Lockheed Martin Post-9-11 GI Bill

Lockheed Martin To Update Chapter 33 GI Bill System

Lockheed Martin Post-9-11 GI Bill

Benjamin KrauseVeterans Affairs just awarded Lockheed Martin company Systems Made Simple a contract to update the over budget Chapter 33 processing system it has supported for five years. The GI Bill system was part of Veterans Affairs’ $12 billion T4 Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology.

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According to a press release, Lockheed is very pleased that one of its companies was selected to now revitalize the program it was previously managing. Recently, Systems Made Simple also sponsored the 2015 Veterans Golf Scramble taking place next week.

In case you missed it, back in 2013, Veterans Affairs was on the hot seat for running up the cost of the GI Bill website processing system. VBA leadership ran out of money and said they would not finish the program until at least 2015 because it has been busy fixing its VBMS disability compensation system.

So if the GI Bill system was not finished yet, how is it ready for an update? Or is the ‘update’ just a spin to get more funds to finish an unfinished project?

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The large number of taxpayer dollars being tossed down toilet befuddled many Americans including me. In response I filed a FOIA to learn more about where the money was going when I learned VA does not track back contractors.

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Does this make sense to anyone? Not to say Systems Made Simple was responsible for the system not working right and costing twice as much, but they likely had a hand to play. Good thing they have the new contract to update the system to hopefully make it work as advertised.

Here is a list of recent contract announcements from Systems Made Simple:


VIENNA, Va., Oct. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Improvements to the system used to process veteran benefits will soon ensure that recently transitioned veterans and eligible spouses will have access to money for continuing education. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has awarded a contract that will advance the reliability of their Chapter 33 (CH33) system to Systems Made Simple, a Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) company.

CH33 was established after the GI Bill was updated in June 2008 when the United States Congress passed the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act. This program gave educational assistance for members of the armed forces who served on or after September 11, 2001.

“Having supported CH33 for more than five years, our organization has a strong awareness of the requirements and stakeholder needs of this program,” said Horace Blackman, vice president, Health & Life Sciences at Lockheed Martin. “Lockheed Martin is proud to be able to continue our partnership with the VA and provide our nation’s veterans the services they deserve in the most timely, efficient way possible.”

Since the program’s inception, the VA has delivered more than $41 billion in benefits for 1.2 million beneficiaries to advance education and career readiness using IT developed and supported by the Office of Information & Technology. Congress continually adds or adjusts CH33 benefits, requiring changes to the IT systems used to process payments.

Using existing technology to automate processes, Systems Made Simple will work with the VA to improve identification, integration, selection and processing of beneficiaries as well as increase the VA’s ability to monitor and report on education outcomes and experiences, advance data entry efficiency and modernize interfaces to improve data quality and consistency. Additionally, the company will work on sustainment of the program to improve and mature the system while development is taking place, further facilitating seamless extension of benefits to veterans and their beneficiaries.

Administered by the VA, and supported by Systems Made Simple, CH33 provides educational benefits that can be applied to college undergraduate and graduate level degree programs, vocational training, technical and professional certification courses and one-time certification examinations. The benefit may also be transferred from the qualifying service member to a qualifying dependent.

Due to the latest adjustments made in the Choice Act of August 2014, the CH33 project will enhance, re-design and support the systems that facilitate administering benefits.

For additional information, visit our website: www.systemsmadesimple.com

About Systems Made Simple, A Lockheed Martin Company
Systems Made Simple, a Lockheed Martin Company, is a leading provider of healthcare data management solutions to large, complex health organizations. Founded in 1991, Systems Made Simple has extensive experience developing interoperable solutions for disparate networks, managing the full lifecycle of health data through patient-centric applications. We have a specialized skill set in the area of data architecture and analytics, with significant experience managing entire data networks for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S.

About Lockheed Martin
Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 112,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The Corporation’s net sales for 2014 were $45.6 billion.

Logo – https://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20110419/PH85737LOGO-b

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lockheed-martin-to-upgrade-system-used-to-process-post-911-veterans-educational-benefits-300159336.html

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  1. We need to vote a combat veterans in white house as President and vice President-Sentors-Congress-Governors in all States. Sgt. Emerson Renaldo U.S.M.C.

