Why Do Skeletons Follow Cincinnati VA’s Dr. Barbara Temeck?

Dr. Barbara Temeck

With amazing record-breaking speed (12 days), Veterans Affairs substantiated misconduct allegations against Dr. Barbara Temeck and her VISN chief.

Further investigation reveals Dr. Temeck has a trail of skeletons behind her after leaving Hines VA for temporary chief of staff assignments at St. Louis VA, Dorn VA, and now Cincinnati VA. This revelation certainly adds a new wrinkle to VA’s investigation and the very real skeletons in Dr. Temeck’s closet.

Dr. Barbara Temeck, the acting chief of staff at Cincinnati VA, was removed from her duties and reassigned pending possible criminal allegations. Dr. Temeck was paid for two positions instead of one and pocketed almost $400,000 annually as a surgeon and as a chief of staff even though she was not truly functioning as surgeon. She also illegally prescribed controlled substances to her VISN chief’s wife. Further, some believe she was also engaged in unlawful behavior through diverting funds in her discretionary budget away from direct care programs for veterans inside VA.

Dr. Barbara Temeck, the acting chief of staff at Cincinnati VA, was removed from her duties and reassigned pending possible criminal allegations. Dr. Temeck was paid for two positions instead of one and pocketed almost $400,000 annually as a surgeon and as a chief of staff even though she was not truly functioning as surgeon. She also illegally prescribed controlled substances to her VISN chief’s wife. Further, some believe she was also engaged in unlawful behavior through diverting funds in her discretionary budget away from direct care programs for veterans inside VA.

Jack Hetrick, the VISN Director, announced a sudden retirement immediately after Sloan Gibson proposed his removal. Hetrick’s wife was prescribed controlled substances by Dr. Temeck despite the doctor no longer being legally able to do so under her medical license.

Curiously, it seems that wherever Dr. Temeck is shuffled within VA, a pile of skeletons builds up shortly thereafter.

During her tenure at VA, Dr. Temeck was in charge of facilities that improperly delayed colonoscopies at Dorn VA in South Carolina. She also presided over St. Louis VAMC where over 1,000 veterans were possibly infected with HIV because the facility was using dirty needles. At Hines VA, funding was cut in thoracic surgery and veterans received procedures that resulted in needless harm and death.

Rather than take necessary steps to protect the lives of patients, VA transfers Dr. Temeck around various VA facilities. It seems that wherever Dr. Temeck is transferred, a new scandal brews due to improper budgetary measures and disregard for the lives of veterans.

Dr. Temeck received her medical degree from Georgetown University and went on to become a thoracic surgeon. For the past 15 years, she has been shuffled around VA following possible scandals that surfaced later at Hines VA Hospital.

So why does she keep making budgetary decisions that result in money being lost and veterans dying? Under a Republican president and Democratic president, why was she allowed to carry out her unethical and likely unlawful actions?

Her tenure is a disgusting example of VA corruption at its core. Will accountability every rid VA of such parasites? What other data are you able to dig up on Temeck?


VA OIG investigated decisions by Dr. Temeck and others that resulted in dangerous delays in administration of colonoscopies at Dorn VA.

Dr. Temeck her business office to no longer refer patients to non-VA providers regardless of the timeliness of the procedure, “[stop sending] out anymore non-VA care GI requests for endoscopy until further notice.”

Dorn VA was then forced to internalize as many of the outstanding 700 colonoscopies as possible despite receiving a mountain of money to pay for the procedures in previous years.

In 2011, the backlogged VA GI clinic received massive funds to pay for non-VA care GI procedures to alleviate the backlog. Of the $1.02 million received, Dr. Temeck’s team only spent $275,000 on such care. The remainder of the funds was siphoned off without explanation or accounting.

According to a VA OIG report:

We substantiated that VISN 7 gave the facility $1.02M in early September 2011 to use to address the GI backlog but that only approximately $275,000 was actually used for this purpose through August 2012. The Business Office was not aware that the additional monies were “earmarked” to address the GI backlog and obligated the funds as usual. The VISN 7 CFO told us that although the facility was given $1.02M expressly to address the GI backlog, they did not have to report back to the VISN on how the funds were used. The CFO reported that facilities may use their discretion to determine how to best meet the needs of their patients; however, fee care was specifically identified as a mechanism to reduce the backlog.

