Tomah VA Employee

VIDEO: Tomah VA Assault Of Mentally Ill Veteran Caught On Tape

New video and police records confirm a Tomah VA employee assault of a mentally ill patient before that same employee attempts to cover it up with false allegations.

The altercation occurred on November 10, 2015. Initially, the mentally ill patient was counseled for disruptive behavior before police realized the aggressor was actually a VA nurse assistant who lied to police about the altercation.

FIRST REPORTED: New Patient Abuse Allegations At Tomah VAMC

The VA employee was fined $250 for disorderly conduct and allowed to take vacation time while Tomah VA investigated the incident.

Tomah VA just released the slightly altered video to yours truly of one of their employees “striking” a mentally ill veteran in the chest repeatedly. The assault takes place in the lower left corner of the video and is somewhat obscured by VA’s redaction attempts.

The redacted police records show the nursing assistant initially misled investigators about the altercation but was caught on video striking the veteran.

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Tomah VA has not yet commented on the outcome of the administrative investigation or whether the employee is allowed to work with veterans after the incident.

Is this the accountability Secretary Bob McDonald bragged about? That an employee could assault a mentally ill patient, lie to VA police about it, and still keep his job?


This attack was first exposed by an anonymous whistleblower who was deeply troubled about this event. The account was first sent to Ryan Honl who forwarded it to me.

“Patients are still being abused, mentally and physically. On November 10, 2015, a patient on 403B was pushed several times by a CNA (J.S.). The nurse coordinator said VA police have a video which clearly shows J.S. pushing the patient. The patient did not defend himself. Another CNA (N.P.) witnessed the incident and she did nothing to stop the abuse. Nor did the report it.”

Below, the CNA listed as J.S. will also be referenced as “VA Employee X”. The victim will be listed as “Patient Y” and placed within the redacted sections of the report to assist readers.


According to a redacted police report dated November 25, 2015, the video from the altercation was described as follows:

“The video surveillance camera footage [redacted] from the incident showed the incident started on November 10, 2015, at 1908 hours and 19 seconds. The footage shows [VA Employee X] in the bottom left corner of the screen just out of camera view, and [Patient Y] walking into the dayroom to [VA Employee X] location. The footage shows [Patient Y] making comments to [VA Employee X] but due to there being no audio on the camera system, no specific statements could be heard. The footage next shows [VA Employee X] stand up from where he was seated, and get closer to [Patient Y] making comments back to him along with pointing his finger at him. [VA Employee X] also pushed [Patient Y] in the chest region once, in which at this point [Patient Y] made no advances towards [VA Employee X] and [Patient Y] hands appeared to be open and relaxed… [VA Employee X] can be seen next advancing towards [Patient Y] as second time, and push him in the chest region again causing [Patient Y] to take a few steps backwards. [Patient Y] did attempt to grab [VA Employee X] wrist during the second push, but only when [VA Employee X] made the physical contact first. [VA Employee X] then gets face to face with [Patient Y] while pointing down the hallway out of the dayroom, and then pushed [Patient Y] a third time in the chest region knowing him a few more steps back.”

Employee X then obstructed Patient Y’s departure from the dayroom and proceeds to yell at the mentally ill veteran.

How is that for safe and ethical treatment of our mentally ill veterans? Are veterans safe at Tomah VA?

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VA police then interviewed the perpetrator (VA employee X) about the incident. Initially, the individual stuck to his story despite VA police confronting him about the film footage that contradicted his story:

“Myself and Officer [redacted] then entered the VA Police Interview Room #1715. The [VA employee] was seated nearest the exit with [redacted] on [redacted] left side. I was seated to [VA Employee X’s] right side and Officer [redacted] was seated facing [VA Employee X] across the table. I asked [VA Employee X] for his permission to close the door to the Interview Room for privacy to which he agreed. Officer [redacted] then explained to [VA Employee X] he was free to leave at any point during the interview and could stop the interview at any time he wished. [VA Employee X] stated he understood and agreed to be interviewed. Officer [redacted] then asked [VA Employee X] to explain the incident involving [patient] on November 10, 2015. [VA Employee X] stated [Patient Y] had become upset about not receiving a snack before other Veterans. According to [VA Employee X], then attempted to intimidate [VA Employee X] “putting him in a corner.” [VA Employee X] then stated, “I attempted to use my PMDB (Preventative Management of Disruptive Behavior) skills verbally but he kept trying to put me in the corner. I then placed my hand on his chest and [Patient Y] grabbed both of my wrists and pulled me toward him.”