    1. VA DEATHCARE ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS VETS YO ARE SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCREWED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I found this in one of my emails. It was in a comment by someone who wants people to know about Hillary Clinton.
    Google this;

    “Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters”

    It’s kind of long. An hour and thirty minutes. Yet all of it is backed up with documentation.
    Much of it I didn’t know. It might open up some people’s eyes about her.

    1. my eyes already wide open papi chulo, when she said 50K murdered in mexico “worth the cost” (and to continue to keep drug war ramped up), everybody knows a woman can be just as mean as a man, imagine the poor Mexicans get a choice of her or trump for neighbor, one wants to help make murders by prohibiting a plant being imported which is a great healer ironically while in her own home country next door most states have medical marijuana laws – trump just wants to beat em up like the Israelis do to the Palestinians and throw up the worlds most stupid wall. at an un named v,a, hospital I saw big full color posters and charts of someone who apparently got some award for cleaning up and reorganizing a fckn closet, probably made a mess by said employee, when I become director of the v,a, nationwide, the very first thing I do is make a law that is mandatory for employment and continued employment – all employees contractors etc no exceptions whatso ever – you get your free healthcare right at v,a, no need to waste gas and be bad arse examples to society – you work there then you can eat and all else like everybody else no more aristocracy this is supposed to be a free and fair country for all – at least with trumpet he’s entertaining , hillarys vodka chugging contest with mc cain while saying ok for others to die due to a cancer curing miracle plant – a really sick woman

  3. About Systems Made Simple, A Lockheed Martin Company. Lockheed Martin has been around for a long time juicing the u..s. government in manufacturing weapons, aerospace craft, jets and other goodies used in war. Their healthcare systems are also geared to and sold to gov by contracting to them the same way. It’s a lucrative business sector for Lockheed. They competed against other info systems firms in selling to the private sector (non-government) in various industries, not just healthcare. The competition is stiff for them there, so they are concentrating on using their background in government contracts as a name the government knows very well at this point.
    In reality, they are not anything other companies aren’t., they use rhetoric to make everyone believe they can put together a sparkling system for you. All these system builder companies do that – the talk comes first. I happen to know they use a lot of offshore techs to build the systems, mostly from India, and have America contingents implement it at the client site. Why they are as American as apple pie and a hot dog on the 4th of July!
    I have known many people in their NY office, and they don’t seem happy to me. They told me that their lawyers (for the firm) make all the money because of the international scope of the company, and wonder what the fuck this aerospace company is doing building “computer systems”. The military-industrial complex clearly at work here. B. McD McDo digs it. It’s right up his alley $$$. So does Undersec. Dr.Shulkin, the software inventor guy who is really a doctor and who an administrator, and is an entrepreneur. Show offs. $$$$$

  4. Here’s two articles from Channel 9 news, Orlando, Florida at 6 pm.
    1.) Social Security and Veterans will not be getting a raise in 2016. The reason, according to Allen Greyson, one of our elected official down here, is because of “gasoline prices dropping”! He only spoke of the “Seniors”. The article only added “veterans” as an afterthought, in my opinion! I guess that’s all veterans are to Channel 9 down here – an afterthought!

    2.) Obama said today, he’s going to reduce our forces in Afghanistan. From 9,600 (approx.) hundred to approximately 5,000!
    In the article, it was stated the “Taliban is resurging” there.
    Now, does it make sense to remove half of a ” armed force” when the enemy is becoming a threat again?

    No wonder veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq are becoming “disgruntled”, (As that MOH Recipient stated yesterday)! Everything they fought for is slowly going back to an enemy.
    I know when Siagon fell in April 1975, I felt anger, betrayal and many other negative connotations toward Washington. This old saying comes to mind,
    “Good Soldiers, Gutless Politicians!”

    Now it can be said again.

    “Afghanistan & Iraq”
    “Good Soldiers, Gutless Politicians!”


    1. VA DC HQ BUDGET FOR 2017 WILL BE 182 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VA DC HQ RATS ARE LIKE DOGS IN HEAT FOR US TAX PAYER $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  6. ALL VETS VA IS A FEDRAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE @ SEIU UNION S VETS YO ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCREWED BY VA RICO CRIME RACKETS VA A TOTOA SCREW JOB ON VA TAX PAYERS DIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What I see here is the continuation of the Industrial War Complex, and the good ole boys club, still making money. What`s that old saying ” War is a Racket” and so is war insurance.. AKA.. The Department of Veterans Affairs.

