and what has been done. Then on and on about Trump Trump Trump BS like the generations of failures and corruption is all on that idiot. But some fail to acknowledge the large amounts given too. So cute little activist styled hit and run posts don’t cut it and obvious to me what some are doing. Especially new people popping up doing the same activist styled shit.

      There are those in real life yakking about Trumpster out to abolish the VA. How? False. Was the cuts to IT or not, so reported? He signed the “largest VA budget ever?” Yes. What cut “fat?” Union’s crap or what? That should be cut…. out. Why is MSM reporting so much crap and few specifics?

      Trump bashing (intentional distractions/activism) is pathetic and constant while some like Killary, Billy boy, or a phony POTUS from Kenya and husband get a free pass? Not about any “pissing matches.”

  7. Off Topic Question – if my local VA has promised me In-Home Home-Based Primary Care Program (HBPCP), and now no one will return my phone calls of trying to find out when the HBPCP will start, whom do I contact to put pressure onto the VA to provide these necessary In-Home services?

    I’m trying to cut down on telling the story over and over, and seeking resolve in the fastest manner.

    The VA sure is a crooked system. I just want the services that I need to regain my health. PTSD symptoms have been off the charts. And no one gives a damn.

    Any input for fastest posdible resolve is appreciated. Please post reply under my post. If can’t, please mention my handle in the beginning if your reply. Appreciate it, because I’m at a loss. And I need a way that tells VA that I’m nit fooling with them, so as to get the quickest response with a firm and stern order for VA to honor the services that they promised me.

    1. Off Topic – Part 2 – I’m also in need of a Veteran mentor to help guide me in dealing with the VA. The local Vet Center has informed me that they can’t help me and they don’t know anyone that can help me with and thru the thick and heavily mazed VA.

      The VA has caused much turnoil in my life. And I sure could use some solid brotherly ir sisterly support, so as that I don’t flip-out and get my butt locked up.

      So far, the VA Federal Police, VA Security, Senators office, and the local Police Department has either contacted me or visited my residence.

      I know the VA has me labeled or marked in some way (Disruptive Behavior, EPERS, etc.), but VA says no when asked. But my gut feeling or inuition is telling me diffetently.

      And if you can’t assist me, do you hapoen to know of a TRUSTED party that can help.me? i don’t need to be jerked around anymore.

      1. ANutterVet , the VA knows who we all are who post here or at least our location, and they do try to set people up, the VA doesn’t take constructive criticism very well, never did never will. Phase um out if you can, life’s to short to dick around with a management that has a hidden agenda, the only real reason they listen to us at all is so they can weaponize what we said and use it against us to deny benefits or like i said set us up for a fall so they can get rid of us. It’s a despicable system. They tried to piss me off all the time, don’t give them any satisfaction. My experience with the VA (lebanon) tells me your gut feeling is correct. The VA has a long reach, right into our local governments, and they don’t play fair, they cheat, lie, steal, spread false information, hell they would even kill, indirectly of course, basically their morally bankrupt. Anyways you probably heard it all before, good luck ANutterVet.

    2. I totally agree! It doesn’t matter what your rating is, the VA Hospitals do whatever they need to do to not be admonished by those with more power. Trump is in the process of bringing down as much VA spending as possible. American voters really put the shaft to us Veterans. Me: Special Forces, VN 1968 – 69, POW, wounded 3 times.

      1. Ok for the peanut brains…STOP FUCKING LYING! Trump has increased the VA monies more in his two years then Obama did in the whole 8 years he was in office! My Source? The VA funding in the US Budget! The US Library of Congress, the US Treasury.

        If you cant tell the damn truth then dont say anything in the first place. The lies you are telling are far too easy to prove they are lies. I have problems with Trump but I dont feel the need to make up bullshit and then try and pass it off as fact as you seemingly are doing when you claim he is cutting the VA Budget.

    3. Nutter, don’t know if you tried this or not but I would contact the Social Worker department at VA as well as contact the American Legion in WASHDC let them know what your local VA is doing and ask them to put a call in on your behalf as well as do the same with DAV – put some heat on them. Write a letter and fax it to your Congressman and if that doesn’t get somebody’s attention call your local press and have them post your story.

