Veteran Suicide West Palm Beach VA

West Palm Beach VA: Weeks After Shooting, 33 Yr Old Veteran Hangs Self

Just two weeks ago, West Palm Beach VA hit the headlines following confirmed reports of a shooting. Now, a whistleblower says a veteran suicide is being hushed up.

On Thursday, a 33-year-old veteran inpatient reportedly hung himself while in the mental health ward (3C). The report came just weeks after another veteran became disgruntled with VA personnel and opened fire in the emergency room at the facility.

There, the shooter was agitated when he presented for medical care at 8:30am. He was finally seen at 6:30pm only because he became hostile. One emergency room doctor was hospitalized following the incident.

The agency is allegedly keeping the identity of the young veteran secret as well as other details of the suicide no doubt in an attempt to deflect accountability should the mainstream media not pick up the story.

The alleged suicide last week is the next event in mounting evidence that West Palm Beach VA, also called Riviera Beach VA, is failing to provide timely mental health services. And the failures should not be a surprise.

Mental Health At West Palm Beach VA

The mental health advisory board at the facility has minimal accomplishments large part due to its reported elimination of the mental health crisis team.

According to a confidential source, patients with documented mental health conditions are told to come back to VA within a 2-week timeframe to ultimately schedule an appointment 2 months later. Apparently, the shifting employment scheme is impacting veterans under fluctuating medication regimens.

Another example of poor policies and decisionmaking is the agency’s use of the same commons area within the mental health ward for males and females. Women veterans are apparently required to remove their bras for safety reasons but interact with males wearing only hospital pajamas.

It is important to note many of the women seeking mental health care may be suffering from residuals of military sexual assault while also being de-clothed of their basic supportive clothing to cover or support their breasts while interacting with men who also are suffering from acute mental health episodes.

The developing stories from West Palm Beach VA are now presenting a bleak picture of health care quality at the facility, especially for veterans suffering from mental health conditions in acute distress.

It also highlights the irony of VA’s position to roll all veterans back into VA for health care to prevent suicide. If the agency was so good, why do so many veterans kill themselves on VA property?

1st Amendment Attack On Suicide Reporting

The agency and certain advocates in the community do not support reporting on suicide. Some individuals support a blackout of suicide reporting using the argument that reporting on suicide encourages copycats so, therefore, reporters should not report on veteran suicides.

Instead, America should adopt suicide reporting norms like New Zealand where the government engages in overt censorship. Presently, that country is allegedly considering blocking certain websites to silence uncensored messaging to its citizens about the recent shooting at Christchurch. Due the the shooting, the country now may ban guns altogether.

I raise this comparison at this time because the 1st Amendment is under attack in this country based on viewpoint bias of some groups against other groups. Rather than debate the issues, some groups simply want to shut down debate asserting that some ideas are too dangerous to talk about, including true statements of fact that expose problems the public should be made aware of to make informed decisions.

Some inside VA do not want reporters and the public to be informed about the scourge of veteran suicides on VA property. I have been criticized a few times by high-level officials for simply reporting on suicide including a former health of VA public affairs.

Others do not want public debate about vaccine injuries and the call to expose the Vaccine Injury Courts or to stop experimenting on soldiers with experimental vaccines. Congressman Adam Schiff called on Amazon to ban books and for FacebookTwitterGoogle to ban publications critical of vaccine safety. Apparently, vaccines are totally safe and no one is permanently injured from them, so says Schiff.

Still others do not want debate about the tragic shooting in New Zealand, a country with restrictive gun laws, but somehow an Australian terrorist snuck into the country to kill people with guns he was allowed to buy there. To me, that sequence of events seems very strange and worth debating to ensure the existing laws are appropriately followed.

To justify not reporting on suicide, anti-1st Amendment proponents point to New Zealand as the beacon America should follow. No thanks.

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  1. I’m using Lori: “ResearchSpecialists ” I’ll be setting up a “GoFundMe” account by the first to finance a couple of lines. A SCOTUS appeal of the Feres Doctrine from my 10th Circuit appeal, an appeal of Clerk’s Orders that didn’t achieve a correction of my RBA at the Court or Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC), working on a “breach of contract” claim for failure to pay choice, kick out of treatment for TBI & PTSD, and medical mal practice treatment.

