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MiMedx Big Trouble: Five Minneapolis VA Doctors Fired Over Ethics Violations

You may recall that we covered a company named MiMedx earlier. They are notorious for extolling the benefits of human placenta as a virtual cure-all medicine.

Other “birthing byproducts” such as amniotic membrane and amniotic particulate (components of the fluid that developing babies breathe inside the womb) are on the table for marketing… and marketed far too aggressively.

Not only is that incredibly gross, but it is also not as effective as the company likes to claim that it is. Placenta has all of the nutrients that a developing baby needs… but that does not mean it will improve your skin or cure your joint problems.

The Minneapolis VA Medical Center has parted ways with four podiatrists and a dermatologist over “improprieties” marketing MiMedx products.

The company has come under fire many times in the past, particularly for “channel stuffing” by ex-employees. This means that they lobby friendly doctors and medical personnel to overstock, overuse and overprescribe the company’s products, which is highly profitable and also entirely unethical.

In May, we opened this story with three VA workers in South Carolina, who were indicted on federal charges of health care fraud. They allegedly used too many MiMedx products on veterans after accepting gift cards, meals and other inducements from MiMedx sales reps – not technically bribery, but close to it.

Two of the three were also charged with literal bribery, as in illicit cash transactions.

Parker “Pete” Petit stepped down as the company’s CEO and chairman this July as more reports of improper sales tactics cross the nation.

The company is still under close scrutiny by the DoJ, the FDA, the SEC and VA. MiMedx has announced that it will revise more than five years of financial statements.

Details behind the Minneapolis firings have not been released, but spokesman Ralph Huessner reports that the VA proposed terminating all five, who chose to resign or retire rather than be ousted. He did confirm that this is yet another breadcrumb on the MiMedx trail.

These doctors have allegedly “engaged in behavior that is not in line with the norms and values of the department.”

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  1. Wow!! So this is why the Podiatry office is for at least a month or more and the VA is sending all of their patients outside the hospital via a program called Community Care???

  2. 09/22/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    “These doctors have allegedly ‘engaged in behavior that is not in line with the norms and values of the department.’”

    These doctors are acting normal under the given monopolies in the industry; the industry is dwarfing us as we voice our opinions.

    Gift cards as a Kickback, etc., does not meet the new norms of millions or forget it.

    Most doctors sell out too quickly in America; how dare they sell out so cheaply!!!! I just cannot believe they had settled on Gift Cards, what is the VA coming too?

    They [VA] are starting to act like real Hospitals—What has Trump done?

    On a serious note: Talking with a friend tonight and he cannot see what Trump has done to improve the Veterans Conditions. How about an article that can shed light on what has been accomplished and what needs to be done.



    Don Karg

  3. Another day of criminality at the Veterans Administration!
    Here it is Friday. I wonder what kind of “dump” the VA will “dump” on us tonight or over the weekend!

  4. OT


    Transparency, how funny is that.

  5. This is foulness of a most vile kind and that VA folks are involved is absolutely zero surprise. VA has a stench of death and dishonor surrounding everything it does and this embodies just what they are. Scum.

  6. The sad part is we will never know what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to colleges, med/science schools, gubbermint/VA research and studies. Especially when combined with foreigners allowed to do research on our land they won’t do on their own soils. Good ole X governor Mitch Daniels placed secret laws forbidding such disclosures or info leaks as punishable by law. Now the president of the extreme far left Purdue U after one of his free trips to Israel. And people thought he was Repukelican and is a Bush family buddy. Cough deep-state, shadow government, cough.

    That aside good morning. Let’s all sit back and have a placenta slushy… yummmy. Or… a nice placenta omelet. Think I’m kidding. I really miss being a social butterfly and attending some far left winger, college kiddy, or MoveOn gatherings. Mid-wives here have been pushing this for years now. If kitty cats do it then so should humans. Reminds me of those stupid Subaru commercials with dogs driving and their vehicles being made of love. (?) Oh and don’t forget the big push to make bestiality legal. “Animals are people too.” Sick ass world.

    Every morning on one local news channel they have segments on research and studies mainly from those lefty colleges and unknown scientist who claim to know what is best for all of us, and what to live by. What to think, good eggs, bad eggs, blah blah. 5 G tech will make us all feel great and improve lives?


    ‘Raise standards for preclinical cancer research’

    ‘How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Survey Data’

    Yet in college town filled Indiana with all their claims of having major influence in several surrounding counties should bow and follow whatever they demand or claim. That means we Hoosiers are neck deep in the swamp of lefty college rule, Marxism, communism, fascism, censoring, PC-ness, or else. Next they’ll be reporting drinking urine and real crap on the shingle is beneficial… and the sheep will suck it all up and do it.

    Oh. I picked up on this years back while attending a chronic pain class/seminar. Turned out to have supposedly been for females only and included the eating of placenta for better health. They should have reported these kinds of special events are for women, oh oh, what to write, those capable/people/humans of giving birth. Damn PC-ness.

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