Here are some headlines:

52 Cancer Cases Affected By Delays At Columbia VA, Report Says

Chief of Staff Dorn VA Medical Center Jan 2012

Gastroenterology Consult Delays Dorn VA OIG


Before Dorn, Dr. Temeck was deputy chief of staff at St. Louis VA.

In 2010, at John Cochran Division of the St. Louis VA, more than 1,800 may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis when receiving dental work. Workers failed to sterilize their dental equipment using detergent.

Detergent is quite cheap when compared to the impact of HIV in a person’s life following infection by a dentist. The warning signs were everywhere. This was the background before VA made the decision to move Dr. Temeck to the facility.

After her move, other scandals surfaced such as withholding psychiatric care from veterans. One psychiatrist tried to increase the number of patients he saw in a day from 6 to 12 but was threatened by supervision to not rock the boat. This scandal started in 2012, after Dr. Temeck took over and carries her signature budgetary move – withhold care from veterans.

I am unable to find a source that directly ties in Dr. Temeck with the specific misconduct, but her history of mismanagement seems to result in this type of problem given the more recent events at Dorn VA and Cincinnati VA.

Source: St. Louis VA Dental Technician Says She Warned Supervisors


Before St. Louis, Dr. Temeck was the chief of staff at Hines VA from approximately 2001-2011. During her time there, the thoracic surgery program was underfunded. Veterans were operated on who did not require open-heart surgeries.

Sources indicated EKGs of veterans needing urgent attention were piled into boxes and not read for months. The facility was dramatically understaffed while they were also fearful of whistleblowing under Temeck’s rule. It took a couple years and OSC investigations before the scandals that started under Temeck surfaced in the public.

While at Hines, Dr. Temeck was involved in research focusing on “patient traffic control” and “time-sensitive performance problems.”

Here are some headlines:

Hines VA Official Convicted Of Fraud

VA Bonuses Incentive To Hide Wait Times

I am unable to find a source that directly ties in Dr. Temeck with the specific misconduct within press reports during that time. Most of the problems surfaced after she was (re)moved to St. Louis VA.

Source: https://www.hines.va.gov/images/2qtrnews2012.pdf


This leads me to my last question. How did Dr. Temeck manage to keep her job and how did no one at the top realize she was such an unsavory character? So I guess I have two last questions.

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  1. I think veterans and their families just don’t get it… the United States doesn’t give a rat’s behind about you or me. The VA system and the military that is sent to go fight instigated wars halfway across the globe just to generate casualties was set up as a means of population control and its working out very well. Veterans are dropping dead like flies and the Legion Magazine cover story was that they were running out of cemetery space to bury us. So keep waving that American flag and eating apple pie and trusting your government. I just wish I knew this before i went to Afghanistan.

    Sandra Hale, Retired Nurse, Disabled Combat Veteran


  2. These types of issues are just the tip of the “dirty needle” that pervades the VA and military system. Start with the cost of thousands of programs, websites and phone numbers that are redundant, inefficient and lead to nowhere instead of actually helping. Try a call to D[efense]F[inance]A[ccountingS[ervice] or even 1800ARMYONESOURCE, visit the “new and improved” H[uman]R[esources]C[ommand] of a branch, VA ebenefits websites, or track a group through the process in a Army Warrior Care Battalion as examples to see what I mean. It would be tremendously cheaper and fairer to scrap the current system and hand the member a half million dollar check then have them stop in 3 offices, a financial planner, lawyer and USA JOBS facilitator upon discharge. Stop exploiting poster children and rewarding disparity to support a feeding frenzy by the ambitious. All veterans (and their families) are 100% Service Connected, but most are invisible.

  3. Gee with all of this going on one has to wonder where’s Robbie McDonald?

    Found him!

    At: “https://www.dcmilitary.com/dc_military_mag/features/secretary-mcdonald-eyes-the-future-of-the-va-medical-system/article_1768a3b3-70b6-5ddd-9ceb-3290c91a34d3.html”

    “Secretary McDonald eyes the future of the VA Medical System”

    By Leslie C. Smith
    Updated Feb 26, 2016

    Just doing a photo op at a stand down at a VAMC in Washington D.C.. The pic shows him helping out to distribute Winter Boots to the homeless.