    Waiting on a response from the CAVC response to my letter re: FRAP Rule 3(D) and Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) Rule 3. To date out of pocket $6,810.00

  2. I only wish I knew a paralegal. Because I heartily agree with you that a class action lawsuit is the only answer. And that lawsuit does need to go all the way to the supreme court. There has to be someone among us that was in the legal profession in the military my hairdresser‘s husband was a lawyer and he would’ve done it but he died after fighting the VA for his own benefits for 30 years.

  3. You are right about the retaliation Luke, I go to the Gainesville VA I’m 100% disabled through Social Security not VA and they were trying three and four appointments a day on me and I live a mile away from the VA hospital here in Gainesville. I simply could not do that many appointments per day and there certainly was no reason for me to do that many appointments in one day since I live a mile away from the VA and I knew there were people like you coming hours away from out of town. I insisted on no more than two appointments per day because I simply don’t have the strength to do three and four appointments in one day and my husband is not always able to takeoff work to take me to my appointments and sometimes I’ve got to navigate the enormous Gainesville VA by myself (which I do successfully) but with enormous difficulty to say the least. Not that I’m complaining I’m not a whiner I’m army tough. But the retaliation that you spoke of is rampant at the Gainesville VA. If you piss them off they will screw you every way possible. I am known as a bad patient because I speak up. As you can see I post my own name here. I don’t use a moniker. Not that I’m criticizing anyone that does. I never criticize anyone For their own choices. But if I’m going to say it I’m going to own it. And I accept the consequences which I will receive if anyone there reads these posts. I also tweet a lot about the Gainesville VA. I do use a moniker on Twitter because I tweet to the Twitter universe and there are a lot of weirdos out there not just my veteran brothers and sisters.

  4. You are so right T, about the academics, the “Pros”.
    7 years and then supposedly trashed, ha ha ha

  5. Maybe, he was also receiving half ass threats from Ellen DeGeneres Army through, a company called by a writer named “Emily.” Or, references to his old chain of command, and people at the VA dating his recently widowed mother after he was just hazed in the Executive branch. Its what’s happening to me, so. Just a guess.

    1. Chad. Unreal. Sure is a small world. Got a post from her on FB, Tweeter, and call with a spoofed number claiming to be Ellen Degenerate herself. Things get better here I’ll have to check that info out instead of letting it bypass me as simple trolling and the usual crap. Gotta love all those connections and affiliations the VA crowd and others have in the wars and battles in this here American flushed experiment.

  6. “Death by a Thousand clicks” : Where Electronic Health Records went wrong. Article Fortune . com. Video

    1. Good clips of scum, academics, the “Pros” selling their crap, mis-info, propaganda and usual BS for the sheep to swallow, or expected to. They, “the top” and PR firms, the corrupt, can always find all those yes people and experts to push their agendas. Then people want to continue on riding on all the various “trains” and bandwagons of support or bowing to our political and medical establishments? Bwaaa haa ha.

      They don’t mention, or what I’ve always been told, paper files are only kept for so many years then supposedly trashed. Some MD or others moving out of the area transferring files to another of their choosing? Good luck with that and being turned over to complete idiots or non speaka da English types. Or how our files and info can be toyed with in a multitude of ways, shared, manipulated or kept from us in legal fashion some how. Or how a long chain of corrupted affiliates can legally omit info in our files to save some corrupted health care worker’s associations, team-mates hides and make the VA and civy care seem all perfect or constantly improving. More ha ha.

      Then on to all that info and investigating done on us today but seemingly very little if anything at all of benefit to us.

  7. I haven’t had a regular VA provider since last fall. A fill-in provider called me several weeks ago to say I needed a procedure in order to get a referral. After driving a half day, I find out my procedure has magically disappeared and they told me to come back in two months so they can schedule the procedure. The scheduling game is not just in this Florida VA.

    At my VA, last I knew and from personal experience, all males and females slept on the same floor with rooms next to each other. We all definitely shared the same day room. We also were all housed with several who were suffering from some rather serious issues and were there for extreme violence. One vet in particular was brought there in lieu of jail because he was a threat to those in jail. I was there for depression from losing a parent.