“I then informed [VA Employee X] I had reviewed camera footage of the incident and asked him why his recollection of events were different from the camera footage. [VA Employee X] stated, “I don’t really know why!” I asked [VA Employee X] if he was angry or upset with [Patient Y] on November 10, 2015 and he stated, “I don’t think so! I don’t really remember.” I asked [VA Employee X] if [Patient Y] had any previous incidents with being aggressive and he stated, “yeah all the time, it’s just how he is.” I then asked [VA Employee X] if he had gotten tired of [Patient Y] not listening to his verbal requests and wanted to take things to a more physical level and he stated, “yeah it very well could have.” I then exited the Interview Room to retrieve a new Voluntary Witness Statement and then returned. I then asked [VA Employee X] if he wished to provide me with a Voluntary Witness Statement with his corrected version of events and he stated, “No I’d rather not, I’ll just do a verbal statement.” I thanked [VA Employee X] for being honest with me and Officer [redacted] informed him he would be issuing him a citation for violation of 38 CFR 1.218(b)(11) Disorderly conduct I then exited the Interview Room.”

Should the Wisconsin AG’s office step in? Who will ensure the agency is protecting these vulnerable veterans? Why was the employee not charged with assault and battery of a vulnerable adult with a mental illness?


In case you missed it above, VA police asked VA Employee X if he “had finally gotten sick and tired of dealing with [Patient Y] and wanted to get physical as payback”?

VA Employee X replied, “Yeah it very well could have.”

According to the anonymous whistleblower report, another VA employee “witnessed the incident and [] did nothing to stop the abuse.” As stated above, the Tomah VA police cited the guilty employee of disorderly conduct but not battery without much explanation.


An incident report was initiated on November 12, 2015, that the veteran was counseled for swearing and insulting staff members. But the video shows the veteran was assaulted prior to the outburst.

“Veterans Affairs (VA) Police received a complaint about an inpatient. Veteran yelling at and insulting staff members on the Building [redacted] Ward. The Veteran was counseled for his behavior, and the [redacted] [redacted] informed of the incident. No injuries were reported from the incident.”

A police report dated November 23, 2015, indicates the video contradicted the false allegations from J.S., though the version Tomah VA released to us is somewhat obscured. However, the redacted VA police report indicates VA Employee X, aka J.S., pursued the veteran.

Beyond this, according to the whistleblower:

“Several other things have happened on 403 since Jason Simcakoski died. I cannot share this information for fear of reprisal.

“Please forward this information to the appropriate agencies. Our patients cannot defend themselves. Something needs to be done.”

Public Affairs officer Matthew Gowan confirmed the allegations in a response to my inquiry last November:

“A Nursing Assistant has been cited for Disorderly Conduct (carries a $250 fine and $25 administrative fee) based on a VA Police investigation into this matter. Additionally, the Nursing Assistant was removed from patient care duties during the VA Police investigation and will not have patient care duties during the ongoing Administrative fact finding.”

The video is intentionally blurred at certain points halfway into the confrontation. For that reason, I plan to file an appeal with the Office of General Counsel to get the video less obscured because it blocks any review of the continued pushing.

Do we think Governor Scott Walker will step in? What does Paul Ryan (R-WI) think about VA’s treatment of veterans at Tomah VA?

I will be curious to find out.

Tomah VA was contacted for comment as to whether VA Employee X is back working with veterans. Mr. Gowan did not respond in time for this publication.

