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What Is Your Veterans Group Saying About VA Secretary Shulkin Scandal?

Anyone reading this article already knows VA Secretary Shulkin is reeling after IG exposed he used taxpayer dollars to pay for his wife’s trip to Europe.

Initially, VSOs remained quiet about what Shulkin should do until yesterday when most of the large VSOs spoke out in favor of the Secretary remaining onboard rather than resigning to a worse option.

Here is a collection of recent quotes from the old guard veterans groups nationwide.

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Veterans Groups Speak Out

Disabled American Veterans

“We hold the VA to a high standard—its leadership even more so. While we were troubled to learn of the recent IG findings, we believe Secretary Shulkin took appropriate steps in reimbursing the department for any and all financial obligations found to be outside the scope of his official travel. We hope that this action will not only resolve the situation at hand, but that this will be a singular instance in which the Secretary’s ethics are called into question,” wrote DAV National Commander Delphine Metcalf-Foster.

“We have not always agreed with the Secretary, but we believe he is a proven advocate for veterans—not special interest groups who openly advocate shrinking and dismantling the VA.”

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American Legion

“We have been encouraged by the great progress Secretary Shulkin has made and believe that he remains the best person to lead this important federal public institution on the behalf of the American people,” American Legion National Commander Denise Rohan said in a statement Monday.

“While we were disappointed to learn of the recent issue with the secretary’s travel, we believe that the current controversy surrounding the secretary is part of a larger effort to remove him and install others who would take steps to privatize the services provided to our nation’s heroes by the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

“Recent media investigations have confirmed that several political operatives have taken active measures to undermine Secretary Shulkin, his deputy, his former chief of staff and their ability to lead,” she said.

“We are 100% opposed to the privatization of the VA and will work vigorously to ensure our nation’s veterans have the efficient, transparent, and properly functioning VA that they deserve.”

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Veterans of Foreign Wars

”This political infighting must stop, so we also support full transparency about what is really going on,” Executive Director Bob Wallace said. “The mission of VA is too important to have this type of behavior impacting employee morale and the trust of veterans in their VA.”

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On Sunday, AMVETS National Executive Director Joe Chenelly said that divisions within VA leadership “cannot be tolerated any longer” and implored the White House to support Shulkin.

“Secretary Shulkin has worked with us throughout his time at the helm, and he’s been successful in leading significant changes and laying the tracks for more important reform,” he said.

“The president needs to make it clear to all that it is Secretary Shulkin who is chiefly responsible for ensuring every veterans has access to high-quality health care. Short of that, the success this administration has enjoyed so far on veterans issues will cease.”

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Vietnam Veterans of America

“What the VA needs in order to progress is stability in leadership,” said Kris Goldsmith, assistant director of policy at Vietnam Veterans of America.

“It’s a tremendous organization, and it takes an immense amount of time and energy to truly understand it. Dr. Shulkin knows that system, and his continued leadership is essential to reforming the VA so that our nation fulfills its promises to its veterans.”





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  1. Now, who pays these guys? We have had too many Veterans survive all the big wars and all the little ones, and other quiet little wars. The VA will need to privatize some of it’s responsibility to the private sector. We have no Doctors. As long as there are wars, we gonna just keep coming. All the VSO’S should merge. I wonder who would be their leader.

  2. How much money do the service origination’s receive each year to mail out paperwork, $65 thousand and higher. They have nothing to do with VA treatment facilities.

    They are afraid if the VA closes its doors they would be out of a job. If they are thinking this would happen, their jobs are secure. There will always be veterans and until veterans can hire an attorney out right when they first apply, service officers will have a $65 thousand job.

    5 People speaking for millions of veterans. The VA is using service officers to Screw veterans out of their deserved disability. The VA has told the service officers to (sell) the idea, if veterans who have been waiting sometimes decades, if they want to get their disability claims looked at earlier, they can make a new claim.

    They are playing with people, how better to not have to pay any back pay. They promise if you have been waiting for a long time, they promise those claims will be (viewed) within 90 days.

    They do not tell the Veterans just because they made a new claim, do not mean, their disability claim will be approved, it means they will look at the claim and those claims can be Denied (again) and back to the appeals you go !

    Except, the veteran just (lost) out on all that Back pay. and still be in the same boat they were before. Remember the VA Moto, Deny, Deny. Die.

    This is nothing more than an scam and should be against the Law ! As a Federal crime. to deceive in order to obtain monies illegally is a federal crime. So why employee’s not going to jail, because our justice department, seem not to care .

    Telling my granddaughter this AM, you know if a veterans should claim travel say by 10 miles, what happens, veterans are pounced on for $20. VA employee’s, steal millions and are killing veterans with their misdeeds and jail should be an option.

  3. As the Veterans Administrations plays their deadly games with Veteran’s lives in Washington. A fourth victim of Legionnaires’ disease is confirmed at the Quincy veterans home in just one week. Not a word spoken by any of the, so called, Veteran Service Organizations about the never-ending yearly body count of dead Veterans at the Quincy Veterans home due to Legionnaires. Even though the disease is named after one of the VSOs.

    Instead of the VSOs taking a moments time to call for an end to the manslaughter of Veterans at Quincy. The VSOs leadership are in Washington dunning their funny hats to support Shulkin even after he has failed to take action at Quincy for years as the manslaughter continues.