  8. I will have had four psychiatrists see me in the past 12 months. Been going to the VA in Gainesville for 13 years. Not sure why that didn’t come out correctly in the previous post. at the Malcolm VA in Gainesville Florida. Too much turnover no continuity of patient care in appropriate for mental health patients. At least four, Maybe more suicide attempts between 2006,2007 and 2017 resulting in inpatient hospitalizations ranging from 3-11 days . Treatment has declined between 2006 and 2017 on the suicide ward. Their new treatment model includes no one on one counseling and isolation in separate patient rooms. It’s supposed to be high tech and private. I was in a wheelchair and could get no assistance getting gowns on and off. There weren’t enough gowns on the floor and I couldn’t get a shower chair. Sad. A hospital isn’t Prepared to handle disabled veterans that have mobility issues?

  9. The VA does require women on the suicide ward at the Gainesville hospital 5A to remove their bras while being with men in gowns (For safety reasons). If I wanted to hang myself I could have choked myself on the strings on the gowns. They could care less whether you have experienced MST. In fact they go through your records and remove questions where you have answered yes to MST an answer no to MST instead. I have been going to the mental health clinic there for 13 years and this past year I will look bad for psychiatrists in a 12 month. This turnover in psychiatrist is destabilizing to me as a patient and since I am 100% disabled by SS this is outrageous. I can hardly get out of bed and am a zombie. If I dare complain they’ll put me on a medication like they did last year probably add an antipsychotic to the cocktail that will cause me to bed wet and not be able to even think. Just make life a blur. So best I keep my mouth shut. Yes they’ll punish you if you complain. Malcolm Randall VA mental health clinic is dangerous and the suicide ward is worse than you can ever imagine.

  10. Number one pet peeve and bitch of mine, censoring, social engineering, and propaganda. Then on to unnecessary suicides, and other corruption issues. Two-faced lying, hypocritical attitudes filled ‘murica.’ We have never, never, had free speech in this country, or real media that wasn’t propagandizing, misleading the sheep. If we actually did have free speech and access to truths we would not be in the condition we are today, period. Those who think we have or had are living in delusional states, part (huge part) of the citizenry hell bent on protecting the evil ones, been well socially engineered or lived in their comfy corners under rocks. Kinda like supposedly having laws to protect us, governmental representatives being for us all, being “free,” or under the Constitution that turned to life under “Corporations.” We the subjects and owned. The grand “American experiment” fell flat on it’s face quick.

    There is no debate or real discussions allowed either over many subjects or issues. VSOs, academia, special interest groups, secretive groups/clubs, social media owning scum, Marx/Stalin/Kim Jon fascist media, endless lists of so-called “professionals,” and countless others are to blame. All the freaks playing the ignore the dissenters, truth lovers, or questioners tactics, or don’t want involved, or fear facing off with the commies/fascist can take the blame too. Where are all those “patriots,” groups, and the rest at and why all the silence from them all? Oath keepers and having rights and freedoms my broad ass.

    Massive voter fraud. Not being able to discuss issues in public forums or town meetings. Hospital staff told not to pay attention look the way of some old protestor, or come up to ask questions about attacks or harm done? Think what kind of a community we live in like that or under college, VA, oligarchy or something for such things to continue on legally and freely?

    The “Men too” walks from the females “Me Too” activist along with Antifa/others, shut down over males being raped in the military, on campus, etc. Oh, near total black out on that cause the Marx-Fems want it all to be about them, to hell with male vets or assorted males or male youth in predator America.

    VA retaliation like colleges bragging about their influence over counties and states? Power to cease our health care to having us black-balled in our communities, which is a fact. That continues on and on and on. What fun. It’s akin and far above that woman on TV informing people about experiences/forms of attacks, with the Scientologist religion. (WE need a show like that about the VA and government.) With not one person, group, rep, answering my questions about how and why they all can get by doing this to vets or so-called… citizens? Not wanting involved but better for them to join in with the bullies, fascist, “professionals,” activist, unions, and thugs. They know how big and wide spread the fascist censoring anti-American monsters are and probably goes past one half of the countries population. Families of the suicides full circle… silent or made to be?

    What would the VA report or files show if they’d killed me during dental surgery, shattering/dislocating a jaw, on top of dropping instruments down my friggin neck multiple times? What if I didn’t have responses/reflexes left to close my throat in time to stop it, them, from dropping them through to end up wherever? What procedures happen then or fix? Besides an ” oh my God don’t breathe.” Report would read died from heart attack or whatever instead of truth I’d reckon. Nah, just a suicide, cover it up. Files actually read… all is well in VA land.