    Great Photo. The caption reads “Secretary of Veterans Affairs lends a helping hand distributing winter boots to homeless veterans during the 22nd Annual Winterhaven Veteran Stand Down for homeless veterans held at the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center Jan. 30.

    It is truly so nice of him to help out that poor homeless woman with the Laptop, Blackberry, big as gold chain around her neck, Diamond earrings and that big ass cluster of diamonds in her wedding rings.

    In my neck of the woods our homeless have none of that I guess being homeless in Washington, D.C. is a little different.

    1. Dam nice of Robbie to look out for that homeless woman in the picture after all here it is 28 days latter and Washington D.C. is barely breaking into the 60’s for temperatures.

      After all can you image what that poor woman would have gone through if she couldn’t maintain the streaks in her hair, the salon manicure or her appointments with the tanning salon.

      What medical code does the VAMC then bill the boots under?

      As for the homeless Vets around my area with tons of snow on the ground and plenty of subzero days still in the forecast. The VA does provide us with directions to the Salvation Army where we might find a used pair of used boots that might fit.

      Of course every now and then a ray of sunshine shines through but the VA and their dirty tricks makes sure that goes away.

      Does anyone know what a mickey fin is.

      “County fires veterans service officer”


    2. I did not see anyone that met your description. It seems though these people do not meet your burden of qualification for true need. That is not a job I would want, deciding who is worthy of help and who is not. Best of luck to you.

      1. Hi Harstine,

        You said: “I did not see anyone that met your description.”

        Did you follow the link to the article and look at the picture displayed of Robbie handing a shoe box to the woman I described?

        Robbie and her are the subjects of the photo. Robbie is the guy on the left wearing a blue shirt and the woman on the right that he is handing the shoe box to.

        She is the one with the salon streaks in her hair, the salon manicure, big ass diamond ring, diamond earrings, large Gold chain around her neck, tanning salon tan and looking like she hasn’t missed any meals lately. She is a kind of hard to miss since she is the person closest to the camera.

        Although Robbie does seems to be looking right through her or possibly at another camera behind her that is being used in this staged photo op.

        Luck to you too!

      2. Trolling must be a mediocre job. Wonder how much it pays? Benefits? Or do people just get a sadistic kick out of it? I believe only people with severely low self-esteem would do such a thing because if hiding the truth makes them feel superior to others then that would be a compelling reason to do it even if they are not paid at all. Makes me remember the 12 jurors who watched the rodney king video and thought he deserved to have the crap beaten out of him. This world is getting out of hand with lies and truth is now such a seldom seen and rare comodity that people don’t even recognize it anymore.

  4. I think that I know why the VA rushed this investigation. It is because of the investigation just released by the Office of Special Counsel. Also the OSC website is down this weekend for maintenance so no one can pull the OSC reports.

    The OIG report on the wait list scandal that has been withheld for so long was investigated by the OSC. They are calling for a new IG.

    “Watchdog says IG dropped ball on VA probe, tried to ‘discredit’ whistleblowers”


    1. Given Temeck is being referred for criminal charges in this new case at Cincinnati she is not likely to testify before Congress or in court since she was in charge of Hinds during the time of the wait list.

      The OSC report came out on Thursday and by Friday Sloan Gibson had this investigation wrapped up and ready to go.

      I am sure we will not be hearing anything from Temeck.

    2. Forgot to mention that Jack Hetrick worked with Temeck at Hines and since he retired after Sloan Gibson was going to remove him I am also sure we will not be hearing anything from him either.

      It looks like Sloan Gibson can move pretty fast when it is his own ass on the line.

      I see that Temeck was able to accomplish one thing while she was at Cincinnati. She did triple the rate of MRSA Infections.

      1. That Cincinnati VAMC has the HIGHEST RATE of MRSA and C-DIFF in ALL of the VA Medical System since she has been there.
        Sloan Gibson has been referred to on various forums as “Obama’s Cleaner”, and this was going back a few years. No different now and I am getting very strong feeling Sloan Gibson WANTS the VA Secretary position or he’s already been promised it on the sly and under the table where you cannot tell the female VA Employees from the male VA employees at an outside dinner party where all wore shorts. 🙂

      2. @namnibor & Kirk R
        IF this gets to a criminal court, Hetrick just may have to testify against Temeck!? It was Temeck who was supplying drugs to Hetrick’s wife.
        I don’t see anyway out for either one.