    4th Quincy Legionnaires’ case in week confirmed
    Posted 5:21 pm, February 20, 2018, by Associated Press

    Article At: https://fox2now.com/2018/02/20/4th-quincy-legionnaires-case-in-week-confirmed/

  4. I sent Shulkin a letter in December 2016 and filed it with the VA OIG about the criminal activity of the Caregiver Support excluding the Veterans primary care doctors, spending millions on additional CSC and other CS employees they aren’t authorized to hire but they are because they don’t want the Veterans doctors doing it. My VAMC has 3 CSC, 2 CS clerks and 2 CS nurses and some of these employees were hired in other positions but reassigned to perform CSC so it’s not showing in the VA system giving the illusion the VAMC has 1 CSC. If every 170 VAMC hires 6 additional employees, it’s costing the American tax payer over $78 million dollars annually so Ms. Kabat, CS National Director, can continue excluding the Veteran’s doctors so her social workers can maintain control over all decisions. We’ve been fighting this for 6 months and you wouldn’t believe the kick back we’ve received. And of course, Shulkin hasn’t responded to my letter and I haven’t heard anything from the VA OIG either. This month our patient advocate was told by the director to stop assisting us and she can no longer help us. He didn’t even want to listen to anything we had to say. We are going on 4 months waiting for our Congressman to respond to us. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED.

    In Dec 2016 I finally got the courage to go to my local VAMC (moved here about 5 months prior) to face my complex PTSD and chronic/severe MDD and went inpatient. Wow, my eyes were opened. I didn’t get the care but what I discovered after I received a copy of my medical records, majority of those “treating” me were students without a licensed provider with them (don’t know if this is illegal) and my VAMC cc everyone on your medical records which majority of these individuals I never saw or received treatment from and my treatment team consisted of the chaplain, peer support person and the pharmacist besides the doctors. Yes, those individuals in my opinion shouldn’t be sitting in on my treatment team discussing my medical/mental health especially when I’m not aware of it. I had no idea who was my treatment team and who was on it during the 5 weeks I was an inpatient. I found this info in my records. One doctor I had asked to no longer be my counselor or be involved in my treatment was still attending the treatment team meetings then wrote some crazy things in my records after the psych informed her of my request I had several weeks earlier. Also, afterward the psych told this counselor she went to my assigned outpatient counselor to inform her about me in her opinion of me. My outpatient counselor decided to see me as an outpatient and provide me treatment even though she had been compromised by this disgruntled counselor. I didn’t feel this was ethical and I should’ve been assigned a new counselor to giver me an unbiased or tainted counselor. I cannot believe the unethical and unprofessionalism by some providers and didn’t realize how bad things are with the VA. I’m not putting down all providers because I meet some really nice ones I liked but my overall experience this past year has done more damage to me.

    We also learned the VA integrates the Veterans medical record, mental health record and psychotherapy notes into one integrated electronic medical record and it’s classified as ‘open’ which allows all VA employees, DoD and other entities full unmonitored access to every Veterans record which isn’t compliant with HIPAA, Security Rule or Privacy laws to include VA Privacy Policy. Yes, your psychotherapy notes (notes from your discussions with your mental health providers) are accessible to everyone with access to VA records. They don’t need your written authorization. Another major reason I cannot get treatment at VA and its hurt me even seeking treatment with civilian doctors. I’ve had LCSWs using information obtained from my psychotherapy notes in their written rebuttals to our complaints.

    Also, I found out the VA’s Suicide Prevention Coordinator was cc on some of my psychotherapy notes but she has access to them anyway being a VA employee and doesn’t need my written authorization that is required by HIPAA and VA Privacy Policy. Now, who wants to receive mental health treatment after learning your sessions notes are available to everyone with access to VA records and nothing is done when you complain about it.

    I just don’t understand why some VA employees which include Veterans, hate us, unethical and unprofessional.

    The situation with Shulkin and his travel should require swift action and his removal. I’m sorry but even if he is a good person for the job, he’s unethical, unprofessional and a criminal (knowingly taking something you know not to be yours is a crime) as he’s been in the system long enough to know he shouldn’t have done this and how many of his employees will use this to get away with stuff too. By not showing swift action and his removal, our elected officials continue to condone this unethical and unprofessional conduct. This was clearly not a mistake or oversight – he knew better and it’s not about if you like the guy or not – it’s about the law. If you don’t enforce it you will continue to have unlawful, criminal activity. Things don’t get fixed and I’m not speaking about honest mistakes. I also believe those involved in allowing him to do this should be charged and terminated.

    Shulkin knew better and he did it anyway so he should have to pay the funds back and he should be removed from his position. He has created doubt of his intentions and his character. Everyone will second guess him. He wants to blame interoffice dissent to oust him but none of them made the VA pay for his wife’s travel expenses. He’s shifting blame and the spotlight on his criminal activity.

    Again, the appropriate officials will turn the blind eye. Let a Veteran claim travel that’s falsified which is probably for a few dollars to a hundred and he’s crucified for it but allow Shulkin to spend thousands and we want to call it something else besides a crime. Wow. You cannot fix a system with this type of attitude. Shulkin should know this as well and should do the right thing and step down.


