Mad As Hell at Washington, DC?

As a disabled veteran and advocate, I’ve wrestled with those in Washington and the rules they make for nearly a decade. How in the name of all that is holy do you get the people running things (usually poorly at best) to pay attention?

For years, I’ve been blocked at every turn. The Veterans Administration, Congress, & local Veterans Centers all have heard but not listened. Their inability to get it done and failing to take any real actions to fix how veterans are being treated says more about their intentions than any speech could. Us regular Joes and Jills who have sacrificed so much for this country and its security deserve better.

Now I’m fed up. I thought if enough of us made our thoughts known on veterans issues and made some noise that those in charge can no longer avoid us.

So now it is your turn. I’m asking you to tell them what you think. I’m willing to use my time and limited resources to speak up as LOUDLY as I can.

All I ask is that you lend me your voice in a simple survey. A few moments can make a difference in finally getting them to listen ALL to us.


[Update: The survey has concluded. To see the results, click here: “Hold Them Accountable Survey Results.”]









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  1. All politicians, prior to our 16th President ELECTED to office, should have learned much over the last 20 centuries, of global democracy! The media of this nation and others, need strict knowledge of all civil liabilities of words from mouths or any other type of communications, and those that abide with all these federal laws, support from those other nations’s top government officials to protect of global humanity. The elders of all nations that have experienced losses due to violent conflicts, need support of the wise PEACE keepers, and all educators, shall pass these words of care, with the gentle knowledgeable.

  2. I clicked on the attached link and was directed to the results of the survey. I did not see any questions to answer. Is the survey already completed? Perhaps I overlooked something. I am presently rated at 90% disabled. After reading the VA’s criteria as stated in WARMS, I felt that I should be 100%. I waited a year for the decision. It has been 2 months and I still have not received the back pay. Needless to say, I have some thoughts and suggestions about the overall system. I am pending receipt of a request for IU, so any comments made would not be too derogatory. I don’t want to disappoint you. God Bless You for your efforts!

  3. I know how to get there attention but it is against the law!! That is the only way you make those so called people pay attention to what the majority of the people in the USA think of them
    M, James

  4. I am not a vet but my two sons are Army vets..I agree with all that is said about Washington needing a complete change..Vote them all out..Hell people the people in Washington have been screwing the rest of America over since the days of the Indian treadies..They work for US and yet we let them set their wages ,hours, benifits,the whole damn lot..Would your boss allow it??God bless the VETS and America and do it quick well we are still here..

  5. I served proudly for 21 years in the Air Force. I see the what was promised to us fading in the sunset. When will the elected ones understand that but for us, they would not be where they are. Is it time to replace with people with common sense. I think so. God Bless America, land that I LOVE!!

  6. I served in the Marines from 1984 – 1988. I broke my right ankle during PT. I had ligament and tendon damage and broke my ankle. I had surgery and they inserted four pins. They took one out later and I still have three. When it happened the surgeon told me it would hurt and would hurt more as I got older. The VA gave me a 10% rating and that’s what I have today. I’m older now and it does hurt worse, so I applied for increase. I found out that people get 10% for a sprain or the scar from surgery. So I don’t think I’ve had a fair rating for the last 23 years.

    Then I found out that it takes between two to four years to get an answer when you request an increase and I realized that it’s critical that we document our conditions. The VA will not give us a fair rating if we don’t provide accurate information.

    So I made a free iPhone app for veterans to track their disabilities. Please give it a try. It’s on the Apple App Store. The name is “Veteran’s Log”. Here is a direct link to the app.

    If you don’t use it, you should keep some kind of log so you can tell your doctor how your disability effects your life.

  7. It use to be we the people. Now it’s we the fools.We allow these people the power to dictate our lives. Majority of politic’s intrest lie within. And all have special intrests groups. All of them should make their spending transparent,and account for every penny spent. And show all sources of income.When I was in military a p-38 might cost 15.00 and a toliet seat 35.00 to whomever the bid was contracted to. The goverment has always miss-appropriated funds. It’s step own 5 or 6 times before it get where it need be.

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