DOWNLOAD: FOIA Response And Police Report

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  1. @namnibor, 91Veteran, Robin Mitchell and all others!

    If y’all didn’t see “60 Minutes”, tonight.
    The second and third ‘stories’ were eye-openers.
    Google the following;

    “60 Minutes/Dialing for Dollars & Gold Star”

    The first article will piss y’all off –
    “Dialing for Dollars” concerns WHY our “alleged” Congressional leaders, of the “House and Senate, can’t, and won’t, do the jobs they were elected to do!
    They are actually in violation of their ‘oath of office!

    The second article –
    “Gold Star” concerns the struggle all families go through after losing a loved one in a war!

  2. Stan in Rhode Island
    has any body taken a look at the providence i’m a vet they clearly has chronic disabling pain one doctor gives me pain killers that hardly work i stop taking them and another doctor agrees to give me a combined pain killer muscle relaxer prescription but then has his nurse tell me that i’m to young to be on pain killers for the rest of my life and don’t get me started on how the providence VA is a “learning hospital for brown university and the student doctors are given the freedom to experiment with those hospitalized vets with un diagnosed illness even when a veteran might complain that the medication in the IV is making him burn inside his body and he is in agony. or how about the time i went to the ER and waited 6 hours only to be asked at least three times if i was drunk i had a blanket on because my illness makes me very cold. i must have been to the ER at least 5 or 6 times and i finally find out from the GI department that i need to be tested by a machine in Boston its the only one that can say exactly whats wrong with me but i have to be sick in order to be tested.

  3. Got the doctor’s notes from the gainesville VAHC that I was in a full blown psychosis not bothering no one at the time. Police SAID they were there on another call?? They came at me from behind They said I was not responding to there commands grabbed me from behind, through me to the ground and charged me with disrupting the V.A. The sad part is when I went to federal court to fight the charge I was told I had to get an outside Doctor to prove that I was sick at the time. When the V.A. Doctors notes already said I was. I think the Police where there because I had been red flagged before for complaining about canceled appointments. 100.% with TBI. A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse. I know where i’am not wanted and will not go back. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL EXCEPT IF YOU ARE A VET.

    1. James, do you know about Special Monthly Compensation T? It is paid at the R2 rate. It is what Rep. Lee Zeldin is questioning Dr. David Shulkin on in the congressional hearing on 4/19/2016. My husband is also 100% for TBI. Actually he was 100% under the old name of residuals of brain injury. It was updated in 2009 to TBI and the VA decided in the change to make it 70%. Only since he has been 100% since 1992 they could not reduce it. He has gotten worse not better since 1992 so it is a mystery that even Zeldin is curious about. The lawyers on the VA committee have researched it and when the law was written it was 80% and above should automatically qualify and by law the VA is supposed to consider it in the claim but they never do.
      VA Form 21-2680 is the form to get doctors to fill out to apply if you apply proactively. I would try to get non-VA doctors to do a detailed form.
      Another mystery to look out for is what is the VA doing with that money. A senior US Senator and several congressmen including the House Veterans Affairs Committee cannot find out…so far.
      I fully expect that to be a Shulkin question he doesn’t want to answer. Bob I Care recruited a lot of talent above the normal pay grade. I talked to one that is a really nice guy, incredibly talented and leaving.

  4. Thank you for pursuing this Ben.

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with these people?

    Veterans being killed and the IG ignored it. Veterans being experiemented on using toxic drugs, drug dealing on VA grounds, Hungry Hippo playing employees and assaults on patients.

    WTF is wrong with a nation that ignores things like this, yet they go batshit crazy when a lion is shot, a Gitmo prisoner claims a book is flushed down a toilet or goddamned fools whine over which toilet they can use?

    Clearly the entire management of this hell hole is incompetent. How is it all of the above can happen, yet no politician or VA upper manager is not firing people left and right?

    What will it take to get this out cleaned up?