        I also believe, Gibson is trying to cover his ass. And I also believe, he’s jockeying for Sec. of VA!

        There’s more here than what’s being let out to the media. I hope they dig a little deeper!

    3. Ever get the feeling someone is trying to control the narrative on a subject.

      I see that the VA Office of Inspector General site is not listing any recently release reports. Under the heading on their webpage “Recently Released Reports” there is one message at the very top saying “Reports are not available at this time.”.

      Also the US Office of Special Counsel is down and am unable to access that site.

      VAIG Website: “https://www.va.gov/oig/”

      USOSC Website: “https://osc.gov/”

      A Google search for the office of Special Counsel site down does bring up a site description saying “OSC’s website will be down for routine maintenance starting 10pm this Friday.”.

      Another website does have a few excepts from the OSC report released on Thursday listed in an article which can be found at:


      I also think that you are right about Gibson. I made a mistake. I thought that Sloan Gibson was also acting Inspector General for the VA. That is besides being Deputy Secretary of the VA

      Crazy Elf,

      I know that you have been posting some great articles. Several were on the possibility of having the military take over VA Health Care. This weekend I read several that state that the Military is taking over the health care for Chicago Veterans in a pilot program.

      When the OSC’s Website comes back up a copy of the letter and report from OSC to the President can be found at :


      1. Kirk, the “pilot program”, VA being combined with the military, you’re writing about has been in effect for about 4 or 5 years.
        The article stated it was up by the Navy Base. I just so happen to have a “Real Close Friend” who was lucky enough to have used it’s facilities a few years, about a year and a half, ago. Even his wife gave glowing praise over the treatment he received.
        According to them, a Naval Commanding Officer is in charge. This was confirmed by my friend and his wife. My friend and his wife said, concerning VA employees up there, basically, “Don’t screw up!”
        Evidently they fall under his command. And evidently he doesn’t allow FUBARS to happen on his watch! Especially since it’s ON the Navy Base!
        I wonder what the Union thinks about this.

  5. To All
    Here’s an easier way to watch the Marine get “booed” and be escorted out.

    “Watch: Marine Vet Escorted From Clinton Event Asking About Bengazi”

    There’s other articles concerning this as well.

    1. I hope Killiary lost any potential Veteran Votes as an outcome. The problem is, that crowd had mainly drank most of the Kool-Aid and so they have already been effectively hoodwinked and rope-a-doped.
      Just read a good portion of the various commenters below that You Tube video to get a snapshot of how hoodwinked and ignorant so many Americans have become, interspersed with those that support that Marine and Veterans. Lots of angst toward anyone that dares go against what they have been programmed to believe.

      I will say that in contrast, I definitely recall how President George W. Bush’s public events would place protesters of any kind in what they called ‘Free Speech Zones’, which were nothing more than cages well-away from the event.

      Regardless of Party…the Light of Truth is their Kryptonite.

      Go Trump!

      1. @namnibor
        Only IF this goes “viral”! Like the video of that Representative’s Aid who “tried to make an appointment”!
        On our Channel 9 news last night they said the reps aid’s video has “over 1 million views!”
        I believe this is why many local news stations are putting it on!
        I will also bet ya that Facebook removes the “Clinton” one. But that’s ok. Cause I, along with others, keep putting it back on.

      2. Its truly a sad commentary on much of the big media that the two biggest news sources carrying any story about this are Fox News and the Washington Times. That’s not to say there are not lots of other sources covering it, but there are none that I see on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC or MSNBC…at least what is shown in a Google search which looks to be manipulating search results.

        I do find a CNN story on it headlined, Bill Clinton gets into a heated exchange with Benghazi protester. Really? He brought up the VA first.

        Too bad for them that Drudge headlined it this morning, and still has a link to it on his page.