      1. BkNYG – will be filing with Senators office.

        From past comments I’ve been leary about DAV, or those inside the VA. I even got screwed over by the Patient Advocate.

        With past behavior of Inspector General, seems like their trust is on tbe downside too.

        Per the paper, my case isn’t enough to get them to do anything. Even though besides my situation with VA, the VA told me tbat if the neespaper comes to their facility, tbey will escort them out.

        The last time uo at VA, is when the Fed PoPo told me that.tbe paper isn’t welcomed at VA. Only if it benefits the VA. To me this is a red flag. VA doesn’t want the paper to be digging into their affairs. Scary, cuz VA is hiding much IMO.

        Plus, the VA Fed PoPo are Vets themselves, and understood my plight, but they work for tbe VA abd required to follow the Admins orders. You know how that works.

        I just got to watch myself bc I’m at the point of being iverly tbreatened, abd not giving a fuck about their outright protection of the VA’s blatant corruption. I’ve seen and read about this do many times.

        Just want to find solid ways to stop this from happening and to protect myself. I think you know what I’m saying.

  8. “It is not great wealth in a few individuals that proves a country is prosperous, but great general wealth evenly distributed among the people . . . It is the struggling masses who are the foundation [of this country]; and if the foundation be rotten or insecure, the rest of the structure must eventually crumble.”—— Victoria Woodhall. I think everyone has the “Bottom Feeder” ANALogy wrong.

    1. LOL. Nexd, about posted that myself from readings last night. The DC cliques don’t come to the “struggling masses” for much input or to address the many issues thrown at us intentionally or not. For those of us who are attacked or shunned for whining about the already collapsed foundations to the point we have no real media, outsiders to stockholders and profiteers , billionaires, those with dual-citizenships, to the United Nations are more important and gone to for advice or information it’s all over but the crying and suffering. But some down here live above or are immune from some realities or harm. Like living in states or towns where we have zero representation or those unwilling to rise above their fears to help some serfs or vets. Too many benefit from the “collapse.” Too many have the attitude like George Carlin used to complain about in his performances like NIMBY, aside from those not being one of them above in their clubs. NIMBY, “Not In My Backyard.” Too late it’s encompassed the entire nation but some enjoy the rotting smells of decay.

  9. FACA? Just more circus and legal wrangling just for the bucks, confusion, and passing time. An aside to all that crapola is the fact that most of the corruption, oppression, to censoring, and self-serving are from those we haven’t voted into any office or position. They have been installed and appointed then get to pull some puppet master strings attached to the idiots that get to play our so-called representatives, advisors, public servants (sic), or fearless leaders. It’s that way bottom to top. Cough cough… the United Nations being one and others of the deep-state that still exists, and will remain, and the scum-bucket shadow government (including religions) rulers over all things. It’s easy for me to see how the Trumpster and those in DC to our local and state levels are bowing to all of the United Nations agendas like with demands to take in illegals or migrants, hate crime-hate speech crap, suppression of freedoms, to their suggestions or demands on the use of opioids and the so-called global war on drugs. Seems a lot of people are falling for the NWO stuff and globalization… global communism that already has our Gov/media/Hollywood/towns,etc., by the bags.

    With such a huge government and all it’s agencies (Congress) why is there any need to listen to any outsiders for anything while they all ignore the public or those being attacked for daring to question any part of their machinery?? Tax dollars for the PR firms too?? People are being played like a fiddle. Their planning and agendas go far beyond the sheep’s comprehension, knowledge, or experience.

    Acosta? Scum. Great example of how things are and work. I watched the press conference on C-Span while he played the jerk, again, and did in fact push and touch the aids arm away. What happens next? Trash media and communist started saying it didn’t happen and that the video showing his movements were doctored and we didn’t see what we thought we saw. Huh? I was watching it live as with other historical events then the media and social engineers want to tell us what we saw or didn’t see? Or that we are conspiracy theorist? Haters??? If I accidentally brushed up against some Marx-feminist or radical, whatever, like that my butt would be jailed and charged with assault. Or shot. And he gets his pass back by some idiot activist judge? The SS should have grabbed that punk up swiftly and hauled his butt of the grounds. Trump sure has screwed up big time with many of his appointments to his nepotism. America first my ass.