    1. It will take a padlock on the doors to every vha hospital to stop the abuse from continuing there as it has now for generations. Nothing short has ever worked and the list of those who tried is long. Padlocks, final notices to all, then bulldoze everything into playgrounds and parks. Nothing short will EVER stop this.

  5. I was a resident on a ward like that. This story pales in comparison. As a MH patient, there is nobody in the world that will believe you against the word of VA unless caught like this. Not one soul will care or do anything. Not even the ones who walk away in disgust as witnesses are courageous enough in my personal experience.

    1. Just ask yourself this question; if the VHA has so completely screwed the pooch in every other area, why are they allowed to run a locked down mental ward in which the patients by law do not enjoy the same constitutional rights as an ordinary citizen? They have you sign a paper acknowledging you do not have the right to remain silent. I am not kidding. Do you trust the VHA to tell the truth about how,they care for vets behind locked security doors? How much misery do you estimate has been perpetrated onto vets in a locked down mental ward somewhere in just the time it took to read this?

      More importantly, with VA lies being the standard and not the exception, how would we know? Do you still think it is safe to allow VHA to continue?

  6. I believe it was yesterday I put the following, (video), y’all should Google.
    Robin Mitchell was the first to mention it.
    It kind of goes with today’s blog! It’s really a MUST WATCH video. Where VA execs get caught in lies!
    Robin’s husband is mentioned by name. And how VA has been screwing over him!
    The title of the video is;

    “A Continued Assessment of Delays in Veterans Access to Health Care”

    What I find interesting is Shulkin’s “explanation” when confronted with FACTS!” Facts he says he has no answers for. Even though these FACTS are well documented. And his “newly formed position underling” had been apprised of!
    Just more bull shit from Shulkin and EVERYONE else in Washington D.C.!

    1. Yes, an awesome turn of events. First thank you Rep. Lee Zeldin and Bill Doyle his Chief of Constituent Services. After he took on Dr. David Shulkin I was stunned when Rep. Jeff Miller came back and confronted Shulkin.
      As of an hour ago Zeldin has not heard from Dr. Shulkin as to why a career Special Ops vet with MANY head injuries and 100% SC for TBI is being denied aid and attendance. I cannot leave the house right now because his equilibrium is so off and I have no one that can come over. The VA is trying to say that equilibrium and vision issues…severe low vision to legal blindness are not related to his TBI..he has to prove them separately. First year medical students are being taught they are.
      At the two day dog and pony show VABrainTrust on TBI a TOP VA official told a participant that both Zeldin and I are lying.
      I am making a bet now: Dr. Shulkin is going before congress again (Zeldin and Miller) he may not know it yet. OOps.I was told by someone in NY that knew him at Beth Israel that he will show up with both the PR worker’s signed resignation and my husband’s case settled or he will do a Hickey on Obama and run.He is not a man to be embarrassed twice by his aides. He could fix at least one today with Bob’s signature.

      1. I have a friend who was “BLINDED” by outside doctors. Because, (short version), VA gave wrong written info to the doctor.
        He’s also been turned down for “Aid and Attendance”, because – a VA puke asked him – “Can you dress yourself?” My friend answered, “Yes!”
        Yet, he’s concidered “legally blind” by VA standards. So much so, the state revoked his drivers licence! He sold his car. He’s been ripped off by his neighbors who were there to clean his house. The wife and I go there every other day now. My wife cleans while he and I go to the store or something.
        This week he went to VA to learn how to use a machine. Which tells him how to take his meds.
        While there he ask about a form, hand delivered to them about two months ago, reguarding “transportation” (Votran) for him. No one knew anything! When I got him home he said this one lady found it.
        If I had known that at the time we were there. I would have asked for them to rush it through!

        Before I forget. Robin Mitchell, don’t stop fighting for everyone else in your area. It seems you have a good repor with “Zeldin” where it could come in handy for others!
        I hope you and your husband get justice!

