Navigating VR&E Challenges: Insights from Benjamin Krause’s Office Hours

Communicating with Veterans Affairs (VA) call centers, such as the Veterans Crisis Line or the White House VA Hotline, can be a critical step for veterans seeking assistance. However, as highlighted by veteran rights attorney Benjamin Krause, it’s essential to navigate these interactions carefully to avoid legal pitfalls. This article explores the advice shared by Krause, drawing from a real-life case that underscores the importance of lawful communication.

In his latest Office Hours session, “Working in VR&E, student loans and more…”, Benjamin Krause, a VA accredited attorney, addresses key concerns faced by veterans in the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program. Broadcasting live from Fort Worth, Texas, Krause provides valuable insights into balancing work and education, managing student loans, and effective communication with VR&E counselors. This article, inspired by Krause’s expertise, aims to provide veterans with practical, relatable, and factual information, encouraging them to seek the professional guidance of Benjamin Krause Law for their VR&E needs.

Balancing Work and Education in VR&E

One of the most common misconceptions Krause addresses is the belief that veterans cannot work while using VR&E benefits. He clarifies that veterans can indeed work while participating in the program, provided it aligns with their rehabilitation plan and career goals. This flexibility is crucial for many veterans who need to support themselves or their families while pursuing education or training.

Managing Student Loans as a Veteran

Krause also goes into the complexities of handling student loans as a veteran. He offers advice on navigating loan repayment and forgiveness options available specifically for veterans. Understanding these options can significantly ease the financial burden on veterans pursuing higher education.

Effective Communication with VR&E Counselors

A recurring challenge for veterans is maintaining effective communication with their VR&E counselors, especially when responses are delayed or unclear. Krause suggests practical strategies for veterans to stay proactive in their communication, ensuring their concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.


Veterans navigating the VR&E program face unique challenges, but with the right guidance and information, they can successfully manage their education, work, and financial obligations. Benjamin Krause Law stands ready to assist veterans in navigating these complexities, ensuring they receive the benefits and support they deserve.

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Can I work while using VR&E benefits?

Yes, veterans can work while using VR&E benefits, as long as it aligns with their rehabilitation plan and career goals.

How can I manage my student loans as a veteran?

Explore loan repayment and forgiveness options available for veterans, and consider seeking advice from a financial counselor or attorney.

What should I do if my VR&E counselor is unresponsive?

Stay proactive in your communication. Follow up regularly and consider escalating the issue through the VA chain of command if necessary.

Can Benjamin Krause Law help with my VR&E claim?

Yes, Benjamin Krause Law specializes in assisting veterans with VR&E claims and can provide expert legal guidance and representation.

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