      3. @crazyelf-

        Yet, this was not on either my local or national main stream news affiliates, and am sure if I sat through hours of CNN or Fox, ABC, whatever-XYZ cable news station, it will eventually cycle round but I am YET to see it and had it not been for your kind posting here as well as 91veteran, it may have gone over and past most people’s heads…that’s how lassoed and controlled the mainstream news media has become…and funny enough, I *JUST* heard this news blip about a “Marine Protester” at Clinton Event in SC, and guess where? On BBC. I am going to start watching BBC more as well as checking other news sources to try to find the truth in the haystack of daily lies.
        Bengazi was indeed a terrible and horrific event but guess what? I am STILL waiting for the never-coming-explanation of the what, 300 Marines blown-up way back in Lebanon early ’80 or so. Never going to happen. Plausible Denial. Unfortunately, the same thing with Bengazi and most military know what this means, sort of, and yes it sucks…but even all that email and phone stuff and Secret/Top Secret use by Clinton as Sec. of State…very scary. That’s info via Snowden and others that’s going to bite USA for decades.
        Anyway, go BBC…the news in USA seems to also want to bury this Marine’s message and question…he was NOT a “protestor”, but want to watch the VA now totally mess with his life now?
        Sorry, in a mood today. Rant over.

      4. Most of the media are burying it in favor of reporting on Hillary winning in SC. MSNBC has nothing on their web site. Neither does CBS and NBC.
        As for foreign media covering US politics better, that reminds me of when Bill Clinton had the Medal of Honor ceremony for the two SF who were killed in Somalia. It was posthumous, so the ceremony was with the families. One of the fathers was receiving it for his son, and told Clinton to his face he wasn’t fit to be President. There was plenty of US media present, but none of them reported it. Only a UK newspaper reported what the father said.

  6. Marine veteran starts questioning Bill Clinton about the VA, then about Benghazi. Bill loses it, tells him to shut up and listen, then the vet gets escorted out by Sheriffs deputies.
    Remove the quotes.

    1. @91Veteran.
      This needs to go “viral”. Let me find it and send it to my wife. She knows how to get it started.
      She’s also has lots of military friends on Facebook Twitter and other social media outlets I’ve never heard of.
      Also, for everyone else. Get this put out there!

    2. When he was here in Colorado. He only stated I see a lot of Veterans are here. I seen about only three people wearing military hat’s.

      That’s all he said. I was told by Hilary committee for me to get one of his aids to take a five page letter concerning the Disruptive committee and. How veterans are being lied to by the regional office denying American veterans their disabilities.

      And now once a veteran wins their disability.the regional office. Will do everything they can to ensure veterans don’t keep their disability.

      I left with the impression.that Bill did not let anyone speak about anything.just for that reason.

      Someone might being that up !

      Could not find anyone to take my letter from his team !

      I think I made a mistake.by finding a representative from lajara co and asked him if he would give it to Bill.

      Told him what the letter was about and after I gave it to him. He started asking me if I knew certain VA employees and I knew them and asked him if he knew the employee that was hurting me.by accusing me of disruptive behavior !
      He said yes and I told him.well these are the employees framing me and we parted ways.

      This concerned me enough that the next day.I found him on the computer and called him.

      I advised him of my concerns about him knowing those employees and if he was friends with them. For him to distroy the letter. That no one from the VA was authorized to see it.

      He assured me that he was not friends with them. He stated he knew them.because he had been trying to get a doctor for the Alamosa clinic and that’s the only way he knew them.

      He said he would try and help !

      The two employees are in higher management and a American legion member told me that Martha Martinez.was told by them that the clinic in Lamar co.was a trailer and no bathroom for the veterans.

      Her reply this is good enough for the veterans and their not complaining. The Lamar clinic was finely mover to a small building.

      These are employees who are in a click and will and do anything they can to defend each other and will not heaitate to report their enemies to the disruptive committee.

      Their goal is to do as little as they can for the veterans.to save ? for their yearly bonus and they and others will not hesitate to punish their employees if they question them.

      Higher management will do the same to employees and veterans who question them or if you have crossed them in anyway !

  7. Imagine for a moment what happens when a drug developer and researcher who uses Veterans as lab animals, decides he doesn’t like decision made by say the Chief of Neurology at a VAMC.

    That occurred at the VAMC St. Louis while Dr. Temeck was in control.