    The majority of Americans dis-concerned about all the censoring, book banning and destroying that has gone on here for generations, libraries full of BS and re-written history, to all the rest of the evils totally tolerated and accepted? I got the cure for all of it but the corrupt and commies would not like it, or any of the many suggestions.

  11. 03/18/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Metal Health is an issue at the WEST PALM BEACH, FL VA hospital but it is not with the veterans who in badly needed medical services; it is the Staff and Management.

    It is apparent, that there is something wrong in the land of Mar-a-Lago where veterans are dying in [33-year-old veteran inpatient reportedly hung himself ] and around [Lorin Senn: 64-year-old man missing in West Palm Beach found dead, 4, 2018] the facility just recently, and a number of veterans are taking aim at the VA Hospital [Riviera Beach man arrested for threatening to blow up VA Hospital WPBF, West Palm Beach-Feb 8, 2019].

    While the Staff is entertaining the West Point cadets, NFL Miami Dolphins, and other special guests at the facility—-the Veterans are left neglected according to several reports dating back to March of last year [“…neglect was found during a privately contracted inspection from Long Term Care Institute in March” of 2018]. [Last Year—four years into “the national embarrassment”]

    According the CBS November 8th 2018 report—“On the outside it looks nice, but on the inside, it’s terror… horror,” the source said.

    Just think who gets hired there when “the VA [asserts were “properly vetted”] hired John Perrys fresh out of prison to work in human resources, which assists in screening job applicants.”

    In 2013, “Marjorie Lachaud-DePalis was slapped in handcuffs, led to a patrol car and charged with obstructing justice;” as West Palm Beach VA Medical Center delay care for hundreds of veterans with cardiology issues.

    In the land of Mar-a-Lago will the President ever look up and see the disaster?

    How is Secretary Wilkie’s getting away with not removing the Director and the adjoining associates?

    What will happen when this management moves the 110 Homeless Veterans into the new 60-bed Mental Health Domiciliary?

    More unpleasant outcomes? With little to zero press?

    The OIG March 2018—states the failures—Patient Neglect, Soldier left alone every day.

    The Arizona U.S. Senators letter dated March 12 is not hard hitting at all when asking Sec. Wilkie to answer 5 questions.

    My question to the Secretary, Why the Treason?—it is one simple question.


    Don Karg

  12. My dollar is on the doctors strung his ass up over A: “Sorority Secrets” pizza party! Yeah. If their is a zombie apocalypse, dont worry I’ll bring my PT belt! RIP brother!

  13. They should be talking about Suicide to keep the public from remembering how the va let 300 thousand veterans die before they were authorized treatment.

    Now that is pure and simple Genocide.

    They kill themselves at va to make sure they are not forgotten. Who knows maybe Foul play was at work.

    Va employees are very good at Retaliation.

    String him up.

  14. Well it certainly don’t surprise me, I’m wondering how many vets killed themselves after attempting to deal with the VA and their bogas diagnostics. Their medicine sucks, their mental health wards look nicer than a prison, but other than that, both are the same. Prison, Americas other mental health facility.

  15. The problem is the VA and its indifference toward veterans and the piles of paperwork and buraucracy veterans are run throught. VSO’s arn’t gonna do any thing, neither is congress or the fake media, they don’t care. Nothing has changed in decades and nothing will change. Write your rep.s send letters to newspapers.

    1. What makes you think that writing, calling or otherwise communicating with our, “Reps” or newspapers is going to do anything better? As soon as the Reps and newspapers find out that the VSO are powerless, they, (Reps and newspapers) aren’t going to do anything. They are all just waiting for us to commit suicide, close ranks and carry on.

      A FEDERAL LAWSUIT BY US VETERANS AGAINST THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION, ET AL AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the only way to open the doors to internal investigations and purging of wrongdoings against us. ANYTHING ELSE IS A WASTE OF BREATH!

      SOMEBODY, ANYBODY! Send me a a worthy paralegal that actually gives a damn to draft up the brief to file in federal court on behalf of the massive amounts of evidence we Veterans already have in a number so large the U.S. Supreme Court judges will choke on it and the fake news will drop to their knees and start reporting THE TRUTH once again!