  8. Is it just my imagination or are we getting new people on here that say they “used to work for the VA” or “…retired from the VA.” They then comment on “…how bad VA is!” They even give examples on how bad it is to work there. Or they tell how bad veterans are being treated.
    As I said, is it my imagination, or what?
    Problem is, why hasn’t any of them filed charges against anyone? Do they believe VA will change its spots? Do they truly believe VA is a place to work and retire from, then allow veterans to die due to administrators, physicians and other healthcare (so called) professionals misdiagnosing patients?
    That “KC pilot” suing VA for ($35 million) ruining his livelihood recently is a great example of VA atrocities.
    Or how about “Cathedral Henderson” in Augusta, Ga. being arrested on 50 counts of fraud against veterans back in July 2015? Or h poo w about that veteran outside Atlanta, Ga. being turned away from, not just one VA clinic, but two earlier this year. I wonder if he’s still kickin.
    There’s so damn many horror stories coming to light in the past year, it’s hard to keep track!
    We need a bunch of attorneys to fill a LARGE class action suit against VA for veterans and taxpayers. Maybe then we will be heard.

    1. I have trying to find a good atty to handle to take my Husbands “Sensitive 7” VA Case here in No. CA with no luck as yet. They tell me they do not know the rules or are not familiar enough to take the case. I guess it’s OK for thr VET to go fight for them, but it’s to much trouble to help them when they come back and get TATOOED over and over again by the VA! In addition the VA will NOT correct an ERROR against a Vet when they fully know they should! I know, I still stuck in their nasty grip!

      1. @LionLois,
        Not only will an attorney take your case over what you stated. It also comes down to MONEY! How much will an attorney make? Is the question.
        I hate to sound rude, yet that’s the bottom line for a majority of attorneys un America!
        You might need to go to middle California to find a VA type attorney. Have you “contacted” Ben? He might know someone in California?! Email him. It’s worth a shot!

    2. Elf: not your imagination. some of them actually are strongly against what the VA corruptly does and don’t waffle. most of them are indecisive. often there is a hidden agenda. sometimes they are a Troll, probing. here is a possible concern: considering the VA’s vast resources and outright paranoid reactions, don’t be surprised if they post provoking comment here to rile vets up. they do this in person at hospitals and elsewhere, for the purpose of funding for more police and Disruptive Behavior Committee funding, etc. it might be reasonable to say the VA also has a list of many thousands of vets who they monitor on social networking sites and sites like this. if that is the case, it is more than likely that just going to this site, especially on a regular basis, puts that vet on their list. one way or another, every vet is viewed by the VA in a paranoid light, a potential or actual danger. they are paranoid because they are up to no good, everyone knows it due to heavy media exposure including highly specific investigations naming them by name, as done by Ben here. Like the old cult film, Animal House, we are all on the “Double Secret Probation List”. Unlike that list, this one is cause for major concern. Be careful with the VA or anything you say or do relative to them. Paranoid + Unlimited uncheck power = dangerous. Avoid them and comply and submit if they ever come down on you. They are looking for a reason to escalate things, and this is the unfortunate unabridged truth. Again, no, it’s not your imagination, but a Troll or infiltrator will make it look real good in order to get accepted here as a legitimate vet supporter.

      1. @Bruce,
        I found a news reporter down here whose willing to put some great stories on. He’s been collecting articles from all over.
        Right now he’s doing a story about how veterans were ripped off from a major corporation. He said, by email today, “something big is going to happen!”
        He’s also, I believe, following Ben’s Blogs for material.
        Let’s hope ok.

  9. With all these “systems made simple” apps provided by Lockheed Martin, why is there not one to take humans of the claims and adjudication process?

    What would be easier to provide a system/program, that is able symptoms of the diseases and determine the Veteran’s percentage of disability based on the input from real doctors? Than to make missiles and planes guided by computers to kill and mame?

    Seems VA, is using the taxpayers money to pay Lockheed Martin, and keep the funds in a specific family of friends. However, denials of Veterans claims, back log, years to process appeals continues as Veterans’ are dying with the wait game.

    There is something fishy. The ebenetfit system should be able to give a day by day of precise updates along with your own letters from the VA that they have ever sent you. Why is all this money being spent and the simpler task that will truly help the Veterans are being ignored but yet money is being spent?