    All the researcher needed to do was complain to Dr. Temeck and she reorganized the department then gave the non-federal researcher final say in who would be hired to now manage the Neurology Department at the VAMC St. Louis.

    Talk about a Glaring conflict of interest.


    1. Dear “Kirk:”

      I am the Chief of Neurology mentioned in your remark that was just sent to me by my attorney who is helping me get re-instated.

      Do you have any specific information that might help me? If so, please contact me at 314-409-3571 or [email protected].


      Francis A. Mithen, M.D.

  8. Ben, from illegal stand point, how can charges not be put on her.(federal state local. ) Cause this shit won’t fly

  9. Here’s another issue.

    Remember the “Pain Management Physician” who was arrested at the Illiana, Illinois VAMC back in July 2015 over warrents from Indiana!?
    Well, those local police had no permission, from any federal agency, to enter onto federal land and take his ass off to jail. To subsequently be extradited back to Indiana on three counts of murder!
    So, why doesn’t the Cincinnati P.D. go and arrest Temeck and Hetrick’s wife? If there’s enough evidence on both her and Hetrick’s wife (accepting narcotics illegally) to be arrested. Why not do it!?

  10. WFTV, Orlando local station, channel 9, is broadcasting, as I’m typing this, about the fubar of trying to call VA to get an appointment.
    It’s the same damn video/article namnibor put on here a few days ago. The one where a “Representatives Aid” can’t get through the “loop-d-loop” phone Bullcrap which is VA!
    Like I said, and namnibor agreed with, “It ain’t WHAT you know, It’s WHO you know!” that gets results!

    We all know this is a nationwide problem! The same crap. Day in and day out.

    Like I’ve been saying. Small things like this ain’t gonna do it. It’s gotta be something so horrendous, so egregious, so damn corrupt the VA, from McDonald on down, will lose all credibility!
    It has to be something so horrible, the VA will be dismantled completely! And many VA employees, from McDonald on down, will be shivering in fear. Wondering, NOT IF, but WHEN an indictment will be coming down on them shortly!

    Cincinnati isn’t going to do it. Hetrick was allowed to retire. With full benefits for life.
    Temeck will probably never be charged. If she is, nothing will happen to her. If anything does happen. It will probably be nothing more than a slap on the wrist. (probation for a short time, MAYBE!)
    She’ll probably, like Hetrick, be allowed to retire with full benefits for life!

    See where this is going during an “Election Cycle”?
    Nothing – “ALL TALK AND NO ACTION is the norm. All these politicians want is to be reelected! They don’t give a rat’s ass about Y’all. The sooner y’all face this “FACT”, the better!

  11. Here’s the “updated” version by WCPO in Cincinnati. By Mark Greenblatt, Dan Monk and Aaron Kessler. titled;

    “Department of Veterans Affairs takes action against Barbara Temeck, Jack Hetrick at Cincinnati V.A.”

    There’s even a video showing a reporter asking Temeck about her “prescribing” (illegally) medications to Mrs. Hetrick.
    Of course, I guess “Silence is Golden” in her mind!

    Do y’all really believe any criminal charges against her will be forthcoming? In my opinion, a resounding;
    “HELL NO” will be the answer!

      1. I thought I read somewhere that the DEA was investigating because she wrote those prescriptions on an expired license.
        I can believe she might retire, I can believe her license to practice will be sanctioned, maybe.
        I could also believe the DEA decides that is enough punishment and doesn’t pursue charges.

        Her bonus will be no prison time. Her paycheck will be a huge pension for the rest of her life.

        What I find damn sad about this whole affair are the number of veterans who had their medications cut off cold turkey, and very possibly by Herrick or Temeck, while Mr. Director is getting wifey a little sumpin-sumpin on the side.

  12. Why the hell do all these “women” in VA positions of power look like men ??
    She is going to retire comfortable and the OIG/ Congress wouldn’t raise a finger. Just another Georgetown Jesuit screwup, end of story.