  5. Seems the senate as a whole, with exception of only a few individuals, is now no longer a representative of the people & become a representative of money & group power. It is destroying everything this wonderful (used to be) country has been for a long time. They know exactly what is going on & exactly how complicit they are in creating it, to the point they are even now thinking of some new responsibility of branches of the service to assume roll of crowd & riot control to control protesting citizens. The Royal Masters have to control the multitudes that want the country to be as founded, not for the rich & powerful only to have enjoyable lives. The problem are most of our military are obedient to the officers, just the way they want it. I believe it is time that all the vets getting screwed by the VA. (me too, I am not a combat vet & I have been with VA for over 60 years, once okay, now a terrible corrupt government entity. Lately I have had Pulmonary Embolisms twice, blind in my left eye, had blood clots previously & new one now, outside doctors said I should have 100% rating on my back alone for damages & VA Rehab Med had 2 EMG tests they read as negative nothing wrong with back & got an appointment to Neurosurgery on a Friday, did a late MRI Fri. & surgery on Monday morning with severe nerve damage, had a stent put in just for practice, all due to VA care, & that is just part of the list). Have a new Primary Care doctor due to moving to different home, had to move in with my son for care. Told new doctor of half a dozen items of urgent care to be scheduled from old primary care & he said see me in 6 months. After 6 months I typed up 2 pages of urgent care problems on computer mostly caused by poor VA care. He said you think I have time to read all this ? I told him he is my Primary Care & is supposed to know where I am on my service connected health problems & if you do not read it have your nurse associates read it & get in my record. The next 6 months & he just ordered an Ultrasound that was supposed to have been done a year ago to check the blood clots in my legs as he saw it was mentioned in my records. Nothing about my typed pages of problems that were due when I first saw him. Then he said to see him again in 6 months !!! Then my legs were both swollen & I had to go to outside E.R. He did say he had to refill all my prescriptions & I have been using Codeine, Empirin/Codeine, or Tylenol/Codeine for 60 some years. My prescription expired & I placed a call to him & he and his nurses would not return my call, so I called & told some one there to inform him of expiration. Called Pharmacy also & they said they informed on certain date. A month later & no Codeine for my considerable pain. Called doctor, no return call again, & pharmacy again. Asked pharmacy to be pushy if they could. I ran out of Codeine for a little over a week & he could care less.


    1. Meach, its time for either raising hell with the patient advocate by taking in that list of your medical conditions, telling them when you provided it to your primary care doctor, and telling them how few of those problems have been addressed.

      Or, demanding to be reassigned to another primary care doc. Which means you might end up with someone just as bad.

      Your doc sounds like a serious asshole that should not be near veterans let alone providing medical care to them.

      If you use Secure Messaging, you can send your primary care team the same list in a secure message and ask it be made a part of your medical record.

      I have found various VA employees will actually move and do their jobs at a reasonable pace if they know you will raise 3 shades of hell with their supervisor.

      What do you have to lose?

  6. 02/21/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    All your readers are right, especially Crazy Elf —$79,300.00 is what VA Secretary Shulkin owes to the American Taxpayer, and an open/public apology for the theft.

    And why are the charges not filed by a third party???? Ben?

    On behalf of all Veterans no one is above the law not even Nixon!

    We must get back to the basics—if you screw up— you are removed.

    It goes on all the time in Aerospace Manufacturing.

    Pigs—-use to play it live in 1977.


    Don Karg

  7. It isn’t going to matter. Certainly not to us. Nothing will change until there is a moral and ethical revolution in this country. The only questions are when and how ugly.

    1. “[…The only questions are when and how ugly.]”-What’s the life expectancy of a Kardashian?

  8. The VSOs do not represent me. They are douche-bags and should be handcuffed to radiators in the police precinct in Newark, NJ for life.
    Shulkin, like all the rest of the past Secretaries, has his thumbs on nothing. He should have questioned his chief of staff, Nairobi (or whatever her name is), when she gave him all the freebies. He didn’t. Therefore he is a double-talking liar. He should be ordered to wear handcuffs at all times.
    Shulkin has not done a fukin’ thing so far to better the stupid VA. He has not come down on this Choice program that was started when he was in charge of the VAHS under McDouche. He only threatens us with things like taking away our IU ratings every few months. Isakson loves him. Shulkin serves at “the president’s pleasure” …like when they play ‘hide the salami’

  9. One thing I agree on is, ” Dr. Shulkin knows the system.” I know we, the VA, have spent billions, just don’t know what it’s producing. When did VA get so forgiving? Did Shulkin say much about those AFGE EMPLOYEES that aided this trip? He’ll, travel pay goes through at least five people. Honestly, who really gives a shit if they rob the VA blind, they will get more.

  10. We need to seal the cookie-jar airtight, pressure POTUS to terminate Shyster Shithead “Shitty” Shulkin (and were being nice giving Shulkin this full nickname), to investigate suspected VA employees of wrongdoings, indict them if the charges hold, if found guilty to then ban for life of any Federal employment, and the State of the last VA practice, and to ban also State employment where the crimes occurred, and the sentencing should be the maximum to send the appropriate message that these types of behaviors will NOT be tolerated in the slightest.

    Another one saying what we all know. So don’t be fooled anymore by these ass-wipes.


    I’m watching, besides Trumps bumper stock ban, for any outcome given about 100 high school students took a bus to Washington, D.C.. So let me ask, will it be what ever comes out of the kids mouth, will they receive their requests? I hope not, because I can’t see why in other Countries that has banned weapons, that now the Police forces have powerful assault weapons.