    2. I am hearing from a lot of people now. They have a really big problem between Special Operations and the VA. As in why is Robert Reynold’s getting SOCOM confirmations even redacted ones? And, what is he doing with them? Fast Letter 09-52 gives even the phone number to call so any VA idiot can follow it.
      I have heard some sad stories and I want that changed. My husband’s dream is to build ‘tiny homes'(look it up) on our 40 acres on the Kenai P in Alaska for homeless vets. His original claim to the VA in 1992 asked for aid and attendance. The man has definitely been followed by angels. We have had friends move in to help me but I can no longer carry my husband back into the cabin if he passes out in the snow by myself.
      You should have several outside doctors do detailed VA form 21-2680 on your friend. My husband now has 4 plus a very detailed letter by a low vision specialist along with her peer reviewed published article.
      For someone like Shulkin to say that vets have to prove such accepted symptoms need to be proved separately is not going to look good on his Wiki page. A doctor in NY friend put it: he went from Beth Israel to the VA. What Uganda wasn’t short of doctors? As in why would he do that if he isn’t going to make a difference?

      1. Thanks Robin
        I will see my friend in the morning. It might take some doing because he’s a stubborn old Korean War Marine Vet. He has it in his mind, no matter how much I’ve proven it, the VA does NOT have a union backing them up! He keeps saying It’s against the Constitution for government agencies to have a union! I’ve basically gave up on that subject.
        I hope he doesn’t argue with me over this!

        As far as Shulkin goes. He’s at VA to fatten his bank accounts. Just like all the other lying asswipes in Washington.

        This sunday, watch “60 Minutes”! It concerns what our elected officials do in Washington for themselves vs. what their supposed to be doing for us, the citizens!

  7. As you can see the VA is its own animal or own state or country. They act as if they control everything and have the right to decide what’s right and wrong and when its wrong they act as a Legal system and hand out punishment as they choose. They can Lye about what a veteran did or didn’t do and if not for the video, this employee would have gotten away scot free.

    This is not an isolated Situation and veterans are yelled at often when the cross the path of disgruntled employees, They can start it and they will finish it, by calling the VA police and the Veteran has no chance of defending themselves, unless its recorded. I took my brother to the VA for an appointment 200 miles one way, the appointment was for a different day, so I asked if he could be seen since we drove so far. We were told no by a clerk and so I went to the Patient Rep, she said what do you want me to do about it.

    I said is there anyway you can try and get him seen or authorize the travel pay since we drove 200 miles, Her reply no and started closing the door. I told her ok, We will go to the director, whos office is about 30 feet from the patient rep. By the time I got to the directors suite, the VA police were there.

    A staff member from the directors office was there and I asked why the police were there, That they had posted all over the hospital if your not satisfied with your care you can speak with the Director and after saying this the Police left and the Staff member listened to our story and she went to the clinic and guess what they did see him.

    The VA police should have called the outside authorities and they should have been the ones to issue the disorderly conduct and should have faced a Judge on the outside.

    This once again proves that the VA is Accuser, prosecutor, Judge, Jury and executioner ! This is not the American way, they should be treated like a private citizen and face the music like anyone else.

    He tried to blame the veteran and got caught, How many are not caught ! How many veterans have complained only to be accused themselves and them be punished.

    These matters must not be handled by the VA and this power taken away !

    I had this done to me and the VA covered it up, kept the lye alive, until they forgot what the lye was about and they slipped and admitted they had no evidence of me being disruptive and the Director in Denver lying that nothing ever happened due to the reporting. The Chief of staff even stating they did not even know the employee I was speaking about and where the records show that the employee I was speaking about was sitting in the same room during the Disruptive Committee meeting.

    10 Years of gathering information into the matter, was sent certified mail to Bob McDonalds office and his office sent it right back to the Denver VAMC, guess where that got me. I told you about Stephanie out of Bob McDonalds office telling me, that the Employee no longer works for the VA (TWICE) and nothing can be further from the truth. When I advised Stephanie that she was lied to or I was, she stopped all communication.