  16. Indeed I saw this coming ? Call it a premonition ? Or, just plain common sense, that the imperialistic attitude of VA Hierarchy and Cronies, think that we’re all a bunch of complacent, overly medicated automatons, lead by a Judas goat to our slaughter! The VA along with political support, have been killing off Veterans for decades! It’s a whole lot more convenient to wrap everything up in Red Tape, with several stall tactics and Baffling BS! In order to leave us hanging ? Literally!
    How much more are we going to let it ride like a bad gamble ? Until we’re at the point of no return ? We all know what the solutions are, yet they continue to water down, block, and abuse the budget to line their own pockets with Kick backs, and collusion! What a pretty picture they paint on the outside, as long as it covers up the mess on the inside! They’ve been practicing this Dog & Pony show for endless Decades! But, like creatures of habit, we keep returning to our Vomit!
    I think it’s time the Veterans across this Nation form a coalition of serious representatives ( like all of us ?) and make them listen to us, instead of a few groups of VMA’s that represent our cause on deaf ears! And, we still can’t trust them to file in line with the initiatives. We’re usually screwed either way!! So, what do we do ?
    We call a “spade a Spade !” The unfortunate fact that most of us are Completely complacent, isn’t an easy pill to swallow ? Especially since we have fought harder battles than these Numbnuts!! We’re praised for our accomplishments and Skills, then we return to the World ? only to be
    Learn we’ve been left behind !! And, we’re left to our own faculties to sort things out.
    We might as well be flying blind!
    So please, if you have any interest in seeing these corrupt systems & individuals get their so called come-uppens ? Then we need to form up and attack these issues as a whole!! Nothing against VMO’s. But, the Majority rules in Combat & in Domestic situations, if we can call it that ? Because, the other way just doesn’t seem to be working out for us all ?

  17. Until the VA has shown documented evidence of taking rigorous steps to improve care for all veterans, the VA and their enablers should shut the fuck up about banning reporting that embarrasses them.

    How many suicides does it take in one location before public reporting forces congress to act?

    How many instances of veterans being killed or permanently maimed by unlicensed quack surgeons before the situation is corrected?

    If the VA demands censoring veteran suicide, how long before they demand censoring reports of botched surgeries? Botched prescriptions? Botched diagnoses?

    Why should reporting be any different depending on the outcome? Veteran suicide is just as serious as any other health care mistake made at the VA, and they should not demand a free pass because it hurts their feelings.

    Unless the VA could show acceptable evidence of the steps they take to prevent suicides, prevent botched care, etc., then reporting should continue until they can finally do their jobs correctly.

    On the other hand, if they insist on censoring the news, they should take their case to congress and see if they too are willing to pass a new law to cover for VA embarrassment.

    Any congressmen willing to ignore the Constitution to help the VA?

    1. Just ask any Congress critter on either Veterans Committee in an indifferent stair master huddle.

  18. The 1st Amendment has to be preserved! We must stand against the tyranny that tries to take this from us. New Zealand would not allow Veterans to live there as a policy a couple of decades back, how is it now? Would they let a Combat Veteran move there? I seriously doubt it. Why should this be the benchmark for national news when hundreds of Christians are killed in the Middle East at Easter time every year? Who cares if New Zealand has a problem with radicals getting help with military armaments? Does anyone question who was helping this guy. Sorry , but they don’t sell hand grenades in the local 7-11 . This smacks of military assistance and another incident that supports a new world order. Perhaps the CIA supplied this guy ? How about the North Koreans. Has anyone git a scope on New Zealand’s enemies? Not to mention the perps manifesto praises Communist China. And why do we still do business with China? Just because Apple and a few other scumbag companies have moved there?
    WPB VAMC is a hotbed of liars and thieves working in the C&P section, listen closely and hear the inner voices of the hospital all whispering the chant ” do not assist the veteran with a claim, deny, delay and die” . Like a satanic cult they stick together like putting a piece of smelly shit in each hand and clapping for us. I’ve been to that VAMC and it is one smelly, deadly place to go and do business.

  19. The veterans administration is a disgrace! I for one will not allow these scum to kill me without a fight!

  20. those of you who have ever called the VA suicide hot line have found out just how pathetic it is. I would rather talk to a bar tender over a glass Bourbon

  21. IF this crap continues, all hell will break lose!
    In my opinion;
    There’s a small, yet dangerous faction in our country who don’t realize how dangerously close we are to that precipice of complete anarchy!
    That Constitution, coupled with our federal laws, everyone is supposed to follow is guidance of *What our government’s representatives are NOT allowed to do! But, what the [legal] citizens are allowed to do!*

  22. Immunoexcitotoxicity: AKA suicide or violence against others is somewhat likely on its way.

    Dr. Blaylock has a Utube video on it re: immunizations. While his dissertation is suspect because he uses it to advance his diet supplement line, he is a neurosurgeon.