    Why does the Police need assault weapons when they are banned by the Public to own? Doesn’t make sense. And if we ban these weapons in the US, will the same happen to our Police forces? They’ve already purchased assault vehicles and other military grade assist vehicles. We can only wait and see.


  11. A song befitting for all this shit;

    “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TiDcUKb-0g” – I only lie when I love you. Lyric version.


    1. “[I only lie when I love you
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      All of that fuss for nothing

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      1. @Namnibor – Thanks for posting the lyrics, the excitement just overwhelmed me when I thought about applying this song. And, I thought you might get a Ugh too.

  12. Here’s the link to a local (highly decorated) Vietnam Vet that could not get the VA to do the right thing because of the VA”s shell-game of postponing and canceling appointments and this Vet had deadly gum disease so bad needed all teeth extracted…my news and my local taxpayers ….did the right thing and did what the VA nor any VSO out there can do…the right thing:

    “Vietnam veteran battling gum disease gets new set of teeth”

  13. Many of you have been on, or have been participating on Ben’s blog for a while. I know that you have enough knowledge to have a good one on one with others that believe that the VA is all fine and dandy. To reveal to them where they’ve been misled.

    I say this, to encourage y’all to rethink about using Social Media as a platform to get the message out about the corrupt VA, and all the criminal activity that’s going on inside and outside this Agency. I’m finding that many Veterans don’t understand what really is going on with the VA, and their getting most of the information from the MSM. And you know how that’s flowing, its not.

    Again, rethink about using Social Media. There’s many Vets who they know what is going on, but really have no clue. All you got to do is to repost Ben’s articles, the reference articles and other topics that Seymore and others list, and then finish it off with statements of your own experience from using the VA or what others have posted as comments on Ben’s blog, or make up sarcastic jokes, or make harsh remarks about the VA Nurses. It all works for us, not against us.

    Hey, you’re already doing the above on Ben’s, IMO, now is the time to stretch forth and do the same on Social Media. But to also continue participating on Ben’s blog. We can as a determined group of Veterans, add some more of our own heat onto the VA. And hey, maybe you could use the firing up, to bring back that younger spirit in yourself. In its own way, its working for me, even though I’m still battling with the VA.

    No offense to anyone, but give my suggestion a good lookover and second thought. It can’t hurt.

    1. What is your twitter handle? Mine is CorpsmanUp@Tang1967 I roast their asses daily, pictures and all! ?????

  14. This just out on “Fox 35 News” @ 6 pm.
    A 92 year old WWII vet, in Central Florida, is being evicted from his mobile home. Because of the last hurricane which came through took off his roof.
    The mobile home park gave him seven days to repair it. From the pictures, it looks like all it needed is a new roof. FEMA denied his claim. It’s still in the appeals process.
    Well, the neighborhood people and the county came through and are purchasing him a new Mobil home in the Hamptons.

    Since we’re discussing VSO’s today.
    How come; NOT one of these VSO’s came to this aged WWII vet’s help?
    These kinds of stories are WHY we veterans are pissed at the VSO’s.
    When ASSHOLES are revelling in lots of monies, some of it from the government and VA, they could have bought a new home for him!

    That would have been a great Special Interest Story!
    Yet, the VSO’s only give a shit about themselves – they DON’T give a shit about the veterans they’re supposed to support!

    1. The cost of his new roof was probably one quarter of the bar tab for a single night at a national VSO convention.

  15. Every one of these statements are self serving and designed to protect the gravy train these VSOs are used to while ignoring the very veteran membership these groups claim to speak for.

    They don’t speak for me.

    What Shulkin did could he easily excused since he acknowledged it was wrong and is paying back what was wrong. But then you have to ignore all the the steps he took to avoid accountability.

    You have to ignore how bad it looks to be wasting over $122,000 on travel that even the IG couldn’t find value in.

    You have to ignore the vets who need travel pay to get to appointments that are not getting it.

    You have to ignore “glitches” in Voc Rehab payments that go on for days without explanation.

    If you can’t hold someone heading the agency accountable when he flaunts federal law, how can he hold any employee below him accountable for doing the same thing?

    How can any VSO legitimately demand the VA hold an employee accountable for abusing a veteran? For ignoring the law in a claims process? For creating a fraudulent scheme to get a bonus? For using unqualified hacks for C&P exams?

    Veterans have been demanding accountability at the VA for a long time. If they let Shulkin be held to a different standard, then no employee will be held accountable.

    I wait for the MPSB rulings letting more employees off the hook because their supervisor was not held accountable.

    1. Add to your list a local Vietnam Vet my local ABC6onyourside station is doing a feature story on @ 6pm this evening:
      This Vet could not get the VA to help him with serious dental issues and kept putting this man off, hamster wheel stairmaster runaround all the way…the VA would not do the right thing and kept POSPONING…delaying repeated appointments… SO……
      …This Vietnam Vet contacted my local aforementioned station above and guess what?
      No VSO stepped-up or returned calls to help this Vietnam Vet…NO…it took the local station to send him to dental services and it was ALL DONATED BY THOSE WISHING TO DO…the right thing.

      The right thing! WHY is this such a long-toothed thorn in the ass of the VA to complete this mission statement of…doing the right thing?

      Doing the right thing does not mean that AFGE VA Employees should have way better benefits than the very Veterans they are there supposedly to…serve.

      Unfortunately, the only thing served is an indifferent 3rd world medicine and uneducated tripe that goes with those deadpan eyes.