  13. As I’ve said before, far too many managers above her were far too lazy to do the work necessary to fire her.
    In addition, look how many years this quack has been involved in veterans getting pathetic or no care, yet she continues to get paid as a thoracic surgeon with no actions against her licenses anywhere that I can find.
    If veterans could file complaints against VA providers license, she likely would have been fired long ago rather than shuffled off to cause harm at another VA.
    What can I find on her?
    WCPO has a new story posted on the latest at Cincinnati.
    Healthgrades shows she did her internship and residency at Barnes Jewish Hospital in 1977-1981, then went to New York.
    US News Health shows she has an active VA Medical License (whatever that is) through 2016, and an active Illinois license through 2017. It also shows her office is in Hines, IL, so take that with a grain of salt. One of her research publications is on Management of Adverse surgical events. She certainly has the experience.
    Her VA profile on the Cincinnati web site is glowing, but also shows she has worked in VISN 6, 20, 12, 15 and 7 which proves she has been shuffled around. A lot. It also says she has a number of publications, PubMed shows 36 returns on B Temeck, including what look like lots of research involving mesothelioma and various drug research. Most appear to be contributions rather than lead author.
    Vitals dot com show her office address as St. Louis, with affiliations listed as Hines, John Cochran and Harry Truman VAs.
    The USA Today bonus database shows she got a $5000 bonus while at Cincinnati.
    Since she worked in New York, their license database shows her address as Salisbury, NC and licensed in 1980, and North Carolina’s medical license database shows a medical license for her issued in 1998, expired in 2001 while she worked at the Spokane, WA VA,
    The Illinois license database shows her address as Cincinnati and that she has an active physician and surgeon license expiring in 2017, and a Licensed Physician Controlled Substance license which expired in 2011. A different Illinois database shows her practice address as the St. Louis VA.
    Out of all of those state licensing databases or other web sites, none of them show she has ever been disciplined, likely because she has been working for the VA all that time.

  14. @namnibor
    On yesterday’s blog I put two articles on this morning. Both from “Military dot com” by Bryant Jordan. Titled:

    #1) “Lawmaker: Congress Must Investigate VA Inspector General’s Work”

    This article basically deems VAOIG as incompetent and/or unwilling to do their job. Or they are deliberately withholding valuable information. Which could have put people in prison! I’m more inclined to believe in the last one!

    About the Bullcrap going on in Cincinnati?! This is the article on Cincinnati, titled:

    #2.) “Cincinnati VA Officials Face Disciplinary Actions, Possible Charges”

    Both articles are by Bryant Jordan.

    As far as “Charges” against anyone – I think betting on a lottery ticket has better odds!
    Sorry but I’m pissed!

    As 91Veteran says; “Things are going to get a lot worse!” (for veterans)! That’s one thing every veteran, and all the taxpayers, better get ready for!
    Add this being an “Election Year”, and all the “career dinosaur politicians” are vying to continue their assault on keeping their seats!
    We can’t let that happen! Vote for people who’ve NEVER held office! Basically, kick their sorry asses out!

    Again, sorry for the rant! But, something better get done. And I mean quickly!
    This damn corruption is getting out of hand at VAMC’s & VARO’s! We’ve said it numerous times – do a freakin MASSIVE audit on every puke from McDonald on down to the janitors. Find the money trail! Find it, then arrest, try and convict all involved, PERIOD. And do it within record speed!
    At the same time, do a MASSIVE audit on every puke ass politician, from POTUS on down to the cities dog catchers! Bet y’all will see lots of corruption there!!!

    I’m done for now!

  15. She knew what she was doing? Saving money for the VA?

    Saving money would bring her a BIG bonus and any employees that did noting to stop it !

    This type of behavior is common place and has been going on for decades.

    Hand will continue until our elected officials.hold federal employees accountable !

    The VA and OIG seem to have made a deal.you scratch my back.I’ll scratch yours.

    Why? Disrespect towards veterans and the American people.they think were all stupid and they can hurt anyone they want.with the OIGs blessing !

    Seems. $400 thousand is the going rate for illegal matters. How long before she pleads the fifth and she gets promoted and the veterans committee.ends up with egg on their face!

    I don’t think any VA employee is afraid of the veterans committee !

    After the fifth is used. End of story ! VA employees saying these people are jokes and are kidding themselves that they can ever make a VA employee.pay for their illegal actions.

    Its not only VA.but all federal employees. Must be held accountable for failure to help the American people !

    Why are our elected officials not speaking out and demanding reform and justice for veterans !

    Do they just not care or are they on the take also. If they are they too should be relieved of duty or placed into our fine jails.