    Dr. Cox, MD, Fellow of College of Forensic Pathologists, who is in the field where Dr. Blaylock’s information comes from, also has an article. He doesn’t mention immunizations but traces IET to TBI. His presentation in his newsletter is understandable for the layman and doesn’t make you feel like you may being led down the primrose path.

    That doesn’t mean Dr. Blaylock’s connection to vaccines is off base. Just suspect, but possible. I wouldn’t follow it to make Dr. Blaylock wealthy but I’d recommend my grand kids not let their children have immunizations until they are entering groups of children’s company. Avoid exposure is the first preference until they are 7 and their brain is almost fully developed. That means also skipping those immunizations for pregnant women and avoiding any toxic substance while pregnant.

  23. (Reporting on suicide encourages copycats so, therefore, reporters should not report on veteran suicides). My dog also ate my homework too. NAZI’S! ”Hey where’s my bonus check?” Nobody replaced the toilet paper so I wiped my ass with it.

    1. Not so, Nex. Check out the guidelines for suicide reporting as suggested by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I stay red hot on this as an advocate for the suicidal and vets. There is a way to do it properly and it needs to be in the news in the proper manner to help prevent suicide. Talking about suicide does not trigger it, rather it actually helps prevent it. It needs to be done in the correct manner. Copycats from reporting does not happen if done correctly.

      1. Sam, is the VA offering those guidelines? Or are they just demanding no reporting?

      2. On the other hand, whose to say the VA should be dictating how something is reported?

  24. Benjamin staff still have not received they’re raises approved by Congress a month ago or back pay from when the government was shut down. It’s hurting veterans care at most hospitals and most hospitals are almost at full capacity in the census of patients with barely any staff to cover them or the workloads involved. Most good Doctors and Nurses are calling in sick or taking vacation because they’re not get paid they’re money.

    1. Matt, any insight on what the union is doing about this?

      They seem to have plenty of time to cover for employees treating veterans badly, why are they silent on this?

    2. Funny the va secretary just went in front of Congress and told them the VA was utilizing hospital beds.

      Not enough patience. He is lying according to you.

      1. VA Secretary meant “bed-pans”.
        Used in VA Speak- The canteen cafeteria is using used Veteran bedpans to bake their daily loafing meatloaf.

    3. Really?!!!! Self-serving cretinism and cronyism’s….but all for the vets…r-r-right. Govt welfare hardly works program fat farm wa wa, wa,wa, I want paid….forget about Vets hanging themselves or setting themselves on fire at fucking VA’s, hint hint….it’s the shitty service with a bile smile.

      No amount of $$$ can fix stupid.

    4. I cared for one of them and your facts are way off , I never believed in fake news until I read this. An RN

      1. Luke, never believed in fact news until now? Speaks volumes.

        What is the scuttle-butt and local news – while not putting links on their websites or others reporting about it – calling for such unions and teacher to strike, call in, group up and march in their state houses?

        We don’t hear about VA staff calling in during their times of want, contract negotiations, or to show VA admin who is control do we. Or over some social justice warrior activism. While at the VA here when I was allowed after very long drives to set up more than one appointment during visits like 3 – 4 even so as not to run my ass off playing their games. They then ceased that ability during their retaliation games, However, we, nor did anyone else hear of the many clinics I heard of or went to had temps working that didn’t even know how to do travel pay, find test results, find us in their damn computers, etc. Every clinic I has apps with or told to visit were severely short of staff. With the temps loudly happy as larks about loving all the over-time and work coming their way… as stupid and incompetent as they were. But very happy to hell with us. No one ever hears about that crap or when their crappy little VA hosp flyer news came out requesting union and other business not be discussed in front of us lab rats and tax serfs. Yes, I still kept and have one of those VA Hosp., news rags.

        So pardon me just because someone claims to have the alphabet before or after their names especially on a forum and no back-up, I’ll go with the whistle-blower and patient reports first and possibly eat some crow later.

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