      When the station posts the story link after it finally airs in the hour I will try to post a direct link. Why?
      Because if the VSO’s…ANY OF THEM, were doing their jobs in truly assisting Vets and not their own preservation, this Vet would not have had to ask for outside help…you know, doing that right thing?!!

      1. namnibor,
        Read my comment on the “92 year old WWII vet” here in central Florida I just put on.
        Kinda like, yet not exactly the one you just mentioned. VSO’s and VA don’t do anything for vets. Only the local population!

      2. Link to story: “https://abc6onyourside.com/on-your-side/6-on-your-side/vietnam-veteran-battling-gum-disease-gets-new-set-of-teeth”

  16. Hello Benjamin and all,
    I hope all are making it. As far as the VA, I will start with this. Various leadership in the VA are complaining about dismantling the VA or privatizing the VA. Well, those who are taking this position are not correct. The privatization of the VA goes back to the Clinton administration when the Clintons got their hands in it. Alot of the disregard for Veterans care was started when Clinton enacted the quantity quota to pay employees bonuses which turns the whole concept surrounding veterans care to being all about quantity and not about quality. The outsourcing has been going on long before Secretary David Shulkin arrived aboard. Secretary David Shulkin is speaking out both sides of his mouth. In regards to the VA, if the VA had not been involved in death panels, Veterans dying due to manipulation of wait times, secret lists, negligence, incompetence, medical doctors who are not legitimate, using patient flag system which is Communist in its foundation, medical errors, using FDA black box listed medications that are banned in other countries, using medications dated back to the 70s, pumping veterans full of medications that contribute to additional medical issues instead of looking to use alternative natural means, VA physicians leaving interns in charge and the physicians cannot be contacted, entering incorrect medical information into medical records which belongs to other veterans that is not correct for the specified veterans, etc., and the list goes on; then, President Trump would not be touching the VA if all within the VA had been functioning in an efficient state with the delivery of accountable, ethical, and humane medical care. I could go on and on with my discussion. The VA has brought it all on themselves.

    1. An addendum to my previous comment. If the truth was really known to the public about what happened regarding the financial incident involving Secretary David Shulkin and his wife with the VA, then, I could really comment from an objective position. Otherwise, in regards to the mainstream media and whomever, the exact truth may not be known. So I cannot comment yet regarding Secretary David Shulkin. The mainstream media is full of the ideologies that represents Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and Hegalism. But, my point in speaking to this is there is vast amounts of false information floating around; and, these ideologies do not at all align with respect and regard for human life. I no longer belong to any veterans group. I belong to myself. These ideologies do not align with success and prosperity not one iota. When I speak about medical care, I do not mean providing the care that adds to dependency. I mean providing care to a point to where an individual can access a meaningful life within the limitations. To a certain degree, Single Payer anything reduces human
      rights, human lives, and limits recovery. Many times decisions are made in regards to veterans or just anyone; and, when the decision is made regarding the individual, the individual has no say so or the individual is not afforded his own perspective to be entered into the decision that is made regarding the veteran’s life. Although, there are many who require daily care for life threatening illnesses. But, even individuals who have life threatening illnesses still have hope. It is not over until it is over. God is in charge. The point that I am getting to here is a single payer system wipes out or removes hope from being on the table. Just like the states which are patient assisted suicide states that involve themselves in patient assisted suicide methods to deny further life. These laws exist in certain states like California, Oregon and many others. Ultimately, my message is the regard for human rights and regard for human lives have taken the back seat. Our country has become a society in which human life is totally disregarded. All issues have become so politicized to such a degree that the veterans are getting caught in the middle of all the corruption and are being used as pawns just like the illegal immigrants and the students. What ever happened to principles, regard for life, and regard for living life beyond anyones wildest dreams. My message to the VA is to do what is ethical, lawful, and humane for once. Finally, as far as Secretary David Shulkin, if it is true about the financial incident, this incident alone takes away from his credibility as a leader and / or VA Secretary. His actions will make it difficult for anyone to trust him. So with this being said I will remove myself from this blog before I flood it.

      1. @Angela – No disrespect, but it seems to me that you’re writing better. I knew in the past, that your were going through a lot of shit with you counselors and stuff. Are you doing better now? – Nutter.

      2. Hey, Mr. Nutter, I had responded back to you from my actual email. I was not aware to log back in to Ben’s blog to respond. But, anyway, Mr. Nutter, I am doing okay. How are you? The main problem in the VA as well as in the rest of this country is all about the disintegration of FAITH.

  17. It has been said that one would have a hard time getting two veterans to agree on anything. I think most here would agree that we all experienced the military differently, but there existed a lot of common overlap.

    Same with the VA, and by extension – – – the AFGE.

    So let us see if we can (mostly) agree on this:

    It is high time for some real leadership at the VA. Leadership that speaks truth publicly about how bad things have really gotten. Leadership that develops rapid and effective solutions to take better care of ALL our nations warriors.

    Leadership that recognizes that when they are doing a good job – – – it will be veterans singing their praises, rather than the VA needing to pay a PR Agency to put out “Fluff Pieces” to mislead America and her citizen’s about what a stellar job they are doing.

    They are not doing a stellar job. In fact, they are doing a pyss poor job. The VA has a first-world budget which they use to provide veterans less than third-world medical care.