    Very confusing.

  10. Sorry, a little off subject, again. But it might get a laugh or two.
    I got this through “military dot com” today of an article by the “Daily News”.
    It’s title is,

    “Webb, Sanders Tangle on Vet Issues in Democratic Debate”

    Quote; “Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist who was a conscientious objector…” “…helped overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs following its worst scandal in history.”

    That IS the biggest line of bull dung yet. But, what can one say, he’s running on the Democratic Ticket.

    The Dems have us at $19 TRILLION in debt! It looks as if the U.S. adds about a $trillion every other month or so now.
    There’s not much that can be said about the Republicans either.
    Everyone of them should be “recalled” and thrown out.
    There was a “political cartoon” I remembered last night. It goes,
    “Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed often. And for the same reasons!”
    Maybe it’s time for a changing of these corrupt government officials.
    I also sent this to Ben!
    Maybe he’ll use it sometime.

  11. namnibor and crazy elf, I wouldn’t let any VA trolls get to you. Look at the system they work for: corrupt, lazy, gluttonous, virtually dysfunctional beyond third world medical care.

    I wonder how many board members of Baghdad Bob McDonald at P7G are now getting greased at Lockheed Martin?

    There was never any reason to start the CHOICE program when the VA had the CHAMPVA program. It would have been easier and cheaper to give every veteran CHAMPVA like the dependents do and adjust the co-pays for service connected.

    Doctors take it, understand it and like it.

    Along with those two execs from yesterday a littany of bad VA employees need a thorough exam. Baghdad Bob included.

  12. I wonder what Lockheed Martin is going to really use these billions of $$$ on?! Medical advice? Weapons? New aircraft? Uhhh?
    I tried my best to stay focused while reading this article. It was confusing to say the least.

    namnibor, did you google that article I mentioned yesterday about that MOH Recipient?
    “ISIS threatens medal of Honor Recipient”

    After you watch that video of him telling ISIS to “come on over!” (He even says there’s a lot of “disgruntled veterans”!)

    There are a number of videos where Putin is giving news reporters (American & European reporters) an earful about American Politicians. He’s accusing our politicians of many bad things. Not Americans, per say, just the politicians! Ya gotta watch them.
    Sorry bout the “off subject”. Only, I believe this is something y’all should take a look at!

    1. Sorry, I couldn’t keep focused on today’s blog. Because of a comment that was posted yesterday about me and namnibor.
      It’s sad when people who are on here to help others are needlessly attacked by someone who doesn’t know us!
      My wife said I had a hard time sleeping last night. She didn’t know why until I showed her the comment this morning. She also read mine and namnibors’ response. She liked yours better brother! “Very articulate” was what she said!

      1. Interestingly, I had a really hard time sleeping last night as well. I normally do as part of my make-up and just have adapted to sleeping 3 hours divided into two parts of day. I am a morning person and night person…but those comments were eating at my brain as well.

        Yes, I saw all videos and related.

        Any news on the Billboard taken down in Florida? I looked on Ron’s site yesterday and did not see anything more recent than Sept. 29 and as you know, I simply will not use Face book, I am too private and know it would not be healthy for me because idiots can get to my ‘filters’ and it’s just best I focus my energies elsewhere.

        It was a terrible night of sleep. Troll-Infestation-Inhibited-Sleep. Someone should invent a Troll Spray. But the “Truth” usually makes them go back under their rock in their cubicle or Admn. Office at whatever VA they may be working at. They are so damn obvious as well…like the person trying to say by law Hickey and McDonald do not have to reply, and did not even know when the Presidential Election was…I mean come on, is a person that daft in real life? Does they VA give hiring bonuses for thee types?

        Have a great day! I am getting outside today and enjoying some reading beside the river in this cool and Fall Colors day! Be Well.
        FYI–Lockheed Martin certainly is a way to funnel Billion$ more into the “Accountability Black Hole” What was that latest failure of a white elephant of a new Jet of recent?

      2. Haven’t received any news on the billboard yet. I’ll give it till next friday, then send emails to everyone in Volusia County and Daytona Beach. The wife read something on it about a week ago. If she still has the info on her phone. I will share it with all on here!