    1. FAKE NOOS, DEEP STATE, REPEAT AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN!!!! You spent 3 paragraphs on Complete Babble and Didn’t connect one Dam Dot in your Ramble until the last sentence. Let me help you out When you Follow the Money with Donald Dump it Usually Comes attached with some Form of Criminality/Law/Self Serving. Mr. Profiteer Don’t and will not Give one dam about your Blindly/Excuse Giving Loyalty no more than he does about mine. You talked about Jim Acosta as if he touched the King lil Snowflake Heart, he only mentioned Acosta because a “Trump Appointee” went by the Law something this Life Long Con-Man isn’t Familiar with geezz.

      1. Ok Stupid educate yourself. A Sitting President CANNOT be sued for actions he or she have taken WHILE President. Comes under the US Supreme Court decision called Clinton v Jones. As such the lawsuit CANNOT have any legal standing so the OIG CAN investigate and can do it now.

        SO if you want to rant and rave about politics MK, go do it some other damn place as we get enough of this bullshit just by watching the nightly news. We dont need any lefty or righty bullshit here. Deal with the thread or keep your damn mouth shut!

      2. MK glad I got a rise out of you. Bet you’re silent about all the propaganda, revised history, constant peddling, repetition, or bombardment by so many in our cute little globalist nation with the aid of MSM, SJWs, special interest whines, and those like you that want others silenced. I don’t think I need to write the many examples of it all. Boo Hoo.

        Oh and MK. It is a very short read. Don’t like something don’t read it, and stay immensely narcissistic and play agent/activist. We can tell you don’t care to educate yourself nor do you care about much of anyone or anything else beyond your nose.

        You over-look what is written or has. I don’t play the two party game and don’t band-wagon jump and ride just to fit in on any side. “Snowflake” has a totally different meaning to me besides what some media head or politicians or activist uses it to blur reality like the “red state-blue state” BS that also started from a media talking head and university. A coloring book doesn’t show some truth. We white kids in public schools were called that and more everyday in school. You want to use the word to cloud other things or change the meaning of a word like other examples I could mention… go ahead. That too comes from the activist’s playbooks. I won’t jump on that bandwagon either, and shows how some follow easily what is spoken or used in the new American culture with their twisted mantras or verbiage.

        I also keep noticing how those like YOU side-step any discussion or finer points in any of my posts. Just this or that politics. Just gas-lighting and ad hominems.

        Now go blow another gasket today, okay.

      3. @Dan, I don’t know what article you Read, but the WHOLE FREAKING ARTICLE IS POLITICAL, Hellllloooo Brain! The administration has been Sued past and present as were stated in the Article Again by VOTEVETS GROUP use of the 1972 FACA law. About me Ranting and Raving about this or that GET YOUR OWN BLOG AND YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT PEOPLE SAY, Mr. Johnny-Come-Lately….
        @T Here we go with Ramble/Bamble again can you stay focused on one thing for more than a minute its like Reading someone whose Borderline Alzheimer’s disease. You Obvious have and like always have buried your head in the Sand like many of these Blindly Supporting Trump Bots. Trump is apart of the Globalist Agenda as anyone else he plays dumb and you trump bots get dumber, and like willing Robots repeat his words as if you have the 5 times Vietnam Deferment Scums playbook by your bed.

      4. MK move on with your MOVEON dot ORG and Marxist crap. You have zero reading or understanding comprehension skills and obviously just an antagonist. Still side-stepping things. You rarely shown the capacity to decently contribute anything but your typical BS or supporting those just like you. You keep showing yourself and your lame skill-set at playing games or playing activist. Go upstairs and ask mommy for some more teat. Left side since it seems that is the one your stuck on. Ahem, I really don’t care what you think or about your opinions. Oh, and everything is political today and corrupt. Raise your head up from that teat, shut up, grow up, and maybe go out and do some volunteer work or something useful besides cowardly anon keyboard kommando in mom’s basement. You are so damned psychotic/dense you can’t intentionally/decently discuss shit. Don’t bother replying. I can scan right by your activist lying BS. So save it, done with your asshat. Change names and try again.

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