    Current VA leadership has their Brain Housing Group the size of mice and their Hearts no bigger. It is about FIFTEEN YEARS PAST TIME TO FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA:

    1. IMMEDIATELY recognize the problems inherent in the VA System are NATION -WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into military barracks-style housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in XX state? You need to be LICENSED in XX state.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits to the VBA that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a VBA claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.

    Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent or dishonest personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    You have my contact information Mr. President. Call me anytime. I have a lot of ideas to help this nation improve the services provided to my fellow veterans. The ones that were promised, but have yet to be delivered upon.

    Veterans have been waiting for over fifty years for the fulfillment of those promises. I will not hesitate to speak up at all.

    For my fellow veterans who have been ill-served by this DERAILED CLUSTERFUCK of a GOD AWFUL TRAIN WRECK CALLED THE VA over the years:

    Our battles overseas were far less stressful than our war here at home. Never Cruel or cowardly. Never Give Up. Never Give In. We are on the Righteous path.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to break up the AFGE. The vast majority of our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS BASTARDS.

    Give their replacement’s one term to take care of Veterans who put aside their own personal lives to answer this nation’s call when she needed them. Many of those Veterans suffer the remainder of their lives for doing what most of their countrymen had not the courage to do.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    Rhetoric is cheap. Congressional Voting Records speak louder than words.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh, Congressional Baseball Team, or Las Vegas Sniper Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.

    Want to REALLY fix the VA? The next SecVA needs to be a former Enlisted Man brought in from the general veteran population with a few serious axes to grind against the VA and the AFGE, with zero previous governmental civilian service.

    Apparently, Former Flag Officers and SES appointed Civilians can’t cut the
    mustard . . .

    Maybe a SINCERELY MOTIVATED Gunnery Sergeant or Chief Petty Officer CAN.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    1. Veterans should unite and make one voice and make noise. We want private veterans services.
      Privatization, privatization, privatization….

  18. Wow. The corrupt VSO’s circle the wagons around the corrupt Secretary. Must be a day that ends in y.

  19. Apparently, the leadership of these VSO’s haven’t read the book “Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance.”

  20. I am for privatization of the VA. I number of veterans I have talked to feel they do not have a choice. Working for the VA (former chief) I had seen too many issues. Accountability and transparency will not 100% happen until VA culture is changed.
    Veteran First!!

    1. I agree completely. Privatization most likely benefits veterans. You know why? Whenever and wherever private-service provider realize my military service they always thank me for my service which I never heard at any VA facilities. In private not only you get pleasant thank you but sometimes they give veterans a 10% discount on any purchases. Can public service provider beat that? Respect, courtesy and good-faith service to veterans are what veterans truly deserve. Privatization is certainly what veterans need at this time….

  21. The problem with Shulkin staying is how do you ever trust him again and that he’ll do what is needed to reform the VA. If the leadership can not lead by example then they must be fired and held accountable and responsible for their misconduct and wrong doing. I’ve been denied reconstructive care and treatment as a 100% VA rated disabled Veteran at the Houston VAMC and wrote Shulkin and do you think he helped or did anything? You got its, he didn’t do a thing, same old mentality, limit care and tell the world the VA gives Veterans the best care, what a joke and it would be a joke if Shulkin isn’t fired under the Accountability Act of 2017 that we Veterans have no access to. An angry Veteran, fire him ASAP!

    1. I agree and also toss-out all the tax-exempt statuses of all the VSO’s until they can show they are working FOR US(fellow Veterans and not just the former officers)…not the damn VA they ALWAYS defend and these same fucks didn’t bat a porker eyelash when VA Sec. Shulkin has shown he’s hellbent on fucking with Veteran’s TDIU status…after the LIAR publicly stated he would NOT go down that route.

  22. Shulkin should be ashamed of himself and his wife for being DUMBASSES and then being exposed for taking a trip on taxpayers expense, Shulkin should have known better, set the bar higher because he is sitting high where everything he does is being seen, Shulkin should just man up and reimburse the money he used for his trip and step down or be punished harshly for his stupidity

    1. You are absolutely correct. The first warning sign he should have utilized, was critical thinking in which he should have not trusted some edematous belly, three catfish sandwich eating, just add water, pancake smoking, big fat bureaucratic buffalo to do the right thing!
      Shame on him, and his four titty wife!
      End Rant!
      Semper Fi!

      1. I’m just as frustrated as you and other Veterans who rely on people who are entrusted to do their civil duties, not accepting bribes is a start, it starts at the top by appointing someone who has the skills and knowledge and prove that person has the background to accomplish the job that they are being hired to fill

  23. VSO’s. Veterans Service Organizations (Cough, Cough, Blechhh . . . ) or Very (pro)Shulkin Organizations (who do not speak truth for veterans?)

    Veterans be the judge!

    Call now, our lines are open . . .


    Out of Touch Dinosaur Sphincters . . .

  24. How long has the VA incompetency been going on? Soon, we Vets may have to kick it up a notch, take over VA facilities. All this bullshit, crime, corruption, and fraud going on in the VA, all at the expense of the lives of Veterans, and the monies of Taxpayers. I didn’t sign on the line for this. What cha going to do, the VA will continue to back poke you?

    With all the corruption going on inside the VA, the officers of the court (attorneys), should be flooding the Courts with lawsuits. I know that it’s harder due to Tort law, but the point is, to just do it. Where are you at all you legal Beagles? Friend or foe of Veterans?