    How’s that for getting to the truth out of McDonalds office, They did not want to help a veteran who has been wrongly accused of disruptive behavior, No they did not want to get the truth. They are letting the VA in Denver punish an Innocent man be Falsely Accused. Thanks Mr. McDonald My VA has turned out to be the Employees VA.

    Come on McDonald do the right thing and stop letting Employees hurt veterans, just because they can !

    1. I am 100% s/c. had several MST in Navy. I’m now a little old lady. i carry purse & clipboard.

      In july 2014 I had bad dogbite to my left hand. It permanently damaged my hand. The hand started hurting at the dogbite, never before, and continues hurting to this day.

      I wanted an opinion on this dogbite hand so I went to VA small town clinic. Dr. there said pain and lack of use was due to dogbite and sent me to KC VA to orthopedic Dr. She said I would go to KCVA (2 hour one-way trip), get xray on hand, then meet with orthopedic Dr.

      When I arrived for appointment #1, orthopedic doctor is from Pakistan. Abdul Ahmed Haleem. Moslem. I explained to him that my Dr. said I would get xray, then consult. Abdul decided to make a decision about my hand without xray. He said pain was NOT from dogbite but from natural cause. THEN he took an xray, saying if he changed his mind, he’ll call me. Well, he called but said the hand pain was not due to dogbite.

      When I got his report, soon after I made another appointment, as everyone I called about this, including patient advocate, says the doctor had to change his mind and change the record. I had to make appt with Abdul to discuss the mistakes in the record. (there were many … Abdul does not write English in a manner that can be understood).

      So I waited for 2 months for appt with Abdul.

      I had a list of questions about my record and the record itself with me when I showed up for appt. Abdul had been busy, so the miscreants at the front desk, 500# gorillas with bad attitude, told me it was going to be a long, long wait. I’d hired a driver for several hours, but not the entire day, and told them so. They said too bad, u have to wait. So in the waiting room, I started talking around to all the vets sitting there, and many were mad as hell about this. A rumble started in the vet population, and perhaps I strated it, but they were mad before me.

      Anyway, the ward/floor manager come out and got me, hauled me to the back room and said the Dr. would see me now. Another vet in the waiting room also volunteered that I could have his appt to get out earlier. The VA does not want the vets talking in the waiting rooms, so they got me out and into see Abdul.

      first I went thru the record he made, asking if this was relevant or that was relevant. Abdul kept interrupting me in a hostile voice asking what my question was. I told him I was asking him my questions, and he just needed to answer. Finally he got mad at me.

      He stood up, said he’s not answering any more questions, that I get 10 or 15 minutes, that’s all and my time was up. My main question, though, is this: what evidence did Abdul use to determine that the pain was NOT from the dogbite? He can’t answer that, so he just quits and runs away.

      I follow him out the door of the exam room, and he’s hightailing his moslem self down the hall quick. I send a volley down the hall, asking why they allow veterans to be seen by enemy doctors, when the vets are bombing in pakistan, then they go to pakistan and get doctors to treat the vets that bombed their people?

      Abdul the Moslem called his security force to take me out. VA police support the VA not vets, and I was surrounded on all sides by over 6 armed thugs. I’m 5′ tall, 110#, 60 y/o lady. I looked each one of those cockroaches in the eye, nice and slow, and they each one scampered back into their hole except for 1 who escorted me to patient advocate. where I put in a report of abuse, neglect and harassment by moslem doctor prejudiced against white, female disabled vet.

      Next few weeks, I get a letter from Interim director, Inkley, who dressed me down for abusing poor Abdul and hurting his feelings. Creating a disturbance.

      In the meantime, the insurance policy that would have covered care and compensation for my hand, will not do so, because of Abdul’s report. Every other doctor, including VA Dr. at the small town clinic, states that it is the dogbite causing pain, disfigurement and limited use of my hand.

      Us female vets get zero help at the VA. I went to eye doctor, made 3 trips to VA related to new glasses, and then the glasses were wrong prescription. I finally just went to local doc and got glasses that work. I still do not have a splint that works to support my hand.