    They are full of people who made misjudgments. Time to pay the piper !

    1. Show entries
      Name Grade Pay Plan Salary Bonus Agency Location Occupation FY

      1. Now we know where the billions are going. How many veterans had their disability claims denied so these employees can rich. !

        Do away with the VA and maybe then veterans would be granted their deserved disabilities.

        If the VA would not of lied about my records being destroyed in the fire and since it was discovered that they had my records all this time and after hiring an attorney.

        The VA paid me from the date I hired the attorney. Due to their lieing and after denial.after denial.

        I gave up hope and let my claim lapse ! With that said and the fact that the VA lied to me about my military records.

        In stead of them paying me $180 thousand dollars and I having to pay 25 percent of that to the attorney. Which is way less than rubins got for travel pay. $400 thousand dollars.

        Does that seem fair.I suffered forty years.with PTSD and a Traumatic brain injury.I was not told I had. Will not say all the legal problems I had. Just because the VA lied about my records and due to that.the VA refused treatment for the ptsd.

        Is there anyone out there that can help me.complete a request for a clear and unmistakable error.

        I know someone us going to say well you let it lapse ! Remember who lied.who hid my records and said they were destroyed in the fire in st Louis.

        How many think if employees can receive $400 thousand dollars to move. That a veteran who after forty years won his case and only after hiring an attorney. Should get their deserved back pay from the day they were discharged or from when they first applied !

        Without having to go through more B.S. from the VA !

        At the 100 percent rated disability !

        It’s our money. Not theirs for lieing?

    2. She won’t be able to plead the 5th is she wrote prescriptions for controlled substances on a license that expired in 2011.

      1. She can plead the 5th in court or before Congress, but I suspect there is enough of a paper trail to where that doesn’t matter…if the investigation cares to dig for it.

        I get the sense that little prescription scam became known because of a whistle blower.

        Regardless, if she wrote any prescription for controlled substances on a license that looks like it expired in 2011, she is toast if charges are pursued.
        Someone in her position practicing medicine for 40 years should know better.

      2. We read about so many wrongs committed and until VA employees see for themselves.that there is a price to pay.they will continue to do the same thing.

        Some employees even seeing employees punished.they probably will say.that employee was stupid and got caught.they will never get me.I covered all the bases.

        I just don’t understand.that with all the press and veterans stories.why our citizens and our elected officials not speaking out in public and taking action.

        It not like it an isolated case of one employee.it an epidemic and needs to be arratackated.

      3. @91Veteran
        I have a feeling, if this goes to trial in a criminal court, she won’t take the stand in her own defense. Plus, how long will it be before she gets in front of a federal judge?!
        So, in reality, taking the 5th is mute!
        On the other hand, as you’ve stated, she probably will take the 5th. Only AFTER she’s subpoenaed to Washington to testify before the committee like Rubins and Graves were!
        On a side note: I wonder if she will “laugh and cackle” like Rubins and Graves did? Remember how those two were caught saying, “Come watch the circus!” Or something like that!
        I also believe she will have to be forced by a subpoenae to testify. No matter what legal venue, (Washington and/or a Criminal Court), she goes to!

        I also believe, she will be able to retire, with FULL benefits, BEFORE all this gets going. But not until she’s able to suck hundreds of thousands of taxpayers monies out of our hands!

        Just a hunch. That’s my theory!

      4. @crazyelf-

        That “cackling” of Rubens and Graves was just “practice” for their weekend excursion of adding eye of newt and bat wings to their boiling caldron, calling it “soup”. 🙂

  16. She has a whole metropolitan graveyard that follows in her wakes of VA disaster positions! Eeeek!
    She must be some relative of some career politician once removed o something to keep her job that long….but then again, without proper accountability and oversight, this is exactly the outcome…and if it were not for news media this would have carried on for even more years…and still might because I have no…none…faith in justice and accountability happening at the VA…until something REALLY BIG, as crazyelf often says on here, happens.
    This woman is a trainwreck….there’s quite a few off the tracks at the VA.
    I mean, if Graves and Rubens got away even in court with what they did and with the VA’s buttery legal fingers, how are we to expect anything different until it happens? Sorry. Cynic? Also a realist and pragmatist.

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