  25. Shrinking VA. Note, with Choice you are prevented from 3.154 malpractice compensation. You have to sue the physician provided by Choice. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Instead of just having to prove you are worse off after the treatment or procedure you have to meet the Tort negligence standard in addition. So you may end up further disabled but no additional compensation.

    And that is the way Congress wants it. Choice is cheap medical malpractice insurance.

  26. Meanwhile , back at the ranch, six VA nurses, were caught chartn and fartn!
    Story, pictures and audio at eleven. (Corny announcer voice) Brought to by Spam?

    1. F’N Great! Now all my “Little Grass Shack” Brudda’s in Arms will have THAT running through their heads every time we go make Spam Musubi . . .


      How about brought to us by some Fat Tuna Beast Nurse???

      Semper Fi and Cheers, DocUp!

  27. You can’t follow what Veteans Service Organizations (VSOs) say or recommend. They have a bias. They receive “federal financial assistance” (i.e. use of VA facilities, training, etc.) and are not going to bite the hand (the VA) that feeds them.

    Ask yourself. If all these VSOs, some of which have been in existence for decades, have not been able to make change in the VA, why is it?

    I’ll answer. Because they are “complicit”. They take orders from the VA and play “good cop”, when the VA “bad cops” us veterans so that people are given an “illusion” that someone is advocating fo them because they do one or two things for veterans

    Look up the wages/salaries of these VSOs – especially their CEOs. They make hundreds of thousands a year – yet claim to be “non-profits”. They aren’t gonna give up those tax free dollars for doing the right thing.

    If VSOs were standing up for something, the VA and IRS would put them out of business as quick and dirty as they do whistleblowers.

    1. I agree TaB. The VFW VSO at the Cheyenne VA is also the commander at one of the local VFW chapters. What a major conflict of interest!!! When I went in for help they ganged up on me with a Benefits Administrator in attendance and someone from the legion (of idiots). Demeaning me and playing down my circumstances. VERY EVIL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  28. Two points here!
    1. It’s reported Shulkin had, during he and his wife’s European Vacation, 65% “personal vacation” and 35% “work related” time!
    Therefore, he should pay back 65% of the $122K+ he spent, not the $4K+ on travel expenses!
    2. He should be charged with “Travel Fraud”! When veterans are guilty of travel fraud, they’re charged. What makes him, or his wife, “special”?

    Lastly, what the hell are these VSO’s thinking. Shulkin has done nothing to get a pass over anything!!!!!
    He’s complicit in many criminal acts against veterans!

  29. Since today is national pet appreciation day in USA, here’s Pink Floyd’s lyrics to their song ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)” is my Maine Coon’s contribution & his thoughts about the VSO’s (Three or more Different Ones):

    “[“Pigs (Three Different Ones)”

    Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you are
    You well heeled big wheel, ha ha, charade you are
    And when your hand is on your heart
    You’re nearly a good laugh
    Almost a joker
    With your head down in the pig bin
    Saying “keep on digging”
    Pig stain on your fat chin
    What do you hope to find?
    When you’re down in the pig mine
    You’re nearly a laugh
    You’re nearly a laugh
    But you’re really a cry.
    Bus stop rat bag, ha ha, charade you are
    You fucked up old hag, ha ha, charade you are
    You radiate cold shafts of broken glass
    You’re nearly a good laugh
    Almost worth a quick grin
    You like the feel of steel
    You’re hot stuff with a hat pin
    And good fun with a hand gun
    You’re nearly a laugh
    You’re nearly a laugh
    But you’re really a cry.
    Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are
    You house proud town mouse, ha ha, charade you are
    You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street
    You’re nearly a real treat
    All tight lips and cold feet
    And do you feel abused?
    …..!…..!…..!…..! (snorting)
    You gotta stem the evil tide
    And keep it all on the inside
    Mary you’re nearly a treat
    Mary you’re nearly a treat
    But you’re really a cry. ]”

      1. Seymore Klearly how about Jimmy Hendrix he sings the song Hey Joe where you going with that gun in your hand going to shoot my old lady i caught her messing around with another man.

  30. We need to research those names mentioned in this article, their military service and where. Then called them out for their bullshit! The news outlets need to be called out too because they are so quick to publish anything that they say, rather than listening to credible veterans that will tell it like it is!.
    Fuck all those outlets!

    1. Metcalfe-Foster is from CA and retired from the Army Reserves in 1996. She served in a Graves Registration unit during the Gulf War. Some news reports show she was medivaced from the Gulf for an injury. Other reports say it was a leg injury.

      Rohan served in the Army from 1974 to 1976 as a parts, stock control and accounting specialist. She retired from the University of WI where she handled student loans.

      Wallace served in the Marines in Vietnam receiving 3 Purple Hearts. He bounced around New Jersey politics before hiring on as VFW Executive Director.

      The other two, Weidman and Chenelly showed their concern for veterans when they supported the AFGE rally outside VA HQ.

  31. “Oink”, “Oink”, “Oink” , “Oink” and “OINK”!!!!!!!!!!!

    All piggies accounted for. All snouts up appropriate and preDICKtable asses.

      1. No news or much scuttle-butt, gossip, about any of this locally as I can tell. But I dropped membership and volunteering for every damn thing here locally.

        We can’t forget about all the “boinking” going on. Whole lotta boinking going on. All the union support all of them give to the AFL-CIO, AFGE, SEIU and many others. Can’t forget about all the towns and cities they all inhabit along with groups like Antifa, special interest groups, to the Freemasons for all the quid pro quo for dirty politics/deals, or claiming their hands are tied due to having to appease the corrupt, town officials, colleges, and all other concerned crooks.