        I emailed Ben this morning to ask him about that person who was asking/telling us to give/divulge our real names. In my opinion, he may be a VA troll. Just not sure, yet.
        That person who didn’t know when our “potus election” is, had to be a “TROLL”!
        I guess VA is trying their best to shut down all sites that gives truth about VA!
        This morning I also read where the DOJ has made a new department concerning “internal terrorism”. Basically their going to try to stop American Citizens from “decenting” (sic?) against the government. Basically saying we’re not allowed to follow the Constitution or Bill of Rights! How about that?
        I’ll find the article and put it on too.

  13. “[Due to the latest adjustments made in the Choice Act of August 2014, the CH33 project will enhance, re-design and support the systems that facilitate administering benefits.]’

    Okay, I am thoroughly confused and have had coffee this morning! I quoted that -1- sentence toward very end because all the sudden there’s mention of “latest adjustments made in Choice Act…”, because is the “Choice Act” being flogged and hung upside down to bleed even MORE ca$h from it?

    How exactly, again, will this ENHANCE, re-design & SUPPORT systems that FACILITATE administering benefits?


    How exactly, again, is the VA actually ADMINISTERING the “CHOICE ACT”? Does this include even more runarounds and delays of tuition payment to colleges, and funds for books and living expenses to the Veteran?

    This makes it seem as if the VA is doing a wonderful job with “The Choice Act”, they are using THAT as a model of success or am I reading this and related article correctly in that proposed “improvements by Lockheed”, will be utilizing the FAILED MANAGEMENT of Choice Act by VA as yet another huge cache of failed ca$h given to VA in yet ANOTHER attempt to bring the VA Information Technology up to par with the real world…when ALL other such recent technology upgrade attempts with anything concerning the VA has repeatedly failed miserably, with more $$$$ thrown down the VA’s Black Hole?

    The take I definitely get from this is yet another painted lipstick on the 400 pound pig that’s ultimate goal is to get even more BILLION$ for the VA’s Budget…and probably a huge $$$$ “golf event” that may-well be code for another “VA Conference Outlandish Expense”…nowhere am I reading EXACTLY HOW THIS WILL BENEFIT **THE VETERAN**….am I missing something or is that the point…that this is indeed nothing but PORK?

    Back when I attempted to use my “era-specific G.I. Bill”, (which was called VEAP, Veteran’s Educational Assistance Program”, to build upon my previous College Education, each and every new Semester was an anxiety-ridden affair and song and dance of not knowing if the college was going to cancel my Registration/Classes due to NON-PAYMENT and definitely LATE PAYMENT each and every time and the VA was regularly just shy of a complete SEMESTER BEHIND in paying my damn living expenses which came from whatever was left.
    It was such a maddening circus. One time the Veteran Educational Benefits counselor had the audacity to think that since my “living expenses and book $$” came so close to the very END of a given Semester, to try to say I should NOT receive $$$ for that upcoming next Semester because I JUST received $$$, even though it was actually for many months PAST for the then finals ramping-up for that ending Semester, trying to make it seem as if I was “double dipping”…it was so freaking bad I ended-up just going with College LOANS thereafter because it caused MORE ANXIETY than what it was worth and hurt my financial standing with that college because of the VA’s incredibly late payment and apparent lack of accounting with this process.

    I have heard that not much has changed as far as timeliness of payments to both college and Veteran.
    Maybe the VA should just use their existing system that makes VA BONUS PAYMENTS and VA Employee Payroll…because THAT system seems to work flawlessly…as well as whatever system the VA uses to BILL Veterans and 3rd party Insurance Co.’s…seems to work flawlessly but ONLY work flawlessly when they benefit VA EMPLOYEES or VA, not so much the Veteran.

    This, and associated article kind of made my eyes cross and stay that way for a while.
    This is truly “lipstick on a pig” that will be tossed as a “sacrificial pig” down the VA’s Black Hole in an effort for nothing more than an excuse for more $$$$. Right?

    1. Nambitor. Sorry for all the anxiety ,I was told my son could use my education bennifits if I was not going to use them ,we applied back in 2012 -13-14 all I ever got was letters apologizing for being backed up trying to make a decision and I am 60@ 100% TDIU ,and I was told by DAV not to bother VA about anything their exact words were the VA giveth & VA taketh so we went with financial aid ,you know I saw somewhere on here someone posted something about VA told veterans they had been denied all the while they were ( VA ) were recieving said money think it may have been something about our Korean Veterans .i will try to find post .But I would not expect any less from VA executives

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