Mailroom: Letter from VR&E Counselor on Shutdown

VA Voc Rehab Counselor Letter

This morning met us all with some dismal news about those infants we call Congress.

Since they cannot seem to do anything without making a mess, it looks like some of us may lose benefits for a little while.

I talked with my own VA Voc Rehab Counselor today to find out what to expect. I decided to write about it since this week’s antics leave many of us wondering how to plan our finances.

Here’s the drill: I include this for all newcomers – though this week is different than normal since it’s a letter from a counselor.

Normally, every week, I take an email from a veteran that would have broad appeal to many veterans. Questions are usually about the GI Bill, VA Voc Rehab, or Disability Compensation.

I then analyze the veterans benefits issue for a bit and post my input here in our weekly segment: Mailroom.

Basically, I take out all of the veteran’s identifying information from the best email and post it here with my answer.

If you have a burning question about your veterans benefits, sent me an email by selecting the contact tab at the top of this page. If I think your situation will be helpful for other veterans, I will re-post it here.

* If you do not want me to write about your veterans benefits situation, please feel free to let me know within the email. I have no problem keeping a lid on the situation, too.


Letter from VA Voc Rehab Counselor:

As far as I know, subsistence allowance payments will still go out as scheduled.  In regard to our office, if a budget agreement isn’t reached soon, most of us in this office will be furloughed after Friday.


What this means for veterans using VA Voc Rehab:

There will be no counselors to process the following:

  • New veterans claims
  • Reimbursements
  • Late subsistence payments
  • Any training modifications
  • Etc.

Basically, if you need anything via the approval of a counselor, you will not get what you want.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed with the hope that our infantile Congress can get this sorted out in a fair and efficient manner.


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  1. Do you think Voc Rehab is exploiting disabled veterans by having them work 32 hrs weekly, getting paid $400/hr and still maintaining their appointments? if I was only 50% or 100%, this is wrong! this decision is to decipher whether or not I can get an MBA, regardless of my BS honors. I have to complete to volunteer work one whole year before they let me know whether they will agree to let me get an MBA… I feel exploited, used, and I have no reassurance of the end result. Help me please!

    BTW- I was also AFSOC aerospace Medicine for 4 years

    Rachel D.

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