        Some VSO may want an old fighter jet the city is going to sell for scrap but certain VSOs have to play games and make deals to get the jet’s ownership, moved, and property to set it up on. Maybe some tanks or cannon to go along with the door-mat deals so as not to upset the ‘chain of command’ or petty tyrants in control of things.

        They have to maintain that ‘group-think’ and herd mentality to try to appease and pacify all out there wanting no change, or more nepotism and corruption to benefit the “oinkers.” But none of them want to tackle more serious issues at hand, openly and boldly. Hell. It may even make their bar rooms and cooking areas harder to pass city health inspections if they all didn’t lay down and allow us to be screwed, ignored, threatened, etc. Nice lying VSOs out there while they enjoy their many trips, photo ops, cunt caps with all those medals from various events they go cater to…. with plenty of hookers and booze present. Just like union conventions and Congress does. While bleating “leave nobody behind.”

        I’m not sold on privatizing either. More things need to change before going that route too.

    1. Look, the VA Cash Cow, is shitting VSO’s
      ——————————– ╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱
      ——————————– ╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱

    2. No reply button for the Secure Messaging post. I’ll post it here. I left the local CBOC due to BS i’ve explained before. Also where they scrubbed everything in my Secure Messaging folders and all my saved emails I was saving for proof of stuff going on, how I was being ignored, PAs not getting back to me for weeks, claims of them not having my real phone number, contradictions in treatment, pharmacy screw ups, daily changing of various meds, or months then blaming me for it and all the rest. So Secure Messaging is not “Secure.”

      I was told I could change PCPs just once a year. My first visit to the new Roudebush Purple Team was with a Black female, older, MD who stated she didn’t have time to read my file then went to changing everything and telling me I had to drop everything I had been doing, clinics seen, and do it all over again including all the years of testing. I put up with her shit and when leaving ask the PT front desk if she was treating all the new patients like that and what was said. First comment from them was “oh she’d never be doing or saying that.” “She be one of the best doctors here.” Then I knew I was popped out of the skillet into the fire of hell, retribution, and corruption.

      Next visit was with the Paki. Oh, Dr Howard left for another position, I am your new PCP. I ask if I could change to a new clinic. She said no after her line of BS and claims she had to dump half her patients by pick for getting pain meds. She said, as the desk jokers did too, that I could not change again. I had used up my change for the year and with the Paki that made two changes in one year, but the VA can do that in an instant. Then the Secure Messaging thing and scrubbing got worse and the rest the old timers here have read before.

      Copy, or screen shot anything from the VA and Messaging, including a pharmacy list they will and can play with daily seemingly for fun and to jerk our world around and making refills a bitch and game.

      I also didn’t know each clinic had their own teams of patient advocates plus the ones they have those nice glamor shots of along the walls of the hospital to make things look good, and I was never able to contact for issues. So the “teams” jerks, scum, can “tag-team” you and make you run the hospital and waste time, or threaten, until you bow to them or they force you out by design like they did me and others too afraid locally to speak up about it.

      So beware.

      1. Funny stuff. Update. Post on Ben’s site and share info about all the corruption then get more harassing phone calls from areas where those complained about here in Indiana came from. Like the “Pakis” from New York area where they are from. Where the trouble makers bragged about coming from or family being some kind of medical professional, elite member of society/clique at before coming to corrupt, back-woods, hicky, Indiana. To “practice” on us lab rats and serfs. May come from some other state, college, or area code where some VA freak grew up, schooled in medicine at, or allowed to first start their “medical” careers.

        Today’s number, along side of the usual ones coming from the local major hospital mentioned, that is building a new school of medicine and filling with college kiddy activist is: Special Med 4 U number listed as 1 716 (New York) 266-1626. They call and call. Okay, so I call back after so many. At first get a foreign sounding gal. You know the accent. She acts shocked, quickly hangs up when I ask who she is and what company she represents. I call back an ask again. She hangs up. I call back again another female answers, then hangs up. I call back after telling the chick it’s very rude to call people and not speak up or hang up. Then the line is declared to be “not in service at this time.” Or please dial again. But the recording is, like many others, not the usual recordings with operator or message numbers.

        Getting a nice list of these. My favorites are the blocked ones saying I am going to die, or local law enforcement is going to handle matters to shut me up and stop my harassing phone calling. Like I am the aggressor here. Or to quickly claim how insane I am. Very cool how ‘they’ all try to play the ones being the victims. Typical politics here and usually used activist tactics by the commies, corrupt, and crooks.


        Been trying to use sites like above but they don’t seem to work.

        Posting this to my FB too. Time to get more “aggressive.” No rest for the wicked I reckon. Nothing like dealing with VA or threats from local health care professionals but they can’t be honest or ethical about things. Just example after example how those in control support and cover-up for stuff like this while censoring or threatening the hell out of us. Typical Indiana. Oops. we aren’t supposed to be negative or open about things here in La La Marx tyrant, absolutely corrupt land.

        Love catching flak…. it shows I am hovering over all the various
        communist, anti-America, loser targets. While the gov and VSOs and others shy away, not wanting to get involved and really do something for change. But side with the corrupt and facade to make it all look good, all is well, or that things are changing…. not.

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