      I would not use the VA to clip a toenail. It seems as if the upper managment is a big siphon racket and the lower workers at the VA are the most inept, disagreeable people they can find. I am done with using them for anything medical. It’s just more racket.

      1. They are doing this to thousands of Veterans. Everyday ! See if they report you to the disruptive committee.

        If they do. Let us know. I’m sorry you had to go through this.

        Ben and many veterans are trying to make a difference.

        Tell any veterans you know to join us. Numbers make a difference and their stories on how they are being treated.

    2. James, thank you for the reply. I’m totally alone in this. b/c of ptsd & depression, my family has deserted me. i don’t have but one friend, the elder gent who’s been driving me around for 4 years. He’s currently dying of hospital MERSA infection – which could be cured with colloidial silver and cannabis, but the doctors (not VA) will not use either to cure him.

      what did you mean by this:
      “Tell any veterans you know to join us. Numbers make a difference and their stories on how they are being treated.” ??

      join us? who is us? am i missing something? do you mean comment at this website or something else?

      thank you again, and blessings be, one and all.

      1. Us. Are veterans that share their stories to anyone and everyone that reads this site.

        There are many veterans going through VA lieing about veterans and this is a good site to express their thoughts about how their being treated by the department of Veterans Affairs.

        The more veterans. The better so they (the VA) can’t claim that were all crazy or trying anything else except to hope change comes sooner than later.

        Good luck

  8. Evidently, that new director’s “100 day plan” ain’t working out!
    “What’s Govenor Walker, Paul Ryan, Gibson, Shulkin and McDonald doing? NOT ONE DAMN THING!
    What can, or will, they do? There COWARDS!

    Can’t fire any of these reprobates! They put them on paid administrative (vacation) leave for a year or two. Then taxpayers foot the bill, without knowledge!

    Can’t reprimand them! Because it goes in one ear and out the other. Just like spoiled little bitches and basturds!

    Can’t charge them with felonies, because the union will step in to protect them!

    Hint: There’s really only one thing which should be done.


    After watching the video. I kept watching other videos. I then came to this one on
    “InfoWars” titled;

    “George Washington’s Assaut Weapon for InfoWars”

    Did y’all know that our “Founding Fathers” believed government was a “Science Experiment”?
    Did y’all know that before one could graduate from school, one had to ‘recite’, verbatim, George Washington’s “Presidential Fairwell Address”?!
    Did y’all know that George Washington was opposed to any kind of “Political Party”!?
    Did y’all know that, in 1773, Britain “outlawed” assault weapons; ie: Muskets!
    Did y’all know that the British were marching on Lexington, then Concord, in 1775 to “Confiscate all weapons, powder and flint”!?

    There’s so much more of our history students, for the past 30 to 40 years, are NOT being taught!
    (“Dumbed Down” is the Political Correct” way of saying it today!)
    This great “science experiment”, known as America, is one!

    There’s a new movie coming out this month. Titled;

    “Revelation –
    Dawn of Global Government”

    It’s definitely a must see! It’s our history. Our beginnings and how far we’ve traveled away from GOD!


    Also, if y’all get a chance. Rent, purchase or go to the theater and see,

    “God’s not Dead” part 2!

    It’s a graphic depiction of what’s occuring, nationwide, within our school system!
    And stick around to see ALL the schools mentioned. Which are “referenced”, Worldwide!

    1. P.S.
      I wonder how long it will take to find out ~IF~ “The Candy Man” was rehired?

      1. @crazyelf- I would not be surprised if it will take Benjamin filing yet another Freedom Of Information Act to find out. Look at the over 100 VA OIG reports on as many different VAMC wait list scandal reports they are still sitting on!!!

        I am a firm believer that the VA OIG needs to be totally revamped and seated with *only* Veterans, Disabled or otherwise, a balance in any case representing our different cultural backgrounds and gender but all unified under UMCJ in all the Branches.
        The VA OIG needs to be entirely decoupled from the VA and it’s normal purse strings. This needs to happen first to bring the rest of the bad apples down and reboot the system.
        Literally…re-BOOT the system. Flush. Reset with VA Leadership made of Vets again ONLY, and pick away at lower levels until completely flushed.

        The VA AFGE Employee’s Union *MUST GO* at same time. A bit of chaos at first when the ship hits the glacier, but all will be okay if we persevere because the rats will jump from the ship when no Union Protection exists, kind of an intestinal self-cleansing of sorts. 🙂

  9. The fact that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker nor Paul Ryan have stepped-in as yet against the constant cap coming out of Tomah VAMC, I highly doubt they will step-in at this point either.
    This VA Employee has more than likely treated other Veteran Patients the exact same way, and more in past.
    Why is it with the VA there’s certain locations that are constantly the gates of hell-care instead of Healthcare and I wonder if this VA Employee had an axe to grind because of Dr. Houlihan, aka Candy Man…meaning, since this medical assistant is working around Psych Patients, what kind of relationship did this employee have with Dr. Houlihan that made him think it was ok to treat patients accordingly?

    Tomah, VAMC needs the master flushing mechanism activated and start over after a good rinse.

    Again…where’s VA Sec. Robert McDonald?

    1. Donating his brain to science. Not kidding. He invited NFL players to his VABrain Trust the last two days for selfies and they all donated their brains to study TBI.
      Turns out some participants actually showed up thinking they were going to be taught how to help their veterans TBI patients now…like the fact that SMC T aid and attendance for TBI SC vets exists. Nary a word. VA locked me out of Twitter feed and support got me back in.
      They were told things like go find the cure for TBI and don’t worry about owning the patent..share it to save vets. Yeah, like the VA doc who discovered the cure for Hep C and made millions off the patent while hosing vets at the VA.

      1. Nah, that “donation of brains for TBI” was a ruse for the VA’s cafeteria to continue the flow of bad meatloaf. 🙂 Meatloaf = Organ Driver of VA Spin Dr.

    2. I kind of cut Walker some slack on this because as a state governor, about all he can do is order state health officials to investigate, which they may not have much luck with at a federal facility.

      Which is BS when you think that veterans who live there and are state residents are essentially giving up rights because they are veterans.

      As for Ryan, Johnson and Baldwin…I cut them no slack whatsoever. Since Tomah is such an ongoing festering wart on VAs ass, you would think all of those worthless politicians would have been all over this months ago.

      Perhaps shaming on social media will get their attention.

      It would be fun to see Walker order state officials to go there and investigate, and the confrontation with VA employees blocking their entrance.

      1. I cannot cut Gov. Walker any slack because he stampeded the Unions when he shook things up and caused a national stir or libtards going crazy. Why has he not done the same to peel back the infected scab of AFGE Union in his State with a VAMC with scandal after scandal?
        Like you stated earlier, what the hell is wrong to have SO MUCH going on at JUST -1- location? Management. Period. Employees are going to be affected when they fear retaliation so go along with the flow and turn a blind eye when wrongdoing takes place…all out of job security.
        No slack for Walker. He stepped into the Union snake pit before and he could do it again and help Veterans in his own State and Nationwide. Someone has to take the first big baby step.

      2. VA DEATHCARE WILL KILL @ DOES KILL VETS FOR THE BONOUS @$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VA DEATHCARE A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET FROM AFGE UNION CONTRACTS HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. @91Veteran
        Govenor Scott of Florida went to a few VAMC’s a year or two ago. He was turned away at all of them. Reason: those places are federal lands – NOT State lands!
        No matter how one cuts it. The VA will do, and does, whatever it wants.
        In my opinion, all it is, is an agency which fattens their wallets – from POTUS on down!
        Until it’s shut down, nothing will change!

        Feeling kinda low tonight. Maybe I will sleep better this weekend. Haven’t had much sleep lately…..

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